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									estate planning
Transferring assets to future generations
Taking care of those who matter to you is
important every day.
But when it comes to providing a secure
future that ensures the well-being of your
loved ones, it is absolutely vital.
   With all that happens during a busy day, it’s often easy to leave thoughts about the
   future in the back of your mind. But in really delving into these thoughts, most of us
   conclude that nothing is actually more important.

   Careful estate planning helps you transfer assets to future generations, while optimising
   tax liabilities. It is crucial to draw up a plan during your lifetime, rather than leave
   it to the execution of your will. Estate planning takes careful preparation. Individual
   situations, wishes and ambitions all form the basis for a personal estate plan, but how
   you draw it up is key.

   People often find it helpful to have an involved partner like ABN AMRO Private
   Banking to offer experience, strategic suggestions and support in creating the right
   plan for their circumstances. For as you well know, a solid estate plan not only creates
   financial security for future generations, it contributes to a comfortable mindset in the

A well-considered estate plan will make all
the difference to your loved ones.
   When executed correctly, it will help you leave as much of your legacy to them as
   possible. It’s wonderful to know that you can contribute to ensuring your partner’s,
   children’s or grandchildren’s – or even other people’s – financial security, or provide
   them with the means to reach their ambitions.

   Some may like to consider leaving (a part of) their legacy to society or charity. You may
   wish to make charitable donations or leave a more permanent mark to help a particular
   beneficiary. Maybe you would like to found your own charity?

   Whatever your estate planning needs are, ABN AMRO Private Banking will ensure that
   your family’s wealth and well-being are as secure as possible. We can, for example,
   strategically and appropriately aim to minimise, gift- and estate tax where possible.
your legacy
their future
your preparation
our support
your wealth
their future
your timing
our guidance
Preparation is at the heart
of a successful plan
   To create the right plan, you need to create the right circumstances for you and your
   beneficiaries to prosper. A thorough understanding of your own objectives and financial
   needs, along with your family’s circumstances and the ability to anticipate possible
   obstacles or surprises is required.

   Your ABN AMRO Estate Planner is an expert at understanding, anticipating and
   responding to the key moments in life that make successful estate planning a challenge.
   In helping you draw up your plan, we assist you in separating your personal financial
   needs from your estate planning goals – thus ensuring that you meet today’s needs,
   and tomorrow’s goals and dreams.

   We work with you to create the most effective wealth transfer. Our experience of the
   best methods and correct timing to transfer wealth will enable you to grow and protect
   your assets for your loved ones, today, tomorrow and in the future.

   Our services include:
   • Legal support: including pre-nuptial agreements
   • Will management: providing certainty for you and your beneficiaries
   • Asset insurance: safeguarding your assets for future generations
   • Setting up a foundation: ideas to help create a lasting legacy, and
   • Advisory team communication: working alongside your trusted advisors such as tax
     lawyers, notaries, accountants, etc.

Our mission is to help you build and
protect your assets, so that you can
transfer as much wealth as possible to
your valued beneficiaries, at the most
suitable times.
International estate planning
   Many of our clients have business interests, residences and other investments or rela-
   tives in more than one country. For those individuals, it is especially important to work
   with a global private bank like ABN AMRO. It takes a higher degree of preparation and
   expertise to ensure that your estate is optimally structured to turn possibly challenging
   circumstances into opportunities for growth and security.

   One of the major pitfalls of international estate planning is that of ‘double taxation’
   – when the same (business or private) income or asset is subject to tax in multiple
   countries and jurisdictions. ABN AMRO Private Banking will help you act to ensure
   your wealth is preserved and kept in good order.

   At ABN AMRO Private Banking, we help you face the complexities of your global situa-
   tion head-on, with the finest resources at hand, so as to devise a solution tailored to your
   specific personal circumstances.

Ensuring financial success through
strategic estate planning
   If you would like to know more about our Estate Planning solutions and options –
   or any of our numerous high-quality products and services – we kindly invite you
   to contact us on one of the telephone numbers mentioned on the backside of the

   You can also learn more about our extensive and highly versatile product and service
   range by visiting our site,
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