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					Three Elements
Human beings created by God for the 3 elements which each have their
respective roles in the formation of a society have not taken into account by the
creator of this ideology was so crippling one of the three elements were a man
had the pest to society. Elements present in the human person is: -
1) Physical
2) Mental
3) Spiritual
In the last three elements, only the focus of human-made ideology is only the first
two, while the third is the spiritual element is not to focus on their own because
they did not know the spiritual element itself and only a little bit and give
examples without guidance. Assuming there is a specific religious issues, or
matters leading to the Lordship of the One who is spiritual, other assumptions are
saying, it is a spiritual soul that causes people living or dead, and so forth. This
confusion is clear even those religious people who live on this system was not
able to explain them clearly and in detail. (Please refer Education Meeting With
Human Spiritual writings Ashaari Ustaz Haji Muhammad as a guide).
So once we know little of why and why people can not take the ideology as a way
of life, then we look into the specific purpose of God from all the events
happening before our eyes into the conversation of people in this period. Heat is
the issue dealt with by the media to us that there are times I feel like anger and
hatred in some quarters.
However, it is wise to be very much we learn from it. We need to see from the
eyes of the Lord so that we will be guided by it. Take the example of the story
that happened in Al-Halaj was sentenced to beheading of being excluded from
the tongue of words such as "God in My Pocket" and so on due to sickness or
sugar to the Lord to lose control of themselves. Words like these in public would
certainly not strange because the substance of God "held". So on the basis of
maslahah ummah, caliph was sentenced to beheading for Al-Halaj. And one who
signed the letter of the sentence is Junaid Al-Baghdadi
a great saint Leader class. The question here is not seen from the perspective of
misconduct, but for the safety of the public faith. Not as a result words of Al-
Halaj, but due to the words of those who accuse him astray when he is not
wrong. But in Islamic law, so He will return to the accusers. This is dangerous.
Did the people of God perspective this is very different from the reach of mind of
the public who think that this proves that Al-Halaj is guilty? When the
decapitated, the blood from the body menyemburlah Al-Halaj and fell to the
ground and formed the word Allah, Allah. So Junaid is therefore timely action by
the sentence be carried out to clean up the many accusations against the
beloved of Allah and Al-Halaj was safe to meet her true love of God which has
been created.
Well as we can judge little about the ways and means
God's people do the things we look into the matter and
current issues involving the dismantling by the dismantling of misconduct in the

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