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• The contact name of the author of the project and address of the organization for monitoring and
clarifications purposes;

Huguette Akplogan-DOSSA, RAPDA Regional Coordinator

Headquarters: C/487 Jericho, Rue de la Station Dovonou in Cotonou
Address: 02 BP 937 Cotonou Tel. (+229) 21 04 20 12 - Mobile (+229) 95 95 90 28 or (+229) 90 93 60
E-mail: and

• Evidence of its registration and, failing which a copy of the Constitution of the organization;

The African Network on the Right to Food has its headquarters in Benin and benefits from the
registration title of the NGOs SUO which is the body elected to coordinate the Network, registered
under No. 94-08 / MISAT / DC / DAI / CSC-Assoc of the of October 17, 1994.

• List of members of the Coordinating Committee,

Regional Coordinating Committee

The Coordinating Committee set up in Cotonou is composed of seven (7) members of which four (4)
women, they are:

POST OCCUPIED                      FULL NAMES                         COUNTRY

Regional Coordinator               Mrs. Huguette AKPLOGAN             Benin

Deputy Coordinator                 Mr. Sheikh E. T. LEWIS             Gambia

General Secretary                  Mrs. Claire QUENUM                 Togo

member                             Mrs.Emma NJOKI WAMAI               Kenya

member                             Mr Marou. A. S. BELLO              Niger

Member                             Mrs. Angela MULENGA                Zambia

Member                             Mr. Massaman SINABA                Mali

Executive Secretariat
The African Network on the Right to Food is committed through its dynamism to render
effective the recommendations that resulted from the « Regional Workshop on the Right to
Food held in Cotonou» through its actions that will turn it into a veritable platform for the
fight against violations of the Right to Food generally in Africa, and in member countries of
the Network in particular.

According to International Pact on Economic Social and Cultural Right, “The right to adequate
food is achieved when every man, every woman and every child, alone or in community with
others has physical and economic access, at all times to sufficient food and to the means to
procure same”.

Adopted by the 187 FAO members in 2004, the Voluntary Guideline are: the new instrument
to guide States in their implementation efforts of the human right to adequate food, which
involves the recommendations of policies and the desirable measures in the different key

They describe what governments can and should do in order to direct their food security
policies in a way based on human rights, and they reinforce the legal interpretation of the
right to food.

In this perspective, the African Network on the Right to Food has lined up activities over a
period of three years as well as an Operational Plan for the Year 2009.

To this effect, the Network’s essential activities will hinge on the energisation of the
Network through supplementary activities of CSOs acting in the area of the Right to Food of
all member countries.

To achieve this, the Network has set for itself objectives that can be classified as follows:

A. Capacity building of Actors at different levels on the Right to Food

Activity A1: Trainings

One of the Network’s short term objectives will be to make known to all social sub sections
the ins and the outs of the « Right to Food »’s concept. And to enable actors build their
capacities. A trainers’ training on Voluntary Guidelines, monitoring and reporting on the
Right to Food.

    The first will take place in Guinea between June and July 2009

    The Second will take place in Zambia in the month of November 2009.

30 people are trained at each regional level, (of which 25 participants and 5 management
people from the Secretariat and the Executive Board).

Activity A2: Inventory at Country Level
It will enable on the one hand, to put all CSOs acting in the area of the Right to Food at the
same level of information; on the other hand, it will serve as launching of activities at the
national networks’ levels and of their focal point that will be set up during the workshop.
This workshop will be held after identification and censoring of CSOs acting in the area of the
Right to Food.

Activity A3: Investigatory Visit on famine to Kenya

This activity will be executed jointly by member CSOs allies of the Network in Kenya and the
Network’s Coordinating Committee with the support of its partners.

Activity A4: Country Alternative Reports

Alternative reports will then be drafted in these countries that will highlight the
achievements of each government on the Right to Food as well as the gaps, but also
alternative proposals of the Civil Society to enhance the implementation of the Right to

Activity A5: Attendance at Regional Meetings

Activity A6: Attendance at International Meetings


Activity B1: Coordinating Committee Meetings

2 statutory meetings are scheduled for each year. For the year 2009, the first was held from
February 18 to 21, 2009 and the second will take place in Zambia in the month of November

Activity B2 National Activities’ Monitoring Visits by sub regional focal points
Regional Coordinating Committee
Coordinator:          Huguette AKPLOGAN DOSSA (Benin)
General Secretary:    Claire Quenum (Togo)

Focal points
Central Africa by the Vice Coordinator : Sheick Lewis : (Cameroon, Gambia, Chad, Sao Tomé et
Principe, Equatorial Guinea, DRC, Burundi, Rwanda, Congo, RCA, Gabon)

Northern Africa by Bello Marou: (Niger, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Mauritania, Libya)

West Africa by Massaman Sinaba : (Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, RCI, Sierra Leone,
Liberia, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Guinea)

Southern Africa by Angela Mulenga : (Malawi, Angola, South Africa, Mozambique, Botswana,
Zambia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Comoros, Mauritius, Seychelles, Namibia)

East Africa: by Edwin Odhiambo : (Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzanie, Somalie, Soudan, Djibouti)
Activity B2.1 Establishment of Local Networks

This activity will allow for a review to map out the situation of the Right to Food and the
existence or not of laws relating to the Right to Food and to design a document aimed at
leading CSOs in their action. Thus, it is about:

    Establishing local networks and take an inventory of the Right to Food in 13 countries

    Draft a questionnaire to be given to them, monitor the drafting of the report to be
     published and ensure to put in synergy FIAN through its methodology.

In its role as guarantor of the struggle for a real implementation of the Right to Food, the
Network will take it upon itself to scrupulously ensure that member countries (through
CSOs) of the African Network for the Promotion of the Right to Food are resolutely at work
with a view to ensuring that the Right to Food is observed in these countries. Thus, the
following activities will be executed: the organization of a workshop on the restitution of
the recommendations that flowed from the Regional Workshop, and the establishment of
local networks

The restitution of the acts of the Cotonou regional workshop and the process of
establishment of National Networks for the Promotion of the Right to Food is very

Activity B 2.2 Advisory Support to national networks and promotion of the network at
country level

The focal points will have to assist national coalitions in the implementation and monitoring
and appraisal of their activities.

(Niger, Mauritania, Benin, Togo, Gambia, Mali, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Zambia, Cameroun,
Uganda, Malawi)


For a better productivity of activities, it is imperative for the network to:

Activity B3: The Setting up of Offices for the Coordinating Committee and that of the

Permanent Secretariat

This office will enable to implement the regional programme and to centralise the national
networks’ results and to make recommendations for their improvement. Il will be composed

A Coordinating Team
 - The Coordinator;
 -   The vice Coordinator;
 -   The General Secretary;

A Permanent Secretariat Team
 - A Bilingual Assistant to Head of Programme;
 - A Bilingual Head of Programme
 - A Bilingual Financial Accountant;
 - Support Staff.

This office will have the responsibility to:

 -   Draft the Network’s communication plan (messages, magazines, News Bulletins, the
     internet website, etc.)

 -   Carry out registration formalities and strive for the signature of an approval of
     Headquarters with the Benin government.

 -   Finalize the texts and fulfill the registration granting conditions and the approval of
     Headquarters with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
In order to give to national networks a greater visibility on its functioning, the regional
network plans:

 -   Semester activities;
 -   An annual synergy.

On the overall, the Network in its resolve to actualise the Right to Food in Africa and
particularly in member countries of the network, it bases on its hopes on a better future in
Africa and by resolutely getting back to the task, the only guarantee of a real change of
mentality and of attitudes. A change aimed at inducing a better promotion of the Right to
     Levels   Objectives                Results               Activities                 Strategies                        Responsible             Period
Regional      Promote the Right                         2 statutory meetings      Hold meetings on the eve of        The Coordination         February& Aug/Sept
              to Food and the                                                     regional trainings
                                                                                  Invite all country focal points    The Coordination         May 2009
                                  Capacities     of     Training of trainers on   and train them
                                  Coordinating          the DV and the
                                  Committee             monitoring          and
                                  members       and     reporting on the Right
                                  those    of   the     to Food
                                  Advisory Guidance
                                                        Visit and monitoring of   Monitoring of national actions
                                  Committee     are                                                                                           Sept 2009
                                                        national activities       during national meetings and       The Coordination
                                                                                  seize the opportunities of these
                                                                                  meetings to promote the RAPDA

                                                        Attending     regional    National focal points, networks
                                                                                                                     The Coordination         2009 -2011
                                                        meeting    of      the    of partners (FIAN PPLM ICCO
                                                        following institutions    and others)
                                                        (FAO,       ECOWAS,
                                                        WAEMU, SADEC, AU,

                                                        Partnership               Identification of partners and
                                                                                  allies with a view to enhancing    The Coordination         2009 -2011
                                                                                  the resources of the network
Regional      Render the          The         RAPDA     Functioning of the PS     Arranging an equipping the         Coordinating Committee   2009 -2011
              Permanent           Permanent                                       Headquarters                       Members
              Secretariat         Secretariat      is   (A bilingual Assistant
                                  provided      with    and      Head       of    Recruiting of Staff
                                  sufficient human,     Programme;

               Operational         material       and    A bilingual Head of         Establishment      of    operation   The Coordinator             2009 -2011
                                   financial resources   Programme;                  procedures
                                                         A               Financial
                                                         Accountant ;
                                                         Support Staff).
                                                                                                                                                      2009 -2011
                                                         Functioning          the    Ensure              management       The Coordination
                                                         Executive Team              responsibilities

                                                                                     Draft the Communication Plan         The Coordination
                                                                                     of the Network (messages, the
                                                                                     magazine, the News Bulletin, the
                                                                                     internet website, etc.)

                                                                                     Donation of funds and of assets                                  2009 -2011

                                                                                                                          The Coordination
                                   Legal recognition     Registration   of    the    Finalize the texts and fulfill the
                                   of the Network is     Network                     registration granting conditions
                                   eased                                             and the approval of the
                                                                                     Headquarters with the Ministry
                                                                                     of Foreign Affairs

Sub regional   Promote the Right   The preservation      Identification of CSO       Organise national        or   sub    Sub regional focal points   2009 -2011
               to Food and the     conditions of the     per country where the       regional meetings
               RAPDA               actions       and     network does not exist
                                   achievements of                                   Monitor procedures at regional
                                                         Establishment      of       level and do the follow-up of        Coordinating Committee      2009 -2011
                                   RAPDA         are
                                                         national networks and       activities per country               & Sub regional focal
                                                         advisory support to                                              points
                                                         national networks and       Launch the         sub    regional
                                                         promotion     of  the       networks
                                                         network at country
                                                                                     Identify and set dates for the

                                                level                     organisation of promotional
                                                                          and lobbying actions of the
                                                Attending meeting of      RAPDA on the thematics              The Coordination     2009 -2011
                                                sub            regional
                                                institutions (ECOWAS,     Identify participants per country
                                                WAEMU, SADEC, etc)        and make use of he existing
                                                Thematic training per
                                                sub region (monitoring    Identify participants per country
                                                and reporting on the RF   and make use of he existing         The Coordination     2009 -2011
                                                and on VGs                expertise

                                                Thematic trainings per    Organize country visits (see
                                                sub region on the         chronogram of each sub region)      The Coordination     2009 -2011
                                                budgetary monitoring
                                                and analysis)
                                                                                                              The Coordination     2009 -2011
                                                Monitoring          and
                                                Appraisal Mission

National   Enhance      the   A framework of Inventory on the RF          -Carry     out       documentary    Local Focal Points   2009 – 2011
           intervention       dialogue                                    researches

           capacities    of   between actors                              -Organise exploratory interviews
           CSOs working in    in the area of
                                                                          -Write the Report
           the area of the    the right to                                                                    National networks    2009 – 2011
           Right to Food      food at country                             -Carry     out       documentary
                                               Drafting of alternative    researches
                              level         is
                              promoted and                                -Organise exploratory interviews
                                                                          -Build strategic alliances

                                                                                     -Write the Report

                                                           Promotion     of    the   - Publication of messages ;           National networks         2009 – 2011
                                                           RAPDA               and
                                                           dissemination of VGs      - Synthesising of the masses ;
                                                           (Voluntary Guidelines)
                                                                                     - Radio and televised debates;

                                                                                     - Availability to the public of the
                                                                                     Report on the internalisation of
                                                                                     voluntary guidelines on the right
                                                                                     to food

                                                                                     FIAN’s documentation

                                                           Alarm raising actions     Letters on the socio-political        National network
                                                           on the situations         situation and their publication

                                                           Carry out concerted       Identification of addresses of
                                                           efforts on the occasion   appropriate authorities to whom
                                                           of the International      the letters should be written
                                                           Food Day

                                                           Give privilege to the
                                                           search of resources at
                                                           national level

International   Develop                Advocacy      and   Attending     meetings    Choose        the dates          of   The            Regional   2009 -2011
                partnership            lobbying efforts    (Geneva, FAO, others)     organisation of missions              Coordinator
                alliances aiming at    aiming at the
                the promotion of       promotion of the    Collaboration  with
                the right to food in   right to food are   FIAN       and  the
                                                           promotion of RAPDA        Formalise the partnership and

                 African countries       achieved            and the other networks     render it active                                         2009 -2011

                                                             Lobbying       actions
                                                             around the Alternative
                                                             Reports                    Know the date and organise                               2009 -2011

                                                             Identification        of   Search      and      permanent   FIAN, PPLM, ICCO, DAN   2009 -2011
                                                             partners and allies        negotiations                     Church Aid, Institute
                                                                                                                         and others

                                                                     2009 Operational Plan

N°                          ACTIVITIES                                       PERIODS                       VENUE                Milestones                Budget

                                     Activity A: Capacity building of actors at different levels on the Right to Food : TRAININGS

01   Activity A1.1 : Sub regional trainers’ training on Voluntary     June-July 2009              Guinea                  30 people trained (of
     Guidelines, monitoring and the reporting on the right to food                                                        which 25 and          5
                                                                                                                          management personnel)

02   Activity A1.2 Sub regional trainers’ training on VGs,            November 2009               Zambia                  30 persons trained (of
     monitoring and the reporting on matters of the right to food                                                         which 25 and          5
                                                                                                                          management personnel)

                                               Activity A2 :INVENTORY AT COUNTRY LEVEL

03    Activity 2.1 Establishment of local networks, Advisory        May – December 2009     Niger,     Mauritania,     15 persons attended the
     supports to national networks and promotion of the network                             Benin, Togo, Gambia,       Coordinating Committee --
     at country level                                                                       Mali, Burkina Faso,        -10 networks constituted
                                                                                            Kenya,       Zambia,       in 10 countries
                                                                                            Cameroon,    Uganda,
                                                                                            Malawi                     -10 national networks have
                                                                                                                       been monitored and their
                                                                                                                       coalitions are functional

04   Activity 2.2 Identification of CSOs per country where the      May – December 2009     Ethiopia,    Morocco,      CSOs have been identified
     network does not exist                                                                 Libya, DRC, Rwanda,        in 7 countries and the
                                                                                            Mozambique, Congo          establishment process has

                                                          Activity A3 : Investigatory visit on famine to Kenya

     Organise an investigatory visit on famine to Kenya             April 2009              Kenya                      The recommendations are
05                                                                                                                     shared with government
                                                                                                                       officials and politicians as
                                                                                                                       well as with heads of
                                                                                                                       Kenyan      civil     society

                                                               Activity A4 : ALTERNATIVE REPORT

06   Activity 4.1 Drafting of Alternative Reports in three member   June to November 2009   Gambia,   Guinea     and   Launching        of     the
     countries of the network:                                                              Kenya                      publication of 3 alternative
                                                                                                                       reports on the right to
                                                                                                                       food realised in 3 countries

                                                     Activity A5 : ATTENDING REGIONAL MEETINGS

07   Activity 5.1 Organise a meeting of the Network with the   Mai 2009         Gambia                 Experience sharing and
     African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (CADHP)                                           capacity    building   of
                                                                                                       members        of    the
                                                                                                       Coordinating Committee

08   Activity 5.2 Attending the African Union (AU) meeting     August 2009      Ethiopia or Libya      At least three members of
                                                                                                       the           Coordinating
                                                                                                       Committee have a better
                                                                                                       knowledge of decisions
                                                                                                       that can positively and/or
                                                                                                       negatively influence the
                                                                                                       progressive achievement
                                                                                                       of the right to food in
                                                                                                       African countries

                                                 Activity A6 : ATTENDING INTERNATIONAL MEETINGS

09   Activity 6.1 Attending the HRHC meeting                   December 2009    Geneva (Switzerland)   At least three members of
                                                                                                       the           Coordinating
                                                                                                       Committee have a better
                                                                                                       knowledge of decisions
                                                                                                       that can positively and/or
                                                                                                       negatively influence the
                                                                                                       progressive achievement
                                                                                                       of the right to food in
                                                                                                       African countries

10   Activity 6.2 Attending the FAO meeting FAO as well as the   October 2009            CFS Rome (Italy)        At least three members of
     IPC meeting with FIAN’s support                                                                             the           Coordinating
                                                                                                                 Committee have a better
                                                                                                                 knowledge of decisions
                                                                                                                 that can positively and/or
                                                                                                                 negatively influence the
                                                                                                                 progressive achievement
                                                                                                                 of the right to food in
                                                                                                                 African countries

                                           B – FONCTION OF THE NETWORK : Functioning of the Executive Secretariat

11   Activity B1 : Coordinating Committee meeting                November 2009           Zambia                  15 people have taken part
                                                                                                                 in   the     Coordinating
                                                                                                                 Committee meeting in

                                     Activity B2 : National activities monitoring visit by local and subregional focal points

     Activity B2 Distribution of focal points                                                                    Coordinating Committee
     Regional Coordinating Committee

     Central Africa                                                                                              Vice Coordinator

     Northern Africa

     Southern Africa

     East Africa

                               Activity B3 : The setting up of the Coordinating Committee and Permanent Secretariat Offices

      Activity B 3.1 Achieve the official registration of the network   March to December 2009   Cotonou (Benin)   The         registration
13   according to the provisions of the Benin Laws by finalizing                                                   acknowledgment    paper
     the texts and fulfill registration granting conditions and the                                                exists,
     Headquarters approval with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of
     Benin                                                                                                         The          Headquarters
                                                                                                                   agreement with the Benin
                                                                                                                   Ministry of Foreign Affairs
                                                                                                                   is signed.

14   Activity B 3.2 Equipping the of the Headquarters                   2009 - 2011              Cotonou (Benin)

15   Activity B 3.3 Staff employment and establishment of               2009 - 2011              Cotonou (Benin)
     operation procedures

16   Activity B 3.4 Drafting of the Network’s communication plan        2009 - 2011
     (messages, the magazine, the Newsletter, the internet
     website, etc.)


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