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					 DESSERT MENU                MAY 2011

     CHOCOLATE POT DE CREME                        9
      Valrhona Nyangbo chocolate, crème chantilly
      Glenmorangie Finealta
      (Oloroso sherry cask finish) 18

    RHUBARB ICE CREAM FLOAT                        9
      vanilla ice cream, poached rhubarb,
      lemon shortbread cookie
      Royal Tokaji Company, “Red Label,”                  DOMESTIC CHEESES
      5 Puttonyos, Hungary, tokay 12                       BIG WOODS BLUE honeycomb
    EARL GREY PAVLOVA                              9         raw sheep’s milk, sharp, rich, perfectly balanced
      meyer lemon curd, mint ice cream                       Shepherd’s Way Farms, Nerstrand, Minnesota
      Wenzel, Rust, Burgenland,                            HUMBOLDT FOG yuzu marmalade
      Austria, gelber muskateller 2006 11                    goat’s milk, ash ribbon, creamy, tangy
                                                             Cypress Grove Chevre, Arcata, California
    PANNA COTTA PARFAIT                            9       FLAGSHIP quince paste
      white chocolate, passion fruit, macadamia              cow’s milk, semi-hard, robust, nutty
      nut crumble                                            Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, Seattle, Washington
      Heiss, trockenbeerenauslese, Illmitz, Burgenland,    HUDSON VALLEY CAMEMBERT maple walnuts
      Austria, riesling 2001 17                             cow & sheep milk, buttery, silky, tangy
    GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE                          9        Old Chatham Sheepherding Co., Old Chatham,
                                                            New York
      milk chocolate mousse, pressed coconut,
      candied pecans
      Lustau, Dulce, “Emilin,” Moscatel Sherry,           IMPORTED CHEESES
      Spain, solera 9
                                                           STILTON honeycomb
    BUTTERNUT SQUASH CAKE                          9         cow’s milk, earthy, moist, minerally, fruity
      fromage blanc, brown butter ice cream                  Colston Bassett & District Dairy,
      Blandy’s, Malmsey, 10 yr old Madeira 10                Nottinghamshire, England
                                                           CLISSON quince paste
    GRAPEFRUIT SORBET                              8         goat’s milk, sticky, creamy, fruity
      tarragon syrup, shortbread cookie                      Union Laitière de la Venise Verte,
      Le Pigeade, Muscat Beaumes de Venise,                  Bordeaux, France
      Rhone Valley, France 2008 7.5                        CANA DE OVEJA marcona almonds
                                                             sheep milk, crumbly center, tangy,
ABSINTHE BRASSERIE & BAR                                     gooey rind, buttery
398 HAYES AT GOUGH, SAN FRANCISCO 94102                      Lorenzo Abellan’s Farm, Murcia, Spain
                                                           ABBAYE DE BELLOC port-poached figs
                                                             raw sheep’s milk, semi-hard, buttery, fruity
Bill Corbett, Executive Pastry Chef
                                                             La Maison Jean d’Alos, Pyrenées, France

                                                          Single cheese 9                     Selection of three cheeses 24
                                                                            Selection of five cheeses 35
                                                                  Each of the above served with its condiment
                                                                         & house-made walnut bread
                                                          Please see our full list of spirits for more choices
 FREIA                                              12
  Lemorton Calvados,Velvet Falernum clove spirit,
  champagne. Served in a flute with a candied lemon         PARK Vielle Fine Family Reserve, Cognac               26
  wheel.                                                    TESSERON XO 1953 Cognac                               29
 WALKING STICK                                       9
                                                            HENNESSEY PARADIS EXTRA Cognac                        75
  Famous Grouse Scotch, Lustau Moscatel sherry,             REMY MARTIN                                          180
  plum bitters. Served up with a cherry.                      Louis XIII, Grande Champagne, Cognac
                                                            DOMAINE BOIGNIERES                                    22
 NOMAD                                               9
                                                              Bas Armagnac, vintage 1993
  Diplomatico Rum, Raynal VSOP Brandy, apricot
                                                            CHATEAU RAVIGNAN                                     23.5
  bitters, coffee. Served with whipped cream.
                                                              Perquie, 1978, Armagnac
 1:40                                               10      LEMORTON RESERVE                                      21
  Castrède Armagnac, walnut liqueur, rhubarb                  Vintage 1978, Domfrontais, Calvados
  bitters. Served up with grated nutmeg.                    ROGER GROULT RESERVE ANCESTRALE                       28
 LOST & FOUND                                       12        Calavados Pays D’Auge
  Los Danzantes Reposado Mezcal, Amaro Averna,
  grapefruit bitters, served up with orange peel.
                                                          SELECTION OF TEA
DESSERT WINES                                               from Mighty Leaf Tea Company 4.75
 DR.LOOSEN                                          20
  Eiswein, Mosel, Germany, riesling 2007                    BLACK TEAS
 ELVIO TINTERO                                      7.5     Leaves of Provence
  Moscato d’Asti “Sori Gramela,” Italy 2008                 Organic English Breakfast
                                                            Himalayan Peak Darjeeling
 ERRAZURIZ                                          8.5
                                                            Organic Earl Grey
  Casablanca Valley, Chile, sauvignon blanc 2005
 LE PIGEADE                                    7.5          Bombay Chai
  Muscat de Beaumes de Venise, Rhone, France 2008           Earl Grey Decaffeinated
 CRU D’ARCHE-PUGNEAU                                15
  Sauternes, France 2005                                    GREEN TEA (light caffeine)
                                                            Organic Hoji-cha
 HEISS                                              17
  Trockenbeerenauslese, Illmitz, Burgenland,                WHITE TEA (light caffeine)
  Austria, riesling 2001
                                                            Organic White Lotus
 ROYAL TOKAJI COMPANY                               12
  “Red Label,” 5 Puttonyos, Hungary, tokay 2006             HERBAL INFUSIONS (no caffeine)
 WENZEL                                           11        Chamomile Citron
  Rust, Burgenland, Austria, gelber muskateller 2006        Organic Verbena Mint
                                                            African Amber
 QUINTA DO INFANTADO Ruby Port n.v.                  7
 QUINTA DO INFANTADO LBV, Ruby Port 2004             9
 QUINTA DO INFANTADO 10-year Tawny Port             10
 SMITH WOODHOUSE 20-year Tawny Port                 18
 LUSTAU, Palo Cortado, Península Sherry, Spain      11
 LUSTAU, Dulce, Moscatel Sherry, Spain, solera       9
 BLANDY’S, Malmsey, 10-year-old Madeira             10
 COSSART GORDON, Bual, 15-year-old Madeira          12

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