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Renewable Energy and Perpetual Motion Machines


									     Renewable Energy and Perpetual Motion Machines

Generally speaking, perpetual motion machines cannot really exist, because they violate the
very laws that make the universe work - in other word, if a perpetual motion device works,
then the universe cannot work, because the fundamental laws of physics no longer apply. In a
universe where perpetual motion machines exist, stars would find it impossible to exist, and
even time would not flow in one direction, but might even flow 'randomly' - in any case, in
such a universe, life would find it almost impossible to evolve, and therefore there would be
no one to write this paragraph.

Therefore, a perpetual motion machine in a universe that actually contains a life form capable
of writing this paragraph is unlikely. So all that remains is to take a closer look at just why
perpetual motion machines are so difficult to construct or to operate in our universe.

There are three fundamental laws of thermodynamics that make life possible both for
biological life, as well as for the more complex non biological processes in the universe, such
as the fusion reactions that power and make possible the life and death of stars. These same
laws make perpetual motion machines impossible to create.

The first law is that of conservation of energy - what this means, in short, is that energy
cannot be created from 'nothing' and neither can it be 'destroyed'. What this means is that
there is no 'magic' generator that can create energy - any energy has to come from a definite
source, and the source of energy in truly viable energy generator is usually easy to identify
and to measure accurately and unlike in 'perpetual motion machines' is never, ever 'infinite'.
Even a nuclear reactor, which seems to create energy out of 'nothing' actually uses matter
itself as a fuel, breaking down the very bonds between the atoms to release massive amounts
of energy. Similarly, watches that work on barometric pressure and temperature gradients are
actually drawing ambient energy directly from their environment. There is nothing 'magic'
about them, and in this day and age no one would be burned at the stake simply for creating a
watch that works on ambient temperatures.

The second and third laws of physics are rather similar, in that they state that any working
system suffers a continuous loss of energy - generally speaking any system that uses any kind
of fuel will waste some of the fuel in the course of its own working. This means that any
system in this universe 'winds down' over time - while perpetual motion machines are
supposed to be able to continue to run forever. And these laws actually makes a lot of sense if
you think about them - of course any working system is going to need some energy just to
work. So, in other words, the output of any energy generator is always slightly less than the
energy present in the fuel that goes into it. This system, while seemingly wasteful, is the
cornerstone upon which many of the universe's systems function, from your personal
computer to fire at the heart of the home star.

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