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					Plainfield Central’s band went to California this past Spring Break. We spent six days

and five nights at The Embassy Suits, located in Garden Grove, California. There were

two flights for the 103 students going. The first twenty students left at 9:00 AM on

Monday, March 24. The last 83 students left at 10:00 AM that same day. Upon arrival, all

the students, directors, and chaperones went to Santa Monica beach and spent the rest of

the day there. The water was freezing, and it was really salty (don’topen your mouth

when in the ocean!) but it felt great to be swimming in an actual ocean.

        Tuesday, March 25, we went on a Hollywood tour on the coach buses, being

directed by Ben Roth, otherwise know as (Smiley). Later in the day, after we stopped and

ate lunch, we loaded back on to the coach buses and headed to ToonTown in Disneyland

for a workshop. We recorded songs from Disney movies, and got to watch the short clip

along with the song they recorded. The professional director was really nice to us, and as

we watched the clips along with the music we played, it felt really cool being a part of a

Disney movie. We were treated like professional musicians, and got a feel of how the

professionals in Disneyland worked. After the recording, we went to California

Adventure, and spent the rest of the day there.

        The following day, we went to Disneyland until 4:00 in the afternoon. We all met

in ToonTown, and prepared to march in the “Parade of Dreams” in Disneyland. The

parade was a huge success. There was a lot of cheering, and we played better then we had

ever rehearsed. After they were done, they continued their adventures in Disneyland for

the rest of the night.
       On Thursday, we got on the coach buses, and headed towards the Balboa

Pavilion. From there, everyone boarded the Catalina Flyer, and spent an hour and a half

getting to Catalina Island. Now I’m usually good on boat rides, I’ve never gotten sea sick.

But this boat was huge, and not just me, but half the band got sick. Everybody learned

that because getting gas to Catalina was very expensive, the locals mostly drove golf

carts to get around. Around 4:30, the Catalina Flyer made her way back to Balboa

Pavilion. Later that evening, everyone went to dinner at Buca di Beppo, a restaurant right

across the street from the hotel. We ate family style, and had all these courses. The food

was amazing, and very filling.

       Friday, March 28, the students, chaperones, and the directors made their way to

the famous San Diego Zoo for the morning. Around 2:00 that same afternoon, then

everyone made their way to Sea World for the rest of the day.

       Saturday, was our last day in California, and it seemed to be a busy one. Everyone

checked out of the hotel at 8:30 in the morning and loaded the coach buses for the last

time. After everyone was checked in and ready to go, Roth said his goodbye, and

informed the school that they were his favorite group, and he hated to say goodbye.

Everyone was on the same flight coming home. The original plan was to leave California

at 12:40. But due to mechanical problems, the flight was delayed for two hours. We were

stuck on the plane for the extra two hours, and everyone was growing tired. There wasn’t

a lot of room, so students were sick, and there wasn’t much to do. We eventually left

California around 3:00 PM, and didn’t get to Chicago O’ Hare airport until 10:15. On

regular school buses, we arrived back to school around 11:00 PM. As sad as I was to

leave, I was happy to be sleeping in my own bed.

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