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									                         4 -H Ne w s

                                                                                                                            OCTOBER 2005

                          4-H Enrollments in Progress
ENROLLMENT INFORMATION                                                                THANKS TO ALL WHO DONATED
                                                                                              Thank you to all who donated prizes for
4-H Year Begins October 1, 2005                                                       the quiz bowls and the judging contests: Jim
Organization of ALL Old Community and Project                                         Gray’s Rock Shop, Western Feed & Tack, Corral
Clubs from previous year (especially Livestock)                                       West, Navajo County 4-H, Bill & Kelley Wilson,
January 10, 2006                                                                      Judy Prosser, Cindy Farr, Jake & Amy Dillard,
                                                                                      Kristin & Kim Willis.
Enrollment of new clubs and new members
(Final Enrollment Deadline) April 1, 2006                                             ACHIEVEMENT NIGHT - NOV 5
Minimum number of club meetings required to                                           Our annual Achievement Night will be held on
complete project year NINE (9) So get your                                            November 5th at 6:00 p.m. at the Open Class Building
club meetings started early!)                                                         at the Navajo County Fairgrounds. It will be a pot-
                                                                                      luck Mexican food dinner. Please see the attached
Market Animal Deadlines (Ownership date):                                             flyer for more information. (Notices were sent to all
Steers (152 days before fair) April 14, 2006                                          4-H families for their assigned dish. Contact Cindy
                                                                                      Farr for more details).
Hog     (95 days before fair) June 10, 2006
                                                                                               We look forward to this time of the year to be
Lamb (95 days before fair)    June 10, 2006                                           able to recognize all of our hardworking leaders and
All forms can be downloaded from our Navajo
County 4-H web site, or requested directly from                                       LEADERS TRAINING AVAILABLE
the 4-H office:                                             Each year we try to give several one-on-one
                                                                                      training sessions to new leaders, or leaders that just
Please check out the web site and let us know if                                      wish to brush up their skills. Esther conducted her
there are any other forms you need uploaded.                                          “Kitchen Conferences” whenever a new leader
                                                                                      requested one, and I’m trying to continue that
                                                                                      tradition. If any of you wonderful volunteers would
ENROLLMENTS DUE BY                                                                    like to schedule a training session, please let me
JANUARY 10, 2006                                                                      know.
        Please get signed up by January 10, 2006. It                                           After all clubs and members have enrolled, I
is better to start your club enrollments now, rather                                  would like to plan a training session for sometime in
than waiting for January. That way, if anything comes                                 February for as many leaders that might be able to
up that needs to be mailed to members or leaders,                                     attend. However, if you would like individual training
their enrollments will be on file and the computer will                               prior to that time, please give me a call, and
print out the correct member/project names.                                           arrangements can be made.

            Issued in furtherance of Cooperative Extension work, acts of May 8 and June 30, 1914, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of
Agriculture, James A. Christenson, Director, Cooperative Extension, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, The University of Arizona.
            The University of Arizona is an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution. The University does not discriminate on the basis of race,
color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation in its programs and activities.
 Join the Celebration!
                               4-H Recognition
                          Finger Food Potluck Dinner
                        Saturday, November 5, 2005
                             6:00 p.m.
              Navajo County Open Class or 4-H Building
Br ing t he f oll ow ing it em s if your last nam e begins w it h:
N AM E             BRI N G
A -L               Finger sandw iches ( enough to feed 2 0 -2 5
                   people) egg salad, t una, ham & cheese or any
                   l unch m eat , pi m ent o cheese, et c.

M -Z                 V eggie t r ays w it h dips ( enough for 2 0 people)

     ( 4 -H O ff ice wil l provide chips and crack ers. Livest ock
committ ee will provide, plat es, cups and silverware. Drinks will also
be provi ded.)

      4 - H A w ar ds f o r Blue Ri bb on Reco r d B oo k s w i ll be pr esen t ed .. .
Project p i n s f o r co mp l et ed p ro j ect s
      O ut st and ing Seni o r s and Jun io r s o f t he Year
      O ut st and ing Teen Leader o f t he Year
      O ut st and ing Leader o f t he Year
      Fam ily o f t he Year
      A lum ni of t he Year
      Fr i end o f 4 H and o t her s)

Call t he 4 -H of fice if you have quest ions: ( 9 2 8 ) 5 2 4 -6 2 7 1 or 928-524-4023

RSVP by November 1, 2005 with number attending
                                                                                          4-H News 2
                                                  HAPPY BIRTHDAY
                                                  NOVEMBER members
                                                  Nicole Baldwin
                                                  Angyl Bazan
Recordbook paperwork is available from            Brianne Bell
the 4-H office for all members.                   Venesa Chee
      1 - Arizona Cumulative Record               Natalie Elkins
      2 - Market Animal Financial                 Reese Garvin
                                                  Will Gibson
      3 - Report for Market Animal                Kristin Godwin
      4 - Non-Market Animal Financial             Sierra Hansen
      5 - Report for Non-Market Animal            Michael Hunsaker
      6 - Report & Financial for Non-Animal       Caitlin Ingraldi
      7 - Horse Record book                       Jonaiya Lavender
                                                  Jeremiah Muzzy
      8 - Horse ID Form                           Hannah Nelson
      9 - Record book covers are $2.00 ea.        Melissa Starns
                                                  Lane Whipple

COMMUNITY SERVICE                                 DECEMBER members
                                                  Spencer Baldwin
OPPORTUNITIES                                     Lindsey Black
                                                  Laura Boone
       Operation: Military Kids                   Leora Burnette
            Hero Packs                            Allison Duffy
                                                  Hayden Farr
      Contact the 4-H office if you know of any   Hunter Farr
family, or family member that has recently been   Kelsey Flake
deployed overseas. You will be provided with a    Logan Flake
Hero Pack and copy of the letter, which can be    Keileigh Gose
personalized and given to them.                   Kayden Hall
      We sincerely thank them for their           Michael Kay
commitment to our country and our freedom.        Terina Lewis
                                                  Bryson Palmer
                                                  Nate Parrack
                                                  Jon Quimby
                                                  Shamree Rencher
                                                  Shelbylynn Ross
                                                  Drew Shumway
                                                  Randall Shumway
                                                  Clarissa Wong

                                                                     4-H News 3
                              EVENTS AND OPPORTUNITIES
Check out this site and find out more about all the cool opportunities in the Arizona 4-H Program .

AZ 4-H Youth and Adult Council
        The AZ 4-H Youth and Adult Council has 2 youth and 2 adults representing their own county. Each youth
and adult serves a two year term. The Council's role will be to determine future direction, design and develop
training sessions and educational opportunities for youth and adults, and help in the recruitment of others to
carry out these activities. Call the 4-H office if you are interested.

2007 WRLF Steering Committee
Role of Arizona 4-H WRLF'07 Youth and Adult Steering Committee:
* To determine the overall direction for the WRLF'07 as hosted by Arizona 4-H with regards to youth and adult
development needs exhibiting a youth and adult partnership representative of the culturally diverse community.
* To design and assist in the development of the WRLF'07 educational sessions, speakers, and opportunities for
youth and adults
* To recruit additional individuals to carry out the activities to conduct the WRLF'07
Arizona 4-H WRLF'07 Steering Committee Membership:
       Steering Committee is composed of up to ten total individuals with 3 to 5 youth representatives, ages of
13 to 17 years of age, and 3 to 5 adults representing the culturally diverse community. The term is from
December'04 to spring 2007 after WRLF'07.
       Mail to: State 4-H Office, ATTN: Lisa, Forbes 301, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721-0036 Fax:
520-621-1314 - Contact: Lisa A. Lauxman, 520-621-7205

Western 4-H Regional Leaders' Forum (WRLF) 2007

“ 105° of Fun” - 2007 Western Region 4-H Forum - Sheraton Crescent Hotel:
Phoenix, Arizona January 11-15, 2007.
       Welcome to the 2007 Western Region 4-H Forum, hosted by Arizona
4-H volunteer leaders and youth! We are in the process of planning and
organizing this event, which will take place in the beautiful city of Phoenix.
The 14 western states will be represented, in addition to U.S. territories in
Guam, and certain Canadian provinces. In 1997 Arizona last hosted the
Forum and we look forward to your involvement in 2007!

Trick or Treat So Others Can Eat
       Trick or Treat So Others Can Eat" is a statewide 4-H community service project. Each county is
encouraged to participate. This community service is not only something that benefits our local community but
also our future generation, our youth. By providing youth with an opportunity to serve, it enables them to
become contributors, problem-solvers and partner with adults in improving their community and our society.
Event Date: October 22 - November 5, 2005

* State Teen Adult Retreat (S.T.A.R.)
       The University of Arizona 4-H Youth Development Program is offering the first-ever State Teen Adult
Retreat (S.T.A.R.). This will be a leadership team experience for Teens and Adults and will be held at the U of A.
Youth and adults will come together in true partnership-training as teams in developing skills to share and train
others on a local, county, and possibly state level
Event Date: TBA        Location: University of Arizona

                                                                                                      4-H News 4
2005 Navajo County Fair 4-H/FFA Champions & Awards
Market Steer                                                Dairy Goat
GC - Shelby Sherwood                                        GC - Walker Wilson (Sr Doe)
RC - Hunter Sherwood                                        RC - Brandy Wilson (Sr Doe)
Steer Showmanship                                           Junior Goat
GC - Senior                                                 Showmanship
- Hunter Sherwood                                           GC - Walker Wilson
RC - Senior                                                 Senior Goat
 - Shamree Rencher                                          Showmanship
GC - Junior                                                 GC - Brandy Wilson
- Shelby Sherwood           Kyle preparing to show
RC - Junior - Kyle Duffy

                                                                                           Brandy - Sr showman

                                                                                   Feature Exhibit - Club
                                                                                   1st- High in the Pines 4-H
                                                                                   2nd - Box E/Rafter C 4-H Club

                                                                                    Educational Exhibits -
                                                                                    1st - Lamb - Sydney Bloomer
                                                      Walker - Jr Showman           2nd - Lamb - Kaitlyn DeSpain
        Shamree & Hunter showing steers
                                                                                    3rd - Lamb - Ashley Staker
                                                          1 - Swine - Cierra Shumway
Market Swine                                              2nd - Swine - Drew Shumway
GC - Kasey Maxwell                                        3rd - Swine - Cody Sommer
RC - J. R. Maner                                          1st - Poultry - Caitlin Ingraldi
Swine Showmanship                                         2nd - Poultry - Preston Chee
GC - Senior - Tiffany Williams                            1st - Rabbit - Venesa Chee
RC - Senior - Jeremiah Muzzy                              2nd - Rabbit - Leah Ringe
GC - Junior - Jacob Boone                                 3rd - Rabbit - Sarah Osborne
RC - Junior - Greg Fish                                   1st - Photography - Carolyn Butterfield
                                                          SPECIAL - Caitlin Ingraldi (Embryo)
Market Lamb
GC - Jessica Neff
RC - Natalie Elkins
Lamb Showmanship
GC - Senior - Ty McBride FFA
RC - Senior - Brandon Sam
GC-Junior- Natalie Elkins
RC-Junior- Kandace Brimhall

                                 Ty McBride & Brandon Sam - GC &             Kasey showing pig
                                 RC Lam b showman                                                  4-H News 5
Best of Show & Best of Standard Sized Chickens
        (Dark Cornish)- Jim Godwin
Reserve of Show (Phoenix) - Cheyenne McKenna
Best of Class (Araucanna) - Cheyenne McKenna
Reserve Class & Reserve of Standard Sized
        Chickens- Cheyenne McKenna
Best Bantam - Alexandra Accardo
Reserve Bantam - Cheyenne McKenna

                                                            Novice Rabbit - Samantha and Sarah
                                                      Reserve Breed (Himalayan) - Carolyn Butterfield
                                                      Best of Breed (Tan) Alexandra Accardo
                                                      Best of Breed (Champaigne D’Argent) - Kristin
                                                      Best of Breed (Any Pet) - Kaylee Palmer

                                                      Rabbit Showmanship
             Chicken showmanship                      GC - Junior - Carolyn Butterfield
                                                      RC - Junior - Caitlin Ingraldi
                                                      GC - Senior - Alexandra Accardo
Poultry Showmanship                                   RC - Senior - Kristin Godwin
GC - Junior - Preston Cooper Chee                     GC - Novice - Sarah Osborne
GC - Novice - Caitlin Ingraldi                        RC - Novice - Samantha Osborne
RC - Novice - Carolyn Butterfield                     GC - Adult - Kristin Willis
GC - Senior - Emily Ringelberg
RC - Senior - Jim Godwin
Best of Show & Best of Breed (Black Mini Rex) -
        Caitlin Ingraldi
Reserve of Breed (Mini Rex) - Caitlin Ingraldi
Reserve of Show & Best of Breed (Netherland
        Dwarf Blk) - Alexandra Accardo
Reserve of Breed (Netherland) - Leah Ringe
Best of Breed -(French Lop) - Jim Godwin
Best of Breed (English Lop) - Carolyn Butterfield
Best of Breed (Holland Lop) - Carolyn Butterfield
Best of Breed (Lion Head) Carolyn Butterfield                      Chicken Showmanship
Best of Breed (Polish) - Leah Ringe
Reserve of Breed (Polish) Lucia Hesselton
Best of Breed (Harleanin) - Carolyn Butterfield       Cavy Showmanship
Best of Breed (New Zealand) - Carolyn Butterfield     GC - Junior - Carolyn Butterfield
Reserve of Breed (New Zealand) - Carolyn              GC - Senior - Kristin Godwin
        Butterfield                                   RC - Senior - Emily Ringelberg
Best of Breed -(Am Fuzzy Lop) - Carolyn Butterfield   GC - Novice - Cheyenne McKenna
Best of Breed -(French Angora) - Kristin Godwin       RC - Novice - Caitlin Ingraldi
Best of Breed -(Jersey Wooley) - Jim Godwin           Cavy
Best of Breed (Himalayan) - Carolyn Butterfield       Best of Breed – (American Black) Carolyn Butterfield
                                                      Reserve of Breed (Satin White) Carolyn Butterfield
                                                                                            4-H News 6
                                               3rd - Preston Chee
Photography                                    (dill pickles)
1st -(landscape) Kristin Godwin (Sr)           1st - Venesa Chee
1st - (digital ) Kristin Godwin (Sr)           2nd - Preston Chee
1st - (macro) Kristin Godwin (Sr)              3rd - Jessica Chee
1st - (Domestic animal) Kristin Godwin (Sr)    (any other canned vegetable)
2nd - (animal) Kristin Godwin (Sr)             1st - Preston Chee
1st - (digital animal) Venesa Chee (Jr)        2nd - Jessica Chee
1st - (landscape) Preston Chee (Jr)            3rd - Venesa Chee
1st - (digital landscape) Venesa Chee (Jr)
1st - (other landscape ) Jessica Chee (Sr)     Arts & Crafts
1st - (other landscape ) Christine Dale (Jr)   Ceramics (hand paint)
2nd - (bird) - Jessica Chee (Sr)               1st - Preston Chee (Jr)
3rd - (any other) - Jerica Morgan              1st - Jessica Chee (Sr)
1st - (domestic) Jessica Chee (Sr)             1st - Venesa Chee (Jr)
                                               2nd - Venesa Chee (Jr)
Home Ec Projects                               Ceramics (Other)
Quilts (tied)                                  1st - Cameron Morgan (Jr)
1st - Preston Chee (Purple Award)              2nd - Preston Chee (Jr)
1st - Venesa Chee (Reserve Award)              2nd - Jessica Chee (Sr)
Quilt                                          2nd - Jerica Morgan (Jr)
1st - Jessica Chee (Sr)                        1st - Venesa Chee (Jr)
1st - Cameron Morgan (Jr)                      2nd - Venesa Chee (Jr)
Quilt (Any Other)                              Beads (Set)
2nd - Jerica Morgan                            1st - Jerica Morgan (set)
Quilt (Machine)                                2nd - Jessica Chee
1st - Carolyn Butterfield                      3rd - Venesa Chee
Quilt (Other)                                  Beads (Ornament)
1st - Jessica Chee                             2nd - Preston Chee
Pillow                                         Beads (necklace)
1st Jerica Morgan                              1st - Venesa Chee (Jr)
Scarf                                          2nd - Jessica Chee (Sr)     4-H Booth decorated by
1st Jessica Chee                               1 Cameron Morgan (Jr) Kim and Kristin Willis

(Self determined) - hair ties                  Beads (bracelet)
1st - Jessica Chee                             1st - Cameron Morgan
2nd - Venesa Chee                              2nd - Jerica Morgan
(vests - may or may not be lined)              3rd - Venesa Chee
1st - Jessica Chee                             (papercrafts)
2nd - Venesa Chee                              1st - Jerica Morgan
3rd - Jerica Morgan                            2nd - Carolyn Butterfield
FOODS                                          3rd - Cameron Morgan
(drop cookies)                                 Indian Crafts (sand painting)
1st - Cierra Shumway                           1st - Preston Chee
(bread, any other)                             2nd - Jerica Morgan
1st - Preston Chee                             3rd - Jessica Chee
2nd - Jessica Chee                             String Art (original)
3rd - Venesa Chee                              1st - Preston Chee
(Original decorated cake)                      Any Natural Project
1st - Jamie Duffy                              1st - Preston Chee
Food Preservation                              Life Enrichment (Poster)
(whole tomatoes)                               (4-H Citizenship Washington Focus Trip)
1st - Jessica Chee                             1st & Special Purple Award - Jamie Duffy
2nd - Venesa Chee
                                                                                   4-H News 7
Hobbies & Collections            3rd - Drew Shumway
(collectibles)                   (onions green)
1st - Venesa Chee                1st - Jessica Chee
2nd - Jessica Chee               (tomatoes - any variety)
3rd - Preston Chee               1st - Drew Shumway
(any other collections)          2nd - Cierra Shumway
1st - Venesa Chee                (tomatoes - any other)
2nd - Jerica Morgan              1st - Venesa Chee
(coins)                          2nd - Jessica Chee
1st - Jessica Chee               3rd - Preston Chee
2nd - Venesa Chee                (squash - zucchini)
(Doll from Kit)                  1st - Jessica Chee
1st - Jessica Chee               2nd - Carolyn Butterfield
Homemade Dolls                   3rd - Preston Chee
(original design by member)      (Garden Collection)
1st - Jessica Chee               1st - Jessica Chee
2nd - Venesa Chee                2nd - Preston Chee
Woodworking (any wood article)   3rd - Venesa Chee
1st - Jessica Chee               (squash - any variety)
2nd - Jerica Morgan              1st - Venesa Chee
1st - Cameron Morgan             (watermelon)
2nd - Jessica Chee               1st & SPECIAL- Venesa Chee
3rd - Jerica Morgan              (cantaloupe - any variety)
1st - Jerica Morgan              1st - Preston Chee
1st - Preston Chee               (any other veg - jalapeno)
2nd - Jerica Morgan              1st - Venesa Chee
Horticulture                     2nd - Jessica Chee
(Vegetables - cabbage)           3rd - Preston Chee
1st - Venesa Chee
2nd - Preston Chee               FLOWERS
3rd - Jessica Chee               (Asters)
(cucumber)                       1st - Drew Shumway
1st - Preston Chee               2nd - Cierra Shumway
2nd - Jessica Chee               (roses)
3rd - Venesa Chee                1st - Drew Shumway
1st - Venesa Chee                Record Books
2nd - Jessica Chee               1st Year
3rd - Preston Chee               1st - Jordan Newnam
(Gourds)                         2nd - Ashley Staker
SPECIAL & 1st - Drew Shumway     3rd - Kallie Brannon
2nd - Cierra Shumway             2nd Year
(onions)                         1st - Victoria Lavarnway
1st - Venesa Chee                2nd - Caitlin DeSpain
2nd - Jessica Chee               3rd - Dallin Baldwin
3rd - Preston Chee               3rd Year
(peppers)                        1st - Jerica Morgan
1st - Jessica Chee               2nd - Venesa Chee
2nd - Preston Chee               3rd - Timothy Tubbs
3rd - Venesa Chee                4th Year
(pumpkin)                        1st - Jessica Chee
1st - Venesa Chee                5th Year and up
2nd - Preston Chee               1st - Tyler Neff
                                                              4-H News 8
Scrapbooks                                        Poles - Senior
(Scrapbook life)                                  1st - Christy White
1st - Carolyn Butterfield                         2nd - Shamree Rencher
(child storybook)                                 3rd - DeeDee Davis
1st - Jessica Chee                                4th - Kasey Maxwell
2nd - Venesa Chee                                 Project Knowledge - Senior
(Poem - thoughts)                                 1st - Stephanie Lavarnway TIED
1st - Jessica Chee                                1st - Shamree Rencher         TIED
(book - life history)                             1st - Brandy Wilson           TIED
1st - Jessica Chee                                1st - Teeghyn Lowry          TIED
2nd - Venesa Chee                                 2nd - Christy White
3rd - Jerica Morgan                               3rd - Kasey Maxwell
(educational exhibit - me & my life)              4th - Victoria Lavarnway
1st - Jerica Morgan                               5th - DeeDee Davis
                                                  6th - Ayla Ybarra
Horse Events                                      Project Knowledge - Junior
Senior High Point - Shamree Rencher               1st - Justin Schutze
Junior High Point - Melissa Beebe                 2nd - Melissa Starns
Western Showmanship - Senior                      3rd - Timothy Tubbs
1st -Shamree Rencher                              4th - Regan Starns
2nd - Kasey Maxwell                               5th - Joshua Henson
3rd - Stephanie Lavarnway                         6th - Melissa Beebe          TIED
4th - Brandy Wilson                                th
                                                  6 - Kallie Brannon           TIED
5th - Christy White                               6th - Shelly Normandin       TIED
6th - DeeDee Davis                                Junior Trail
Western Showmanship - Junior                      1st - Melissa Beebe
1st -Melissa Beebe                                2nd - Kallie Brannon
2nd - Kallie Brannon                              3rd - Timothy Tubbs
3rd - Justin Schutze                              4th - Joshua Henson
4th - Timothy Tubbs                               5th - Regan Starns
5th - Melissa Starns                              Senior Trail
6th - Joshua Henson                               1st - Shamree Rencher
Barrels - Senior                                  2nd - Kasey Maxwell       Kallie Brannon - Trail
1st - Christy White                               3rd - Christy White
2nd - Shamree Rencher                             4th - Stephanie Lavarnway
3rd - Kasey Maxwell       Cristie White - Poles   Junior Western Bareback
Barrels - Junior                                  1st - Kallie Brannon
1st - Regan Starns                                2nd - Melissa Beebe
2nd - Melissa Beebe                               3rd - Melissa Starns
3rd - Melissa Starns                              4th - Regan Starns
4th - Kallie Brannon                              5th - Betty Starns
5th - Betty Starns                                Senior Western Bareback
6th - Joshua Henson                               1st - Shamree Rencher
                                                  2nd - Christy White
Poles - Junior                                    3rd - Kasey Maxwell
1st - Regan Starns                                4th - Olivia Lewis
2nd - Melissa Beebe                               Junior Western Riding
3rd - Melissa Starns                              1st - Melissa Beebe
4th - Timothy Tubbs                               2nd - Melissa Starns
5th - Betty Starns                                3rd - Timothy Tubbs
6th - Joshua Henson                               4th - Regan Starns
                           Regan Starns - Poles   5th - Betty Starns
                                                  6th - Justin Schutze
                                                                                       4-H News 9
Senior Western Riding       Jr. Team Roping - Heading
1st - Kasey Maxwell         1st - Justin Schutze
2nd - Shamree Rencher       Jr. Team Roping - Heeling
3rd - Christy White         1st - Justin Schutze
4th - DeeDee Davis          Jr. Calf Roping
5th - Olivia Lewis          1st - Justin Schutze
6th - Victoria Lavarnway    Sr. Break Away
Junior Reining              1st - Christy White
1st - Timothy Tubbs         Jr. Break Away
2nd - Melissa Beebe         1st - Justin Schutze
3rd - Betty Starns          Jr Yearling at Halter
Senior Reining              1st - Justin Schutze
1st - Kasey Maxwell         Sr. Yearling at Halter
2nd - Shamree Rencher       1st - Stephanie Lavarnway
3rd - Christy White         Jr - Junior Horse Western Pleasure
4th - Olivia Lewis          1st - Melissa Beebe
Junior Western Equitation
1st - Kallie Brannon        Gymkhana High Point - Junior
2nd -Melissa Beebe          1st - Regan Starns
3rd - Regan Starns          2nd - Melissa Starns
4th - Melissa Starns        3rd - Melissa Beebe
5th - Timothy Tubbs         4th -Justin Schutze
6th - Joshua Henson         5th - Joshua Henson
Senior Western Equitation   6th - Betty Starns
1st - Christy White         Gymkhana High Point - Senior
2nd - Shamree Rencher       1st - Christy White
3rd - Kasey Maxwell         2nd - Shamree Rencher
4th - DeeDee Davis          3rd - Kasey Maxwell
5th - Teeghyn Lowry
6th - Olivia Lewis          All Around Showmanship High Point - Junior
Junior Western Pleasure     1st - Melissa Beebe
1st - Melissa Beebe         2nd - Kallie Brannon
2nd - Kallie Brannon        3rd - Timothy Tubbs
3rd - Betty Starns          4th - Regan Starns
4th - Regan Starns          5th - Betty Starns
5th - Timothy Tubbs         6th - Melissa Starns
6th - Melissa Starns
Senior Western Pleasure
1st - Shamree Rencher
2nd - Kasey Maxwell
3rd - Christy White
4th - DeeDee Davis
5th Stephanie Lavarnway
6th Teeghyn Lowry
Junior Goat Tying
1st - Justin Schutze
2nd - Joshua Henson
3rd - Melissa Starns
Senior Goat Tying
1st - Christy White
Sr. Team Roping - Heading
1st Christy White               Melissa Beebe - High Point Junior

                                                            4-H News 10
All Around Showmanship High Point - Senior   QUIZ BOWL
1st - Shamree Rencher                        Champion Lamb Team
2nd - Kasey Maxwell                          Jamie Duffy, Seba Dalkai
3rd - Christy White                          Ty McBride, Kayenta
4th - DeeDee Davis                           Champion Swine Team
5th - Brandy Wilson                          Channon Mills, Heber
6th - Olivia Lewis                           Sarah Garvin, Heber
                                             Jamie Duffy, Seba Dalkai
                                             Ty McBride, Kayenta
                                             Champion Beef Team
                                             Reese Garvin, Heber
                                             Stacey Haymore, Kayenta
                                             Overall Champion Team
                                             Channon Mills, Heber
                                             Sarah Garvin, Heber

                                             ROUND ROBIN SHOWMANSHIP
                                             Jim Godwin - Champion
                                             Ty McBride - Reserve Champion
     Shamree - High Point Senior             3rd place  - Kristin Godwin
                                             4th place  - Shamree Rencher
Livestock Judging                            5 place    - Emily Ringelberg
1st Place Team (JUNIORS) Triple S 4-H        6th place  - Jeremiah Muzzy
Kymber Dunny                                 7th place  - Kasey Maxwell
Tyler Myers
Tanner Reidhead
Travis Parham

2nd Place Team (Box E / Rafter C 4-H Club)
Jessica Chee
Venesa Chee
Jerica Morgan
Kylee Peterson

3rd Place Team (Bacon)
Todd Fish
Rashea Fish
Ty McBride (senior)
Christian Caldwell
                                              Round Robin Winners - Jim Godwin, Ty
1st Place Team (SENIORS) Reese’s Pieces
Reese Garvin (FFA)   Mogollon FFA
                                              McBride, Carolyn Butterfield, Caitlin Ingraldi
Sarah Garvin (FFA)                            and Natalie Elkins
Emily Garvin (FFA)
Jeremiah Muzzy (FFA)                         Juniors
                                             Carolyn Butterfield - Champion
2nd Place Team (Snowflake FFA)               Cheyenne McKenna - Reserve Champ (Novice)
Brock Fish                                   3rd place           - Caitlin Ingraldi
Greg Fish                                    4 place             - Natalie Elkins
Stacy Haymore (FFA)                          5th place           - Melissa Beebe
Travis Gibson                                6th place           - Jacob Boone
                                             7 place             - Kyle Duffy
                                                                                4-H News 11
1    Brandon Dale       Blue
2    Shamree Rencher    Blue
3    Nicole Baldwin     Blue
1    Kara Despain       Blue
2    Erika Suarez       Blue                   Chicken showmanship
3    Channon Mills      Blue
1    Cameron Morgan     Blue
2    Lisa Hancock       Blue
3    Katie Larson       Blue

  Showing rabbits                                                      Ruth Tubbs - Little
                                                                       Buckaroo Princess

                                                            Hopi Horse members - Safe Riding

  Arnold Masawestewa, Audrey Navasie, and
  Milton Taylor, from Hopi 4-H Club YP Youth
  (Yu-weh-loo Pah-ki) following individual            YP (Yu-weh-loo Pah-ki) Youth 4-H Horse
  Leader training.                                    Project Group from Hopi
                                                                                    4-H News 12
                  HATS OFF TO OUR               HARD WORKING VOLUNTEERS

                                                        Sandra Bennett checking in small stock
  Jake & Amy Dillard - conducting the                   Thanks for all your hard work, Sandy!
  Round Robin competition - THANKS!

                                                        Judy Prosser & Cindy Farr arranging the
   Hardworking Livestock Crew - Thanks a lot!           Livestock Quiz Bowl - THANKS!

                                                  Horse Committee finalizing entries - Thanks you
County Director- Agent Steve Campbell judging     all!
horticulture and floriculture. Thanks, Steve!
                                                                                 4-H News 13
The Arizona 4-H web site has a new look. Check it out!

Our Navajo County 4-H page is up and running. It has most of the necessary forms
and information for enrollment for the new 4-H year which began October 1st . Take
the time to check it out. Let us know what you
think, and what else it might need.
We need 4-H club news.
                                                          FREE TO A GOOD HOME -
                                                      Gil & Carla Bond of the Winslow 4-H Wranglers
                                                      club have two Bantam chickens, one male one
                                                      female, about 7-8 months old, that they would
                                                      like to give to a 4-H member or members to
                                                      raise. They are black with somewhat curly
                                                      They may be contacted at 928-289-2925, if you
                                                      are interested.

        Cristie White from Holbrook participated in
the 4-H state horsemanship finals that were held at West
World in Scottsdale, Arizona on October 21, 22 and 23.
Cristie took first place in the senior division for the team
roping competition for heading. She also competed in several
other events including western equitation, breakaway,
bareback equitation, and goat tying.
        Cristie has just completed her third year in 4-H and has
qualified and competed in this state horsemanship event all
three years. She currently belongs to the Winslow Wrangler
4-H club and is past president of the Holbrook Spirit 4-H club.       Cristie & Gaucho
        Shamree Rencher has been in 4-H for eight years, a
member of the Horse Sense 4-H Club and the Silver Creek 4-H Club in Snowflake. Shamree placed
3rd in Western Reining and 6th in Western Riding. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!
        Other horse members who attended are: Kasey Maxwell, Melissa Beebe, Kallie Brannon, Joshua
Henson, Justin Schutze, Stephanie Lavarnway, DeeDee Davis and Ayla Ybarra. Six of the
participants competed in the horse judging contest.

                                                                                       4-H News 14
                      MORE FAIR PHOTOS

Hey, don’t get too close!                                       Clyde judging goats

                                                          Kim & Adrian working on ribbons
Yes, I know these guys!
                            Shamree & Kyle show rabbits

                                                             Jeremiah showing chicken
Little girl on pony         Jacob showing horse

                                                            Natalie showing horse
     Jim showing horse       Cheyenne showing pig
                                                                            4-H News 15
Nov   3               Deadline for Entry to High In the Pines Small Stock Show
      5               4-H Annual Awards Night - Open Class Building - Fairgrounds 6:00 p.m.
      12              High In the Pines Small Stock Show - Armory - Show Low
   25-20              2005 National 4-H Congress - Atlanta, Georgia

Dec      10           Quality Assurance Trainer workshop - Meat Lab - Tucson
        27-1          Arizona National Livestock Show - Phoenix
           31         ANLS Livestock Judging Contest - Phoenix

January 2006
       10             Deadline for 4-H Enrollment

Feb      14           Happy Valentine’s Day                                                Heather showing
March 25-30           National 4-H Conference

April    1            Deadline for new 4-H clubs and new members (no livestock projects)
         15           Deadline for Steer Ownership

June     2-4          Shooting Education Certification Workshop - St. Joseph’s Youth Camp, AZ
         3-10         Citizenship Washington Focus
         12-16        JOLT (Journey of Opportunities for Leaders of Tomorrow)
         17           Deadline for Lamb & Swine Ownership

July     TBA          STAR (State Teen Adult Retreat)

                                                                               Venesa show rabbit

There will be a Quality Assurance Trainer workshop
on December 10th at the UA Meat Lab. Further
information will be sent out prior to November 15th.
Susan Pater
Cochise County Cooperative Extension
County Director, Extension Agent 4-H Youth Development
450 S. Haskell, Willcox AZ 85643
phone (520)384-3594 x101 fax (520)384-3681                          Kalene & her pretty colored
                                                                    steer, Chuggs.
                                                                                            4-H News 16
 FROM THE FAIR OFFICE                              ENROLLMENT REMINDER!!!!!
         On behalf of the Navajo County                   To maintain your 4-H mailings,
 Fair, Inc., Mina Henning would like to            emails and eligibility to events, you must
 thank all who volunteered at this years’          send in your enrollment forms by January
 Navajo County Fair, and especially thank          10, 2006.
 all who attended.                                        Please notify the 4-H office if you
                                                   have a new email address.
         The Navajo County Fair Board
                                                          Please include the $10.00 program
 members are proud to be able to make
                                                   fee with your enrollments. (Does not apply
 the fair better each year, and continually
                                                   to volunteer leaders or clover kid
 need your help with positive ideas,               members).
 bragging on the good things, and
 suggestions on how to correct the not-so-
 good things.
         If you would like to volunteer for           QUALITY ASSURANCE
 next year, please contact the fair office at              TRAINING
 928-524-4757.                                     Remember... new livestock members
                                                   will need to attend Quality Assurance
                                                   training this year, in order to show at the
                                                   2006 Navajo County Fair. Please contact
                                                   Amy Dillard, 240-0557, for more details
                                                   on her schedule.

                                                          If any volunteer leaders would like
ODE TO VOLUNTEERS                                  to attend the December 10th Quality
Many will be shocked to find,                      Assurance Trainer training in Tucson,
When the day of judgement nears,                   they would then be able to train their own
That there’s a special place in Heaven
                                                   new members at once, or possibly in
Set aside for volunteers.
                                                   several sessions.
                                                          Contact the 4-H office if you are
Furnished with big recliners,
                                                   interested and paperwork can be sent to
Satin couches and footstools;
Where there’s no committee chairman,
                                                   you as soon as we receive it.
No group leaders or carpools.

No eager team that needs a coach,
No bazaar and no bake sale;
There will be nothing to staple                 CLUBS... PLEASE NOTIFY THE 4-H
Not one thing to fold or mail.                  OFFICE OF YOU CLUB MEETING
                                                DATES (Calendars, agendas, etc.)
Telephone lists will be outlawed;
                                                        The University of Arizona volunteer
But a finger snap will bring
                                                insurance coverage is not in effect if the 4-H office
Cool drinks and gourmet dinners
                                                is not aware of when your clubs activities are being
And rare feasts fit for a king.
You ask, “Who will serve these privileged few
And work for all they’re worth?”
Why, all those who reaped the benefit and

                                                                                      4-H News 17

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