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					                            MANZANO HIGH SCHOOL
                     14 Annual Spring Break Baseball Camp
                            March 24th, 25th and 26th.
                    Manzano High School Baseball Baseball field

                                          REGISTRATION FORM

Please use this form to register your son/daughter for the camp. Checks can be made-out
to: MANZANO BASEBALL. Forms and check or money can be sent to:
                         Jim Briggs
                         Manzano High School
                         12200 Lomas Blvd.
                         Albuq. N.M. 87112

You can also register your son/daughter the 1st day of camp, from 8am to 9am for ages 6 to 12; and from
9:30 to 10:30 for ages 13 to 15.

The camp is open to both boys and girls, aged 6 thru 15. Players 6 to 12 will go from 9am
to 10:30; players 13 thru 15 will go from 10:30 to 12:00. The price for each camper will be $25. This price is
for the whole camp, if you play at one of MANZANO’S “feeder” Little Leagues, (Mile High, East
Mountain or Zia). If you attend another Little League, the price for the camp is $55.

PLAYERS NAME_______________________________ AGE_________

ADDRESS__________________________________ZIP CODE_________

PHONE # _____________________ LITTLE LEAGUE______________________

MEDICAL HISTORY - Please disclose any condition that might hamper the camper’s activity. Also please
provide your Health Insurance Provider below. ____________________________________________________

T-SHIRT SIZE (Please circle one) Youth Small;     Youth Medium;      Youth Large;
Adult Small;       Adult Medium;          Adult Large;          Adult X-Large.

Skills to be covered in the camp include; Hitting Mechanics, Throwing Mechanics, Ready Positions, Infield
and Outfield Play, Base Running and Pitching Mechanics.

For more camp information and/or details, contact: Jim Briggs, 559-2267
    The Manzano High School Baseball coaches are proud to announce their 14th Annual Spring Break Camp.
The baseball coaches are excited at the prospect of continuing this event that was started eight years ago. We
feel this is a great opportunity to familiarize young players to the Manzano Coaches and learn the basic
mechanics that they can improve on as they get older. We hope to continue this opportunity for years to come.
We strive to obtain an excellent rapport with the Little Leagues and hope this will benefit your son/daughter in
terms of their baseball skills. Five out of the six Manzano coaches came from one of the Manzano Little League

    We also feel that the cost of other camps has become extremely too high. In some cases, coaches are
charging over a $100 to attend camps that will teach the same basic skills that will be covered in our camp. I
have been an instructor at other camps that are charging these prices and believe that they are in it for the
money. We will continue to offer this camp at the cost of $25. This price includes a T-Shirt! We are in this for
the kids!

    There is a registration form on the back of this letter with all the pertinent information concerning the camp.
Either mail this form or bring it with you to the registration on March 24th. We look forward to working with
your son/daughter on the field.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any of the coaches listed on the back of this


Jim Briggs,
Head Baseball Coach,
Manzano High School

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