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									                             AAUW TIMES
                                      Elgin Area Branch

                     Working for 90 years to promote equity for all women and girls,
                            Life-long education and positive social change
November 2010                      American Association of University Women                        Vol. 15, No. 8

                                                           optimism and progress, and contemporary
      November Branch Meeting                              portrayals of the American value system. For this
      Tuesday, November 9, 7:00 PM                          e o, h ao a oe fh ol s ot
                                                             a         c
                                                           r snC i g hs n o t w r ’m s    e      d
                                                           significant collections of murals, including the
        Gail Borden Public Library                               r r            m ng l i
                                                            on ysa ete i n o et n fa y 0h
                                                           cut ’lgsr a i clco o er 2t                    l
             Meeting Room #1                                   u         l      o      c
                                                            et y ua . l C i g’m r se e n
                                                           cn r m r sAl f h aos ua r r et           l ps
                                                            h i’ eig ad ev a a udn b
                                                             e ts t
                                                           t cy hrae n sre s n nei l                   ae
                                                           reminder that art has the ability to be a powerful
                                                           record of its people, place, and time.

                                                           The public is cordially invited to attend this most
                                                           informative presentation.

     Chicago Murals                                                           Calendar
In conjunction with Gail Borden Library, the Elgin         Nov. 1     Board Meeting 7 PM
chapter of AAUW is proud to present a seminar                         Shirley May Byrnes, Hostess
 n td C i g Mua ”o h ul. h f e
    ie        c         l
etl “ h ao r s tt pb cT er      e i           e
seminar is being presented by Dr. Peggy Connolly           Nov. 1      Memoir Group 1 PM
of the Wheaton-Glen Ellyn branch of AAUW and                           Mabel Rice, Hostess
  i cni o m n sdsl t t g h aos
    l     s             i l ri
wl os t f ay l e i san C i g’ u             c                          A Childhood Friend
rich history as portrayed through its vibrant
spontaneous expressions or commissioned public             Nov. 5      Theatre Group
displays of art.                                                       Medina Gross, Hostess
                                                                       Richard III, Elgin Art Showcase
Dr. Connolly has taken over 400 pictures of murals
in Chicago that range from the late 1800s to the           Nov. 7      Theatre Group 4:30 PM
modern day; these depict why Chicago was known                         Jeanne Hebeisen, Hostess
  ol i sh Ct f rl dr g h al
     d e         e y
w r wd a t “ i o Mua ” ui t er    s      n e y                         Macbeth at Elgin Art Showcase (7 PM)
1900s. Dr. Connolly feels that communities create
murals to tell their stories—stories of a particular       Nov. 8     Great Books 7 PM
time and place—often telling of adversity, heritage                   Gail Borden Library
or triumph. Following the 1871 Chicago fire,                          Nectar in a Sieve, Markandaya
Chicago began portraying themes in its murals that
were decidedly American—historical events,                 Nov. 9      November Branch Meeting

Nov. 11    Morning Book Group 10 AM                        Carlynne McDonnell, AAUW –       California,
           Libby Hoeft, Hostess                            regarding branch culture and leadership training. A
           Half Broke Horses, Walls                        chatty lunch with other members of District 5 was a
                                                           highlight of the day. The on-line Jane Addams
Nov. 15    Evening Crafters 7 PM                           branch was high profile part of the day and engaged
           Lee Engman, Hostess                             in some fund raising activities. Jan Jones, Shirley
           Holiday Bell Ornament                           Mae Byrnes and I were able to hear more about the
                                                           AAUW fund designations and procedures. Other
Nov. 17     Current Literature 7 PM                        members of our group attended other sessions.
           Joan Berna, Hostess
           Cutting for Stone, Verghese                     One important point which was discussed was the
                                                            O e m e n V t n ii . a et a
                                                                          ,         ” iav
                                                           “ n Me brO e oe itt e R t rhn              h a
Nov. 19    Theatre Group 8 PM                              delegate system at the national convention, each
           ECC Arts Center                                 member will receive a paper ballot, or they may go
           Ajax, Sophocles                                 on-line to vote at www.aauw.org. Watch for
                                                           additional information regarding this initiative.
Nov. 20     Newsletter Deadline
                                                           Looking forward to seeing everyone at the meeting
Nov. 22     0s n 0s ok
           2’a d3’B o Club, 7 PM                           on November 9 at the Gail Borden Public Library
           Gail Borden Library                                 e       la
                                                             hr e i e n bu C i g’Mua .
                                                           w e w wll r aot h aos rl Our c             s
           The Ghost Map, Johnson                          Holiday Brunch is December 11 at the home of
                                                           Sharon Spates. That is always a special time to
Nov. 23    Reel Women 6 PM                                 spend with AAUW friends.
           Gail Borden Library
           White Oleander                                  Have a Happy Halloween and a good Thanksgiving
                                                           as we move toward the winter holidays.
             Future Events                                            Libby Hoeft, also on behalf of Jan Jones
                  In 2010
Dec. 12     Jane Addams 150th Birthday
            Historic Brunch and Tour of the newly
            renovated Hull House Museum

                 In 2011
                                                           November 23: White Oleander (2002) PG-13
Jan. 22    Networking Luncheon                             "Just as oleander can be poisonous," wrote one
           Speaker will be Kris Kridell                    critic, "so can a mother's love."

Apr. 9     Fellows Luncheon                                The mother, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, is a free
                                                           spirit who has raised her daughter to believe that the
Apr. 29/30 AAUW-IL Convention                              two of them are superior to everyone else and need
           Par-A-Dice Hotel, East Peoria                   only each other. When the mother is sentenced to
                                                           prison for murdering her estranged boyfriend,
           rs ns s e
             d ’   a
          P eiet Mesg                                      however, the daughter, played by Astrid
                                                           Magnussen, is left to social services and goes from
                                                           foster home to juvenile treatment center and back to
Saturday, October 16 was a beautiful day for a drive
                                                           more foster homes. But in spite of her mother's
to Joliet Junior College to attend the Fall
                                                           attempts to hold on to her by denigrating her
Conference. Our branch was well represented, and
                                                           relationships, she is a survivor.
we were treated to a wonderful presentation by
Based on the best-selling, Oprah-endorsed novel by
Janet Fitch, this is a story that we do not think you                 Theatre Group Events
will quickly forget. Both Pfeiffer and Magnussen
received awards for their performances; Robin               Janus Theatre will present Shakespeare's
Wright Penn and Renée Zellweger were also lauded            Macbeth. Lady Macbeth will be played by Sarafina
by many critics for their roles as foster mothers.          Vecchio (Lord Capulet in Janus' Romeo and Juliet),
                                                            Tony Aiello (Janus' Oedipus) will play Macduff,
As always, the film will be shown at 6 p.m. at Gail         and Laurie Faith Gibson Aiello will play one of the
Borden's Community Room.                                    witches. We will meet for a potluck
December: No Film                                           supper on Sunday, Nov 7 at the home of Jeanne
                                      Barbara Evans         Hebeisen, 602 Prospect, at 4:30 pm. The director,
                                                            Sean Hargadon, will give a talk at 5 pm, followed
        Fall Garage Sale Update                             by a potluck supper. The show is at 7 pm at Elgin
                                                            Art Showcase, 164 Division St; cost is $15. Call
We were blessed with perfect fall weather and an            (847 695-1316) or email Medina by November 1 (if
ideal location on South Street. Thank you again to          possible) if you plan to join us and let her know
Nancy and Dan Gardner who provided our sale site.           what you will be bringing. If we have enough
Thank you also to all the workers who sorted,               people, we will have a talkback with the actors
priced, sold and moved many items, sometimes                after the show. The show runs from Nov 4-14, 8 pm
moving the items several times on various days.             Thursdays-Saturdays, 7 on Sundays.More
This year we gladly welcomed the help of some               information is available at
student helpers who were available to move some of          janustheatre.wordpress.com. Guests are most
the heavier items and to load cars on the last day.         welcome.
This was a reasonable expense of $55.00 for the
  okr n a o u cu n ae en oe
        s      l           dt
w re ad l f s o l ’hv be m r                                Elgin Community College will
grateful, especially Bonnie Hill, who finally had           present Sophocles' Ajax weekends from Nov 5--21
helped bringing her stored items to the sale. We            at 8 pm; 3 pm matinees on November 14 and 21.
welcomed new AAUW members, Judy Fishburn,                   The director is Stephen Grey, who always does an
Chris Saletta, and Margaret Meek and introduced             excellent job and I hear the show is good. Medina
them to our gracious members. Hope we did not               is planning on going Friday Nov 19. Call or email
wear them out. Profits for the fall sale were an            by November 14 if you wish to join her. We could
astounding total of $1,711.48.                              eat at the Colonial Cafe beforehand. Tickets are $11
                                          Mary Navin        and $9. The ECC box office number is 847 622-
  Evening Crafters Interest Group
Evening Crafters will be meeting on Monday,                  The earliest surviving work by Greek tragedian
November 15, at 7 p.m. at the home of Lee                   Sophocles, Ajax tells the story of a noble warrior
Engman, 330 S. Benton, Palatine. We will be                 afflicted by his own uncompromising pride. Set in
making a Holiday Bell Ornament--beading on felt.            the days after the Trojan War, Ajax, a war hero, is
Supplies include: White felt—26 x ” i e--,
                                   ” 6 p cse                angered that his comrade Odysseus was gifted with
Kreinik very fine #4 braid in Red, Kreinik medium           the armor of the defeated Achilles. Ajax sets his
ba #6 n e (” G resvr
 r d 1 iR d 8) a tie
   i                  , n l -lined 11/0 seed                sights on revenge in this chilling tale of war, pride
beads, small red bugle beads, red 5mm sequins,              and family strife.
beading (#10) and chenille (#22) needles, red and                                                    Medina Gross
white sewing thread , beading thread (optional),
small embroidery hoop, white stabilizer, and a small
amount of fiber-fill. For more information, call
Lee at 934-0742.
                                        Lee Engman

           International Relations                                        U.S. Makes Headway in Global Gender Gap
                   From Becky Olson
                                                                       The United States rose significantly in the World Economic
                                                                         ou ’21 Go l edr a R prr i sr 1t
                                                                       Frm s 00 l aG neG p eotak g f m 3s              nn o
A recent edited excerpt from Lena Bartula who is                       last year to 19th this year, the first time the United States has
Imagining a World Without Violence:                                    been in the top 20 since the report began five years ago. The
                                                                       report, which collects information pertaining to economic,
                                                                       educational, and political opportunities as well as health and
                                                                       survival rates for women in 114 countries, shows that gender
                                                                       gaps have narrowed in 86 percent of the countries and
                                                                                                   h U id te’ rge was
                                                                                                           t      t
                                                                       increased in 14 percent. T e n e Sa spor s in         s
                                                                       large part due to high literacy rates among women and the
                                                                       high proportion of women in primary, secondary, and post-
                    The butterflies are a symbol for the               secondary education. As in past years, Nordic countries lead
Mirabal Sisters, whose murder in 1960 led to the movement              the world in closing gender gaps, with Iceland at the top of the
we observe today as the International Day for the Elimination          list for the second year in a row. Several Middle-Eastern
of Violence Against Women. Working in the resistance                   nations have consistently been lowest on the list.
movement against the Dominican Republic's dictator Rafael
Trujillo, Minerva, Patria and Maria-Teresa Minerva used the            AAUW is committed to closing gender gaps in the United
code name "Las Mariposas" (the Butterflies), an appropriate            States and worldwide and has affirmed its commitment to the
metaphor for transformation and change.                                United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of
                                                                       Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).
Imagine not being able to read those words. Imagine being an
adult, seeing the letters printed out in a specific pattern that
creates a word or a sentence, and not knowing what it says.
This is the reality for the women in the camps surrounding San
Miguel de Allende, a picturesque historic town in Guanajuato,                    THE GIRL EFFECT: Attention girl
Mexico. The Butterfly Project works with rural women around            champions: Something BIG happened! To celebrate
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, in the production of                    10.10.10, the Documentary Group held a fundraiser
handicrafts, and with an eye towards literacy. This project
began with hiring a seamstress, Angeles Agreda Peinado, to
                                                                       for its latest project –10X10: Educate Girls, Change
organize women from different ranchitos, or ranches, in the            the World (http://10x10act.org/) –      YOU can be a
area. Under her supervision, they embroidered messages of              part of it! The film will share the stories of 10 girls
hope. Their instructions: create a quilt made of four squares,         coming of age in 10 countries across the globe. If
three with a butterfly in each, and one with the words
                                                                        o hvnten h r l yt hc i t
                                                                                             e ae ,
                                                                       yu ae’se t t ir e cekt u                    o:
"Imagina un Mundo Sin Violencia." When Angeles
proposed this sewing project to them, she wrote out the words          http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQ54RWMjS
on that fourth panel, so that they could stitch this slogan.           3U.–   every contribution helps 10 remarkable girls
Perhaps someday these women will decide to take time away              change the future of their communities and their
from their families and household duties to learn to read, to          countries. Make 10.10.10 mean something:
understand that "leer es poder" (reading is power).

When Angeles collects the squares each month, she returns to
her studio to sew them together for pillows and assorted sizes                         The Girls Education Project
of bags, which we assemble in a reverie of fun and
comeraderie. Even though each is roughly the same size, no
two are ever identical, due to the nature of the stitching. The        Be a part of a film that changes the world for girls!
goal now is to find outlets for these products, and to put more        10x10 celebrates the proven fact that educating
women to work making them. They made their debut during                girls can transform communities and rewrite the
"Imagina 2009," a program of arts awareness in observance of           future. Educate a girl and she will do the rest.
16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence, Nov. 25 - Dec.
10., which will include art exhibitions, film series, panel
discussions, poetry readings and celebrations, we are standing
                                                                                                                       Becky Olson
in solidarity with this global movement, as we imagine a
world without violence.

                                                                                    History of the 19th Amendment
  Warrior for Peace & Champion of
                                                                                                  From Jeanne Hebeisen
              the Poor
   The Story of Dorothy Day: A one-woman play                                                      i e ln
                                                                                 hv be spot gh ud g f N t nl m ns ioy
                                                                               I ae en uprn t bi i o a aoaWo e’Hs r         i                    t
                                                                               Museum in Washington, D.C.
                                                                               (Should you also like to support this endeavor or get more
East Coast actress Sarah Melici presents the life of a true pioneer.           information about it, the website is nwhm.org.) Following is a short
Melici co-wrote the one-woman play & portrays multiple characters
                                                                               history of the process of getting the 19th Amendment passed, printed
in the life of this suffragette & lifelong activist. Her soup kitchens &
                                                                               in its most recent publication, written by Doris Weatherford, which
houses of hospitality offered refuge for the poor, homeless, reformers
                                                                               I thought quite a page-turner that you would all be interested in
& radicals. Dorothy Day was jailed as a suffragette in the 1920s and
faced great challenges throughout her life, including failed love
affairs, poverty, and social and political injustice. She was a
                                                                               August 26 marked the 90th anniversary of the 19th Amendment,
committed pacifist and the play opens with 75 year-old Day once                which insured American women of all voting rights. Few people
again in jail for picketing, this time with Cesar Chavez and the               know, though, that when it was added to the US Constitution in 1920,
California grape growers. Portraying multiple characters, Melici
                                                                               women in every western state except New Mexico were voters–    and
 e e s nh n d t t n g o tad i t pol n a’
   fc          e ce su n
r l to t i i n , ri pi s n p o lep iD y n         va         e         s
                                                                               some had been for decades.
life. Her soup kitchens and houses of hospitality were gathering spots
and places of refuge, not only for the poor, but for social activists,
                                                                               The first was in the Wyoming Territory on December 10, 1869.
 eg u i eet l r om r ad a c s o’ms h s r
   li        tl u s f              s
r i osn lc a ,e r e ,n r i l D nt i t st y d a.              si o
                                                                               Eager to attract women to the frontier, legislators put women's rights
of a woman whose folly surpassed the wisdom of this world.
                                                                               in their new constitution. A few weeks later, the Utah Territory
                                                                               emulated Wyoming, but enfranchisement there got caught up with
Sarah Melici has starred on stage and screen, and collaborated on the
                                                                               polygamy, and Congress forced its repeal. Utah women regained the
script for The Story of Dorothy Day. She has extensive acting credits
                                                                               vote in 1896– elected Dr. Martha Hughes Cannon as the nation's
in regional theater, plus a national tour of Driving Miss Daisy. Ms.
                                                                               first female state senator.
Melici appeared in Temptation by Vaclav Havel at the New York
Shakespeare Festival. Other credits include Law and Order, The
                                                                               Washington women also won and lost the vote, with the judiciary
  o e Y a n Wod Al ’Sardust Memories.
    d         s
G l n erad oy lns t             e
                                                                               canceling their right in 1887; women won it again in 1910. Colorado
           Course #: SE10-3
                                                                               was fourth, and in 1894 elected three women to the Colorado House.
           Date: November 4
                                                                               Idaho followed in 1896. Then there was a long dry spell before
           Time: Thursday, 7:30pm
                                                                               Californians won a sophisticated and close campaign in 1911.
           Location: Fisher Memorial Chapel,
           Rockford College, 5050 E. State St., Rockford
                                                                               Aided by the excitement of a three-way presidential race in 1912,
           Cost: $25 adults/$15 students
                                                                               women won campaigns in Alaska, Arizona, Oregon, and Kansas. The
                                                                               latter victories were especially sweet. Oregon women had lost five
                                                           Becky Olson
                                                                               referenda before winning, and Kansas held the nation's first
                                                                               unsuccessful effort back in 1867.
   0s n 3’B o Cu u li
  2’a d 0s ok lbP bit                                                          Energized western women won referenda in Nevada and Montana in
The Elgin Courier-News ran an article about library                            1914, and Michigan, Oklahoma, and South Dakota soon followed.
book groups for young people on October 13. With                               New York was the first eastern state to grant full rights in 1917, but
                                                                               campaigns in other northern states went down to humiliating defeat.
less than two hours notice, Rachel Bloomberg was
able to recruit four additional members of the 20s                             Illinois, however, had granted the vote for presidential elections
and 30s book group for pictures, which happened to                             in 1913, and other midwestern states did the same. Their legislators
                                                                               saw this as convenient; after all, the Electoral College chooses the
be on the evening of the Great Books meeting.                                  president, and as long as women weren't voting in their races,
Pictures of both Rachel and Jeanne Hebeisen as                                 lawmakers were willing to grant partial enfranchisement.
well as other members of both book groups can be
                                                                               That partial right soon became key to full victory. Carrie Chapman
found at the link                                                              Catt was extremely politically astute, and with her very capable
http://couriernews.suntimes.com/photos/galleries/in                            lobbyist, Maud Wood Park, Catt quietly began implementing her
  e. m ? oy 617. h C ui d nt
dx t l tr 1877T e orr i ’
     h s =                          e d                                        “ i i p n v pei naef nh e et h 12
                                                                                    n g a a se i
                                                                                wn n l ” i r d tlnr ci m n T e 90    a s         .
                                                                               presidential election would be the first since 1912 with no incumbent,
mention AAUW, but it was a nice article and was                                and the parties were close in registration. With women fully
PR for both book groups.                                                       enfranchised in fifteen states and having presidential suffrage in
                                      Medina Gross                             another thirteen, Catt began warning politicians that women's votes
                                                                               would be crucial to whether their party won the White House in

                                                                                    l e m ns a y i e d r d t orw l n
                                                                                                         t c e
                                                                               Wh eh Wo a’Pr p kt Pei nWodo Wio–        se                   s
                                                                               ignoring the fact that the Constitution gives presidents no role in
                                                                               amendments– led the National American Woman
                                                                               Suffrage Association in less dramatic, but more necessary, political

On January 9, 1918, the US House passed the 19th Amendment by
exactly the necessary two-thirds majority. Wilson urged the Senate                        AAUW
to follow, but senators waited to vote until October 1, and then the
tally was two votes short of two-thirds.
                                                                             28th Annual Networking Luncheon
With a month to go before the November elections, Catt sent her                  a      k        e s
                                                                               l e a or a na o Dsi Fv s 8th
                                                                             Pes m r yu cl drfr ir t i ’2      tc e
troops out to elect the necessary
two senators. They won one from each party: a pro-suffrage
                                                                             Annual Networking Luncheon to be held on
Democrat defeated an anti-suffrage Republican in Massachusetts,              Saturday, January 22nd, 2011 at the Deerfield Hyatt
while in Delaware, a Republican supporter replaced a Democratic              at 11:30 AM.
opponent. After that, all political insiders understood that Congress
would pass the 19th Amendment in 1919 and send it to the states for
ratification.                                                                The speaker will be WBBM News Co-Anchor Kris
                                                                               r e sek g n h uj tOd d , e
                                                                                d,          n       e e
                                                                             K i l pai o t sb c“ lMei N w              a
But Henry Cabot Lodge of Massachusetts was the Senate majority
leader, and he delayed final passage until June, when most state
                                                                                   a                e
                                                                                d n S m w e n e e”K i i e
                                                                             Meiad o e hr I B ten. r wlb    w        s l
legislatures had adjourned. The Constitution requires ratification by        covering the subject of fast changing media
three-quarters of the state legislatures, or 36 of the then 48 states.       landscape based on her experiences at WBBM and
Moreover, both chambers of a legislature must vote positively, and
many opponents were sure that never would happen.
                                                                             WTTW and through the eyes of the college students
                                                                             she teaches at Loyola University. She will also
Yet under Catt's leadership, women pulled off this political miracle.        address the topic of the upcoming mayoral
By organizing state suffrage affiliates to lobby their governors, she
managed to get 24 governors to call special sessions– goal that most
                                                                             race in the City of Chicago. Kris has won numerous
political scientists would deem impossible, even with modern                 broadcasting awards from AP and UPI. She is the
communication methods. In defiance of the usual rules, the                   winner of a National Headliner award, a Peter
amendment had 34 of the necessary 36 ratifications by February of
                                                                             Lisagor award as well as a RTNDA reporting
                                                                              w r H r okse ue n h o k Bodat
                                                                                  d                 a d
                                                                             a a . e w r if tr it bo “ racs    e
Victory seemed in sight, but getting those last states was far from                    tg              i
                                                                               e s ri n R prn” y e Wh eK i
                                                                             N w w in ad eotg b T d i. r              t      s
simple– in West Virginia's capital of Charleston, the political
drama was as great as anything in Washington, DC. Its March 10
                                                                              e i d e B J n hr s r er n
                                                                             r e e hr S ad e Mat ’D ge i     es       e
ratification was worthy of a movie; for 10 days, allies held the West        Journalism from Ohio State University.
Virginia Senate in session while a supportive senator raced by train
from California; his vote made the tally 15 in favor, 14 opposed.
                                                                             The cost of the luncheon is $35 and includes soup,
That was March, and the last state would elude suffragists until late        entrée choices of Cedar Plank Salmon, Chicken
August. The Delaware House debated from March to June, taking                Breast or Vegetarian Potato Gnocchi followed by
time to maximize bribes from the liquor industry, before delivering
its negative blow. Vermont's legislature probably would have ratified,
                                                                             Pear Crisp with Ice-cream.
but its governor refused to call a session. The situation was the same
in Connecticut, and suffragists again looked south.                          Venue: Deerfield Hyatt
Nashville is hot in August, and tempers were heated as desperate
                                                                             1750 Lake Cook Rd
opponents put up what turned out to be their last stand. After the           Deerfield, IL
Tennessee Senate ratified, anti-suffrage lobbyists actually persuaded        (847)-945-3000
36 members of the Tennessee House to hole up in Alabama for a
week, trying to prevent a quorum.
                                                                             Send Full Names of Attendees, Branch, and Entrée
The House Speaker encouraged this absenteeism, but a majority                Choice along with your check payable to AAUW
finally voted against their leader, and the Tennessee Supreme Court
refused to issue an injunction to stop the ratification. The governor,
                                                                             Networking Lunch, indicating your entrée choice on
initially an opponent, changed his mind after he saw the depths to           the memo section and mail by January 8th, 2011 to
which opponents of democracy would sink, and he mailed the                   Donna Zimmerman, 1540 Rutland Ct, Schaumburg,
certificate of ratification to the State Department on August 24. It
arrived in Washington on the morning of August 26, and with the 19th
                                                                             IL 60173. Contact either Donna at
Amendment added to the Constitution, women's longest labor ended.            donnamz@sbcglobal.net /
                                                                             (847) 995-0926 or Eleanor McMurrin at
                                                                             emcmurrin@gmail.com / (847) 234-5886 if you
                                                                             have any questions.

 In principle and practice, AAUW values and seeks a diverse
 membership. There shall be no barriers to full participation
 in this organization on the basis of gender, race, creed, age,
 sexual orientation, national origin, disability or class.
                                                                          About the Elgin Area Branch and
 AAUW is open to all graduates who hold an Associate or                            AAUW Times
 equivalent degree from a qualified educational institution.
                                                                      The Elgin Area Branch was organized in 1920 with 40
          A W’Mi i tt
                sn   met
         A U s s o Sae n                                              charter members.
 AAUW advances equity for women and girls through
                                                                      AAUW Times is published nine times a year by the Elgin
 advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research.
                                                                      Area Branch of the American Association of University
              U s
            AA W’Value Promise
 By joining AAUW, we belong to a community that breaks
 through educational and economic barriers so that all
 women have a fair chance.

      A W’E uai a F u d t n
               o         o
     A U s d ct n l o n ai
 AAUW provides funds to advance education, research and
 self-development for women and to foster equity and
 positive social change.

        A W’L gl d oay u d
       A U s ea A vcc F n
 AAUW invests in activities that prevent and combat sex
 discrimination and promote gender equity through support
 of litigation and educational programs.

Elgin Area Branch AAUW
c/o Karen Patterson
1076 South Lancaster Circle
South Elgin, IL 60177


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