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Product Information
                      Daikin Industries

                       DAI-EL G-723                   TM

                      DAI-EL G-723 is a fluoro elastomer copolymer with
                      bisphenol curing system and mold release agent
                      incorporated. Daikin’s formulation technology gives it
                      excellent mold release properties for compression molding.

                      TM:DAIKIN INDUSTRIES trade mark for its fluoroelastomers
1. Features            DAI-EL G-723 offers the following characteristics in comparison with
                       DAI-EL G-763.
                        l Excellent mold release properties
                        l Minimal adhesion after press curing
                        l Low shrinkage of the slabs preformed by roll mills

2. Properties of Raw   The properties of DAI-EL G-723 raw gum are shown in Table 1.
                          Table 1 Properties of DAI-EL G-723 raw gum

                            Specific gravity                                     1.81

                            Mooney viscosity (ML1+10 • 121°C)               Approx.40

                            Solubility                          Soluble in lower ketones and esters

                            Storage stability                                Excellent

3. Formulation and     The general formulations and curing conditions of DAI-EL G-723 are shown
   curing conditions   below.

                            DAI-EL G-723                             100 parts
                            MT carbon black                           20 parts
                            Magnesium oxide high activity)             3 parts
                            Calcium hydroxide                          6 parts

                        Cure conditions)
                             Press cure            10 min at 170°C
                             Oven cure             24 h at 230 °C

4. Curing properties   The curing curve of DAI-EL G-723 obtained with JSR Curelastometer is
                       shown in Fig. 1.

                                Fig.1 DAI-EL G-723 curing curve

5. Mold release   The mold release properties of DAI-EL G-723 and DAI-EL G-763 are
   properties     evaluated as in Photo. 1 and 2 shown below.
                  DAI-EL G-723 which has excellent mold release properties requires
                  essentially no mold release coating when you mold simple products such
                  as sheets and O-rings. The amount of mold release agent required can
                  also be reduced when you mold complex articles such as X-rings and oil
                  seals. And that will reduce product defects caused by the mold release

                  Photo.1 DAI-EL G-723

                  Photo.2 DAI-EL G-763

                  <Test conditions>
                  Mold: P-8,yielding 65 O-rings (hard chrome plated)
                  Cure conditions: 5 min at 180°C
                  Mold release agent: not used

6. Properties of cured
    6-1 Mechanical properties   The mechanical properties of cured DAI-EL G-723 elastomer are shown in
                                Table 2.

                                Table 2 Mechanical properties of cured DAI-EL G-723 elastomer
                                                          Grade        DAI-EL               DAI-EL
                                 Item                                  G-723                G-763
                                   100% modulus         (MPa)             4.2                   3.3

                                   Tensile strength     (MPa)            15.8                  16.2

                                   Elongation           (%)             240                  260

                                   Hardness             Shore A*         67                    65
                                                       * Peak value

    6-2 Compression set         The compression set of DAI-EL G-723 is shown in Table 3 and Fig.2.
                                Compression set is generally affected by internal mold release agent, but
                                DAI-EL G-723 provides compression set characteristics equivalent to
                                DAI-EL G-763.

                                Table 3 Compression set
                                                              Item      DAI-EL                DAI-EL
                                 Condition                               G-723                G-763
                                        70h at 100°C          (%)               7                     8
                                        7d at 100°C           (%)               7                     8
                                        21d at 100°C          (%)             10                      9
                                        42d at 100°C          (%)             11                      11
                                        70h at 150°C          (%)               8                     8
                                        7d at 150°C           (%)             11                      10
                                        21d at 150°C          (%)             17                      16
                                        42d at 150°C          (%)             22                      23
                                        70h at 175°C          (%)             11                      10
                                        7d at 175°C           (%)             18                      15
                                        21d at 175°C          (%)             32                      29
                                        42d at 175°C          (%)             43                      39
                                        70h at 200°C          (%)             20                      18
                                        7d at 200°C           (%)             33                      31
                                        21d at 200°C          (%)             58                      54
                                        42d at 200°C          (%)             72                      72
                                ASTM Method B (D-395) O-rings, 25% compression

                                                 Fig.2 DAI-EL G-723 Compression set

6-3 Formulations and        The relationship between the MT carbon black (N-990) content of DAI-EL
    mechanical properties   G-723, mechanical properties,and compression set is shown in Table 4 and

                            Table 4 MT carbon black content, mechanical properties,and
                                    compression set
                                                            No.      1          2          3           4           5
                              DAI-EL G-723                        100        100        100          100     100
                              MT carbon black (N-990)                5        10         20           30      40
                              Magnesium oxide (high activity)        3         3          3            3       3
                              Calcium hydroxide                      6         6          6            6       6
                             Cure conditions
                              Press cure                                             10min at 170°C
                              Oven cure                                               24h at 230°C
                             Mechanical Properties
                              100% modulus            (MPa)          2.4       3.3        4.2          7.7    10.9
                              Tensile strength        (MPa)         13.2      15.0       15.8         19.1    20.5
                              Elongation              (%)         260        270        240          220     190
                              Hardness                Shore A*      57        60         67           73      78
                              Tear strength           (kN/m)        18        22         23           24      25
                             Compression set                      ASTM Method B (D-395) O-rings, 25% compression
                              70h at 100°C           (%)             6         6          7            8       9
                              70h at 150°C           (%)             6         7          8            9      11
                              70h at 175°C           (%)            10        11         11           14      13
                              70h at 200°C           (%)            22        19         20           21      23

                                                   *Peak value

    Fig. 3 Relationship between the MT carbon black content of DAI-EL G-723, mechanica
           properties, and compression set

7. Safe Handling of   Although DAI-EL and DAI-EL-based products present no health hazard
   DAI-EL             under nomal condition of use, these safe handling points should be

                      q The work area should be adequately ventilated at all times because a
                        slight amount of hydrogen fluoride vapors may be produced during
                        vulcanization or use at high temperatures (above 200°C).

                      q Do not incinerate DAI-EL products as this can produce harmful vapors.
                        The safest method of disposal is in a landfill that is approved for such
                        use and product.

                      q Do not smoke in the work areas as harmful vapors may be produced if
                        DAI-EL becomes transferred onto tobacco.

                      q If any DAI-EL sticks to the skin or clothing, the rubber can be removed by
                        using acetone, methylethyl ketone or similar solvent. If solvent comes in
                        contact with your skin, wash immediately with soap and water.

                      q Finely divided metallic powder or filler, such as aluminum and
                        magnesium, should not be used as compounding agents for DAI-EL
                        because those stocks are known to decompose vigorously at moderately
                        elevated temperature.

                q DAIKIN INDUSTRIES, LTD. and DAIKIN AMERICA.INC have obtained
                the ISO 14001(*1) certification which is an International Standard
                concerning the environmental management system.

                *1. ISO 14001 is a standard established by the ISO (International
                Organization for Standardization) which applies to environmental
                preservation activities. Activities, products and services of our
                fluorochemicals plant have been certified as being environmentally sound
                by an internationally recognized certification body.

                IMPORTANT NOTICE: The information contained herein is based on
                technical data and tests we believe to be reliable and is intended for use by
                persons having technical knowledge and skill, solely at their own discretion
                and risk. Since conditions of use are outside of our control, we assume no
                responsibility for results obtained or damages incurred through application
                of the data given: and the publication of the information herein shall not be
                understood as permission or recommendation for the use of our
                fluorocarbon compounds in violation of any patent or otherwise. We only
                warrant that the product conforms to description and specification, and our
                only obligation shall be to replace goods shown to be defective or refund
                the original purchase price thereof.

                MEDICAL USE:This product is not specifically designed or manufactured
                for use in implantable medical and/or dental devices. We have not tested it
                for such application and will only sell it for such use pursuant to contract
                containing specific terms and conditions required by us.

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