Agpro Flush Tanks by ghkgkyyt


									Agpro                    ®


                                 •   Fully Self-contained
                                 •   Storage, release and control in ready-to-use
                                 •   Ideally suited to parlor and holding pen flush
                                     applications, calf barns, treatment pens and
                                      working areas.
                                 •   Simple, rugged construction for extended,
                                      maintenance free service.


                                                                            FREQUENTLY ASKED

 Question:         Can Flush Tanks clean both my parlor and holding pen?

 Answer:           Yes. A pair of 2 x 10 tanks are adequate for up to a double 30 parlor with 250 head holding pen
                   and 44’of total width. Smaller tanks are available and sized proportionally to serve smaller areas.
                   Still larger tanks may be provided for up to double 48 parlors or larger holding areas up to 48’
                   total width.

 Question:         What slopes can I flush?

 Answer:           A 1% slope is recommended in the parlor (3/4% minimum). The holding area should slope
                   between 2.5% to 5%. Other slopes will work, request technical assistance from our staff for
                   special applications.

 Question:         Do flush tanks cost more than a valve flush system (valves, exterior reservoir and underground

 Answer:           No. When all cost are considered flush tanks are usually the least costly method to provide total
                   parlor and holding pen flush clean up.

 Question:         Will the Flush Tanks use more water than a high volume hose?

 Answer:           No. If properly utilized the flush tank system will use virtually the same amount of water but
                   require only 30 seconds for cleanup compared to 30 minutes with a hose.

 Question:         Do I need a separate air compressor for the Flush Tanks?

 Answer:           Typically no. If you have an air operated parlor or crowd gate the flush tanks can use this air
                   system and require less than 3% of the total output. It is recommended air be taken off prior to
                   any in line oilers.

FEATURES                             BENEFITS                                RESULTS
All pneumatic operation              Simple, no wiring                       No electrical requirements
Cushioned air close cycle            No water hammer                         Low maintenance
Reinforced all steel                 Superior strength, unitized body        Long life, smooth operations
Firestone Airstroke® air             National manufacturer, no air           Virtually maintenance free
actuators                            cylinders
16”diameter bottom outlets           Maximum flow rates                      Minimize water requirements / maximize
                                                                             cleaning efficiency
Complete system under roof           Protects entire system                  Ultimate freeze protection
                                     from inclement weather
Fill float valve included with air   Complete. Unit ready for work           Quick, simple installation
controller purchased separately      requiring only air and water supply.
Installs directly on floor           No special concrete requirements        Minimal down time
                                                                            FLUSH TANKS

Model          A      B     C     Capacity    Part No.
SF2 x 5        60”    24”   78”   450         831-00-030
SF2 x 7        84”    24”   78”   625         831-00-031
SF2 x 10       120”   24”   78”   900         831-00-032
SF3 x 10       120”   36”   78”   1320        831-00-033

           q    2x5 Tanks have one discharge port.
                All others have two as shown.
           q    Primed finish in lieu of galvanized
                available on all tanks.
           q    Special sizes and configurations
                upon request.

Flush tank shall be completely self-contained unit featuring bottom discharge design utilizing

Firestone Airstroke pneumatic actuators to control the flushing procedure. Unit shall be linkage
free to minimize wear and maintenance, constructed from heavy .1875”plate steel with .250”x
2”ribs, reinforcing and bracing for structural integrity. Hot dip galvanized final finish. Inflow
control valve to be included.

   Controllers for tanks shall be manually
   operated pneumatic actuator with check
   valve to protect against unintentional
   air releases completely assembled in
   weather tight polyvinyl chloride box.
   Order Part No. 831-00-080. (One
   required per tank).

                                                      Agpro Inc., Rt. 7 Box 100, Paris, TX 75462 USA
                                                                 (903) 785-5531 * Fax (903) 784-7895

                                         Typical Parlor

                                                          Calf Barn Utilization of Flush

Application Guidelines
   q Use the largest possible tank
       to fit space available
   q Use in new or existing facilities
   q For unusual applications or those
       beyond the normal dimensional
                                                            Agpro                          ®

       constraints call for assistance                                      Rt. 7 Box 100
                                                                    Paris, TX 75462 USA
                                                                Toll Free (800) 527-1030
                                                    (903) 785-5531 * Fax (903) 784-7895

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