Java Software Developer CE Certificate

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					Java Software Developer CE Certificate
   The Java Software Developer CE Certificate covers the essentials of
   the Java programming language and provides experience with several
   related technologies required for a career in software development.
   The certificate includes two courses. The first course, Core Java,
   explores the language in detail, including program structure, variables
   and data types, objects and object oriented programming, error
   handling, file I/O, generics, collections, and concurrency. The second
   course, Advanced Java, introduces the Linux environment, database
   access using MySQL and JDBC, Apache Tomcat web server setup,
   and basic Enterprise Java with servlets and JavaServer Pages.

   This program helps students prepare for the Oracle Certified
   Professional, Java SE 6 Programmer certification exam.
   (Formerly Sun Certified Java Programmer, or SCJP.)

       Programming experience in any language
       Familiarity with basic database concepts

       LSJ8700 Core Java
       LSJ8710 Advanced Java

Course Descriptions:

   LSJ8700 Core Java
   48 hours/8 weeks
       Learn the essentials of object-oriented programming and core features of the Java programming
       language. This course covers environment setup, program structure, strings, primitives, references,
       objects, arrays, flow control, classes, methods, interfaces, enums, access control, encapsulation,
       inheritance, polymorphism, exception handling, collections, generics, file I/O, and concurrency.
       Prerequisite: Academic or work experience in any programming language.

   LSJ8710 Advanced Java
   32 hours/6 weeks
       Explore basic Enterprise Java and related technologies essential to most Java jobs and be exposed to
       the Linux environment. Determine how to implement and connect to a database using MySQL and JDBC,
       how to execute a web server using Apache Tomcat, and how to create dynamic web pages using
       JavaServer Pages, Servlets, and XML. Prerequisite: LSJ8700 Core Java or equivalent experience.

           These classes are held at the Harper Professional Center at 650 E. Higgins Rd. in Schaumburg.                   847-925-6066    
Java Software Developer CE Certificate
Summer 2011 Schedule

                      Certificate program starts Tuesday, May 24.

     LSJ8700 Core Java                            5/24-7/14                  Tue/Thu, 6:00pm-9:15pm
     LSJ8710 Advanced Java                            --                     Not scheduled this semester

                Program cost: $3045. Includes tuition, books, and fees.

                        Course availability and program costs are subject to change.
              Please visit our website at for the latest information.