Flying Ghost by gjjur4356


                                                                                             FLYING GHOST
This year show off your Halloween spirit with an awesome party decoration!

   •   4 pieces of white tissue paper                                  •    glue
   •   styrofoam ball                                                  •    scissors
   •   string or fishing line                                          •    2 safety pins
   •   googly eyes                                                     •    wooden skewer

   1. Make 2 holes all the way through the styrofoam ball with a skewer. Holes should be top to bottom and left to right.

   2. Fold a 1 foot piece of fishing line in half and thread the loose ends through the ball.

   3. Tie the end and pull it tight. You can use a safety pin to hold it in place.

   4. Thread a 4-5 foot piece of line and thread it through the other hole.

   5. Tie a double knot and safety pin it in place.

   6. Find the middle of 4 pieces of tissue paper and snip it the middle.

   7. Pull the line through the hole.

   8. Scrunch up all the paper and bring out the bottom so he looks like a ghost.

   9. Glue on googly eyes.

   10. Turn ghost over, and find long piece of string, and make a small cut in your ghost. Poke the string through to help
       bring the ghost back after he flies down. Hang him using another piece of fishing line. Thread your ghost onto the
       string and hang it across the fly space. One end should be higher than the other end. The higher end is where
       your ghost (and you) will sit and wait for unsuspecting friends and family!

                   Did you know there’s a free web video for this activity with step-by-step instructions?
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