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Establishing Slum Information Centre for slum dwellers


									      Proposal for Community Participation Fund

Establishing Slum Information Centre for slum dwellers

                    August 2007

                   Submitte d to
              The Madurai Corporation

                    Submitte d by
           Jaihindpuram Vattara Kalanjiam
                 13 A 7 th Cross Street
                  Mee nakshi Nagar
                  Madurai – 625 012

                   Jaihindpuram Vattara Kalanjiam ( JVK )
                    Federation of Savings and Credit Groups

To                                                  Through
The Coordinator,
Community Participation Fund,                       T he Commissioner,
Technical Cell, JNNURM, 2001, NBO Building,         Corporation of Madurai,
Nirman Bhavan, New Delhi                            T allakulam, Madurai

Sub : Submission of Prop osal Titled “Establishing Slum Information Centre for slum
dwellers” under Co mmunity Particip ation Fund.
Sir / Madam,

Greetings from Jaihindpuram Vattara Kalanjiam

Jaihindpuram Vattara Kalanjiam is a Community Based Organisation working for the urban and
semi urban poor in Madurai City. We are submitting the proposal titled “ Establishing Slum
Information Centre for slum Dwellers” under Communit y Participation Fund of the Jawaharlal
Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission for your favourable consideration.

This proposal aims to link the slum communities to the government and mainstream institutions
for getting better services to enhance their quality of life. The project eliminate unnecessary
middlemen, expenditure, and energy for accessing the services required for their sustenance and
livelihood. The total outlay of the project is Rs /= 10,79,600/= and Rs 89, 600/= will be mobilized
from the community and well wishers.
This project aims to bridge the gap between the mainstream and market. Jaihindpuram vattara
Kalanjiam will be a catalytic agent through its s  ystem for operation and maintenance will build
the capacities of slum dwellers to access and use the IT for their socio economic betterment.
Above all, the demand and supply stream are brought clo ser with facilitation of kiosks in slum
areas. T his project is conceived in active consultation of the community and the urban local body
have endorsed project for successful implementation.

We look forward for the early sanction of the proposal.

Yours Sincerely,

(R.   Sasikala )
Managing Director


S .NO.                          CONTENT                        PAGE No.

  1.     Cover p age                                              4
  2.     Executive Summary                                        5
  3.     Information on Imp lementin g Agency                     6
         Project Information – Project Plannin g and
  4.                                                              9
         Concep tualization.
  5.     Budget                                                   16
  6.     Format for Endorsement /Consent of the Community
  7.     Format of CVs
  8.     ULB Endorsement Format
                             Enclosure – 1 & 2
  9.     Copy of CBO Registration & By e-laws (Trust Deed)
                               Enclosure – 3
                       Process Document For Slum Meeting
                               Enclosure – 4
 10.     Signature of the Voters
                               Enclosure – 5
 11.     Copy of Resolution for authorizing the p erson
                               Enclosure – 6
         Copy of Audited financial statements for the last 3
         y ears
                               Enclosure – 7
 13.     List of Governing Body M embers

                     Slum Information Centre for Slum Inhabitant
S.No                                      Particulars
1      Title of the Project                      Establishing Slum Information Centre
                                                 for slum dwellers
2      Details of the App licant CBO             Jaihindpuram Vattara Kalan jiam
                                                 13 A, 7 cross street,
                                                 Meenakshi Nagar,
                                                 Villap uram
                                                 Madurai -09
                                                 Phone: 0452-650 6445
3      Authorized p erson(s)/ Office bearer(s)   Mrs. Gandhimathi - President
                                                 Mrs. Krishnaveni - Secretary
                                                 Mrs. Pushp a - Treasurer
4      Name and design ation of Nodal Contact    R.Sasikala, M anagin g Director,
       p erson                                   Jaihindpuram Vattara Kalan jiam
                                                 13 A, 7th cross street,
                                                 Meenakshi Nagar, Villap uram
                                                 Madurai -09
                                                 Phone: 0452-650 6445

5      Name of Sup port Agency / NGO             Kalanjiam Foundation,
                                                 No: 21, Pillaiy ar Kovil Street,
                                                 S.S. Colony , Madurai : 10
                                                 Ph: 0452-2604256, 2608949
6      Project Duration                          12 months
7      Total Project Cost                        10 Lakhs
8      Funds requested for CPF                   Rs.10, 79,600 /-
9      Peop le contribution                      Rs.89,600 /-
10     Date of Submission                        31.08.2007

       Establishing Slum Information Centre for slum dwe lle rs
                                        Annex – 2
                                  Section A: Technical

   1. Executive Summary.
Bringin g e- governan ce in the city is a reform agenda set by JNNURM for its mission
cities. Making it accessible to all the slum communities in their own language and reach
for their socio economic n eeds is the gist of the p roject. Information and Communication
technology is the key enabler and a vital comp onent of the new knowled ge based
economy and information revolution. It is a major factor in economic growth and
increasing p roductivity.

This p roject Slum Information Centre (SIC) main ly deals with p roviding technolo gy from
down to earth, p eop le who are all livin g in slums for the betterment of their socio-
economic status in Madurai. As our federation has been already working with slum
inhabitants for p ast 4 years, we believe that our information centre will surely up grade
the knowledge of individu als and it will serve in the area of data b ase, trainin g centre,
advocacy etc. The areas id entified for setting up kiosks Solaialagupuram, Avaniy ap uram,
Jaihindpuram, Villap uram and Therkuvasal. Slum Information Centre is a place to render
services from single window p oint to through modern information and communication
technology . The p urpose of setting up of SIC is to bring access to all services and
information to peop le livin g in slu m areas.

This SIC will link the p ublic in useful way to the external world so that they can access
the government from the p lace where they are living throu gh comp uter technology .
Besides the corp oration, they will access mainstream institutions, markets for their
livelihood. Eventually the government will also very easily catch up the p ublic issues
frequently , p eop le will save their resources moreover they will get result in very short
period. The entire p rocess will enrich transp arency and trust among the p ublic.

Slum Information C entre is a place to render d istant services from a sin gle window p oint
through modern information and Communication technology . The p urp ose of setting up
of SIC is to bring access to a range of services, content and information to p eop le living
in slum areas. The total budget we h ave estimated co mes around Rs.10, 79,600 and
peop le contribution will be around Rs.89, 600/-only .

2. Information on Implementing Agency

A brief note on Jaihindpuram Vattara Kalanjiam
Madurai has its own heritage and lon g history with imp ortant historical events, but at the
same time on the other side Poverty , unemploy ment, underemp loyment, vulnerability of
women and other social and d evelop mental problems also exists. In this juncture in order
to address p overty through p oor women, Dhan Foundation has p romoted Jaihindp uram
federation in the y ear of 2002.
                         Development Issues Vs Objectives of our intervention

i. Financial Issue.                                          1. CBP has to be established strongly
1. M oney lenders occupy all slums in our location.               with sage savin gs and credit sy stems
    The interest is called various names like run                 to get p eop le out of money lenders
    interests minute interest, meter interest etc and             trap and there by to imp rove their life
    daily thavanai, weekly thavanai also there.                   status.
    Interest rate is ranged from 10% -15%                    2. To make op p ortunities and involv e the
                                                                  p eop le in the income gen eration
                                                                  activities for the regu lar in come.
M ost of them are unskilled unorganized, daily wage          To imp rove the livelihood of p oor by
earners with irregular income.                               taking sp ecial care to brin g them up in
                                                             life by making the opp ortunities to reach
                                                             their door step s.
ii. Women issues                                             To imp rove the status of women and
     a) Women in our block thou gh technically               children, to get more reco gn ition from
        good in activities lik e sewin g, weavin g,          society by creating the own identify and
        and basket makin g, due to the lack of               demand system of p eop le by promoting
        knowledge on production and marketing                p eop le managed institutes.
        And also lack of guidan ce, sufferin g a lot
          by p overty .
     b) In our block, there are so many women
        headed families, deserted women and
        widows with very less income, in such
        families the total life of their children is
        affected. Even in y oung age children are sent
for work.
iii. S ocio-economic issues.
     a) Earner Vs dep endent ratio so high, which            1. To imp rove the socio-economic
        act as a strain on the slum family sy stem.             status and infrastructure facilities of
     b) 80% of the families are livin g in rental               these slums.
        accommodation and the rental rate is also            2. To reduce the migration and
        creatin g additional burden on the slum                 congestion within the city by
        dwells whose income is not only meager                  introducing housin g programme.
        but have to lead life.                               3. To reduce the child labour and giv e
     c) Lack of infrastructure facilities like ro ad,           education for them more over to
        drinkin g water, drainage, toilets, street lights.      educate them towards the imp ortance
                                                                of Health and San itation.

                                                            4. To collaborate with Mainstream
                                                               institutions such us ULB and other
                                                               institutions to access and afford
                                                               quality living conditions with basic
                                                               amenities and to avail other social
                                                               welfare      activities   for    the
                                                               emp owerment the urban p oor.

The Main Objectives of the federation is,
The p rime objective of our federation is p overty reduction through Kalanjiam
Community Banking programme by providing savings, credit, insurance, and other need
based p rogrammes to urban p oor esp ecially for women.

Institutional Viab ility of Jaihindp uram Vattara Kalanjiam
As of March 2007, with 173 groups and 2708 families we have been workin g in 27
slums. The above said groups are functioning as 7 Cluster under Cluster Develop ment
Association. So far Rs.69 lakhs as p eop le money as regular savin gs Rs. 7.9 lakhs as
sp ecial savin gs are mob ilized. Rs.13 lakhs is as common funds. Around 170 group s are
linked with bank and about 365 lo ans are given for the amount of Rs. 2 crore11 lakhs.
Total member loan outstanding as on date is around Rs. 1crore 21 lakhs.
2.1 Target group addressed

In our objective it self we clearly mentioned that the p oor women are the p rime and
targeted stake holder of our institution. We strongly believe that if we address and
develop a woman ultimately the result will go for the entire family, since women are the
means of the southern Indian families. Ap art from caste, religion, and p rofession we use
to work with all urban women who are living b elow p overty line as p er our survey and
studies. Ultimately the beneficiaries are not an ind ividual

2.2 Description of the systems

The M anagement structure of our institution is like,
The M anagin g Director will be the authoritative p erson to co-ordinate and integrate all
the activities which are go in g on in the fed eration. Under his/her supervision there will be
a Commun ity Accountant to look after all finan cial transaction till the audit and fillin g
the return it will continue.

Our p eop le functionaries (Cluster Associates) will be acting as a front line soldiers by
organ izing the peop le, conducting the group meetin g, maintainin g the accounts, moreover
buildin g and upgradin g the skill of the commun ity by p roviding periodical train in g and
meetin gs and documenting the best p ractices.
Above all our entire activities and transactions will be co mputerized by daily basis by the
system op erator; in addition to that he/ she will be p roducing the all availab le
Management System by daily basis through the exclusive software and sy stems.
In our federation the concern persons maintain the followin g sy stems

   1.   Administrative Sy stem
   2.   Meeting Sy stem
   3.   Comp uterization Sy stem
   4.   Personnel M anagement Sy stem
   5.   Accounting Sy stem and Auditing Sy stem
   6.   Training and cap acity Buildin g Sy stems
   7.   Management Information Sy stems

These are all the seven sy stems, which we are focusing right now moreover the
Managing Director will integrate the each sy stem.
Therefore in order to collect and analyze the p roject related information and activities we
have all kind of resources in terms of Human, Technical and sufficient financial
resources. In addition to that all p roject information will be documented and it can be
easily converted as action with the involvement of all resources and peop les’

Reliable accounting systems and Internal control

As the top ic rightly mention we have set up an internal control team and internal aud it
team to p eriodically update the accounting systems. The team will be d ivided as two
    1. Within the organization with the support of field worker, Cluster accountant and
         community accountant it will function, on daily basis the accounts will be
         evaluated and it will be cross checked by the concern p erson then it will be go for
         comp uter entry by followed by p rop er documentation.
    2. The second team will be consist of Community Accountants from near by
         federations will b e p art of it on monthly basis they will verify and cross check the
         accounts moreover they will be doin g monthly audit.
So the abov e two p rocess will strongly p roduce and ensure reliable accounts for the
institution, and this internal control system to avoid misapp rop riation funds and accounts.

Compliance to audit/ other laws

Like all finan cial institution we use to comp lete our y ear-end audit by March 31st of
every year by the well p racticed Charted Accountant, from the day first we have
periodically comp leted our federation audit. In addition to that every y ear we use to file
returns under income tax dep artment.
Since we registered under Indian Trust Act we have comp leted all statutory compliances
in right time with the supp ort of Auditor.

After the comp letion of audit each y ear we conduct group level AGBM , cluster
mahasabha and federation mahasabh a. Audit statement is delivered in all these things.

3. Project Planning and Conceptualization

This p roject mainly deals with p rovidin g technolo gy from down to earth, peop le who are
all livin g in slu ms for the betterment of their socio-economic status in M adurai.

Project situation
As we all know usage of technolo gy and co mp uters are day by day not getting increasin g
rather it is booming. Irresp ective of p lace and p eop le, we are habituated to use technology
esp ecially computer technology . Ev ery where from tea shops to government office usage
of computers and technolo gy is givin g wonderful out p ut in terms of reducin g time,
wuorkload, expenses, and effective usage of human resources above all immediate
service in time. This kind of p rocess will enrich the services with the satisfaction for both
entrep reneur and customer with good relationship and trust. Finally we could say the
usage of comp uters will bring revolution in all sector.

In this environment app ly ing comp uter technology will p rovide very few government
services. Ev en though the government has sufficient resources and technolo gy they are
not p roviding services through simp lified technolo gy , still the government dep artments
and governance relay s on p ap ers and documents.

Gradually the usage of comp uter and information technology had been be used by the
govern ment in few departments, but that was not been utilized by all the p eop le due to
lack of technology awareness and others.

Even today for all small n eeds p eop le are go in g to government offices to exp ress and get
their need and demand. It is a fact that we should accept that most of the time in
govern ment office; the con cern officers will not be av ailable. Therefore p eople are
waiting from mornin g to evenin g then they are getting back to home without results. This
is a kind of inconvenience, which leads lot of p roblems for both p ublic and government.
Moreover p eople use to waste their time and resource without any outp ut. Due to this
kind of p rocess most of the imp ortant social issues will not been even noticed by the
govern ment then how the govern ment is go ing to address the felt need of the commun ity
without identifying the p roblems.

Totally many of the issues will be noticed by the government and p eop le also not aware
about how to bring the issues to the government, excep t givin g letter and grievance to the
govern ment, other than this many things we could do by using this comp uter technology
like getting certificate, p ay ing tax up dating right to information act etc. This will reduce
one third of the resources for both p ublic and government.

The p resent status of technology is gov ernment is in the centre p oint and p eop le on the
one ed ge and busin ess (p urp ose) in on the other edge.



But it should be redefined based on the p eop le need.

Need for Project Intervention
As we discussed earlier in order to link the gov ernment and peop le effectively we need to
have information centre to reduce process, time, energy , and resources etc. This will
enrich efficient outp ut for the p ublic and government with available resources in short
sp an of time.

Slum Information Centre is a p lace to render services from single window point to
through modern information and co mmunication technolo gy . The p urp ose of setting up
of SIC is to bring access to all services and information to p eop le living in slum areas.

This SIC links the p ublic in useful way so that they can access the government from the
place where they are livin g through co mp uter technology. Eventually the government
will also very easily catch up the p ublic issues frequently , p eop le will save their resources
moreover they will get result in very short p eriod. The entire p rocess will enrich
transp arency and trust among the p ublic.

Nowaday s to pay for the corp oration water and house taxes p eople have to come for
corp oration office, there they have to wait for long time for p ay ment, from each p erson
the corporation emp loyee has to collect the amount and it should be p rop erly accounted,
this p rocess will take more activities with more time. Some time due to the tedious

process most of the p eop le will not come for p ay tax. But instead of d irect p ay ment if we
arran ge e- governan ce to p ay the tax in p articular p lace it will be very easy to all us. Like
wise for birth, death, marriage and to avail any certificate p eop le can access from the
place where they are livin g with minimum effort.

So this is right time to establish e-govern ance for each slu m where most of the p oor
peop le are liv ing.

                                          1.   T ransparency
   Customer-Centric                       2.   Service-centri city
   Governance                             3.   Efficien cy

The effective and good governance should have the above customer-centric nothin g but
peop le centric ap p roach, and it should have the above characteristics.

Project Area
In our federation totally we are working in 7 clusters and we have p lanned to op en 5
centres covering all our clusters. Majority of the slum dwellers are tricy cle pullers,
vendors and involv ed in small-scale livelihood activities like ap p alam industry . Though
school goin g children are there majority of them do not know how to make use of the
available resources. The p urpose of setting up of SIC is to bring access to a range of
services, content and information to peop le livin g in slum areas. The slums were we are
goin g to intervene are giv en below.
 The areas are as follows Solaialguram, Jaih indp uram, Villapuram, Terkuvasal and
Avaniy a p uram

At first p hase we have decided to initiate SIC in Solaialagup uram, then it will be
established at all the given areas. Based on the need these centres will exp lore new
service areas also.

Specific needs and issues addressed by this project
To connect the p oor peop le to the gov ernment and govern ance to easily address the
peop le issues and effectively provide the government services.
Through our SIC we can p rovide the following services
   1. Training of trainers
   2. Cy bercafé ap p lications (e-mail)
   3. E-gov ernment services (caste, income, birth death certification, p ension schemes)
   4. Entertainment app lications (Tamil movies, astrology, video games)
   5. Information on M icro-enterp rises
   6. Tax p ayment
   7. Better opp ortunity of emp loy ment
   8. Availability of online market rates and enhan cin g better marketin g
   9. Knowledge connectivity
   10. Networking of gov ernmental, non-governmental institutions, SHGs

This initiative will bring
   • Simp lification
   • Regu lation
   • Emp owerment
   • Transp arency
   • Citizen-centricity
   • Resp onsiveness, of the entire Madurai Corp oration activity in short sp an of time.

The role of ULB

   1. The ULB should actively involve in the p rocess with all their line dep artments.
   2. They can share and advocate the information about the Slum Information Centre
      to the general public.
   3. They could encourage the p eople to access the S IC.
   4. They could respond to the p ublic, which will qu ickly enrich the p rocess.

4. Project Design

Project Goal

The goal for which we are initiatin g the Slum Information cen tre is lik e,
    1) Demonstrate that demand exists in urban slums for ICT’s
    2) Develop app rop riate technologies and ap plications to cater to slum p eop le
    3) Build up thriving base of internet kiosks
Ultimately to bring doorstep services to the p oor p eop le in p articular slums for the
advantage of the p eop le.

Project Objectives

   1.   Connect urban poor and ensure non-discriminatory access for all services
   2.   Imp rove cap acity and learning
   3.   Promote local co mmunication and information flows
   4.   Encourage local entrepreneurship
   5.   To p rovide necessary certificates and information
   6.   To motivate the p eop le to p ay taxes regularly and
   7.   Coop erate with residents and existin g organizations

                      Examples of e-Services
                                            • Employment Service s
                                            • Ve hicle Registration
                                            • Drive r’ s Lice nse
                                            • Pa ssport/Visa

                                                                                       • Agri culture
                                                                                       • Land Record
                                                                                       • Property Re gistration
   • School Admission                                                                  • Marriage Certificates
   • Scholarships                                                                      • Taxes
   • e -Learni ng                                                                      • Uti lity Servi ces
   • Examination Re sults                                                              • Municipal ity Services

                                                               •   Pe nsions
                            • Birth Certificate
                                                               •   Insurance
                            • Health Care                      •   Heal th Care
                                                               •   Death Certificate

Some of the services, which we can p rovide through (SIC)


The entire p roject activity can be divided in the followin g areas

To establish five SIC (Kiosks)

   1.   Seed in g the concep t of Slum Information Centre
   2.   Advocating the imp ortance of SIC
   3.   Establishing the SIC with kiosks and internet
   4.   Channelin g the service to the peop le through SIC
   5.   Documenting the entire activities

Project Team

The entire success of the p roject will relay on human resources fortunately we have well
design ed team to imp lement the p roject moreover to successfully run the p roject.

Totally we have 9 field lev el staffs, two office admin istrators and a p rofessional with
financial man ager. This is our team strength it is very condensed team with full of


Outcome of the p roject is extremely concrete; of course we can identify how many
persons have been benefited through this set up . As we are interven in g in our workin g
alon g with out members we believe 70% of the p eople will benefited through this project.
To bring h ealthy relationship between the government and peop le is the ultimate out p ut;
this will end up with providing better services and enrich trust and transp arency towards
the government services.

Project Duration

The p roject cy cle p eriod is on e y ear but it will b e continue based on the p eop le need and
demand for further. If it becomes a successful model there is p ossibility for establishing
the services to other areas, which will be h elpful for further promotion.

Target group

The target group is the entire slum dwellers irresp ective of age, sex, caste and religion.
Out of which our main target group is students, y outh, men and women and old aged
peop le.

Roles and responsibility of the community

For all projects and p rogrammes success will b e determin ed by the peop le, ultimately this
project is mainly on, to enrich the p eop le particip ation and involvement. Therefore the
entire resp onsibility of this p roject falls on community p articip ation.

Roles and responsibilities of other stakeholders

To actively p articip ate in the p rocess and p rop agating about the e-gov ernance and Slum
Information Centre to the p ublic. M oreover to respond to the p articular peop le queries,
information and p rovidin g the services in their door step .

Project Monitoring and Documentation

The entire p roject will be documented in p hased manner, for each activity we are
planning to come out with a docu ment rep ort for the benefit of others. It will be given to
the corporation for effective imp lementation of e-governan ce.

Project Limitations and risk

   1. To reach the p eop le with this new idea and concep t itself is not easy p rocess.
   2. This kind of initiatives is new for us and for the p eop le, so we hav e limited
      knowledge on it.

   3. This is very difficult task for us since it is new for peop le and mainly deals with
      technology . Rather imp lementation maintenance is very critical area since the
      users are very new, frequently we use to do the services.
   4. To link with the all-necessary dep artments it will take its own time.
   5. Follow up with the concern government dep artment takes its own time and

Project sustainability and reliability

Since we are working in the particular area for the last 5 y ears it is not difficult for us to
involve the p eop le, when we ensure involv ement from the peop le then it is not a p roblem
about sustainability . Moreover we will facilitate the p eop le to contribute the amount to
maintain the centers. Moreover we are p lannin g to charge very meager amount for the
services which we are providing.

In terms of reliab ility in M adurai with the supp ort of our Kalanjiam federation and M CC
(M adurai City Corp oration) we could extend to nearby slums with the supp ort from
concern agency.


We do not find any obstacle to imp lement the p roject rather technolo gy is new for the
peop le.

                               Section B: Financial
Budget                                                CPF Fund     Total
item No   Budget items                 Contribution   Amount in Rs Amount in Rs
                                       Amount in Rs
1         Pre – Project cost
1.1       Project p lanning meeting
          to slum dwellers for
          around 1000 memb ers (3          ---        45,000              45,000
          meetin gs, p er meeting
1.2       Concep t seeding, Hand
          Posters,Panners,    street       ---        9000                 9,000
          skit and advertisement
          etc (3000*3)
1.3       Technical equip ments
                                           ---        7500                 7,500
1.4       Transp ort charges               ---        6000                 6,000
1.5       Video and p hoto                 ----       9000                 9,000
2         Project Cost
2.1       Project co-ordinators            30000      60000              1,20,000
2.2       Volunteers (salary &
                                          52500       52500              1,05,000
2.3       Administration
2.3.1                                                 2000*5*12
          Rent                             ---                           1,20,000
                                                      for 5 centre
2.3.2     Electricity             &
                                           ---        2000 * 5*12        1,20,000
          M aintenance
2.3.3     Internet                         ---        8400 * 5             42,000
2.3.4     Comp uter System                 ---        50000*5            2,50,000
2.3.5     Furniture’s and Fixtures         ---        40,000               40,000
2.3.6                                                 12500*12
                                                      month (2500
          Printing and stationery          ---                           1,50,000
                                                      per centre p er
          Review meetings       and
2.3.7                                     7100        30,000              36,000
          field visits
3         Post Project cost
          Document              and
3.1                                        ---        50,000              50,000
          Total                        89600          9,90,000          10,79,600

Budget Notes:

   1. Pre-Project Plan

   1.1 Project p lanning meetin g will b e arran ged for around 1000 members where the
   p urpose and imp ortance of p roject will be focused. Per meeting Rs. 15,000 so for 3
   meetin gs it costs around Rs.45,000.

   Before organ izing information regard in g p roject information will b e shared through
handouts and posters, it includes vehicle hire also. Per meeting Rs.3000*3=Rs.9000
   Technical equip ments like mik e, sp eaker, etc Rs. 2500*3=7500
   Transp ort charge for communicating facilities Rs.2000*3=6000
    For document p urposes video and p hoto charge Rs.3000*3=9000

2 Project Cost
2.3 Administration

   Rent for 5 centre 2000*5=Rs.10000 (p er month)
   EB dep osit, charges and maintenance cost 2000*5=Rs.10000 p er month
   Internet connection for 5 centres Rs.8400*5= Rs.42000


DATE: 30-07-2007                             PLAC E: S olaialagupuram Madurai

We, the slum p eop le of Solaialagup uram slum accep ted that Jahindpuram Vattara

Kalanjiam a CBO works for the Socio-economic develop ment of the p oor for the p ast 5

years. ‘Establishing Slum Information Centre for slum dwellers in our slum, we decided

to mobilize community p articip ation fund under JNNURM . We acknowled ge that

Jahindpuram Vattara Kalanjiam is the imp lementing agency of JNNURM p roject in our

slum. Jahindp uram Vattara Kalanjiam will involv e in the HRD and M anagement role in

the p roject p eriod and decision making p ower lies with us only . On behalf of ourselves

we decided to send p rop osal for CPF through Jahindpuram Vattara Kalanjiam.


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