Attention Eagle's Landing Here is your 2010 Homecoming Court

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					Homecoming Court Contract 2010                             Date____________________

Congratulations on your Homecoming Court selection! To be able to promote a wonderful
high school experience for you and our community we want to make sure that you are
aware of a few things.

      Homecoming Bios need to be turned in to Ms. Damianeas or Ms. Williams in Room
       2123 by Friday October 22, 2010. As your SGA sponsors we reserve the right to
       edit your bio sheet if we deem that what you have written is inappropriate.
      Gentlemen ONLY: It is your responsibility to contact Blacktie Formalwear by
       Wednesday October 20, 2010 in order to get your free tuxedo. If you are a
       football player you will wear your uniform.
      Ladies ONLY: Your dresses MUST adhere to ELHS and Henry County Dress Code
       Policy. If you don’t, you are putting yourself in a position not to walk on the field
       during half time of the homecoming game. If you are unsure if your dress meets
       the Dress Code, you can bring it to Ms. Brantley and she will look at it.
      You must be escorted by a male or female FAMILY MEMBER. This means, no
       boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, etc. Your escort’s attire must meet dress code as
      This is a FORMAL EVENT and therefore you should dress appropriately. Ladies:
       Your male escorts should wear a suit and tie with a jacket.
      This is an ELHS and Henry County Event and all ELHS and Henry County rules

I understand and acknowledge that if I do not adhere to this contract I may be denied to
participate in homecoming events.

                                                                 Student Signature

                                                                  Parent Signature

                                                              SGA Advisor Signature

First Copy is for you to keep. Second is to be returned to Ms. Damianeas or Ms. Williams
no later than Friday, October 22, 2010.

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