AFFIDAVIT by liuhongmei


State of Florida                                              AFFIDAVIT                                                       Manatee County
Vehicle/Hull Identification Number                                Year             Make               Body           Title Number

Check each appropriate statement:

      I attest that the actual weight of the boat trailer described above is                        lbs.
      I attest that the travel trailer or park model described above is permanently affixed to land and will not be used on the public
      roads or highways of Florida.
      I, having the position of                            with the business                                                ,
      attest that I am authorized to act as an agent on behalf of said business to sign documents related to the titling and
      registering of the vehicle described above. (My Driver License #:                           State of Issuance:       )
      My name was entered in error as purchaser on the title for the vehicle referenced above. I never took possession of this
      vehicle and I have no interest in this vehicle.
      I entered the name(s)                                                as purchaser(s) in error on the title for the vehicle
      referenced above. The individual(s) never took possession of the vehicle. The vehicle is to be titled in the name(s) of
      The vehicle registered with plate #                        has been sold, is not operational, is in storage or will not be operated
      on the streets and/or highways of Florida (unless using a temporary plate issued for demonstration purposes).
      The vehicle described above was maintained in dead storage and was not operated at any time during the registration
      period for which the exemption is being claimed.
      Plate #                        is lost, destroyed or stolen. If found, the license plate will not be affixed to any motor vehicle.
      The motorscooter described above does not have an odometer. The mileage will be recorded as 999,999 “Not Actual Miles”.
      The motor vehicle/motorscooter described above will be used exclusively on a farm or in a forest for agricultural purposes.
      I hereby attest that the motor vehicle or boat described above was originally titled in my                        business name /      personal
      name in error. It should have been titled in my   business name /   personal name instead.
      A title correction is being requested for the vehicle/boat described above for the following reason(s):

      I, being the registered owner of personalized plate #                                , relinquish all of my rights to the personalized
      plate to the new applicant.      Check here if you are also surrendering the actual license plate for use by the new applicant.
      The boat described above was never previously registered in the State of Florida because it was (check all that apply):
           Previously used exclusively on a private lake or pond               Previously non-motorized (for boats less than 16 feet in length only)
      The boat described above is now being registered in the State of Florida because it is (check all that apply):
           Being used on the public waterways of the State                Motorized          Other:
      A diligent search was conducted to locate the Hull Identification Number (HIN) of the boat described above. I hereby
      attest that no identifying numbers were located.

Under penalties of perjury, I declare that I have read the foregoing document and that the facts stated in it are true. I
understand that a person who knowingly makes a false declaration is guilty of the crime of perjury by false written declaration,
a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083 or s. 755.084.

Affiant’s Signature                                                                                                    Date

Affiant’s Printed Name
                                                                                                                                           Rev. 09/2008

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