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									Resources for Information and        Resources for Information and                                                           Drunk
Assistance State Resources           Assistance National Resources
MADD                                 Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Mothers Against Drunk Driving        1-800-GET-MADD
P.O. Box 241474
Montgomery, Al 36124-1474
(334) 277-8080
                                     National Center for Victims of Crime
                                                                             Crime Victims                                   Advocating for the
                                                                                                                             Fair Treatment of Crime Victims
Alabama Crime Victims                1-800-FYI-CALL
Compensation Commission              1-800-394-2255
P.O. Box 231267                      www.ncvc.org
Montgomery, AL 36123-1267
(334) 290-4420                       National Organization for
1-800-541-9399 (victims only)        Victim Assistance
www.acvcc.alabama.gov                                                              P. O. Box 231267
                                     1-800-TRY-NOVA                         Montgomery, Alabama 36123-1267
Alabama Attorney General's Office                                                Phone (334) 290-4420
for Victim Assistance                                                        1-800-541-9388 (Victims only)
Alabama State House                                                               FAX (334) 290-4455
                                     Office for Victims of Crime
11 South Union St. 3rd Floor         Resource Center
Montgomery, AL 36130                 1-800-627-6872
(334) 242-7300                       TTY 1-877-712-9279
1-800-626-7676                       www.ojp.usdoj.gov/ovc/ovcres/
www.ago.state.al.us                  welcome.html

Governor's Office for                                                                                                        What is drunk driving?
Victims of Crime                                                                                                             Alcohol and other drugs impair driving
State Capitol                                                                                                                ability. The term "drunk driving" is intended
                                                                            This brochure was developed by the
600 Dexter Avenue                                                                                                            to incorporate all forms of impairment.
                                                                            National Center for Victims of Crime under
Montgomery, AL 36104                                                        a project supported by Grant No. 97-VF-          Many states require a blood alcohol
(334) 242-7100                                                              GX-K007 awarded by the Office for                concentration (BAC) of 0.08 g/dl (grams per
www.governor.state.al.us/staff.htm                                          Victims of Crime, Office of Justice              deciliter) before a driver is considered
                                                                            Programs, U.S. Department of Justice.            legally intoxicated, but driver reaction time
                                                                            Points of view in this document are those
                                                                            of the author and do not necessarily
                                                                                                                             slows with a BAC below 0.04-0.05. Vision
                                                                            represent the official position or policies of   and depth perception become distorted, and
                                                                            the U.S. Department of Justice.                  coordination and judgment are affected.
                                                                                                                             Thus, more states have recently lowered the
                                                                                                                             BAC criterion to 0.08, which is still well
                                                                                                                             above the American Medical Association
                                                                                                                             recommendation of 0.05 g/dl.
Drunk/drugged driving deaths and injuries are      The knowledge that your body or that of a        Victim assistance programs and trained            ♦ In 1999, 15,786 people were killed in
senseless acts. They are someone's fault (not      loved one was damaged or disfigured is very      professionals also can help you find out about      alcohol-related crashes, representing an
"accidents"), so they always could have been       traumatic. If a loved one was killed, the        crime victim rights in Alabama.                     average of one alcohol-related fatality
prevented.                                         sudden, violent death probably feels unlike                                                          every 33 minutes. An estimated 308,000
                                                   any other loss you have experienced. You         When a loved one has been injured or killed,        people were injured in alcohol-related
Drunk or drugged driving is a crime. The           may feel vast swings in emotion. You may         the financial impact can be a second                crashes. (Traffic Safety Facts 1999.
crime is the result of two choices made by a       feel guilty for not being able to protect your   victimization. The costs of medical care,           Washington, DC: National Highway
driver: to use alcohol or other drugs and to get   loved one, even if you know it was not           travel, phone bills, counseling, lost wages,        Traffic Safety Administration, 2000)
behind the wheel of a vehicle. These choices       possible. Knowing the crash could have been      and funerals can be overwhelming. The
are as dangerous to the public as using a          prevented may be one of the most painful         Alabama Crime Victim Compensation                 ♦ In 1999, 30 percent of all traffic fatalities
deadly weapon and can be just as deadly.           aspects of your grief. The injustice of the      Commission may be able to reimburse                 occurred in crashes in which at least one
                                                   death and your involvement with the criminal     victims' or families survivors for certain out-     driver or non-occupant, such as a
Drunk driving is not a new problem. Thanks         justice system as a result of the crime may      of-pocket expenses, including funeral               pedestrian or bicyclist, had a blood
to the work of Mothers Against Drunk               complicate your grief.                           expenses, medical expenses, mental health           alcohol content of 0.10 g/dl (grams per
Driving (MADD), Remove Intoxicated                                                                  counseling, lost wages, and other financial         deciliter) or greater. Seventy percent of
Drivers (RID), and                                 Whether you are an injured victim or a           losses incurred after becoming a victim of a        the 12,321 people killed in such crashes
other grassroots victim groups, public             surviving family member or friend, you may       drunk driving crash., to include emergency          also were intoxicated. The remaining 30
awareness of drinking and driving as               experience a new sense of vulnerability. You     funds that are available within a few weeks of      percent were passengers, non-intoxicated
preventable crime has grown, and the number        may have nightmares or flashbacks about the      the crash. To be eligible for compensation, the     drivers, or non-intoxicated non-occupants.
of state and federal laws against impaired         crash. Your eating and sleeping habits may       crime must be reported to the police and the        (Traffic Safety Facts 1999. Washington,
driving are increasing.                            change. You may feel depressed or hopeless       victim and victim's family must cooperate           DC: National Highway Traffic Safety
                                                   and lack interest in things you once enjoyed.    with the criminal justice system. Victim            Administration, 2000)
If you are a survivor of a drunk driving           Even though surviving a drunk driving crash      assistance programs in your community can
incident                                           is a terrible trauma, many survivors find that   provide you with compensation applications        ♦ It is estimated that alcohol was involved in
                                                   with time they can face life with new            and additional information.                         38 percent of fatal crashes and 7 percent
Whether you or a loved one is a drunk or           understanding and meaning.                                                                           of all crashes in 1999. (Traffic Safety
drugged driving crash victim, you may be           Where can you get help?                          What are the facts about drunk driving?             Facts 1999. Washington, DC: National
affected physically, emotionally, and                                                                                                                   Highway Traffic Safety Administration,
financially. For injured victims and family        Groups like MADD and RID were formed to          ♦ About 3 in every 10 Americans will be             2000)
members of those killed or injured, the first      support victims of drunk driving, reduce the       involved in an alcohol-related crash at
task is processing what has happened.              number of deaths and injuries resulting from       some time in their lives. (Traffic Safety       ♦ Fatally injured drivers with BAC levels of
Impaired driving crashes are sudden. They          impaired driving crashes, and advocate for         Facts 1999. Washington, DC: National              0.10 g/dl or greater were six times more
give you no time to prepare. It will take a lot    tougher legislation. You may want to call          Highway Traffic Safety Administration,            likely to have a prior conviction for
of time just to grasp the shock and horror of      your local or state MADD or RID chapter or         2000)                                             driving while intoxicated than fatally
the trauma. The physical and emotional             another crime victim assistance program in                                                           injured sober drivers (12 percent and 2
suffering may seem to use up all the energy        your community, or seek out counselors who                                                           percent, respectively).
you have.                                          understand the grief that follows this kind of
                                                   loss and trauma. Advocates can provide you                                                         (Traffic Safety Facts 1999. Washington, DC:
                                                   with information and a full range of victim                                                        National Highway Traffic Safety
                                                   support services, such as assistance through                                                       Administration, 2000)
                                                   the criminal justice process.

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