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									                                                                 Frequently Asked Questions                                   Office of the Clerk of the
                                                          May I file a District 2 Civil case in District 6?
                                                                                                                            Circuit Court of Cook County
                                                          Yes, all suburban locations accept filings from other
                                                          suburban locations.                                                    SUBURBAN BUREAU
                 DOROTHY BROWN
                                                                                                                                      Contact Information:
                                                          Where may I file a last will and testament?
Dear Friends,                                             You may file a will of any deceased person in any of the                   District 2 - Skokie
                                                          listed suburban locations or you may file at the Daley           5600 Old Orchard Road, Room 136
As the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County, I       Center, 50 W. Washington, Probate Division, 12th Floor.                Skokie, Illinois 60077
am the official keeper of records for all judicial                                                                                  (847) 470-7250
matters brought into one of the largest unified           How may I change my traffic court date?
court systems in the world.                               There are two ways in which you may change your                   District 3 - Rolling Meadows
                                                          court date: first, you may send an individual on your
                                                                                                                              2121 Euclid Avenue, Room 121
I have firsthand knowledge of how legal decisions         behalf to the scheduled court date to request a con-
                                                                                                                              Rolling Meadows, Illinois 60008
affect the lives of men, women, children and entire       tinuance, explaining why you cannot appear (please
                                                                                                                                      (847) 818-3000
families. My goal is to provide useful information        be aware that the judge may not grant a continuance
to the citizens of Cook County to help them navi-         in this case); and second, before your scheduled
gate the court system and best utilize the services       court date, you may come to the courthouse where
                                                                                                                                  District 4 - Maywood
offered by the Clerk’s Office.                            your ticket is assigned, file a motion to advance and             1500 Maybrook Avenue, Room 236
                                                          ask the judge to change your court date. (Note: It is                  Maywood, Illinois 60153
This brochure gives an overview of the operations         at the judge’s discretion as to whether the motion                         (708) 865-6040
of the Suburban Bureau, which consists of                 will be allowed.)
Municipal Districts 2 - 6. I hope that you find this                                                                             District 5 - Bridgeview
general information helpful. Please visit our web-        Do I need an attorney to file a $500 lawsuit?                   10220 South 76th Avenue, Room 121
site or office, or call if you need further assistance.   All Suburban District locations have a “Pro Se                       Bridgeview, Illinois 60455
                                                          court,” which is designed to allow individuals, 18                        (708) 974-6500
Contact information for the Suburban Bureau and           years or older, to represent themselves in lawsuits to
Districts 2 - 6 is listed on the back panel. Also, you    recover claims of $1,500 or less. (You may want to                       District 6 - Markham
may contact me at (312) 603-5031 with any con-            consult with an attorney on more complex matters.)            16501 South Kedzie Parkway, Room 119
cerns.                                                                                                                         Markham, Illinois 60428
                                                          Is it possible to get information about my traffic                        (708) 210-4551
Sincerely,                                                case after business hours?
                                                          Yes, the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County’s                 Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.,
                                                          Voice Information System allows customers to                           Monday through Friday,
                                                          access information such as status of a payment or                     Excluding Court Holidays
                                                          court dates 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The tele-
                                                          phone number is (312) 603-2000.
                                                                                                                                For more information, visit:
Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County
                                                          How do I file a motion?                             
                                                          To file a motion in person you must come to the court-
 Permission is granted to court, government and           house and request to do so. You will be given the appro-                      MISSION STATEMENT
 not-for-profit agencies to reprint all or any part of    priate forms to fill out depending on the type of motion   It is the mission of the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit
 this material, provided that acknowledgment to           you request. You will then be given a date, time and       Court of Cook County to serve the citizens of Cook
 the copyright holder is included in any reprint.         courtroom in which to appear. In some instances, you       County and the participants in the judicial system in an
 This permission does not include reprinting to be                                                                   efficient, effective and ethical manner. All services, infor-
                                                          may appear before a Judge the same day your motion is
 used for sale, resale or profit.                                                                                    mation and court records will be provided with courtesy
                                                          filed. There will be fees associated for some motions.
                                                                                                                     and cost efficiency.
            Suburban Bureau                             TICE, LaGRANGE, LEMONT, LYONS, MERRIONETTE PARK,              CHILD SUPPORT TELEPHONE MOTIONS                         Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in room 253.
                                                        McCOOK, OAK LAWN, ORLAND HILLS, ORLAND PARK, PALOS         Each Suburban District may accept the following rou-       Additionally, on Mondays, Bar attorneys are available
Traffic Department:           (847) 470-5088            TINLEY PARK, WESTERN SPRINGS, WEST HAVEN, WILLOW           tine Child Support motions via telephone:                  in the afternoon to assist parties in civil cases.
Civil/Domestic Department:    (847) 470-7289            SPRINGS, WORTH.                                            • Appointment of Special Process Server
Criminal Department:          (847) 470-7368                                                                       • Leave to File Appearance or Otherwise Plead              District 5 – Volunteer attorneys staff a desk in the
Municipalities and Government Agencies served:                      DISTRICT 6 - MARKHAM                           • Leave to File Counter-Petition                           lower level of the courthouse on Tuesdays from 9 a.m.
DEERFIELD, DES PLAINES, EVANSTON, GLENCOE, GLENVIEW,    Traffic Department:          (708) 210-4486                • Motion to File Alias Summons                             until noon. Unified Family Court employees, located
GOLF, KENILWORTH, LINCOLNWOOD, METRA, METROPOLI-        Civil/Domestic Department:   (708) 210-4552                • Motion to Set Pre-Trial Date                             in room 062 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., aid individu-
TAN WATER RECLAMATION DISTRICT, MORTON GROVE,                                                                      • Motion for Release and Satisfaction of Judgment          als with filling out forms for filing Orders of
NILES, NORTHBROOK, NORTHFIELD, NORTHWESTERN UNI-        Criminal Department:         (708) 210-4217
VERSITY, PARK RIDGE, WILMETTE, WINNETKA, UNION PACIF-   Municipalities and Government Agencies served:             • Leave to File Response to Petition                       Protection. For more information, call (708) 974-6577.
IC RAILROAD, COOK COUNTY SHERIFF, COOK COUNTY FOR-      BLUE ISLAND, BURNHAM, CALUMET CITY, CALUMET PARK,          • Motions for Referrals for Conciliation                   Court Advocates aid individuals in Criminal matters.
EST PRESERVE, STATE POLICE DISTRICTS 15 AND 03.         CHICAGO HEIGHTS, COUNTRY CLUB HILLS, CRETE, DIX-           • Motion to File an Amended Pleading and allow
                                                        MOOR, DOLTON, EAST HAZELCREST, FLOSSMOOR, FORD                Parties to File a Responsive Pleading on a Specific     District 6 – On Thursdays from noon until 3 p.m.,
                                                        WOOD, LANSING, LYNWOOD, MARKHAM, MATTESON, MID-               Date.                                                   attorneys are available in the Pro Bono clinic to assist
Traffic Department:          (847) 818-3000             LOTHIAN, OAK FOREST, OLYMPIA FIELDS, PARK FOREST,          The telephone numbers in the respective Districts are      individuals. These attorneys are available by appoint-
Civil/Domestic Department:   (847) 818-2300             PHOENIX, POSEN, RICHTON PARK, RIVERDALE, ROBBINS,          as follows:                                                ment only. Appointments may be made in the Clerk’s
Criminal Department:         (847) 818-3000             SAUK VILLAGE, SOUTH-CHICAGO HEIGHTS, SOUTH HOL-                      District 2 - (847) 470-5057                      Office in Room 119 at the Civil counter. The telephone
Municipalities and Government Agencies served:          LAND, STEGER, THORNTON.
                                                                                                                             District 3 - (847) 818-2124                      number for the Pro Bono clinic is (708) 210-4310.
ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, BARRINGTON, BARRINGTON HILLS,                                                                             District 4 - (708) 865-6176                      Court advocates are available Monday through Friday
GROVE VILLAGE, HANOVER PARK, HARWOOD HEIGHTS,           The types of cases heard in Districts 2 - 6 include:                 District 5 - (708) 974-6511                      from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in rooms 101K and 102H
HOFFMAN ESTATES, INVERNESS, KILDEER, MOUNT              • Traffic cases where the traffic offense occurred in                District 6 - (708) 210-4748                      and the telephone number is (708) 210-4651.
ROLLING MEADOWS, ROSELLE, ROSEMONT, SCHAUMBURG,           one of the municipalities served by the District
                                                          Courthouse.                                              Please visit any of the Suburban district locations to             Frequently Asked Questions
WHEELING, COOK COUNTY SHERIFF AND FOREST PRE-           • Civil Cases for damages up to $100,000 where the         pick up an information packet. This packet includes the    Where can I go to file an order of protection?
SERVE, STATE POLICE 2, 3 AND 15.                          defendant resides within one of the municipalities       motion forms necessary to complete the transaction.        If you are seeking an emergency Order of Protection
                                                          served by the District Courthouse.                       Please be aware that court rules regarding the filing of   you may go to any courthouse to file. In most
            DISTRICT 4 - MAYWOOD                        • Civil Cases for damages up to $100,000 where the         motions apply.                                             instances, if an emergency situation exists, the first
Traffic Department:          (708) 865-5195               incident occurred within one of the municipalities                                                                  available judge will hear your case. If it is not an
Civil/Domestic Department:   (708) 865-5186               included in a specific District.                                     COURT ADVOCATE AND                             emergency, you may request an Order of Protection
Criminal Department:         (708) 865-4978             • Criminal cases where the criminal act occurred in                LEGAL SERVICES INFORMATION                         from the courthouse in your area. If the Order of
Municipalities and Government Agencies served:            one of the municipalities located within the             Following is Pro Se assistance information for each        Protection you seek is a criminal Order of
ANIMAL CONTROL, BELLWOOD, BERKELEY, BERWYN,               jurisdictional boundaries of a specific District.        District:                                                  Protection, you must first request that a charge be
                                                        • Domestic Relations cases, including petitions for                                                                   filed at your local police agency. Each courthouse
COUNTY FOREST PRESERVE, COOK COUNTY SHERIFF                                                                        District 2 –The Advocate Department, located in            has court advocates who are available to help you
CICERO, ELMWOOD PARK, FOREST PARK, FRANKLIN PARK,         dissolution of marriage, invalidity of marriage, legal
HILLSIDE, HINES, ILLINOIS STATE POLICE 03, LA GRANGE      separation, joint simplified dissolution of marriage,    Room 218, aids Domestic Violence victims with the          complete your Order of Protection packet. These
PARK, MAYWOOD, MELROSE PARK, MEMORIAL PARK,               custody, visitation and civil orders of protection.      filing of Civil Orders of Protection. Call (847) 470-      packets are available in each Clerk’s Office.
                                                        • Child Support/Parentage cases.                           5052. Also, through the Chicago Bar Association, the
FOREST, RIVER GROVE, RIVERSIDE, SECRETARY OF STATE,                                                                Presiding Judge’s Office oversees a Lawyer Referral        In what courtroom is my traffic ticket assigned?
STONE PARK, TRITON COLLEGE, WESTCHESTER.                • Domestic Violence cases including orders of
                                                          protection originating in a specific District.           Program that assists individuals. Call (847) 470-7200.     Tickets are assigned to the courtrooms in which the
                                                        • Juvenile Justice cases where the juvenile offense                                                                   police officer and his or her respective municipality
          DISTRICT 5 - BRIDGEVIEW                                                                                  District 3 – Legal Services are available every Friday     or law enforcement agency are assigned. If this is the
Traffic Department:          (708) 974-6906               occurred in one of the municipalities included in a
                                                          specific District.                                       afternoon at 1:30 p.m. in front of courtroom 206. Court    first time you are going to court on a particular tick-
Civil/Domestic Department:   (708) 974-6599                                                                        Advocates are available to aid individuals in filing       et, the lower right corner of your ticket will show
Criminal Department:         (708) 974-6387             • Law Division cases in excess of $100,000. Contact
                                                          the Law Division at (312) 603-5426 or your local         Orders of Protection. They are located in Room 036, and    this information.
Municipalities and Government Agencies served:
                                                          suburban courthouse for details.                         the telephone number is (847) 818-2426.
ALSIP, BEDFORD PARK, BRIDGEVIEW, BURBANK, BURR                                                                                                                                   This resource does not represent legal advice and
RIDGE, CHICAGO RIDGE, CRESTWOOD, COUNTRYSIDE,           Note: District 5 - Bridgeview hears Minor                                                                              should not be viewed as legal commentary, interpreta-
EVERGREEN PARK, FOREST VIEW, HICKORY HILLS, HINS-       Guardianship cases.                                        District 4 – There are Court Advocates available to aid     tion, opinion, or consultation as to the applicability of
DALE, HODGKINS, HOMETOWN, INDIAN HEAD PARK, JUS-                                                                   individuals in filing Orders of Protection, Monday -         any law, and is subject to revision from time to time.

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