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52-14 Pelton _amp; Crane Light Fantastic II Dental Operatory Light


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									                                                            USAF Dental Evaluation & Consultation Service

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52-14 Pelton & Crane Light Fantastic II Dental Operatory Light (Project 96-75) (9/97)
The Light Fantastic II Dental Operatory Light is available in a wide variety of delivery configurations
including unit-, wall-, and ceiling-mounted (pedestal and track) systems. The light evaluated in this project
was provided as a chair-mounted component of the Pelton & Crane S1 Dental Delivery System. This
configuration allows the light's functions to be controlled by the S1 System's control panel or the "foot
mouse" rheostat. The light's intensity is adjustable in three steps (low, medium, and high) but when
configured with the S1 controls, the Light Fantastic II
has a variable intensity range from 20% to 100% of
maximum. The intensity is purported to include a range
of approximately 1500 to 2500 foot candles. The light's
24V/150W quartz-halogen bulb is easy to replace
without tools and the light's positioning handles are
removable and autoclavable. The Light Fantastic II is
available in both 110V and 220V models and is
Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed and International
Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 601-1 certified.

Pelton & Crane (Siemens)
PO Box 7800
Charlotte, NC 28241-7800
(800) 659-3212
(704) 523-3212
(704) 523-0002 FAX

Suggested Retail Price: $1,925.00

Government Price: $1,155.00

+ Excellent quality materials and workmanship.
+ Access and asepsis is improved with the membrane switches on the doctor's control panel and "foot
mouse" rheostat.
+ Variable intensity (20% to 100%) when supplied as a component of the S1 Dental Delivery System.
+ UL listed and IEC 601-1 certified.
+ Excellent illumination pattern.
+ Correct color temperature.
+ Self-lubricating pivots and bushings.
+ Easy focus adjustments.

- Illuminance (intensity) exceeds international and military specifications which may increaseoperator eye
strain and fatigue.
- Exceeded ISO and military specifications for allowable radiant heat.
- On/off switch not labeled.
- Lack of positive stops to limit travel of light head and arms could result in patient or operator injury as
well as damage to light.

The Pelton & Crane Light Fantastic II dental operating light is well made, stable, and performs the
functions for which it was intended. The ease of positioning and range of motion of the light head was
praised by evaluators as was the intensity and illumination pattern. Although the light met most of the
requirements of current standards and specifications for dental lights, there were some deficiencies
                                                           USAF Dental Evaluation & Consultation Service

noted. The light provided adequate illumination for dental procedures even though it was too bright
according to International Standard ISO 9680 and military specifications. Exceeding the recommended
intensity has been reported in the literature to cause eye strain and fatigue. The light also exceeded ISO
and military specifications for allowable radiant heat and two of four evaluators reported negative patient
comments regarding the light's heat. All four evaluators rated the light excellent on a scale of poor to
excellent and all indicated they would buy the light for their clinic. The Pelton & Crane Light Fantastic II
is rated Acceptable for use by the federal dental services.

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