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									                              C ???
B ???

                Let’s start

        A ???
In America, people often cut meat with knife but in
……….., people do it with scissors.

   A   England

   B   Thailand

   C   Vietnam

   D   Korea
Which country say “Yes” for “No” and “No” for “Yes” ?

                               A Thailand

                               B   America

                               C   Korea

                               D Vietnam
In …………….., people eat only from their own dish, and
not share.

   A   China
   B   Korea
   C   Vietnam
   D   America
Which of the following things shouldn’t you give to the
Vietnamese on the New Year?

   A  a cat
   B a cock
   C   rice
   D   a dog
In …………….., You should clasp your hands together
and lower your head and your eyes when you greet

   A   China
   B   America
   C   Vietnam
   D   Thailand

* Show your own opinion.
* Talk about the differences between
Vietnamese and American cultures.
    I. Vocabualary :
1. generation (n)       grandparents,parents, children     thế hệ

2. nursing home (n )                                      nhà

3. income (n)           money received over               thu nhập
['iηkʌm]                a certain period:

                        food and other things used in     tạp hóa
4. grocery (n)
                        the home

5. polite ≠ impolite (a):                      lịch sự ≠ bất lich sự
       2. Useful Languages:
       Expressing your point of view

              +                                              -

- I think/ feel/ believe .........   - I don’t agree/ feel/ believe   ...

- In my opinion, .........           - It’s not true .....

                                     - That’s wrong .....
- For me .............

- According to me, ......

- From my point of view......
                                       •Task 1
               Express your point of view on the following ideas.

  a. In Vietnam, three or sometimes four generations live in
  a home.
  b. A happy marriage should be based on love.
  c. In some Asian countries, love is supposed to follow
  marriage, not precede it
  d. In some countries, a man & a woman may hold hands &
  kiss each other in public.

Hoa: In my opinion, it is interesting to hold hands and kiss our sweethearts in public

 Thanh: I don’t agree. I think it is not polite in our country.
        It is only popular in Western countries.
                                 Task 2
 Below are some typical features of American culture. Work in pairs,
discuss and find out the corresponding features of Vietnamese culture.

     In America                                             In Vietnam

1. Two generations (parents and            Three or sometimes four generations
   children) live in a home.                          live in a home
2. Old-aged parents live in nursing       Old-aged parents live with their children
   homes                                     & are often taken care of by sons.
3. It is not polite to ask questions      Asking about age, marriage and income
   about age, marriage and income.                    is acceptable.
                                  Greeting the head (the oldest) of the family first,
4. Americans can greet anyone in the
   family first.                                 then the younger
5. Groceries are bought once a week          Groceries are bought every day
6. Christmas & New Year holidays                  Tet (Lunar New Year)
   are the most important.                        is the most important.
7. Children sleep in their own
   bedroom.                               Children often sleep with their parents
                              Task 3
 Talk about the similarities and differences between Vietnamese and
      American cultures, using the features discussed in Task 2
                          Useful Languages:

 1. Bổ sung ý:                          2. Đưa ra ý đối nghịch:

                                        However,…..: Tuy nhiên,…..
 In addition, …..: Thêm vào đó,…
                                        In contrast,…..: Trái lại,……
 Moreover,…….: Ngoài ra,……              On the other hand,….: Mặt khác
 Another point is that…
 Besides, …..: bên cạnh đó…

There’re some similarities and differences between Vietnamese and
American cultures. In American, parents & children live in the same home.
But in some families in Vietnam, 3 or even 4 generations are under
the same roof. The old are often taken care by their children
at home….

Write – it – up:
about the similarities and differences between Vietnamese and
American cultures

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