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					                                      ■ AFA Law Center representing
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                                       two pro-life defendants

insights abo
            ut                        Connecticut, U.S.
   Disney…                            seek to silence
             3 & 12                   abortion foes                         Issue price – $3.00                                      August, 1995

   See pages                              In a move unprecedented in
                                      history, the Attorney General of
                                      the U.S. and the Attorney Gen-
                                      eral of Connecticut have filed suit
                                                                            AFA’s boycott working:
I N S I D E                           to silence the peaceful opposition                                 TV Colleague,” Goldstein
                                                                            Unilever re-evaluates “Dear sponsorship
      INSIDE                          to abortion. The federal and state
                                      lawyers filed suit June 21 against
                                                                             The AFA boycott of Unilever
                                                                            apparently is achieving what         wrote, “On Sunday, June 11,
AFA                                   three peaceful pro-life advocates     many reasonable appeals to the       an advertisement was carried
 ❚ Boycott box                  21    under the Freedom of Access to        company failed to produce – a        by The New York Times (copy
 ❚ Don’s column                  2    Clinic Entrances Act (FACE).          re-evaluation of the programs        attached) that urged consumers
 ❚ Follow-up                    11        This is the first time that both   they sponsor on TV.                  to boycott our products because
 ❚ Resources                    18    the federal government and a              On June 20 Unilever presi-       we advertise on television shows
                                      state government have combined        dent Richard A. Goldstein sent       that the authors of the ad judged
Christian values                      to bring such an action. The suit     an internal memo to several          to be offensive. Let me share
 ❚ Teen sees hope                     was not brought by an individual      Unilever officials condemning         with you our reaction to this
   for America                  14    or even an abortion clinic, but       AFA’s efforts but at the same time   advertisement and ask for your
                                      by the two branches of govern-        saying that the company would        cooperation as we deal with this
Education                             ment.                                 re-evaluate the sponsorship.         sensitive situation.
 ❚ Psychologist pans                      Two of the three defendants       AFA had tried several times over        “The ad was placed by the
   public schools               15    are being represented by the          many months to get Unilever to       American Family Association
                                      American Family Association           do exactly that, but the company     (AFA), an organization with a
Entertainment                         Law Center. One of the defen-         refused to respond to AFA’s cor-     history of criticizing American
 ❚ Disney’s Pocahontas                dants is a 4' 11" woman who is        respondence. However, follow-                   continued on page 22
   revises history              12    charged with “pushing” a so-          ing thousands of phone calls and
                                      called abortion clinic “escort.”      letters from customers joining
Homosexual issues                     This woman has been handing           the boycott and a full-page ad in
 ❚ Congressman Dornan’s               out pro-life literature at the site   the New York Times promoting
   testimony on AIDS                  once a week for six years and had     the boycott, Chrm. Goldstein
   awareness training   17            never before been confronted by       decided it was time for the com-
 ❚ Ex-homosexual                                  continued on page 22      pany to act.
   ministers to others  20

Media bias
 ❚ CBS ignores truth
   in NEA story                 16
                                       Kmart sells Waldenbooks stock
                                       By ROBERT FRANK
News of Interest                 8     Editor, No-Debt Living Newsletter        Editor’s note: Kmart recently sold 80% of their Borders
                                                                             group stock, which includes the Waldenbooks chain, thus
OutReach                                  Kmart Corp., one of the            giving up control of Waldenbooks. AFA president Donald E.
 ❚ Help for the                        nation’s largest discount retail      Wildmon said that since Kmart refused to pull the porn while
   sex addict                   19     stores, continues to be plagued       they owned Waldenbooks and still own a minority 20% share,
                                       by bad economic and corporate         AFA would make no public announcement regarding dropping
Television                             news.                                 the boycott. “We will leave it to each individual to make that
 ❚ Reviews                       5        In March, under pressure           decision. We will no longer aggressively promote the boycott.
                                       from stockholders, the com-           But since Kmart never publicly recognized the boycott and has
ALL-MEMBERSHIP PLAN                    pany ousted chief executive           not asked that we publicly end it, we feel this is the best deci-
  Use All-Membership Plan to           and president Joseph Antonini.
subscribe for members or lead-         In June, it announced further
ers of your church. $4 per year        plans to shut down 72 stores         by the American Family As-           Waldenbooks includes 1,057
per subscription (minimum–10),         nationwide.                          sociation and other Christian        mall-based stores.
U.S. only. Send check, name of            Although you will never           groups.                                 In late May, Kmart made
church and legible mailing list to     read it in the secular press or         AFA launched the boycott          an announcement clearly re-
AFA address on page 2.                 hear it from Kmart executives,       several years ago because Kmart,     vealing that AFA had scored
  Copies of this issue available at    one contributing factor in the       through its subsidiary Walden-       a direct hit with its boycott.
$12.50/50 copies. Enclose check        company’s decline has been an        books, has become one of the         That announcement stated that
with order.                            ongoing boycott spearheaded          leading retailers of pornography.             continued on its con-
                                                                                                                 Kmart will rid itself ofpage 23
A liberal offers advice                                                                               Why do you do
                                                                                                          “Why do you do this?” is the question I
on Christians, politics
    Thirty years ago a United Methodist bishop, James Armstrong, wrote
                                                                                                      have been asked many times by reporters and
                                                                                                      others concerning our work here at American
                                                                                                      Family Association. Some ask this questions
a book titled The Urgent Now. In the book Bishop Armstrong had a                                      in the “what right do you have to force your
chapter called “The Christian as Politician.” I re-read that chapter a                                morals down my throat” vein. Others – some-
few weeks ago along with the book’s Foreward to the book, written by                                  times fellow Christians – ask this question in
Senator George McGovern.                                                                              a “you don’t really expect to change anything
    I agreed with the basic truths presented by Bishop Armstrong when                                 do you” sort of way.
I read the book in the 1960s, and agree with them still. His comments                                     When I began working at AFA in 1986,
about “The Christian as Politician” were first presented to a group of                                 I was quick to take offense at questions like
pastors in 1968.                                                                                      this. If I were on the phone I would snap
    There are many liberal politicians, media elite and church leaders                                back fairly quickly.
today who are very critical of conservative Christians who involve them-                              Now, after nearly 10
selves in politics. Their memories are short. Only about three decades                                years under this roof,
ago liberals were not only deeply involved in politics, but were publicly                             I rarely get offended
advocating and encouraging such involvement by Christians.                                            anymore. In 1986 I
    Bishop Armstrong went on to become the head of the National                                       would read some-
Council of Churches. Unfortunately, he later resigned after admitting                                 thing negative in the
adultery (a fact little reported by the liberal media). Senator McGovern later ran for President      newspaper about Dad or AFA and it would
as a Democrat.                                                                                        bother me greatly for days, sometimes weeks.
    Here are some selected comments from Senator McGovern’s Forward: “It is no longer                 Now, I just yawn and turn the page.
feasible – if indeed it ever was – to separate one’s personal faith from his social responsibil-          Why do I do what I do here at AFA? Well,
ity. No true Christian is deserving of peace of soul who does not address himself to the hard         life goes by quickly here on earth. The only
issues of war and peace, Vietnam, the arms race, and international community. No Christian            real legacy we leave are our children. What
worthy of the name can feed his own soul without concern for those around him who hunger              kind of country am I going to leave to my
in body and spirit. No Christian can really commune with his Creator, who denies the dignity          children and grandchildren? Do I have a
of his fellow creatures by reason or race.                                                            responsibility to them beyond food, cloth-
    “More particularly, it is not possible to separate the concerns of religion from the con-                                continued on page 23
cerns of politics. A religion that is indifferent to the quality of political leadership in society
is a religion of doubtful vitality and meaning. Conversely, a political leadership indifferent
to the moral claims and insights of religion is a sterile and dangerous leadership. There is           THE AMERICAN FAMILY
no major moral issue now confronting the church which can be fully challenged without                  ASSOCIATION JOURNAL
                                                                                                       Volume 19, No. 8
involving our political process. But neither is there any major issue in the field of politics
that can be adequately challenged without those special insights born of religious and moral           The AFA Journal is a publication of the American Family
convictions.”                                                                                          Association. Published monthly except November/De-
    Here are some selected comments by Bishop Armstrong. “To divorce the political realities           cember.
of this land from their religious foundations is like trying to rip a tree from its roots….The         Subscription rate: $15 per year
Wesleyan revival was something of a midwife in helping bring this nation to birth.
    “You see, there is no way to divorce faith from life; the gospel from the world; the church        AFA is a Christian organization promoting the Biblical
                                                                                                       ethic of decency in American society with primary
from politics. At least there is no legitimate way. Politics is an essential province of Christian     emphasis on TV and other media.
concern.... Jesus was put to death, not because he was a wonder-worker healing the sick, but
because he was a prophet disturbing the status quo, refusing to bend his knee to a Pilate and a        P.O. Drawer 2440
                                                                                                       Tupelo, MS 38803
Herod. The chain of events leading to the crucifixion was far more political than religious.            Main phone: 601-844-5036
    “We have all heard the words ‘You fellows ought to stop meddling in politics and stick to          FAX: 601-844-9176
preaching.’ How different our world would be had Moses, Amos, Isaiah, Jesus, Paul, John                AFA Law Center: 601-680-3886
                                                                                                       WAFR Radio: 601-844-8888
Calvin, John Wesley, Martin Niemoller, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Mohandas Gandhi, and Martin
Luther King heeded those words. If we are committed to the welfare of people, and seek to              An electronic edition of the AFA Journal is available
be faithful to Christ in all things, there is no way we can withdraw from the stress and storm         on America OnLine in the Christianity Section of the
of a very real world. If politics is the art of making and keeping persons truly human, then           Religion & Ethics forum (keyword: RELIGION), and
                                                                                                       CompuServe (GO CIN-4) in AFA’s library. Contact AFA
the Christian has undeniable rights and responsibilities in public affairs.                            on line in AFA’s section on Christian Interactive Network
    “It is not the function of the church to speak ex-cathedra on every controversial issue that       on CompuServe, or on America OnLine (Screen Name:
comes down the pike, to endorse candidates and promote partisan platforms. The church is               AmFamily1).
not here to respond to candidates on the basis of partisanship in the name of expediency. It           Executive Editor: Donald E. Wildmon
is here to respond to issues on the basis of principles in the name and spirit of Christ.              Editor: Randall Murphree
    “The Christian will study the issues and make his political judgments on the basis of              Associate Editor: Rusty Benson
                                                                                                       Editorial Assistant: Jessica Huckaby
New Testament insight and devotion. He will vote (that goes without saying). He will take
ward and precinct politics, local contests and primary elections as seriously as he takes the          Please, no unsolicited manuscripts.
                                                                           continued on page 23

2                                                                                                                          AFA JOURNAL • AUGUST, 1995
Sports heroes:    Disney/Miramax forms independent company
the good, the bad to distribute porn film
    Phil Dawson, a University of Texas foot-                   The Walt Disney Company and its wholly-         pany, Excalibur Films, says Kids will be
ball player, has turned down his selection to               owned subsidiary Miramax Films have                released unrated if it receives the NC-17
the Playboy All-American college football                   attempted to sidestep a public relations fire-      mark.
team. Accepting the coveted award would                     storm by forming an independent company to            Daily Variety, the news magazine of
have meant Dawson’s appearance in the                       market and distribute its pornographic movie       the entertainment industry, called Kids
October, 1995, edition of Playboy.                          Kids. (See AFA Journal 5/95 and 6/95.)             “the most controversial American film
    Dawson, 20, a devout Christian said he                     The new company, Excalibur, will be             made in the modern era or maybe ever.”
speaks to kids in Austin and Dallas regularly               funded and owned by Miramax principals             Branded by some critics as “kiddie porn,”
about moral values. Dawson said, “I don’t                   Harvey and Bob Weinstein. The pair will pay        Kids has been dubbed “voyeuristic and
want some kid saying, ‘Well, he’s just up                   Miramax $7 million for the movie which is          gratuitously violent both in its dialogue
there talking. The other night he was at the                set for release in New York on July 21 with        and action.”
Playboy mansion.’”                                          additional cities added July 28. Miramax              Of its showing at the Cannes Film
    In another story about Christian athletes               purchased Kids earlier this year for $3.5          Festival, Associated Press said: “The…
Charisma magazine reports that several                      million.                                           Festival got a taste of explicit teenage sex
members of the NCAA Division I Men’s Col-                      The movie is almost certain to receive          – courtesy of Walt Disney.”
lege Basketball Champion UCLA Bruins are                    an NC-17 rating (formerly “X”). However                                   Associated Press, 6/29/95
bold Christians including players Cameron                   a spokesman for the newly formed com-
Dollar, Charles O’Bannon and Tyus Edney;
and assistant coaches Lorenzo Romar and
Mark Gottfried. During the championship                                                                                                        AUGUST, 1995
game in April when Dollar came off the bench
to replace Edney, Romar brought the team to
its knees in prayer at center court, in front of
a national television audience.
    In contrast, Sports Illustrated featured
San Antonio Spurs basketball star Dennis
Rodman in its May 29 cover story. The con-
troversial Rodman said he goes to gay bars:                    A supplement for local bulletins & newsletters from the American Family Association
“I visualize being with another man.”
                 Clarion Ledger (Jackson, MS) 5/27/95;
              Charisma, 7/95; Sports Illustrated, 5/29/95   Poll finds pro-homosexual “values
Civil rights group says Fox                                 gap” between media, public
is trashiest network on TV                                      The latest Times-Mirror poll finds a huge       of the national media described themselves as
    Fox Broadcasting represents “the worst                  ideological difference between the media and       liberal, and 2% said they were very liberal.
traditions of American broadcasting,” ac-                   the public on social and cultural issues. On the   By contrast, 46% of the American people
cording to NAACP.                                           question of whether homosexuality should           described themselves as conservative or very
    The civil rights group’s comments were                  be accepted or discouraged, members of the         conservative.
made in a petition to the Federal Communi-                  national media felt it should be accepted by           The poll said that radio talk-show hosts
cations Commission (FCC) urging the FCC                     a margin of 83% to 4%. But among the pub-          “were closer to the media in accepting ho-
not to grant Fox a public interest waiver of                lic, only 41% thought it should be accepted,       mosexual lifestyles; closer to (but no more
rules barring foreigners from owning U.S. TV                and 53% felt it should be discouraged. Poll        conservative than) the public in their political
stations. The FCC recently discovered that                  authors called this a “values gap.”                ideology; and in between the two on whether
Fox has exceeded the 25% limit in foreign                       This gap translates into a failure to under-   the personal values of the press interfere with
ownership for nearly a decade. The FCC                      stand the concerns of ordinary Americans.          coverage of religion and family values.” The
voted to give Fox a chance to prove its TV                  The poll found that 47% of the national            poll said that if talk radio has an ideology,
stations have served the public interest and                media agreed that their own values make it         it is not conservative as we understand the
possibly waive the regulation.                              more difficult for them to understand and           term. Instead, it is cynicism and distrust of
    The NAACP said Fox “has brought the                     cover such things as religion and family           public officials.
greatest debasement of taste, character, qual-              values. Two-thirds of the public agreed that           The notion that talk radio is conservative
ity and decency in television.…In short, Fox                such a gap inhibits fair and honest coverage       undoubtedly stems from the fact that the
represents…the cream-skimming, profit-tak-                   of their concerns.                                 most popular hosts are conservative. But
ing, bottom-feeding, hormone-stimulating,                       The poll found that members of both the        a previous Times-Mirror poll found that a
child-exploiting, thought-extinguishing and                 national and local media do not generally          slight plurality of the 112 hosts it surveyed
spirit-emptying tradition of deregulated                    want to call themselves liberals. The over-        lean toward the Democratic Party, and that
television.”                                                whelming majority of them, 64%, described          more of them voted for Clinton than Bush
                                   Daily Variety, 6/14/95   themselves as moderate. Twenty-two percent         or Perot in 1992.

AFA JOURNAL • AUGUST, 1995                                                                                                                                        3
                                                                                                                                                                 AUGUST, 1995

    N EW S       BRIEFS                               Lost in wilderness, he survived on squirrels,
New videos aimed at                                   but now faces animal cruelty charges
Christians and their families                             Jake Landon, a 42-year-old mechanic is                    the attention of Humans for the Sensitive
   • The Faith, Freedom and Citizenship               facing multiple counts of aggravated cruelty                  Treatment of Animals. The animal rights
video series from Guy Rodgers and Associ-             to animals as a result of his 21-day fight for                 advocacy group pressed the State of New
ates examines why Christians should exercise          survival when lost in the Adirondack moun-                    York to bring charges of extreme cruelty to
their responsibilities as citizens. The series,       tains in upstate New York.                                    animals with special circumstances against
also available on audio cassette, consists of             Last April, Landon’s pickup skidded on a                  him, specifying the known deaths of at least
13 professionally filmed sessions, each ap-            muddy road and slid into a ravine where he                    10 squirrels and an indeterminate number
proximately 30 minutes in length. Rodgers,            lay unconscious for possibly two days. He                     of fish. Each count of the class-A felony
the former National Field Director of the             apparently struck his head on the windshield                  carries a mandatory sentence of nine years
Christian Coalition, provides instruction             and awoke with no recollection of who and                     without parole.
in such topics as God’s “Created Order of             where he was. Dragging a severely injured                         One argument the state is expected to raise
Governing through Delegated Authority,”               right foot he wandered about for the next three               is that the number of animals Landon killed
and “The Role for Christian Leaders and               weeks, huddling at night in shelters made of                  was unnecessarily large, owing to the fact
Organizations.”                                       pine boughs, surviving on fish caught with                     that by moving about he elevated his caloric
   For more information about the Faith,              a pointed stick and squirrels he trapped then                 requirements; had he conserved his energy
Freedom and Citizenship series, call 1-800-           killed with the stick.                                        and waited for rescuers to find him, he would
636-VOTE.                                                 On the 21st day of his ordeal, Landon                     not have needed more than one small fish and
   • Imagination: Is it Fantasy or Reality?           stumbled into a road where he collapsed.                      a few berries each day.
examines fantasy role playing games such as           Two men, now thought to be escapees                               Landon also faces a third-degree charge
Dungeons and Dragons and many others. The             from a prison, indicated the direction of the                 of failure to wear a seat belt and 21 federal
video from American Portrait Films reveals            nearest settlement. Landon finally reached                     charges of setting fires at unapproved sites
how witchcraft and demons are interwoven              civilization.                                                 on state lands.
into the very fabric of these popular games.              Landon’s highly publicized story caught                                   Center for the Study of Popular Culture, 5/95
The video is available by credit card by calling
1-800-736-4567. American Portrait Films,
P.O. Box 19266, Cleveland, Ohio 44119.

Cybergambling new online wave
                                                           Top ten most liberal TV shows
    To sidestep laws that prohibit transmission              TV, etc., a publication of Media Research Center, recently named their top 10 shows
of bets across state lines, gambling compa-              of the past television season that were the most guilty of pushing a liberal agenda. In
nies are racing to set up computer betting               ranking order the shows were:
operations in off-shore Caribbean islands.               1. Serving in Silence – NBC made-for-TV movie based on true story of an Army
Millions of Internet users around the world                  nurse discharged from the Army after revealing her lesbianism
will have access to the “virtual casinos.” At            2. Sisters – NBC weekly drama; casual sex; regular lesbian character
the Caribbean Casino – an Internet gambling              3. Dennis Miller Live – HBO talk show which often jabs Republicans
den slated to be operative soon – odds are               4. TV Nation – NBC comedy newsmagazine
70 to 30 in favor of the house, according to             5. Roseanne – ABC sitcom; pro-abortion, anti-religious; pro-homosexual
its owner.                                               6. Cosmic Slop – HBO made-for-cable movie
    Analysts say legalized online gambling               7. The X-Files – Fox drama series
could be a $10 billion-a-year industry.                  8. Choices of the Heart: The Margaret Sanger Story – Lifetime made-for-cable
                                     Time, 6/12/95                  movie about the founder of Planned Parenthood
                                                         9. My So-Called Life – ABC drama series; targets teens
Public school teachers choose private                   10. The George Wendt Show – CBS sitcom; Catholic, clergy bashing
education for their own children
   Urban public school teachers often send
their own children to private schools, says a         media through ownership                                       that determines what policy a newspaper,
new study based on 1990 Census data. The                  The Joshua Media Fund is a new diversi-                   television station, cable or magazine will
study says that in about 33% of the nation’s          fied, no-load mutual fund that plans on using                  follow. Ownership hires and fires editors
100 largest cities, public school teachers are        its ownership stock to influence media com-                    and broadcasters. By voting the stock owned
more than 1.5 times as likely as others to send       panies to support traditional family values.                  by the Joshua Media Fund, we will propose
their children to private schools. For example,           The fund will invest in publicly traded                   changes, even seeking to elect new corporate
44.6% of Boston’s public school teachers              media stocks to encourage the management                      directors, if necessary.”
enrolled their children in private schools,           of media companies to support positive                           For more information concerning the
compared with 28.9% of all families.                  family values. “Where the editorial policy is                 Joshua Fund, call 305-491-1773.
                                 USA Today, 6/7/95    negative, the Fund will attempt to change it,”
                                                      says a letter from Chairman of the board and
Mutual fund seeks to influence                         President Ronald J. Kovack. “It is ownership
4                                     Sources cited for “Christians and Society Today” indicate source of basic information only.         AFA JOURNAL • AUGUST, 1995
                                                          TV REVIEWS

   Viewer polls tell Hollywood                                                          Unilever still a
   to clean up the smut                                                                 top advertiser
      In two separate recent polls Ameri-
                                                                                        on NYPD Blue
   cans told the entertainment industry                                                    For June 13, 20 and 27 repeats of NYPD
   that they are very concerned about sex,                                              Blue, producers chose episodes representa-
   violence and profanity on television, in                                             tive of their intention to push nudity and filthy
   movies and music lyrics.                                                             language a little further in family-time TV.
      A USA Weekend survey, which                                                          The June 13 repeat tells the story of a man
   included responses from over 65,000                                                  who repeatedly exposes himself, once to Of-
   viewers, focused on television. Another                                              ficer Lesniak when he asks her to come to his
   USA Today/CNN/Gallup poll dealt                                                      car and give him directions. Later, he again
   with broader entertainment industry                                                  exposes himself to her and other officers.
   issues.                                                                              Thirteen profanities and seven additional
                                                                USA Weekend, 6/2-4/95   crude expressions spew out of the foul mouths
                                                                                        of the characters.
                                                                                           On June 20, Det. Bobby Simone and his
                                                                                        lover appear in a nude scene; the camera
                                               Should the federal government            catches them from the side, both wearing
                                               become involved in restricting           only jeans, as they prepare for sex.
                                               sex and violence presented by               The June 27 repeat again featured Simone
                                                                                        and his new sex partner in a bed scene, both
                                               the entertainment industry?              displaying rear nudity. In one scene, Sipowicz
                                                                                        observes that Simone is in a good mood, and
                                                                                        assumes, “…you got laid.” It seems series
                                                                                        writers think illicit sex is the only thing that
                                                                                        can cause a person to be pleasant. Fourteen
      The entertainment industry should make a serious effort                           profanities and a dozen other crude epithets
      to reduce sex and violence in movies and music and TV.             83%            are included in dialogue.
                                                                                        Advertisers (on all three): Unilever,
      Reducing the amount of sex and violence in movies and
      music and on TV would significantly improve the moral               68%            Sexual titillation still favorite
      climate of the USA.                                                               prime-time subject
                                                                                            The networks continue to depend primar-
      The entertainment industry is seriously out of touch with                         ily on illicit sex and titillation to try to grab
      the values of the American people.                                 65%            viewers. The following reviews are represen-
                                                                                        tative of what the networks served up.

      The entertainment industry generally reflects the values                               ■ In a New Light: Sex Unplugged
      of the American people.                                            29%            (ABC, 6/1) This hour-long special carried
                                                                                        a parental warning because of its “frank
                                                                                        sexual discussions.” The teaser featured a
                                                                                        teenage girl declaring, “Abstinence is very
   Who is to blame for exposing children under age 12 and children age                  unrealistic these days. Parents love to preach
   13-17 to sex and violence in movies and music and on TV?                             it, and they’d love for us to follow it, but it’s
                                                                                        not gonna happen.” The program included
       Parents                                                                          some statistics that should startle or frighten
                                                                       58%              us, e.g. by age 21, one out of five needs treat-
                                                            48%                         ment for sexually transmitted disease. Host
       Entertainment Industry                                                           Barbara Walters insisted, “Kids don’t have
                                              31%                                       the information they need....”
                                 20%                          Under 12                      AIDS is frequently discussed, and pro-
                                                              13-17                     miscuity is clearly the most common element
       Both equally                                                                     of those who suffer from AIDS; but, the
                                20%                                                     program’s solution is to “postpone” sexual
                              18%                                   USA Today, 6/8/95   activity. Abstinence is mentioned four times,

AFA JOURNAL • AUGUST, 1995                                                                                                             5
                                                                           TV REVIEWS

                                 but is treated as an out-dated practice        ■ Dream On (Fox, 6/19 & 6/26)        as if it were a normal and natural
ACTION                           which no one still follows.                In back-to-back episodes, series hero    practice.
                                 Advertisers: Unilever, MCI                 Martin’s life revolves around casual
 INDEX                                                                      sex. In the first, he picks up a woman       ■ Sex & Romance: A Test for
                                     ■ Seinfeld (NBC, 6/15) George,         at a bar, goes home and has sex with     the ’90s (Fox, 6/5) The prime-time
AT&T Corp.                       a series regular, hires a new secretary    her knowing only her first name.          special delivered just what the title
Chrm. Robert E. Allen            and on her second day at work, the         She turns out to be the wife of a        would lead one to expect – people
32 Ave. of the Americas          two of them attack each other and          prominent “family values” political      disrobing, discussing orgasm, etc.
New York, NY 10013               fall to the floor to have sex in the        candidate. In the second episode,        One segment focused on eight twen-
Phone 212-387-5400               office. This is typical fare for this       Martin goes on a friend’s TV talk        ty-something singles in Houston,
FAX 908-221-1211                 sitcom.                                    show to set the record straight, but     Texas, and their sex lives. Another
Toll Free 1-800-222-0300         Advertiser: McDonald’s                     the two men begin debating which         segment featured three couples – in-
Products: AT&T phone ser-                                                   one was the more promiscuous.            cluding one pair of lesbians, treating
vices, NCR office machines            ■ John Larroquette Show                Profanity is frequent.                   them as if they are the equivalent of
and computers                    (NBC, 6/6 & 6/13) In the earlier epi-          On June 26, the second of back-      the married couples in the segment.
                                 sode, several lines include innuendo       to-back episode again focuses on         Language was often graphic.
Chrysler Corp.                   referring to male genitalia. Also, a       Martin’s unsatisfactory sex life. He     Advertiser: Warner-Lambert
Chrm. Robert J. Eaton            young woman shows up to tell series        confides his impotence to his ex-
12000 Chrysler Dr.               star John that he’s her father – from      wife, a therapist who’s counseling          ■ The Wright Verdicts (CBS,
Highland Park, MI 48288          a one night stand of his youth.            Martin’s current love interest.          6/4) The bad guys in this episode
Phone 313-956-5741                   In the second episode, John and        Advertiser (on all three):               are the sexist old bishop who used
FAX 313-956-3747                 Catherine (lead players, unmarried)                                McDonald’s       privileged confessional informa-
Products: Chrysler, Dodge,       make out on the sofa and discuss                                                    tion to blackmail his parishioners,
Eagle, Jeep, and Plymouth        how ready they are to have their              ■ Chicago Hope (CBS, 6/12)            and the priest who was quietly
autos, Dodge trucks, Thrifty-    first sex together. John’s impotence        Full frontal female nudity assaulted     ousted because of child molestation
Rent-a-Car                       is a focus of the story line, but a        family-time TV on this repeat epi-       charges. The good guy is Father
                                 later scene features the pair in bed       sode. The hospital drama took nudity     Roberts, who openly flouts the
The Clorox Company               following sex.                             a big step further in a scene which      church’s teachings by broadcasting
Chrm. G. Craig Sullivan              Dexter picks up a woman at his         focused – long and close up –on          his homosexuality.
P. O. Box 24305                  lunch counter, and in a subsequent         the breasts of a 17-year-old cancer      Advertisers: MCI
Oakland, CA 94623                date learns that “she’s” a male cross      victim as she discovers the beauty                      Warner-Lambert
Phone 510-271-7000               dresser.                                   of plastic surgery. The theme, and
FAX 510-832-1463                     Also in this latter episode, Chris,    the scene, could have been better           ■ Roseanne (ABC, 6/14) Leon,
Toll Free: 1-800-677-2624        a recurring character, appears. Chris      played without the lengthy, gratu-       the series homosexual, appears in
Products: Clorox bleach,         is a satirical caricature of Christ,       itous skin shot.                         this episode which also features a
Fresh Step cat litter, Liquid-   dressing in a long robe and feign-         Advertiser: General Motors               story line in which Jackie (a married
Plumr, Soft Scrub                ing religious faith. Ten profanities                                                series star) is dating Pete.
                                 occur.                                         ■ Bringing Up Jack (ABC,             Advertisers: MCI
General Motors Corp.             Advertiser: McDonald’s                     6/10) Preteen Molly takes snapshots                      General Motors
Pres. John Smith                                                            of everything on the family camping
3044 W. Grand Blvd.                  ■ Hope and Gloria (NBC,                trip. She takes pictures of what she        ■ John Larroquette Show
Detroit, MI 48202                6/22) Hope (separated) and Gloria          and her brother presume to be two        (NBC, 6/24) A few hooker jokes,
Phone 313-556-5000               (divorced) discuss sex with ex-hus-        bears having sex in the dark woods;      a few drunk jokes, numerous ho-
Products: AC-Delco auto          bands. Gloria makes Hope promise           but it turns out to be Mom and Jack,     mosexual jokes and other illicit sex
parts, Buick, Cadillac, Geo,     not to have sex with Jeff, the husband     the new step-dad. Sex is the focus of    jokes fill the dialogue. A cop arm
Saturn autos, Mr. Good-          who left Hope just four weeks ear-         the entire story line.                   wrestles a lesbian who refused to go
wrench service                   lier. Meanwhile, Gloria has sex with       Advertisers: Unilever                    out with him. The lesbian character
                                 Louis, her ex-husband. Profanity is                                                 was played by a lesbian activist
McDonald’s Corp.                 frequent.                                       ■ Best Defense (ABC, 6/19)          actress. A second story line follows
Chrm. Michael R. Quinlan         Advertisers: Chrysler                      In this pilot episode, not on the fall   the series star’s encounters with his
1 Kroc Dr.                                                                  schedule, Jane (the prosecutor) and      obnoxious ex-wife and her young
Oak Brook, IL 60521           ■ Friends (NBC, 6/15) Double                  Steve Best (public defender) are         sex partner.
Phone 708-575-3000        entendres refer to male genitalia,                friendly adversaries. Jane suggests      Advertisers: Wendy’s
FAX 708-575-5512          and the three male principals dis-                to Steve that they have sex and refers
Products: McDonald’s fast cuss Ross’ hope to have sex with                  to casual sex they’ve had earlier.           ■ Hope and Gloria (NBC,
food                      his date.                                         Advertiser: PepsiCo (Taco Bell)          6/8, 6/15, 6/29) In the first of these
                              On the date, the woman asks Ross                                                       three episodes, Isaac, the series’
MCI Communications        to talk dirty to her. Later, he practices         Homosexuality gets stamp                 homosexual hair dresser, leaves
Chrm. Bert C. Roberts Jr. talking dirty to Joey so he can have              of approval at networks                  town, allowing Hope to get her
1801 Pennsylvania Ave. sex with the woman.                                     Prime-time continues to chip          friend Gloria to fill in for Isaac on
NW                        Advertiser: MCI                                   away at sexual morality by promot-       the TV show Hope produces. When
Washington, DC 20006                                                        ing homosexuality in its story lines     the women arrive at work, however,

6                                                                                                                            AFA JOURNAL • AUGUST, 1995
                                                                  TV REVIEWS

Isaac is back, distraught that Emilio
has dumped him.
                                         Violent themes lead family-time movie content                                      ACTION
   On June 15, Isaac appears in             For family-time movies, the networks still rely on an old standby –graphic
scenes at the beginning and end of       violence – in their attempt to attract viewers.                                     INDEX
the episode.
   On the June 29 repeat, others             ■ Dark Eyes (ABC, 6/8) This pi-       (NBC, 6/12) This repeat showing          Phone 202-872-1600
talk about his absence from work to      lot episode featured a graphic violent    tells the story of best friends Bill     FAX 202-887-2195
attend a homosexual rodeo.               scene in which Lt. Maria McGann,          and Kerry whose plot to murder           Toll Free 1-800-444-3333
Advertiser (on all three):               a Cleveland policewoman, is beaten        their two wives goes awry. In one        Products: Friends and Fam-
                       PepsiCo           in the face by a male. Profanity and      gory, bloody scene, one “friend”         ily phone program, MCI
                                         crude language occur at least 15          stabs the other with a knife and one     telecommunications, 1-800-
    ■ Friends (NBC, 6/22) This           times in the hour-long show.              beats his friend with a baseball bat.    COLLECT
rerun puts a politically correct spin    Advertiser: AT&T                          The scene is graphically portrayed,
on the homosexual theme – with                                                     and is re-played a number of times       Nissan Motor Corp., USA
speculation that Chandler, one of           ■ An Innocent Man (ABC,                throughout the movie.                    Pres. Robert J. Thomas
the regulars, is homosexual. He is       6/19) A repeat, this movie features       Advertisers: Warner-Lambert              Box 191
not, but persuades himself he “could     police officers who are excessively                       MCI                       Gardena, CA 90248
get Bryan” [for sex] if he so desired.   brutal in their drug busts. In this one                                            Phone 310-532-3111
Two homosexual characters appear         they storm the wrong house, shoot             ■ Heartbreak Ridge (ABC,             FAX 310-719-3343
in the episode.                          an innocent man, then frame him           6/25) Much gunfire fills this movie        Toll Free 1-800-NISSAN-1
    Discovering nude baby photos of      and send him to prison. In prison,        which focuses on aging Marine Sgt.       Products: Infiniti, Nissan
Ross, the gang – male and female         the innocent hero stabs another man       Tom Highway as he whips a young          motor vehicles
together – giggle over and discuss       to death. After his release, he assists   platoon into shape. The hero also
Ross’ penis.                             police in exposing police corruption      beats up on others he doesn’t like,      PepsiCo
Advertisers: Chrysler                    and beats a crooked cop to a bloody       just to prove he’s tough. Profanity      Chrm. D. Wayne Calloway
               McDonald’s                pulp.                                     is out of control in the script – some   700 Anderson Hill Road
               Wendy’s                   Advertisers: Chrysler                     64 instances.                            Purchase, NY 10577
                                                         Unilever                  Advertisers: Chrysler, PepsiCo           Phone 914-253-2000
   ■ Empty Nest (NBC, 6/24)                              Warner-Lambert                                                     FAX 914-253-2070
Charlie, promiscuous pervert on                                                                                             Products: Doritos, Kentucky
the series, is ecstatic to have a new       ■ Murder Between Friends                                                        Fried Chicken, Pepsi Cola,
roommate, Hank, who is younger                                                                                              Ruffles, Taco Bell
and more handsome than he is;
Charlie plans to soak up the over-                                                                                          Unilever United States
flow of women who’ll be throwing                                                                                             Inc.
themselves at Hank. The irony is that                                                                                       Pres. Richard A. Goldstein
Hank turns out to be homosexual.               To balance the deluge of typical prime-time offerings, the networks          390 Park Avenue
Scenes include a homosexual bar             aired precious few positive shows. CBS began eight new episodes of              New York, NY 10022
and a touching conversation in              Christy on Wednesday nights.                                                    Phone 212-888-1260
which Charlie sees the PC light                                                                                             FAX 212-906-4411
–homosexuality is normal, desir-               ■ Me & the Boys (ABC, 6/10) This episode has Steve (the widowed              Toll Free: 1-800-598-1223
able, etc.                                  father of three sons) promising William a CD player if he’ll make an            Products: see page 22
Advertisers: McDonald’s                     A on his Black History test. The bribery approach backfires on him
                                            when the other two sons want to deal the same way, and when William             Warner-Lambert Com-
    ■ Internal Affairs (CBS, 6/13)          learns his stuff so well he sells his classmates the right to copy from         pany
One of the police officers in this re-       his paper. The moral lesson is positively resolved.                             Chrm. Melvin R. Goodes
peat movie is a lesbian whose sexual        Advertiser: Clorox                                                              201 Tabor Road
perversion is treated as the norm.                                                                                          Morris Plains, NJ 07950
    The movie also carried a warn-             ■ Christy (CBS, 6/14 & 6/21) The first new episode dealt with                 Phone 201-540-2000
ing for violent content. Beck, the          superstitions as Christy Huddleston, teacher at a remote Smoky                  FAX 201-540-3761
hero, plants a knife in the hand of         Mountain one-room mission school, determines to help her students               Toll Free 1-800-223-0182
an unarmed man his partner shot             overcome unfounded fears.                                                       Products: Actifed cold tab-
to death.                                      In the second episode, Christy travels with Miss Alice, an older mis-        lets, Certs breath mints,
    Another bloody scene features           sionary at the post where Christy also serves. They go to visit an elderly      Sudafed tablets, Trident
Beck choking to death a fellow              black man, who serves at a mission where Miss Alice had worked years            chewing gum,
officer who’d been badly wounded             earlier. Racial tension is a part of the theme. One unnecessary story
by gunfire. Cops and robbers shoot           line – offensive to some viewers – had the agnostic doctor getting the          Wendy’s International
it out in the streets and blood flows        young preacher drunk by assuring him the booze was medicine.                    Inc.
freely.                                     Advertiser: Nissan                                                              Chrm. James Near
Advertisers: Unilever                                                                                                       P. O. Box 256
                Warner-Lambert                                                                                              Dublin, OH 43017
                                                                                                                            Phone 614-764-3100

AFA JOURNAL • AUGUST, 1995                                                                                                                           7
                                                                 TV REVIEWS
                                                            NEWS OF INTEREST

   Sources cited for “News of Interest”           designed to stop violent programs on televi-        term grief to the surviving spouse, does not
items indicate source of basic informa-           sion.                                               impose the long-term unhappiness associated
tion only.                                           Spratt said television is “probably the most     with divorce.
                                                  powerful medium of communication in our
    EDUCATION                                     society today” that not only mirrors society,          ■ From the National Center for Health
                                                  but provokes behavior.                              Statistics in Washington, D.C.…The birth rate
Parental involvement kills                           Spratt’s bill would establish an advisory        for unmarried women has surged since 1980,
homosexual education curriculum                   committee to rate the level of violence on TV       with the rate for white women nearly dou-
    Pressure from thousands of irate parents      shows and assign ratings, require each new          bling. The highest rates are among women
and concerned citizens in Des Moines, Iowa,       TV set to include a mechanism allowing par-         ages 20-24 (68.5 births per 1,000) followed
has forced a local school board to kill a pro-    ents to block out programs rated violent, and       by women ages 18-19 (67.3) and women
posal to “infuse sexual orientation” into the     eliminate violent TV programming between            25-29 (56.5).
public school curriculum under the guise of       6 a.m. and 9 p.m.                                               The Family in America, New Research, 7/95;
“multiculturalism.”                                                             Herald Wire Reports                 The Clarion-Ledger (Jackson, MS), 6/7/95
    The fight against the proposal was led by
Bill Horn, the Mid-West Regional Director            FAMILY                                              GOVERNMENT
and national spokesman for The Report, a
group that exposes the homosexual agenda.         Conference for African-Americans                    PBS stations carry series
    Horn said he learned about the “Proposal      will confront hot topics                            promoting homosexual lifestyle
for Infusion of Sexual Orientation Issues in         A conference scheduled for September                About 70 taxpayer supported public tele-
the Multicultural Nonsexist Education Plan”       21-23 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, will ad-         vision outlets nationwide air In the Life, a
in early January. Approximately 4000 angry        dress controversial issues of special concern       series “devoted to broadcasting the diversity
citizens assembled for a quickly-called strat-    to African-Americans.                               and accomplishments of gay and lesbian
egy meeting. Because of the obvious com-             Entitled “From Victims to Victors!” the          Americans.”
munity objection to the proposal, the school      three-day gathering, sponsored by The Life             Since its premier in June, 1992, In the Life
board decided to forego a planned vote.           Education And Resource Network (LEARN),             has grown from six PBS stations to more than
    “The community overwhelmingly op-             will focus on protecting “people of color from      70. Past episodes have included an examina-
posed the proposal,” Horn said. A story in        the genocidal impact of abortion and other          tion of legislation for same-sex marriages;
the June 26, 1995, issue of Newsweek left the     population control measures promoted by             an Amnesty International interview about
impression that the community was some-           wealthy international organizations.”               the worldwide human rights abuses against
what evenly divided on the issue, he said.           For more information, call 1-804-579-            homosexuals; the media awards of the Gay
However, local polls indicated that parents       2833.                                               and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation;
and other citizens were in strong disagree-                                                           the producers of the lesbian love film Go
ment with the proposal.                           Recent studies on the family                        Fish; and openly homosexual tennis star
    The three-page proposal originated in the        ■ From the University of Chicago and the         Martina Navratilova.
Des Moines Public Schools Teaching and            Rand Corporation…Marriage prolongs life.
Learning Division of the Office of Intercul-       Data from 5,053 men and 6,059 women show               HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA
tural Programs. Nineteen goals – some with        that “being currently unmarried significantly
many components – were presented in the           increases the hazard of dying for both men          Homosexual theater group
proposal. Goals included promoting the his-       and women compared to those currently               gets more NEA funding
torical contributions of homosexuals; avoid-      married.”                                              According to a recent letter sent to
ing “heterosexual bias in language;” equating                                                         members of Congress from Jane Alexander,
families with homosexual and heterosexual             ■ From the University of Connecticut-           Chairman of the National Endowment of the
parents; linking the homosexual movement          Storrs…Adolescents growing up in single-            Arts (NEA), a controversial performing arts
with the civil rights and women’s move-           parent households are 1.7 times more likely         center that frequently stages performances
ments; declaring objections to homosexuality      to drop out of high school than peers in intact     aimed at homosexuals, received $15,000
as homophobic; and providing support for          families.                                           of taxpayer funds for the 1995-96 season.
homosexual staff members.                                                                             The theater “highWays,” is located in Santa
    At the end of one heated school board            ■ From the Allegheny County Coroner’s            Monica, California.
meeting, board member Jonathan Wilson             Office and the Western Psychiatric Institute            Those funds helped pay the administra-
- in front of television cameras – stood and      of Pittsburgh…Compared to teens living in           tive costs for a summer performance festival
declared his homosexuality. His father and        intact families, adolescents living in single-      called “Ecco Lesbo Ecco Homo.” A brochure
sister – both Methodist ministers – and his       parent families or step-families are not only       describing the festival carried a photo of
two grown children were present.                  more likely to commit suicide, but also more        two nude male performers embracing, one
                              Newsweek, 6/26/95   likely to suffer severe emotional distress if       with a cross around his neck and the other
                                                  one of their peers commits suicide.                 holding a Bible. According to the caption
    ENTERTAINMENT                                                                                     above the photo the performers, Jordan
                                                     ■ From the University of Oslo…When a             Peimer and Drew Pisarra, will perform in a
Congressman wants law                             marriage fails, the divided partners are fre-       monologue titled The Gospel According to
to stop TV violence                               quently burdened with an unhappiness that           Saint Genet.
  U.S. Rep. John Spratt, (D-SC) recently          persists over time. In contrast, a marriage            Chairman Alexander defended this pro-
announced the introduction of legislation         that ends naturally, while it brings short-         gram by stating, “The organization’s pro-

8                                                                                                                       AFA JOURNAL • AUGUST, 1995
                                                                              NEWS OF INTEREST
                                                                              NEWS OF INTEREST

                                                                                                                            to steer clear of involvement with a Supreme
   Time Warner re-ups commitment with gangsta                                                                               Court case dealing with Colorado’s Amend-
                                                                                                                            ment 2 initiative, which bars the state and
      Despite public denunciations by government and community leaders, a major con-                                        localities from passing laws that would give
   servative advocacy group, family values groups – even some of their own stockholders                                     homosexuals special rights.
   and board members – Time Warner has reaffirmed its commitment to vile gangsta rap                                             The meeting included briefings by HUD
   music products with two recent deals.                                                                                    Secretary Henry Cisneros, White House
      In early June executives at Warner Music Group, the media conglomerate’s music                                        counsel Abner Mikva and Health and Hu-
   division, approved the closing of a seven-year deal between Interscope Records and                                       man Services Secretary Donna Shalala. Vice
   the controversial rap label Death Row Records. Time Warner recently invested $80                                         President Al Gore attended the reception.
   million in Interscope to gain a 50% share of the company.
      Interscope is home to some of the best known gansta rappers including Tupac Shakur,                                      ■ From a U.S. Department of Commerce
   Snoop Doggy Dogg, Dr. Dre, Tha Dogg Pound and rockers Nine Inch Nails. (Their                                            communications e-mailed to various govern-
   songs evoke paranoia, murder and suicide, according to Time magazine, 6/12/95.)                                          ment offices:
      In addition Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Time Warner’s music publishing arm has                                          “Commerce GLOBE (Gay, Lesbian, or
   extended its relationship with Suge Publishing, a firm that oversees copyrights for rap                                   Bisexual Employees Group) is pleased to
   music artists. Warner/Chappell has paid $3 million to Suge recently as an advance against                                announce events being held throughout the
   future copyright royalties and to cover royalties now in the pipeline. Suge Publishing is                                month of June to heighten Gay, Lesbian and
   owned by Marion “Suge” Knight, one of the two founders of Death Row Records.                                             Bisexual Awareness. All interested Depart-
      Chrm. Gerald M. Levin, Time Warner, Inc., 75 Rockefeller Plaza, 14th Fl., New                                         ment employees are invited to attend, regard-
   York, NY, 10019, 212-484-8000, FAX 212-275-3970.                                                                         less of sexual orientation.
    Wall Street Journal, 6/30/95; Dispatches, 6/19/95; Daily Variety, 6/8/95; Entertainment Weekly, 6/9/95; Time, 6/12/95      “Highlights include the Academy Award
                                                                                                                            nominated film “Straight from the Heart,” di-
                                                                                                                            rected by Dr. Dee Mosbacher, daughter of for-
                                                                                                                            mer Secretary Mosbacher; and guest speakers
                             An abbreviated look at Time Warner                                                             from the organization Parents- Family and
                   (controls the largest share – 21% – of the $10 billion U.S. music industry)                              Friends of Lesbians and Gays (P-FLAG).
                                                                                                                            Events will be held at Main Commerce, NIST,
                                                                                                                            NOAA, and the Bureau of the Census.
                                                                                                                               “The Commemorative Program will be
                                                                                                                            held at the Herbert C. Hoover Building….
                                                                                                                            The keynote speakers for this event will
                                                                                                                            be Bruce Lehman, Assistant Secretary of
                                                                                                                            Commerce and Commissioner of Patents
                                                                                                                            and Trademarks, and Mandy Carter, Direc-
                                                                                                                            tor of the National Black Gay and Lesbian
                                                                                                                            Leadership Forum.”

                                                                                                                               ■ A memorandum dated May 30, 1995,
                                                                                                                            from American Express Travel Related Ser-
                                                                                                                            vices to their employees:
                                                                                                                               It is my pleasure to inform you about the
                                                                                                                            formation of the newest employee network
                                                                                                                            – GLOBE – the Gay and Lesbian Organi-
                                                                                                                            zation to Build Equality.… I have become
                                                                                                                            the executive sponsor of GLOBE because I
                                                                                                                            strongly believe in GLOBE’s vision to ad-
                                                                                                                            vance changes that will help people respect
                                                                                                                            each other….”
                                                                                                                               The group’s mission states: “To serve as
grams reflect the diversity of its home com-                    comedienne Marga Gomez in which she                          an advocate and resource for lesbian, gay and
munity, and its work is consistent with the                    will “hold forth her favorite subjects: pain,                bisexual employees at American Express,
Endowment’s Congressionally-mandated                           regret, self pity, doom and sex with Newt                    and advance recognition, understanding and
mission….”                                                     Gingrich’s mom.”                                             quality in Company policies and practices.”
   Other productions scheduled for the
“Ecco Lesbo Ecco Homo” summer festival                         More promotion of homosexuality                              Spielberg opposes Boy Scouts’
include “Dyke Night,” billed as “our series                    in business and government                                   homosexual policy
of hot nights with hot dykes;” “Boys ‘R’                           ■ Clinton administration officials met in                    Movie mogul Steven Spielberg appar-
Us,” described as “our continuing series                       June with 45 homosexual elected officials                     ently believes the Boy Scouts of America
of hot summer nights with hot fags;” and a                     to try to soothe strained relations. The meet-               should not exclude homosexuals from being
night of readings from Los Angeles “perv                       ing came just days after the administration                  scoutmasters.
pornographers;” a performance by lesbian                       infuriated homosexual activists by choosing                     In a May 11, 1995, fax from Amblin

AFA JOURNAL • AUGUST, 1995                                                                                                                                             9
                                                             NEWS OF INTEREST

Entertainment to San Francisco Frontiers,
Spielberg said:
    “I have spoken out publicly and privately         Navy pilot officer may lose job
against intolerance and discrimination based
on ethnic, religious, racial and sexual ori-          over his view of women in combat
entation.                                                Lt. Cmdr. Kenneth Carkhuff has been recommended for dismissal from the Navy
    “While I support the principles of Scout-         for privately expressing to his commander his objection to the Navy’s policy of placing
ing, that does not imply that I support every         women in combat roles.
current policy. Although I have no direct,               On May 18, the Navy counsel voted unanimously to recommend to Chief of Naval
active role in Boy Scouts, I encourage efforts        Operations Jeremy Boorda and Secretary of the Navy John Dalton that Carkhuff be
to end intolerance and discrimination once            dismissed.
and for all.”                                            Carkhuff was charged with no misconduct or violation of military code. His dis-
    When asked whether Spielberg was refer-           missal has been recommended because his commander believes his “stated beliefs are
ring specifically to changing the BSA’s policy         not compatible with further military service.” Carkhuff expects Boorda and Dalton to
to not allow homosexuals to be scoutmasters,          recommend his separation within three to nine months.
Amblin Entertainment spokesman Marvin                    The following excerpts are from a radio interview with Carkhuff conducted by Lt.
Levy said, “That certainly would be the               Col. Robert Maginnis of the Family Research Council and Elaine Donnelly of the
intent.”                                              Center for Military Readiness.
    Spielberg, one of America’s most famous              Carkhuff: I love the Navy, and my desire is to continue to serve as long as I
Eagle Scouts, has served for several years on                possibly can. My intent was never to disregard my duty or refuse a com-
the Scout’s National Advisory Council and                    mand…. We are not required to agree with every policy; we are required to
has been mentioned in BSA promotional                        execute those policies.
literature.                                              Carkhuff: I firmly believe that it’s wrong to subject women to the violence of
                                                             combat. Man is to be the protector of the family; there is no greater violence
     PRO-LIFE ISSUES                                         in society than in combat.
                                                         Maginnis: It’s interesting that this administration wants to spend two billion
Law would make partial-birth                                 dollars in the crime bill to fight violence against women, and they’re pushing
abortions illegal                                            more women into the violence of combat every day.
    A bill has been introduced in Congress               Carkhuff: One of my primary motivations is my three young daughters. I don’t
that would outlaw partial-birth abortions,                   want to face my daughters in 10, 15, or 20 years with a draft notice in hand,
including what is often called the “D&X”                     and tell them that I didn’t have the courage of my convictions to speak up
procedure.                                                   when I could have.
    The Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act (HR               Donnelly: Other people in the service have said that they are homosexual, and in
1833) was crafted by Congressman Charles                     several of these cases, it was decided that they should be retained in the armed
Canady (R-FL) and introduced on June 14.                     forces. Why is the Navy allowing open homosexuals to stay in, despite the
Senator Bob Smith (R-NH) introduced the                      [“don’t ask, don’t tell] law…and dismissing someone with Christian values
bill (S. 939) in the Senate two days later.                  [who has violated no policy]?
    The bill would make it a felony to perform           Carkhuff: The counsel [took] issue with the fact that I am a member of Promise
a partial-birth abortion which in the bill is                Keepers. I repeatedly made the point that some of the promises of a Promise
defined as “an abortion in which the person                   Keeper – maintaining sexual, ethical, moral and spiritual purity; building strong
performing the abortion partially vaginally                  families; breaking down racial and denominational barriers – are characteristics
delivers a living fetus before killing the fetus             that, for years, were admired in naval officers, and now they’re coming under
and completing the delivery.”                                question by the government.
    The bill would allow a doctor to justify             Write or call: Admiral Jeremy M. Boorda, Chief of Naval Operations, The Penta-
the procedure if he could prove that it was           gon, Washington, DC 20301-8999, 703-695-5664; and The Honorable John Dalton,
necessary to save the mother’s life, and that         Secretary of the Navy, 1000 Navy, The Pentagon, Washington, DC 20301-1000, 703-
“no other form of abortion would suffice for           695-3131.
that purpose.”                                                                                                           Family Issues Alert, 6/14/95
    In the partial-birth abortion procedure the
abortionist uses ultrasound and forceps to de-
liver the living baby feet first – everything but   of the dead baby.                                   Washington, DC 20515
the head, which is deliberately kept lodged           HR 1833 and S. 939 would outlaw such             or call: 202-225-3121
just within the uterus. Then, holding the live     abortions. Urge your elected officials to sup-                      National Right to Life News, 6/15/95
baby down against the vaginal wall with one        port this bill. Write:
hand, the abortionist uses his other hand to          The Honorable (your Senator’s name)           AMA okays organ harvesting
force a blunt surgical scissors through the           U.S. Senate                                   from live anencephalic babies
base of the skull.                                    Washington, DC 20510                             The Journal of the American Medical As-
    The abortionist then spreads the scissors to      or call: 202-224-3121                         sociation (JAMA) has published a proposal
enlarge the opening, inserts a suction catheter                                                     that calls for changing state laws to allow
into the womb, and uses a suction machine            The Honorable (your Representative’s           newborns with most of their brains missing
to suck the brain out of the skull. This causes    name)                                            to be allowed to be used as organ donors
the skull to collapse and permits easy removal       U.S. House of Representatives                  before they are dead. Appeals from the

10                                                                                                                  AFA JOURNAL • AUGUST, 1995
                                                                        NEWS OF INTEREST

American Association of Pro-Life Pediatri-                   concerning abortion issues this session,
cians (AAPLP) asking the AMA’s Council                       Congress heard in June the Christian Medi-
of Ethical and Judicial Affairs to reconsider                cal and Dental Society (CMDS) denounce an
its decision to allow organ harvesting from                  accrediting agency’s new abortions training
live babies failed.                                          policy as medically unnecessary and morally
    The prospect of killing one patient to save              coercive. CMDS spoke out against a mandate                The following items include additional
another has divided the ranks of the AMA.                    earlier this year by the Accreditation Council         information on past news articles, correc-
“You can’t kill babies to take their organs, no              for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME)                 tions/clarifications, letters from readers,
matter how many lives could be saved,” said                  that virtually forces residents and programs           responses from advertisers and other items of
George Annas, a Boston University professor                  to make abortion part of their normal train-           interest that relate to AFA Journal stories.
of health law.                                               ing. The ACGME controls accreditation
    Dr. John Glason, chairman of the Council                 for all obstetrical/gynecological residency                ■ The Heritage Free Will Baptist Day
of Ethical and Judicial Affairs, favors the                  programs.                                              Care in Shreveport, Louisiana, will not get
procedure since anencephalic newborns are                        CMDS Executive Director Dr. David Ste-             funding from an AT&T fund because the day
doomed. They “don’t have a consciousness,”                   vens said, “It is ironic that those who label          care’s programs “are based on a religious
he said.                                                     themselves ‘pro-choice’ would resort to such           mission….”
    About 1000 to 2000 U.S. infants are born                 coercive tactics to push their philosophical               The day care facility, located near an
each year with anencephaly in which most of                  agenda. Though couched in terms of concern             AT&T plant, serves many AT&T families.
the brain, skull and scalp are missing.                      for patients, the ACGME mandate is simply              A group of AT&T employees approached
        National & International Religion Report, 6/12/95;   a maneuver to swell the ranks of abortion-             Pastor Ron Parker to suggest that the day care
                              Family Issues Alert, 5/31/95   ists by elevating abortion into mainstream             facility request a grant from AT&T’s Fam-
                                                             medicine.”                                             ily Care Development Fund. After months
Christian doctors object                                         Studies indicate that just over 6% of the          of paperwork, AT&T requested a copy of
to mandated abortion policy                                  nation’s approximately 37,000 obstetricians            the day care’s curriculum. The facility uses
   In one of its first major confrontations                   are currently willing to perform abortions.            ABeka, a well-known, Christian curriculum.
                                                                                                                    Soon thereafter, Pastor Parker received a
                                                                                                                    letter from AT&T stating: “The committees
  Students, courts clash over                                Naylor said. “I tried to keep playing and so           feel that the child care programs that teach
  graduation prayers, songs                                  she grabbed my wrists…it hurt. She shoved              religion serve a subset of the community, and
      Recent graduation ceremonies in at                     me off the piano.”                                     since the Heritage Free Will Baptist Church
  least two high schools were marked by                          • In defiance of a court agreement,                Day Care does offer religious instruction,
  controversy surrounding prayers, songs                     graduates, their families and friends at               the committees found that the project does
  and First Amendment rights.                                Peters Township High School in Pittsburgh              not meet our need to support projects which
      • Following graduation at Salt Lake                    raised voices in prayer during graduation              provide the broadest possible benefit to
  City’s West High School, officials were                     ceremonies. After four top members of                  AT&T employees.” This anti-religious bias
  studying video tapes to determine which                    the Class of 1995 led the assembly in                  by AT&T parallels other corporate activities
  of the students sang the forbidden lyric                   prayer thanking God “in Jesus name,” an                and policies such as their promotion of the
  “Friends are friends forever, if the Lord is               estimated 3,000 in the audience rose in a              homosexual agenda as reported in previous
  Lord of them.” The popular contemporary                    standing ovation as the anonymous woman                issues of the AFA Journal.
  Christian song was banned by the 10th U.S.                 who had brought a last-minute suit to halt                 ■ Concerning their advertising on The
  Circuit Court of Appeals after a student                   the activity looked on.                                Howard Stern Show, Volkswagen United
  and her parents demanded the school’s a                        Officially, the midmorning ceremo-                 States, Inc. said: “From a sales and market-
  capella choir not sing the song and another                nies were to be without prayers of any                 ing point of view, The Howard Stern Show
  song which contained the lyric “The Lord                   kind. Minutes before the ceremony, an                  was included on our advertising schedule be-
  bless you and keep you.”                                   announcement stating that restriction was              cause the show’s viewing audience matches
      At the graduation ceremonies the choir                 met with jeers and boos.                               our buyer demographics. The show has at-
  complied with the court by substituting                        Moments into the ceremony the class                tracted a large and loyal group of viewers.
  “Consecrate the Place and Day.” However,                   valedictorian, salutatorian, student coun-             While there have been differing views on the
  undeterred by the court’s ruling, graduat-                 cil president and class president read the             show’s content, industry reviews have been
  ing senior William Badger got up on stage                  125-word prayer that originally was to                 quite positive.” Stern is the nation’s leading
  and invited the choir and audience to sing                 have been given as an invocation by a                  “shock jock.”
  “Friends.” Principal Bill Boston tried to                  classmate.                                                 ■ Celestial Seasonings, Inc. of Boul-
  silence the crowd. Badger was physically                       After the ceremony a group of graduates            der, Colorado, has written an AFA supporter
  removed from the stage by a staff member                   gathered at one end of the football field for           that the company will no longer advertise its
  and not allowed to receive his diploma                     another prayer.                                        products on ABC’s soft core porn television
  during the ceremony.                                           In his closing remarks the school super-           series NYPD Blue. “We are working very
      A school counselor attempted to stop                   intendent remarked to the class about the              closely with our partner, Warner-Lambert, to
  Jenny Naylor from playing the song on the                  balmy weather: “This is a beautiful day. I             ensure that our products are not advertised
  piano and accompanied her off the stage                    prayed last night for a beautiful day. But             on this program in the future,” said a letter
  and into a back room. “She came over                       I’m not supposed to say that.”                         signed by three company executives. This
  and tried to yank my wrists off the piano,”                  Washington Times, 6/14/95; Deseret News (Salt Lake   decision applies to Celestial Seasonings
                                                                                                                    only, and not to other products owned by
AFA JOURNAL • AUGUST, 1995                                                                                                                                     11
                                                              NEWS OF INTEREST

                                                   historical reality….The ecological themes             Virginia] (gave) joy to the beholders to
                                                   dropped in because the Native Americans are           hear and see her make so religious and
                                                   so ecologically based in their beliefs.”              godly an end.
                                                       Perhaps ecology instead was a politically         The facts are that Pocahontas became a

tas kid-
                                                   correct way to drop in religious teachings        baptized, informed, godly Christian – “the
                                                   counter to Christianity. Lies go down better      first Christian ever of that nation,” Smith
                                                   when sugar-coated with truth. Christians and      noted.
                                                   the public at large are for ecology, tolerance,       By contrast, in Disney’s deluxe new book

naps histo-                                        native rights, and peace.
                                                       Historians find that the real captain and
                                                   the Indian chief’s pre-pubescent daughter
                                                                                                     The Art of Pocahontas, Stephen Rebello’s text
                                                                                                     states that the film is a “contrast between the
                                                                                                     spirit world [animism] of Pocahontas and

ry: Disney
                                                   were never romantically involved. Unlike a        Smith’s worldliness....”
                                                   film goddess in her 20s, the l2-year-old was           In the film and coordinated children’s
                                                   described by William Strachey, secretary of       books, Grandmother Willow tells Poca-
                                                   the Jamestown colony, as doing cartwheels         hontas, “All around you are spirits, child.

                                                   “all the fort over.”                              They live in the earth, the water, the sky.
                                                       Several years after Smith left Virginia,      ...If you listen, they will guide you. ...You
                                                   Pocahontas was baptized and had a Christian       must listen with your heart. Then you will
                                                   marriage to colonist John Rolfe. The marriage     understand.”

nature                                             brought peace between settlers and natives.
                                                       When she and her husband visited Lon-
                                                   don, Captain Smith wrote on her behalf the
                                                                                                         Later Pocahontas, as an eco-religionist,
                                                                                                     preaches to John Smith:
                                                                                                             You think your people know every-

                                                   only existing eye-witness account of the story        thing. But my people know this land as
                                                   to introduce her to Queen Anne:                       yours never will. The creatures of the
                                                          ...Taken prisoner by the power of              forest, each rock and every bird, the fish
                                                       Powhatan their chief King, I received             in the waters – they are brothers and
                                                       from this great savage exceeding great            sisters. We are all one – with the sun,
By JOHN ROBERTS                                        courtesy, especially from his son Nan-            the moon, and the stars.…Even this
Special to the AFA Journal

    Pocahontas, Walt Disney Pictures’ first
animated feature film about real persons,
kidnaps history – turning it into a politically
“correct” fantasy preaching nontraditional
religious beliefs to children worldwide.
    In Disney’s new feature, history’s Captain
John Smith becomes a believer in a godless            taquaus...and his sister Pocahontas,               little leaf has a spirit and a name.
nature religion. The film ends with the nature         the King’s most dear and well-loved                    We are all a part of the earth. We
spirit of Pocahontas’s mother returning to            daughter.                                          are joined to each other….My people
Europe with Smith.                                       (She was) but a child of twelve or              say life on earth is like a giant hoop. It
    In actuality, Pocahontas instead became           thirteen years of age, whose compas-               has no beginning. And it has no end. I
a Christian. A massive mural in the rotunda           sionate pitiful heart (about) my des-              think your people do not understand the
of the U.S. Capitol honors her baptism. The           perate estate gave me much cause to                earth. They think it is a dead thing.
spirit of Christ had come to Native Ameri-            respect her. I (was) the first Christian            In Pocahontas, the children’s book adapt-
cans.                                                 this proud King and his grim attendants        ed from the film by Gina Ingoglia, she writes,
    The religion this film sanctions is animism        ever saw....                                   “As Pocahontas spoke, John felt a change
– a tribal religion with a belief that every             After some six weeks fasting among          come over him. He had never seen someone
object and phenomenon in the physical                 these savage courtiers, at the minute          so at home in her world. What she was say-
universe has a conscious life and spirit. A           of my execution, she hazarded the              ing made sense. He looked at her with a new
tribe’s medicine man, a shaman, is the guide          beating out of her own brains to save          understanding.”
to the spirit world, including spirits of dead        mine. ...(She) so prevailed with her               Disney’s Pocahontas, another book ver-
relatives.                                            father, that I was safely conveyed to          sion for younger children, further explains,
    In the film a kindly tree spirit, Grandmoth-       Jamestown....                                  “Her words and the importance of what she
er Willow, implores like a New Age guru and           A Captain Nathaniel Powell visited Poca-       showed him so touched his heart that Smith
channeler, “Have faith, child! Let the spirit of   hontas in London with some acquaintances          was changed. He could see the colors of the
the earth guide you.” The “enchanted friend”       and recorded their impression:                    wind that Pocahontas saw, and feel what
helps her to contact her dead mother’s spirit,           They did think God had a great hand         Pocahontas felt.”
a wind in the leaves.                                 in her conversion, and they had seen               She “showed” him – meaning that Smith
    Mike Gabriel, the film’s co-director, said,        many English Ladies worse favoured,            came to see and understand the demonstration
“We decided right off that we weren’t going           proportioned, and behavioured. ...Her          of these things as “fact.” An unbiased account
to make a historical document, but a love             unexpected death [on a ship leaving for        would have been to write that “she told him
story, an entertainment that was mindful of
12                                                                                                                    AFA JOURNAL • AUGUST, 1995
of her beliefs.” Animism, a false religion,       While Pocahontas chastises others for callous avarice, the
is not demonstrable as fact. But creative
animation can tempt viewers to believe that       Disney animated film is like feature-length infomercials selling
lies are true.                                    an avalanche of merchandise. These products further preach
    Visually during the film the spirit of an
eagle is shown to enter Smith’s heart, and        godless animism without regard for true spiritual ecology.
this Fabio-like hunk soars with Harlequin Ro-
mance-like long-haired Pocahontas through
and unites with nature in an animistic fantasy.   ciples. Search for another religion is un-          suspect all males of European descent.
This romantically religious sequence is pre-      necessary.                                              Governor Ratcliffe, shown in the film
sented with all the considerable enticing craft       Animism denies God, His acts of creation,       as a buffoon of a villain, blames Virginia’s
Disney creators can muster. Convert Smith         and that He created mankind in His image.           lack of gold on Indians hiding it. He asserts,
later communes with Grandmother Willow,           This religion equates rocks and trees with          “We are going to eliminate the Indians once
the “tree spirit,” who likes his soul.            humans in spirit. The need for Christ and           and for all….There’s no room for them in a
    The idea of life being like a giant hoop      His salvation are also missing.                     civilized society.”
is reminiscent of Disney’s last animated              Without historical proof, Disney presents           How can the Walt Disney Company feel
feature, The Lion King, and its song “The         John Smith as a racist and a weak Christian.        confident in faulting these English colonists
Circle of Life.” Those lyrics proclaim,           History testifies that he was not converted to       as fortune-hungry golddiggers who exploit
“From the day we arrive on this planet…the        animism, and theology shows that the beliefs        the land and others?
sun…keeps great and small on the endless          of the two faiths are incompatible.                     The film perhaps makes slight fun at
round...Through faith and love/Till we find            What animism is compatible with is New          itself with bushes sculpted into animals as
our place/…In the circle…of life... Some of       Age religion. “New Age” is also a category          at Kingdom parks. This could be quite a
us fall by the wayside/And some of us soar        in bookstores which has replaced in recent          veiled allusion to the company’s efforts to
to the stars [as did Simba’s father]…It’s the     years the name “Occult” for the same shelves.       buy Virginia land to build a sizable historical
wheel of fortune/…in the circle of life.”         Disney’s Pocahontas books should be located         theme park, which was blocked by today’s
    If existence were a circle without begin-     there.                                              concerned Virginia natives.
ning or end, there would be no point of origin        The text of The Art of Pocahontas has               While Pocahontas chastises others for
and, thus, no creation or Creator. Christianity   a bold explanation of Disney’s intentions:          callous avarice, the Disney animated film is
is an ecological religion, with its deity be-     “Nothing less than a humanist credo, ‘Colors        like feature-length infomercials selling an
ing the Creator of the heavens and the earth.     of the Wind’ passionately underscores the           avalanche of merchandise. These products
God created divine order through his perfect      theme of the interdependence of every living        further preach godless animism without
ecosystem. Imperfection came when humans          thing.…For John Smith, it marks a turning           regard for true spiritual ecology.
separated themselves from God by willful          point in his racist world view.…” The concept           Hopefully, Disney will not kidnap and
disobedience.                                     artists’ imagined a vast Virginia wilderness        exploit any more American history. But more
    The Bible says, “God created human be-        which had “more than a touch of religious           importantly, may the Magic Kingdom cease
ings in His image....God blessed them and         fervor, of spirituality.…”                          proselytizing our children and our culture
said, ‘Have many children.... Fill the earth          Thomas Schumacher, Disney’s Senior              at large through mass marketing of their
and be its master. Rule over the fish in the sea   Vice President of Development, Feature              own New Age religion and other spiritual
and over the birds in the air and over every      Animation, has commented that Joe Grant’s           pollution.
living thing that moves on the earth.’” (Gen.     concept art early in the film’s development              Unfortunately, Disney intends to market
1:27a, 28 NCV)                                    “was all about enchantment, magic.…His              Pocahontas unhappily ever after.
    God put humankind in charge of nature,        work spoke to an aspect of the movie that               Generations of children will be repeatedly
and a master has great responsibility. “Je-       no one but he had understood, the spiritual         influenced by the occult religious message
sus...said, ‘Whoever wants to be the most         side.”                                              through reading and rereading its books,
important must be the last of all and the ser-        For Christians, enchantment and magic,          rewatching the video, role modeling through
vant of all.’” (Mark 9:35b NCV) Therefore,        even white magic, speak of a spirit side which      Barbie and Ken-type dolls and action heroes
humankind must be the servant manager of          is demonic.                                         with weapons of warfare, and singing the
creation. We must practice good stewardship           This politically correct pro-American           songs until memorized. The impressions will
of what God has left to our supervision–just      Native film gives no fair counter-balance of         last the children for a lifetime.
as in the parable of talents being left under     presenting the Christian belief system of John          The promotional trailer for the film calls
the care of servants.                             Smith, only worldliness.                            it a “celebration of the American spirit.” The
    We are to serve under Jesus, the Master           Yet Smith is at least likable. The other Eng-   spirit celebrated is one of animism before
of cosmic ecology.                                lishmen who came with him in 1607 to found          Christianity came. This does not represent
    “No one can see God, but Jesus Christ is      the first British colony in the New World are        today’s America. It seems Disney hopes this
exactly like Him. ...Through (Christ’s) power     presented as racists, dupes, and fortune-seek-      spirit will become a national historical fact.
all things were made [created]–things in          ers who were destroying the ecology and                 The public must hold Disney and its execu-
heaven and earth, things seen and unseen....      looking to kill all Indians on sight.               tives accountable for exploiting our children
All things were made through Christ and for           Perhaps Disney thinks it is appropriate for     and culture.
Christ. He was there before anything was          Americans to recall the colonial period with
made, and all things continue [hold together]     current hatred for the British and in turn for
because of Him.” (Col. 1:15a, 16-17 NCV)          white American history. Perhaps the com-
    Ecology and tolerance are biblical prin-      pany believes it is politically correct to hold
AFA JOURNAL • AUGUST, 1995                                                                                                                        13
                                                                           CHRISTIAN VALUES

Look to higher moral standards for the U.S.
By JEREMY MARTIN                                            America has become number one in teenage                     tem to attempt to return God and His Word to
10th grade student at Mooreville (MS) High School           pregnancy, violent crime, illiteracy, drug use               America’s schools and government. We must
                                                            and divorce. Our government is more corrupt                  stop needless abortions from happening and
                                                            now than it has ever been before because                     deter pornography from darkening the minds
    Will America ever become a morally-cor-                 the generation that leads our country is the                 of Americans. We must keep the homosexual
rect nation again, or will the drug dealers,                first generation to reach adulthood without                   population from teaching American children
gangsters and corrupt leaders continue to                   having God in school. The first President                     that being gay is natural and biblically correct.
degrade American life? The answer to this                   of the United States, George Washington,                     My generation must remember the Ameri-
question depends upon my generation’s                       said, “You can’t have national morality apart                can veterans, leaders and citizens that have
attempts to correct our past generations’                   from religious principle.” Without a doubt,                  given their lives so that we can be free. Most
mistakes. Abraham Lincoln said, “The                        America has taken a turn toward immorality                   importantly, Americans must join together
philosophy of the classroom in one genera-                  during the past few decades. My generation                   and pray to God for a revival of healing in
tion, will be the philosophy of government                  must reverse America’s trend from the wicked                 America. II Chronicles 7:14 reads, “If my
in the next!” President Lincoln spoke to the                conduct by which it has become surrounded                    people, which are called by my name, shall
Americans that lived over 130 years ago, but                to the original Foundation of the greatest                   humble themselves, and pray, and seek my
this statement predicted what has happened                  nation in the world, the Word of God!                        face, and turn from their wicked ways; then
in America over the last 32 years.                              My generation must try to correct Ameri-                 will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their
    In 1962 the Supreme Court of the United                 ca’s problems before our country gets further                sin, and will heal their land.”
States of America took prayer and biblical                  out of control. My generation will have to vote                  If my generation does not attempt to
teachings out of public schools. Since 1962                 in every election. We must challenge the sys-                change America, the problems will continue
                                                                                                                         to get worse. Every city in America will be
                                                                                                                         devastated by violent crime, illegal drugs,
                                                                                                                         teenage pregnancy, pornography, abortions,
     If these words
  ring true to you,           The Aletheia Covenant                                                                      gay rights activists and the fall of Christian-
                                                                                                                         ity. Thirty years ago, Mississippians thought
 God may be call-             I AM COMMITTED TO LEARNING AND LIVING THE TRUTH ABOUT FAITH.                               that big city concerns would never bother the
   ing you to help                I am trusting fully in the Gospel of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Holy Bible for    Magnolia State. However, these problems
 form an Aletheia                 my salvation. I pledge to keep God as the first love in my life through the power of    are now destroying the lives of Mississip-
        Club at your              the Holy Spirit and the fellowship of His Church. I accept God’s call to join Him in   pians. Mississippi is number one in teenage
                                  loving service to our fellow humans.                                                   pregnancy. Crime, drug use and illiteracy are
             school.          I AM COMMITTED TO LEARNING AND LIVING THE TRUTH ABOUT FAMILY.                              gigantic issues as well. Americans, we must
                                  As a practicing Christian it is my intent to fulfill the Biblical design for family     begin to convert the United States before it
          Pray about it.          relationships. From this day forward, I am devoted to honoring my father and           is too late!
                                  mother in the Lord, practicing personal holiness and sexual abstinence until               Optimism is the key to prosperity in
          Then write or           marriage. I will show respect for every human being as a unique creature of God,       America for the future. I love to think about
                                  with special commitment to defend the most defenseless – the unborn. My goal is        what America would be like if the American
                                  to adhere to the ten commandments and provide a witness to my faith by living the      people worked to restore the most powerful
           1-601-844-5036         teachings of Jesus Christ.                                                             country in the world to its past distinction. I
      Ask for Buddy Smith.    I AM COMMITTED TO LEARNING AND LIVING THE TRUTH ABOUT FREEDOM.                             can see Old Glory shining as she flies high
                                  To those living and dead who have sacrificed and paid such an enormous price            above the Capitol in Washington, D.C., where
                                  for the freedoms I enjoy, I say, “Thank you.” It is important that I know the facts    our Christian representatives make the laws.
                                  regarding God’s influence and the influence of Christians which resulted in the          I can see American children standing in their
                                  creation of the United States of America. I deserve to know what our founders          classrooms reciting the Pledge of Allegiance
                                  taught, how they lived and the Christian principles upon which America was             and saying a prayer before classes begin each
                                  founded. My commitment to America is to fearlessly defend her freedoms and pray        morning. I can see high school and college
                                  and work to leave this world a better place than it was when I came into it.           students praying for the safety of their country
                                                                                                                         and classmates before school activities and
                                                                                                                         sporting events. I see Satan’s followers get-
     Please send me information on forming an Aletheia Bible club in my school.                                          ting saved and becoming disciples of the one
     Name _____________________________________________________________________________________                          and only God.
                                                                                                                             All Americans have to stand and fight for
                                                                                                                         what is right; then these things will happen. I
                                                                                                                         am glad to be an American, and I look forward
     Address ______________________________________ City/State/Zip _________________________________                     to accepting the challenge of making America
                                                                                                                         “One Nation, Under God” again!
     ____                                                                                                                    Write Jeremy Martin at Rt. 4, Box 309AA,
                                                                                                                         Tupelo, MS 38801.

14                                                                                                                                         AFA JOURNAL • AUGUST, 1995

Private schools flourishing
                                                                                                    1950s, teachers listed such things as cutting
                                                                                                    in line, chewing gum and talking out of turn
                                                                                                    as primary disciplinary concerns. Today, they
                                                                                                    list student/teacher and student/student vio-

as public schools struggle                                                                          lence, theft and carrying concealed weapons.
                                                                                                    Today, talking out of turn is ho hum.
                                                                                                        ➤ An intelligent student with a solid
   ■ Pro-public education columnist blasts current system, advocates aboli-                         grounding in good family values is likely
                                                                                                    to achieve as well in public as in private
tion of Department of Education and implementation of vouchers.                                     school.

By JOHN ROSEMOND                                  (in 1993 dollars) while student achievement           In short, you take your chances with public
                                                  has declined. As exemplified by Minnesota,         schools these days. In general, the smaller
    Q. Our daughter begins kindergarten in        which is 25th in per-capita spending, yet         the system and the smaller the community
the fall, and we are in a quandary concern-       close to the top in student achievement, there    it serves, the better. In my estimation, we
ing whether to send her to public or private      is little, if any, correlation between the two.   could go a long way toward rehabilitating
school. Do you have any thoughts on the           Conclusion: Public schools don’t need more        public education by (a) abolishing the fed-
subject?                                          money, they need to find their direction and       eral Department of Education and returning
    A. I do indeed have some thoughts on          become more efficient.                             control of education to states and localities
the subject, but first I must confess that I am        ➤ American public school students score       and (b) implementing school choice (vouch-
biased toward public education. From their        well behind those from other industrialized       ers), thus bringing to bear market forces and
inception in the late 19th century, strong        countries in science and math, yet think          accountability.
public schools were a cornerstone of our          their knowledge in these areas is more than
evolving democracy. They enabled the suc-         adequate. Conclusion: Public schools seem            John Rosemond is a family psychologist in
cessful assimilation of several generations       to be doing a better job of making children       private practice in North Carolina. Questions
of immigrants, providing a portal to the          “feel good about themselves” than of impart-      of general interest may be sent to P. O. Box
American Dream for one and all.                   ing real, marketable skills.                      32188, Charlotte, NC 28232.
    I state the above in the past tense because       ➤ Discipline problems in public schools
I am of the opinion that the health of public     are becoming increasingly serious. In the
education in America has been deteriorating
for some 30 years. The viruses attacking the
system include tenure policies that make it         ■ A new resource for parents who want to know:
almost impossible to get rid of mediocre
teachers; bureaucracies that are administra-
tively top-heavy; school boards constituted
                                                    “What can I do about MTV?”
of wannabe politicians who want to be re-
elected (and are therefore reluctant to rock            American Family Association, in conjunction with American Portrait
the boat); an increasing emphasis on social-         Films, is pleased to announce the availability of a new video, MTV Exam-
engineering experiments at the expense of
                                                     ined. The 30-minute video, produced by Reel to Real Ministries, arms par-
academics, the introduction – and subsequent
failure – of one educational “reform’’ after         ents, teachers, pastors and concerned citizens with the facts about what
another, thus transforming public schools into       our children, teens and young adults are watching on MTV.
laboratories and children into guinea pigs; the         MTV Examined takes a comprehensive – and some-
institutionalized pampering of undisciplined         times shocking – look at the destructive effects of MTV
students; and a pseudo-educational rhetoric
created from the whole cloth of “self-esteem,”       and how the programming often crosses the line from
the last of which has resulted in what I term        entertainment to promotion of illicit sex, violence,
“educational welfare,” a peculiar form of en-        drug abuse, immorality, profanity and liberal politics.
titlement which has watered down standards              “I strongly encourage everyone to order a copy,
and transformed grades into a joke.
    Private schools, by contrast, are flourish-       watch it and show it to their church and other groups
ing. The headmaster of a new Episcopal day           – and then take action!” Don Wildmon, AFA president
school recently told me, “Like most of my            and founder.
colleagues today, I can’t build classrooms fast
enough.” But then, private schools don’t give
tenure, put most of their money back into the           The cost of MTV Examined is $10. Make check out
classroom rather than administrative bloat,          to AFA; send order to:
have volunteer boards, eschew “reform,’’              MTV Examined/AFA • P.O. Drawer 2440 • Tupelo, MS
maintain high academic standards, and insist                                38803
upon proper classroom and social behavior.
    Now, the facts:
    ➤ Since 1965, per-capita expenditures by
public schools have risen more than 200%
AFA JOURNAL • AUGUST, 1995                                                                                                                      15
                                                                      MEDIA BIAS

CBS censors real story about NEA grantee
                                           ■ Reprinted from The Washington Times, June 12, 1995

        ity the poor Piney Woods Opry.                kind of thing, I think that’s why, because it’s   private funding from the Abita Lumber
        Started four years ago to showcase            about us. It’s about every one of us.”            Company, support that isn’t about to be taken
        traditional southern bluegrass, folk             But the real story in Piney Woods wasn’t       away. “We contributed money to upgrade the
        and gospel music in the small Loui-           about every one, not even every one of the        production levels,” Jonathan Bachrack told
        siana town of Abita Springs, the Opry         Opry’s supporters – it was largely about Ms.      The Washington Times editorial page. The
may face an untimely demise if the crucial            Howell, an activist-lawyer with good press        general manager of the family-run business,
support of the National Endowment for the             connections. She has appeared recently on         Mr. Bachrack detailed the thousands of dol-
Humanities is taken away from it by heart-            the CBS show 60 Minutes in her role as a          lars in contributions Abita Lumber had made
less Republicans. Especially to blame is Bob          crusader against police corruption in New         to the Opry: “We paid for a sound system
Livingston, the powerful chairman of the              Orleans. She is also a friend of NPR corre-       and a digital link for the live radio feed. We
House Appropriations Committee, a man so              spondent Wade Goodwyn, who was in Abita           donated materials to upgrade the facilities.
ruthless with the budget axe that he would put        Springs to cover the Opry at the same time        We paid to advertise the concerts.” If the
the Opry under even though it is in his own           CBS had its cameras there. This explains how      Opry needed more help, Abita Lumber would
congressional district. That, as least, is what       a small local music program all of a sudden       be there – as he told CBS News when they
the CBS Evening News, National Public                                                                   visited the town.
Radio and the Dallas Morning News would                                                                     “I was interviewed by CBS for a half-hour.
have us believe. But the teary-eyed claim                 CBS reporter John                             I didn’t say what they wanted to hear,” Mr.
does not bear scrutiny. In fact, the story as             Blackstone painted                            Bachrack says. “They wanted me to say that
reported by CBS may be the most fantasti-                                                               we need the federal government’s money, and
cally dishonest piece of reporting since NBC              a bleak picture for                           that Bob Livingston is a hypocrite.” Instead,
blew up a GM pickup truck.                                the future of the                             says Mr. Bachrack, he “told the people from
   CBS reporter John Blackstone painted a                 charming local-mu-                            CBS that we don’t need the federal govern-
bleak picture for the future of the charming              sic show if Rep. Liv-                         ment to run a local concert.” Now, Mr. Ba-
local-music show if Rep. Livingston succeeds                                                            chrack is no fan of Mr. Livingston, and would
in “bringing down the budget ax on federal                ingston succeeds in                           have been willing to criticize the chairman,
funding for the arts, particularly the National           “bringing down the                            but for different reasons than the ones the
Endowment for the Arts.” Mr. Blackstone                   budget ax on federal                          CBS script called for. As an unapologetic
called this ironic, given that “Livingston is                                                           libertarian, Mr. Bachrack is as skeptical of
calling for cuts just as the Piney Woods Opry,
                                                          funding for the arts,
                                                                                                        politicians as he is of the helping hand from
right in his own district, is due to receive its          particularly the Na-                          Washington.
first grant from the NEA, $14,900.”                        tional Endowment                                  Strangely, Mr. Bachrack’s comments
   Now it may seem that if the Opry has been              for the Arts.…” The                           never made it to air. Nor did CBS point out
going for several years, but is only now get-                                                           that the National Endowment for the Arts
ting an NEA grant, that that was evidence the             propaganda perfor-                            only granted the Piney Woods Opry money
program could make it without help from the               mance by CBS would                            after the November elections – that is, after
federal government. But not so, according to              be entertaining, if it                        it became clear Mr. Livingston would be the
Opry organizer, May Howell: “We could lose                weren’t so appalling.                         next head of the Appropriations Committee
our history,” she told CBS. “When you ask                                                               – raising the question of whether the NEA is
why should the taxpayers want to support this                                                           disbursing its cash with an eye to embarrass-
                                                      became the focus of a national debate. It also    ing its political enemies. At least NPR raised
                                                      explains why her angle on the story–that          this issue, even though its reporter accepted
“Worth Waiting For”                                   without federal funds the Opry would wither       the explanation from the NEA’s Richard
                                                      and die–was delivered without any opposing        Woodruff that, “It’s absurd to allege that any
          Chastity necklace                           view by CBS, and virtually without dissent        grant is made based on who the Congressman
                                                      by NPR.                                           is for the district or his relative position in
                                                         The propaganda performance by CBS              Congress.”
                                                      would be entertaining, if it weren’t so ap-           The Piney Woods Opry is a huge success
     • Great as a gift to your teen                   palling. “Without financial help to keep the       story, with standing room only in the Abita
                                                      show running and the recorders turning,” Mr.      Town Hall, live radio broadcasts and local
     • Available in gold plate w/pink or              Blackstone reported “these songs will soon        businessmen willing to subsidize the program
        black enamel and sterling silver              be gone, along with those who play them.”         to keep admission fees cheap. Mr. Blackstone
                                                      This was what Mr. Blackstone told the na-         and CBS could have reported these plain
 1-800-858-3040                                       tion in his “Eye on America” segment, but         facts, but instead chose to fashion a piece of
       From Heritage House…the precious feet people   he himself knew better.                           propaganda for the NEA.
                                                         For several years the Opry has received

16                                                                                                                       AFA JOURNAL • AUGUST, 1995
                                                              HOMOSEXUAL ISSUES

Congressman’s testimony reveals true agenda
               of government AIDS training
    Thank you, Mr. Chairman, for conven-
ing a hearing on the matter of mandatory
HIV/AIDS education training for all federal
employees. This training is an outrageous and                               Testimony of Rep. Robert K. Dornan
fraudulent abuse of the taxpayers’ money and                                Hearing before Subcommittee on Civil Service
is also, I believe, a clear violation of the moral                          “HIV/AIDS in the Workplace Training” for Federal Employees
and religious rights of our nation’s federal                                Thursday, June 22,1995
employees. I am grateful, as are countless
federal workers across the nation, for your          to protect yourself during sexual acts. This        their score, are assigned to become “lead
willingness to investigate this abuse.               included oral and anal sex... Not only did this     trainers,” “co-trainers,” or just “assistant
    As you know, on September 30, 1993,              volunteer describe these acts, but also did it in   trainers.” Trainers are therefore not scored
President Clinton signed a directive instruct-       a crude way, with terms like ‘just put it down      on their knowledge of the issue at hand,
ing all federal departments and agencies             and go to town.’ I found the entire episode         but rather on their values as they relate to
to provide comprehensive HIV/AIDS In                 offensive and upsetting. The session ended          HIV/AIDS issues. Considering the system by
The Workplace training for its employees.            with this volunteer distributing condoms to         which “undesirable” leaders are weeded out,
Since being quoted in an article published           those who wanted them.” A Bureau of Rec-            it is obvious that those who hold traditional
by The Washington Times saying I would               lamation worker related that he, “...found          family values need not apply. And why would
look into complaints about the training, my          the graphic discussions of various sex acts,        they, those who hold these values, knowing
office has been flooded with calls and letters         including oral sex, to be disgusting and out        that they would have to lecture workers about
from employees who are outraged and upset            of place, especially in the mixed company           the benefits of “non-insertive sexual activi-
about the content and delivery of their train-       of coworkers.”                                      ties” such as masturbation and massage, or
ing, which apparently varies greatly among               Another worker complained that she was,         encourage addicts to bleach their needles
agencies and locations. Many people would            “...offended by the sexually explicit material.     with Clorox before injecting themselves with
not leave their name with my office for fear          Roll call was taken; I felt like a kindergarten     dangerous, illegal narcotics, feeding a narco-
of strong reprisal from their superiors. And         child. Abstinence and self-control were not         chain of distribution that involves violence
while this training was supposedly designed          mentioned as the only means of prevention.          and murder at every level.
by former AIDS Czarina Kristine Gebbie to            Instead, it was condoms, condoms, con-                  Mr. Chairman, it is not the responsibility
foster “tolerance” in the workplace for HIV-         doms.” Still another employee related that his      of the federal government to subject federal
infected employees, I am concerned that it is        instructor, “gave specific graphic instructions      workers to seminars that lecture them on how
instead being used to aggressively advance a         on the use of condoms, dental dams, rubber          to live their sex lives or use illegal drugs in
redefinition of the family and, in many cases,        gloves, and Saran Wrap. He emphasized               order to avoid contracting the HIV virus. The
a blatant pro-homosexual agenda.                     that you should only use ‘non-microwav-             last time I checked, abusing drugs and having
    Calls and letters to my office indicate           able Saran Wrap’ to cover body parts, while         sex in the workplace were not specified job
that much of the HIV/AIDS training has               engaging in sexual activity.”                       responsibilities for any federal worker. Why,
included graphic discussions about sexual                I find nothing objectionable about educat-       then, are we instructing federal employees,
activities that many federal employees view          ing certain federal workers on how AIDS is          many of them against their will, about such
as lewd, objectionable, and humiliating. A           and is not transmitted in the workplace, say,       non-work related issues? If one of the goals
Defense Department worker said her class             for example, for an employee of the Public          of this training is to educate people about how
included a slide show of “sex toys” and              Health Service or the National Institutes of        not to contract the deadly virus that causes
flavored condoms. I should remind you that            Health. Such information is relevant to their       AIDS, then a case could easily be made for
this is at taxpayer expense. Other workers           professional duties and could very well mean        educating workers about the risks associ-
said they were lectured about the probable           the difference between life and death. Indeed,      ated with heart disease and cancer, as these
sexual practices of their grandparents and           there is a plausible case to be made for de-        are the number one and two leading causes
other relatives. In fact, according to an article    scribing universal precautions for workers          of deaths in the United States. Yet no such
in The Washington Times, a federal worker            as they relate to their particular duties and       education initiatives are being pursued by
who underwent training recalled that she was,        responsibilities as federal employees. How-         the Clinton administration. Why the bizarre
“...shocked and upset when the instructor            ever, the HIV/AIDS training in question goes        double standard of choice on AIDS education
personalized anal sex for each person in the         far beyond this reasonable objective. Based         above all else?
room by saying that our grandmothers prob-           alone on the evidence I have received, there is         Federal training programs are required
ably practiced birth control by participating in     no doubting the hidden agenda behind these          to meet statutory objectives in assisting
anal sex.” She went on to say, “I was highly         politically correct training seminars.              agencies to achieve their “mission and per-
offended. I have a very godly grandmother,               Nowhere is this more evident than in the        formance goals by improving employee and
and I just broke down and cried. I guess they        “values survey” instructors must pass before        organizational performance.” Clearly, the
are trying to say that homosexuals do it that        being entrusted with an assigned group of           HIV/AIDS training in question does not meet
way and so did your grandmother.”                    employees to educate. This survey probes            this objective. Sex education for adults does
    An employee of the U.S. Army Corps               deep into the individual’s personal feelings        not in any way improve a federal worker’s
of Engineers wrote in a letter to me stating,        about sex and homosexuality. Potential in-          ability to perform in his/her job.
“...the volunteer started talking about how          structors are then rated and, depending on                                                        ➧

AFA JOURNAL • AUGUST, 1995                                                                                                                           17
    Having said this, I find it outrageous that   moting, condoning, accepting or celebrating      AFA RESOURCES
the federal government is coercing its em-       homosexuality. Congress has a responsibility
ployees – at taxpayer expense – to undergo       to put an immediate end to such offensive      ■ Homosexuality in America: Exposing the
hours of training which, in many cases, is       nonsense. I am hopeful that with the help        Myths
                                                                                                ■ Re-Imagining Conference: A Report
not only highly offensive but promotes ho-       of this subcommittee, we can do so without
                                                                                                ■ Public School Sex Education: A Report
mosexuality and drug abuse as just another       further waste of precious time and taxpayer    ■ A Guide to What One Person Can Do About
lifestyle choice. Because pro-homosexual         funds.                                           Pornography Step-by-step guide to fight porn
policies have infiltrated the federal govern-        Thank you again, Mr. Chairman, for the        in your community.
ment at all levels since President Clinton       opportunity to testify before you today on     ■ Christianity and Humanism: A Study in
took office, I have introduced legislation that   this critical matter.                            Contrasts Six sessions, Biblically based, good
would prohibit federal programs from pro-                                                         for Sunday school, Bible study.
                                                                                                ■ Pornography: A Report
                                                                                                ■ Anti-Christian Bias in America Reveals bias
                                                                                                  in government, media and education.
                                                                                                ■ The Fight Back Book Gives addresses of TV

  Are you as committed to                                                                         advertisers and government officials.
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                                                                                                1 copy ................................... $2.00 each

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  feminists and homosexuals                                                                     ■ MTV Examined Comprehensive look at the
                                                                                                 effects of MTV on America. 30 min. video.

  are to leftist agendas?                                                                        Professionally produced. $10.
                                                                                                ■ The Fight Back Book on Diskette $29

     Nearly every group of radical left-             Those of us who believe the na-            ■ Anti-Porn Billboards
  wingers in America is being encour-            tion desperately needs to return to             1.“Pornography pollutes body, soul, mind.”
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  service to carriers who give a percent-        the same opportunity to unite for our           your choice.” Standard: $25 each; Junior: $15
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                                                                                                 Caught in the act of looking at porn. “Can’t
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  and the Lambda Legal Defense and               10% of your long distance billing will
                                                                                                OUTREACH RESOURCES
  Education Fund.                                be given to American Family Associa-           ■ Six-month subscription to The Encourager, the
     They are pooling their financial             tion. It won’t cost you anything and in         newsletter of AFA’s OutReach (no charge)
                                                                                                ■ OutReach bookmarks – scripture references
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  Pamela J. Maraldo (Planned Parent-             cept, like us, LifeLine is committed to         Addiction – help for wives of sexual addicts.
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  hood of America), and others are               family values and decency. You won’t           ■ The Effects of Pornography on Adults and
  lending their names to solicitation            see LifeLine ads on trash television or         Children. $1 s/h
                                                                                                ■ When Sex Becomes an Addiction (no charge)
  letters for such companies as “Work-           promoting anti-family causes.                  ■ 12 Steps to Sexual Addiction Recovery: A
  ing Assets,” a long distance company                                                           Christ-centered Bible Study Easy to read, ap-
                                                                                                 plicable to daily recovery, great for support and
  committed to the homosexual agenda.                                                            accountability groups and/or relationships. $10
                                                                                                ■ God’s Quiet Voice: John’s Dilemma 16-page,
                                                                                                 4-color comic book for grades 3-6 (includes a
  Stand up. Be counted. Switch today to LifeLine.                                                discussion page and puzzle) teaches youngsters
                                                                                                 how to make right decisions about pornography.
                                                                                                 Also focuses on the family/pastor relationship. 1

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                                                                                                Send check with order to: AFA Resources,
                                                                                                 P. O. Drawer 2440, Tupelo, MS 38803

18                                                                                                                 AFA JOURNAL • AUGUST, 1995
     AFA OutReach workshops offer
                          Help & hope
                                 for sex addicts
     OutReach Sexual Addiction Workshops
        Workshops offered by the OutReach division of AFA help men
     overcome inappropriate sexual behavior. Using Christ-centered
     tools OutReach workshops direct sex addicts to an intimate rela-      environment, workshops are limited to 16 men.
     tionship with the Lord – a relationship that will hopefully lead to       Topics include sources of sexual addiction, identifying triggers
     recovery.                                                             toward acting out, addressing rituals of addiction, recovery tools,
                                                                           family systems, bonding with other men and hope and encourage-
     What do you need to do?                                               ment toward recovery.
        The first step toward recovery is to call the OutReach helpline         OutReach workshops provide follow-up help including a four-
     601-844-5036 and ask for Neal or Karen. They can answer your          week Bible study, 1-800-support line, names and addresses of
     questions about sexual addiction, help in your area and upcoming      fellow addicts, weekly teleconference calls, counselor referral and
     workshops.                                                            a national support group referral.

                                                                           Workshop details
        This workshop brought together the very best from the recov-          Workshop fee: $1,000 (four nights, five days) including lodging
        ery movement with the quality application of Biblical truth        and meals. Call AFA OutReach for details about payment plans.
        under the Lordship of Christ. It was a lifesaver.
        D.M. – Amsterdam, Holland
                                       ❧                                       Please use the number below if you need more information
        I met and experienced true intimacy with other men. I have         about an OutReach workshop or to ask about our other resource
        established accountability that will change my life.               literature. (See AFA Resources on page 18.)
        J. I. – Mississippi
                                       ❧                                    H         E        L       P         L       I       N         E
        This workshop gave me the plan and support to overcome my
        addiction. S.H. – Alabama
                                                                            6 0 1 - 8 4 4 - 5 0 3 6
        The trainers were excellent. Neither was overbearing in
                                                                           A division of American Family Association
        forcing change, but the atmosphere of acceptance and com-
        mon struggle sparked within me a heart and willingness to
        change. B.P. – Arkansas

     Training agenda
        Each day of the workshop is divided
     into three parts – lecture, individual
     writings and small groups. Lectures are
     presented by Dr. Mark Laaser on topics
     such as family systems, abuse issues,
     unmanage-ability, shame and others.
     Following each lecture, participants are
     given time to reflect on their own situa-
     tions. Once the participant has written
     extensively on the topic he joins a small
     group to discuss the topic. In order to
     provide a safe, confidential intimate

AFA JOURNAL • AUGUST, 1995                                                                                                                        19
                                                           HOMOSEXUAL ISSUES

Coming out…to God
     ■ Former homosexual says devotion to Jesus gave him the power to overcome his sinful behavior.

By ANNETTE FULLER REYNOLDS                            When he was in junior high
Reprinted from The Indianapolis Star, 12/18/94    school, he was sexually molested
                                                  by a neighborhood boy of the
                                                  same age. One day, during a visit
    Scott Infante has come out of the closet      in Infante’s home, the boy forced
twice. The first time, as a freshman in col-       Infante to fondle him and partici-
lege, he declared his homosexuality. After        pate in sex.
adolescent and teen years marked by sexual            The sexual encounter made
encounters with other males, he decided           Infante feel both pleasure and
it was time to step forward and admit his         shame. But the guilt was over-
gayness.                                          ridden by teenage hormones
    The second time, as a junior in college,      and his desperate need to gain
he declared his devotion to Jesus Christ. His     affirmation from a male.
faith, he says now, gave him the power to             He began having consen-
regain control of his life and become a happy,    sual sex with this boy. But shame helped him
contented heterosexual.                           fight back his growing sexual attraction to
    “This time, life is right,” said the tall,    other boys. In his senior year in high school,    an out-of-the-closet gay man, go-            ing
bearded and slender Infante, 30, a married        he dated girls, and he went to the prom, just     to gay bars and having relationships with
father of two. “I’m grateful for every mo-        like any other guy.                               several men. He became promiscuous and
ment.”                                                                                              had many one-night stands.
    His life’s experience is at the crux of his   BECAME SUBSTANCE ABUSER                               “Waking up in the morning in bed beside a
career. Today, he is executive director of           He also became a heavy drinker and             man I barely knew never made me feel better
the Indianapolis-based Restoration Inc., a        smoked a lot of marijuana during those teen       about myself,” Infante said. “It didn’t take me
nonprofit Christian ministry whose purpose         years. Glad to make the break from his home       long to see the futility of my lifestyle. It still
is to help those who want to get out of their     and Miami, he headed off to college at St.        left me completely unsatisfied.”
gay lifestyle.                                    Andrew’s Presbyterian College, a small pri-
    When he leads seminars for his clients,       vate, liberal arts school in Laurinburg, North    BOTTOMED OUT
he always tells his life story.                   Carolina, on the recommendation of a friend.          Emotionally wrecked and suicidal, he took
    The former Bloomington resident was           The school’s selling point for Infante was that   a handful of antidepressants that had been
born and raised in Miami, Florida. Some           the faculty had a gay member, according to        prescribed for him by a campus doctor. He
of his earliest memories are painful ones,        Infante’s friend.                                 was rushed to the hospital, where his stomach
he says–there are vague recollections of his         His freshman year, he continued to             was pumped.
father leaving the family when he was 4. His      grapple with his sexuality. Trying to fight off        Not surprisingly, his grades showed his
parents divorced shortly after that.              his homosexual urges, he attended a small         emotional upheaval. Both sophomore se-
    “A 4-year-old believes everything that        country Pentecostal church there and asked        mesters at IU, he flunked nearly all of his
happens in the family is about him,” Infante      for God’s help.                                   classes.
said. “Dad leaves, so it must be my fault.           “I really thought God would say, ‘Poof!’           After flunking out twice, he had to peti-
These are the perceptions of a child, not a       and my homosexuality would be gone,”              tion the school for re-admission. That’s when
rational adult.”                                  Infante said.                                     he met Carole Allen, who worked in the IU
    Since Infante was an only child, his fam-        He remembers being approached by a les-        records office.
ily consisted solely of him and his mother        bian on campus who told him bluntly. “You’re          “When I began working with Scott, he
after his father left. Their relationship was     gay. Get over it and get on with life.”           was very depressed,” she said.
strained, and typical adolescent arguments           He took her advice and decided, for the            Sensing that this student needed help, she
over grades, curfews and chores became            first time, to openly acknowledge that he          invited him to lunch. Over slices of pizza,
volatile. “We knew how to hurt each other,”       was gay.                                          Infante spilled out his problems to Allen.
he said.                                             Infante transferred from St. Andrew’s to           “It was sort of an unusual thing for me
    Through his childhood, he rarely saw or       Indiana University in 1984 as a sophomore.        to do – to get that immersed in a student’s
talked to his father. He created visions of       He had heard that IU had a large contingent       problems – but I knew that at least I could
his father in his mind, and fantasized about      of gay activist students.                         listen.”
having a male caregiver in his life.                 His first year as a Hoosier was spent as            Before the conversation ended, she had in-

20                                                                                                                    AFA JOURNAL • AUGUST, 1995
vited Infante to her church, First Assembly of       As Infante’s heterosexuality bloomed,            Two months ago, he moved its headquar-
God in Bloomington. Infante began another         their relationship went from platonic to         ters to Indianapolis.
attempt to get help through religion.             romantic. They were engaged in June 1987,           Restoration has a board of six people,
    This time, something clicked. “He just        and later that year, Infante graduated from IU   including an attorney, businessmen and
did a complete turn-around,” said Allen,          with an English degree. They were married        women, and mental health counselors. They
who watched Infante’s progress. “His life         May 7,1988.                                      meet monthly and serve three year terms.
changed, his attitude changed.”                      Infante rejects the notion that he is bi-     Infante hopes to enlarge the board to 10 in
    Infante’s junior year was the most critical   sexual. To him, both homosexuality and           the coming year.
time in his life. “What a struggle,” he said.     bisexuality are aberrations.                        He describes himself as a “minister who
“But, ironically, they were my richest times         He and his wife moved to Miami, where         doesn’t function in a traditional church.”
with God.”                                        he got a temporary teaching certificate. He          Allen, the counselor who helped him when
    He counseled closely with Dennis Strick-      taught school nearly two years in inner city     he was a student, marvels at what Infante
land, then the minister of Vineyard Christian     public schools, and he and his wife had their    has done. “I’ve been absolutely delighted
Fellowship, where Infante attended.               first child, Sarah, now 5.                        to see his ministry grow,” said Allen, who
    “Those conversations were definitely             They became active in the Miami Vine-         now is co-owner of a religious bookstore in
intense,” said Strickland, who is now pas-        yard Fellowship, where Jim Bricker was           Bloomington.
tor of Bridge Builders Church in Wilmore,         senior pastor. (The Miami and Greenwood             Does he ever still feel attracted to men?
Kentucky. “He was dealing with underlying         churches are two of nearly 600 Association       “As long as I live, I will experience tempta-
issues of self-worth.”                            of Vineyard Churches across the country that     tion.” he said. “But it doesn’t rule my life.
    Strickland remembers several conversa-        have a conservative theology and a contem-       My goal is to one day, experience complete
tions in which Infante broke down and cried.      porary liturgical style, says Bricker.)
“I could just see him living through a lot of        “Scott and I had many conversations
internal pain from his childhood, of his father   about his purpose in life, his destiny,” said       CURRENT AFA BOYCOTTS
leaving his family. It was like he had to get     Bricker, who is now pastor at the Southside
through that before he could move on.”            Indianapolis Vineyard Christian Fellowship        UNILEVER
    By the mid-’80s, talk of AIDS had infil-       in Greenwood. “I remember one conversa-            Pres. Richard A. Goldstein, Unilever United
trated the IU campus, and Infante learned of      tion we had while walking on the beach in          States Inc., 390 Park Avenue, New York, NY
the disease with fear in his heart. He knew he    which I challenged Scott, and told him that        10022, 212-888-1260, FAX 212-906-4411,
had engaged in behaviors that put him at the      God had a lot in store for him.”
                                                                                                    Reason: Unilever is a continuing sponsor of
utmost risk for contracting the HIV virus.           In the summer of ’89, Infante became            some of the worst sex, violence and profanity
    The pivotal point in his ongoing struggle     assistant pastor at the church, serving as an      on television. The company has responded to
came when he decided to take the test for         apprentice under Bricker. He has no formal         consumers’ concerns by sponsoring even more
the HIV virus.                                    theological training for the post but most of      trash TV, including shows that disparage people
    “I vowed to myself and God that no mat-       his work was administrative.                       of religious conviction. For more details, see
ter how the test came back, I would give my                                                          the front page story and product listing on
life over to God,” Infante said. “Either way      RETURNED TO INDIANA                                page 22.
the test came back, I told God, ‘I’m staying         All the while, an idea was churning in the     HOLIDAY INNS
                                                  back of his head–the idea of an organization       Chrm. Bryan Langton, 3 Ravinia Dr., Ste. 2000,
     By the mid-’80s, talk of AIDS                that would help gays become heterosexual           Atlanta, GA 30346, 1-800-HOLIDAY
                                                  with spiritual help. Feeling that he was be-      Reason: All corporately owned Holiday Inns carry
   had infiltrated the IU campus,                  ing called back to Bloomington, he returned        Satellite Cinema movie service which includes
   and Infante learned of the dis-                there in October 1991 to make that dream           in-room porn movies. Holiday Inns is the largest
                                                  come true.                                         provider of in-room porn movies in the U.S.
   ease with fear in his hear t.
                                                     He spent a year attending conferences          LEVI STRAUSS
   He knew he had engaged in                      and formulating the plans for his organiza-        Chrm. Robert D. Haas, P.O. Box 7215, San
   behaviors that put him at the                  tion, thinking about both the philosophy           Francisco, CA 94120, 1-800-872-5384
   utmost risk for contracting the                and the business aspects of what he wanted        Reason: Levi Strauss cut off financial support for
                                                  to create.                                         the Boy Scouts of America because the BSA
with you.’”                                          While Infante was unemployed during             would not allow homosexuals and atheists to
                                                  that 12 months of preparation time, the            be scoutmasters. AFA continues to promote
ROMANCE BLOOMED                                                                                      the boycott of Levi’s, Dockers and Britannia
                                                  family had to get by on public assistance.
    When he found the test was negative, his      “It was a year of canned soup and beans,”
life took on a new fervor for religious work.     Infante said with a smile.                        WARNER-LAMBERT CO.
At the same time, his attentions became              The couple had another daughter, Rachel,        Chairman Melvin R. Goodes, 210 Tabor Road,
focused on a coed named Dawn Williams             now 2, and are expecting a third child in          Morris Plains, NJ 07950, 201-540-2000, FAX
whom he had met a year before, when they          April.                                             201-540-3761
both worked at a Bloomington yogurt shop.                                                           Reason: W-L’s TV advertising policy is to
                                                     On January 1, 1993, Infante became the
                                                                                                     purchase time at reduced prices on highly
At the time, he had told her he was gay.          founder and director of Restoration Inc.,          offensive programs, including the pornographic
    A year later, he sat down beside her in       based in Bloomington. He has set up a              NYPD Blue. Their most familiar product is
a campus cafeteria. She was going through         funding base of nearly 50 contributors in          Listerine.
some tough times too, after a failed romance.     central Indiana and is seeking donations
The two became best friends.                      from churches.

AFA JOURNAL • AUGUST, 1995                                                                                                                          21
Connecticut…from page 1                                 “In this context, we would appreciate         been very interested. The London Sunday
police or charged with any illegal activity. The    knowing your views on this issue. Please feel     Times did an extensive report. Reporting on
other defendant being assisted by the AFA           free to contact your personnel representative,    the effectiveness of the AFA, the Times stat-
Law Center was charged because, according           or write to me directly.                          ed: “‘That man (Wildmon) is every company
to the U.S. and Connecticut attorneys, he               “I close by reminding you that Unilever       chairman’s nightmare,’ says one American
spoke these words to an “escort”: “95, you          is amongst the greatest companies in the          executive.” The Times said that Unilever
are next.” What the defendant said was: “We         world, and as a leader, we have a history         “by maintaining a silence (hopes) the issue
are praying for you and we are praying that         when challenged, of responding by doing           will go away...‘Wildmon’s comments should
’95 will be the clinic’s last year in business.”    the right thing. I assure you that our response   be directed at the makers of programmers if
This defendant has never before been charged        in this situation will not be different. Thank    anyone, certainly not the advertisers,’ says
for any protest activities.                         you for your support. Sincerely, Richard A.       one Unilever insider.”
    “This is a clear attempt by the pro-            Goldstein.”                                           However, Unilever’s support for TV
abortion Clinton administration to use the              Donald E. Wildmon, president of AFA,          sleaze got one boost from the head of Bar-
power of government to silence the pro-life         said he was pleased with Goldstein’s com-         ricade Books in New York. Lyle Stuart wrote
movement,” said Law Center Chief Counsel            ments. “It is tragic that it took a message       Goldstein saying that his company is support-
Bruce Green. “U.S. Attorney General Reno            to Unilever’s pocketbook to be heard. But         ing Unilever for their stand. Stuart wrote: “I
is attempting to silence the peaceful protest       repeated attempts to the moral conscience         saw that full page ad by those Mississippi
speech of pro-lifers and has joined with the        of Unilever were ignored,” he said. He urged      bigots and we’ve responded by establishing
Attorney General of Connecticut to accom-           people to continue to observe and promote         the following program: My staff has been
plish this. Bill Clinton is trying to appease his   the boycott, while at the same time to thank      given a list of Unilever products. For each
abortion supporters by taking away the First        Goldstein and encourage him in changing           proof of purchase they bring in, they will
Amendment rights of pro-life individuals.”          Unilever’s practice.                              receive $1. We’ve set aside a fund of several
    The AFA Law Center defends the First                Wildmon praised the work of AFA sup-          thousand dollars to cover this and we’ve given
Amendment rights of Christians at no cost.          porters. “Our people are workers and doers.       the staff the list of your products that appeared
The case is one of scores currently being           Without their help Unilever would never had       in the ad. We’ve also established a bonus for
handled by the Law Center.                          re-evaluated their practice. This is a great      the person bringing in the most proof of pur-
                                                    testimony of the power of dedicated people        chases in any single month. That person will
AFA’s boycott…from page 1                           getting involved. With the active involve-        receive a $300 bonus. We’re doing this for
business practices. In the past, the AFA            ment of our supporters, we can touch the          three months. I imagine this will persuade our
has targeted General Motors, AT&T, Pep-             pocketbooks of multi-billion, multi-national      staff to encourage friends and neighbors to
siCo, S.C. Johnson and Procter & Gamble,            companies and impact them for good.”              buy your products and give them the proof of
amongst others. In its criticism of Unilever,           And while the secular media in the U.S.       purchase material. It’s amazing that religious
the AFA maintains that through our televi-          has refused to give the boycott any exposure,     fanatics – mostly nut cases – are able to raise
sion advertising, we support programs that          media in the Netherlands and England have         the millions in contributions that they do. I
promulgate excessive violence and sex on
American television.
   “The advertisement asks consumers to
boycott Unilever products until such time            Boycott Unilever products
as we adopt a policy that conforms to the
expectations of the American Family As-              Take this card shopping. Boycott these Unilever products
sociation. While we respect the right of this        which help sponsor trash on TV.
organization to have its own views, we do not        COSMETICS & FRAGRANCES   Brut toiletries          Final Touch fabric     Imperial margarine
intend to capitulate to such pressure.               Babe cosmetics           Caress soap                 conditioner         Kettle Creations
   “As individuals and as parents, we in             Calvin Klein cosmetics   Close-Up toothpaste      Snuggle liquid            soup mixes
Unilever recognize our own personal respon-          Elizabeth Arden          Cutex nail polish and       fabric softener     Mrs. Butterworth’s
sibility to judge and control what is seen or           cosmetics                remover               Sunlight dishwashing      syrup
read in our homes. As a responsible company,         Elizabeth Taylor’s       Dove soap                   detergent           Lawry’s seasoning salt
Unilever has a policy of carefully pre-screen-          Passion cologne       Lever 2000 soap          Surf detergent         Lipton tea and soups
ing the programs on which we advertise. We           Faberge´ cosmetics       Lifebuoy soap            Wisk detergent         Pizza Quick
have, in fact, withdrawn advertising from            Hero cologne             Mentadent toothpaste                            Popsicle frozen treats
programs that have not met our standards.            Obsession fragrance      Pepsodent toothpaste     FOOD PRODUCTS          Promise spreads
   “While we will not yield to the threat of a       Sunflowers perfume        Pond’s Cream             Breyers ice cream      Ragu´ Italian foods
boycott, we have reflected on the points made         White Diamonds           Power Stick deodorant       products            Shedd’s Spreads
by the AFA and others. There is, without                perfume               Q-tips                   Chicken Tonight        Wish-Bone salad
question, a rising tide of sentiment that sup-       White Shoulders          Rave hair care           Country Crock butter      dressing
ports a reduction in the violence and explicit          fragrances            Shield soap              Good Humor ice
sexuality from many sources to which we and                                   Signal mouthwash            cream bars
our children are exposed. Therefore, we will         HEALTH CARE PRODUCTS     Vaseline products        Healthy Sensation
re-evaluate our programming selection prac-          Aim toothpaste           HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS          salad dressing
tices, challenging our current assumptions                                    All (detergent)          I Can’t Believe It’s
about what is appropriate for a company as                                    Dove detergent              Not Butter
diverse as Unilever.
22                                                                                                                      AFA JOURNAL • AUGUST, 1995
trust none of their ridiculous attempts will        AFA also has promoted the campaign via             ful to the Christ, who was willing to die that
influence your program decisions. Sincerely,         newspaper advertisements and Christian ra-         man might be free and that this earth might
Lyle Stuart.”                                       dio stations. “The financial problems facing        be a fairer place on which to live.”
   Mr. Stuart’s address is: Lyle Stuart, Bar-       Kmart parallel AFA’s four-year boycott,” said          The issues which Bishop Armstrong
ricade Books, 150 Fifth Avenue #700, New            Dr. Donald E. Wildmon, president of AFA.           listed as being “all-important, fundamental
York, NY 10011, phone 212-627-7000, FAX             “This is a matter of public record and can be      issues confronting the human family today”
212-627-7028.                                       verified by any investment fund manager.            included the following: international anar-
   In contrast to the misguided efforts and            “Has the boycott been totally responsible       chy; national arrogance; nuclear weaponry;
prejudice of Mr. Stuart, hundreds of thou-          for all the financial problems faced by Kmart?      world peace; the technological revolution; the
sands of hard working AFA supporters were           Absolutely not. Has it been a significant fac-      urban revolution with its slums, poverty, and
working to make the boycott a success – call-       tor in their problems? Without a doubt, yes,”      racial explosiveness; law and order; ethics in
ing and writing Unilever, passing out boycott       Wildmon said.                                      government; fair employment practices; open
cards, helping get the information out. In             Kmart’s situation reaffirms the fact that        housing; taxation; space exploration.
fact, Bruce Davis, president of Dandy Mart          how Christians spend and invest their money            It is rather hypocritical for liberals who
Convenience Stores in Mt. Vernon, Texas,            can have an impact on society, and it can          promoted the Christian involvement in these
has stopped selling Unilever products in his        result in changes to even major corporate          political issues to now condemn conserva-
stores. Davis wrote Goldstein: “Due to your         giants like Kmart.                                 tives who are involved with issues of family
continued sponsorship of nudity, violence,             “Every movement begins with one person          breakdown, pornography, media filth, abor-
sex and profanity on prime-time television,         acting on personal convictions and practicing      tion, the promotion of homosexuality, sex
Unilever products will no longer be used            good stewardship of the resources God has          education in schools, and related issues.
in our home. In addition to personally rid-         given him,” Wildmon said. “Then he per-                Christians who follow the advice of
ding our home of your products, we will no          suades others to join him. The intent of the       Bishop Armstrong and Senator McGovern
longer carry any of your brands in our chain        Kmart boycott has not been to punish anyone,       about political involvement should not be
of convenience stores. We will also be alert-       but to encourage Christians to practice good       condemned simply because they are conser-
ing our friends and relatives that you have         stewardship by shopping with companies that        vatives and not liberals.
become the #l sponsor of sleaze on prime            uphold positive values.”                                       ____________________
time TV and urge them to join us along with                                                            Why…from page 2
thousands of other families in boycotting            Robert Frank is editor of No-Debt Living          ing, shelter and education? Yes, I believe
your products.”                                      Newsletter, a national monthly publica-           strongly that I do.
   Supporters are urged to order Boycott             tion providing financial, home-man-                   I believe the United States of America is
Unilever cards to distribute in your church,         agement and investment news with a                the greatest country on the face of the earth
at work, among your friends. They are $2 per         Christian perspective. No-Debt Living,            and is worth preserving. But it doesn’t take
hundred including postage. Order from AFA            P.O. Box 282, Veradale, WA 99037.                 a rocket scientist (I’ve never really met a
and include payment with order.                      Subscription: $25.95 per year. Phone:             rocket scientist but I’m sure they are smart
   AFA encourages supporters to write Presi-         800-560-3328.                                     people.) to see our country is in a moral mess.
dent Richard A. Goldstein a personal letter                                                            Drugs, crime, divorce, violence, disrespect
thanking him for re-evaluating Unilever’s                                                              for authority, abortion, sexually transmitted
stand, and encouraging him to indeed “do                                                               diseases, and on and on we could go.
what is right.” Call Unilever’s customer            Liberal…from page 2                                    Yes, we’ve always had social/cultural/
service at 1-800-598-1223 to pass along the         national quadrennial melodrama.                    moral problems. But never, ever have we
same message. (Please be polite.) The ad-               “ is not enough to simply study, think,   had so many that run so deep that are tearing
dress: Pres. Richard A. Goldstein, Unilever         and vote. If democracy is to be strengthened       at the very fabric that separates civilization
United States, Inc., 390 Park Avenue, New           there must be personal involvement...I am one      from barbarism. And modern technology
York, NY 10022.                                     of those who believe that the political insti-     has nothing to do with the type of civility
          ____________________                      tutions of this republic need to be cleansed;      and barbarism I’m writing about here. As
                                                    that the prevailing ‘establishments’ of the        Charles Colson writes in his book Against the
Kmart…from page 1                                   country need to be redirected by a new kind        Night: “The barbarians of the new dark age
troversial bookstore unit, Borders Group Inc.,      of politics.                                       are pleasant and articulate men and women.
which includes 80 Borders stores special-               “I do insist, however, that the Christian      They carry briefcases, not spears. But their
izing in super-sized books and music, and           (and this includes the clergyman) has an           assault on culture is every bit as devastating
Waldenbooks.                                        obligation to relate himself to those areas of     as the barbarian invasion of Rome.”
    Kmart’s board of directors has stated that it   decision-making where community policy
will sell the stores via a public stock offering    and life are formed. We will not always agree         So why do we do what we do here at AFA?
“as market conditions permit.”                      on issues and candidates, but as individual        Because we love God and want to honor Him
    It is reported that Antonini’s refusal to let   Christians – not as a church, but as individual    by taking a stand for biblical righteousness
go of these specialty stores, despite urging        Christians – we are challenged to enter the        (Matt. 5:10). Because we love America and
from the board of directors, was a major            rough-and-tumble arena of human activity           don’t want to see her destroyed by the cancer
factor in his undoing.                              where the earthbound destiny of a people is        of moral decline. And because we love our
    During the past four years AFA has dis-         determined. Politics is dirty only if people       children and want to give them a country with
tributed approximately 20 million “Boycott          like us let it become dirty.                       some semblance of civility and morality, so
Kmart” cards through 170,000 churches                   “Let the Christian then be a politician in     that they too can enjoy all that is great about
and mailed another 5 million to households.         the best sense of the word. Let him be faith-      America.

AFA JOURNAL • AUGUST, 1995                                                                                                                         23
                                                     AMERICAN FAMILY ASSOCIATION
                                                                                                                              Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                                                               U.S. Postage

Promise                                              Post Office Drawer 2440
                                                                                                                              Permit No. 36
                                                                                                                          Gordonsville, VA 22942

                                                     Tupelo, Mississippi 38803

                                                                      ADDRESS CORRECTION REQUESTED

take vows
Creators Syndicate, Inc.

       ivorce is the next big cultural issue
       to be faced by this society. After a bit
       of a rocky start (remember Murphy
       Brown?), we have now successfully
established that unwed parenting is often         For every woman freed from a tyrannical husband,
harmful and destructive. You don’t hear
today, as you did five years ago, cheery assur-
                                                  there were 10 men who traded in their 40-some-
ances that single-parent families are part of     thing wife for a younger model. And while men’s
the “new family structure.” Instead, across the   incomes tend to rise following a divorce, women’s
political spectrum, you find acknowledgment        tend to fall.…So it is interesting that the first
that the two-parent family must be restored
and strengthened.                                 grassroots anti-divorce movement in America –
   But while unwed childbearing took center       Promise Keepers – is an exclusively male club.
stage, divorce was relegated to the shadows.
Why? Its footprints are everywhere. The           then their conduct (what ever you think of          reporter’s spot survey of bumper stickers in
application form for my son’s preschool           it) is really peripheral. Arguably, men have        the parking lot), speakers at the rallies as
asks for the father’s name, mother’s name,        benefited from liberalized divorce laws and          well as the group’s leadership are racially
father’s address and mother’s address. When       customs far more than women. For every              integrated.
an American pilot is rescued in Bosnia, we        woman freed from a tyrannical husband,                  Bishop Philip Porter, pastor of All Nations
find a young man who is every inch the             there were 10 men who traded in their 40-           Pentecostal Church in Aurora, Colorado,
central casting image of the American flyer,       something wife for a younger model. And             was among the first black churchmen to
except for one new wrinkle–we hear from his       while men’s incomes tend to rise following          join Promise Keepers. “It’s going to take
mother and his father separately. Hallmark        a divorce, women’s tend to fall.                    a power greater than politics to get us out
markets cards for divorced fathers to send to         So it is interesting that the first grassroots   of the mess we’re in,” he told the Rocky
their children.                                   anti-divorce movement in America–Promise            Mountain News.
   Divorce is such an accepted part of the na-    Keepers–is an exclusively male club.                    Newspaper accounts of the Promise
tional landscape that even cultural crusaders         Founded in 1991 by former University            Keepers phenomenon always cite criticism
have sometimes held their fire. To condemn         of Colorado football coach Bill McCartney,          from “women’s groups” about the “contro-
divorce is to rebuke not just strangers but       Promise Keepers is a cultural, religious            versial” nature of the group’s message. The
your sister, your cousins, your best friend       movement dedicated to making “godly men.”           Washington Post did its best to caricature a
and yourself.                                     It’s called Promise Keepers because the men         recent rally in the capital as a touch-feely
   The wreckage divorce has created in the        who belong vow to keep their promises, and          gabfest for Neanderthals.
lives of children is too massive to be de-        do their duty, to their wives, their children,          Of course, feminists are bound to op-
nied. Conservatives, particularly those who       their churches and their fellow men.                pose anything that urges men to become
specialize in thwarting the aims of homo-             Just since 1991, when Promise Keepers           self-confident leaders rather than cringing,
sexual activists, must confront the truth that    attracted its first stadium crown of 4,200 in        guilty representatives of the imaginary
heterosexual divorce creates more havoc in        Colorado, membership has ballooned to the           “patriarchy.”
our society than homosexual unions. I don’t       hundreds of thousands. Rallies at Seattle’s             But across the country, thousands of
believe that homosexuals should have the          Kingdome, the Los Angeles Coliseum, the             wives, children and parents are recognizing
“right” to marry or adopt children. But if you    Minneapolis Metrodome and more have at-             that if all men were to do what the Promise
accept the statistic that homosexuals, gay and    tracted men of all ages, races and colors.          Keepers undertake–to be faithful to wife and
lesbian, amount to no more than 1% to 2%              Though the movement is fundamentalist           family, to lead and to support their communi-
of the population – not the 10% they claim        Christian and most of the men who attend            ties–then most of the social woes we find so
– and recognize that the subset of homosexu-      the rallies are white and politically conser-       intractable would simply evaporate.
als who want to be parents is quite small,        vative (judging by a Rocky Mountain News

24                                                                                                                     AFA JOURNAL • AUGUST, 1995

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