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DeWitt Junior High School


									Welcome to

   Fowler High School

             Freshman Orientation
                August 21, 2008
Fowler High School Mission

  The Fowler High School staff believes
    that all students can reach their
    maximum potential and become
    productive, responsible citizens.
    Parents, students, and staff are
  personally committed to providing an
       environment that develops
      caring, capable, confident,
           life-long learners.
FHS Daily Schedule

    8:00        1st Bell
 8:05 - 8:56    1st Hour
 9:00 - 9:51    2nd Hour
 9:55 - 10:46   3rd Hour
10:50 - 11:44   4th Hour
11:44 - 12:15   Lunch
12:19 - 1:10    5th Hour
 1:14 - 2:05    6th Hour
 2:09 - 3:00    7th Hour
    Scheduling Comments
   Our goal is for each student to have a schedule that
    offers a well-rounded balance of required and elective
    classes over their four year experience here at Fowler
    High School.
   Graduation requirements and post graduate preparation
    are primary considerations.
   It is important to understand that the number of
    sections offered and the times when they are offered
    may limit the availability of any particular course given
    other priorities.
   All change requests submitted with parent approval will
    be considered
You Determine Your Success
1.    Come to school everyday & be on time
2.    Use your planner every period
3.    Develop and use an organizing system
4.    Complete your homework with quality
5.    Talk to your teachers and ask questions
6.    Seek out make up work, quizzes, and tests
7.    Follow your progress online
8.    Choose friends with similar goals
9.    Share your progress & planner with your parents
10.   Get involved in school activities
    Avoid Common Pitfalls

   Take responsibility for your choices
   Know the rules and expectations and expect to
    be held to them
   Avoid the minor problems such as dress code,
    gossip, yelling & horse play
   If you make a poor choice: accept responsibility
    for your actions, manage your consequence if
    there is any, & rebuild trust through your actions
    that follow
   Don’t be afraid to ask for support
Where to Go for Assistance
   With health or safety issues:
    – The office or any staff member
   With school work issues:
    – Your subject area teacher
    – Counselor , Mr. O’Rourke
    – Your favorite Principal
   With relationship issues:
    – Try using the skills you have been taught
    – Any trusted staff member
    – Mr. O’Rourke
Suggested School Supplies

   Binder or Organizer with files for 7 classes
   3 or 4 spiral notebooks
   Inexpensive calculator
   Jump Drive
   Extra paper, pencils, pens
   Teachers will share any specific needs the
    first week of class
   Student Planners and Handbook Provided
       Lunch Information

   30 minutes each day
   Regular Lunch $2.25
   Ala Carte available
   Punch Card System
   Charges are not accepted
   Mature behavior expected
   Closed Campus
   Gym, Library & Hallways accessible
Athletics, Clubs & Activities
    Athletics: Cross Country, Football,
     Cheerleading, Volleyball, Basketball,
     Baseball, Golf, Softball, Track & Field
     ($25 per sport, $50 family max)
    Clubs: BPA, National Honor Society, Quiz
     Bowl, SADD, Student Council, Student
    Activities: Athletic Events, Dances,
     Homecoming, HS Play, Intramurals, Prom
    Renaissance Program

   High School parent group sponsors
   Student recognition program for academic
   3.0 Semester GPA or .5 improvement
   Support and enhance students’ school
   Drawings, Prizes, Spirit Weeks, Treats,
       FHS Information and
   Office Phone #: 593 - 2250
   Daily Student Announcements
   Eagle Flyer (mail, webpage, e-mail?)
 (current)
 (coming soon)
   Parent Connect Online Progress Reports
   Parent e-mail list (updates, news, etc.)
   Staff e-mail (see handbook & website)
      Contact Information
   Neil Hufnagel, Principal           593-2250
   Tom O’Rourke, Counselor            593-2250
   Paul Hungerford, Athletic Dir.     593-2250
   Donna Piggott, School Secretary 593-2250
   Additional information available at and (soon)

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