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									2010 Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame Inductees with former First Lady Frances Strickland

                         HALL OF
                         LIVING THE LEGACY

                     Call for Nominations
                                    HALL OF
                                    LIVING THE LEGACY

A Message from the Ohioana Library
Ohio women have made and continue to make a positive difference in our communities,
state, nation and world. We invite you to help us publicly recognize the outstanding
accomplishments of Ohio women by nominating an exceptional woman for the Ohio
Women’s Hall of Fame (OWHF). We urge you to spread the word to family, friends,
colleagues and other organizations and encourage them to nominate Ohio women who
have made, or are making, history.

The Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame has played an important role in celebrating and
preserving the current and historic contributions of Ohio’s women. To date, more than
400 women have received the prestigious distinction of being inducted into the OWHF   .
Together, we can continue to honor the tremendous achievements of Ohio’s talented
and inspirational women.

We also invite you to join us for the OWHF Induction Ceremony on August 25, 2011 at the
Ohio Statehouse. This annual event is free and open to the public, and gives us all the
opportunity to honor and celebrate some of Ohio’s most remarkable women each year.

About the Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame
The Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame was established in 1978 by the Women’s Division of
the Ohio Bureau of Employment Services (now part of the Ohio Department of Job and
Family Services) to publicly recognize the many outstanding contributions Ohio women
have made to their state and nation. Members of the Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame come
from all walks of life, but each has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to
excellence, achievement and service to others. The Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame serves as
a daily tribute to these women who are an ongoing source of pride and inspiration for all
Ohioans – especially our state’s next generation of leaders.

The Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame honors Ohio women who emerge as leaders in their
fields, often against great odds, with courage, determination and compassion. By
celebrating their accomplishments, their struggles and triumphs, we prepare our children
for the choices they must make and the challenges yet to come.
Nomination, Eligibility, Guidelines
and Selection Criteria
Nominate an outstanding woman today! Please fill out the enclosed Ohio Women’s
Hall of Fame 2011 nomination information form in its entirety and return by April 1, 2011.
Nominees must have been born in Ohio or lived in Ohio a minimum of five years.
Each nomination will be considered for a period of three years. Current State of Ohio
employees and elected officials are not eligible for induction into the Ohio Women’s
Hall of Fame.

In addition to the information requested on the form, please provide a written summary
of the nominee’s achievements that includes:
 •	 a	description	of	all	significant	accomplishments,	including	dates,	the	beneficiaries	of	
    these efforts and their local, statewide, national or international impact;
 •	 an	explanation	of	the	uniqueness	of	the	nominee’s	contributions	to	the	course	of	
    history to impact past, present or future generations, and how she provides an
    example for others;
 •	 an	account	of	how	the	achievement	is	or	was	unprecedented,	unequaled,	a	first	for	
    women or an inspiration to others;
 •	 a	chronological	listing	of	significant	awards	by	the	nominee;	and
 •	 a	photograph	(5x7	or	larger)	of	the	nominee.

Attach no more than five additional pages, which must be typed and double-spaced. No
more than five pages will be reviewed for each nomination.

With the exception of women nominated posthumously, the signature of the nominee
must be included on the nomination form. The signature of the nominator is also

Nominations will be reviewed by an appointed committee and forwarded to the governor
for consideration.

Nominations will be evaluated on the scope and impact of the nominee’s verified
achievements and the extent to which her efforts provide inspiration for other women.

The nomination form can be found at www.jfs.ohio.gov/women and should be
submitted to the Ohioana Library, 274 East First Avenue, Suite 300, Columbus, Ohio
43201 or ohioana@ohioana.org and postmarked by April 1, 2011. The Nomination and
all attachments will become property of the Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame and will not be

All inquiries and questions should be directed to the Ohioana Library at (614) 466-3831.

                  The Ohioana Library is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Provider of ADA Services
 Members of the Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame
Bernice Abbott                  Eva Mae Parker Crosby            Joy Hintz                      Helen Grace McClelland        Helen Santmyer
Mary L. Jobe Akeley             Faye H. Dambrot                  Shirley G. Hoffman             Nina I. McClelland            Ludel B. Sauvageot
Florence E. Allen               Jo Ann Davidson                  June A. Holley                 Anne O’Hare McCormick         Lauretta Schimmoler Rozella
Harriet J. Anderson             Pamela B. Davis                            .
                                                                 Nancy P Hollister              Rubie J. McCullough           May Schlotfeldt
Margaret J. Andrew              Ruth L. Davis                              .
                                                                 Carole F Hoover                Barbara Janis Megargel        Margaret Unnewehr Schott
Earladeen Badger                Doris Day                        Katie T. Horstman              Florence Spurgeon Zacks       Josephine Lindeman Schwartz
Sheila G. Bailey                Kim K. de Groh                           .
                                                                 Lillie P Howard                Melton Agnes S. Merritt       Evlyn Gray Scott
Carol L. Ball                   Margarita De Leon                Sharon D. Howard               Lucille Gregg Middleton       Carol Scott
Kathleen L. Barber              Sarah M. Deal                    Adella Prentiss Hughes         Ruth R. Miller                Henrietta Buckler Seiberling
Judy Barker                     Ruby Dee                         Eusebia Simpson Hunkins        Mary E. Miller-Young          Phyllis Shapiro Sewell
Dorothy Champion Baunach        Zell Patti Smith Hart Deming     Jane Edna Hunter               Jerrie L. Fredritz Mock       Maria Sexton
Mildred Mason Bayer             Raquel Diaz-Sprague              Jennie Hwang                   Betty D. Montgomery           Thekla R. Shackelford
Mother Mary of the              Phyllis Diller                   Josephine Irwin                Donna B. Moon                 Fanchon Shur
Annuciation Beaumont            Gertrude W. Donahey              Grace Goulder Izant            Martha C. Moore               Muriel Siebert
Sandra Shank Beckwith           Electra Collins Doren            Luella Talmadge Jackson        Lana Z. Moresky               Rita N. Singh
Mary Jo Behrensmeyer            Martha Dorsey                    Rebecca D. Jackson             Toni Morrison                 Eleanor Cutri Smeal
Mildred Wirt Benson             Rita Dove                        Janet E. Jackson               Ellen Mosley-Thompson         Katherine May Smith
Grace Berlin                    Grace L. Drake                   Dorothy O. Jackson                     .
                                                                                                Helen F Moss                  Jayne Baker Spain
Daeida Hartell Wilcox           Zell Draz                        Eleanor Jammal                 Helen Warner Muholland        Paula A. Spence
Beveridge                       Cynthia Drennan                  Elsie Janis                    Gratia Murphy                 Marian Regelia Alexander
Mary Ann Ball Bickerdyke        Joan Durgin                      Lillian Janis                  Linda James Myers             Spencer
Anna Ash Biggins                Charity Edna Adams Earley        Geraldine Jensen               Amelia Nava                   Stefanie Spielman
Ione M. Biggs                   Barbara J. Easterling            Billie A. Johnson              Cathy D. Nelson               Charlene Spretnak
Faye R. Biles                   Antoinette Parisi Eaton          Stephanie Tubbs Jones          Mary Louise Soltes Nemeth     Mary “Jen” Steinbrenner
Amelia Smiley Bingham           Ann Eriksson                     Mary Ann Jorgenson             Andre Norton                  Gloria Steinem
Eula Bingham                    Elizabeth Evans                  Janet Kalven                   Karen Nussbaum                Bobbie Sterne
Tina Bischoff Lovin             Naomi J. Evans                   Dorothy Kamenshek              Lucille Nussdorfer            Ella Nora Phillips Myers Stewart
Carrie Nelson Black             Louisa K. Fast                   Carol Kane                     Mary Rose Oakar               Harriet Beecher Stowe
Helen Chatfield Black           Barbara K. Fergus                Rosabeth Moss Kanter           Annie Oakley                  Kathryn Sullivan
Patricia Ann Blackmon           Alicia G. Fernandez-Mott         Kathy Kapossy-Palasics         Nancy C. Reynolds Oakley      Phebe Temperance Sutliff
Elizabeth Blackwell             Nanette Davis Ferrall            Marcy Kaptur                   Ann O’Rourke                  Ethel G. Swanbeck
Rena J. Blumberg Olshansky      Luceille Fleming                 Bettye Ruth Bryan Kay          Martha Potter Otto            Hope Taft
Jeraldyne Kilborn Blunden       Patricia Louise Fletcher         Sister Dorothy L. Kazel        Alvarene N. Owens             Mary Emily Taylor
Frances Payne Bolton            Daisy M. Flowers                 Merle Grace Kearns             Darlene M. Owens              Gayle Channing Tenenbaum
Erma L. Bombeck                 Bernice W. Foley                 Edith M. Keller                Paige Palmer-Ashbaugh         Louella Thompson
Rebecca S. Boreczky             Lucille G. Ford                  Carol S. Kelly                 Rose L. Papier                Jerry Sue Thornton
Caro Bayley Bosca               Nancy Frankenberg                Jane Kirkham                   Marjorie B. Parham            Suzanne Timken
Mary L. Bowermaster             Dorothy (Dora Schnell)           Tella Kitchen                  Harriet Hyman Parker          Deanna L. Tribe
A. Margaret Boyd                Fuldheim                         Sister Consolata Kline         Helen Hoff Peterson           Marian Trimble
Elizabeth M. Boyer              Frances Dana Gage                Bernice Kochan                 Emma Phaler                   Jean Starr Untermeyer
Mary O. Boyle                   Ursula M. Gallagher              Cheryl Krueger-Horn            Edna D. Pincham               Harriet Taylor Upton
Harriet Bracken                 Carole Garrison                  Blanche E. Krupansky           Catherine Pinkerton           Carolyn G. Utz
Christine Brennan               Marilyn Hughes Gaston            Maggie Eliza Kuhn              Martha J. Pituch              Marigene Valiquette
Hallie Q. Brown                 Sister Mary Ignatia Gavin        Carol S. Kuhre                 Minnie Player                 Virginia MacMillan Varga
Jeanette Grasselli Brown        Ann Gazelle                      Virginia L. Kunkle             Willa B. Player               Charlene Ventura
Yvette McGee Brown              Zelma Watson George              Beatrice Lampkin               Maxine Stephenson Plummer     June Vereeke-Hutt
Frances Seiberling Buchholzer   Carol Gibbs                      Joan E. Lamson                 Yvonne Pointer                Nancy Vetrone-Bieniek
Marilyn Byers                   Nikki Giovanni                   Hattie Lena Gadd Larlham       Jennie Davis Porter           Janet Voinovich
Patricia M. Byrne               Lillian Gish                     Bea V. Larsen                  Lorle Porter                  Lillian D. Wald
Marianne Boggs Campbell         Hooker Glendinning               Carol Hilkirk Latham           Susan L. Porter               Selma Lois Walker
Joan Brown Campbell             Annie Glenn                      Mary K. Lazarus                Diane W. Poulton              Ann B. Walker
Jean Murrell Capers             Aurora Gonzalez                  Rebecca J. Lee                 Elizabeth McMichael Powell    Yvonne Walker-Taylor
G. Maxine Carnahan              Olga D. Gonzalez-Sanabria        Emily L. Leedy                 Renee Powell                  Stella Walsh
Shannon K. Carter               Rae Natalie Prosser Goodall      Dr. Jih-Fen Lei                Margaret Arline Webb Pratt    Julia Curry Montgomery Walsh
Carol A. Cartwright             Jewel Freeman Graham             Lois Lenski                    Deborah Pryce                 Farah M. Walters
Frances Jennings Casement       Michelle Y. Graves               Alice Raful Lev                Anastasia N. Przelomski       Florence Wang
Joy Garrison Cauffman           Beverly J. Gray                  Katherine S. LeVeque           Virginia M. Purdy             Anita Smith Ward
Tracy Chapman                            .
                                Susan F Gutermuth Gray           Maxine Goodman Levin           Margaret Diane Quinn          Georgeta Blebea Washington
Dorothy McAlpin Maguire         Esther M. Greisheimer            Fannie M. Scott Lewis          Dr. Kasturi V. Rajadhyaksha   Glenna L. Watson
Chapman                         Jill Harms Griesse               Cathy Monroe Lewis             Lottie Randolph               Faye Wattleton
Julia Chatfield, O.S.U          Georgia Griffith                 Sylvia Lewis                   Rachel Redinger               Doris M. Weber
Gail Collins                    Cathy Guisewhite                 Maya Lin                       Jane Reece                    Clara E. Weisenborn
Bunny Cowan Clark               Ivy S. Gunter                    Sister Nancy Linenkugel, OSF   Mary A. Regula                Marion S. Wells
B. Marie Clarke                 Virginia Esther Hamilton         Irene Duhart Long              Jean Waid Reilly              Michele G. Wheatly, Ph.D.
Beatrice J. Cleveland           Ann Hamilton                     Tami Longaberger               Alice Robie Resnick           Marjorie M. Whiteman
Patricia L. Clonch              Sarah J. Harper                  Ruth Reeves Lyons              Judith A. Resnik              Bernett L. Williams
Virginia J. Coffey              Sister Jean Patrice Harrington   Martha Shorts MacDonell        Emma Ann Reynolds             Yvonne C. Williams
Maude Charles Collins           Sarah E. Harris                  Geraldine Macelwane            Helen Steiner Rice            Grayce Edwards Williams
Viola Famiano Colombi           Kathleen V. Harrison             Audrey Mackiewicz              Pauline S. Riel               Celia Williamson
Lois Ann Barr Cook              Florence Harshman                Anne Variano Macko             Viola Startzman Robertson     Nancy Wilson
Christine M. Cook               Lucille L. Hastings              Elizabeth Stewart Magee        Linda Rocker Sogg             Freda Gerwin Winning
Martha Kinney Cooper            Elizabeth Hauser                 Joyce “Snowfeather” Mahaney    Margaret Brugler Rogers       Mary Ellen Withrow
Sally J. Cooper                 Cindy Noble Hauserman            Margaret Mahoney               Barbara Ross-Lee              Joyce Wollenberg
Dorothy Alice Cornelius         Sister Donna L. Hawk             Carolyn Mahoney                Beryl Rothschild              Margaret W. Wong
Alvina Costilla                 Lucy Ware Webb Hayes             Farah Majidzadeh               Lee Rubin                                  .
                                                                                                                              Jacqueline F Woods
Mercedes Cotner                 Bernadine Healy                  Barbara A. Mandel              Virginia J. Ruehlmann         Betty Zane
Claudia J. Coulton              Mariwyn Dwyer Heath              Virginia Manning               Elizabeth S. Ruppert          Stella Marie Zannoni
Betsy Mix Cowels                Joan C. Heidelberg               Norma Snipes Marcere           Judith S. Rycus               Helen E. Weiner Zelkowitz
Norma B. Craden                 Carol Heiss Jenkins              Marie Barrett Marsh            Julie Salamon                 Nancy L. Zimpher
Ellen Walker Craig-Jones        Elsie D. Helsel                  Ada M. Howe Martin             V. Lanna Samaniego
Loann Crane                     Clarice Gamble Herbert           Sister Mary Andrew Matesich    Mother Mary
Ruth Porter Crawford            Lousie McCarren Herring          Jacquelyn J. Mayer             Adelaide Sandusky

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