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					             LAYOFF YOUR BOSS

                    Created by:
                  Jeff Wellman


   Welcome to the Layoff Your manual. If someone was to tell me six
months ago that I would be setting outside on my deck, listening to the birds and
enjoying the different fragrances coming from the landscaping in my yard, and
watching the fish swimming lazily in my small pond; I would have thought nothing of it
as that is what I like to do. That is just me. But, if they would have said that I would
be doing the above while writing notes for an e-book for my IM product while listening
to training audios by experts John Reese and Matt Bacak, I would have really wondered
about their mental well-being. However, here I am doing exactly what I just described.

   So, how did I get to this place and time in my life? There comes a time when we
decide we need a change; or circumstances in life force us to change. For me, it was
the circumstances that forced me to make a change. I either had to make a change or
hope someone or something would come along and rescue me.

    I was in my comfort zone working a 9-5 job and living paycheck to paycheck. I
had health insurance and life insurance as well as a one week paid vacation that I could
not afford to take. It seemed like there should have been something more in life than
going to work, coming home and starting all over again six days a week.

    I looked up the definition of the word comfort which described a condition or
feeling of pleasurable ease, well being or contentment. It is a state of being relaxed
and of feeling no pain, a freedom from worry or disappointment. When I read that and
compared it to my life’s circumstances I decided that my comfort zone wasn’t all that

   Let’s be clear…living pay check to pay check, shuffling bills around every month
trying to figure out which ones to pay and trying to decide which bills could wait
another week or two, trusting my wife to be creative in the kitchen cooking from
scratch for a family of five with very few items to be creative with, and oh yes, don’t
forget about the impending job layoff that started the whole thing!

    Well, let’s just say…comfort was the last word I should have used to describe our
life’s circumstance. I was worrying about an impending job layoff. I realized it was not

a comfort zone…I was living in a RUT! And the RUT was getting deeper and deeper all
the time.

   What happened next is what leads me to putting together my first product
launch…Layoff Your

   When my son, Keith Wellman, heard of a possible layoff from my job he went into
ACTION. He called and told me to check my email. When I did, I discovered that there
were round trip tickets to his home state of Georgia.

   He said, “If I was ready to take control over the situation and not let the situation
control ME then I needed to get on a plane and come to Georgia so he could show me
what I needed to do to create a product and learn to market it. This would help me to
avoid having to market myself to a new boss who would only put me back on the
hamster wheel digging my RUT deeper and deeper every year and never allowing me to
get any farther ahead in life than I already was.

   At that moment, I got past my fears and self doubt and I took action. I got on the
plane and here I am….writing and creating this product so that I can help encourage
those of you who are in the same position that I was in only weeks ago. I am
convinced that the situation of my life sounds very familiar to many of you.

   It DOES NOT have to be that way. You too can take ACTION. Be smarter than the
average person; take action before you become CONTROLLED BY YOUR
CIRCUMSTANCES. Take a leap of faith and teach yourself the ins and outs of Internet
Marketing; learn from the experts, giving yourself the confidence and financial
freedom to walk into your boss’s office and LAY OFF YOUR BOSS!!!

   Well, there is a lot of information I want to share with you. I had to really do a lot of
reading, studying and digging deep to find some of the most valuable information to
make this product something that has the potential to change your life.

   I interviewed several of the experts in the field of IM. I have included a lot of
valuable techniques and strategies of the most influential Marketers. I did my best to
gather inventive ideas and place them in this one product allowing you to save time
and money that most people don’t have to spare. I’ve tried to do some of the work for
you but, like my son Keith told me…I can’t do it all for you, Dad. You have to believe
in yourself and you have to take some action.

    Please don’t think I am trying to tell you that just by purchasing this material and
by reading this introduction that it's going to make you an instant overnight success.
To mislead you is not my goal in creating this product. I hope you realize that it is
going to take some work and effort on your part. IM isn’t easy street. But the rewards
are going to be so over the top amazing, and I know you will finally come to know and
experience the definition of comfort. (See definition of comfort above)

   If no one else has ever said this to you before let me be the first. “ I believe in
you” But let me tell you that isn’t what is important. The important part is that you
believe in yourself. Are you ready to do that? Are you ready to take some action and
get out of your current comfort zone? (Rut) I believe with the information in Layoff
Your you CAN do it, you CAN change your life. So let’s say we get started.

Jeff Wellman

    Now that you know a little about me, I would like to give you a short
overview on what we are going to cover. I am not going to give you long drawn
out and confusing descriptions of anything throughout this entire book. I see
no sense in using thousands of meaningless filler words just to take up space
in a book. I know how valuable your time is and by purchasing my Layoff Your
Boss package, I know you are ready to get started generating massive profits by
becoming an affiliate marketer or by creating a product for other affiliates to
promote and sell for you.

    Section one: Affiliate Marketing Defined
I am going to cover what affiliate marketing is and how to choose an affiliate
program to get you started.

    Section two: I Don’t Have a Product Where Do I Find One?
Choose a targeted affiliate product to promote and sell.

    Section three: Creating your own product
Please don’t let this scare you off. If I can do this, I know it is possible for you
to do it also. I also teach you the biggest secret to success in creating a
successful product.

    Section four: The Art of The List
This section is a must have for success It will include the list defined, the
creating of the list, building relationships with your list, managing your list (is
size important), refreshing your list and so much more. As you can see, this
section will require caffeine.

Section five: Driving Traffic Too Your Site
Different and unique ways to drive traffic to your website by use of Adwords,
Web 2.0, video, and joint ventures

                                         THANK YOU
I really don’t know where to begin when it comes to thanking everyone for all the help and
support that I received on this HUGE project. First of all I know I have to acknowledge God and
give him the Praise that he deserves for giving me the courage and the strength that it took me
to get over a lot of my fears.

Next I want to thank my AWESOME wife Lorraine who has supported me so much and believed
in me not only all through this project but for the last 25 years come this June 19th. You are the
love of my life. Next are my children that I still have at home (Jake, Brandon, & Jasmine) for
being patient with Dad while I endlessly was typing and writing. Also thanks for missing me
while I was gone to Atlanta LEARNING.

To my daughter Aleisia and Son-n-law Ben and my 2 beautiful grandchildren Sierra and Slate I
know you were praying the whole time. You are so precious to me.

Well now to my son Keith, Where do I begin? Words will never begin to explain how I feel about
all your time and sacrifices you put into helping make this project even happen in the first
place. You reversed roles with your Dad and became my mentor. I am not quite sure when it
happened, but someplace you became the man that every father hopes his son will become.
You gave with a true sacrificial LOVE. THANKS! I hope someday you won’t have to say, “DAD

To Kia my beautiful daughter-n-law I know you are a big part of who my son has become. You
are the best. Thanks for taking me in and spoiling me while I was down with you during my
son’s Boot camp like training. Mom and I love you so much. You also have given us 2 of the
most beautiful grandchildren. Matthew and (Goofy Goober) Kayla Grandpa Loves you so much.

To all of my JV Partners, WOW!! You guys really step up to the plate and deliver. I look forward
to doing the same for each and every one of you I look forward to building strong relationships
with you all.

Ken McAurthur, Sterling Valentine, Gary Ambrose, Heather Vale, Harris Fellman, Frank Sousa,
Simon Leung, Keith Wellman. Thank you for supplying great content. What a privilege to
interview each and every one of you. Ken thanks for the invitation to the Get your product done
event. It was so needed, and I recommend very strongly finding away to get to a live event.

Jeff Wellman


INTRODUCTION PG1      Who is Jeff Wellman

OVERVEIW        PG5   A brief Description of each section

THANK YOU’S     PG6 My big thanks to all who made this possible

TGRoCL          PG8 Things to get rid of

Section one     PG9   Affiliate Marketing Defined

Section two     PG15 I Don’t Have a Product Where Do I Get One?

Section three   PG18 Creating Your Product

Section four    PG32 The Art of The List

Section five    PG54 Generating Traffic

Conclusion      PG62 THE END


   Do you want to get rid of any of the following problems? Check all that
apply to you.

      Get rid of that job that keeps you tied down.
      Get rid of retirement worries.
      Get rid of feeling overwhelmed all of the time.
      Get rid of driving to work with rush hour traffic and high priced gas.
      Get rid of shuffling which bills to pay each month.
      Get rid of trying to be creative with a meal when you can’t afford to buy
       anything to be creative with.
      Get rid of bill collectors on the other end of the phone.
       Get rid of worrying about how you are going to take care of your
       family’s basic needs.
      Get rid of never having enough time with your family.
       Get rid of feeling like you are never getting anywhere financially.

          If you checked any of those above lines as a concern then this
       book is a must read.    I will give you the secret to getting rid of all
       the above concerns someplace in this book. When you find it
       …make sure you highlight it. Write it down. Say it over and over and
       believe it!

Section One

Affiliate Marketing Defined:

   The definition: Affiliate Marketing is no more than signing up to sell
someone’s product/service either offline or online for a fee. Then actually
going out and advertising that product/service with the intention of generating
sales, and earning an affiliate commission from those sales. Simply put…You
don’t have a product to sell but you still need to make money or; You have a
product and are willing to let me advertise and sell your product and give me a
commission from each sale. The great part of being the affiliate is…. you don’t
have to worry about everything that comes along with owning the product that
you are selling.

   Once accepted as an affiliate, you will be given a special link that you will
use in your advertising called an affiliate link. This link is used to identify you
as the seller when a sale is made from your link. When someone sees your link
and clicks on it. Then, they are taken to the website where the product is sold.
If that person makes a decision to buy that product then you will get a
commission because that person used your affiliate link.

What Affiliate Program Do I choose?

   Before we get started let me give you six things that I feel everyone should
understand and take note of before they get started in affiliate marketing.

   1. I know I am promoting Lay Off Your Boss-but you would be wise to keep
      your full or part time job; if you are in school or some type of
      education…make sure that you finish. Education is important and don’t
      quit your job until you are able to earn a comfortable income with your

        Affiliate program. You could very well find yourself in a bad situation.
        Your goal is to make things BETTER remember?
    2. Find a tightly focused niche and only pick one or two programs to
        promote when you first start out.
    3. Do a check on your mindset. Can you visualize success? Do you expect
        yourself to be successful?
    4. Expect to make some mistakes along the way. You may even incur some
        loss. If you make mistakes, remember, always fall forward. Get up and
        try again. Use the mistake as a way to learn.
    5. New things are going to present themselves as affiliate marketing is a
        very competitive market…is willing to learn new techniques and
        strategies. Always be ready for the big “C”…that is change.
    6. Make sure you know and master the basics of affiliate marketing. You
        will need to develop a strong foundation.

Questions to Ask Before Promoting Product

    1. Are products offered by affiliate program of excellent quality? Don’t
        loose your credibility by promoting lousy products? Would you do
        business with someone that YOU don’t trust?
    2. Does the affiliate program provide you with all the resources that can aid
        you in your pre-selling of the product? Some programs will supply you
        with banners, articles, classified ads, etc that are already prepared to help
        you get started.
    3. Does the program provide some kind affiliate marketing training? Some
        affiliate programs will provide training on how to effectively promote
        their products. Take it! Use it! Make some money from it!
    4. Is the whole AM system easy for you to make a sale? For example, you
        will definitely want a website that will be able to accept credit card

10 | P a g e
    5. Does the affiliate website convert well, or not? Make sure the website has
        a good conversion rate. How do you find this out? Ask the merchant
        what the conversion rate is. Don’t waste time, energy or money to
        promote a site that doesn’t promote well.
    6. Is the commission that is given fair; or not? I personally recommend
        finding a program that offers at least a 50% commission. Also, find out
        how many tiers there are in the affiliate program that you join up with.
    7. How many other affiliates are promoting the same product? Know how
        much competition you will have. Know if the product even has a market
        at all. Go to Google and click the product’s name to find out the
    8. Are you joining an affiliate program that is proven reliable? Does it pay in
        a timely manner and have a good proven past? Find the programs that
        the expert marketers are joining.

Affiliate Commission Structure

    Single-tier: your commissions are earned only once; on one level and from
your direct sale. You are only being paid one time.

    Two-tier: Commissions earned both from direct sales and from 2nd level
sub-affiliates. You will be paid once. Example: The customer you bring to
merchants website buys product “A”; after clicking the order button it
immediately takes them to a special one time only offer with the option to buy.
If they buy both the products you’re a paid a commission on both.

    Multi-tier: You earn commission similar to two-tier; but, you will also earn
from your sub affiliate’s affiliate. You bring affiliate “A” and “A” brings affiliate
“B”. Then “B” brings in affiliate “C”. As long as any of the affiliates below you
makes a purchase…then you will be able to make a commission even though
you did not bring in either affiliate “B” or “C”.

11 | P a g e
    Residual Income Commission: Your commissions are recurring and paid

    Repeat Commissions: You will earn commission across the merchant’s
entire product range…not just from one product.

    Additional affiliate incentive: Some programs offer extra commission or
prizes if you are able to hit certain sales targets.


     It is always good to make sure that you have done all of the proper
preparation before you begin your affiliate marketing business. The simplest
way and the fastest way are to create a checklist so that you will make sure you
have everything in order to begin. Below are 15 step checklists you can use as
a guide.

        1. How targeted is the product? Make sure the product has relationship
               to your niche.
        2. Conversion’s of merchant’s site. Check out the merchant’s site and
               ask yourself if you would be convinced to buy the product you are
               going to promote. (read the sales letter)
        3.     ClickBank or CLKBANK*COM   Commissions and Incentives. How much and
               how deep will you earn? Are there any extra incentives offered? You
               need to know how much percentage you will make from every sale
               you make.
        4. Payout limit and Schedule. When will you get paid and at what
               minimum level. Know how the merchant will be paying you. Know the
               schedule that the merchant will pay you, be it 2x’s a month or is it
               once a month.
        5. Merchant’s terms and conditions of service. (Read the fine Print)

12 | P a g e
        6. Merchant’s contact and support. How responsive the merchant is to
               you and to the customer. Does he give good customer support?
               Remember the merchant’s way of doing things will also reflect back
               on you.
        7. Short-Term Vs Long- Term. Relationship building, negotiations and
               joint ventures. These 3 skills will be important if you choose to have a
               long-termed business.
        8. Quality of the affiliate’s products. Have you preformed any product
               quality analysis? Customers will buy from you because they trust in
               you to deliver them good quality products. Set a quality standard for
               products you want to sell and only sell products that meet that
        9. Affiliate Competitiveness. How many other affiliates are promoting
               the product? If you have strong marketing skills and have confidence
               in yourself you can disregard this point.
        10.      Merchant’s Competitiveness. Is the merchant himself aggressively
               promoting his own products?
        11.      Affiliate’s Materials and tools. What kind of materials and tools
               does the affiliate program offer you to help promote there product?
               Newsletters, banners, graphics etc.
        12.      Affiliate cookie setting. How long will your affiliate cookie last?
               This is important if the customer decides to come back later or not to
               buy. Will you get the commission from the sale if he comes back
               several days later to make the purchase?
        13.      Merchant’s payment Processing. Is the merchant stealing your
               commission? You could loose your commission if the customer pays
               you by PayPal and you are set up with ClickBank. Check the website
               sales letter and make sure what payment processor is being used.

13 | P a g e
         14.      Merchant’s website stickiness. Too many external links could
               disrupt the whole sales process. Too many links in the merchant’s
               website could cause the customer you directed to the site to click on
               another link and end up on another website. You want the customer
               to stay on your affiliate links.
         15.      Affiliate’s Sales Notification. Will your merchant send you a
               notification of sales you make? I personally like to know when I make
               a sale so that I can keep track of conversions and know that I am
               making money.

       Affiliate Marketing can be one of the fastest and easiest ways to start your
own online business. But you must first consider all the factors and do your
homework. Make this a rewarding experience for both, you and the customer.

To Your Success,


14 | P a g e

I Don’t Have a Product. Where Do I Find One?

      Well, I guess we can talk a lot about the ins and outs of affiliate marketing.
However, without a product you really won’t get too far in making a sale. So, a
very good thing to start with is a product portfolio. Basically, this is a list of
product you are considering promoting. A good, smart affiliate will continue to
try and hit on a winning campaign he or she will invest very little until they see
they have a winner.

      There are two types of affiliates... The smart ones who promote several
products: they do research and test in small ways, they invest a little time and
money. If they make money, then they invest more time and money in the
product and the niche. The other kind of affiliates go straight into promoting
products without testing and researching and promptly looses money and give

So Where Do You Find A Good Product That Fits Your Niche?

      One good place to start is . There are many
reasons to like Clickbank. The Clickbank marketplace is an awesome program
that is user friendly, resourceful, generates good traffic, good commission
sales, and runs itself.

      Clickbank also features a professional design and comes fully developed as
a search engine that is fed by the Clickbank’s market place at over 50,000

15 | P a g e
products and businesses. Clickbank marketplace offers an automated database
update system and Clickbank cookie features giving you commissions on sales
from visitors for up to three months after a visitor leaves your site.

    The commission percentage structure is based on monthly revenues through
sales from your ClickBank I.D. You receive a commission rate determined by
the partner site from 5-65%. C.B. is one place you won’t set around waiting for
your check.

You Get Paid Twice A Month

    One big question you may have is, “How do I get paid and when?” C.B. will
send you out a check two times a month and it will come directly to you. Other
sites like PayDotCom…you have to rely on the product owner to pay you your

    With C.B. there isn’t any prior approval. You just go to ClickBank
marketplace, find a product to promote and get your unique link with your ID
embedded in it and start selling.

    One of the best perks of C.B. is that it is free to get your affiliate account. I
am going to give you the general information on setting up your account. I
recommend that you go to and get started setting up your
account ASAP.

    After you get to you will see a page that says, "Welcome to
C.B. the internet’s leading retailer of digital products." Down the page on the
left hand you will see three options, choose the middle option. It will say,
become an affiliate, click here. Then you will be taken to a new page that gives
you a few options. Choose the sign up now button at the bottom. You are then
directed to the C.B. sign up form. It will ask you to give information such as:

    Where shall we send your check?

16 | P a g e
        I highly recommend that you fill this in. If receiving checks is not
important to you please contact me for my information to write in the form. I
will appreciate any surprise checks that come my way. Hey, you can’t blame a
guy for trying!!!

    Second, it will ask you for your contact information.

    The last box is where you will select a nickname for your new account. The
nickname will need to be between 5-10 letters and digits. This nickname will
be the C.B.I.D. for your account. It will be visible to the customer every time
C.B. sells one of your products. The nickname will also appear on the memo
line of the checks you receive from C.B.

    After you submit this information C.B. will send you a confirmation email
containing an eight digit code. You must enter this on the next page, so please
do NOT close the C.B. window.

    Now, I am going to take you through the basics of choosing your product
through the C.B. marketplace.

Choosing your C.B. Marketplace Product

     1. Log into ClickBank.
     2. Click on Marketplace in upper right hand corner of C.B. homepage. This
         will take you to the search portion of C.B. Marketplace. By using the
         drop down categories and keywords you will be able to view all products
         offered in categories and sub-categories.
     3. You will be able to view the View Pitch Page under the product that you
         select once you have chosen a product.
     4. After selecting a product that you choose to promote click on create hop
         link under the product and begin referring sales.

17 | P a g e
     5. To create hop link, type in your ClickBank nickname (don’t worry about
         the tracking I.D.). Next, click submit. You will see a screen delivering
         your unique links to you. I highly recommend that you use a cloaking
         tool like GoTryThis so that net savvy consumers won’t try to steal your
         commission. When you cloak your links it takes the URL that the visitor
         will be delivered to and replaces it so that they see a URL coming from
         your own domain. This way, they will not see hop link information which
         could allow them to buy through their own link.


Creating a Product

    I pretty much showed you where to go to find a product and the basic
information that you will need to get started. Now, I would like to run another
idea past you. Would you like to buy a product of your own? Before you take
off running, let me tell you that it isn’t as bad as you may think. I DID IT and so
CAN YOU! In this section, I will give you just a couple of ideas you ca choose to
create your very own product.

     l. Capture a video on tape.

     To sell someone else’s product is one thing. What if you had your very own
product to sell? Yes, you read it correctly. Your very own product to sell. Stay
with me now, don’t move on to the next section or close this book out. It is
possible. I thought everyone was nuts when they started telling me that I

18 | P a g e
needed my own product. Some of the things that my son Keith was telling me
that I would be doing seemed absolutely CRAZY. To be honest, I had doubts
that I could even do it. But the proof is in the purchase that you just made and
are currently reading. It really can be done.

    The first step to creating your own product is getting past your biggest
obstacle. It is YOU! You must come to the point where you stop saying, “I
Can’t, I don’t know how, there is no way, and it isn't, possible, it just can’t

    Start saying, “I can, I will find out how, I will find a way, I will make it
possible and I will make it happen”.

     Remember the comfort zone we labeled a RUT? You will have to dig your
way out of it. You may face some obstacles, some fears and you will probably
make some mistakes. You don’t have to do it all alone. There are many great
people who are willing to help you along the way. I found this out in a big way.

There are also so many resources right in your own town or near in a nearby
town that you can use to get the job done. I used first class equipment that

19 | P a g e
was available to me for my videos that you may not have access to. Consider
asking high school vocational centers or skill centers to help with your project.
They will usually be more than glad to help shoot and edit videos just for
learning and training for students. They will have good equipment and skilled
instructors to help them out.

Consider using resources right at your local library. If you don’t have power
point, most libraries usually will have it available for you to use and learn on.
They also will usually offer computer training to help you use some of the
programs that you will need such as Microsoft word, excel, etc.

There are resources available to you that are low cost or free to get you started.
You just have to do a little digging. Once you decide you are ready to get
started, I know you will find what you need to get your product done.

Why Do I Need to Do an Interview?

     1. An interview is the golden key to opening doors.
     2. It is a fast way to create informational products. You can make the
         interviews as long as you wish. In the time it takes to do the interview,
         you have created a marketable product. I suggest that you extract as
         much information as possible out of the expert you are interviewing.
         The more information that the expert provides the more valuable your
         product becomes.
     3. Leverage traffic from the experts. When you need to find out
         information; where do you go? You go to an expert that has that key
         piece of information. If you have gotten your information from an
         expert; what does that make you? I would say that makes you a source
         with expert information that another person would seek out. You are
         now getting traffic that is essential to your success.

20 | P a g e
     4. Expert by association. When you start being seen with and associating
         with experts you suddenly thought of by others as being an expert
         yourself. To be able to sell informational products, having the label of
         expert goes a long way towards helping you to promote whatever
         product you are selling in that niche.
     5. Expert by application. The information you receive from the experts you
         interview is good stuff. If not then you need to find a new expert. Take
         the information that you just learned yourself during the interview and
         start applying it. One of my first interviews was with Heather Vale. She
         is known as the Barbara Walters of the internet. Going into the interview,
         I was nervous and didn’t have a clue on how to properly interview. I
         interviewed her on creating a product through an interview and asked
         questions on how to do an interview properly. I received expert
         information. Now, I can not only provide this information to you but I
         can apply it to my own business and it will help me to become an expert
         interviewer. Your goal should be to be seen as an expert. Don’t just
         pass on good information and tips to everyone else; use the information
         to improve your own successful business.
     6. Powerful Interactive Format. The interaction between yourself and the
         expert you are interviewing can be powerful when done correctly. I have
         watched skilled interviewers drawing information out the people they
         were interviewing with so much skill that I was glued. I couldn’t wait for
         the next question and the next answer. This is critical when selling
         informational products. People want interviews with substance.
     7. Why learn how to do interviews? The best answer I have to this question
         is: Doors will become closed to you if you don’t come across as knowing
         what you are doing! Initially, there may be some forgiveness. How long
         do you think the experts will want to have you interview them if you are
         continually putting them in an uncomfortable or unprofessional

21 | P a g e
         interview? The answer is, not for long! You must work at continuing to
         improve your interviewing skills. This will not only help you to develop
         better relationships it will improve your value as an informational
         marketer. Your customers are going to be looking for quality
         Informational products that really deliver what they promise.

         Helpful Tips
               1. Listening skills. Listening is the #1 skill you need to develop. If
                  you are quiet or shy then this skill might not be hard for you. If
                  you are like me, I would suggest developing this skill fast. When I
                  did my interview with Heather Vale, I had a list of questions all
                  prepared. I thought I was ready to unwrap the unwrapper herself.
                  I asked her to tell the audience a little about herself. What she did
                  next woke me up to the art of listening very quickly. She not only
                  told me a little about herself, but she went through my entire list
                  of questions and answered them in one breath. (Heather, I know
                  you did this on purpose to test me). My eyes kept sliding down to
                  my notes and my heart started pounding while my head was
                  screaming “What am I going to do now?” Now you may be thinking
                  that this was a good thing because now you didn’t have to ask any
                  questions because I got the information that I were asking for.
                  NOT!!! She did this in like 10 minutes and it was all basic
                  information. If I had not been actually listening the interview
                  would have ended there. I needed to go beyond the surface and
                  ask questions with some depth. I had to immediately develop a
                  new set of questions to get something valuable for my product.
                  No interview goes exactly as planned. Every interview I have done
                  so far drives this point home clearly. If you learn nothing else

22 | P a g e
                  from the tips I give you learn to listen and listen well. It could
                  make all the difference in the quality of interviews you get.
               2. Interviews are not just a list of questions. They are not just
                  conversations. It is important to remember that there are third
                  parties involved in the interview…that is the audience. Make them
                  feel a part of the interview. Build a relationship, not just with the
                  person you are interviewing but with your audience as well. Make
                  them feel like you are getting the information to benefit them as
                  well as you.
               3. Four types of Questions.
                  a. Shaken- a question completely unexpected.
                  b. Stirred-emotional and moving.
                  c. Gently tossed-easy question…maybe something new for
                  d. Over easy- completely expected.
               4. Avoiding Leading, Limiting, Loaded Questions
                  a. Leading question-Don’t ask a question just to get someone to
                     agree with you. There is usually two sides to a story…get both
                     sides. You may learn something new.
                  b. Limiting question-This is when you ask a question and you
                     limit the response to a simple yes or no answer. You won’t get
                     a lot of content with questions like that and the interview will
                     quickly end.
                  c. Loaded question- Don’t make your questions long winded or
                     over loaded. Ask the question and then stop and WAIT for an
                     answer. If you ask a long drawn out question the person being
                     interviewed may forget the actual question before you are done
                     asking it.

               Important Questions to ask:

23 | P a g e
                     Who, What, Where, When, and Why as well as How? These are
open ended questions that will take some thinking on the part of the person
you are interviewing. You will get the greatest amount of content from these
types of questions.

               5. Three Rules of Interviewing Relationship
                  a. Respect-build respect with the person you interview. Do this
                     by showing the person you took the time to do some research
                     on them and showing them you cared enough to want to know
                     something about them before you did the interview. Know
                     something about the person you want to interview…do your
                     homework. Do testimonial about the person you are
                  b. Rapport-Build this through the pre-interview. Contact the
                     person letting them know that you are interested in what they
                     have to offer. Let them know what you are looking for and let
                     them know that you realize that they are the expert who has
                     the knowledge that you are looking for. Build up the person
                     you are interviewing through out the introduction, making them
                     feel welcome and appreciated.
                  c. Resonance- Get on the same level as the person you are
                     interviewing. Asking the right questions and listening which
                     allows a relationship to continue past the interview process.
               6. Keep Order and Transfer Power-Learn to use the microphone.
                  Whoever has the microphone speaks. When you are done
                  speaking use the microphone to transfer the power to the other
                  person by holding microphone in front of them. Don’t interrupt.
                  Don’t jump back into the position of power too soon if you find
                  yourself with dead air. The person being interviewed will feel
                  compelled to give more information. They will start to think you

24 | P a g e
                 did not get all you were after and they may go further than they
                 intended to with their answer.
               7. Map Out Your Interview- Get a general map of how you would like
                 the interview to go from start to finish. By doing this you will be
                 able to get back on track if you find yourself lost.
               8. Presentation-
                 a. Be natural not fake. Relax and be who you are. Add your own
                    special unique touch. Your audience will want to see the real
                    you so don’t try to be something you are not. They will know.
                 b. Filler words. Be aware of what you are saying. Don’t just talk
                    to fill space…avoid the ands and buts and ummmms.
                 c. Rate of delivery. Speak in a clear even pace. Don’t speak 100
                    miles an hour. You will loose everyone fast. Don’t speak in a
                    long drawn out fashion…you don’t want to put them to sleep.
                 d. On camera positioning. Position yourself and the person you
                    interview in direct view of the camera at a slight 45 degree
                    angle facing each other. You don’t want a head shot only and
                    profiles are not usually very flattering on camera.
                 e. Microphone techniques. Hold microphone like it is just an
                    extension of your arm. Don’t grip with clenched fist…be
                    relaxed. Remember, you control the transfer of power.
                 f. Make up. Use of powder is good to take away the shine of oily
                 g. Wardrobe. Don’t be a distraction to your own interview.
                    Enough said. As far as colors not to wear, try and stay away
                    from blacks and whites on camera.

Action Plan

    Now, you need to pick a plan of action.

25 | P a g e
               1. Start with a niche.
               2. Pick a topic within the niche.
               3. Purpose-Why are you interviewing the person you want the
                  interview with. They will probably agree with the interview if you
                  can show them a good reason for the interview itself.
               4. Focus-what does the audience need from the interview?
               5. List of experts to be interviewed.
               6. Media Release-String of emails to promote your interview.
               7. Leverage-find ways to use as leverage to get expert to say yes.
                  Remember a no, could just mean Not now…maybe later.
               8. Debrief-Look at your interview. See what parts you do really well.
                  Learn from any mistakes that were made.
               9. Rinse and repeat. The whole process can be done later in other
                  products…do it again.

                  Remember…PRACTICE, PRACTICE, and PRACTICE!!

Where Can I Find an Expert to Interview?

    One of the easiest ways to find an expert to interview is to go to an event.Go
to a training seminar that deals with your niche. Approach the experts that are
teaching, and ask them if it would be possible to do an interview with them and
explain what your purpose for the interview is. You will find that most of the
time they will be more than happy to do this for your project. It is also harder
for the person to say no when you are face to face. You have to use whatever
leverage you have.

Your email inbox is also a good place to find an expert. I know my inbox is
loaded with emails from the Top Gurus in the field of internet marketing. I
subscribed to their offers to get on their list. Now I have contact their contact

26 | P a g e
information. If I want to ask them for an Interview I can just email them, or pick
up the phone to call, or write them a personal letter. Most of the time it is
required for them to put their contact information at the bottom of the email.

Here are a few tips on approaching the expert.

               1. Tell them that you are going to give them the publicity that they
                  want. (Those experts just love attention don’t let them fool ya. )
               2. Tell them what their benefits are going to be. (promoting their
                  web site etc.) Everyone loves to receive benefits.
               3. Why do you want to do the interview? Give them a good solid
                  reason for wanting to interview them in the first place. Don’t
                  waste their time just to practice doing an interview. They will
                  want to see that it is for a worth while cause.
               4. Be persistant. Don’t give up. But don’t be like a blood hound on
                  the trail of a rabbit. Look for opportunities to once again ask for
                  the interview. A good time would be when the expert just had a
                  successful product launch. Offer a service to the expert that will
                  help him/her in some way for exchange for the interview.
                  Example.. you hear he/she is looking for someone to do graphics
                  for their next sales copy and you just so happen to be good at
                  graphics. Always be looking for that one opportunity that you
                  can use as leverage.

                                       Something to Remember:
                                  You do not have to be the expert
                                    Of the topic of your interview.
                          Your job is to get the valuable information out of
                                               the expert.
                          Your interview is not only a learning tool for the
                                     listener but also for yourself.

27 | P a g e

    Another source for a valuable informational product is the use of the phone.
Let’s say you can’t get to the person you would like to interview; even though
they have already agreed to be interviewed. All hope is not lost. Do the
interviews over the phone and have it recorded. This may be a good place to
start. You are in the comfort of your own home and you do not have to face the
dreaded camera.

    You can do this type of interview in a couple of different ways.

First, you can do a one on one recorded interview with the person on the other
end of the phone. You ask the questions and they give you the answers.

Secondly, you can do a conference call allowing others to dial into your call and
listen to your expert give his presentation or they can answer questions that the
callers have submitted prior to the conference. Usually, at the end of the
conference call, you allow the expert to present one of his/her products to be
sold. The expert makes some money in exchange for their time; at the same
time, you usually receive a commission on the sales. Sounds like a win/win
situation to me!

    Once you sign up for the teleconference account you invite your participants
to the call and give them the number to call and the participant passcode that
has been assigned to your account. All callers use the same number and
passcode these numbers do not change.

    You will not need to call ahead to set up your call; it is available 24/7 for
your conveince.

    As the moderator, you call in a few minutes early to unlock the conference
with your conference ID. Be there early to greet your other conference
participants. When everyone is on the call that you wish to join, you will be able

28 | P a g e
to lock the call so no one else joins in later and interrupts. Example…you push
*5 to lock, then press (as an example) *7 to start recording. That is a very
important step! This is important because the interview must be recorded for
you to have a product. Can you see why this is an important step? Don’t get
so excited about doing your interview that you forget to record it, or you will
have disappointed a great deal of people. (Mainly yourself)

    When the call is done you push (as an example) *7 to stop recording and
then, you will be able to download your call.

Now you have your recorded call. You can add this to your product package as
is, or listen to it and write out some of the key points in the interview, and put
them into a PowerPoint presentation to add more to your package. This allows
the listener to not only hear the audio, but they can also use the PowerPoint
presentation to follow along with as a visual. BE CEATIVE!

Camtasia studio

    Camtasia studio is a complete solution for recording, editing, and publish
rich screen video presentations. Record anything you can easily create:
training, demonstrations, presentation, or online courses. You can record
almost anything you can dream up.

    You will be able to connect with your audience by including your computer
screen, audio, your own voice narration, power point presentations, picture-in-
picture and webcam videos.

    By editing and enhancing your videos you can add titles, zoom shots, give
quizzes and questionnaires. This allows you to ask for the viewer’s email
address, to insert credits or do call outs.

29 | P a g e
    You can publish your new creation in Flash, Quicktime, and a variety of
video formats. Then, share it with your audience on the web, CD or DVD.

    I have personally used Camtasia. I have even included an example using it
here, in the Lay off Your Boss package. This Camtasia presentation was my
very first attempt at using it. I found it very easy to use. I personally see this
as one of the easiest ways to create a fast product using your imagination. It
will add great value to your package. You don’t have to be perfect.
Remember…PRACTICE! Hmmm! I think I said that someplace before?

    One feature that I want to go back to is, the ability to send out open ended
surveys or questionnaires from your videos to engage viewers and to gather
feedback. The surveys or quizzes can be useful at the end of your presentation
and can even be used to request an email address.


    Full motion screen recordings, audio and narration, Power Point
Presentations, web cam videos, or screen drawings and special effects can all
be recorded on Camtasia. It costs about $300.00 at the moment; but, it is well
worth the cost if you utilize it in your products. Camtasia does offer a free 30
day trial to get started. It will initially cost you nothing for those 30 days; so
give it a try. It is a very useful tool. Once you try it, I am convinced that you
will find it is a must have.

    Just imagine your customers buying your product. When they open it up,
not only will they find written instructions on how to use Camtasia; they also
see a complete video with audio instructions with you actually showing them
step by step.

    Every person learns differently. Myself, I learn more by visual instruction
than I do by reading. For people like me, Camtasia is the perfect tool to use in

30 | P a g e
building my products. When your products are done right, it makes for very
happy customers. Happy customers translates to continual sales.

Biggest Secret To Your Success

    In the overview, I state that I would share with you what I feel is the biggest
secret to your creating a successful product. Don’t stress yourself out by over-

thinking it. The answer to the secret is   YOU!   You have to take action. You
have to put forth some effort and some work. You must take the steps to learn.
It all comes down to you deciding that you can do whatever it takes to get
things started. You will find several people willing to help along the way. But,
nobody will ever push you into getting started.

    When I was in the Marine Corps, I was taken up in a plane and was told that I
had a choice. My choice was to either jump or be thrown out. (I did have a
parachute, of course). Either way, I was going down. Yes, I thought it was
cruel. But, it definitely forced me out of my comfort zone, in a huge way!

    You however, have a choice because no one is going to force you to jump.
You have to make that decision all on your own. What I do want to get across
to you is that once you jump, you will get encouragement and help along the
way. If you are willing to take that chance then you are ready to get started.
The best piece of advice I can give you when it comes to creating your product
project is to GET-R-DONE! 

31 | P a g e


     What are we talking about when we say the list? Your list is your GREATEST
asset. It is basically a list of people that have decided it is ok to give you their
name and email address. A list is the most ridiculously easy way to make
money online. You will have to build a very good relationship with those on
your list; if you want to effectively promote or sell to your list. I guess I should
say, “A list is the most ridiculously easy way to make money online IF you are
willing to take the time and effort to master the art of the list.”

     Just imagine…you can build your list in a matter of just a few weeks. Then,
start generating income from your list almost immediately day after day.

     I don’t know how many times I have opened my email account just to see
emails promoting products, or emails with free offers. I am told that I can get
that product or free offer if I will just click on the link that is attached. Once I
click on the link, I am usually directed to a squeeze page with an opt-in box
requesting my name and email. I get these emails because I am on their list.
Well in my case I am probably on everyone’s list.  At some point, I gave the
owner of that list permission to start sending me the emails when I provided
them with my name and email address. Of course If, the list owner does not do
his job keeping me happy on his list; I always have the option to unsubscribe
from their list. It is a must that you learn the art of the list.

    List building has rapidly become one of the most important internet
marketing techniques for online organizations. It, in most cases, involves
getting a large list of email address to which you can distribute content and
advertisements to draw traffic to your website. Developing an effective list
helps make your business more profitable.

32 | P a g e
      List building has been criticized often as “spamming”. More restrictions
are being placed on what is known as “SPAM” emails. This makes list building
more challenging; the last thing you want to do is waste your time and that of
the people on your list. That is the reason for relationship building within your
list so that you target the needs of your list as well as your own.

       So what is the future of list building past 2007? How can companies take
advantage of the inherent usefulness of list building without using unethical
practices? Without being removed from search engine lists? This is the
question that has been permeating the minds of many.

      Auto responder emails, leaflets, confirmation emails, presentations, sign up
pages…all of these are workable environments for the promotion of your lists.
Yet in the future, they may not be viable. So what should be done? The idea of
list building has been advancing recently. The most important part of future
list building, is to make it something that is actually valuable to those who sign

      Increasing the amount of sign ups to your list may depend on those on your
list receiving something of value in exchange for their contact information.
That idea is beneficial to them and to your business as it will allow you to
increase your field of marketing to a targeted audience. The future of list
building is simple: with a little innovation, it will expand and grow. Pack a
punch when you send out emails…don’t waste their time.

      If you want to make money with your list, create a rapport with your
subscribers. They have to believe that you care about them and their goals, not
just using them to make money.

      Now, everyone realizes that you make money selling; but, they have to feel
that you are in this to help them as well as yourself.

This is critical, you must project a mutual respect to your list, or you will not
become very effective or profitable.

33 | P a g e
    Now you may say, well, I really am in this for the money. That is ok – but,
you have to decide what you are going to exchange for the money. You see,
everything you do is an exchange. When you go to work at your day job, your
boss pays you. The boss does this, not just to make you money, but because
you give him some product or service that is valuable to him. Your exchange
is whatever it is that you do all day, whether you run a company, cook food, or
count money.

     You are exchanging something of value for something else of worth – in the
case of your job, your wage or salary. You have to do the same thing online.
You are exchanging your expertise for their money. And it is an exchange. It is
not YOU selling THEM. It is an exchange – you are producing something that
they need and they are willing to exchange their money for your expertise.

    That is the attitude you have to have to make money online. You have to
view this as an exchange. You have to be willing to help your subscribers.
Then, they will reward your support with financial gain.


What You Must Do EVERYTIME To Guarantee Your Opt-in Success! Follow the
simple rules below and you will be assured that you are getting the most out of
your squeeze pages every time.

1. Create Urgency/Fear In Your Headline

    When writing an effective headline for a squeeze page, it’s crucial to create a
sense of urgency. A squeeze page is not meant to make a sale… it’s meant to
acquire a name and email address, period! That is important to remember.

2. Provide two opt-in forms on every page

34 | P a g e
    You’ll increase your chances of gaining contact information significantly if
you provide two opt-in forms on your squeeze page. One form should always
go in the top fold of the page, and another at the very bottom of the page as
the last element.

3. Use a “graphical” opt-in box at the top of the page

    This has been shown to increase my squeeze page opt-in rates by as much
as 39%. Naturally, your sales copy will most dramatically affect your
percentages… however by simply providing this additional graphical
component on your page you have a much greater chance of increasing your
overall opt-in rate.

4. NO External Links

    This is where many folks fail! Again, this is a squeeze page with one sole
purpose – GET THE EMAIL ADDY! Never place external links on your squeeze
page. You can sell later. For now… no links! Two options: leave or subscribe.

5. Never ask for more information than is absolutely necessary in your opt-in

    I see it time and time again. Name, address, phone number, best time to
call, how you heard about us, marital status, shoe size, etc. Never ask for
anything more than name and primary email address. That’s it! That’s all you
need. You’ll drastically reduce your subscriber rates once you start asking for
anything more from a customer at this point.

35 | P a g e
6. Always provide your name and email address at the bottom of your squeeze

    In recent tests I’ve conducted with my own squeeze pages, I found a 3% to
8% fallout rate when I removed my name and/or email address from the bottom
of a squeeze page. For optimum subscribe rates, include this information
EVERYTIME! Personalization is a must.

7. Less Is More

    Don’t over-complicate your opt-in offer. Keep it short and to the point. Too
many times a squeeze page is far too long and confusing. Explain the benefits
to your offer, that’s it. LESS IS MORE!

8. Privacy Policy

    It’s crucial that you place a brief (small and subtle) statement directly under
your form subscribe button letting folks know you won’t rent, sell or share their
personal information with anyone. Privacy is a major concern for most people.
Simply displaying this privacy message directly under your form will
significantly increase your subscribe rates.

9. Professional Graphics

    Never use a cheaply designed e-cover or software box with your opt-in
offer. Nothing turns away more customers than cheap looking cover graphics.
As they say… a picture says more then a thousand words. Make sure those e-
covers are eye-popping and professional! It will definitely pay off in the long

10. Test…Test… and Test Again!

    You can always increase your subscriber rates… ALWAYS! Until you’re
getting every single visitor who lands on your squeeze page to opt-in to your
list; there’s always room for improvement! Never stop testing

36 | P a g e
3 Most Important Things to Remember When it Comes to Managing Your List

    Do you notice that I not only italicized, Highlighted ,CAPITALIZED,

underlined, and put it in BOLD. I also   increased the font size.     If I saw that

someone went through that much detail to make something stand out, I would
think that it is something of GREAT importance. I know that this is not the first
time that I have mentioned this throughout this book.
    Throughout the entire process of Affiliate Marketing, relationship building is
probably what I consider to be the biggest key to your success.

     You Have to have good relationships with the customer, with your JV
partners, with the expert you want to interview, with your list, with the
merchant that supplies the product etc. etc. etc.

37 | P a g e
     Let’s focus in on the relationship building with your list. If you want to
make money from your list this is a must.

    When you get a brand new subscriber the first impression you make on
them is critical. The first email you send to the new subscriber must make a
good lasting impression or they will scroll to the bottom of your email and click
on the unsubscribe link. Your list just got smaller and you just lost a future

     If you remember, back in the beginning of this book, I started off by
introducing myself to you. I started out by telling you a little bit about who Jeff
Wellman is. I gave you a short look into my life. I did my best to let you know
that I am no different than you. I have struggles in my life and I have triumphs
in my life, just like you. (By the way, I prefer the triumphs). I keep telling you
that you can make your life better through the use informational products like
the one I just sold to you. I need to show you that I was struggling before I got
into affiliate marketing. But, through the exact techniques I am showing you, I
made it! I got out of the rut that I was in. What I am trying to do through all of
this is to start building a relationship with you.

So in that first email you need to do these things:

         1. Introduce yourself.
         2. Tell the subscriber where you came from.
         3. Tell them why you are glad to have them as your subscriber.
         4. Let them know what they can expect from you

    Email marketing is all about, creating relationships, building loyalty, and
promoting products the right way. While it is important to keep your email
focused on the subscriber, they also want to relate.

Interact with your list

38 | P a g e
    One of the best ways to get to know your list is to interact with them. If you
don’t have a blog yet, make sure that you get one very soon. If your
subscribers have questions they can go to your blog and post their questions or
their comments. You can wait till you get about 10 or 15 comments or
questions and then post a response. This will create interaction like you
wouldn’t believe. You then develop an “ insider relationship”; an “Us” instead
of a “you” and “ them” way of thinking.

     Survey your list. I don’t know about you, but I like it when someone takes
the time to ask me what I want, what my desires and needs are. Ask questions,
what a better way to find out what it is they want from you. A good way to get
them to participate in the survey; is, give them a free offer just for their
participation. Make it a no strings attached deal. You don’t want to send your
list an email only when you are trying to sell them something. When they open
up your emails you want them to have a bit of excitement; it doesn’t always
have to be a sale. Shower them with free offers. It is advisable to send out an
occasional email just to touch base with them.

    Create a forum for your list. Invite them to participate in the discussions.
This will be a good place for them to learn about each other maybe even find
answers to questions they might have. They can learn and discuss new
products they have bought or heard about. You will be able to interact once
again, finding out what their interests are. Discover what kind of products they
are looking to purchase.

     Think about all that you have read in this last section. How will you make
money from your list if you do not even know their needs? If you don’t
understand what they want; how can you provide them with good quality
products that they are looking for? This knowledge will make a big difference
between making money from your list, or, failing miserably.

39 | P a g e
Is Size Important?

Before I go any further this may be a good time to try and clear up one of my
biggest questions I used to have about my future list.

If I have a small list, is it going to deliver results? I asked several people and
got several different answers. So I can tell you right now that yes it matters.
Well wait a minute, I mean, No I doesn’t matter. No that’s not what I mean at
all. I really mean is not it doesn’t matter as long as your small list is of great
quality, but a large list of the same great quality is even better. Well I hope that
cleared it up for you. If not here is what I am trying to say.

Lets say you have a list of 20,000, but you did not really do much to build a
relationship with your list, you didn’t really take the time to figure out what
your list really wanted, and your list is not really targeted towards your list,
what kind of results do you think you will get. My guess is not good at all.
Maybe a sale here and there but basically you are going to have a pretty
unprofitable list.

Now let’s say the next guy has a list of 7-10,000 and you are hearing that this
guy is just raking in the cash. What not possible! Well it is if this guy did
everything the correct way. He took the time to build excellent relationships
with his list, He knows what they are looking for, and they are extremely target
towards his niche, he built up a list that was loyal and had respect for him.
What does he have going on for him that you don’t? The answer is

Does size matter? The answer is still Yes and No. You can have better results
with a smaller list if you take the time to manage it correctly.

40 | P a g e
But what if you had your same list of 20,000 and you managed it the same as
the guy with the 7-10,000? I can guarantee you that you will have something
to get all excited about.

So the answer really depends on well you manage the size of the list you have.
Are you looking for quantity or quality? Me personally, I am looking for both

Over deliver and Stay in Contact

     First let me say, don’t just fill your subscriber’s inbox with a bunch of
meaningless emails. I don’t know about you, but when I go into my inbox, I get
emails from certain people that I just automatically delete. You know the person
I am talking about. That wonderful friend that has mothering better to do in
life than send you every forward that comes along. You finally get to the point
where you just see their name and hit delete. You know automatically that the
email really didn’t have much value to you. There just wasn’t any good content.
You were hoping to at least see a “hi, how are you” or something to that effect.

    If you continue to under-deliver to your subscriber they won’t just hit the
delete. They will soon just look for the unsubscribe button. Give great content.
Give them things that are helpful to improving their life. Give them pearls of
wisdom that have helped you along the way. Good content is simple and
doesn’t require you to be an expert. I have given you an example of such an
email below.

41 | P a g e
        Hey * First name*,

        I was preparing an email too promote an AWESOME
        Product from a very good friend of mine. I gave this
        Product a very high stamp of approval. Not just because
        He is a good friend, but because I really believe that it would
        Be a very helpful to my business.

        After I was all done with the promotion, I added my
        Affiliate link so that I would receive the commission from sales
        That was generated through my promotion.

        When I was all finished I started looking over my email when BAM!
        Something hit me like a ton of bricks. I never shared with you my
        SECRET of how I went from having downright UGLY links that were
        Not only ugly but, was a perfect target for someone to see that all they
        Had to do was sign up for an affiliate program and purchase
        from their own link THERE GOES MY COMMISSION!

        To take care of this problem I am using a software product that
        belongs to Mike Filsaime. It is called PowerLink generator. This
        software not only will cloak My link, to make it harder for others to
        steal my commission, it also cleans itup and gives it a nice fresh look.

        I really recommend that you check this out. It really has been a
        lifesaver for me. I trust this has been something that will be of great
        value to your Affiliate program. When I come across something great
        I just can’t help but share it.

        Jeff Wellman

42 | P a g e
    As you can see, I not only sent out a valuable tip but I also recommended a
product that added good content and made some money at the very same time.
I don’t know about you, but it works for me. Ok, I understand that you may not
have some great product to recommend each time.

    In that case, send out some great tips. By doing this you are still emailing
some great content. I believe I hit on this idea once before; you don’t always
have to be promoting a product. You just need to stay in touch.

    Let me add something important here, if you don’t have a GOOD product to
promote….don’t promote. Only promote quality. A BAD product will reflect on
you even if it isn’t one of your products. Your subscribers are trusting you to
send them the best.

    No Tip, No Product, No Problem! Send them a good article that you wrote or
even an article that you came across that is important to the niche that you are
selling to.

    Say that you are in the gardening niche and you come across a great article
on attracting butterflies to your garden. If you find the article to be something
of interest to you with good helpful tips then go ahead and send it to your

    Whatever content you send them, make sure you are over-delivering good
content. If you want to deliver junk you are in the wrong business…you should
be a sanitation engineer. You purchased the wrong material if that is your goal.
This e-book is filled with information on becoming an expert affiliate marketer.

Secrets to Email Marketing

43 | P a g e
    First of all, I would say that I am my biggest secret. My own creativity is
what I use to stand out in a crowd. Internet marketing is quickly becoming a
large business. If I want my emails to stand out and be read then I need to find
ways to make them heads above the rest of the emails that fill inboxes. I do

    You would be wise to test, test, test your tactics and find what works best
for your list. Remember, know your subscribers and learn what they like and
what they don’t.

    Another good tactic is to use the F.A.Q secret. You simply send out an email
regarding questions about whatever product you have been promoting. Start
out by saying “I wanted to get back to you and answer a few questions that I
have been receiving on (the product). Here are some of the questions I have
been getting. List them and then give them the answers.

     This is a great way to reconnect with your list on the day of promotion for
your product or even as a following up to your promotion. It is a good way of
encouraging some interaction.

    You can also try the “I need your help” secret. In fact, I just received an
email from Ken McArthur. He is a great marketer that I respect very much. He
used this exact technique. His was the first email that I found myself opening
up. I can tell you from personal experience that that secret works. Let your
reader know if there is something that you need their help on.

    Then promote your product ad offer your reader a huge discount. Your
readers will just devour those kinds of offers. You might even consider limiting
the discount sale to a week, raising the price over time or limiting the amount
of product to be sold. This really works well.

    I find that I still click on those kinds of offers myself. Clicking and
purchasing is what it is all about. Getting your subscribers to not only read but
44 | P a g e
getting them to click on your affiliate link. Until this happens, you have no
hope of a sale and earning your commission. You must always be willing to
over- deliver good content and stay in direct contact with your list.

Building a List and Generating Traffic through Writing Articles

As a marketer, your goal is to reach your prospective customers. You strive to
deliver a message that will help make a sale or get a new subscriber. When you
submit articles, you achieve those objectives. The process sweeping the
internet is called "article marketing".

Article marketing allows you to become known, build credibility, and establish a
relationship with your target audience using the web sites they are already
visiting. There is no need to waste your time, effort or money marketing to a
general, untargeted audience.

Speak directly to a specific audience who is already showing an interest in what
you have to offer. Post your articles in the newsletters that your target audience
subscribes to. Get your articles published on the websites that they are visiting.
Have your words included in the RSS feeds of the most popular sites on the net.
Article marketing lets you speak directly to your perfect customer. I want you to
take a look at some powerful results that occur by submitting articles to
newsletters and content rich websites:

Improve Your Conversions

When more visitors show up at your site, they are already feeling good about
you, your approach, and your solution to their problem because they have read
your articles. These people are much more likely to join your mailing list,
subscribe to your newsletter, or buy from you. And why do these people show
up? Because they found your link on popular sites around the net.

Create More Business

45 | P a g e
A more targeted audience reads them. A large percentage of your potential
target audience has never heard of your website. You create more business for
yourself by providing content that inspires action.

Generate More Traffic

When your readers are inspired to action, the action they take is to visit your
website, where you have more opportunities to make offers, collect email
addresses, and get sales. Your success with internet marketing depends on you
getting more visitors to show up at your site.

Improve Your Conversions

When you get a visitor to show up at your site, I would expect that they are
already feeling good about you, your approach, and your solution to their
problem because they have read your articles. These people are much more
likely to join your mailing list, subscribe to your newsletter, or buy from you.
And why do these people show up? Because they found your link at the site you
submitted your article

Increase Inbound Links

Each time the articles you submit appear on popular sites around the net, it will
carry a link to your website. When your article is reprinted, you get another link
directly to your site from a relevant source. You provide content and the
popular websites around the net publish more links to your site.

Increase Your Page Rank

Links from popular website sites, especially sites closely aligned with yours, are
viewed by Google as "highly relevant". More relevant links result in a Page Rank
increase for your site. Your articles give the largest, most popular sites in your
industry a reason to link to you. The more relevant links you have, the higher
you’re Page Rank

Get Better Search Listings

46 | P a g e
According to Google, "Page Rank provides the basis for all of our web search
tools." So the bigger your site's Page Rank, the higher your site will appear on
search engine results pages. Having your page show up in the top 10 of
keyword search results dramatically improves your traffic and increases your
site's credibility.

Being Recognized as an Expert

When you become recognized as an expert in your niche it will become a
tremendous factor in converting traffic to sales. As you get your articles
published in highly respected sites, you become known as an expert in your
field. You and your website will gain both credibility and stature. The best part
of this is that you no longer have to go on the hunt for customers; they begin
to come to you. The better the article and the more you submit the more they'll
trust you, and the more they'll buy from you.

Grow Your Affiliate Income

As you become a recognized expert, more people believe in your
recommendations. When they act on your recommendations, your affiliate
income will start to grow.

List Management

The Autoresponder

    One of the best friendships you will make will be with your auto responder.
This is a MUST! The auto responder is really just your email management

    There are several really good auto responder programs available. A couple
good places to start looking for a good responder are: Aweber and Email Aces.
You really need to just start looking to see which program is right for you. A
few things to look for when choosing an auto responder are:

47 | P a g e
Personalization Features

    This will allow you when emailing your list of subscribers to address them by
their actual names. Doing this actually increases the amount of sales you will
make. This is because it makes the person feel more important when they are
addressed by their actual name. If your auto responder can capture the name
of each person who subscribes to your list you will have an excellent advantage
over other more impersonal marketing emails.

Broadcast Ability

    Big sales resulting from your list is generated by sending out solo style
advertisements. However, because of time you are going to want to send out
messages to your subscribers at the same time.

Import/Export ability

    This is an important feature in case you ever want to change auto
responders in the future. If you have a large list and you want to change over
to another responder having the ability to import/export that list to the new
responder is critical. You don’t want to have to start over with a new list.

Size Restrictions

    Your goal is to increase your list over time and if your auto responder can’t
handle a large list you are going to find yourself in a difficult position. Make
sure that the auto responder that you choose can handle a large list; able to
send out to your whole list at one time.

    Those are just a few suggestions of things to look for when choosing an
auto responder. Another important thing is whether you want your auto
responder to be run from your own website or one that is remotely hosted.

48 | P a g e
Remotely hosted just means that it will work from someone else’s website
rather than just your own. There are plusses and minuses to remote hosting.

    Hosting your auto responder on your own website changes the appearance
of the auto responder emails. For instance, mine ends with address. The reason this is so good is that it then
matches my domain name. This increases your visibility on the net. It just
looks more professional to your subscribers.

Autoresponder puts an online OR offline business on Auto-Pilot, by sending
emails to your mailing lists. You can use it to automate your response to your
mailing list, saving you valuable time.

When I am talking about valuable time saved, I really meant lots of times in
terms of weeks. How Autoresponders have helped many businesses is that it
simplifies the follow-up of its mailing list members, even just to remind its
members of their products or services.

When you first own your Autoresponder, you send out messages every few
days. Some immediately after they have subscribed. Others at an interval of 2 to
7 days.

     Within months of having a blog up, you can get upwards of a few hundred

    You can use you’re A. R. to remind your members of your latest post as well
as to remind them of your offers of products and services.

    You can use it to guide your members to the right resources that they want.
Use it to email them the exact links you want them to have. If I were to email
them one by one, I don’t think you have time to rest or spend time with your
family. Yes, initially I did.

49 | P a g e
    That is why you need to get an Autoresponder account to help you out in
your business.

    An Auto responder will advertise for you, tirelessly, 24 hours a day / 7 days
a week / 365 days a year. It is always on Auto-Pilot.

    I personally use Aweber. Aweber’s user-friendly user interface works well
for newbie’s and even the experienced marketer. It is easy to maneuver
between the options.

If you get your Aweber now, you will be able to:
*set up unlimited campaigns
*unlimited messages
*spam checker
*text or html-based messages
*manage your subscribers

     As an added bonus, Aweber has a referral compensation program as well,
so you can benefit by promoting your Aweber. And if you manage to sell some
accounts your Autoresponder could possibly be free.

So what you can do now to grow your business:

1.Identify a target group you want to market to
2.Come up with at least 10 follow-ups emails
3.The first email is always to welcome your subscriber and with the download
of freebies e.g. free report or e-Book
4.Write down the time intervals you want to send these emails
5.Once you got your Aweber account, copy and paste the emails into the
message boxes
6.Remember to on the “click-tracking” so that you can know how many of your
members have clicked on the links
7.Let it run and you go to sleep

50 | P a g e
     So, if you have a set of good marketing emails and are still sending them
one by one, please stop doing it right now. To start getting the return on your
investment that you deserve, get an Auto Responder now!

     I could go on and on about an Autoresponder and how to use it. It is hard
for me to really give you the exact sequence formula that you will need to send
out you emails. Each Niche will possible need a whole new sequence.

The #1 List Builder JV Partner

    JV partners are GREAT! I contacted over 115 of them just to help launch this
project. I was able to create a substantial list. Now granted I had an advantage
as I was able to attend a Ken McArthur event in Atlanta GA called Get your
product done where I was able to meet several of the Top Gurus in the
business. It also helps to have a Son who is one of the Best in the business.

    Even if you don’t have friends in high places you can still make the JV
avenue work in helping you create you list. What you need to do is start
subscribing to every offer from all of the Gurus that you can find. Get their

51 | P a g e
contact information like I have said before, and start asking them to help you
promote your product. One of the biggest things I would like to stress is that
you need to start building a relationship with these that you want to contact.
They are already making money and lots of it. What they are looking for the
most is are you willing to let them get to know you and are you willing to let
them get to know you. Every day they are bombarded with emails asking them
to promote something. You need to show them why they should promote
yours. It will take a lot of work on your part. Don’t expect them to do the
work. They have enough to do already. Offer a big commission. Try 75% they
seem to really like that number if not 75% make sure you offer them at least
50%, remember you are trying to build your list. I know some cash along with a
list is a good thing to. I went after the same thing myself, and GOT IT!! Now set
back and wait for a response. If you don’t get a response within the first week,
send out a second email. Make sure this is not a mass email to them all at
once; take the time to do it right and send a personal email to each one. Yes I
know it will take a lot of time but it needs to happen.

You will have several of them turn you down so make sure you send out to as
many as possible. Just to get around 15 you will have to at least contact 50 of
them. But that is a good number. You can usually expect around a 30%
response. That is why you need to send out to at least 50. Remember they do
not know you at all at this point. Why should they want to help you out? It is up
to you to show them. Have your product ready to go so that they are able to
see what you are asking them to promote. Keep in contact with them often
throughout the whole process. Keep them up to date on the progress of your

Once you have your JV partners you simply let them know when you are
launching your product and let them know where they can sign up for your
affiliate program. Make it easy for them as they are busy people. TRUST ME I

You now have released your product and you have an upsell product. (this is a
must) your JV partners send out to approximately 50,000 readers on their

52 | P a g e
lists. Of this 30% or 15,000 actually click to your link. Out of those 600 of them
click to check out the upsell, Guess what? You now have a list of 600 well
targeted buyers. IF you had a $47 product with a $97 upsell you just made
approximately $11,000 in profit after you give your JV partners their
commission. Not to bad for a couple weeks work. Of course that doesn’t count
all the time you spent on putting together your product.

Now you not only have a good start to your list, but you have some good JV
partners. Now start getting to know them even more than you did in the start
of the process. Show them that you are someone that they will want to work
with. Remember RELATIONSHIPS.

Perhaps right now would be a great time for you to rest your eyes from reading
and listen to my Audio interview with Gary Ambrose. He is a true genius in the
area of email marketing. Sometimes a Dr. can only help so much before he has
to send you to the true specialist in a certain area.

I guess you are back now or you just couldn’t stop reading. Well I guess we
need to start driving traffic to our list.

53 | P a g e


Hey Where’s the Traffic

    I can tell you exactly where all the traffic is at. It is headed right towards
your competition’s site. Why? Well, the real reason is that he has become a
master traffic director and you haven’t. He has found unique and clever little
ways to say, “HERE I AM”. I am going to do my best in this section to show you
some of the ways he is getting the traffic to his site and not yours.

     Getting traffic directed to the sales page or squeeze page you have just
created; or signed up on as an affiliate, is a must. A site or product that is hard
to locate is basically a dead site or product.

    Let me give you an example: A coffee shop in a local town on main-street.

You have a product which is coffee,

You have your site which is a local town,

You have a way to get to the product which is main-street.

You have it made. Unless, of course, traffic has been re-routed around town
due to construction and no one can get to your coffee shop.

Or worse, no one has ever even heard about your coffee shop.

54 | P a g e
It is the same situation online as an affiliate trying to sell a product.

You have your product.

You have your website.

You have main street to get there (search engines).

You still have a problem.

Everyone else is re-routing the traffic to their very own websites. You must
become very good at getting the traffic directed back to your own site. There
are several ways to do this. I will explain those in this next section.


55 | P a g e
    Any website owner or administrator recognizes the importance of driving
traffic to a website. The success of any website does not rely entirely on the site
itself. You may have a terrific idea for a website, offer an excellent product or
service, or have an exceptionally designed site with superb content, but if you
do not use the right strategies to advertise, your site would not attract the high
traffic you need. Attracting targeted traffic is a task that should be taken
seriously for any site to succeed or make a profit. Fortunately, there are
internet-marketing tools that help the website marketer to drive traffic to his
website. One of the most effective, of these tools is Google's Ad words.
Adwords are one of Google's advertising services.

How does Google Adwords work? I just had a feeling that you were going to ask
me this question. I will try to explain in the simplest form I can. Trust me I am
all about learning the simplest ways myself.

Google is the largest search engine on the web receiving well over 200 million
queries each day through its various services. As Google is the most popular
search engine today, webmasters are keen on having their websites achieve a
higher ranking in the search engine results it provides. A high ranking can
mean high traffic for that website. The search engine results page is also a
great venue for advertisers to promote a product or service through ads and
links. Consequently, Google launched its Adwords service, as a way for
businesses to advertise products and services to a targeted audience. Google
Adwords can guarantee instant traffic. In this service, Google displays relevant
text based ads within its search engine results page termed as "Sponsored
Links". Whenever a particular keyword is searched on, these relevant links
appear in a separate section giving excellent exposure to the sites listed.

How do you use Google Adwords? Well this is another question I expected you
to ask.

    First, you have to open an account with the Google Adwords Service. Then,
you should indicate your target language and country. This is important
because you would not want your products advertised in countries where your
56 | P a g e
product or service cannot be sold. Afterwards, you should now create an ad
group. This involves designing the ad, selecting keywords and determining
maximum cost per click that you are willing to spend and defining bid amounts.

    The most important step in creating a successful Adwords campaign is
selecting an effective title tag that will catch the attention of your target
audience. The title tag, generally a short phrase, is the most important part of
your Adwords campaign so make sure that it is a real attention getter. You
should describe the website clearly and accurately. The most effective
advertising conveys a clear message to the target audience. With a clear
message, you will be attracting qualified leads, which can eventually convert to
sale. Therefore I cannot express the importance of selecting the right keywords

There are several keyword variations that you can use to reach more prospects.
These variations include such things as,

misspellings, and how many typos have you made? I know I sure make my
share. Good thing for spell check,
long tailed phrases and words,

57 | P a g e
synonyms from a thesaurus,
regional additions like cities, states, and countries. Some searchers may search
for items in a particular location.
Competitor keywords,
A person’s name that is associated with a product,
run on keywords like affiliatemarketing rather than affiliate marketing,
plurals of the word and phrases you have accumulated.

All of these different variations can help increase the chance of your ads being
served. Broad match is targeting keywords in a loosely defined manner. Here,
the ads appear based on the keywords that have been queried by other users as
opposed to exact match, which calls for the keyword to match the query
exactly. Meanwhile, a keyword phrase set to phrase match will only appear
when the exact phrase is searched on. A negative keyword is helpful in filtering
unrelated pages.

After you have decided on what title tag to use in your ad, you must now define
a budget in order to maximize exposure. Google Adwords recommend a daily
budget for each campaign. However, you should determine a budget that is
suitable and affordable. You should also determine the maximum cost per click.
Google will offer a recommended cost per click, but you do not have to stick
with this. Usually, a number one position is not ideal as it can also attract
unwanted traffic and useless clicks.
A number two position is more preferred as it can filter useless clicks and
provide traffic with a higher conversion rate.

To conclude, Google Adwords is an excellent strategy and tool in giving your
site maximum exposure. Nevertheless, Google Adwords should not be your sole
advertising campaign. It will definitely help you find the all-important, highly
targeted traffic you need.

58 | P a g e
WEB 2.0

Web 2.0: Definitions of this are varied, but the essential meaning of this is the
utilization of new web technologies to allow for two-way communication on
websites, and thus allow for user contribution, collaboration, and more
interaction with the site and the company than a website that simply displays
pages. Examples of Web 2.0 sites are (a site where you vote on and
comment on what sites and articles you like best),, a site that
allows one to share his or her favorite sites with others, and, a site
that allows you to post, share, print, and generally display your photos.

USE of Video

One unique way to drive traffic to your website is the use of video.

If you go to YouTube what will you find? You will find a video of just about
anything you can imagine. Video is HUGE!! Now days everyone is going to there
favorite site to watch video. You might as well use this huge opportunity to
cash in.

What you want to do is place video on YouTube and Google Video and wherever
possible add a link on the same page as your video to drive traffic back to your
squeeze page. In this Layoff Your Boss package I included a demonstration
using Camtasia where I described adding your link to your web page to your
video that you created as a comment to another video that you viewed. You can
add this by just casually slipping it in verbally at the end of your video, or have
it being shown on your video.

In the same way that you optimize your web site and blogs for the major search
engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo, you will also need to optimize the

59 | P a g e
presentations of your video clips in order to be found through searches within
the social net working community sites.

This Process is called SMO or social media optimization. It is the process by
which you optimize your online presence to be more visible through searches
within the online communities and community web sites.

The essence of SMO is to increase the chance of your video being sent out and
found more quickly through community search engines.

I want to give you 6 tips to help maximize viral potential of your video.

           1. Keep your video clips as short as possible. Try to keep them less
               than 5 minutes. Most people are browsing through several video’s
               and will not be willing give 1 video all their time.
           2. Make sure your video has interesting, entertaining, or provocative
               content. Make sure that it WOW’s those that see it so that the
               viewer will want to share it with others.
           3. Be very careful about using commercial or promotional content
               when making your video. You just want the viewer to click through
               to your squeeze page. That is where you will have your sales pitch
               and collect there contact information.
           4. Don’t plan on creating just one video. Sorry! Plan on doing several
               to see which ones are performing the best.
           5. Optimize your video clips to maximize distribution across social
               network sites. Use tags and bookmarking links to help people find,
               save and share your video.
           6. I like this one a lot. Try creating a video using multiple people in it.
               Think about using some of your customers in the video. What a
               better way to interact and build relationship with your list of

60 | P a g e
               contacts than to include them in one of your projects. There is that
               word relationship again.

One thing that I want to continue to stress is that you just have to start doing
something. If you just set there and wonder if these techniques will ever work
you will never make a dime. You can count on one thing though, and that is
that I will be cashing in on every opportunity that I can.

If you are worried about your appearance STOP! Have you ever really taken a
good look at some of the people on videos? I don’t think too many of them
were too worried. Heck you haven’t even see me yet. 

Just do it! Get over your inhibitions.

Remember be yourself, be creative.

If you just feel you can’t do a live video your best bet is to make an audio and
add a slide show to it to make a makeshift video. The possibilities are endless.

Audio is very good for using with PODCAST and you can drive traffic with the
use of audio instead of video. My recommendation would be try the video for
maximum traffic.

2 things to remember are:

          1. Search engines LOVE video
          2. Video will show that you do exist, and are a real person.

61 | P a g e

    Well I could continue on with so much more. But what I am hoping that I
accomplished was to give you what you need PLUS. I would like this to help get
you started on your way in becoming one of the top Affiliate Marketer’s in the
business. If this product serves as nothing more than to show you that you can
start out with nothing and find a way to make it work.

I can tell you right now from my personal experience that the Benefits of just
taking that first step are so REWARDING. I have started on a journey like never
before. Just a few short weeks ago I was spinning my wheels and not getting
anywhere’s. I put everything I had into my Job. I worked hard so that if it came
down to laying people off I was hoping that I would be seen as someone that
the company I worked for would benefit greatly by having me stay around.
Well I was noticed for all the hard work I did, but the day still came when the
notice was given out that I would be among the ones getting laid off.

Sometimes life has a way of changing the course for you when you are not
ready. So what I propose to you is to take the same steps that I took and have
the courage it takes to step out of the comfort zone and GO FOR IT! If you take
that first important step you will soon find yourself in the position to walk into
your Boss’s office and Layoff The Boss!

I look forward to building a personal relationship with you. It’s going to be a
wild ride

Thank You

Jeff Wellman
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