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									 »    w A FT E R
                                  "A beautifully
 Heaven                           written, sensitive
                                  interpretation of
                                  American culture
                                  and its religious
         in America
      Since the 1950s              —Father Andrew Greeley,
             W UT HNO V              University of Chicago

                                  "After Heaven, in its
                                  range and depth of
                                  analysis of spiritual
                                  trends since the 1950s,
                                  is a worthy and wel-
                                  comed companion to the
                                  author's classic study of
     Robert Wuthnow
                                  ideological change in
After Heaven                      postwar religious institu-
Spirituality in America           tions, The Restructuring
   since the 1950s                of American Religion."
                                   —R. Scott Appleby, Cushwa
                                       Center for the Study of
                                        American Catholicism

     $29 95 clotb at bookstores   "Wuthnow has done a
     or order (-800-822-6557.
                                  superb job examining the
 UNIVERSITY OF                    current state of religious
                                  practice in America."
CALIFORNIA PRESS                    —Jacob Needleman, author                      of The New Religion
The Lustre of Our Country
 The American Experience of Religious Freedom
John T. Noonan Jr.
"One of the world's towering intellects has
produced this remarkably learned,
multidisciplinary study. Noonan fully addresses
the blight of religious violence and bigotry
along with the tolerance, love of the 'other,' and
above all the centrality of individual conscience
that ideally accompanies religious freedom."
        —Norman Dorsen, New York University
$35.00 cloth, illustrated

Buddhism in                                              A n from The Lustre of Our (Country

Contemporary Tibet                                   Haiti, History,
Religious Revival and Cultural Identity
Edited by Melvyn C. Goldstein and                    and the Gods
Matthew T. Kapstein                                  Joan Dayan
With a Foreword by Orville Schell                    New in paper—"An original
Following the Cultural Revolution, the People's      and provocative discussion
Republic of China gradually permitted the            of several topics, among
renewal of religious activity. The nature of that    them theVaudou religion."
revival is the focus of this book. The book                 —Slavery and Abolition
reveals the vibrancy of that ancient religion and    A Centennial Book, $16.95 paper,
also the problems that religion and Tibetan          illustrated
culture are facing in a radically altered world.
$40.00 cloth, $15.95 paper, illustrated
                                                     Pious Passion
                                                     The Emergence of Modern
Windows on                                           Fundamentalism in the
                                                     United States and Iran
the House                                            Martin Riesebrodt
of Islam                                             Translated by Don Reneau
                                                     New in paper—"I know . . .
Muslim Sources on
                                                     no other book so theoreti-
Spirituality and                                     cally sophisticated and
Religious Life                                       helpful for classifying and
Edited by John Renard                                studying fundamentalism in
"Brings together new or                              comparative perspective."
hard-to-find materials                                         —Theological Studies
which showcase the spiritual values, institutions,   Comparative Studies in Religion and
and communities that are at the very heart of        Society, $18.95 paper
Muslim religious experience."
          —Daniel Brown, Mt. Holyoke College
$50.00 cloth, $22.00 paper, illustrated
                                                     Heritage and
TRANSFORMATION OF                                    Hellenism
THE CLASSICAL HERITAGE                                The Reinvention of
                                                     Erich S. Gruen
The Shadows of Poetry                                "This excellent volume focuses
Vergil in ttie Mind of Augustine                     on the writings of Jews in
Sabine MacCormack                                    Greek and shows deariy that
"Maccormack traces the complex rela-                 they are not to be seen as
tionships between the pagan poet and the             apologetic or defensive
Christian theologian with subtlety and               writings but as evidencing the
grace."                                              vitality and creativity of a self-
     —Hayden White, Stanford University              confident Judaism. ... A book
A Joan Palevsky Classical Literature Book
J40.00 cloth, illustrated
                                                     of broad scholarly interest to
                                                     both scholars and everyone
                                                     interested in the development
                                                     of Judaism." —Robert Doran,
Basil of Caesarea                                                    Amherst College
Philip Rousseau                                      A selection of the History Book Club,
New in paper—"Rousseau has a thorough                Hellenistic Culture and Society,
knowledge of Basil's writings and of                 $38.00 cloth
modern critical literature.... His book is
filled with insight especially about Basil as
a man, as a member of a large family, and            Lectures on the
friend, yet the discussion of Basil's                Philosophy of
theological writings is perceptive and
sophisticated."—Religious Studies Review             Religion
$19.95 paper                                         Volume III: The
                                                     Consummate Religion
                                                     G.W.E Hegel
Holy Women of the                                    Edited by Peter C. Hodgson
                                                     New in paper—"We now at
Syrian Orient                                        last possess an adequate tool
Translated and introduced by Sebastian               for scholarly work on
P. Brock and Susan Ashbrook Harvey                   Hegel's philosophy of
New in paper with a new preface—"An                  religion. This translation ...
opportunity to explore the complex social            is bound to last more than a
history of an important and very much                lifetime."
neglected part of the late antique world:               —Religious Studies Review
the Syrian Orient, one of the major                  $19.95 paper
cultural systems contributing both to the
Eastern and Western religious heritage."             At bookstores or order 1-800-822-6651.
                                  —Classical World
$15.95 paper
                                                       University ol
                                                       California Press
                                                Strangers and Pilgrims
                                                Female Preaching in America, 1740-1845
                                                CATHERINE A. B R E K U S
                                                "Putting [both black and white] preaching
                                                women back in their place changes our
                                                understanding of the Awakenings and their
                                                meaning and empowerment of ordinary
                                                Americans."—Nell Irvin Painter, author of
                                                Sojoumer Truth; A Life, A Symbol
                                                Approx. 464 pp., 23 illus. $49.95 d I $17.95 P"
                                                Gender and American Culture

                                                God's New Israel
                                                Religious Interpretations of American
                                                CONRAD CHERRY, EDITOR
                                                Revised and Updated Edition
                                                "Scholars and students everywhere will
                                                rejoice in the reissuing of this volume. . . .
                                                Updated for the 1990s." —Robert Bruce
                                                Mullin, North Carolina State University
     Southern Cross
     The Beginnings of the Bible Belt           Approx. 448 pp. $49.95 cl I $18.95 P"

     "An extraordinarily rich exploration of
     the first hundred years of evangelical     Come Shouting to Zion
     faith in the South" —Charles B. Dew,       African American Protestantism in the
     New York Timei Book Review                 American South and British Caribbean
     352 pp. $16.95 P"                          to 1830
                                                "Provides insight into one of the great
     The Social Gospel in                       transitions in the history of the Americas.
                                                It is a work of originality, power, and
     Black and White                            significance."—Ira Berlin, University of
     American Racial Reform, 1885-1912
                                                Maryland at College Park
                                                304 pp. $49.95 c/ / $16.95 P11
     "The proper prescription to cure the
     astigmatism of the historians looking at
     the social gospel and racial reform." —    A Separate Canaan
     Christian Century                          The Making of an Afro-Moravian World
     464 pp., 23 illus. $18.95 Pa               in North Carolina, 1763-1840
     Studies in Religion                        ION F. SENSBACH
                                                "A poignant case study of religious
at bookstores or by toll-free order             accommodation to social and economic
                                                forces."—Albert J. Raboteau, Princeton
The University of North Carolina Press          University
CHAPEL HILL» PHONE [800] 848.6224               368 pp. $45 cl I $17.95 P"
                                                Published for the Omohundro Institute of
FAX [800] 272.6817                              Early American History and Culture,                Williamsburg, Virginia
The Devi Gita
The Song of the Goddess:
A Translation, Annotation, and Commentary
C Mackenzie Brown
This book provides a translation, with introduction, commentary, and an-
notation, of the medieval Hindu Sanskrit text the Detfl Gita (Song of the
Goddess). It is an important but not well-known text from the rich Sakta
(Goddess) tradition of India. The DeCl Gita was composed around the fif-
teenth century C.E., in partial imitation of the famous Bhagavad Gita (Song
of the Lord), composed some fifteen centuries earlier.
384 pages • $24-95 paperback
ISBN 0-7914-3940-2

                                                          the Earthly Body
                                                          of God
                                                          Religion and Ecology
                                                          in Hindu India
                                                          Lance E. Nelson, editor
                                                   Examining the relation be-
                                                   tween religion and ecologi-
    Drawing reprinted by permission of Psdmavasan. cal concern in Hinduism
                                                   from textual, theological, an-
thropological, feminist, and eco-activist approaches, this volume brings to-
gether an international, interdisciplinary group of scholars. The book covers
the most relevant aspects of the Hindu tradition, searching out the ecologi-
cal implications of pilgrimage and sacred geography, earth and river god-
desses, the beliefs and ritual practice of villagers, caste consciousness, and
VedSnta, Tantra, and Goddess theologies.
352 pages • $24-95 paperback ISBN 0-7914-3924-0

Postage/handling: US and Canada, add $3.50 for first copy, $.75 each additional NY State
residents, add 8% sates tax. Canadian residents, add GST. Foreign, add $5 (US) for fint copy, $1
(US) each additional copy.

                State University ofNew York Press
          c/o CUP Services • PO Box 6525 • Ithaca, NY 14851
        1-800-666-2211 (orders) • e-mail;
                              Ancient Visions
Teaching the Bible                             Christian Faith
                                                    and the
The Impact of radical changes In the dis-
cipline and the profession.                     Environment
         328 pp. 1-57075-202-8 paper $28.00

Uncommon Prayer
A Book of Psalms
Afterword by Thlch Nhat Hanh
"Revolutionary vision and his religious
commitment fuse splendidly here*
— KirkUS             160 pp. 1 -57075-193-5
                   Illustrated paper $14.00

Power In the Blood?
The Cross in the
African American Experience
The meaning of the cross as symbol of
suffering and sacrifice.
                     192 pp. 1-57075-216-8
                              paper $18.00
                                              R. S . SUGIRTHARAJAH
                                              Asian Biblical
Christian Histories,                          Hermeneutics and
Christian Traditioning                        Postcolonialism
A profound reading of Christian plurality.
                                              The modes of biblical interpretation In
                   196 pp. 1-57075-207-9
                                              Asia.             160 pp. 1 -57075-205-2
                        hardcover $26.00
                                                                         paper $20.00
The Church,                                   JULIA C H I N C
Dictatorships,                                The Butterfly Healing
and Democracy in                              A Life Between East and West
Latin America                                 An intimate story of healing on many
                                              levels.           238 pp. 1-57075-208-7
The prophetic voice of the church in
                                                                     hardcover $2240
eleven countries of Latin America.
       284 pp. 1-57075-199-4 paper $2X00

                                           Available through your bookseller
                                        or direct with MC/V1SA (UPS additional)
  MaryknoD, New York 10546                                       F
                                                                et 8
                                   1 - 8 O O - 2 5 8 - 3 8 3 8 Dp A
Todays Challenges.
                                               BRENNAN R. HILL
                                               Christian Faith and
                                               the Environment
                                               Builds a theological and spiritual frame-
                                               workforreconciling earth and faith.
                                                      250 pp. 1-57075-210-9 paper $22.00

                                               WILLIAM MADGES
                                               God and the World
                                               The doctrine of God fri texts from the
                                               first century to the present
                                                                   350 pp. 1-57075-212-5
                                                         Include* Timeline" paper $25.00

                                               GILLIAN T. W. AHLGREN
                                               The Human Person
                                               and the Church
                                               Key texts from the second century to the
                                               present on the human person.
                                                                   350 pp. 1-57075-213-3
                                                         Includes Timeline" paper $25.00

                                               VERNON RULAND
EDITORS                                        Imagining the Sacred
Taking Down Our Harps                          What it means to live, think, and pray
Black Catholics                                within different religious traditions.
in the United States                                                  270 pp. 1-57075-209-5
                                                          Illustrations 7 x 10 paper $24.00
The role and future of Black Catholics as
co-participants in the Church.
                    300 pp. 1-57075-174-9      PHILIP SHELDRAKE
                             paper $18.00
                                               Spirituality & History
JOSEPH PETULLA                                 Revised and Enlarged Edition
The Tao Te Chlng                               "Highly recommended."
Fresh Insights Into the Gospel from the                  —LAWRENCE A. CUNNINGHAM
perspective of the Tao.                                         256 pp. 1-57075-203-6
                      140 pp. 1-57075-211-7                              paper $20.00
                  Illustrations paper $12.00

                                          Available through your bookseller
                                       or direct with MC/V1SA (UPS additional)
  Maryknoll, New York 10546                                    et A
                                  1 - 8 O O - 2 3 8 - 5 8 3 8 D p F8
   This text is both indispensable and seminal. It is a
   precondition for any sophisticated discussion of
              religious studies in our time!"
           —Cornel West, Harvard University

Critical Terms for Religious Studies
Edited by Mark C. Taylor
From headlines about political turmoil in the Middle East to pop
music and videos, it is impossible to escape the pivotal role religious
beliefs and practices play in shaping selves, societies, and cultures
today. Critical Terms for Religious Studies provides a richly textured
                                       vocabulary with which this
                                       bewildering religious diversity
                                       can be effectively described
                                       and responsibly discussed.
                                       Leading scholars who work in
                                       various traditions explore the
                                       historical assumptions and con-
                                       ceptual implications of funda-
                                       mental terms for understanding

                                     "It is a sign of the maturity of a
                                     field of study when it pauses to
                                     look critically at the vocabulary
                                     it uses to talk about its subject.
                                     Critical Terms for Religions
                                     Studies examines two dozen
                                     terms that give shape to the dis-
                                     course of the study of religion
                                     and locates their usages histori-
cally and in the present moment.An extraordinary contribution, it
belongs within arm's reach of every serious student of religion."
—Paul B. Courtright. Emory University
Paper $18.00 424 pages 5 halftones, 1 table

            University of Chicago Press
            5801 South Ellis Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637
       New               from Chicago
Rethinking Modern Judaism
Ritual, Commandment, Community
Arnold M. Eben
"Eisen's fascinating account of the interaction between Jewish
religious practice and the concerns of modernity provides an insight-
ful entrance point to understanding the evolution of the theologies
of America's largest Jewish denominations."—Ttkkun
Cloth $35.00
Chicago Studies In the History of Judaism

Thinking Biblically
Exegetical and Hermeneutical Studies
Amir* LaCocque and Paul Rtcoeur
Translated by Davtd Pellauer
"Thinking BiblicaUy is a major book by two major thinkers of the
twentieth century.We are fortunate to be able to read it."
—Barry Quails, Rutgers University
Cloth (30.00

American Evangelicalism
Embattled and Thriving
Christian Smith
"One of the most sophisticated and helpful analyses of recent
evangelicalism I have seen."—George Marsden, author of
Fundamentalism and American Culture
Paper $16.00

Now in Paper

Tears and Saints
E. M. Ctoran
Translated and with an Introduction by IDnca ZarttbpoMohnston
"I am converted, liars and Saints is what Nietzsche would be like if
he had ever been born again."—Wendy Doniger
Papsr $12.00

Parish Boundaries
The Catholic Encounter with Race in Ox TwentieOhCentury
Urban North
John T. McGreevy
"[A] remarkable accomplishment       The book is enormously edify-
ing, and a pleasure to read." —R. Scott Appleby, Catholic Historical
Paper $17.00
Historical Studies of Urban America

  The University of Chicago Press Soui'i bllis A'.vniK". O h i c w . IL wXv37   wi.vwoi\'iw.udiu:iX:i"»i1ili
                   The Best in Religious Studies
                                                  Witchcraft in Early Modern
 Now in Paperback...                              Europe
 Three Studies in Medieval                        Studies in Culture and Belief
 Religious and Social                             Jonathan Barry, Marianne Hester.
                                                  and Gareth Roberts, Editors
 Thought                                          This important new collection of essays
 The Interpretation of Mary and                   offers a wide readership both an up-to-date
 Martha, The Ideal of the Imitation               account of the present state of scholarship
 of Christ The Orders of Society                  on early modern European witchcraft and
 Giles Constable                                  an indication of die direction of new research.
 These three studies concentrate on the
                                                  Contributor*: Jonathan Barry, Robin Briggs,
 changes in religious thought and institu-
                                                  Wolfgang Behringer, Brian Levack, Fernando
 tions in the eleventh and twelfth centuries,
                                                  Cervantes, Peter Elmer, Gareth Roberts, Lyndal
 and include not only monies and nuns
                                                  Roper, Jim Sharpe, Malcolm Gaskill, Marianne
 but also less organized types of life such as
                                                  Hester, Ian Bostriage, Willem de Blecourt
 hermits, recluses, crusaders, and penitents.
                                                  Part mnd Present Publications
 "The Interpretation of Mary and Martha"
                                                  0-521-63875-5     Paperback          $19.95
 deals primarily with the balance of action
 and contemplation in Christian life; "The        Religious Liberty and
 Ideal of the Imitation of Christ" studies the
 growing emphasis on the human Christ,
                                                  International Law in Europe
 especially His body and wounds; and
                                                  Malcolm Evans
 "The Orders of Society" looks at the con-        In this fascinating book Malcolm Evans
 ceptual divisions of society and the emer-       describes in detail the ways in which the
 gence of the modern idea of a middle dass.       freedom of religious belief has been incor-
                                                  porated into the legislation of the countries
 0-521-63874-7         Paperback      $24.95
                                                  of Europe. He goes on to examine the
                                                  mechanisms by which this freedom is guar-
The Catholic Crusade                              anteed, and a number of problematic cases
                                                  that have recently been discussed in the
Against the Movies,                               Council of Europe.
1940-1975                                         Cambridge Studies in Inlrmatwnol and
Gregory D. Black                                  Cowtparotive Low
For more than three decades the Catholic
                                                  0-521-55021-1        Hardback       $79 95
Church through its Legion of Decency
controlled the content of Hollywood films.        The Bible, Protestantism
Studios submitted their films to rhe Legion
for a rating, which varied from general
                                                  and the Rise of Natural
approval to condemnation. Documenting
the inner workings of the Legion, The             Peter Harrison
Catholic Crusade Against the Movies exam-         Peter Harrison examines the role played
ines how the Church acquired such control         by die Bible in die emergence of natural
and how the changes in the movie industry         science. He shows how bodi die contents
and American society at large in the post-        of die Bible, and more particulady die way
World War II era eventually conspired against     it was interpreted, had a profound influence
that institution's power and led to its demise.   on conceptions of nature from die diird
0-521-59418-9        Hardback         $59.95      century to die seventeendi.
0-521-62905-5        Paperback        $17.95      0-521-59196-1        Hardback      $64 95
                                From Cambridge
The Jews in Medieval                              Witchcraft Persecutions in
Normandy                                          Bavaria
A Social and Intellectual History                 Popular Magic, Religious Zealotry
Norman Go/6                                       and Reason of State in Early Modern
This is the first comprehensive account,          Europe
based on manuscript and archaeological            Wolfgang Behringer
evidence, of the high Hebraic culture devel-      "... essential readingforall serums students of
oped by die Jews in Normandy during die           the subject."
Middle Ages, and in particular during the             —Bob Scribner in English Historical
Anglo-Norman period.                                  Review
0-521-58032-3        Hardback      $49 95         This is a major, groundbreaking study by a
                                                  leading scholar of continental witchcraft
King James VI and I and the                       studies, now made available to an English-
Reunion of Christendom                            speaking audience for the first time. The
 W.B. Patterson                                   author has compiled a thorough overview of
This is a historical study of the career of       all known prosecutions for witchcraft in the
King James VI and I, as king of Scodand           period 1300-1800, and shows conclusively
(1567-1625) and England (1603-1625),              that witch hunting was not a constant or
who achieved a union of die crowns as the         uniform phenomenon: three-quarters of
first king of Great Britain, and who under-       all known executions for witchcraft were
took to end the recurring religious wars.         concentrated in the years 1586-1630.
Cambridge Studies in Ejtriy Modtrn British        Past and Present Publications
History                                           0-521-48258-5        Hardback       $75.00
0-521-41805-4        Hardback       $59 95
                                                  Priorities and Christian
Tolerance and Intolerance                         Ethics
in Early Judaism and                              Garth L Hallett
Christianity                                      Christians have agreed, as have others, that
Graham N. Stanton and                             preference should go to some extent to
Guy G. Stroumsa, Editors                          one's nearest, and also to some extent to the
The essays in this book consider issues of        neediest. However, to what extent should
tolerance and intolerance faced by Jews and       we give preference to which group? And
Christians between 200 BCE and 200 CE.            suppose these two preferences come into
Several essays arc concerned witJi aspects of     conflict, as they frequendy do? This book
early Jewish-Christian relationships, several     provides the fullest contemporary treatment
discuss ways Jews and Christians defined          of these issues. The author brings to bear all
themselves against die pagan world, and           the resources of theological and philosophi-
several consider issues of tolerance that arose   cal reflection on a single representative case,
in rival groups within early Judaism and          and from the single example, sheds light on
within early Christianity.                        a wide range of comparable cases, both
O-521-59O37-X        Hardback        $64.95       private and public.
                                                  New Studies in Christian Ethics 12
                                                  O-521-62351-O        Hardback        $54.95
Available In bookstores or from .
                                           40 West 20th Street. N.Y.. NY 10011-4211
                                           Call toll-free 800-872-7423.
                                           Web site:
UNIVERSITY PRFSS                           MasterCard/VISA accepted. Prices subject to change.
 PROLEGOMENA                                               JONATHAN EDWARDS
 TO THE QURAN                                              AND THE LIMITS
                      AL-SAyYIDAUAL-QAJIM                  OF ENLIGHTENMENT
                      AL-MUSAWI ALKHUI                     PHILOSOPHY
                      TRANSLATED BY
8 RlOUGOMlNAr         ABDULAZE SACHEOINA                                       LEON CHAJ
                    ! This book, which was first pub-                         Jonathan Edwards has most
                    ] lisned in Arabic in 1974, pre-       JONATHAN           often been considered in the
                    j sents al-Khui's comprehensive         EDWARDS           context of the Puritanism of New
                    i introduction to the history of the                      England. In many ways, however,
                    | Qur'an In it, he revisits marry                         he was closer to the thinkers of
                    i critical and controversial topics                       the European Enlightenment.
                    J connected with the collection                           Leon Chai explores this connec-
                      3nd ultimate canonization of the                        tion, analyzing Edwards' thought
 text that have received little attention in contempo-                        in light of a number of the
 rary Muslim scholarship since the classical age                              issues that preoccupied such
 1938 288 pp. J8O00                                                           Enlightenment figures as Locke,
                                                           Descartes, Malebranche. and Leibniz.
 New in p*prrh*di!                                         1998 192 pp. S39J5
 JOHN ASHTON                                               AND THE CREATION
 lAshton] wntes with clarity, scholarly breadth, and       OF A NEW SOCIETY
 with sensitivity for a well-turned phrase....There is
 something in his boot for almost every Johannme                               THE LATE BEN HALPERN
 scholar.. it could be used with profit as a reference                         AND JEHUDA REINHARZ
 tool and as a text in graduate seminars on John's                              "This is a seminal work on the
 Gospel"—Critical Review.                                                       history of Zionism and the emer-
 1995 (pip«r 1938) 240 pp.                                                      gence of the State of Israel. It
 paper S19JS clotbtS.00                                                         uniquely combines the history of
                                                                                ideas with social and political
 THE NAMES OF GOD                                                               analyses. The authors bring
                                                                                unusual insight to the circum-
                                                                                stances and concepts that made
 HERBERT CHANAN BRICHTO                                                         the Jewish state a possibility
                      'Like Bnchto's other writings,                            Lucid, learned, and thoughtfully
                      this work is masterfully written     written, the book is a must for every student of
                     with language that is unusually       Zionrsm and Israeli society."—Shlomo Avinen,
                      rich and danng.'                     The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
                     —Robert J. Ratner,
                                                           /Studies in Jewish History}
                      Congregation Beth Ha Tephih
                                                           1998 304 pp. $£LO0
                      In this book, Brichto argues for
                     the aesthetic and ideological
                     wholeness of the Hebrew Bible.        THE TEXT OF GENESIS 1-11
                      He uses the methods of contem-       TEXTUAL STUDIES AND CRITICAL EDITION
                      porary literary criticism to exam-
                      ine one of the greatest inconsis-    RONALD S. HENDEL
 tencies within the Book of Genesis, the alternating                             Hendel offers a careful and thor-
 use of Yahweh (the Lord) and Elohim (God) as names                             ough reexaminatJon of the text
 for the Deity                                                                  of Genesis 1-11. He takes a
 1991 480 pp. S65JM                                                             strongly positive position on the
                                                                                value of the Septuagint as a reli-
                                                                                able translation of its Hebrew
 SECLUDED SCHOLARS                                                               parent text This position is con-
 WOMEN'S EDUCATION AND MUSLIM SOCIAL                                            trary to that taken in most exist-
 REFORM IN COLONIAL INDIA                                                        ing studies of the text of
 GAIL MINAULT                                                                    Genesis, including some in stan-
 This volume gives a detailed account of the individu-                          dard editions and reference
 als, organizations, and institutions that were influen-                        works. Nevertheless, Hendel
 tial m India in the promotion of education for Muslim     shows, there is an accumulating mass of evidence
 girls in the colonial period                              indicating that his position is correct
 1938 376 pp. £5.00                                        1998 132 pp. S29J5

THE REVIVAL OF 1857 58                                    THE WESTERN CHURCH IN
INTERPRETING AN AMERICAN                                  THE MIDDLE AGES
                                                          JOHN A. F. THOMSON
                                                          From its origins in the ancient world as a rival to
This boot provides a fresh, in depth examination of       traditional paganism, Christianity has grown to
the Revival of 1857-58. a widespread religious awak-      become one of the greatest religion] the world has
ening most famous for urban prayer meetings in            ever known How the church took over spiritual con-
major metropolitan centers across the U.S Often           trol of Western Europe to become the very founda-
mentioned in religious history texts and articles but     tion of medieval life—setting a moral agenda for all
overshadowed by scholarly attention to the first and      of society and dominating its intellectual pursuits—
second "Great Awakenings,' the revival has lacked a       is the guiding inquiry at the heart of this book.
critical, book length analysis. This study will help to   (An Arnold Publication)
fill this gap and to place the event within the context   199S 256 pp. paper I113S ctotkSKLSO
of Protestant revival traditions in America
/Religion in America)
199 272 pp. MSJO                                          TAKING HEAVEN BY STORM
                                                          METHODISM AND THE RISE OF POPULAR
THE TRANSFORMING                                          CHRISTIANITY IN AMERICA
POWER OF THE NUNS                                                             JOHNH.WIGGER
                                                                              Following the Revolutionary
                                                                              War, American Methodism grew
IN IRELAND, 1750-1900                                                         at an astonishing rate, rising
MARY PECKHAM MAGRAY                                                           from fewer than 1000 members
"A tour deforce of social and cultural history. [This                         in 1770 to over 250,000 by 1820.
book] offers exciting new evidence for what scholars                          The author here seeks to explain
of Catholic women religious have come to realm—                               the puzzle of this remarkable
that nuns played a pivotal role in the devotional and                         growth, offering a provocative
educational revolutions of nineteenth-century                                 reassessment of the role of pop-
Ireland"—Suellen Hoy, University of Notre Dame                                ular religion in American life.
1MB 208 pp. S4U0                                                              /Religion in America)
                                                                              1998 2M pp. t
CONCEPT OF HOLINESS                                       Ntw i* pp
MEUSSA RAPHAEL                                            JOB THE SILENT
Raphael presents a critical examination of the contri-    A STUDY IN HISTORICAL COUNTERPOINT
bution made to the twentieth-century concept of           BRUCE ZUCKERMAN
holiness by the German Protestant Rudotf Otto (1869-      "A magnificent counterpoint to the traditional inter-
1937). Contrary to the received view that Otto's work     pretation of the biblical book of Job.. I found
is primarily significant to the history and practice of   Zuckerman's treatment of Job one of the most stimu-
the phenomenology of religion, this book argues that      lating books I have read in some time....l recommend
Otto's idea of the noty should be an anchor concept       it highly as a possible, and in many ways plausible,
of theologcal discourse.                                  reading of the book."—Hebrew Studies.
1997 S t pp. S6&00                                        1991 (paper 1998) 304 pp.
                                                          p*p«rS1&95 dotbSSJO
SOUTH, 1863-1877
"The best account we have of the impact of the Civil            Prices are subject to change
War and Reconstruction on southern Protestantism.
Stowell's consideration of the three dominant south-
                                                                  and apply only in the US.
em white denominations, of the emergence of Mack             To order, or for more information,
denominations, and of the northern religious per-                please call 1 -800-451-7556.
spective, plus the detailed comparisons of develop-           In Canada, call 1 800 387 8020.
ments in two states, Georgia and Tennessee, provide
a muttifaceted comparative perspective with atten-
tion to change over time. Well researched, clearly                     Visit our website at
written, perceptive, and judicious in tone, this is an          HTTP://WWW.OUP-USA.ORG
uncommonly rewarding work of pnmary scholarship."
—Journal of Southern History.

        Mark C. Taylor
        "An exhilarating descent into the centrifuge of postmodern
        thought, Hiding serves as critique and anodyne, uncharted
        maze and map for those intrigued by the possibilities of
        these distinctly interesting times. As an egg of knowledge,
        it is more Faberge than stone. . . . Hiding draws a number
        of fascinating observations about the nature of reality in a
        world where the lines between the real and the simulated
        have become increasingly blurred." —Elizabeth Hand,
         Washington Post

                                                 Religion and Postmodernism Series

        An Ethics of Remembering
         History, Heterology, and the Nameless Others
        Edttti Wyachogrod
        "This is a rich, complex, profound, and highly timely philo-
        sophical analysis of the task of historical reflection. It is
        everything we have come to expect from Edith
        Wyschogrod."—John D. Caputo, Villanova University
                                                 Religion and Postmodernism Series

        Prisoners of Shangri-La
         Tibetan Buddhism and the West
        Donald S. Lopez, Jr.
        "Lopez lifts the veil on America's romantic vision of Tibet
        to reveal a country and a spiritual history more complex
        and less ideal than popular perceptions allow. . . . Lively
        and engaging, Lopez's book raises important questions
        about how Eastern religions are often co-opted, assimilated
        and misunderstood by western culture."
        —Publishers Weekly
                                                                     Ctotfc i f I ftft


The University of Chicago Press
      5801 South Ellis Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60637
         Visit us at http-y/
         Abraham Geiger and the Jewish Jesus
         Susannah Heschal
         "[A] fascinating slice of religious history. . . Whereas many
         Protestant scholars of the time attempted to 'Christianize
         Judaism' by arguing that Jesus interpreted the Judaism of his
         time in an original way, Geiger argued that Jesus' message
         was neither unique nor original but that, according to
         Heschel, 'all his teachings could be found within the standard
         Pharisaic literature produced by the rabbis of his day.' . . A
         mesmerizing account of a little-told chapter in the history of
         Judaic scholarship."—Publishers Weekly, starred review
                                              Chicago Studies In the History of Judaism

All*!    On Faith
         Nathan Rotenstrelch
         Edited and with a Foreword by Paul Mendes-Rohr
         "On Faith serves as a type of summary of Rotenstreich's
         remarkable career as an interpreter of religion and as a major
         phenomenologist His analysis of faith' as a distinct phenome-
         non is one of the most original and important discussions of
         the concept in modern philosophy."—David Tracy

         God Owes Us Nothing
         A Brief Remark on Pascal's Religion and on the
         Spirit of Jansenism
         Leszek Kolakowskl
         God Owes Us Nothing reflects on the centuries-long debate
         in Christianity: how do we reconcile the existence of evil
         in the world with the goodness of an omnipotent God, and
         how does God's omnipotence relate to people's responsi-
         bility for their own salvation or damnation?
         "One of the most lucid expositions of Jansenist theology
         written. . . Historically important and theologically stimu-
         lating."—Ephraim Radner, Religious Studies Review
                                                                        rapar $11.00

    The U n i v e r s i t y of Chicago Press
        5801 South EDte Avenue, CrUca3O, IDInob 60637
           Visit us at http-.//
The Dissent of                               The Inner Citadel
the Governed                                 The Meditations of Marcus Aurdius
A Meditation on Law, Refigion, and Loyalty   PIERRE HADOT
                                             TRANSLATED BY I-BCHAB. CHASE
                                             As one of the three most important
In an impassioned defense of dissent
                                             expressions of Stoicism, this is an
Stephen L Carter portrays an America
                                             essential text for everyone interested in
dying from a refusal t o engage in dia-
                                             ancient religion and philosophy. Pierre
logue, where everybody speaks, but
                                             Hadot eminent historian of ancient
nobody fistens. It is an eloquent dagnosis
                                             thought uncovers new levels of meaning
of what ails the body politic and a pre-
                                             and expands our understanding of its
scription for a new process of response.
                                             underlying philosophy.
TreWfemEMisseySr Lectua n the history of
A O f c       • $1995 doth                   HSOOdoth

The Decent Society Augustine
                             the Reader
"At a time when the idea of decency
                                             Meditation, Self-Knowledge, and
appears in politics only in the mouths of
                                             the Ethics of Interpretation
politicians eager t o keep sex off the
                                             BRIAN STOCK
                                             In the union of pMosophy, psychology; and
Internet it is a pleasure t o come across
                                             literary insights that forms the basis of
an intelligent discussion of a much more
                                             Augustine's theory of reading, the reader
serious subject one that has had little
                                             emerges as the dominant mode) of the
attention from philosopher—how to
                                             reflective self Brian Stock provides the
txaW a society that doesn't humiliate its
                                             first full account of this theory within the
weaker members."
                                             evolution of Augustine's earty dialogues,
—Alan Ryan, NewYotk P&iew of Books
                                             his Confessions, and his systematic treatises.
JI&95 paper
                                             Betoup Press-$^95 paper

                   www.hup.horvard.udu • phone: 800 • 143 • 2242
Creation of                                    Inside the Vatican
the Sacred                                     The Politics and Organization of the
Tracks of Biology in Early Religions           Catholk Church
WALTER BURKE RT                                THOMAS J.REESE
W h y are sacrifice and numerous other         Inside the Vatican affords a firsthand look
religious rituals and concepts shared by       at the international institution that odes
so many different cultures? In this            the Catholic Church. Reese brings
extraordinary book, one of the world's         remarkable clarity t o the almost
leading authorities on ancient religions       Byzantine bureaucracy of congregations,
brings rich new insight on religious           agencies, secretariats, tribunals, nuncia-
thought, past and present and raises           ture, and offices, showing how they
serious questions about the ultimate           serve the pope and, through him, the
reasons for and the ultimate meaning of        universal church.Throughout revealing
human religiousness.                           and colorful anecdotes from church
SI5.95 paper                                   history and the present day bring the
                                               unique culture of the Vatican t o life.
Sisters in Arms                                "(This] is a very useiul reference for those
Catholic Nuns through Two Millennia            who want t o know how the Holy See
             !<AY McNAMARA                     operates.. .Without a doubt, Reese's
"McNarnara gives us a history of women's       treatment of papal elections will be a very
rights—and the lack of them—by focusing        valuable reference tool when the succes-
on religious women since the birth of          sor of John Paul II is elected...Reese gves
Christ... [A] magnificent achievement...       a balanced picture of the structure, proce-
An inspiring chronide of [nuns'] struggles."   dures, and people of the Vatican."
—Antonia Fraser,                               —Daniel F. Hoye, Commonweal
  NewYotk Times Book Review                    4Snefca.-JI5.95paper
SIR95 paper

                        : 800-448-2242
    Edited by WARREN S. BROWN,
    Scientific and Theological Portraits of Human Nature
    This collaborative project strives for greater consonance
    between contemporary science and Christian faith.
    Outstanding scholars in biology, genetics, neuroscience,
    cognitive science, philosophy, theology, biblical studies,
    and ethics join here to offer contemporary accounts of
    human nature consistent with Christian teaching, pro-
    viding a fascinating and authoritative resource.
                  272 pp paper 8-8006-3141-2 $19.00 ($27.50 in Canada)

    Edited by JOKRG M. RIEGER
    God, Mammon, and Theology
    Writing from a variety of social locations—the African
    American community, the feminist struggle, and tensions
    within Europe, North America and Latin America—
    exciting and enlightening thinkers reflect on the vastly
    changed context of and challenges to liberation.
    Participants: John B. Cobb Jr., Gustavo Gutierrez, M.
    Douglas Meeks, Jiirgen Moltmann, Joerg M. Rieger,
    Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite, Gayraud S. Wilmore.
                  160 pp paper 0-8006-3143-9 $14.00 ($20.50 in Canada)

    A basic, reader-friendly, introduction that maps the cen-
    tral ideas of the major theologians of the twentieth
    century, including Barth, Niebuhr, Bultmann, Tillich,
    Bonhoeffer, Altizer, Hamilton, Cobb, Moltmann,
    Pannenberg, Gutierrez, Ruether, Hick, and Lindbeck, and
    many others.
                 192 pp paper 8-8006-2987-7 $17.00 ($24.75 in Canada)

                      At bookstores or call 1-800-328-4648

                              FORTRESS PRESS
                           Augsburg Fortress, Publishers
            NEW                                FROM
                              Putnam Inc.
Translated and Edited by CAROLINNE WHITE. Includes
Athanasius's Life of Antony, SL Jerome's Life of Paul of Thebes, Life of
Hilarion, and Life of Martin of Tours; and Pope Gregory the
Greats Life of Benedict. 288 pp.
Penguin Classic    0-14-043526-3      $12.95                                GOD
GOD I S A V E R B                                                           VERB
KAbb*UVi Ant> tVie
Practice of M^stic^l lwt>Ai»»i
RABBI DAVID A. COOPER. "The ancient Jewish tradition is
detailed and explained in a way that can be used in everyday
life."—Atlanta Journal 352 pp.
Riverhead          1-57322-694-7      $14.00

THE FAITH FACTOR                                                            FAITH
Proof of the HcAiing Power of P r a t e r
to revive the ancient connection between science and religion,
restoring them to their original roles as the twin traditions of
healing. 320 pp.
Viking            0-670-87539-2      $24.95
                                                                     SIR! I ISM
HEW MCLEOD. "At the heart of Sikhism are the ten gurus,
who transferred authority from individual leaders to the scrip-
tures and the community itself. Sikhism explores how their
distinctive beliefs emerged from the Hindu background of the
times, how a number of separate sects split off, and how far the
ideas of sexual equality have been observed in practice."
— Illustrations. 368 pp.
Penguin original 0-14-025260-6       $14.95

From CrcAtion Mv|tli* to flic 8 ( 5 BAM5
MARCELO GLEISER."I have never read a book that gives to a non-
expert a clearer picture of science evolving within the culture of reli-
gion and mythology that gave it birth."—Freeman Dyson, Institute
for Advanced Study, Princeton University. 352 pp.
Plume              0-452-27606-3      $14.95

                    PENGUIN PUTNAM INC.
 ACAJXHIIC Marketing t>cpt. - 57? HwfsoM St. - N e w York. NY
Religious Studies from St. Martin's Press

 B O U N D A R I E S OF                                         CHRISTIAN|
EVANGELICALISM                                                  COALITION
                                                                     i> B r A M •» « *

                                  THE CRAFT                        u r M A \ it i   i n (   —

                                  OF RELIGIOUS
ON THE                            Edited by
                                  Jon R. Stone               THE CHRISTIAN
BOUNDARIES OF                     Essays represent the       COALITION
AMERICAN                          variety of research        Dreams of
EVANGELICALISM                    and analytical             Restoration,
                                  methods that               Demands for
The Postwar
                                  researchers employ         Recognition
Evangelical Coalition
                                  when examining             Justin Watson
Jon R. Stone                      religious phenomena,
"Because of its                                              "Argues persuasively
                                  whether personally or      that the coalition's
thoughtful insights               socially expressed.
. . . an excellent                                           moderate garb is not
                                  1998 / 353 pp.
introduction to the               0-312-17727-5 S4S.00 cl.   a disguise to mollify
history of American                                          critics . . . "
evangelicalism."                                                    —The New York
   —Publishers Weekly                                            Times Book Review
1997 / 240 pp.                                               1997 / 304 pp.
0-312-17342-3 $45.00 cl.                                     0-312-17236-2 $35.00 cl.

       Donald Wiebe
       Takes on the debate that has been raging in universities across
       North America and Europe for some years now: whether to
       approach religion as a science, or to study it as a form of faith.
       October 1998 / 304 pp.
       0-312-17696-1 $49.95 cl.

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                     THE JOURNAL OF
 The Journal of Theological Studies is an essential resource for
 all those engaged in historical or contemporary theological
 research. Founded in 1899, the journal is renowned as one of
 the leading English-language periodicals in its field.
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Theology and
Edited by Raymond B. Williams and Judith A. Beriing
Good teaching and learning are essential for the vitality and
effectiveness of departments and institutions of higher education
engaged in the study of religion and theology. Teaching Theology and
Religion will sustain a new international discourse among faculty
members about teaching and learning in the several sub-disciplines in
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Jews, Slaves, and the Slave Trade                               Sacred Space
Setting the Record Straight                                     Shrine, City, Land
Eli Faber                                                       Edited by Benjamin Z. Kedar
Reappraisals In Jewish Social and Intellectual History Series   and R J Zwi Werblowsky
O8147-2638-0 / $27 95 d o *                                     O8147-4680-2/ $45 0 0 doth

The Original Torah                                              Revolutionary Hebrew,
Tbt Political Intent of tie Bible's Writers                     Empire and Crisis
S. David Sperling
                                                                Four Peaks in Hebrew Literature
Reappraisals In Jewish Sooal and rnteflectud History Series
O8147-8094-6 / $40 0 0 d o *
                                                                and Jewish Survival
                                                                David Aberbach
                                                                0-8147-0673-8 / $40 0 0 doth
God Is a Conservative
Religion, Politics, and Morality in
Contemporary America                                            The Fighting Rabbis
Kenneth J. Heineman
                                                                Jewish Military Chaplains and American
OS 147-3554-1 / $ 2 6 95do<h
                                                                Albert Isaac Slomovitz
                                                                &8147-8098-9 / $35 0 0 doth
Malcolm and the Cross
The Black Muslims and the White Man's
Religion                                                        Christian Encounters
Lou DeCaro                                                      with the Other
O8147-186O4 / $29 95 doth                                       Edited by John C. Howley
                                                                &8147-3569-X / $ 18 95 paper

Servants of Allah
African Muslims Enslaved in the Americas                        The Nations That Know Thee
Sylvaine A. Diouf                                               Not
OS 147-1905-8 / $ 18 5 0 paper                                  Ancient Jewish Attitudes Towards Other
Women and Islamization                                          Robert Goldenberg
Edited by Karen Ask and Marit T|omsland                         Reappraisals In Jewish Social and Intellectual History Series
                                                                O8147-3107-4 / $37.50 doth
DUMbuted for Berg Publishers
1 -85973-2550 / $ 19 5 0 paper
                                                                Forthcoming In November

Blacks in the Jewish Mind                                       Beyond the Graven Image
A Crisis of Liberalism                                          A Jewish View
Seth Forman                                                     Lionel Kochan
Ml47-2680-1 / $35.00do*                                         08147-4703-5 / $ 18.50 paper

                                                                Forthcoming In January
Please Don't Wish Me a Merry                                    Jews among Muslims
Christmas                                                       Communities in the Precolonial Middle
A Critical History of tie Separation                            East
of Church and State                                             Edited by Shlomo Deshen
Stephen P. Feldman                                              and Walter P. Zenner
Critical America Series
                                                                &8147-9676-2 / $20.00
0-8147-2684-4 / $20.00 paper

               KYU Press                                -800-996-NYLJP :

Tlte International Bible Commentary
William R. Farmer, Editor, Armando Levoratti, Sean McEvenue, and
David L Dungan, Associate Editors; Andre LaCocque, Map Editor
                                The International    Contributors have been selected for their
                                Bible Commentary     scholarship and competence. For example:
                                brings together      S. Oyin Abogunnr                 Earl.- HI*
                                many voices          lean-Noel Aletti, S.J.           Kathleen Farmer
                                                     Gonzak> Aranda Perez             WilHam R. Farmer
                                speaking from        jesus Asurmendi Ruiz             Jean Galot, S.|.
                                different cultural   David Balas, 0 . Cist            GilberioGorgulho,O.P.
                                perspectives to      Joseph Blenkinsopp               Daniel Harrington, S.J.
                                                     Francois Bovon                   Virgil Howard
                                interpret God's
                                                     Camilla Bums, S.N.D.             Young Bong Kim
                                word in the Bible.   EnzoCortese                      Andre LaCocque
                                These voices,        Donald Deer                      Armando Levoratti
                                Catholic and         Divid Dungan                     Jose Loza Men. OP.

                                gathered from        "I feel liappy that for once we will have an international
                                around the world,    Bible commentary that is truly international."
have written their commentaries from a variety                  Teresa Ohm. S.H.C.J.
of perspectives so that the spirit of many                     Catholic Institute of West Africa
world cultures can be celebrated today.                         Port Harcourt, Nigeria
      The International Bible Commentary enables
                                                     "Como mujer, trabajar la Carta a Im Cdlatas por el
people to read and teach the Bible by helping
                                                     IBC fue una experiencia que renovo mife en que las
them to recover the ancient biblical truth in
                                                     esiructuras palriarcales y norma$ de la Iglesia y de
all its warmth and power, yet within modem
                                                     la sociedad pueden ser transformadas en beneficio
contexts. The international strength of this
                                                     de las mujeres y otros excluidos, si asumimos el
work is confirmed by the participation of
                                                     mensaje atrevidamente liberador de Pablo."
publishers who are committed to producing
                                                              Elsa Tamez
editions in English, Spanish, French, Italian,
                                                              Seminario Biblico Latinoamericano
and Polish.
                                                              San Jose, Costa Rica
      Includes sixteen pages of full color
maps and a series of line-drawings especially
                                                     2454-5         English-language edition, hardcover
prepared for this commentary that highlight
                                                                    with dust jacket, 1,968 pp., 7 x 10,
sites of particular importance.
                                                                    $99.95 plus shipping
                                                     RIGHTS: W O R L D

                                                     E.NOJSH-LANCUAGE EotTK*J AVAILABLE OCTOBER 1 9 9 8
                                                     2561-4         Spanish-language edition, hardcover
                                                                    with dust jacket, 1,968 pp., 7 x 10,
                 $89.95                                             tentatively $99.95 plus shipping
                                                     RJCHTS: Noimi AMEUCA
       (UNTIL SEPTEMBER 15, 1998)                    SPANBH-IANGL A( :E EDITION AVABA«LE FEBRUAOT 1999

  Available from your religious bookstore or                              phone: 1-800-858-5450
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        P.O. Box 7500, Collegeville, MN 56321-7500                         tveb:
                   New from Scholars Press

Life Ethics in World Religions                    Power, Powerlessness, and the
Dawne C McCance, editor                           Divine
   This timely                                    New Inquiries In Bible and Theology
collection of essays                              Cynthia L Rigby, editor
presents analyses of                                T h e authors have
ethical teachings in                             articulated and
major world religions                            demonstrated a way
on issues of sexuality                           of engaging Bible
and sexual                                       and theology with
difference,                                      each other. They
contracepnon and                                 have proposed
reproduction, death                              convincingly and in
and dying, ecology                               a variety of ways that
and warfare. Written                             theology can go on
especially for this                              in full
volume by some of Canada's leading               acknowledgement of
scholars in religious studies, the book          the real complexity that is in the world
introduces readers, students, and scholars to    while struggling to find a coherence that
the wide range of ethical approaches found       suggests neither faith nor life is wholly
in world religions. The essays assembled         chaotic or fully relative."—Patrick D. Miller,
here encompass more than analysis of             Princeton Theological Semmary
biomedical problems and possibilities. They
deal with the ethics of life and extend the         "This collection illustrates the importance
range of bioethics to feminist and                to theology and theological education of a
environmental concerns, and interpreta-           genuinely open discussion of the authority,
tions of life and ethics not prevalent in the     meaning, and influence of biblical texts
contemporary West. Written in a highly            within and beyond the communities that
accessible style, this volume will appeal to a   .regard them as scripture. Where differences
broad spectrum of readers as a means to           are seriously and respectfully
investigate the views of varying religious        possibilities for our life with these texts can
traditions on the meanings of life and death.     emerge."—Charla M. Wood, Southern
   Code: 78 00 03        178 pages      (1998)    Methodist University
   Paper $29.95         ISBN: 0-7885-452-5
                                                   Contributors include Rita Nakashima
                                                 Brock, Claudia V. Camp, Kimberly
                                                 Chastain, Paul D. Hanson, Catherine
                                                 Keller, Burton L. Mack, Patrick D. Miller,
                                                 Cynthia L. Rigby, William Schweiker, Gerd
                                                 TheiBen, Michael Welker, Vincent L.
                                                   Code: 00 08 09     314 pages      (1997)
                                                   Cloth: $39.95      ISBN: 0-7885-0422-3
                                                   Paper $24.95       ISBN: 0-7885-0423-1

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