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Volume 72                                        Number 1

Standard Postage Paid, Point Lookout, MO
                                              of the

                                               Summer 2006
Page 2                                                                                        Alumni News • Summer 2006

Presidents’ Messages
Dear Alumnus,                                                                               The Alumni Laundry was
    We congratulate the 15 Alumni Scholarship recipi-                                   originally dedicated in 1961.
ents for 2006-07. These young ladies and gentlemen                                      When the construction of the
are very appreciative of your support of the 2006                                       building was moving slowly
Phonathon. Over $35,000 has been received this                                          for lack of funds, Dr. Good
spring for the Scholarship Fund, and over $200,000                                      wrote to alumni in June 1959,
has been given in the eight-year history of this event.                                 “I wish every boy and girl that
    Forsythe Fellows were honored with a luncheon at                                    ever graduated from The
The Keeter Center on May 6. We would like to thank                                      School of the Ozarks could
Dr. Davis for the informative update on college                                         spend two hours in the laun-
events and Elizabeth Andrews for the exciting video                                     dry in the basement of the
celebrating the “Bobcat Title Run.” Congratulations                 Richard S. Miller   canning factory on one of
to the Lady Bobcats on their runner-up finish in the                                    these warm summer days. We
NAIA National Basketball Tournament and to the                 feel sure that if they did each one would pull down a
NAIA National Champion C of O Bobcats. We are ex-              little deeper and try a little harder to help make com-
tremely proud of both teams.                                   pletion of this building possible.” A similar statement
    Thank you for your support of the Alumni Associ-           could be made in 2006. It’s still a hot place to work,
ation interim project of assisting the College in meet-        and much of the equipment was installed in 1961
ing the challenge match for a new Animal Science               when the building was constructed.
facility. We met our Alumni goal of $100,000 in less               Please give generously to help provide funds to
than ten months, and construction has begun on this            renovate the Alumni Laundry in record time. We
much-needed facility.                                          want to rededicate the facility at Homecoming 2007.
    The Executive Board of the Alumni Association              I quote Dr. Good once again as he concluded the let-
has approved the renovation of the Alumni Laundry              ter to Alumni in 1959. “We are confident if you do a
for our next major project. Our goal is $250,000 to            bit of sacrifice to help make this building possible
renovate the building, provide new equipment, and              that you will swell with extra pride when you see it…
air condition the facility for the first time. It is fitting   Won’t you think this over, and give a little prayer that
that the Alumni project for our centennial year is             the good Lord will lead you and show you what you
restoration of property that was the first alumni              should do and let’s all, working together, make a
building project 45 years ago. Until this goal is met,         great work possible.” What more could I add?
all undesignated alumni giving will go to this project.            I look forward to seeing you on November 4 at
                                                               Homecoming 2006 when we begin a year of centenni-
                                                               al events and celebrate “A Tradition That Works.”
                                                                                                           Kind regards,
                                                                                                        Richard S. Miller
                                                                                          Alumni Association President

                                                                                 ON THE COVER
                                                                The smiles on the faces of Justin Copley and his
                                                                sister-in-law, Ashley Brown Copley, are evidence
                                                                of the mood of graduation day. The College com-
                                                                munity, family, and friends watched 279 stu-
                                                                dents receive their hard-earned diplomas.

                                                               Ira Bezerra Brito and Eryn Cummings take time to pose for the
                                                               photographer at the annual Graduating Senior Reception,
                                                               sponsored by the Alumni Association Office and the Student
                                                               Alumni Association.
Alumni News • Summer 2006                                                                                         Page 3

Dear Alumnus,                            this May, looking                                M. Good once said, “Invest-
    The College is now on the eve of     around at the young                              ments in humanity bring
its 100th birthday. This is a signifi-   men and women who                                substantial and sure divi-
cant milestone, in that for many         had just received                                dends.” This is why the Col-
years the institution was known as       their diplomas, it                               lege has a renewed
“The School that Runs on Faith.”         was evident why so                               commitment this Centenni-
    Some of you may remember the         many put faith in                                al Year to continue this
early days when money was short,         this institution. The                            worthy, distinct mission—a
but God recognized and honored           promise of future re-                            tradition that works.
the faith of administrators, faculty,    sults has much                                      I look forward to the up-
staff, and students. He made sure        value. Providing edu-                            coming school year and the
there was plenty (of biscuits and        cational opportuni-                              events planned to celebrate
“zip”) to eat, and He sent generous      ties to many who             Jerry C. Davis       the College’s achievement.
men and women to aid The School          would not be able to                              The Centennial Celebration
in times of need, again and again.       have them, instilling a strong work will officially begin with Homecom-
    Alumni were instrumental in          ethic, and emphasizing the impor-        ing. I wish you a pleasant summer
building the foundation of this          tance of Christ-like character—          and invite you to stop by and enjoy
school. Your hard work and ambi-         these are things upon which no           the beauty of the campus.
tion to learn inspired many to be-       dollar amount can be placed. More                                    Sincerely,
lieve; without you, this milestone       than ever, our country needs                                     Jerry C. Davis
could not be achieved.                   young men and women with these                                       President
    At the 99th Commencement             values to serve as leaders. As Dr. R.

         Homecoming Game on Friday Night
        The National Champion Bobcats will play Bethel College—Kansas
       Homecoming Weekend, Friday evening, November 3, at 7:00 p.m.
            Make your plans now to attend their first home game!
Page 4                                                                   Alumni News • Summer 2006

IAttention Alumni: Mark Your Calendar!
              Homecoming 2006 Kicks Off Centennial Celebration

           Schedule of Events                   Afternoon:
                                                      1:00 Alumni Memorial Service
 Thursday, November 2
                                                           Williams Memorial Chapel
  8:00 p.m. Homecoming Queen
                                                      2:00 C of O Parade
                                                           Student Activity Booths Close
            Jones Auditorium
                                                      3:00 Centennial Photograph—
 Friday, November 3                                        Alumni, faculty, staff, and students
 10:00 a.m. Alumni Golf Game                               100th Birthday Celebration—Chapel
  4:00 p.m. Alumni Council Meeting                         lawn (Keeter Gymnasium—inclement
            Keeter Center                                  weather location)
  5:30 p.m. 40’s Alumni 15th Annual Buffet            6:00 Alumni Centennial Banquet Gala
            Lakeside I--College Cafeteria                  Youngman Agricultural Center
  7:00 p.m. Bobcats vs. Bethel-Kansas                 8:00 Class Reunion Photos / Reminiscing
            Keeter Gymnasium                               Youngman Agricultural Center
Saturday, November 4                                  9:30 Queen’s Dance
Morning:                                                   Field House
       8:00 Alumni Breakfast                    Sunday, November 5
            Dobyns Dining Room, Keeter Center    11:00 a.m. Chapel Service
       9:00 Alumni Association                              Williams Memorial Chapel
            Annual Meeting
            Royal Oak Forum, Keeter Center
       9:00 Alumni Registration
            College Center and Alumni Center
     10:00 Student Activity Booths Open
     10:30 Keeter Center’s Park Dedication
11:00-12:00 Alumni Chapter Meetings
11:00-12:45 Work Stations Open House
Alumni News • Summer 2006                                                                                     Page 5

                                                                             Advancement Notes
   Another academic year has come to a                              perience for those giving and receiving the
close at College of the Ozarks. The 2005-                           roses.
06 school year was filled with some excit-                             All of us are a part of the C of O family.
ing times, including the national                                   We have all received a helping hand and mo-
championship games for both the men                                 ments of character building along the way,
and women’s basketball teams. However,                              whether we realize it or not. It is true that we
one of the most exciting events for me,                             contributed a part of our “sweat equity” to-
year after year, is graduation day. The                             ward our college education through the col-
College saw 279 students graduate this                              lege work program. But in reality, most of the
year. It was a rewarding and gratifying ex-                         true cost of our education came through the
perience for both the graduates and the        Rodney Arnold ’91    generosity of unknown people willing to give
campus community. The Commencement exercises               us the opportunity to experience graduation day. The
are when our graduates finally see their dedicated         experiences of helping hands we received from facul-
hard work and perseverance pay dividends in the            ty members, work supervisors, administrators, and
form of a college degree. The campus community en-         fellow students were just icing on the cake.
joys reflecting on the growth and development of the           I hope that over the next several years, as you at-
students we have helped mold over the last four            tend commencement ceremonies of a son, daughter,
years.                                                     or a family member, that you will reflect on the many
   This year’s Baccalaureate speaker, Reverend             people who gave you a helping hand during your
Robert M. Skelton, gave an inspiring speech entitled,      time here at Point Lookout. As you well know, it
“The People with the Roses.” Reverend Skelton’s            takes support from all kinds of people to educate a
speech focused on a story of the developing relation-      student at College of the Ozarks. Whether it’s sup-
ship between a man and a woman and how a rose              portive parents, faculty members giving extra time
corsage symbolized the man’s character and values.         with class projects, the encouragement of a work su-
At this year’s Baccalaureate ceremony, each graduate       pervisor, the shoulder of a fellow student, or the con-
was provided a rose so that they could give it to          tribution of an unknown donor, many people deserve
someone that has influenced their personal charac-         roses of a graduate. I hope that one of these days
ter. Many roses were given to mothers, fathers, and        you will also be encouraged to receive your symbolic
grandparents, but many were given to faculty and           rose by giving a helping hand to a deserving student
staff members as well. It was truly a memorable ex-        here at Hard Work U.

Tribute Giving
                 In Memory of:                             Roanna Oberlander from Mr. & Mrs. Mike Boyer
                                                           Marvin & Judy Oetting from Beverly (Blanton)
Leo C. Adams from Howard E. Adams
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Bradshaw from Dee J. (Bradshaw)
                                                           Monye Richter from Mr. & Mrs. Mike Boyer
                                                           Don Schofield from Jean (Winfrey) Karnes
Clifford Brown from Rose A. Brown
                                                           Ray Simkins from Gayle (Garrison) Keith
Carl Cave from Mary Nell (Nave) Kissee
                                                           J. W. Stacy from Gussie (Elmer) Redfearn
Lenore Brown Fain from Frances M. (McAllister)
  Langelier                                                Imogene Stamps from Ernest & Reba Allred
LuAnn Gaynor from Mr. and Mrs. Mike Boyer                  Herbert & Martha Webster from Marian (Webster)
Dr. R. M. Good from Mary Nell (Nave) Kissee
                                                           Dewey & Dovie Wilson from Eleanor (Wilson) Howell
Mrs. Lyta Good from Mary Nell (Nave) Kissee
Henry & Vela Griffith from Janet (Griffith) Clower
Jack & Ken Griffith from Janet (Griffith) Clower
                                                           In Honor of:
Gary M. Hogue from Frank & Mary Ann Hogue                  Class of 1990 from Richard J. Ringler
Angie Ketteman from Clarissa A. (Stamps) Kirsch            Violet Adams from Howard E. Adams
Dr. Mary Long from Mary Nell (Nave) Kissee                 Marcia Brown from Howard E. Adams
Hype Shirey Miller from Ina M. (Shirey) Snider             Thelma Cave from Mary Nell (Nave) Kissee
Wilse & Dora Nave from Mary Nell (Nave) Kissee             Gary Hughey from Jeannie Baker & Mike Branstetter
Page 6                                                                                     Alumni News • Summer 2006

    Alumni Pledge $250,000 to Alumni Laundry Renovation
by Liz Fonda and Destiny Mikulic

   As the College of the Ozarks en-
ters into its next one hundred
years, new and extraordinary
changes are taking place. For
Alumni, this means the first build-
ing bearing their name, Alumni
Laundry, will undergo many much-
needed renovations.
   At Homecoming in 1961, the
first-ever alumni building project,
the Alumni Laundry, was dedicated
with the help of Dr. Good. The
Alumni Association had wanted a
project that would make a useful
and significant impact on the cam-
pus. After consulting the students,
faculty, and staff, they recognized
a need for a new, state-of-the-art
                                        Early locations of the laundry were the basements of Stevenson Dormitory and the
facility for the laundry operations.    Hyer Canning Factory.
At that time, the laundry was run
from the basement of the Hyer           for the College, but more than 40        Mabee Lodge, Dobyns Dining
Canning Factory. Before that, it was    years later, changes and updates         Room, Good Center, Fruitcake and
operated from the basement of           again need to be made for the safe-      Jelly Kitchen, Stained Glass, and
Stevenson women’s dormitory. A          ty and efficiency of the job site.       custodial operations depend heavi-
building dedicated solely to laun-         Presently, the Alumni Laundry         ly on the Alumni Laundry.
dry functions was sorely needed,        provides services for college de-           With such a heavy workload, the
so the Alumni proceeded with their      partments as well as students, fac-      most notable problems are safety
first building project. The total       ulty, and staff. Vice President Dr.      concerns and efficiency. One chal-
cost was $20,000, which included        Howell Keeter, said, “The Alumni         lenge is the lack of air conditioning
new and used machines, along with       Laundry is a big support operation       in the building, which can cause
a cooling system that consisted of      for the campus.” The daily running       heat exhaustion in warmer temper-
a two large box fans. The facility      of many college facilities such as       atures. Another weak area is the
contained flat irons and presses        the Processing Plant, the Child De-      large extractor used in washing
that, along with four large dryers,     velopment Center, the P.E. Depart-       that is hoisted up and down using
created unbearable heat for stu-        ment, the residence halls, the           a mechanized chain lift that is dif-
dent workers in the summer. At          Student Dining Center, Edwards           ficult to operate. Outdated washers
that time it was a great new facility   Mill, the Hospital, Power Plant,         lead to inefficiency due to the ex-

 Yes! I want to help with the much-needed Alumni Laundry Renovation.
 My gift is enclosed:
  $__________ ____________________________________________________________________
  $__________ in memory of __________________________________________________________
  $__________ in honor of ______________________________________________________________
  Address ________________________________________________________________________________________
  City ____________________________________________________________________State ______Zip___________
  Please acknowledge my gift to ______________________________________________________________________
Alumni News • Summer 2006                                                                                             Page 7

                                             themselves “playing catch-up” fre-
                                             quently to meet campus service de-
                                                 Last fall the College’s Alumni
                                             Association approved the fund-
                                             raising project for the renovation
                                             of the Alumni Laundry. At their
                                             January meeting, the Alumni Exec-
                                             utive Board set the goal of
                                             $250,000 to be raised by the Alum-
                                             ni Association, toward the total
                                             project cost of $375,000. Accord-
                                             ing to Dr. Marvin Schoenecke, Dean
One of the laundry’s old water extractors.   of Administration, “The machines
                                                                                     Phil and Connie Ensminger are serving
                                             in the Alumni Laundry building are
cess water spillover during use,                                                     the College as supervisors of the Alumni
                                             old and are beyond the point of
which can cause unsafe conditions.                                                   Laundry.
                                             fixing. The extractors are no longer
Two of the presses already had to                                                    dents to have an appreciation for
                                             safe, and the dryers had seen the
be retired because they were un-                                                     serving others at a fundamental
                                             end of their effective life. One of
safe. Because of deteriorating and                                                   level, like by doing laundry, they
                                             the machines has a 1956 date of
risky equipment, even with 26 stu-                                                   will become great leaders. The ren-
                                             manufacture, and all of the ma-
dent workers, the Alumni Laundry                                                     ovations to the building and the
                                             chines had seen hard use.”
is having trouble keeping up with                                                    new supervision are a perfect
                                                 Renovation and updating are
the work load, which increases                                                       match; both will further the pro-
                                             not the only changes in the Alumni
continually. With the addition of                                                    duction of the Alumni Laundry in a
                                             Laundry. Last September, Phil and
The Keeter Center, the workload                                                      positive, uplifting way.
                                             Connie Ensminger took over as the
for the students and two supervi-                                                        “At Homecoming this Novem-
                                             supervisors. When asked how long
sors has increased significantly.                                                    ber, all work stations will have an
                                             they had been supervisors they
Mondays are the busiest days, due                                                    open house and alumni will have
                                             said, “We’re still freshmen.” This is
to the weekend banquets and the                                                      the opportunity to see that much
                                             characteristic of the lively person-
surplus of dirty linens from the                                                     of the renovation and equipment
                                             alities the husband and wife team
Mabee Lodge and Good Center                                                          updates at the Alumni Laundry are
                                             display toward their work. Previ-
Motel operations. The new bustling                                                   already in place. The College has
                                             ously, they worked as missionaries
Dobyns Dining Room also adds                                                         already secured much of the new
                                             in the Philippines, and now they
daily to the increase. In its present                                                equipment and started the building
                                             see their jobs with the students as
state, the laundry falls short in                                                    renovations since alumni have
                                             their new mission work. The Ens-
meeting the extra demand. The                                                        made this pledge,” said Helen
                                             mingers hope that by teaching stu-
workers and supervisors find                                                         Youngblood, Director of Alumni
                                                                                     Affairs. Alumni hope to have the
                                                                                     fund-raising goal met for the pro-
                                                                                     ject by Homecoming 2007 and
                                                                                     rededicate the building on Home-
                                                                                     coming Day, November 3, 2007.
                                                                                         When one sees the improved fa-
                                                                                     cility at Homecoming, the pride of
                                                                                     having contributed to a completed
                                                                                     work will be beyond words. It is
                                                                                     true that a person has more con-
                                                                                     nection to a work that they have
                                                                                     had a hand in. In the words of Dr.
                                                                                     Good, “When we all put our hands
                                                                                     to any job, we know that the Alum-
                                                                                     ni of this institution can finish the
One of the old washers that had no spin cycle. Laundered items had to be transferred job that they undertake.”
to an extractor to remove excess water.
Page 8                                                                             Alumni News • Summer 2006

                   College of the Ozarks Alumni Association
                          Plateaus of Giving Program
Levels of Giving:
  Forsythe Fellows Society
   * A gift of $100, or the accumulation of $100 within a year, qualifies one as a Forsythe
     Fellow Society member.
  Patron Society
   * A gift of $250, or the accumulation of $250 in one year, qualifies one as a Patron So-
     ciety member. A one-time plaque will be presented at the annual meeting of the Alum-
     ni Association the year the gift is given.
  Benefactor Society
   * A gift of $1,000, or the accumulation of $1,000 given in four years, qualifies one as a
     member of the Benefactor Society. A one-time plaque will be presented at the annual
     meeting of the Alumni Association the year the gift is given or completed.
  Founder Society
   * A gift of $5,000, or the accumulation of $5,000 given in four years, qualifies one as a
     member of the Founder Society. A one-time plaque will be presented at the annual
     meeting of the Alumni Association the year the gift is given or completed.
Sponsor Society
   * A gift of $10,000 or more, or the accumulation of $10,000 given in four years, quali-
     fies one as a member of the Sponsor Society. A one-time plaque will be presented at
     the annual meeting of the Alumni Association the year the gift is given or completed.
                                                 Alumni Gift

 Address ______________________________________________________Class Year______________HS JC College

 City________________________________________________________________State________ Zip______________

 Home Phone_____________________________
 Dues $_________Gift $________Total $_________ Payment Type (circle one) Cash    Credit/Debit   Check
 Card Type (circle one): Visa   MC    Discover     Am Ex   Card #__________-__________-__________-__________

 Gift Tribute? Honor_____ Memorial_____           CW # ________________ Exp. Date__________________
 Tribute Name:    __________________________________________________________________________________
 Tribute Address __________________________________________________________________________________
 ________________________________ Signature      ________________________________________Date:_________

  Please let us hear from you! You can email your class notes or address update to the Alumni
  Office at or Information for articles and class notes must
  be submitted to the Alumni Office by August 15, 2006, to appear in the fall issue.
Alumni News • Summer 2006                                                                             Page 9

                                                                                  In Memoriam
                                       Dr. William D. Todd
   Funeral services for retired                       College, Nashville, TN; Ed.D at University of
College administrator and Board                       Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR, and an L.L.D. from College
of Trustees member Dr. William                        of the Ozarks.
D. Todd were held May 8, 2006,                           Dr. Todd served with the U.S. Marine Corps on the
at Williams Memorial Chapel.                          USS Franklin in the South Pacific and retired from the
   Dr. Todd served the College                        U.S. Air Force Reserves as Lt. Colonel. He was a life-
for 36 years in various positions                     long member of Rotary and a member of Williams
including Academic Dean, Dean                         Memorial Chapel.
of Administration, Vice Presi-                           He is survived by his wife Helen ’74; daughters
dent, and Interim President.                          Martha ’70 and husband Roger Waddle; Marsha ’74
   He received his B.S. at Bethel                     and husband Steve ’71 Fulkerson and their children,
College, McKenzie, TN; M.A. and M.Ed. at Peabody      Douglas, Alisa ‘98, and Sara.

              College of the Ozarks Alumni Association Alumni Funds
                                           as of March 31, 2006
 Walker Challenge Fund for Agriculture Buildings
    Contributions 6/1/05 to 3/31/2006                                                          $65,159.63
    Gift from Alumni Endowed Maintenance Fund                                                   36,068.00
       Total Alumni Contribution as of 3/31/06                                               $101,227.63

 The Alumni Endowment Maintenance Fund
    Balance 1/1/06                                                                           $968,868.51
    Interest and contributions 1/1/06 to 3/31/06                                                12,110.86
    Total Fund 3/31/06                                                                       $980,979.37

 Alumni Scholarship Fund
    Balance 1/1/06                                                                           $428,556.79
    Interest and contributions 1/1/06 to 3/31/06                                                32,142.50
    Gift from Don Garner Estate                                                                 10,000.00
       Total Fund 3/31/06                                                                    $470,699.29

 J. Hugh & Martha Wise Alumni Scholarship Fund
       Total Fund Balance 3/31/06                                                            $182,655.77
 Winfrey Alumni Scholarship Fund
       Total Fund Balance 3/31/06                                                              $38,171.15

 Curtis Memorial Alumni Scholarship Fund
       Total Fund Balance 3/31/06                                                               $5,928.53

 Don Schofield Alumni Scholarship Fund
       Total Fund Balance 3/31/06                                                            $116,825.73

 Ridinger Brothers Alumni Scholarship Fund
       Total Fund Balance 3/31/06                                                              $33,734.40

 Virginia Gillespie Lucas Scholarship Fund
       Total Fund Balance 3/31/06                                                              $50,025.00
Page 10                                                                                 Alumni News • Summer 2006

Bobcat Basketball
by Rodney Cravens                      4.3 seconds left to give the Bobcats    tory. Heath Sitton led Ozarks with
    The College of the Ozarks Bob-     the lead and William Jewell’s Drew      25 points, while Bonaparte con-
cats entered the Men’s NAIA Na-        Mathews missed a jumper as time         tributed 21 points, and Stone
tional Tournament with the #4          expired. The Cats were led by           added 17 points.
seed after winning both the confer-    Bonaparte’s 32 points and 11 re-           The Bobcats entered the cham-
ence regular season title and the      bounds. Sitton added 19 points as       pionship game in search of their
conference tournament. The Cats        C of O shot 51% from the field.         first-ever title. It appeared as
fulfilled those expectations by win-      In the quarterfinals, College of     though it would be a tough task as
ning a national title for the first    the Ozarks dismantled the #5 seed       they faced the #2 seed Huntington
time in school history.                Mayville State, taking an 80-61 win.    University. A capacity crowd saw
    The Cats defeated Dominican        The Cats took a 34-23 lead into         College of the Ozarks lead
University in the opening round        halftime and never looked back.         throughout the game as they held
69-60. Junior Michael Bonaparte        Corey Stone led C of O with 19          Huntington to 30% shooting from
paced the Cats with 24 points and      points and shot lights-out from         the field en route to a 74-56 win.
nine rebounds. Junior Heath Sitton     long range, finishing 5 of 8 on         Tournament MVP Michael Bona-
netted 18 points, while freshman       three point field goals. Sitton had     parte was dominate, leading the
Corey Stone made three 3-point         17 points, while Bonaparte added        Bobcats with 25 points, 14 re-
field goals and added 11 points.       14 points and 12 rebounds.              bounds, and six assists. Heath
    In the second round C of O            The semifinal game promised to       Sitton, who also earned all-tourna-
faced the #13-seed William Jewell      be a battle as the Bobcats faced        ment honors, finished with 17
in what was the Cats biggest chal-     Lindenwood University. C of O           points, six rebounds, and four as-
lenge of the tournament. The game      used a 23-4 run in the first half to    sists. Senior Andrew Boyce chipped
was tied three times, and the lead     mount a 20 point advantage. The         in 10 points and 6 rebounds, and
went back and forth during the last    Cats pushed the lead to as many as      sophomore Chris Pullen who was
seven minutes. Senior Andrew           30 points at one time in the second     named to the all-tournament team
Boyce made two free throws with        half and settled in for an 88-69 vic-   added 9 points and 5 rebounds.

                                 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS
                          2006 NAIA Division II National Championship
                                     Keeter Gymnasium
                               March 8 - 14 Point Lookout, MO
Alumni News • Summer 2006                                                                                       Page 11

Lady Cat Basketball
by Rodney Cravens                       put the game out of reach. Janessa       leading shot blocker in NAIA Divi-
    The College of the Ozarks Lady      DeMuth added 15 points, while Alli-      sion II this season, blocked the shot
Bobcats capped off an amazing sea-      son Rader had 10.                        to preserve the win. Painter finished
son in which they won 24 games in a         In the quarterfinals the Lady Cats   with a game high 26 points while
row and finished with a record of 33-   faced a scrappy Benedictine Ravens       Magan Curry added 20 points.
2. They advanced all the way to the     team out of the Heart of America             With the win, the Lady Cats ad-
championship game before their sea-     Athletic Conference. C of O needed       vanced to the championship game.
son came to an end as national run-     overtime to get past the Ravens.         College of the Ozarks faced a peren-
ner-up.                                 C of O sophomore Rebekah Howard          nial power, Hastings College. The
    The Lady Cats defeated Webber       hit a three-point shot as time expired   Lady Cats battled early in the game,
International University 75-50 in the   in regulation to force the extra peri-   and the teams were knotted up at 12
first round. Cara Painter dominated     od. It was the first three-point field   midway through the first half. How-
the game as she scored 29 points        goal that she had ever made in her       ever, after trailing by seven at the
and pulled down 15 rebounds.            career. In overtime, C of O outscored    break, the Lady Cats were held to
Janessa DeMuth added 10 points for      Benedictine 13-4 to secure the 73-64     only 16 points in the second half by
C of O.                                 victory. Howard led the Lady Cats        a stifling Hastings defense. Hastings
    In the second round, College of     with 23 points off the bench. Cara       pulled away for a 58-39 victory to
the Ozarks faced a tough Aquinas        Painter added 11 points and 10 re-       win their third national title in five
College team. In a back-and-forth       bounds.                                  years. Cara Painter, who led NAIA Di-
contest, the Lady Bobcats held on for       College of the Ozarks overcame a     vision II with 24 double-doubles, fin-
an 83-75 win. The Lady Cats had five    six-point halftime deficit and a cold    ished with 19 points and 10
players score in double figures. Cara   shooting performance to defeat the       rebounds. Painter was a first-team
Painter once again led the way with     University of Saint Francis 67-65 in     all-tournament selection. Magan
24 points and eight rebounds. Magan     the semifinals. Saint Francis had a      Curry was a second-team all-tourna-
Curry finished with 18 points, going    chance to get the win with a three-      ment selection and was also present-
3 of 6 on three-point attempts,         point attempt as time expired; how-      ed the tournament hustle award for
draining one with 45 seconds left to    ever, Cara Painter, who was the          her efforts.

                               NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP
                                  2006 Division II Women’s Basketball
                                 Tyson Events Center, Gateway Arena
                                     March 8 - 14 Sioux City, IA
Page 12                                                                                            Alumni News • Summer 2006

Class Notes
60’s                                        tirement after 40 years with Burlington
                                            Northern Santa Fe Railway. They enjoy            Ragsdale Retires
Robert Medley ’62HS recently moved
from St. Louis, MO to West Plains, MO.
                                            living 20 minutes from Lake Tahoe.                as Commander
                                                                                               of the Texas
                                            Their daughter, Christal, adopted their
Robert served as a paratrooper in Viet-     grandson, Timothy, born December 22,
nam in the 101 Airborne Division in
1965 and 1966. Contact him at 1404
                                            2005. They can be reached at P.O. Box
                                            937, Minden, NV 89423; (775) 783-
                                                                                            Air National Guard
Southern Hills, West Plains, MO 65775;      9489;                                    CAMP MABRY,                                                                                            Texas — In a cere-
                                            Diane (Lord) Henderson ’73 married                                mony held Febru-
Joe H. Medley ’62HS Joe and his wife        Bobby Henderson in 2001. They live at                             ary 5, 2006, Jerry
Glenda (Hampton) ’63HS retired in           507 CR 635, Berryville, AR 72616; (870)                           Ragsdale ‘x69,
February. Joe retired from the Union        423-6435;                                  the commander
Pacific Railroad as an engineer and
                                            Nancy (Reeves) Stephens ’73 and her                               of the Texas Air
Glenda from the Department of Health
                                            husband, Leon, can be reached at 1645                             National Guard,
and Human Services. They both enjoy
                                            Sophia, Carthage, MO 64836;(417) 358-                             relinquished his
fishing, their grandchildren, traveling,
                                            5038;                                 command after
and riding their Missouri Fox Trotters.
                                                                                          35 years of service to his country.
They are planning a riding trip to Col-     Jeane (Myer) Dunkum ’75 and hus-
                                                                                          General Ragsdale’s first assignment
orado in July. They enjoyed the time        band, Wesley, send their greetings to
                                                                                          was in 1971, as the transportation
spent at S of O. They live at 64 CR         all. Jeane is serving as a United
                                                                                          management officer for the 136th
1162, Gassville, AR 72635; email            Methodist pastor in her eleventh year
                                                                                          Combat Support Squadron, fol-                           of pastoral ministry and her third ap-
                                                                                          lowed in 1974 with several assign-
                                            pointment in Virginia. They would love
Takahiro Fujimoto ’65 address update:                                                     ments in civil engineering. In
                                            to hear from friends and other alumni.
4-13-1 Honcho, Shiki Shi Shiki Garden                                                     November 1991, he joined the
                                            They can be reached at 8535 Callaway
Hills 921, Saitama, Japan 353-004; 050-                                                   headquarters staff at Camp Mabry
                                            Road, Callaway, VA 24067; (540) 483-
5514-7487; email address:                                                                 as the state civil engineer.
                                            1053;                                                               In 1994, he became the director of
                                            Wayne ’75 and Linda (Butler) ’77 Gif-         support, and in 1997 he was asked
Elizabeth (Cantrell) York ’67 has
                                            ford On September 1, 2005, Linda took         by then Brig. Gen. Daniel James, Ad-
worked in the field of Special Education
                                            over as manager of the Pulaski County         jutant General of Texas, to accept
for the past 30 years in Missouri, Cali-
                                            Sheltered Workshop with a staff of            his current position of Texas Air
fornia, and Arizona. She is now work-
                                            seven and 51 handicapped employees.           National Guard commander and
ing in the 504 Program in Texas and is
                                            If you are ever in the area, stop by, she     chief of staff.
enjoying life everyday. She can be
                                            would love to show you the products           “On a personal level, it is over-
reached at 2005 E. Main # 143,
                                            they are making, or go to                     whelming that people have that
Gatesville, Texas 76528; (254) 206-
                                   for a virtual tour. They         kind of trust in your leadership,”
                                            can be reached at 27375 Hwy NN,               General Ragsdale said. “I have tried

                                            Laquey, MO 65534; (573)774-4939;              to live by the Air Force core values
                                                         of Integrity First, Service before
Paul Hokanson ’70 has been the fi-          David Turner ’76 lived for 19 years in        Self, and Excellence in All We Do. If
nance officer for the city of Warrens-      St. Louis, MO, after he graduated. Since      you lead your life in that matter,
burg, Missouri, since November 2004,        1995, he has been living in the San           you will not disappoint those who
and has been married for almost 30          Francisco Bay area. David works at the        trust you.
years to Patricia. Their daughter, Paula,   University of California Medical Center
                                                                                         celebrating with Dr. Vincent, please
is a 1999 graduate of C of O, and son,      San Francisco in the Neuro-Surgical ICU
                                                                                         contact me; or simply write to Dr. Vin-
Peter, graduated from Hannibal-La-          as a registered nurse. He lives at 2619
                                                                                         cent expressing yourself for his guid-
Grange College in May. He welcomes          Bayview Drive, Alameda, CA 94501.
                                                                                         ance and teaching.” Bob can be reached
classmates to call, write, e-mail or stop   Robert S. Wilson ’77 will soon cele-         at 120 Toby Lane, Hollister, MO 65672;
by City Hall to say hi. They can be         brate serving at College of the Ozarks       (417) 334-8942;
reached at 414 East Chestnut, Odessa,       for 28 years in the print shop. Bob

MO 64076; (816) 633-5100; phokan-           would like to contact all Industrial Arts                            Education and Industrial Technology
Colleen (Dickason) Kurczodyna ’70           majors and minors, who have been in          Mark Sweeney ’80 address update:
just completed one year as Quality As-      the program since Dr. Damon Vincent          119A E. Empire Street, Grass Valley, CA
surance RN for The Helping Angels           began it around 1973. Bob writes, “It        95945; (530) 272-9629;
Home Health Agency in Reno, NV.             has come to my attention that Dr. Vin-
Colleen’s husband, Edward, loves re-        cent will be retiring this year after fall
                                            semester. If you would be interested in
Alumni News • Summer 2006                                                                                                 Page 13
Kathy (Neal) MacIntosh ’80 address          nio, TX 78240; her email address is jill-
update: 3700 S. Westport Ave., PMB                             HELP WANTED
3309, Sioux Falls, SD 57106; (314) 920-     Don and Gwen (Fowler) Borntrager             An additional front-of-the-house
9225;               ’85 Don and sons, Jonathan (18) and          manager is needed to accommo-
John Hensley ’82 John Hensley, Cura-        Christopher (16), completed a two-           date increased business at Dobyns
tor-Archivist at the Churchill Memorial     week, 500-mile trip last summer in a         Dining Room. If you, or someone
and Library at Westminster College,         20-foot handmade canoe. They paddled         you know, has upscale restaurant
made a presentation at the European         from near Oologah, OK, on the Caney,         management experience and is in-
Association for American Studies Bien-      Verdigris, Arkansas, White, and Missis-      terested in pursuing this position,
nial Conference held April 7-10 at the      sippi Rivers to reach Rosedale, MS.          please forward your resume to
University of Cyprus in Nicosia, Cyprus.    Gwen, Emily (14), and Rebecca (11)           Vicki Wrosch, at the College Busi-
Founded in 1953, the European Associ-       opted out of the trip! Contact them at       ness Office, or by email to
ation for American Studies is a confed-     14080 N. 44th W. Ave., Skiatook, OK
eration of national and joint national      74070; (918) 396-0741;
associations of American Studies in Eu-
rope. Its mission is to encourage the
                                            Tammie (O’Malley) Turner ’85 was re-        Bill and Christy (Arnold) Glaser ’90
study of and research in all areas of       cently awarded the 2005 Top Producer        Bill was appointed Cold Mill Manager at
American Culture and society and to         Award from the Tri-Lakes Realtors, Inc.,    Nucor Steel-Arkansas. Nucor Corpora-
promote cooperation and intercommu-         the number one independent real es-         tion is the largest steel producer and
nication between European scholars of       tate firm in the Branson/Tri-Lakes area.    the largest recycler of steel in the Unit-
the United States from all parts of Eu-     Beckie (Strausser) Boedefield ‘x85          ed States. They can be reached at 1043
rope and from various disciplines. John     joined Tammie as a licensed assistant       W. Main St., Blytheville, AR 72315;
and wife, Gale, can be reached at 2049      last September. They can be reached at      (870)763-8326;
Peine Forest Drive, Wentzville, MO          18062 State Highway 13, Suite B, Bran-
63385; (575) 592-5183;                                                                  Virginia (Hankins) Wild ’90 and her
                                            son West, MO, 800-311-5253, or                                                          husband, Charles Daniel Wild IV, along
                                                                                        with their two daughters, Samantha Jo
Steven Dean Roe ’83 and wife, Mar-          Victor ’88 and Jill (Hostkoetter) ’86       (9) and Alexandra Danielle (6) reside in
garet, would love to hear from old          Landers would love to hear from any         Farmington, MO. Virginia has worked
friends from The School of the Ozarks.      old friends from S of O. Victor contin-     15 years in the mental health field at
Steven is currently working for Enter-      ues his counseling practice in Washing-     the Community Counseling Center. She
prise Rent-A-Car and loves his job.         ton, MO, as well as being adjunct           would love to hear from friends and
Margie is on her 13th year with the         faculty at Central College in Union, MO.    classmates at 213 6th Street, Farming-
Lord of Life as assistant director. They    He is also operating his own handyman       ton, MO 63640; (573) 366-9241;
would also like to hear from members        business. Jill home schools their three
of the Alumni Chapter in Texas. Ad-         sons, Jacob (13), Samuel (7), and Elijah
dress: 741 Matthew, Corpus Christi, TX                                                  Michael Frizell ’91 teaches public af-
                                            (4), and manages their herd of Nigerian
78418; (361) 937-6481; email address:                                                   fairs courses in autobiography and the-
                                            Dwarf dairy goats (see jvjfarm.home-                                                                  ater. In addition, he has been promoted
                                   They can be reached at
                                                                                        to Director of the Writing Center at Mis-
Crystal (Roberts) Kardos ‘x84 would         18065 State Highway O, Marthasville,
                                                                                        souri State University. He would enjoy
like to get in touch with old friends and   MO 63357; (636) 433-5106;
                                                                                        hearing from old friends. You can see
lives at 2915 N. 103rd Ave., Avondale,
                                                                                        his course website at
AZ 85323; (623) 594-3770;                   Shelley D. Carter ’88 is an institutional                          parole officer and works at the maxi-       41f/gep397.htm. He can be reached at
Jim ’84 and Stephanie Kyle address          mum security prison located in              2515 West Allen Drive, Springfield, MO
update: 26302 State Highway 413, Gale-      Charleston, MO, with the Missouri           65810; (417) 886-0515; Michael-
na, MO 65656; (417) 357-6254; doewig-       Board of Probation and Parole. She                       would like to hear from old classmates
                                                                                        Scott ’91 and Cheri (Breshears) ’91
Laurie (Lesher) Malik ’84 is living life    and friends. She lives at 205 W. Wake-
                                                                                        Williams are currently living in metro
to the fullest in Kansas City working       field, Ave., Sikeston, MO 63801; (573)
                                                                                        Kansas City, MO, with their three boys,
and raising her three children, who are     471-6368;
                                                                                        Chris (14), Alex (10), and Jordan (8).
18, 19, and 21. She enjoys her horse,       Scott ’88 and Mona (Gray) ’89 Black-        Scott is a training officer/ paramedic
and riding is her main hobby. She           burn have three children: Logan (12),       for the fire department just north of
would love to hear from college friends     Lathan (9), and Laramie (1). Scott is the   Kansas City, and Cheri also works out-
at 11521 West 55th Street, Shawnee,         high school principal at Holcomb High       side the home. They can be reached at
Kansas 66203; (913) 499-7992; her           School and Mona is the technology co-       1503 N.E. Northaven Drive, Gladstone,
email address is lauriemalik@earpdis-       ordinator. Their address is 503 E. Hwy      MO 64118; (816) 468-0345; kearney-                              162, Clarkton, MO 63837; sblack-  
Jill Elizabeth Morlock ’85 address up-
date: 5918 Wexford Brook, San Anto-
Page 14                                                                                           Alumni News • Summer 2006
Jack Daniels ’93 and his wife,              ty of Missouri-Rolla as landscape gar-      denton, MO 65020; (573) 317-1682. Eric
Elizabeth, have been married for eight      dener. Mary is a full-time homemaker        can be reached by email at eric-
years and have three children. Jack         with their three girls, Nora (7), Emma
works as a probation and parole offi-       (5), and Heidi (3). Friends can contact     Rebecca Keefer ’00 MBA, PHR, is cur-
cer. The Daniels can be reached at 6332     them at 15650 County Road 8390,             rently the Human Resource Adminis-
NW 9th, Kansas City, MO 64151 or ciga-      Rolla, MO 65401; (573) 309-1999; dun-       trator for the School of Health                                                 Professions at the University of Mis-
Rachell (White) Tomlinson ’93 address       Craig ’98 and Amber (Shawgo) ’98            souri-Columbia. Her responsibilities in-
update: 1270 Katherine Drive, Sierra        Netherton had their first child, Amelia     clude leadership in the delivery of
Vista, AZ 85635; (520) 452-1555;            Grace, who was born six weeks early on      strategic and operational human re-             October 28, 2005. Amelia was in the         source services. Rebecca is certified by
Phillip Metcalf ’94 and his wife,           NICU for one month; she recently had        the Society for Human Resource Man-
Corlona, have relocated from their          brain surgery, and is recovering well at    agement (SHRM) as a Professional in
home in Olathe, KS, to Phillip’s home-      home. Craig and Amber moved to the          Human Resources (PHR). She received
town of Viburnum, MO. He is a lieu-         Quad Cities two years ago from upstate      her Masters of Business Administra-
tenant for the city of Bourbon and is       New York. He is an aircraft mechanic at     tion, with an emphasis in Human Re-
the school resource officer and D.A.R.E.    Elliott Aviation, and she is a relocation   sources, from William Woods
officer. He can be reached at 9 Briar-      counselor at a local real estate compa-     University in 2004. Her current address
crest Drive, Viburnum, MO 65566; (573)      ny. They would love to hear from            is 8701 N. Cedar, Columbia, MO 65202;
244-3580;            friends and classmates at 1844 14th
                                            Street, Moline, IL 61265; (309) 736-        Melanie (McClimans) King ’00 address
Supachai Sukhasem ’96 address up-           9436; email address: canetherton@sbc-
date: Rangsit, Thanyaburee Phathumta-                                                   update: 3945 Fawn Lane, Harrison, AR
                                                                   72601; (870) 743-4871; melanie_mccli-
nee, 12310; home phone 66-2-9916534;                   Amanda (Shawgo) Miller ’99 and hus-
                                            band, Mark, celebrated their daughter       Alysa Little ’00 address update: 1071
Todd and Sheila (Whittaker) Sigler ’96      Megan’s first birthday in March, and
Todd was just promoted to Executive                                                     Clayton Lane #1611, Austin, TX 78723;
                                            their daughter Abbigail’s fourth birth-
Director of Product Assurance with Cir-     day in May. They can be reached at
rus Design. They would love to hear         4363 W. 2nd Street, Battlefield, MO         Brian ’00 and Tara (Smallwood) ’98
from their friends at 5 Timberline          65619; (417) 890-0695; email her at         McCloud address update: P.O. Box
Drive, Esko, MN 55733; (218) 878-4986;                   7261, Branson, MO 65615; (417) 546-                                                                      3733;
Nathan Hoyt ’97 and his wife, Enid,         00’s                                        Ashley (Schafer) ’00 and Jeff Weston
have two boys, Aaron and Branden.                                                       ‘x97 address update: 529 Gettysburg
Nathan currently flies for JetBlue Air-     Eric Cook ’00 is working on his Masters     Drive, Jackson, TN 38305; jeffan-
ways, and Enid is a stay-at-home mom.       in Education Administration and will
They can be reached at 7 Cleveland          graduate from William Woods Universi-
                                            ty in March 2007. He and his wife, Debi,    Sean Calhoun ’01 address update: P.O.
Heights, Monett, MO 65708; (417) 354-                                                   Box 245, Taneyville, MO 65759; (417)
0876;                 live at 205 Shadow Oaks Road, Cam-
C. Renee Hughes ’97 address update:          April McIntosh                             Chad Clark ’01 address update: 2219 S.
1107 Holley Court, Oak Park, IL 60301;       ‘00 can be seen                            Liberty, Marshall, MO 65340; (660) 886-                              weekly on                                  2219;
Angela Wilson ’97 is a published au-         NBC’s game
                                                                                        Michael ’01 and Andrea (Hall) ’00 Cun-
thor and is Public Information Coordi-       show Deal or
                                                                                        ningham, Jr. address update: 9020 E.
nator at Linn State Technical College in     No Deal. Since
                                                                                        74th Terrace, Raytown, MO 64133;
Linn, MO. She can be reached at 703          moving to Los
                                                                                        (816) 313-1098;
East Benton, Linn, MO 65807;                 Angeles in
                                                                                               2001, April has
                                             modeled for JC                              Joshua ’05 and Natasha (Reed) Sulli-
Cody and Kelly (Allen) Manring ’97                                                      van ’02 moved to Washington. Natasha
                                             Penney, Merle
have two children, Quinn (5) and Claire                                                 has completed her third semester at
                                             Norman Cos-
(1). Cody teaches social studies in                                                     Washington State University, working
                                             metics, and Brighton, just to name a
grades 8-12 at Albany, and Kelly is a di-                                               towards her Masters in Education; she
                                             few. She has appeared on the cover of
etitian for a dialysis center. They would                                               hopes to graduate in Spring 2007. Josh
                                             Hairdo Ideas, Hairstyle Guide, and
enjoy hearing from classmates at 5722                                                   is enrolled in the Washington Police
                                             Best Body magazines, with appear-
335th Street, Albany, MO 64402;                                                         Academy and is employed through the
                                             ances also in Glamour, In Style,                                                              Kennewick Police Department. They
                                             Shape, and People. Her television
Edward ’98 and Mary (Parker) ’98             premier role was in the CBS drama          can be contacted at 4109 W. Metaline
Dunn have moved back to Rolla and            CSI:Miami.                                 Ave., Kennewick, WA 99336; sweet-
built a home. Ed works for the Universi-                                      
Alumni News • Summer 2006                                                                                                 Page 15
Brock Chisum ’02 address update: 822       Adam and Rebekah (Fuentes) Batson           Playhouse. She can be reached at 500
W. Main, Lyons, KS 67554; (620) 257-       ’03 have moved back to the Ozarks and       W. Hovey, Springfield, MO 65802; (417)
5481;                 would love to hear from friends. Adam       860-9879; akowalski@globaluniversi-
                                           works at Bass Pro Corporate Office, and
                    Grant Miller ’00       Rebekah stays at home with their son,       Kyle ‘05 and Kristen ’04 (Hagood)
                    was recently at        Seth. They can be reached at 1425 E.        Rapinchuk Kyle has begun classes at
                    CofO presenting a      Stanford Street, Springfield, MO 65804;     Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth,
                    slide lecture of his   (417) 883-1843;                             TX. His baseball number was retired on
                    work prior to the                   April 22, 2005. Kristin is currently
                    opening of his ex-     Luke Allen Glasscock ’03 received U.S.      working in the marketing department
                    hibition, Intersec-    Navy aviator wings of gold on Decem-        of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. They
                    tion of Space and      ber 2, 2005. He has moved to San Diego      are expecting their first child, a girl, on
                    Time, that opened      and is training to fly the SH-60F Sea-      July 28. They can be reached at 4200-F
                    February 14, 2006.     hawk helicopter at HS-10 NAS North Is-      Ferguson Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76115;
 His work has been exhibited in nu-        land, CA. He will be moving to NAS          (817) 732-2093; krapinchuk@star-
 merous prominent shows both na-           Jacksonville, FL, later this year. He can
 tionally and internationally. Grant       be reached at 5240 Fiore Terrace J203,      Daniel ’04 and Jamie (Wirth) ’05 Gid-
 has exhibited at the Bayern-Cohen         San Diego, CA 92122; (870) 207-8402;        man are moving to Kansas City, MO,
 Gallery in Kansas City and in the                       for Dan’s new job at Triple I Corpora-
 show, Container 1, at the AR Con-
                                           Jenny Mitchum ’03 will be working at        tion. They live at 6760 W. 83rd, Apt
 temporary Gallery in Milan, Italy.
                                           Crane, MO, Elementary next year teach-      101, Overland Park, KS 66204; (417)
                                           ing first grade. Her new address is 411     593-1517;;
Sam and Nicoya Parker ’02 Sam is           E. Jackson St., Ozark, MO 65721;  
working as director of an after school
mentoring program called KidCare                                                       Amanda (Austin) Simmonds ‘05 is the
America. Nicoya stays at home full time    Paula Senter ’03 address update: 117        Firm Administrator for Elliott, Robin-
with Isaiah (3) and 15 month-old Mara.     White River Mountain Blvd. Apt. 205,        son Company in Springfield, MO. She
They would love to hear from old           Hollister, MO 65672; (417) 230-2228;        can be reached at 2844 North Pierce
friends at 15340 C. R. 8390, Rolla, MO                       Ave., Springfield, MO 65803; simzy-
65401; (573) 364-4965;                     Joel and Casey (Nance) Hinds ’03 live                  in Chaplin, KY. Joel serves as music        Brian Copeland ’05 address update:
Jessica Richards ’02 is excited to an-     minister at their church and attends        2142 Charles, Republic, Missouri
nounce that she has just written a         the Southern Baptist Theological Semi-      65738. Brian is the coordinator of
book! Under the pen name J. M.             nary in Louisville. Casey cares for their   Ozarks Technical Community College’s
Richards, Jessica wrote a young adult      two children, Elsie Grace (born July 25,    Fitness Center. His responsibilities in-
fiction/fantasy novel titled Found         2004) and Levi David (born February         clude oversight of the day-to-day fit-
Phoebe and has decided to publish it. If   13, 2006). They can be reached at P.O.      ness center operations and designing
you enjoy books like The Chronicles of     Box 53, Chaplin, KY 40012.                  exercise programs to help OTC stu-
Narnia, Harry Potter, or any of the        Sonya Engelking ’04 address update:         dents and employees. Previously, he
Lemony Snicket books, be sure to check     690 Sugar Trail Court, Saint Peters, MO     was an exercise specialist with Cox Fit-
it out. Visit her webpage                  63376; (636) 447-7766; sonyaengelk-         ness Centers.
s27/main.html. The book is available at
                                           Amy Evans ’04 address update: 2500          Marriages
                                           South Ingram Mill Rd. Apt 12, Spring-       Christina Beth (Creamer) ’98 and
                                           field, MO 65804; (417) 881-7547;            James Black were married on Novem-
Elizabeth (Beckers) Simons ’02 ad-                      ber 5, 2005. James is a police officer in
dress update: 1233 W. 117th Street S.,                                                 Baxter Springs, Kansas, and Christina is
                                           Annette Elizabeth Hornsby ’04 ad-
Jenks, OK 74037; (918) 298-3968; eliza-                                                an outpatient therapist at a local men-
                                           dress update: 117 White River Moun-                                                                  tal health center. They live at 219 N.
                                           tain blvd #212, Hollister, MO 65672;
Jessica (Puangnak) Glossip’03 and her      (314) 294-0554; annette_hornsby@hot-        Main, Scammon, KS 66773; (620) 848-
husband, Shawn, are real estate in-                                   2300;
vestors who remodel houses on the                                                      Rachel (Barnes) ’01 and Todd Burgette
                                           Amy Kowalski ’04 is the creative team
side. Shawn is a data technician, and                                                  were married February 4, 2006, in a
                                           assistant at Global University Assem-
Jessica is a stay-at-home mom. They                                                    small, sunny chapel in Garland, Texas.
                                           blies of God in Springfield, MO. She is
have a daughter named, Deborah Zoe,                                                    Todd is a financial analyst for Frito-Lay
                                           also the drama coordinator for Kid
(Zoey), born August 30, 2004. The Glos-                                                Corporation, and Rachel is an adminis-
                                           Point Productions at North Point
sips live at 1616 W. Highland Street,                                                  trative assistant for a small company.
                                           Church. She has recently acted in pro-
Springfield, MO 65807; (417) 886-2942;                                                 They would love to hear from old
                                           ductions for the Springfield Little The-                                                                    friends and classmates at 2401 W.
                                           atre and Springfield Children’s
Page 16                                                                                            Alumni News • Summer 2006
Spring Creek Pkwy, Apt # 607, Plano,
TX 75023;
                                                   Alumni Discounts at The Keeter Center
Lucas ‘03 and Amanda (Robbins) ’04
Douglas were married July 24, 2004.             The Keeter Center has successfully completed it first full year
Now living in West Plains, Missouri,         of operation, featuring fine dining in Dobyns Dining Room, extra-
Luke is a Youth Pastor at the Methodist      ordinary rooms in Mabee Lodge, and facilities for weddings, re-
Church. Amanda is a math/reading
                                             unions, and other catered events. Dues-paying alumni may
teacher at South Fork Elementary. You
can reach them at 1012 West 8th St.,         present their Alumni ID card to receive the following discounts:
West Plains, MO 65775; (417) 274-0500;       Dobyns – 35%; Mabee Lodge – 20%; catered events – 20%. Please
email them at                                call 417-239-1900 for information and reservations.
Jennifer (Howerton) ’03 and Aaron           definitely keep them busy and on the         Hollow Court, Westfield, IN 46074;
Morris were married April 1, 2006, in       go. Jimmy is the Manager of Red Wing         (317) 417-0146;
Tampa, Florida. Jennifer is serving as      Shoes in Branson, while Janet enjoys
an Army Intelligence Officer and Aaron                                                   Shannon ’97 and Crystal ’98 (Mork)
                                            staying at home with the boys. She           Zadora share the exciting news of their
is an Army Aviator. They are currently      plans to return to teaching when the
stationed at Katterbach, Germany. Con-                                                   son, Daniel Nemiah Zadora, born May
                                            time is right. They would love to hear       26, 2005. Shannon works for the Tulsa
tact them at         from friends at 406 Knox Ave., Hollis-       Police Department, and Crystal teaches
Brandt ‘03 and Erica Wiskur announce        ter, MO 65672; (417) 334-5863;               kindergarten at Rejoice Christian
their marriage. Erica is a manager and                   School. They would love to hear from
Brandt is a neuroscience PhD. candi-        Rusty and Marci (Davenport) ’95              friends at 13022 E. 127th PL North,
date at the Dean McGee Eye Institute in     Chadwell happily announce the birth          Collinsville, OK 74021; (918) 371-8754;
Oklahoma City. Brandt would love to         of their daughter, Abby Maelynn, born
hear from old classmates at 12355 S.E.      June 5, 2005, who was welcomed home
15th St., Choctaw, OK 73020; (405) 769-                                                  Mollie (Hester) ’97 VanDover and her
                                            by Mica Breann age 3. Marci is in her        husband, Eric, proudly announce the
0037;              sixth year as a principal in the Fordland    birth of their children, Kirby Shane
Ross and Melissa (Harris) Allen ’05         R-III School District and Rusty is a real    born July 1, 2003, and Jeffrey Travis on
were married January 14, 2006, at           estate appraiser in Marshfield. They         February 2, 2005. They can be reached
Williams Memorial Chapel. They can be       can be reached at 6566 St. HWY FF,           at Route 2, Box 358A; Poplar Bluff, MO
reached at 1424 Plantation Pine Circle,     Marshfield, MO 65706; (417) 859-5862;        63901; (573) 857-3099.
Garner, NC 27529.                 
                                                                                         Benjamin and Diana (Farmer) Ball ’99
Kari (Coolidge) ’05 and Paul Atalla         Mark ’95 and Tommi (Inman) ’97               proudly announce the birth of their
were married earlier this year. Paul is a   Graves are pleased to welcome Jacque-        son, Levi Wayne Ball, born on Novem-
microbiologist for Wyeth Pharmaceuti-       line Marie Graves, born October 18,          ber 4, 2005, who was welcomed by sis-
cals and Kari is a customer service rep-    2006. She is a little sister to Brady, who   ter, Avery (2). Ben is currently working
resentative for American Beryllia, Inc.,    is 6. They can be reached at 8420 NE         for Murphy Family Ventures, and Diana
an international supplier for laser ce-     107th Terrace, Kansas City, MO 64157;        is a stay-at-home mom. They would
ramic parts. They can be reached at         (816) 415-4776;           love to hear from their college friends
1405 Faulkner Court, Mahwah, NJ             Jon ’95 and Tanesa (Brower) ’97              at HC 62, Box 29A, Sheldon, MO 64784;
07430;               Keehn celebrated the birth of their first    (417)398-9104;
                                            child, Rachel Eliza, born February 10,
Births                                      2006. They can be reached at 311 S.          Matthew and Amber (Toney) Mulnik
                                            162nd East Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74108;          ’99 are proud to announce the birth of
Stephen ’87 and Denise (Schillings) ’86
                                            (918) 234-0430;       their first child, Kyla Marie Mulnik,
Schaefer are excited to announce the
birth of their fifth child Joseph “Joey”    Sean ’96 Alexander and his wife, Julie,      born January 11, 2006. Matt is a Senior
Mathias Schaefer, born September 7,         announce the birth of their son, Nicolas     Flight Test Engineer with Rockwell
2005. He joins older siblings,              Sean, born January 23, 2006. They can        Collins, and Amber is a Communica-
Stephanie, Joshua, Caleb, and Jared.        be reached at 126 Waters Edge Lane,          tions Manager for Alliant Energy. The
They reside at Route 2, Box 237 E.          Hendersonville, TN 37075; (615) 264-         Mulniks can be reached at 460 Joshua
Mountain Grove, MO 65711, where they        9195;            Lane, Robins, IA 52328; (319) 696-3290;
continue to raise cattle on their farm      Jason ’96 and Melissa (Lorenzen) ‘x98 or amber-
and have an accounting business.            Force announce the birth of their sec-

Jimmy ‘94 and Janet (Bledsoe) ‘93           ond son, Samuel Jason, born September        Rae Lynn (Newcomb) ’99 Odom and
Brown are the proud parents of identi-      22, 2005, who joins his big brother          husband, Tim, are pleased to announce
cal twin boys, Joshua and Jacob, born       Spencer (2). Maternal grandparents are       the birth of their second daughter,
on January 16, 2006. They also have a       Stanley and Jo Ann (Bailey) Lorenzen
3-year-old daughter, Kayla. The kids        ‘73. They can be reached at 30 Sleepy                          continued on page 18
Alumni News • Summer 2006                                                                                       Page 17

                  Alumni Scholarship Recipients Announced

 Destiny Mikulic, Sr.    Bonnie Harrell, Sr.     Lindsey Boyer, Sr.    Bethany Bearden, Jr.        Kristen Brack, Jr.
    Social Work/        Philosophy and Reli-        Accounting               Spanish/                  Dietetics
 Christian Ministry            gion/                                  Philosophy and Religion

 Amanda Brandt, Sr.      Amanda Wade, Jr.      Anthony Ashley, Jr.       Kim Lunsford, Sr.       Stephanie Hart, Sr.
   Social Work/              Business/            Psychology             Early Childhood        Business Management
     Spanish              Public Relations                                  Education

  Teresa Brueggen,      Leah Mullins, Soph.    Hannah Hatfield, Jr.   Matthew Stecklein, Jr.    Lukas Mathews, Soph.
        Soph.               Education              Business/           History/Secondary            Chemistry/
       Biology                                      Speech                 Education                  Pre-Med
Page 18                                                                                       Alumni News • Summer 2006

                                                                       In Memoriam
continued from page 16

Macey Lynn, born October 10, 2005.

                                                   Dr. Leonard B. Gittinger
They can be reached at 5850 Quail
Meadows Dr., Poplar Bluff, MO 63901;                         College of the Ozarks said goodbye to a longtime
Robert ’99 Ogle and his wife, Dawn,        friend at Memorial Services held May 23, 2006, in
welcomed their second son, Grant           Williams Memorial Chapel. Dr. Leonard B. Gittinger
Stephen, born October 27, 2005. They       passed away May 12, 2006, at the age of 94.
can be reached at 1903 Mayapple Drive,          Dr. Gittinger was preceded in death by his wife,
Bryant, AR 72022; rdogle0619@com-          Edith, in 2003. He is survived by his devoted wife,                                  Jane Gittinger of their home.
                                                Leonard and Edith moved to the Ozarks in 1972
Kerry ’01 and Chrissy ’02 (Casper)         after he retired as Vice President and Director of Mar-
Martin proudly announce the birth of       ket Research for Freeport Mineral Co., an internation-
their son, Caleb Matthew, born March       al corporation. He graduated with an MBA from the
18, 2006. The Martins can be reached       Harvard School of Business in 1942. Dr. Gittinger be-
at 3005 W. McGuffey Rd., Ozark, MO         came involved with the College of the Ozarks upon moving to the area by
65721.                                     taking classes and becoming associated with many of the departments. He
Jason ‘x01 and Teresa (Fortner) ’01        served as a volunteer and financial contributor in various areas and was a
McAdoo are pleased to announce the         member of the Ralph Foster Museum Board and the College’s Board of Visi-
birth of their daughter, Savanna Rose,     tors.
born February 24, 2006, who was wel-            He and the late Edith Gittinger gave generously to the College, funding
comed home by sister Makayla Grace         the Edith Gittinger Music Center and the Leonard B. Gittinger Campus Min-
(3). The family can be reached at 108 S.   istries Center. Both buildings have been greatly received by the students, fac-
Dallas Ave., Moore, OK 73160; tjm-         ulty, administration and community. They also endowed the Leonard and                           Edith Gittinger Community Convocation Series, bringing many outstanding
                                           speakers for the benefit of the College and surrounding community. Leonard
Michael ’00 and April (Helms) ’01 Mul-
                                           and Jane Gittinger have contributed to the new college nursing program in
nik announce the birth of their first
                                           memory of Edith Gittinger. The community, the College, and his friends and
child, Abigail Lorain, born November
                                           family have been truly blessed, along with countless students he has helped
13, 2004, and their second, Nicholas
                                           with their education at C of O and in graduate schools and seminaries. The
Ryan, born May 10, 2006. They would
                                           annual awards convocation was a favorite endeavor.
love to hear from their old friends at
                                                He will be forever missed by the many lives he has touched. A devout
180 Horizon Dr., Branson, MO 65616;
                                           Christian, he was a member of the Williams Memorial Chapel where he served
                                           as an elder and teacher for many years. He was a member of the Gideons In-
Aaron and Kristy (Bossaller)               ternational, where he enjoyed many years of distributing Bibles to the stu-
Berendzen ’02 announce the birth of        dents. Memorial donations may be made to the College of the Ozarks Nursing
their son, Tristen Riley, who was born     Program or to Gideons International for Bibles.
on August 30, 2005. They can be
reached at 602B S. Washington, Sedalia,    Court, Sparta, MO 65753; (417) 278-      65251; (573) 220-9468; email them at-
MO 65301;          2030;
Travis ’03 and Stephanie (Wheeler) ’04     Preston and Stacy (Whisler) LaDuke       Gary ’03 and Kimberly (Kimball) ’04
Hart were blessed with a beautiful baby    ’03 have a new baby girl, Jenna Paige,   Murray have a son, Austin David Mur-
boy, Brennan Austin, on December 18,       born December 13, 2005. They can be      ray, born February 15, 2006. They can
2005. Stephanie graduated with a MBA       reached at 701 S. 2nd St., Branson, MO   be reached at 581 S. Canterbury Lane,
from Missouri State University in Au-      65616;            Nixa, MO 65714; (417) 724-9982; mur-
gust and is currently working as a Cost                                   
                                           Jonathan ’04 Hetzel and his wife, Car-
Analyst for Reckitt Benckiser in Spring-
                                           men, had a baby girl, Johanna Rae,
field. Travis continues to work for Cin-
tas and plans to return to school for
                                           born January 25, 2006. They live at      Deaths
                                           1300 Stonemill Dr. Apt. B, Fulton, MO
his MBA. They live at 313 Cinnamon                                                  Clifford A. Brown ’37 4/7/06
                                                                                    James Henry Clark ’56 2/27/06
                       ATTENTION:                                                   Lawrence Johnson ’56 1/16/06
              Chapel Choir and Chorale Alumni                                       Paul Eugene Reese x71 11/20/05
  Lynda Jesse, Associate Professor of Music, is organizing                          James Clarence Elmore ’80 3/26/06
  a Centennial Choir and Chorale to perform during Home-
                                                                                    Michael Casteel ’82 1/7/06
  coming on November 4. For more information, email
  Lynda at
Alumni News • Summer 2006                                                                                            Page 19

President                   Richard S. Miller ‘73                  3337 Bedford Avenue       Springfield, MO         65809
Vice President              Marci (Smith) Linson ’89               P.O. Box 222              Blue Eye, MO            65611
President-Elect             Roy Johnson ’62 JC                     249 River Valley Rd.      Branson, MO             65616
Treasurer                   Sandra (Roberts) Cooper ‘78            1009 Iowa Colony Road     Hollister, MO           65672
Secretary                   Ruth (Cheek) Raley ‘51                 P.O. Box 567              Point Lookout, MO       65726
Past President              Frieda (Wilson) Hornback ‘47           4903 Oxynard Drive1       Springfield, MO         65810
Alumni Director             Helen (DePew) Youngblood ’79           6537 E. St Hwy 86         Blue Eye, MO            65611

        Nominating Committee                                Board Representatives
        Sharon (Payne) Bradley JC’62 . . .          ’06     Harry H. Basore ’35             Gary R. Cowherd JC ’62
        Tom Smith ‘70 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   ’06     Sharon (Payne) Bradley JC ’62   Terrence Dake JC ’64
        Brian Thompson ’829 . . . . . . . . .       ’08     Doyle Childers ’72              Shawn McKenzie ’79
        Francis J. Wheeler ‘69 . . . . . . . . .    ’08     Don Baker ’50                   J. Kenneth Raley ’78
        Gary Wortman ‘70 . . . . . . . . . . .      ’08

                                                      COUNCIL MEMBERS
Class of 2006      Lynn (Anglin) Stude ’54                10917 Denton Ferry Rd.       Gassville, AR         72635
                   Larry E. Schmitt ’84                   85 Snow Bluff Lane           Reeds Springs, MO     65737
                   Roger Sanders ’72                      1854 Greenwood Rd.           Weatherford, TX       76088
                   Gayle (Garrison) Keith ’63 JC          P.O. Box 315                 Point Lookout, MO     65726
                   Patrick Barnett ’62                    234 Heritage Estates Rd.     Branson, MO           65161
Class of 2007      Mark Bryant ’86                        P.O. Box 1041                Branson, MO           65615
                   Karla (Lamar) Eslinger ’82             HC 72 Box 232-3              Wasola, MO            65773
                   Eleanor (Wilson) Howell ’48            4630 E. Farm Road 186        Rogersville, MO       65742
                   Bryan Oetting ’86                      18165 Old Highway 65         Omaha, AR             72662
                   Max Ruhl ’74                           27200 300 Street             Maryvillle, MO        64468
                   Dennis Shearrer ’68                    3425 Normandy Rd.            Poplar Bluff, MO      63901
                   Lessie (Elmer) Speed ’44               3556 S. Urbana Ave.          Tulsa, OK             74135
Class of 2008      Arliss Stillings ’74                   381 Summit Ridge Drive       Forsyth, MO           65653
                   Maynard Wallace ’63 JC                 HCR 77 Box 75                Thornfield, MO        65762
                   James R. Watkins ’69                   2775 Adeline Street          Cape Girardeau, MO    63701
                   Linda K. (Carlton) Yount ’62 JC        107 Wood Lou                 Rogers, AR            72756
                   Bill Miller ’59                        221 English Hulse Road       Pocahontas, AR        72460
                   Margaret (Clark) Miller ’59            221 English Hulse Road       Pocahontas, AR        72460
                   Sam Crockett ’00                       317 Saints Street            Branson, MO           65616

                                                    CHAPTER PRESIDENTS
Springfield, MO: Richard Miller ’73                             3337 Bedford Ave.           Springfield, MO          65859
Firefighters: Brian Thompson ’82                                P.O. Box 171                Ava, MO                  65608
St. Louis, MO: Terry Goodrum JC ’66                             5023 Scenic View            Imperial, MO             63052
Central California: Gayle (Ross) Mault ’44                      P.O. Box 1555               Paso Robles, CA          93447
Oklahoma City, OK: Daniel McGowen ’84                           718 S. Aqua Clear Dr.       Mustang, OK              73064
Kansas City, MO: Eugene Littrell ’44                            P.O. Box 505                Smithville, MO           64089
Tulsa, OK: Shirley (Johnson) Wilkie ’58                         6989 E. 19th St             Tulsa, OK                74112
Home Economics: Betty (Stafford) Watts ’73                      P.O. Box 514                Point Lookout, MO        65726
Pt. Lookout/Tri Lakes: Stacy McNeill ’94                        285 Reno Springs Estate Ct. Walnut Shade, MO         65771
Agriculture Alumni Society: Faith (Neubert) Reese ’99           3208 N. 12th St.            Ozark, MO                65721
Winfrey Business Alumni: Brian Carson ’93                       317 SE Willamsburg Dr.      Blue Springs, MO         64014
Texas Chapter: Roger Sanders ’72                                1854 Greenwood Rd.          Weatherford, TX          76088
Aviation Chapter: Robert Ramey ’95                              407 Commanche Circle        Kechi, KS                67067
Community Service Chapter: Tessa Nalley ’00                     1112 S. 26th St.            Rogers, AR               72756
Music Alumni Chapter: Cynthia Williams ’92                      230 Coachman Way            O’Fallon, MO             63366
Page 20                                                                              Alumni News • Summer 2006

  PARENTS: If your C of O Alumnus no longer lives at this address, please send us the correct address so that
           we may update our records. Thank you.
         Alumni Association
       College of the Ozarks®
   Point Lookout, Missouri 65726
                                                                                                   NON-PROFIT ORG.
                                                                                                    U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                     PERMIT NO. 1

 Incorporated in 1906 as The School of the Ozarks

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