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Java JEE Software Engineer - PDF


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									Alexandre COLLIGNON                                                                                 3 rue de Leymen
26 years old, French                                                                                68220 Hagenthal le bas
pacsé, 1 child                                                                                      FRANCE
tel : +33687325905, email : alexandre@collign.net

                                        Java / JEE Software Engineer
  I am looking for an opportunity to enhance my software engineering skills in a scientific context. Moreover, I am really
interested in working in a border country.

Professional Background
01/10 – Today Software Engineer contractor, Osiatis Ingénierie (France),
              ● Member of the software architecs team ;
              ● Development of technical and functional framework mostly based on Spring portfolio ;
              ● Source configuration management (SVN) administration.

04/09 – Today Teacher at the Institut Universitaire de Technologie of Colmar (France),
              ● Teach Oriented object programming and Java language.

03/09 – 12/09   Software Engineer, Axys Group Meta4 (SIHR Software Editor),
                ● Application development in PeopleNet ;
                ● Application maintenance in multiple environments ASP, VB, C# et Java.

10/08 – 03/09   Software Engineer contractor, Altran EST (France),
                ● Web application development in Java (JSP/JSTL, JDBC, XHTML) based on Tomcat/Oracle plateform ;
                ● Massive data processing using an ETL system (Pentaho Business Intelligence).

2005 – 2008     IT Engineering Apprentice, Société Alsacienne de Meubles (France),
                ● Java software development (Swing, JDBC, JavaWS) in manufacturing context (MES) ;
                ● Project management ;
                ● Server consolidation based on VMWare ESX.

2004 – 2005     Software and hardware technician, Société Alsacienne de Meubles (France).

2002 – 2004     Software and hardware maintenance Apprentice, Société Alsacienne de Meubles (France).

2008            Master degree (Diplôme d'ingénieur) in Computer and Networking Engineering,
                        Ingénieur 2000,Université Paris-Est Marne la Vallée (France).
2004            Undergraduate degree (Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie) in Computer and Networking Sciences,
                        IUT de Colmar (France).
2002            High school degree in Sciences, Sainte Marie-aux-mines (France).

French : Native language.
English : Fluent (passed TOEIC with 865 points on July 2008).
Programming Languages : Java/JEE(EJB3, JPA, JMS, JAAS, JSP/JSTL), C, Perl, Python, Php, XML and XSLT.
Java/JEE Framework : Spring portfolio (IOC, Web, Batch), Hibernate, Struts2, JUnit, Mokito.
Software Engineering : Agile Method (XP, TDD) and UML.
Business Intelligence : Pentaho Data Integration.
Application Server / Servlet Container : JBoss, Glassfish/SJSAS, Tomcat, JRun.
Database System : MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and SQLServer.
Operating System : Debian GNU/Linux, Gentoo, CentOS, Microsoft Windows (2000, XP and Vista), Microsoft Windows Server
(2000 and 2003).

Others informations
Hobbies : music playing (guitar), geocaching.
Driver licence : car driver licence (B French Driver Licence).

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