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									CHRYSO®Dem Oleo 50
Delayed mould release agent
Pure synthesis

Description                                                   Characteristics
CHRYSO Dem Oleo 50 is a delayed mould release
                                                                  Nature: liquid
agent which, when sprayed onto the surface of a metallic,         Colour: yellow
plastic or wooden mould ensures easy mould release on             Flash point: >100°C
all concretes after the cement has hardened.                      Density: < 1
                                                                  Kinematic viscosity at 20°C: 24,5 ± 2.5 mm²/s (cst)
While improving the visual appearance of the concrete
facing, CHRYSO®Dem Oleo 50 will allow the subsequent
application of rendering and paint according to the
conditions defined by the professional practice rules for
the application of coatings.

                                                              Drums: 215 L
                                                              Barrels: 60 L

                                                              Conforms for PCB content with legislation in force
                                                              (Directives of the European Communities Council No.
                                                              85/467/CEE of 1st October 1985 – OJ of the European
                                                              Communities L269 of 11 October 1985).

Application fields
                                                              Recommended nozzle type: TP 80015
   Heavy precast                                              Pressure: 3 bar
   All delayed mould releases of concrete including           Nozzle colour: green
   steam cured concrete up to 80°C.
   Traditional shuttered concrete                             Precautions

Method of use                                                     In the case of freezing and lumping, defrost and mix
                                                                  again before use.
♦ metallic or plastic mould: 50 m²/l                              Shelf life: 24 months
♦ wooden formwork: 30 m²/l
CHRYSO®Dem Oleo 50 must be applied by spraying (all
types of equipment), in a regular film, without any gaps or
For special supports or applications with white cement, it
is advisable to run a compatibility test before any
particular use.
CHRYSO®Dem Oleo 50
Delayed mould release agent
Pure synthesis

CHRYSO®Dem Oleo 50 is a product classified as “harmless”. It is recommended to wear normal protective equipment.

For further information please refer to the safety data sheet on our Internet site

The information contained in this document is given to the best of our knowledge and the results from extensive testing. However, it cannot, under any
circumstances be considered as a warranty involving our liability in case of misuse. Tests should be carried out before any use of the product to
ensure that the methods and conditions of use of the product are satisfactory. Our specialists are at the disposal of the users in order to help them
with any problem encountered.

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