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									                                                                                                      1001 Bay Street, Suite 519
                                                                                                         Toronto, ON M5S 3A6
                                                                                                             Tel: 416-410-0255
                                                                                                        Agent: Deborah Anthony

                                                                                  CHRISTOPHER MOTT
           Height: 6’ 4”                       Weight: 210 Lbs                   Hair: Brown                 Eyes: Hazel

Psychic Investigators III “Fatal Extraction”        PP/Melissa’s Husband        Next Film/Cineflix/Stephen Scott
Urban Legends “Cigar Arson”                         Actor/Insurance Agent       Next Film/Cineflix/Srdjan Vilotjevic
Forensic Factor “Yvette Budram”                     Actor/CBS Agent             Exploration Productions/Tim Luke
Breaking & Entering                                 PP/Burglar                  Helicopter Inc/Andrew Hull
SLAP                                                Lead/Drag Queen/God         DK Films/Frieda Luk
Final 24 “Anna Nicole Smith”                        PP/Howard K.Stern           Next Films/Chris Bould
Killer Bug Attacks Town                             Actor/Health Team #4        Firefly Productions/Jabin Sampson
Masterminds “Krueger”                               Lead/Krueger                Red Apple Entertainment/James Hyslop
All That Is Hidden                                  PP/Thomas                   Sadistic Idiot Productions/David Scott
Zero Hour “Saddam Hussein”                          Actor/Special Ops           Cineflix Films/David Hickman
Black Monday Music Video                            SOC/News Anchor             Sun Dog Films/Evan Winter
Shadow Over The Village                             Actor/Mercenary             Lost World Films/Ron Reid Jr.
The Fairy & The Violin                              Actor/Nobleman              Independent Film/Dave Evans

Extensive list available on request

THEATRE/STAGE (selected):
Twelfth Night                                       Feste                       Urban Bard/Scott Moyle
King Lear                                           Kent                        Hart House Theatre/Jeremy Hutton
Duel of Ages                                        Errol Flynn                 True Edge Productions/Gregg Taylor
The Trojan Women                                    Talthybius                  Canopy Theatre Co/Andrea Wasserman
Macbeth                                             MacDuff                     Tempest Theatre/Jon Llyr
Everything You Ever Wanted..
To Know About Shakespeare                           Marmaduke                   Tempest Theatre/Gregg Taylor
Much Ado About Nothing                              Claudio                     Ontario Renaissance Festival/Steven Arkle
As You Like It                                      Jacques                     Ontario Renaissance Festival/Bev Nicholas
Dracula                                             Van Helsing                 University of Guelph/Ann Wilson
Lion In The Streets                                 Edward/George               University of Guelph/Harry Lane
Possible Worlds                                     Penfield/Guide              For The Love Of Louis Theatre/Steven Arkle
Next                                                Cheever                     University of Guelph/Michelle Crago
Jehanne Of The Witches                              Gilles de Rais              University of Guelph/Ric Knowles

Commercial Auditioning/Improv                       Al Catlin
Commercial/TV/Film Auditioning                      Michael Caruana/Bongo Productions
Certified Actor Combatant Advanced                  Kara Wooten/Fight Directors Canada
Unarmed Level 1                                     Roy Cox/ A.A.S.S.C.C.
PAL/Firearms Safety                                 Alec V. Shipmand/Dan Levinson/Rapier Wit Studio
Movement/Stage Combat                               Tony Wolf/Rapier Wit Studio
Stratford Academy
Voice: Ann Skinner
Text: Janine Pearson
Movement: Kelly McEvenue
U of Guelph, B.A.Honours
Monologues, Scene Study, Mask, Shakespeare, Characterization: Judith Thompson

Accents:             British RP, Cockney, British North Country, Scottish, French
Performing Arts:     Singing-Baritone (Folk/Rock), Bass Guitar
Stage Combat:        Certified Actor Combatant Advanced, Certified Combatant Instructor (Basic/Intermediate/Advanced)
                     Sword Fighting (FDC Certified E), Martial Arts Unarmed/Eastern Weapons, Environmental Weapons, Stunts (Falls,
                     Brawling, Fire, Rappelling),
Other:               Driving (Auto/Truck/Van), Basketball, Horseback Riding (Western), Canoeing, Cycling, Bartending/Serving,

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