The Newbie Internet Marketer by ps94506


									     The Newbie Internet

            Report By: Kraig Milward

Ok, my aim behind this report is to provide the new
Internet Marketer a guide to what he/she needs as
minimum to get started in this rewarding business.

I will try and make it as simple as possible and begin with
what you need first before anything else.

I would just like to point out that the information given is
purely on my experience and what I have learnt, also what
has worked for me, so feel free to use what has worked
for yourself, coupled with the information that I am about
to give you.


The Newbie Internet Marketer ......................1
Chapter 1. Finding A Market/Niche............................... 3
Chapter 2. Keyword Research ............................................... 4
Chapter 3. Purchasing A Domain ...................................... 8
Chapter 4. Getting A Hosting Account ...................... 9
Chapter 5. Promoting Affiliate Products ................ 10

Chapter 1. Finding A Market/Niche

There’s no point in building a website from a market/niche that
your unable to make any money from. That makes sense right?

Of course it does, so what we need to do is a little research first.
Now there are many ways in finding your profitable market/niche,
but what I’m going to do is cut out a lot as I’m sure you just want to
get going with this!

So, the best place that I have found to find a profitable niche is;

Clickbank is an Affiliates Marketplace where you can go and find
other peoples products to promote. Now the good thing about
Clickbank is that if you can’t find a certain product in Clickbank,
there’s a reason for that?

It just isn’t profitable, so why would Clickbank want Markets that
are not profitable?

They wouldn’t, they need to make money right?

So what you have here is a ‘Marketplace’, all the research done for

My Top 4 Markets/Niches Are:

   •   Health
   •   Wealth
   •   Relationships
   •   Salvation/Spirituality

So there you have it, your Market/Niche research done!!

There are other ways, but you wont go far wrong just by following
this method, my aim is to give you quality information to get you

Chapter 2. Keyword Research

Why Is Keyword Research Important
Keyword research is very important especially if you want to get your
website ranked in Google using free advertising methods, known as SEO
(Search Engine Optimisation). Your keyword may also act as your
Domain name, and if you use your chosen keyword as a Domain, well
you would greatly increase your chances of your website showing in
Googles search engine, which means Free Traffic!

So lets get started!
The only tools we are going to use here are Google very own, this is

   •   It’s Free to use
   •   Easy to use
   •   Just as good as paid keyword tools( when you know how to use
       them correctly)

The tool I want you to search for is “adwords keyword tool”.

It should be at the top. Now go into it and you will just have to enter the
Captcha code (Security check).

Google have just updated there keyword tool and in my opinion it’s not
as good as it was, but luckily you can change it back to it’s old settings.

So in the top right hand corner you will see “Previous Interface”, go
ahead and click it.

Next you will see on the left it says:
Results are tailored to English, United Kingdom Edit

If yours says the same as above, click ‘Edit’ and change to ‘United

Next, enter your keyword for your chosen niche; for eg; lose weight,
make money online, I want my ex back.

Then enter the Captcha code and click ‘Get Keyword Ideas’

Now find the box below:

Choose columns to be displayed:          and click it

Then Click;

        •   Show Estimated Avg CPC
        •   Show Search Volume Trends
        •   Hide Local Search Volume

Just click on Global Monthly Search Volume so then the Arrow next
to Global is pointing down. (It will organise the results so that they’re
easier to use).

Next, go to dropdown menu as below and make sure currency is in
USD $ then click Re-Calculate.
Calculate estimates using a different maximum CPC bid:
 US Dollars (USD $)

Then just change the match type to “Phrase”

I could write a full Ebook on Keyword research, as it is very important.
What I am giving you is a fast track method to get you a site up and
running, however I do still recommend that you research this particular
area further.

My Example keyword/s chosen is “how to get your ex girlfriend back”.
So other than the keyword/s being different, this is what you should see.

Ok, your doing Great!

Now what do the Keyword results mean in the header, Check out the
screen shot below, and I will try to explain but again keeping it simple as

Things are hopefully making a bit more sense to you. Now you need to
know what results you are looking at and which are good keywords. Go
check out the screen shot below.

If you can meet this criteria then your on to a winning keyword/keyword
phrase. When you think you have found the right keyword, just copy it
and paste it into Google. You can than evaluate the keyword a little more.

Put your keyword in Quotes “Keyword” then click Search. Your results
you want to see are as before in the Adwords Keyword Tool.

Over 3,000 searches is what you want to see, the Adwords Keyword Tool
is not always accurate so always check your keywords again in the search

Just a quick tip here, if you put;


In front of your keyword, this will tell you how many people have used
the keyword in there Page Title.

Eg. Lets say my keyword is “how to get girlfriend back” then just do this;

allintitle:how to get girlfriend back

What this will do is tell you how many people are using this keyword in
the title of there website. Can be very effective!

One last tip before we move on, just try out Googles ‘Wonder Wheel’.
You will find it on Googles first page, just on the left under;
  • More search tools, then under
  • Standard view

That’s it for Keyword Research, but like I mentioned earlier, Keyword
research is a big Important topic so go and do a bit more research on the
subject as I have only scratched the surface.

Chapter 3. Purchasing A Domain

What Is A Domain And Where Do I Get One
A Domain name is an address that your website is listed under, it is
unique to your website. They can have various extensions ie; .com, .org,, .biz, .info.

You can get a Domain Name from many places, these are called Domain
registrars. But there are only two that I am going to recommend to you,
this is because I find they are the cheapest and easy enough to use.

The Two places to purchase your Domain Names then are;


Now both of these are very good places to get your Domains, the good
thing about both of them is that you can get discount codes. All you need
to do is go to Google and do a simple search like;

   •   godaddy coupon codes
   •   namecheap coupon codes

Any simple search will bring up the discount offers, these will be codes
like ‘DIGG44’ and all you would do is get the appropriate code and paste
it in to the promotional offer section of your Domain registrar at the
check out.

The purchase of a Domain Name is relatively easy and really the only
thing that you will need to change is the NameServer name. Which is
what links your Domain to your Host. You will get this from your Host
when you set up an account with them.

Chapter 4. Getting A Hosting Account

What Is A Host And Where Do I Get One
A Host is basically a company that will broadcast/show your website so it
is live to the world. There is a lot that you can do with a hosting account
but as I’ve previously said, I am going to try and keep it basic.

So, the main thing that you need in my previous experience is Excellent
Customer Support for when things go wrong! And from time to time they
do and believe me when you can’t get help from them, it drives you
mad!! In my case I had lost a lot of my website, not good.

The other thing that you need with your hosting account is a C Panel.
This is very important as it just makes the experience of using your
Hosting Account a lot easier. Not only that, within your C Panel you will
have an application called ‘fantastico de lux’ and inside of that you will
have WordPress. Now with WordPress you can use this to build your
websites and it’s pretty easy to do, and has no extra charge on using it.
The best thing is that Google love it and you will find it easier to rank in
the search engines. Just again do your own research on how to use it
correctly, but I’m sure you will love it.

When you begin searching for your hosting account you will find there is
a hell of a lot, so just be careful and go for recommendations if you are
unsure. The one that I am Completely happy with is;

There Customer Support is second to none!! Excellent, and they have a
‘Real’ online support team. I don’t work for them by the way, giving
them all this hype, lol. I have just had bad experiences with others, and

problems with your host may mean your websites are not showing which
isn’t good!

So Choose Carefully!
An example of what your Nameserver will look like is;


This would be placed in your Registrar (where you purchased your
Domain Name), under Nameservers. It can be done whilst your in the
process of purchasing your Domain or After, so don’t worry to much.

Chapter 5. Promoting Affiliate Products

Where Do I Find A Product To Promote

There are a lot of places that you can find to Promote Products, and
Affiliate Networks are the best place to start looking. Some of these are;


That really is just a few of them, but to me the main ones that you want to
consider. Within these Affiliate Networks you will literally find
thousands of products that you are able to promote.

Once you have an account with any of the Affiliate Networks you can
instantly begin promoting these products. You will get your very own
unique Id, which will track back any sales that you have made into your

I love Clickbank myself, and is the biggest out of them all, so I am going
to give you some information on it.

There are different ways that you can choose products to promote.

The first is to choose a product that is selling well and that other
Affiliates are promoting. If Affiliate are getting commissions from a
product surely that is the one to go for!

Or is it?

Look at it this way, if a lot of other Affiliates are promoting it, is it
flooding the market with the same product, which in turn is giving you a
lot of competition. That isn’t necessarily what you want.

Now your other option is to promote a product with all the key benefits
that you want in an Ebook, and has low competition. These products are
normally the new releases, so it doesn’t mean that there not any good;
you just need to know that they have all the right components within to
make those sales!

Lets go and find a product in Clickbank. When your on the homepage at
the top you will see ‘Marketplace’ so go ahead and Click it.
The next page you see has got all the Categories on the left hand side.
Choose what Category your Market/Niche is in. I am going to choose
‘Health and Fitness’ .

On your next page you want to ‘Sort Results By Gravity’. What this has
done is brought up all the products that Affiliates are making
commissions with to the top.

See Screen Shot Below;

Doing the above method is the safe bet, as you know the Product ‘Sells’.

But your other option as I mentioned earlier is to choose a product with
low competition. Get it wrong though and you may never get sales, the
product is either ‘New’ or the product is just simply ‘Crap’.

Lets take a look at the Screen Shots Below to see what we need;

I would just like to add that the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee is
actually a requirement by Clickbank, and wouldn’t of been accepted into
the MarketPlace if it didn’t have this. So just make sure it is easy to see!

Well that’s the end of this Ebook now, so I hope it has given you the
basics to get started with Internet Marketing, as that is what the aim of
this Ebook has been for me. There will be bits that haven’t been
explained in this Ebook, but what I have learnt is, you yourself needs to
go out there and fill in the missing pieces. Know one is going to do it for
you and there is no ‘Easy’ way or ‘Quick’ way to achieve an Internet
Marketing Business.

What you need to do is take the information that I have given you and
carry on learning from it.

You make your Own Success!

So Good Luck To All Of You,

Kraig Milward


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