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					                                                                                                      Right trigger version

Thank you for putting your trust in us to add the rapid fire modification to your controller.

Enable / disable rapid fire

To switch the rapid fire off and on give the new button on the underside one press this will turn the player 4 led on or
off indicating rapid fire is enabled or disabled,

When you first insert the battery player 4 led may blink this is normal.

Changing modes

1. Changing modes pop the battery in.
2. Power the pad on and let the pad sync to the x-box.
3. Player 4 led will now be on.
4. Holding the new button on the underside down for 4 seconds you will see the led blink.
The number of blinks from the led indicates the mode your in.

                                  ● To change modes while playing repeat step 3 and 4.

Mode Types

This chip as four modes.

slowest being mode 1 fastest being mode 4.
Modes for the following games are :-

● Mode 1 → COD 5 , BLACK OPS , HALO 3 , GEARS OF WAR 2
● Mode 2 → COD 5 , MW2 , HALO 3 , GEARS OF WAR 2
● Mode 3 → COD 5 , HALO 3 , GEARS OF WAR 2
● Mode 4 → COD 4

COD 5 Notes

When playing COD 5 make sure that before or as the game is loading change the mode on the pad to mode 3
failing to do this will slow the fire rate down even when you change the mode during game play fire rate
will still be slow.

●Power on 360
●Turn pad on
●Change to mode 3
●Load game and play