AIR HOSTESS (PDF) by ghkgkyyt


									AIR HOSTESS
Rock Events 2011
January                                        April

2nd Cactus Jack                                2nd Paul Robinson

9th Mick Rutherford Band                       3rd Devils Advocate

15th Abandon (Classic Rock)                    10th All Fired Up

16th Copperhead (Classic Rock)                 17th Faithealer (Classic Rock)

23rd Sore Point                                24th Junction (Classic Rock)

29th Krusade (Classic Rock)                    23rd Little Giants

30th New Tricks (Rock & Blues)

February                                       1st Rough & Ready Band (Classic Rock)

6th Airborne (Classic Rock)                    8th The Fog

5th 4am Forever (Duo)                          15th Dark Horse

13th Free & Co                                 22nd Toasted Frog

20th Midnight                                  29th Abandon (Classic Rock)

27th Buzzard

March                                          5th Not Now Kato (Classic Rock)

6th Pugma-Ho                                   12th Tin Soldier (Classic Rock)

13th Metropolis                                19th Krusade (Classic Rock)

20th deliverance                               26th 3 Above The Shark) Classic Rock

27th Handle with Care
                                               Beer Festival
                                               21st-24th April

Air Hostess Public House. Stanstead Avenue, Tollerton, Nottinghamshire, NG12 4EA

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