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Make real money with Affiliate Marketing
Submitted by reneng

So you’ve set your sights on a particular niche product from an affiliate program
and you are all set to make your kill on the internet.

You ask yourself, what do I do next and where can I get my first customer?
Before you start running to google ( adwords ) and put your affiliate link on your
ad. Note that google no longer allows affiliate links to be advertised directly. You
need to create your own sale page or landing page and advertise it instead. ( no
such constrain on other PPC company )

As in any internet marketing. You need customer, otherwise your business is as
good as dead. You can get traffic from many different sources. Some you pay,
some are free but you may have to do some work.
The following are they different types of online traffic you may want to consider.

• Pay per click
• Traffic exchange
• Safelist
• Article writing
• Ezines
• Email marketing
Whichever of the above method you choose to get your traffic . You need to make full use of them by
own list . ( customer data base ) The typical statistic for first time buyers online is around 0.5% ( less
every 100 visitors ) If you pay for these traffic and they do not buy the first time, they are gone forev
you need to capture them in a list and contact then in the near future to increase you chances of sales
shows that customer usually buy after the third round of persuasion.

In real life marketing, customers get to see you and yet not all will buy from you. Now put yourself in
shoe and think for a moment if you would buy from someone you’ve never met or even seen in person
can be a big risk. To defuse this tension you need to pre-sell and not hard sell. You need to create a “l
“buy me” mentality. One way of doing this is to offer free stuff or highly desirable content. Once you g
stage, the rest will follow.
To do that, you create an opt-in form in your sales or landing page when you promote your product. E
potential customer to provide their name and email before sending them to the main page. That way,
don’t buy now. You can always follow-up on them later to make them buy from you another day. Your
purchase is now raise for the initial 0.5% to 3% with follow-up sales letters.
Keep building your list of targeted customer and you will see you business skyrocket in time to come.
that all internet marketers cannot do without.

In conclusion, affiliate marketing is a combination of art and technique. Learn it , improve on it , and y
life. Do not rush into it thinking that your affiliate link and some skimpy ads is all you need to make th
takes a lot of planning and hard work to made you a truly successfully online affiliate. Made for the lon

About the Author
Rene Ng has been in affiliate marketing for the last two years. He is passionate about internet marketi
frequently shares and discuss new money making methods with newbies interested in running an onlin