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					           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson
Harris:      This is Harris Fellman and this is the Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
             call. I welcome everybody. It’s a part of the Affiliate Marketing Intensive.
             This is the highest level you can be as a member of Affiliate Marketing
             Intensive right now. This call is a part of the Mastery package.

             What we’re going to do today is I’m going to interview Tellman, which
             means I’m going to try to control the wild, Willy Wonka man who spins
             around and gives our tons of information and see if we can just keep it
             focused and to the point, which he’s great at. We’re going to talk about
             some of Tellman’s power techniques for affiliate marketing.

             Yesterday, everybody’s that’s on this call—99.9% of you, if not 100%--I
             don’t know if it’s possible to actually get the Mastery call without being a
             member of the Starter Kit, but there might be someway around it, so there
             might be a couple of people. The call we did yesterday, that will be up on
             the site and recorded.

             It’s already recorded, but it will be up on the site for replay hopefully later
             today. That was a great call. Tellman went through his entire $4,000
             Perpetual Marketing Machine modules in a condensed format. That was in
             about an hour and a half period of time. Be sure to log into
    and put in your name and
             password and go to the Marketing Training area for that.

             This call here will also be put up there as well. Again, welcome to the
             Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery. Tellman, there, I did my little
             business there, welcome.

Tellman:     Welcome to you, Harris. This is awesome. We’re going to be going over
             some really good stuff. I actually have a few things that we’re going to be
             talking about today that I’ve never revealed publicly before, so be sure
             that you have a pen, a piece of paper, and maybe even your forehead
             cleared off with some indelible ink, because you’re going to want to take
             down some notes that you will never, ever lose. I hope you guys are ready.
             This is going to be an incredible training. We just are ready to go ahead
             and jump right into it.

Harris:      All right, well let’s do that then. Let’s jump right into some of your power
             techniques. This is an advanced course. If you didn’t listen to the Starter
             Kit yet, that’s okay. Take lots of notes and go back and listen to the other

Tellman:     Now, how are people going to be able to do that, Harris? How are people
             going to be able to go back and listen to the Starter Kit call?

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson
Harris:      The Starter Kit call and this call. Actually, I said it a moment ago. Next
             week there will also be a pdf, which means something you can read of
             these    calls    as     well.      What      you      do    is    go    to
    There’s a link there that says,
             “Member Login” right are the bottom.

             Click that. You put in your email address as your username and your
             password. Everybody’s temporary password is “success.” You should
             have changed that already and you should know your password and I don’t
             know it. If you haven’t changed it yet, then it should be “success.” You
             login, you click on “Marketing Training” and everything’s all in there.
             Everything that you’ve paid for is organized right in there for you.

Tellman:     Beautiful. We’re going to be going over some more advanced stuff today.
             Before we get going, I’d like everybody to get a really clear
             understanding, a really definite idea of what it means to be an affiliate
             marketer and more specifically to be a super affiliate. What it means to be
             a super affiliate is you get everyone in your industry to owe you favors.

             When you focus your attention on being a super affiliate, you get everyone
             in your industry to want to do business with you, to want to send you
             traffic in the future, to want to promote whatever is it you do. Why?
             They’re hoping that you’re going to promote them again, because you’re
             the biggest, you’re the baddest, you’re the coolest, you’re the strongest,
             you’re the smartest, you’re the most powerful, you’re the most effective
             affiliate that they have.

             That’s what it means to be in the seat of a super affiliate. What we’re
             saying here is that are some people who have a lot of experience with
             affiliate marketing. Most people find that they start up their own website
             and they have their own product. In my opinion, that’s probably a poor

             It doesn’t mean you can’t do it. You can. Most people do. A lot of people
             suffer as a result. I’ll tell you why I started with affiliate marketing. It was
             because I didn’t have any other choice. I didn’t feel that I was qualified to
             teach about list building when I started out. The reality is that I wasn’t.
             When I started out, I didn’t know enough about list building to teach
             anyone else.

             I wasn’t willing to pretend that I did. What I did instead was focus all of
             my attention on promoting other products and services while I was
             learning about list building from the people I wanted to work with. What
             ended up happening was I became a super affiliate for about 40 different

Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
      August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson
  In doing so, things got so exciting because of one reason. The one reason
  is that I started getting massive checks in the mail. Here’s the deal: When
  you get started, you need to stop being so selfish. I know it sounds a little
  bit harsh to say that, but the reason I’m saying it is because it’s not about
  you guys.

  It’s not about you and it’s not about your product. It’s about your list and
  you serving your list as much as you possibly can. The best way that you
  can serve your list as much as you possibly can is by doing business with,
  having great business relationships with, having direct connections with
  the people who are at the head of your industry so your competitors
  become your best friends.

  As a matter of fact, I was just on the phone with Harris and one other guy.
  I’m not going to mention his name, because it’s going to be a very special
  training we’re going to do later on. All three of us now have list-building
  products. We are going to do a massive training together. Now, we’re
  promoting each other.

  Why the heck are we promoting each other if we all have list building
  products? Believe it or not, not only do we all have list-building products,
  but we all have audio-based list-building products that are then transcribed
  so we have a text-based list-building product. They’re different in their
  content, but not so much in the way that the content is delivered.

  So why the heck do we want to help each other out? So we all become
  bigger, so we all become better, so we all become stronger, so we all
  become super affiliates for each. It’s a cooperative effort. If you’re
  wrapped up in your own product, your own service, just take yourself
  down off the pedestal for a moment and think about how you could serve
  your market more effectively by marketing other people’s products and
  service because of the relationships you will build.

  Now, if you want to focus all of your attention on driving traffic to your
  own website without ever promoting anyone else, you can—you can do
  that. But if that’s your interest, affiliate marketing probably isn’t the
  direction you want to go. Again, the reason I started with affiliate
  marketing was because I didn’t have a product, I didn’t have a service, I
  didn’t have customer support, I didn’t know how to write a sales a letter, I
  couldn’t process orders when we started that, I didn’t understand how to
  take credit cards online.

  I didn’t understand any of that stuff two, short years ago. Now
  everything’s changed. Now I can create my own products. Now I have a
  full-time customer support team. Now I have copywriters to write

Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
      August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson
  whatever we need written on demand. But it took two years for me to get
  to that stage. Other people have gotten there faster.

  Other people have gotten there slower. Whoever you are and whatever
  degree you’re at along that continuum, that’s okay. All I’m trying to say is
  be really cognizant of how working with other people can help and how
  promoting other people can be a tremendously powerful way for you to
  grow your business.

  With that said, we’re going to jump right in to some affiliate power
  techniques that I use on a day to day basis. I’m going to name some of
  them and then we’re going to go into the training here. Number one is
  something I learned from Mark Joyner. It’s called Integration Marketing.
  I’ve found that it’s one of the most effective, most powerful ways to
  promote someone else’s products and services on an ongoing basis.

  The second thing is continuous marketing. Integration Marketing is
  number one. This is an incredibly powerful technique that most people
  don’t even understand. They don’t even understand the principle or how it
  works. Continuous marketing is an astounding principle that is so easy to
  do, that allows you to promote other people’s products and services while
  you are, literally, sleeping—while your snoozing.

  Again, the reasons that you want to be using affiliate marketing to
  promote other people’s products and services is why? It’s because it
  makes friends and it makes money without you having to do all the hard
  work. All you have to do is build a bond, build rapport with your list.
  Integration and then there’s continuous.

  What else do we have? Another technique that you can use that is
  incredibly powerful with affiliate marketing is survey marketing. We’ll
  explain how survey marketing is used in relationship to affiliate marketing
  on this call. It’s a very advanced technique. Then I’m also going to talk to
  you about backend affiliate marketing.

  These are all techniques that most people never even touch. I’m also going
  to talk to you about offline affiliate marketing and I’m going to talk to you
  about phone affiliate marketing. These are all very powerful techniques
  and easy to put into place. Most people never do it. Before we teach you
  each and every one of the techniques, I’d like to tell you how to select the
  person you want to become a super affiliate for.

  It’s actually very easy. I would recommend that you start with just one or
  two people who you’re really going to fixate, who you’re really going to
  focus on when you want to talk about becoming a super affiliate. How to

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson
             chose? This is how to chose. The way that you chose who you’re going to
             promote is you have to say, “Whom do I want to learn from?

             Who is the guru of gurus? Who is the most brilliant? Who is the most
             effective? Who is the most well known? Who seems to have their stuff
             together more than everyone else? If I could just peek into their office for
             one day, everything would change in my business?” That’s the question
             you need to ask yourself.

             I guarantee every person on the line right now has someone in mind. Who
             is it that you want to promote? Who is it you want to make friends with?
             Who is it you want to learn from the most? Can I tell you who the two
             people who I wanted to learn from the most were when I got started? Is
             that all right, Harris?

Harris:      Yes.

Tellman:     When I got started with, I wanted to learn from two
             untouchables. I wanted to learn from Mark Joyner and I wanted to learn
             from Jay Abraham. Isn’t that funny? I sat down and I said these are two
             people who I have no connection with, who I do not know. I do not know
             anyone who knows them. As far as I know, I do not know anyone who
             knows anyone who knows them.

             I turned out to be wrong, which was great. I had no way of getting in touch
             with them. I had no way of getting their attention. At the time, I had no
             value that I could even offer them, yet I knew that these are two people
             who are brilliant individuals. I want to learn from them and figure exactly
             what it is that I want to do in order to make this happen.

             I said I want to learn from Jay Abraham and I want to learn from Mark
             Joyner. I kept that in the back of my mind. I stuck that in the back of my
             mind and I went for it. At the time, Mark Joyner was not doing anything in
             the Internet marketing world online at all. It was actually before he even
             had his Simpleology course released, so there was nothing he was selling
             online as far as I knew.

             So as far as I knew, there was no way to get in touch with him either,
             because he was hiding in New Zealand somewhere. I didn’t know what
             the deal was. Jay Abraham, at the time, didn’t even have an affiliate
             program, so how could I offer him benefit? I didn’t know, but I found a

             The first thing you need to do is chose the people you want to be a super
             affiliate for, you want to make friends with, you want to be able to speak
             on stage with, you want to be able to be directly associated with, you want

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson
             to be able to create products with. You need to choose these people. You
             need to set very definite, very absolute, absolutely unquestionable goals on
             who they are and why the reason is you want to promote their stuff.

             The next step is you need to go buy their products and services and absorb
             them, use them. It’s better to buy fewer products and services and know
             them in and out than it is to go out one day and spend all your money on
             their stuff. Does that make any sense?

Harris:      Yes. Actually, it’s interesting. It makes a lot of sense. It ties back to what
             you were saying earlier where you and I could be considered competitors.

Tellman:     Yes.

Harris:      You’re saying whom do I want to learn from? One day, maybe today,
             somebody might consider you a competitor of Mark Joyner or Jay
             Abraham on some level.

Tellman:     Absolutely, depending on how they’re looking at it, yes.

Harris:      There are a lot of people who look at things that way as opposed to this
             way. It’s just really interesting, because it ties back in to the beginning of
             what you were talking about. Anyway, go ahead. I’m sorry.

Tellman:     Before we do that, Harris, I’d actually like to ask you about your people.
             When you first started with this, whom did you want to work with? Were
             there any people who you almost idolized or whom you were so impressed
             by you would have just been overjoyed to have them involved with one of
             your products or one of your services?

Harris:      You, Yanik Silver, and Mark Joyner.

Tellman:     Interesting, and you have all three of them.

Harris:      I do.

Tellman:     That’s awesome. Congratulations!

Harris:      Thank you. Oh, and now also Joe Vitale for the next one.

Tellman:     Awesome. You’re talking about people who are really impressive, who
             you learn a lot from, you wanted them to get involved, and then you
             applied the model that we’re talking about here and now you have
             everybody’s personal cell phone numbers. You have their personal email
             addresses. You don’t have to send emails to get through to them through
             their assistant.

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson

Harris:      Instant messenger.

Tellman:     It’s great. One of the biggest benefits of all of this is in most cases you can
             call someone to get advice without having to pay for consultation time.

Harris:      You know what else is really interesting about this relationship? This is
             really interesting. Beyond just wanting the super affiliate relationship to
             go well for my own, I want to impress you. I want to impress Mark. I want
             to impress Yanik. It’s interesting because you put yourself in a position.
             I’m very competitive.

             If everybody on the call is not competitive, that’s fine. I know you’re real
             competitive, too. It kind of is part of my competitive nature, if you will, to
             want to really impress the people who I want to learn the most from.

Tellman:     Absolutely. That tends to be a little bit of an entrepreneurial trait that a lot
             of folks have. Step one is to figure out whom it is you want to promote.
             Step two is to use the advance techniques that I’m about to teach you in
             order to promote them. It’s not that complicated, but this is how it works.
             I’m cannot teach you everything about integration marketing.

             I did not design the concept. I did not design the technique. I did not come
             up with it. I have applied it in some small and extraordinarily powerful
             ways. If you want to learn more about Integration Marketing, you need to
             listen to every word that Mark Joyner says. I would highly recommend
             keeping a close eye out on the big Mark Joyner launch that’s happening
             right now.

             Again, I just want to be really clear with who came up with what here. The
             techniques that I’m about to share with you, many of them are not ones
             that I’ve designed. They are ones that I’ve applied successfully. I just want
             to make that distinction. It’s extremely important that you understand this.

Harris:      Since this is an advanced call, let’s try to give websites out when we
             mention things like that. The way to keep up with Mark Joyner’s launch
             would be to go to Is that right?

Tellman:     You could go to You could also go to
    That’s his most recent launch that he’s
             working on. Here’s the concept. We’re going to go ahead and talk about
             integration marketing. We’re going to talk about the basic concept as one

             The great part is that Harris applied this technique that I suggested to him
             right after I learned this from Mark and used it myself. Here’s how it

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson
             works. The way it works is you need to focus on how can you market
             something more effectively by finding out what people are already doing
             and getting them to do a little bit more of it.

             It’s very closely related to Mark’s concept of “Sell them a second glass.”
             You can learn about that in two of his most recent books, The Irresistible
             Offer, and The Great Formula. Here’s how it works. The way we apply
             this to the Internet. Let’s first talk about when someone opts in. When
             someone opts in to your list, because if you listen to the Starter Kit call,
             you already know that you primary objective needs to be to build your list.

             Part 2

Tellman:     The secondary objective is to sell things. What you’re going to do is get
             people to opt in to your list. If you don’t have your own products or
             services or if you’re trying to promote someone else, you need to join their
             affiliate program and then on that Thank-You page, after people have
             opted in, you need to promote that persons products or services.

             It’s that simple. If they’re already in motion, they opt in on that Thank-
             You page. You say thank you for subscribing. You’ve been subscribed to
             my ezine,” or whatever is the case. Then you say, “In order to get the most
             out of your subscription, you really need to go and pick up a copy of
             “Blankety, blankety, blank.”

             “You really need to go pick up Harris Fellman’s List Building Intensive.
             It’s totally free and it will make you a ton of money.” “You need to go
             pick up Harris Fellman’s Affiliate Marketing Intensive.” “You need to go
             pick up Harris Fellman’s Ad Copy Intensive. It’s some of the best training
             on the face of the earth to learn how to build your list, to learn how to
             write great copy, to learn how to be a masterful affiliate marketer.”

             When you start to do this, what ends up happening is you have one thing
             for them to do. They click on your affiliate link. They join Harris’s site.
             They buy. You get paid a commission. Everybody’s spanking happy and
             you become a super affiliate for Harris. That’s number one—the concept
             of integration.

Harris:      Let me stop you for one second, because you gave examples. I want to
             make sure people aren’t confused. What Tellman’s saying is put one thing,
             one offer, on that Thank-You page. I’ve seen people do this. I’ve seen
             people go to a Thank-You page and it’s this be resource page with 27
             different links.

             Basically, it’s be directed. What Tellman taught me was step one is white
             list this email address and step two could be exactly what Tellman just

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson
             said—“To get the most out of my newsletter, go sign up for,” and then you
             chose one thing. If you’re a copywriter focus, you would choose Ad Copy

             If your site has nothing to do with any of that, find something that really is
             adding value to, enhancing value to your subscribers. I just want to make
             sure that they didn’t confuse that. Go ahead.

Tellman:     Exactly. You want to give them one thing to do and you want to give them
             a great recommended resource on that Thank-You page, right after they’ve
             opted in.

Harris:      The awesome ones are the one that are like that, like Simpleology and all
             of the Intensives where it’s free and then there’s an up sell right away.
             Those are awesome opportunities to put on a Thank-You page. They work
             really well as far as integration marketing there, so do “Just go download
             such and such,” even if it’s $47 or $97 or something like that. There’s no
             rule. Try things and see what works best.

Tellman:     We could talk about integration marketing for this entire call and what
             I’ve learned from applying it after learning everything from Mark, but I’m
             not going to do that. What I am going to do is say look, at the very least,
             make one direct recommendation on your Thank-You page for someone
             you want to promote.

             That alone will make you money, because you’re already focused on
             building your list. You already know, so that’s the one thing you should be
             doing every single day. You already know that building your list and
             driving traffic to your website is the one thing you should be spending
             time on every single day, not selling your own products, not selling your
             own services, not answering customer support emails.

             You don’t have time for that if you’re a solo Internet entrepreneur. You’re
             trying to get things off the ground. You’re trying to make money. You’re
             trying to maybe quit your job or whatever else you’re doing that’s holding
             you back. You need to focus your attention on building your asset and
             your asset is your list.

             You build your list by driving traffic to your site. You make sales by
             selling the products and services of the people who you want to get in
             good with, so you can learn from them, so you can study with them, and
             maybe even in the future so that they will promote you. The next thing
             that we’re going to talk about is continuous affiliate marketing.

             How does continuous affiliate marketing work? It’s very simple. Everyone
             knows what an autoresponder series is and if you don’t, I’ll explain it. An

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson
             autoresponder series is a sequence of emails. If you don’t currently have a
             sequence of emails, it’s about time you put them in to your autoresponder

             Again, if you want to see examples of this, go login to
    and you will see that there are
             multiple emails in there that you can send out. That’s correct, right,

Harris:      Yes, absolutely. There are three emails that you could literally take and
             put into your own autoresponder series.

Tellman:     I would recommend that you start by putting those in for three days in a
             row. I might have someone opt in and then give them one or two messages
             and then in the first week and the second week I would give them three
             emails in a row all about whatever it is you’re promoting. If there were
             one person you really want to be a super affiliate for, I would write 10
             more emails and put them in once a week for 10 weeks in a row.

             The number is arbitrary. You get to choose yourself, but you want to hit it
             hard and you want to hit it focused. What ends up happening is people opt
             in to your list and then they start getting these emails automatically while
             you’re sleeping and they go and they buy these products and services. The
             cool part about the way this works is that you can, again, focus all of your
             attention on driving traffic to your squeeze page, driving traffic to your opt
             in page to build your list and the rest of it is automatically taken care of for

             The customer support is taken care of for you. You just get checks in the
             mail. It’s literally this easy, but most people don’t take advantage of this
             one feature that you already are paying for anyway, which is your follow-
             up autoresponder sequence. I highly recommend that you use this
             immediately. Don’t hesitate another moment. That’s continuous
             marketing. Does that make sense, Harris?

Harris:      Yes. I also wanted to add to it. You keep asking me yes or no questions. I
             might only keep saying, “Yes, that makes a lot of sense.” I have a whole
             other site that I don’t talk about too often. Since we’re on an advanced
             call, I’ll talk a little bit about it. All of the traffic is being fed in from

             That was something that I figured out. I, basically, pay about $100 to $150
             a day to AdWords. If you average it out for the week—right on the Thank-
             You page alone, this is going to blow your mind—for every $100 I make
             $250 back right on the Thank-You page alone.

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson
Tellman:     Wow, that’s hot. That’s awesome, Harris.

Harris:      Yes, how often would you like to do that? Then it gets better because I
             listened to people like you before I started this and I said, “Wait a second,
             I don’t just want there to be a Thank-You page. I’m going to build this
             continuous marketing into it.” Now I have a 60-day autoresponder series.
             Every day, really, but I was going to say ever week.

             There’s a different offer every week. I give value, value, value, value,
             offer, value, value, offer, and then eventually towards the end of it, it’s just
             offer, offer, offer, offer, because they know me and they trust me. I don’t
             do anything with that site. In fact, I have a friend who has kind of a clone
             of that site.

             We worked on it together originally, but he gives it a lot more time and he
             makes a lot more money with it because he tweaks things here and there. I
             don’t have time to do it, but I make a couple thousand dollars a week with
             that one thing that we’re talking about on this call, which is just create
             continuous marketing within your autoresponder series.

             This is leads us into the next subject, which is survey marketing. I’ll let
             you talk about it, but then come back to me and I’ll tell you my cloned
             friends experience with the same basic site. I’ll tell you about that in a

Tellman:     Okay. Again, this is really important that you bring this back home. When
             you do this, in Harris’s example, he’s talking about driving traffic with
             AdWords. You’re driving it to a page where they opt in. Is that correct?

Harris:      Absolutely.

Tellman:     You’re driving it to a squeeze page, so you’re building your list. Then
             you’re using the Thank-You page to market something and you’re using a
             follow up email autoresponder sequence—continuous marketing—in order
             to market things as well on an ongoing basis. As long as you check your
             stats once a week or so to make sure everything’s working properly.

Harris:      Yes.

Tellman:     Do you have to do anything else?

Harris:      You could answer emails. I have some emails in there that are
             purposefully very hyper responsive. In other words, at the one-month
             mark, I say, “Hey, how’s such and such going?” Obviously, every day
             people respond to it. I actually do check some emails, but financially you

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson
             don’t have to. The “cloned” doesn’t and it doesn’t have a negative affect.
             You actually don’t have to. I just feel like I should answer emails.

Tellman:     Isn’t is also true that if you put up 50 of these sites and you no longer have
             time to answer all the emails, could you fairly easily have a customer
             support person who you pay $10 an hour to answer these?

Harris:      Oh, absolutely. I could do that. It’s funny. I’m training somebody now for
             everything and he’ll be taking that over, so yes, obviously.

Tellman:     It gets very powerful.

Harris:      With 50 sites, you might need two people.

Tellman:     Exactly. Are you only driving traffic to the site through AdWords?

Harris:      Yes.

Tellman:     If you wanted to drive traffic to the site through articles, press releases, a
             blog, through all these other types of things, couldn’t you?

Harris:      Yes.

Tellman:     Absolutely. Very important, you’re focusing on the traffic, you’re building
             the list, you’re selling something immediately, and then you’re following
             up with continuous marketing. All we’re talking about here is taking the
             marketing materials that someone else has already built for you and
             entering them into your automatic follow-up email sequence.

             It seems simple and because it’s so simple most people, literally, don’t do
             it. I don’t know whether it’s a mindset thing or what. You literally can set
             something like this up in a day and then all you have to do is decide what
             traffic source you’re going to use. That’s the key. The next thing we’re
             going to talk about here is surveys.

             When we talk about survey marking and how you can use surveys in order
             to be a highly successful super affiliate, I learned about surveys from Alex
             Mandossian and then I started learning some cool things about surveys
             from Tim Erway of Gateway Magic. What ended up happening was that I
             found some really cool things.

             Number one is the power of surveys is the power of interaction where
             you’re actually giving people something to do, something to think about,
             something to react to in relationship to you and your website and
             everything that you’re doing. Let me explain how this works. You start by

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson
             looking at things from the perspective of, “Okay, I want to find out some
             information on what my list might be interested in right now.”

             I would like to find out some information. The reason that you want to
             find out that information is so that you directly can immediately start
             understanding what they want so you can immediately find better products
             and services that you can sell them so that you can immediately adjust
             your marketing language, adjust your email language so that you can
             convert everything more effectively.

             You can find out what the buzzwords are on the given subject. The first
             reason to use something like surveys is for you to collect information. The
             second reason is for interaction so that you’re giving people something
             different, something unique to do. Harris did an amazing example of this.
             Can I give that funny example out on this call?

Harris:      Sure.

Tellman:     All right. The funny example was a site that Harris had put together called
    It’s a little bit embarrassing, because Harris
             has a picture of me in my underwear on the front. The way this ends up
             working is people go and they can interact and they can do something
             funny. They answer a survey, they opt in, and that’s really cool.

             What ends up happening is Harris finds out some information on what is it
             the people want, what it is the people are looking for. That gives him some
             great feedback about future projects and future types of emails that he
             should be sending out. Now, on the other side of things, you’ll notice that
             he’s doing some marketing on the Thank-You page of that. Whose
             product is that for, Harris?

Harris:      The guy that’s being dressed up.

Tellman:     Yes, it’s one of my products. It’s for something I did with Mark Joyner
             called the Viral Marketing Chemistry Set. The reason that is powerful is
             because all Harris is doing is he sends out an email, he collects the data
             that people are interested in, which is who they want to dress up next, and
             then he makes money on the Thank-You page, immediately.

             It’s a very powerful principle. When you interact with your list on an
             ongoing basis, what ends up happening is your list likes to interact with
             you, they get to know you, they like how you think about things so that
             you can immediately start doing some really cool stuff from the
             perspective of building that super affiliate relationship and building that
             relationship with your list all at the same time.

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson
             Surveys and other types of interaction are extremely important. Harris, I
             know there are some people on the line and we didn’t really plan this part
             out, but we’ve just covered three major points. I have three more major
             points and some other side points that I want to cover during the training.
             We covered integration marketing, continuous marketing, and survey
             marketing. I’m wondering if now might be a good time to break and see if
             anyone has questions. Would that work with the way you wanted to do

Harris:      I’m okay with that. Let me talk a little bit more about survey marketing
             myself since I have a good, live case study that will give you a really good
             example of how powerful this can be.

Tellman:     I’ll agree to that. Everybody go ahead and start writing down your
             questions. It needs to be written down in a one-sentence format so I can
             totally understand what it is that you’re asking and give you the best
             answer possible. So start writing down your questions about integration
             marketing, continuous marketing, and survey marketing as it relates to
             affiliates. Harris is going to give you some awesome additional survey
             information here, then we’ll break for questions, and then we’ll go into the
             second half of the training.

Harris:      First of all, I did want to mention that all of the new Intensives were
             actually built because of a survey. I surveyed my original list, 12 Week
             Intensive, and asked which one would you be most likely to attend and I
             took the top four. Affiliate Marketing Intensive, which we’re on now, Ad
             Copy Intensive, List Building Intensive, and Viral Marketing Intensive.

             From my standpoint, that’s great information. I’m almost guaranteed that
             the one they picked number one I’m at least going to get some people to
             sign up for that. They already said that they probably would. Here’s the
             case study: I mentioned before the clone. There’s a site out there that I
             have that does the integration marketing and continuous marketing.

             I don’t do very much survey marketing, because I don’t really have the
             time. It’s kind of just a little side business for me. There’s somebody else
             that has an exact clone. Many of the emails are similar. He signs this name
             and I sign this name. There are some emails that are different, but there are
             a lot of them that are the same, promoting the same thing.

             Right about now, our lists are about the same size give or take 1,000. His
             is probably 17,000 and mine is like 16,000 or something like that. He did
             survey marketing. He marketed to his list and he said pretty much, “What
             would you most like me to investigate for you? A, B, C, D, E, or F?” C
             won resoundingly.

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson
             It just kicked everything else’s butt. Maybe D did okay. He went out and
             he researched C and he said, “Okay, this is what won.” He did a few days
             of, “I need everybody to get in there and vote. Tell me which one you’re
             most interested in. Come on! Come on! Come on!” It was three or four
             days of this is your last day to vote as soon as the last day came around.

             Then he went out and researched it. He came back and said this is the best
             one out of all of them and here’s why. Keep in mind, he’s still making
             money on all of the continuous and integration marketing anyway. This is
             just a bonus. Over the course of the next week, he made about $18,000.

Tellman:     Hold on. How big is the list?

Harris:      Sixteen thousand.

Tellman:     Okay, in a week’s time he made $18,000.

Harris:      Actually, I think the affiliate cut was only 40%, so he did about $40,000 in
             sales and his cut was $18,000 or $20,000. I just remember $18,000, so I’ll
             say $18,000.

Tellman:     And that’s for one product?

Harris:      That’s for one little, tiny, $60 product.

Tellman:     He did one product. It was an affiliate marketing thing. He made $18,000
             in commission. He did over $40,000 in sales. Do you think that the person
             he promoted had a problem with that?

Harris:      Actually, he said, “I have a friend who has a clone site, would you like to
             have him promote too?” The guy was like, “Well, yes.”

             Part 3

Harris:      The person who he promoted for is a very good friend now, because that
             was more sales than this guy’s ever done in a week, ever, anyway. Now let
             me give you the case study. I did not take the time to do the survey
             marketing. A) It kind of seems redundant. If I survey the same basic
             people then I might get the same answer.

             B) I’m just going to sell them this thing anyway. I did a couple of emails
             where I said, “Hey, I’m researching such and such. Here’s the best one
             that I’ve found of C.” I didn’t do a survey and I only did about $6,000 in
             sales—in sales.

Tellman:     Are you using the same types of ads in order to get your subscribers?

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson

Harris:      Yes.

Tellman:     Are you using the same ads?

Harris:      You mean all the way to AdWords? No. Our AdWords ads are slightly
             different, but they’re very similar.

Tellman:     Wow!

Harris:      The real question is are we using the same keywords? The answer is,

Tellman:     Yet, you’re getting different results. It could be that your list, actually, is
             interested in different things for some reason or it could be that just
             because you took the time to do the interaction people cared. Is that right?

Harris:      Yes. Just based on other results, yes, you’re right. There’s a mixture of
             reasons. Right, either way. Because he did the survey, he did that much
             more in sales on the same product. Now, maybe if I would have done a
             survey, my answer would have been different and I would have sold a
             different product or the interaction alone had something to do with it. I
             dare say it’s both.

Tellman:     Wow, cool.

Harris:      It’s just a neat case study. You don’t get to see that very often. It’s real
             close to a split test, but obviously not quite. You should have been writing
             down some questions if you have any.

Tellman:     This is some more advanced stuff that we’re covering here, but even if you
             have basic questions, I want to be sure to answer them. You are here.
             You’re listening. If you have the question, I guarantee there are tons of
             other people listening right now that have the very same question. We’re
             going to take about three questions right now. We might take a few more,
             but I want to commit to three, if people have them. Harris, I’m going to
             hand the baton over to you to get rolling with that.

Harris:      Roger, you there?

Roger:       Yes. How can I create a good and effective autoresponder? Are there any
             resources you recommend, like a site?

Tellman:     Roger, are you asking what to use as an autoresponder service?

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson
Roger:       No, how to create your emails in a good sequence, well put together, so
             you don’t really screw it up.

Tellman:     There are a couple of things. Number one is there’s no way to screw it up.
             You can’t really screw it up. The second thing is, if you’re promoting
             someone else, they probably already have several emails written that you
             can use. You can just put them in there with your affiliate link.

Roger:       When it comes to the 60 emails, as an example, if you want to go
             extremely long with this one, there must be a proper way to put it together
             so everybody all blends together, really.

Tellman:     Not really and let me explain why. It’s not science. It’s art. For example,
             you write emails to friends, right?

Roger:       Yes.

Tellman:     Is there a proper way to write an email to a friend?

Roger:       No.

Tellman:     No! You will call people on the phone, right?

Roger:       Yes.

Tellman:     Is there a proper way to call people on the phone?

Roger:       Nope.

Tellman:     Exactly. There are definitely things you can do to improve your ability to
             write compelling emails. As far as whether or not there is a right or a
             wrong way, some people write really straight-laced, to the point, highly
             focused emails that are very clear. Other people like to be way more
             creative with it. I’m one of those people. I like to have a lot of fun with my
             emails and my promotions. Did you see the buffalo wing video?

Roger:       Yes.

Tellman:     Is that proper marketing?

Roger:       It got my attention.

Tellman:     There are a lot of people who would say it’s not, but I get really good
             results. There’s no proper way. The proper way is to get experience. The
             best way to get experience is by doing it first and seeing how it works. If it
             doesn’t work to your expectations, try doing some things to improve it. In

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson
             that case, the best thing you can do is study good copy. Ad Copy Intensive
             is going to be a great way for you to do that. Are you part of Ad Copy

Roger:       No.

Tellman:     Go opt in to Ad Copy Intensive right now. That’s the quickest, easiest way
             to start improving that. Harris, do you want me to give out others?

Harris:      Before you do, I wanted to add to that a little bit and say, Roger, one thing
             that I did too, just to give you an idea. With the clone site that I talk about,
             what we did was write about five or six emails, maybe seven to ten days
             worth of emails, and put them in the autoresponder series. Then we started
             worrying about traffic.

             Once we had enough traffic to worry about, we started adding emails to
             the end. I just said, “I’ve got 60 days worth of autoresponders.” That’s not
             60 emails. It must be 90 days, because there are 25 emails in there now. I
             just keep adding stuff on to the end of the autoresponder. I don’t expect
             anybody to show up and try to do 25 emails in an autoresponder series all
             at once, unless you really know what the heck you’re doing and you think
             you’ve got the art down to a science. Tellman, you can feel free to give
             any resource you want out on this call.

Tellman:     Yes, I didn’t want to distract people. If you’re looking for specifically
             what are some good ways to write emails and come up with ideas, we did
             a whole course on that called My First Emails. That course is—beginning
             to end—how to write compelling emails that people will respond to.
             Again, is there a right way or a wrong way?

             Some people say send out an email everyday. Some people say only send
             out an email once a week at absolute most. In the meantime, both of them
             can be super affiliates for the very same products.

Roger:, is that it?

Tellman:     Yes, that’s a great email writing course that I put together with my
             copywriter and partner Jodi. It’s really good. We’ve had some great
             feedback from people who weren’t so good at writing emails when they
             started and then when they finished up they were able to write some
             highly compelling, highly responsive emails.

Roger:       I’ll check it out.

Tellman:     Don’t worry so much about the structure. Worry more about the response
             that you’re getting from people. Does that make sense?

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson

Roger:       Yes, absolutely.

Tellman:     Again, let’s say you’ve picked two people and you’re going to promote
             their stuff. Chances are good they also have more than one product. If they
             have more than one product, they probably have more than one email for
             each product. All of the sudden, you can find five different products they
             might have and get all the emails for all the different products, insert your
             affiliate links, and you’re ready to go. Most of them are done for you.
             Then all you do is make them a little bit more personalized to you. Make

Roger:       Okay, great. Absolutely.

Harris:      Roger, thank you very much. Great question. Next question, what’s your

Rhonda:      My name is Rhonda. I have a quick question. Is this a good idea? If you
             know somebody who’s coming up with a product—a big-ticket item—and
             you’re friendly with them, to call them up and ask them what product
             would be good to go along with their product to do this step you call
             continual marketing? What was the other marketing you said?

Harris:      Integration.

Rhonda:      Integration marketing, right. Is that a good idea to do that?

Tellman:     I’m a little bit confused about what you’re trying to accomplish by doing

Rhonda:      I know somebody who’s coming out with a big-ticket item.

Tellman:     Is this someone who knows marketing in and out and can sell stuff really
             well online?

Rhonda:      Yes, it is.

Tellman:     So they’re really good at what they do already?

Rhonda:      Yes, and I’m one of the people who signed up to buy his product and I
             have a relationship with him already. He knows me. I’ve been to his
             seminar. He hasn’t taken your course though, so he doesn’t know about
             this integration marketing. I was just thinking, just from listening to you
             guys, is it a good idea to call him up and talk to him about the idea of
             putting, number one: White list us, number two: Do your homework, and I

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson
             would develop a product to go along with his product. That would be on
             the Thank-You page, you know, steps one, two, three.

Tellman:     You’re talking about creating an up sell is what you’re talking about

Rhonda:      Right, like “Do Your Homework,” right.

Tellman:     How expensive is the product that this person’s creating?

Rhonda:      Nine hundred and ninety seven dollars.

Tellman:     Okay. In this case, I understand what you’re trying to accomplish, but I
             probably wouldn’t do it. I’ll explain why. Let’s say that this person has
             100 affiliates who are going to be promoting them.

Rhonda:      Okay. I actually think it’s going to be more like 10 to 15.

Tellman:     Whatever the number is, it’s irrelevant. Ten big affiliates who are going to
             be promoting them. They’re all promoting someone who’s selling a
             product for $1,000 and let’s just say they’re getting 50% of that, just for
             arguments sake. Let’s just say I was one of the affiliates, for example. I
             have a feeling I might know whom you’re talking about and I might be
             one of those people already. Let’s just say it’s a $1,000 product, I’m one
             of the affiliates, and I’m going to send my subscribers to buy his product,

Rhonda:      Right.

Tellman:     I’m sending some of my best customers to go buy his product. If you are
             offering your product on the Thank-You page, am I going to get paid
             commission on that too?

Rhonda:      Not necessarily, because I’ve seen other people who have done that. Let’s
             say Jeremy Burns, when he had his “Source Code Gold Mine” sale; so
             let’s say that was $199 or $197 and then his one-time offer. His affiliates
             didn’t get paid on the one-time offer.

Tellman:     What I’m saying is that’s a great way to make a super affiliate really
             angry, really fast.

Rhonda:      Oh, you think it’s not a good idea to do that, okay.

Tellman:     In that case, no. I think it’s too high of a ticket item and it’s just not
             treating your super affiliates properly. What we’re saying here is don’t

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson
             focus on that. Focus on driving traffic to your own site, building your own
             list, and promoting the people who you want to be affiliates.

Rhonda:      I’m coming at this backwards.

Tellman:     Right, exactly. You can do that, but it’s going to be more difficult. What
             I’m saying is it’s a good idea conceptually. It shows that you understand
             the principles, which is great. Why not come at it forward?

Rhonda:      Okay. It’s just trying to be creative with it—looking at things backwards.

Tellman:     That’s exactly what I’m telling you not to do. Here’s why: Being creative
             is really great once you understand and have experience with the system.
             When you start out following a model, following a system, you will have
             so much of a more difficult time if you try to be creative from the start.
             What you want to do is see if you can follow this to a tee and implement it
             from the start.

             Once you get it, once you really understand it, once it’s working for me
             and making money, then you turn on the creativity full force and you can
             do almost anything. It’s kind of like you lay your foundation first by
             learning the basic skills first and then you get super creative and you can

             If you start by being creative before you truly have a strong understanding
             and experience with these principles, most people find that they never get
             things off the ground. You’re trying to spend too much energy being
             creative and not enough energy actually learning the fundamentals. For
             someone who is really creative, and I’m one of those people who doesn’t
             like to follow the rules, it’s a challenge.

             I said look at it as a challenge, understand that it’s a challenge, and see if
             you can follow the model and make it work. When Harris and Merlin
             rolled out the first Intensive and they followed a model that already
             worked, they set the principle, they set the foundations, they followed it to
             a tee, and then got really creative with their promotions and their emails
             and built such a strong bond with their list that was already there that they
             were able to do great things.

             What you’re talking about doing is building an extraordinarily small list
             that really doesn’t have any idea who you are and making a few small
             sales on the backend. In the meantime, making the super affiliates angry
             even though it’s a good concept. I understand where you’re coming from.

Rhonda:      Would it change it if I paid 50% to the affiliates though?

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson
Tellman:     You know what? What you need to do is focus on building your list first
             and then becoming a super affiliate for this person whose course you like,
             because you can speak about it from experience. Does that make sense?

Rhonda:      Right, absolutely. Yes. I was just wondering if there was any way I could
             leverage off my friendship with him.

Tellman:     I’m sure there is. There are probably many ways, but the first way is by
             promoting him. The first way is by getting your marketing solid, building
             your list, getting a few different traffic sources coming into your squeeze
             page and promoting him on an ongoing basis.

Rhonda:      Okay, great.

Tellman:     Because if he’s coming out with a $997 product and he knows what he’s
             doing, he probably has a whole slew of products that you could promote.
             Am I right on that?

Rhonda:      Yes, he does on the drawing board.

Tellman:     Great.

Rhonda:      Thank you so much.

Tellman:     You’re very welcome.

Harris:      Thank you, Rhonda.

Gus:         Hello, Harris. Hello, Tellman.

Harris:      I think we talked to you yesterday.

Gus:         Yes, this is Gus. I have a quick question regarding this integration
             marketing. Is this recommended for to go for integration marketing model
             only with affiliate product without having your own?

Tellman:     That’s kind of the point. In this case, the real focus you want to have is
             marketing other people’s products using this technique. The reason is
             because it will make you an affiliate and ultimately, if you do it right, a
             super affiliate of someone else who will then turn around and help you. It
             really depends on what your goal is. In this case, your goal is to become a
             super affiliate, right?

Gus:         Yes.

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson
Tellman:     You can use this for your own products, but it’s not going to be as

Harris:      But it does work for your own products. If you only want to sell your own
             products, you can use it. It wouldn’t be called integration marketing,
             really, because you’re not integrating anything. You’re putting your own
             product on your Thank-You page. I have three good affiliate products that
             I want to market to the specific targeted list.

             Part 4

Gus:         They add value to each other. I was just wondering if it is okay to do it or
             does it help with the credibility of something by marketing others

Tellman:     The main thing is that you can do that, but you really want to focus on
             building your own list first and marketing other people’s products first, so
             you can learn how to do really good marketing for yourself later. Most
             people do it backwards. Most people try to sell their own products first,
             never get a chance to learn really good marketing, fail, and then say
             Internet marketing doesn’t work because they never took the time to learn.

             What we’re trying to say is take the time to learn first and you will be
             much more successful. If you do not have to sell your own products, if you
             do not have to do customer support, if you do not have to answer customer
             emails, if you do not have to do fulfillment, if you do not have to worry
             about the sales process, you will make a lot more money when you’re just
             starting out than you ever will trying to sell your own stuff simply because
             it’s very challenging to sell your own stuff effectively until you’ve learned
             all the fundamentals. We’re saying learn the fundamentals by marketing
             other people’s products so you don’t have to do all the extra work.

Gus:         Thank you, Tellman. The call is going to be recorded?

Tellman:     Yes.

Harris:      This call’s recorded and it will also be put back up into the Members area
             of Affiliate Marketing Intensive and it will also be a pdf, you will also be
             able to download it, and—I forgot to mention this. I don’t know if you
             knew this or not, Tellman. Everybody who has purchased this call has
             resale rights to it as well.

Gus:         Wow.

Harris:      If you think there’s any good information on this call, you’re actually able
             to resell it. There are two ways you can do that. One, the easy way, which

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson
             is to just promote Affiliate Marketing Intensive and you’ll get 50% of
             anything that anybody buys. Since you can download the MP3 and the
             pdf, you can bring that on your site and sell it for $77 or any dollar amount
             that you want.

             Let’s move on to the next three. Let’s recap real quickly. We talked about
             integration marketing, continuous marketing, and survey marketing. Now
             we’re going to move into three more big forms of marketing. Let’ hit it.

Tellman:     Exactly. What we’re going to talk about now is backend affiliate
             marketing, which we’ve actually already talked on a little bit. We’re going
             to talk about offline affiliate marketing. We’re going to talk about phone
             affiliate marketing. First of all, backend affiliate marketing. One of the
             people just asked a question about this in a different type of way.

             Backend affiliate marketing is similar to integration marketing at its core,
             but the concept is if you already have one of your own products that
             you’re selling, how can you become a super affiliate selling someone
             else’s stuff. The answer is very simple. On the Thank-You page, after
             someone buys your product, you should have them go and buy someone
             else’s product that’s more expensive.

             If you have a $97 product and that’s all you have, maybe you need to be
             recommending $197 or a $297 product through your affiliate link in the
             same topic. If you have a $97 product on how to reduce stress, then maybe
             on the Thank-You page you want to be selling the ultimate stress
             reduction and sleep tool kit.

             You recommend that people go buy this thing in order to sleep better and
             remove stress not only in their life but also in the lives of everyone in their
             friends and family. It’s an up sell. You’re actually selling someone else’s
             product. One of the things that that woman mentioned earlier on the phone
             was, “Maybe I should develop my own product and sell it on the Thank-
             You page.”

             That’s not quite right. If you’re going to develop your own product, then
             you want to build your list, sell your product, and on the Thank-You page
             of your product sell someone else’s home study course. That’s how the
             relationship works, not the other way around. The reason it works that way
             is because you’re building your list, you’re making money, and you’re
             getting affiliate checks in the mail.

             Backend affiliate marketing is very powerful and you can use this to
             basically create up sells. It’s a very powerful concept. Harris, do you have
             anything you want to go over with this one?

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson
Harris:      No, I have to be honest. This is something I’m just really beginning to
             learn. For me, it’s the white elephant that I’m really chasing. I don’t know
             if I have too much to add to backend affiliate marketing.

Tellman:     Basically, it’s very similar to what we talked about before except the
             Thank-You page is on the Thank-You page of your product after someone
             buys instead of the Thank-You page of your opt in. It’s a very simple

Harris:      Sorry to interrupt. I did that with Codename: Catalyst. Somebody
             purchased a $197 product and then I said before you do, thank you, yada,
             yada, and then here’s another product—your “My First Email”—I think.

Tellman:     Yes.

Harris:      Right, okay. I got you. Like I said, I’m not going to pretend like I’m not
             still learning. I’m definitely still learning. Yes, I did that. It worked pretty
             well. It was something like 8% to 10% of the people who purchased
             Codename: Catalyst also purchased that, so that’s not too bad.

Tellman:     It’s extra money.

Harris:      It builds our relationship, makes you happy.

Tellman:     Am I going to do more promotions for you the more promotions you do
             for me?

Harris:      I hope so.

Tellman:     That’s the whole idea. Exactly. Let’s talk about offline affiliate marketing.
             Now this is really cool. It’s something that most people never think of.
             Let’s say you go and you pick up a book on how to do direct mail. You
             learn all about direct mail and you find out how to do it and you get really
             excited about it.

             Maybe you read “The 12-Month Millionaire,” or maybe you’re reading
             some copywriting stuff or maybe you’re learning from Gary Halbert, or
             maybe you’re learning from Dan Kennedy and you learn all these great
             things about doing direct mail. What ends up happening later on when you
             don’t have a product and you want to get started and you know all the

             What you do is you write a sales letter or you could even probably get use
             of the existing sales letter for someone else’s product. In many cases, that
             sales letter might be online. What you do is you turn around and you send

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson
             out direct mail to people, they buy the product through you and you get
             the commission on it, and the other company fulfills it.

             You’re able to generate new leads in a totally different, totally new way
             and you get to keep all the commission. It’s an incredibly powerful way to
             take something that’s strictly online and to go offline with it. You can use
             things like direct mail as a way of making this happen. Another thing that
             you can do is that there are so many Internet marketers around these days
             who have physical address mailing lists and never, ever use them.

             What would happen if you learned about direct mail and then you went
             ahead and you went to all those people and you said, “Look, you already
             have a mailing list that you’re not sending out to. What if I handle the
             entire direct mail campaign and kept a third of the profits and we sold one
             of your products to them?

             You don’t have to think about it. I’ll handle the whole thing. I’ll keep a
             third of the profits and we’ll mail out to your existing mailing list. How
             does that sound?” Well, I bet one of ten, two out of ten, five out of ten
             people are going to tell you yes, if you know what you’re doing. This is a
             way of taking direct mail experience, or direct mail knowledge, and
             directly applying it into affiliate marketing in order to make them happy.
             It’s a very easy concept to apply.

Harris:      That opens up a question for me. Before I do that, speaking of taking a list
             that somebody already has that already has snail mail addresses. I told you
             about this and I don’t even think you had heard of it. You can do what’s
             called an append.

Tellman:     This is cool. I remember you telling me about this.

Harris:      Tellman has a list of name, emails, and phone numbers, because he asks
             everybody who responds to a teleseminar for a phone number. Guess
             what? He doesn’t have all those people’s addresses. There are companies.
             You just have to Google it and find it yourself. I think USA List is
             probably one of the biggest ones that do it.

             They do what’s called an append. They append the rest of the information.
             That’s enough information. Actually, name and phone number is enough
             information to append the address on. You’re allowed to do this because
             you already have a relationship with the person. If somebody all of the
             sudden got a postcard from Tellman with Tellman’s beautiful mug on it,
             they’d be pretty excited.

             “Wow, Tellman sent me a postcard. This is pretty cool.” It’s interesting
             because it’s one of those things that’s a good thing all the way around.

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson
             There’s that, but you bring up a question for me. It’s the idea of doing
             offline marketing with affiliate marketing tied in. What about building a
             list from that too?

             Instead of just a list of people who had purchased, I guess I immediately
             answer my own question. I guess you would probably want to do a two-
             step direct marketing piece, right?

Tellman:     I don’t quite understand what you’re going for.

Harris:      You’re giving me an idea. You’re talking to me when you talk about this. I
             read “The 12-Month Millionaire” and got really excited. I said, “This
             freaking guy who dropped out of high school did $75 million in two years.
             I want some of that action,” right? But I don’t really have a product I can
             sell, et cetera, so can I do it with affiliate marketing?

             Now I’m thinking, “Wow, maybe I can,” but I’m so attracted to the idea of
             building a list first. I’m thinking, “Hold on a second. What can I do?”
             Let’s say we’re doing a direct mail campaign. I don’t know that I would
             do this, but let’s for fun say I would take Viral Marketing Chemistry Set
             and I would market this for you.

             I would go find an offline list of marketers who doesn’t know you, doesn’t
             know me, et cetera. First of all, I would just take your sales page. If
             somebody goes to Viral Marketing Chemistry Set, they actually have to
             opt in as well. That’s kind of what I would want to do with the offline

Tellman:     Can I give you a twist?

Harris:      Yes.

Tellman:     I would make it one step, but still accomplish what you’re looking to
             accomplish. The first thing that I would do is if I was going to go to
             someone else’s list to do this, or if I was going to the SRDS and do it that
             way, I would probably have people send in a check. Of course, when they
             send in a check they’re going to fill out an order form with their full
             contact information.

Harris:      Yes, but what I’m saying is I would like to get the people who are even
             remotely interested. I’m going to go buy a list of let’s say just 10,000.
             Let’s say I kick butt and we sell 2%. Two percent of 10,000 are 200
             people. It seems like I would rather do a two step and say everybody
             who’s slightly interested in Viral Marketing raise your hand and I’ll send
             you a free report.

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson
             The free report does a hard sell—a longer form. The free report is really a
             longer form sell, but say now 10% of the people instead of just 2%
             respond. Now I have the 10% who are really interested.

Tellman:     You could do it many different ways. However you’re going to do it, the
             point is you can use direct mail in order to sell other people’s products.
             That’s really the point that we’re getting at. We’re kind of getting crazy
             brainstorm action right now, so I apologize for that. The basic principle is
             very simple.

             Use direct mail principles in order to sell other people’s products. If you
             know what that means, then you’re excited. If you don’t know what that
             means, it’s probably not the right thing for you to be doing right now. The
             next thing on the list is very similar, actually, and it’s called phone
             marketing, or voice broadcast marketing.

             The way I would do this is I would go to someone who already has a list
             and a relationship with their list. I would say, “Hey, how often do you do
             voice broadcasts out to your customers?” They’d say, “Not too often.” I’d
             say, “Well, I’m a master at voice broadcasts. If I could sell a whole bunch
             of your stuff by doing voice broadcasts, would you split the profits with
             me? Oh, and I’ll cover all the costs by the way.” What do you think
             they’re going to say, Harris?

Harris:      Sure.

Tellman:     What they do is they give you their list of phone numbers that they’ve
             already collected, whether it’s customers or teleseminar registrants.
             Whatever it is, they give you their list of phone numbers, you figure out
             how you’re going to be doing the voice broadcasts, you go ahead and do
             the voice broadcasts and you drive them to a very special web page that’s
             only for the people who got that voice broadcast.

             What happens? They opt in or they buy. That’s it. It’s very simple. It’s
             another way of getting through to a totally different cross section of the
             market and you get a percentage of the profits. That’s affiliate at its finest.
             You’re finding a new way to get through to new people. There is one more
             technique that I want to go over before we wrap up the call and let people
             ask any other additional questions. That other technique is second tier
             affiliate marketing.

Harris:      Tellman, let’s at least give them the resource that you and I use for voice

Tellman:     Sure. You guys can go to It’s a great place to go.

          Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson
Harris:     Yes, we both use it. It’s pretty darn easy to do. It’s pretty cool really. Its
            all web based. You upload your phone list into it and you record your
            message into a phone voice message and off it goes. We use it a lot. Voice
            Shot is just really cool. You can record a message and off it goes. We use
            it to remind people to come on calls if we have the phone numbers.

            Unfortunately, I didn’t have your phone numbers for this, so I wasn’t able
            to do that. I’m regretful that I wasn’t, but that’s one thing we use it for. All
            this stuff that we’re talking about can be used together in some real
            creative ways too. Tellman must have been struck my lightening. We can
            wait until Tellman gets here and let you guys ask a question of little ole’
            me and see if I have an answer.

            I’ll have to put my thinking cop instead of my interviewing cap back on.
            Let’s see if maybe I have an answer to your question while we’re waiting
            for Tellman to get off the ground. Nobody has a question for me? I swear,
            I’m smart too. I know I might not come off that way. Somebody’s going to
            keep me company.

Max:        I am not online. I’m offline and I’ve been doing direct mail postcards for
            many years. For example, I have a Jump House guy and I go by a list of
            homeowners with children of a certain age and I buy their birthday month
            and we send out to them about 15 days before their birthday month and he
            gets a tremendous response. I’m just wondering if you can noodle around
            and think of something that maybe I can back into online by using my
            offline talents.

Harris:     Do me a favor, explain it again. Tell me what you do again. You used a
            couple of buzzwords.

Max:        I go buy a mailing list.

Harris:     So you buy a list of homeowners?

Max:        In this case, for homeowners. I also do new movers to an area for a dentist
            and stuff like that. In this case, as a Jump House guy, a Bath House guy, or

Harris:     What does that mean?

Max:        In different areas of the country, they call them different things. It’s a big
            inflatable house that the kids when they have a birthday party and they
            bounce around in. With that list, I send out to homeowners with kids of a
            certain age with birthdays.

            Part 5

          Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson

Max:        I mail to maybe 7,000 in an area—a big area. The San Francisco Bay area
            here, but we mail to maybe 7,000 homeowners who have children who
            have birthdays in September and we mail it about the 15th of August.

            It gets a tremendous response. He’s been doing it with me for two years. I
            was just wondering if there is any way I can use my list gathering
            background information to backdoor into a product with you guys or with

Harris:     Got you. Tellman just IM’d me. He’s back dialing in in a second. The
            answer is with us guys, probably not. Tellman has a lot of Internet
            marketing related products and I have Internet marketing related products.
            Tellman has ADD products. I suppose there might be a tie in there. What I
            would probably say you need to do is go Google around a bit and find
            what’s a good match for those same people. What’s the actual process?
            They get a postcard and then they pick up a phone and mail you?

Max:        Yes, or they go to his website. He has a website. They can order by day—
            morning or evening—a four-hour window. Ten o’clock to two, two to six,
            or whatever and they go ahead and place an order and put in their credit
            card information and he confirms it and that’s a done deal.

Harris:     Got you. The only list you have is the first list you started with, which is
            the homeowners, right?

Max:        Right. Yes, but I also have available a list of people who responded to

Harris:     You are allowed to market to that?

Max:        Yes, I can secondary market to that.

Harris:     Yes. First of all, is he collecting email addresses?

Max:        Yes.

Harris:     He is?

Max:        Yes, he does.

Harris:     I would think real seriously about building some sort of list directed
            towards those people who responded. Those are the crème de la crème
            anyway, so just deal with them anyway. They’ve already got an email.
            Come up with whatever it’s going to be. Just make sure they know where
            it was coming from, whatever, birthday parties.

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson

             Even if all you did was give them all sorts of little tips every week that are
             related. I’ll get to something better in a minute. When the person’s
             birthday came around again the next year, remember not everybody buys.
             Everybody who picks up the phone doesn’t all buy, but you still have their
             email so maybe next year they’re going to want to do it, so if you can be a
             part of that loop there. Tellman, did you come back yet?

Tellman:     I’m back, Harris.

Harris:      Max here does offline marketing now. I’ll tell you what he does real
             quickly. He buys a list of homeowners. He does postcard mailings. I guess
             he cross references to when there’s a children’s birthday coming up and
             then he’s got another guy who he works with who sells Jump Houses or
             bounce houses—those inflatable, take your shoes off and jump up and
             down things.

             They do really well, but he’s like what can I do to tie in something Internet
             related, et cetera. As it turns out, luckily for us, they already collect emails
             when the people respond so I started going down the road of, hey, why
             don’t you take those emails and pretty much make a list, a newsletter, an
             ezine that goes out every week to these parents.

             I didn’t get to it yet, but then find stuff to sell them. Even better, the
             survey marketing, actually, sounds like to find out what it is they’re
             looking for. Not everything is as timely as the birthday, but there might be
             other things. There, you’re updated in 17 seconds or less. Do you have
             anything you want to add to that?

Tellman:     I would just say that it sounds like an awesome idea. How much do these
             things go for?

Max:         It’s a rental. They rent for $130 for a four-hour window on the kids
             birthday. He goes out, sets them up, and then goes out and takes them
             down, and sanitizes them for the next use. He currently has 109 of them
             and runs all over the San Francisco Bay area setting these things up. He
             has about 25 people running trucks that go out and set them up. They do
             more than one per truck. They load up maybe four I think.

Tellman:     What I might do is I might realize that for every one person who rents
             these things, there are 30 or 40 kids who would also like to have one at
             their birthday?

Max:         Right, yes. There is anywhere up to 30 or 40 who show up at the birthday

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson
Tellman:     I would focus all of my attention on how I would get the contact
             information of the parents of those kids.

Max:         The other soccer moms.

Tellman:     Yes. I would maybe do a prize drawing.

Max:         Good idea, yes.

Tellman:     Say, “We’ll let all parents go ahead and fill out this little car with name,
             mailing address, phone number, email, name of he kid, and their
             birthday.” Write that down.

Max:         I got it.

Tellman:     Then what I would do is turn around and use direct mail and direct mail
             postcards to all the people who put their information in to win a free Jump

Max:         Different areas of the country call them different things. Here we call them
             Jump House or Moonwalk.

Harris:      You call it a paycheck, right, Max?

Max:         Yes, right.

Tellman:     Seriously, that’s the best way you could possibly do it. What you do is
             make sure to give each kid one of these slips to give to their parents. You
             put your phone number on there too just in case they don’t give it to their
             parent and then I’d have an extra employee talking to all the parents when
             they drop the kids off and when they pick the kids up. “If you fill this out,
             one parent here is going to get a free Jump House rental for four hours. If
             you’d like that for your child on his or her next birthday, fill out this form
             and we’ll be in touch if you win.”

Max:         Got you, okay.

Tellman:     That’s one way of doing it.

Max:         That way I turn one email address into 30.

Tellman:     Very quickly—extraordinarily quickly—but you have the mailing address
             and you have the phone number too, right? The name of the kid and the
             birthday of the kid that you can then follow up with, say, a couple of
             weeks in advance or a month before the birthday.

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson
Max:         And get them involved too, yes, okay.

Tellman:     You can call them up.

Max:         Yes, great idea.

Tellman:     Say, “This is so and so calling from Jump House Inc. and you actually
             filled out one of our drawings. I’m sorry you didn’t win, but I noticed that
             little Bobby’s birthday is coming up next month…”

Max:         “Let me offer you a $30 discount on your rental.”

Harris:      “You’ve won! You’ve won $30 off.”

Max:         “You got the second prize.”

Tellman:     Let’s also point out that there are multiple ways that you could do up sells
             on this. Here’s what you’re doing, okay. You’re building your list on the
             front end. You’re selling your own product on the front end, right?

Max:         Right.

Tellman:     How could you either sell an additional product or someone else’s product
             on the backend? Couldn’t you offer party supplies?

Max:         They do that now with popcorn machines and party supplies and stuff.

Tellman:     You want to hear another way you could do it? Let’s talk about the
             popcorn machine. Let’s say you didn’t have popcorn machines? Actually,
             do you guys have cotton candy machines?

Max:         Yes.

Tellman:     Do you have outdoor movie projectors?

Max:         No.

Tellman:     I’m just shooting in the dark here. Let’s say an outdoor movie projector
             system, right?

Max:         Yes, for parties at night.

Tellman:     Just as an example, but you could brainstorm this all day long and come
             up with 100 examples. Let’s say you didn’t want to invest the $1,000 for
             every portable movie projector system, but you knew someone who did
             already do that.

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson

Max:         We could tie in with them on a joint venture.

Tellman:     Couldn’t you tell them that for every one customer we get, we’re going to
             refer them to you, if you give us 25% of the sale, if you do the same thing
             for us?

Max:         Aha! Yes.

Tellman:     Right? You see how that works? Now, watch this. If you know someone
             who is willing to invest in holiday party gear, which is basically what
             you’re talking about, the holiday being a birthday. Might they also need
             inflatable Santa Clauses when Christmas comes around? Might they also
             want Halloween decorations?

Max:         True. I’ve got a couple of stores like that and they have a full line anyway.
             They do birthdays and Christmas and Halloween and all that anyway.

Tellman:     But the point is, if you get the direct list to the customers who are willing
             to spend money on their kid’s special events, that’s the goldmine. If you
             have all their contact information, you are now the trusted resource. When
             holidays come up, you now become the winner. Again, it comes back to
             list building.

             Whether you’re selling your own products or whether you’re selling
             someone else’s, the fact of the matter is most people aren’t willing to rent
             a giant Jump House for their kid’s birthday. It’s too much trouble. It’s too
             much hassle. It’s too much money—the majority of people. You’re
             looking for the people who do have the money, who do have the time, who
             do have the energy to do that, right?

Max:         Right.

Tellman:     That’s who you’re looking for.

Max:         We get about 100 of those a week right now.

Tellman:     Great. What if it was 500?

Max:         That would be good, yes.

Tellman:     What if you stuck it with 100, stayed with 100, and you found something
             you could sell them by mail where you didn’t have to have a big truck you
             had to drive around and you got 98% of the profit from it—something that
             was easy to reproduce? Something like birthday cards that were cheap to

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson
             create? Customized birthday cards or something where you didn’t have to
             have all the gear in order to make it happen. Do you see what I’m saying?

Max:         I got you, yes.

Tellman:     We’re getting off on a little bit of a tangent here, but this is an exciting

Max:         It is. I’m glad I broke in here to ask you this question, because it’s a little
             bit off tangent of your online stuff, but it’s very exciting and it’s a very
             profitable business offline.

Tellman:     It’s the same principles though. I think you can see the connection.

Max:         Right, oh yes.

Tellman:     The cool part is once you really get this, then you can do stuff online when
             you’re selling information products and things like that that cost nothing
             to fulfill.

Max:         Right, I understand.

Tellman:     You see how that works? I mean it’s awesome.

Max:         It’s great. I’m very excited. I’ve been doing advertising and marketing for
             34 years, so I have a good foundation in offline marketing but I’m getting
             excited about this.

Tellman:     Yes, it’s very exciting stuff. I love it. Harris, are you there?

Harris:      I’m still here. Max, are you still there?

Max:         Yes.

Harris:      Okay, your line dropped for a second there. Are you pretty questioned out,
             Max? You good?

Max:         Yes, I really do appreciate the input here.

Harris:      Tellman, I think you got struck by lightening. You were about to talk
             about second tier and then we were going to open it up for questions. Let’s
             get back on that. Did you get struck by lightening?

Tellman:     No, what happened was it got so hot. In Vermont, we do not ever need air
             conditioners. We’re a lucky state that way. It got so hot over the last week,
             I had to go out and buy a whole bunch of air conditioners. It looks like I

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson
             didn’t pay attention to where we were plugging them in, because when our
             house cleaner came over to start vacuuming the house we got one too
             many draws on the circuit and it blew the circuit that my phone and my
             computer were on all at once.

Harris:      Nice.

Tellman:     I had to run down into the basement and reset the circuit breaker, but I’m
             back in action. I apologize.

Harris:      Welcome to rural Vermont, everybody, that’s great. You guys don’t know
             this. You watch Tellman from afar and I get to hear little things like this
             all the time. Jodi doesn’t actually drive.

Tellman:     Correct.

Harris:      To most people, that is an incredibly foreign concept that there might be a
             human being above the age of 15/16 who doesn’t drive, but Jodi makes
             along just fine. She’s not even a rare commodity from where they live.

Tellman:     Very true. It’s not necessary.

Harris:      Really neat little things like that, but meanwhile Tellman can run a well,
             not multi-million yet, but maybe, I don’t know. I don’t keep your books,
             but you can run a multi-million dollar operation.

Tellman:     It’s going to be multi-million by the end of the year. It’s over a $1 million
             business. That’s not so bad.

Harris:      From rural Vermont where somebody can plug in a vacuum cleaner and
             blow our your circuit. Anyway, that’s cool. Let’s do second tier and then
             let’s see of anybody else has any questions and then we’re pretty much

Tellman:     I’m going to explain the second tier concept. It’s very powerful, very easy
             to apply. Here is how it works: There are many affiliate programs out
             there that have two tiers. What I mean by two tiers is maybe the first tier
             of an affiliate program might be 40% and the second tier might be 10%, or
             something along those lines.

             Basically, what you get to do is be the affiliate—what I’m going to call—
             coordinator. You get to be the affiliate coordinator. What that means is it’s
             your job to go rally affiliates to promote this person’s stuff. Some might
             even call you an affiliate manager. Here’s how it works: Basically, what
             you do is you actually go out and find affiliates to promote someone else’s
             stuff using the techniques we’ve just gone over here.

          Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson

            Because they signed up through you, you get a second tier commission.
            You focus all of your attention on getting the affiliates to implement the
            techniques that you’ve just learned from us and then they drive the traffic
            and you get a check. You have no customer support no customer service.
            You don’t even have to run a website. You don’t have to build a list. You
            can skip all of that, if you just want to learn the techniques so that you can
            start making some money.

            It’s a great way to get started, especially if you’re part time just starting to
            learn all this stuff. In your free time, you pick up the phone and you call
            appropriate affiliates and you say, “Hey, someone has an awesome
            product. His name is Bobby Jones and I’m his affiliate coordinator. We’re
            doing this big launch.

            I’d like you do get involved and here’s what you need to do.” You do it,
            presto chango, and the check comes in the mail. Second tier allows you to
            apply the techniques, learn the techniques, work with people who know
            what they’re doing, and maybe even work with the people whom you’re
            trying to learn from.

            Like we were talking about earlier, whom do you want to get to know?
            You go to them and you say, “Look, I’m going to find you 100 affiliates to
            promote your stuff. I’d like a second tier commission. Here’s what I’d
            like.” In many cases, you’ll be put in a position where you get to work this
            out with them, where you actually get to figure out what the deal should

            It’s just an awesome place to be, because you get to learn the concepts,
            you get to learn the principles, and you don’t need to deal with any of the
            risk, none of the customer support. All you need to do is be the interface
            between the product and the affiliates. It’s kind of like stepping in and
            being a middleman of affiliate marketing.

Harris:     What you’re saying is not even just, “Hey, Bobby Jones, we’re doing a big
            launch right now,” but you’re actually saying apply integration marketing
            or continuous or survey marketing. In other words, let’s use your product
            again for an example—Viral Marketing Chemistry Set. You go to other
            people who have Viral Marketing sites and maybe you build relationships
            with them.

            By the way, Viral Marketing’s a bad example because you don’t
            automatically have a two-tier system set up. You’d have to actually talk to
            Tellman and try to get that set up. He’s not saying that he’ll do it. You
            need to find something that is a two-tier product and then you need to
            match it with a site owner who could really benefit from that product.

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson

             You can go to them and say, “Listen, I notice you’re not really utilizing
             your Thank-You page and you have a Viral Marketing related product.

             Part 6

Harris:      What I’d like you to try out is this idea of integration marketing where you
             put our offer on your Thank-You page.” If they do that, they make money,
             they’re happy, Tellman’s happy, and you get whatever percentage as a
             second tier. That’s really powerful. If you can take some of these power
             techniques that we’re talking about and apply them in that way.

Tellman:     These are all very powerful, very implemental, and that’s the main key.
             Take everything you’ve learned today and immediately put it into action.
             That’s the main dig. Harris, should we talk about The Black Diamond
             Line now?

Harris:      Yes, let’s talk about The Black Diamond Line now, since we have already
             opened it up for questions once, and then we’ll do another round of

Tellman:     Great. Anyone who found this useful, helpful, implemental, inspiring, I
             have an entire coaching program that is dedicated to this model. It’s
             actually more of a mentoring program. I’m not going to go into a ton of
             details right here. I just want to let you know about it. If it’s right for you,
             you’ll know.

             It’s     very       selective.       It’s     not      cheap.      It’s      at
    Every week we get on the phone and
             only do live Q&A with people, just like you, who are in the trenches,
             doing stuff, want to step it up to the next level, but want to be able to learn
             from someone who you trust. Right now, the price is as low as it will ever

             I’m actually raising the price by another $100 next month. I’m not going
             to say what the price is, because this is getting recorded. I don’t want to
             have anything misrepresented., if you
             like learning from me, if you like this type of information, this type of

             It’s all dedicated to you, your personal situation, helping you solve your
             online and offline problems quickly and easily in implemental ways. At
    we do a weekly call. We do a weekly training
             where everybody gets on and the entire thing is list building, traffic
             conversion, sales, up sells, affiliate marketing, and so on.

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson
Harris:      It’s 100% Q&A. I want you guys to know. I’m a member of The Black
             Diamond Line myself and that’s really where I brainstormed, right there,
             pretty much live on the call, to do all these Intensives at the same time.
             I’m, obviously, a big fan. It’s basically direct access to Tellman once a
             week on a Q&A call. Then you have your Tellphone?

Tellman:     Yes, once a month I leave the office and the day is entirely dedicated to
             Black Diamond Line members where you can call me all day and I will
             spend time just with you on the phone without anybody else and really
             focus in on doing what we need to do to get your particular situation up
             and running and profitable or more profitable.

             The main thing is trying to double, triple, quadruple the amount of
             business you’re already doing by applying these techniques in
             implemental, digestible steps that are entirely focused on you. So,
   , because you’re coming from Harris
             and I know that you have a great education, I’m allowing people to get in
             without applying. Normally I make everyone apply to get in the program.
             You can go to and check that out right

Harris:      Another thing that you offer as part of it that you shouldn’t gloss over is
             there’s really kind of a networking aspect of it. For instance, I just got a
             phone call yesterday or the day before from Barry. He’s asked me to do a
             joint venture with him and I immediately paid attention to him. I’ll
             probably do it.

             I just can’t breathe right now doing seven calls at a time. I know you do 27
             calls a week. I’m still a weed out in the woods. Barry and I will do a joint
             venture because he pretty much picked up the phone, called me. I said,
             “Wait, I recognize you, Barry. Where do I know you from?” He said, “The
             Black Diamond Line.” He really should start off saying that, because
             that’s all I needed to hear to know that he’s serious.

Tellman:     He’s serious. He’s motivated. He gets stuff done. The people in The Black
             Diamond Line are awesome that way.

Harris:      Then you also have all of the Q&As that you’ve ever done. This is so cool.
             You’ve got to see it to believe it. All the Q&As that you’ve ever done, you
             take them and you make them into text and pdfs so you can download
             everything as a pdf, but then it’s all searchable like a blog, right?

Tellman:     Yes, exactly. You can search for all the questions that have ever been
             asked about list building, or all the questions that have ever been asked
             about affiliate marketing.

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson
Harris:      That’s brilliant. It’s really clever, really smart.

Tellman:     Why don’t we go ahead and find out if there are any remaining questions
             that people would like to ask and we’ll go from there.

Harris:      Who’s going to ask a question? It can be about anything we’ve covered
             today, anything about affiliate marketing, anything on your mind really.

Bruce:       Teleseminars related to affiliate marketing—do you find that the most
             effective? I guess that’s basically how you started your career.

Tellman:     It is.

Bruce:       The mainstay of it. What are the best ways to get affiliate partners on

Tellman:     Build your list and then promote a teleseminar with your list with the
             person you’re going to be selling their product for. It comes down the
             same model. Focus on building your list first, get them to register for a
             teleseminar, and do the teleseminar with someone you’d like to promote.
             If you call someone up and you say, “Look, I have 10,000 people on my
             list and I’d like to do a teleseminar with you.

             Are you willing to show up for something like that?” Chances are pretty
             good they’re going to say, “Yes.” Then you sell their product at the end.
             I’ve made over $1 million dollars in less than 12 months from that one
             method. It’s incredibly viable. Again, it comes down to focusing on
             building your list first.

Harris:      We covered that also on yesterday’s call—The Affiliate Marketing Starter
             Kit—so you can check that out if you missed that yesterday. It will be put
             up, hopefully, by the end of the day today in the Members area, the
             Marketing Training area. Login to
             I mentioned this at the beginning of the call. I just want to make sure you
             didn’t miss it.

             You login to If you didn’t change
             your password yet it’s “success.” If you did change your password, then
             you know what it is and I don’t. Then you click on Marketing Training.
             For the Starter Kit, you click on Starter Kit. All of your bonuses and
             everything that you paid for is right there.

             The call that we did yesterday will eventually be in there. We actually
             talked a bit about teleseminars too. I have a product, too, called
             Codename: Catalyst that talks about how I did 12 Week Intensive, which

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson
             is a whole bunch of teleseminars and how I got all the JV partners and

             If you go to, you can get a free, hour-long
             preview call where I talk about this whole teleseminar business model, so
             you can check it out. That’s another way you can continue that education.
             It’s the most fun I’ve ever had making money in my life. It’s just a lot of
             fun just interviewing people, building a list, and communicating with your
             list. I more than highly recommend it. “Teleseminars changed my life.”

Tellman:     It’s true. They’re an amazing media. Does that make sense?

Bruce:       Yes, thanks a lot, definitely, a big inspiration for sure. Do you think
             there’s effectiveness of one-time offers with a client over time?

Tellman:     No.

Bruce:       It just relies on the same psychological principles that are wired in us?

Tellman:     You might have to change the way that you say it. You might have to
             change the way that you present it, but it’s the same basic principle, right?

Bruce:       Right.

Tellman:     Do you know what a one-time offer is? It’s like a special at a restaurant.

Bruce:       There you go, yes.

Tellman:     Is that going to change anytime soon?

Bruce:       No.

Tellman:     Why not?

Bruce:       Because you’re there to eat, you’re motivated by price, and the moment in
             time matches the motivation, and you’re forced to make a decision.

Tellman:     Isn’t it true that often the specials cost more than anything else on the
             menu? Isn’t that interesting?

Bruce:       I never really stopped and thought about that.

Harris:      Have you ever noticed that if you ask the waitress for a suggestion it’s
             always the most expensive thing on the menu?

Bruce:       Yes.

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson

Tellman:     Usually it is and often it’s the special. It’s limited and it’s the most
             expensive thing on the menu and a ton of people buy it because it’s
             limited, because it’s the most expensive thing on the menu, but it better be

Bruce:       Yes, you got to come through.

Tellman:     You have to do that anyway. That’s a really good concept. That came off
             the top of my head. That’s a really good way of teaching one-time offers, I

Harris:      I think so.

Bruce:       Yes, the power of analogy, right?

Tellman:     Anything else? Anybody else?

Harris:      Thanks for the question.

Tellman:     Going once, going twice!

Harris:      Hold on give them 10 seconds.

Rhonda:      Have you ever done two-tier, one-time offers where the person gets the
             one time offer and then another one—a second one-time offer pops up?

Harris:      I do it right now.

Tellman:     I do it all the time. It’s called an up sell.

Rhonda:      An up sell from the one-time offer?

Harris:      Yes, after they buy it. Make sure you get their money first and then up
             sell. Yes, I do it with all the Intensives.

Tellman:     That’s how you got on this call.

Rhonda:      I didn’t realize.

Tellman:     The one-time offer and you took the up sell. Make sense?

Rhonda:      Yes, but I don’t remember that. One second. What was the one-time offer?

Tellman:     The one-time offer was the Affiliate Marketing Starter Kit and then
             Affiliate Marketing Mastery was the up sell.

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson

Rhonda:      Okay, and the Affiliate Marketing Starter Kit was free, right?

Tellman:     No, you paid for it.

Harris:      Affiliate Marketing Intensive was free. Affiliate Marketing Starter Kit was
             $37 and Infinite Affiliate Marketing Mastery was $77.

Tellman:     At least it was when we started and if people are listening to this later, it
             might be more expensive.

Rhonda:      Okay, got it. Have you tested how many you can go through before people
             start revolting and getting upset with you?

Tellman:     Here’s the thing: People get upset with you when you offer them stuff to
             buy. That’s just the deal.

Harris:      But those aren’t the people who you’re selling to.

Tellman:     Those aren’t your customers. You never worry about the people who are
             getting upset with you if you’re successfully creating sales. You want to
             focus on the people who are your customers and who are going to love the
             stuff that you offer them.

Rhonda:      I’m just saying that there are people who won’t be upset with you at the
             first level, but they might be upset with you at the second level.

Tellman:     That’s okay. They don’t have to buy, right? They don’t have to.

Rhonda:      And they won’t feel bad that they bought on the first level once they see a
             second level. They won’t say, “Oh, that’s so sleazy. I already bought

Tellman:     They may. They may not. It doesn’t matter.

Harris:      If you pissed off 100% of your people because you had 17 up sells, that’s
             overdoing it. There is a level.

Tellman:     I disagree with that, Harris. Look at Go Daddy for example. Go Daddy
             does 4,000 up sells and they offer incredible quality across the board. If
             you’re offering products and services of quality, it is your responsibility to
             let people know what it is that you’re selling them and what it is that’s
             available to them.

             If you don’t do that, you shouldn’t be in business because that means you
             don’t have integrity and you don’t believe in your own products.

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson
             However, if you do believe in your own products, they have high value,
             they’re well positioned, and they’re being offered to the right people, then
             there’s absolutely nothing wrong with offering what it is that you have.
             Nothing. Anything else is just someone yammering because they had an
             argument with their wife or something.

Rhonda:      Do you create sub lists of how many one-time offers people bought if they
             clicked through and bought the second one-time offer on top of the first
             one-time offer and do you market those sub lists to other people?

Tellman:     What do you mean by that?

Rhonda:      For instance, as Gary Halbert says, when people buy, they’re in heat, so
             they want to buy more. Let’s say somebody bought the first one-time
             offer. That’s a certain level, right?

Tellman:     Yes.

Rhonda:      Let’s say they bought the second one-time that was offered to them after
             the first one-time offer, so they’re even more in heat than the first one-
             time offer. It’s a different sub list, right?

Tellman:     Yes. Basically, we keep track of our customers by the products that they
             purchased, yes.

Rhonda:      But that’s like even more intense.

Tellman:     Yes.

Rhonda:      It’s not just a product. It’s a second product on top of a first product.

Tellman:     They’re more committed. They’re more focused. They’re more willing to
             spend money on the subject.

Rhonda:      If you were making that list a sale, that would be more expensive?

Tellman:     No, I would never sell my list, ever, ever, ever.

Rhonda:      I thought people sell their lists for money.

Tellman:     If they’re dumb. No.

Harris:      No, there’s a business level that people do that. Those are not typically
             people who build relationships with their list like Tellman and I do. Those
             are people who just go and get lists.

           Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                 August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson
Tellman:     My reaction was a little bit harsh. The main thing is that we’re talking
             about building a long-term relationship with people. Would you sell your
             list of friends phone numbers to someone?

Rhonda:      No.

Tellman:     That’s what we’re talking about here. Is the type of business we’re talking
             about creating and working with here, is the type of business where you’re
             going to have customers for the rest of your life.

Rhonda:      Okay. So you go to people, let’s say in the SRDS, who have lists, who are
             stupid let’s say, who are willing to sell their list, and you create
             relationships with those customers and you would never sell those lists
             that you make, right?

Tellman:     I wouldn’t, correct. However, there’s a big difference between selling your
             list and allowing someone to pay you to send out an advertisement.

Rhonda:      Could you repeat that last sentence?

Tellman:     There’s a big difference between selling your list and selling the option of
             advertising to that list once.

Rhonda:      Okay, I got it.

Tellman:     If you go to the SRDS and you go to Victoria’s Secret to send out to that
             list, you’re not buying their list. You’re buying the right to send out to that
             list one time. The type of business we’re talking about here is very
             different. It’s a different mindset. It’s a different level. It’s a different
             playing field. Everything’s different.

             What we’re suggesting here is do not sell your list. Focus on building a
             long-term connection with your list so that you can have a solid business
             for the rest of your life. I, personally, would never sell my list unless I was
             selling my entire business. If I was selling my business to someone, and I
             would probably spend a month warming my list up to the person who I
             was selling it to.

             I would say, “Hey, in six moths, so and so is going to be taking over List
             Crusade,” or whatever it is, “and I’d like you to get to know them a little
             bit better now.” Then slowly transition it over. You could sell your
             business and technically you’d be selling your list then, but you’d only be
             selling it to one person.

Harris:      When she said sell your list; she was probably more referring to renting it
             on a one-time basis, too.

               Harris Fellman Presents: Instant Affiliate Marketing Mastery
                     August 4, 2006 ~ Special Guest: Tellman Knudson

Rhonda:          Exactly that’s what I mean, yes. When people sell their list in the SRDS, it
                 is also for one time use usually, right?

Tellman:         Usually.

Harris:          Yes. You can get unlimited. You just have to specify.

Rhonda:          Right. They test it, actually. They catch you if you use it more than once.

Tellman:         Right.

Rhonda:          So they’re not as stupid as you thought.

Harris:          Right.

Tellman:         Right. Is that it for now, Harris?

Harris:          I think that’s it for now. I’ll add that if you like this kind of interaction,
                 you can get it with It’s phenomenal.
                 It’s Tellman at his finest and you get him pretty much one on one just like
                 this. Do you have anything to add, Tellman?

Tellman:         I do not.

Participant:     Does Black Diamond meet weekly?

Tellman:          Yes, it does.

Participant:     Super.

Tellman:         Have a wonderful day. We’ll talk with you soon.

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