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									A Night with The Artist
                    March 18, 2006

                     Presented by

             Glendale Arts Commission


            Sahuaro Ranch Foundation

Artwork Courtesy Jacque Keller
                                                                                  The City of
                                                                  the Glendale Arts Commission
         9802 North 59th Avenue                                        are proud sponsors of
         Glendale, Arizona 85302
                                                                  A Night with the Artist and
          The idyllic setting of Historic Sahuaro Ranch invites
 you to step back in time as you stroll through the grounds.          A Taste of Glendale
 17 acres fenced with wrought iron are the walls of the
 museum. The artifacts are the many buildings, orchards,
 landscaping and wildlife contained within the unique historic                Mayor Elaine M. Scruggs
 ranch museum.                                                        Vice Mayor Tom Eggleston, Barrel District
          From the original ranch buildings to the lush             Council Member Phil Lieberman, Cactus District
 grounds, where peacocks roam freely, Sahuaro Ranch's
                                                                   Council Member Manny Martinez, Cholla District
 historic area takes you to another time.
          Buffered from outside urbanization by rows of             Council Member David Goulet, Ocotillo District
 original citrus groves, Historic Sahuaro Ranch allows you to       Council Member Steve Frate, Sahuaro District
 enter a bygone era.                                                  Council Member Joyce Clark, Yucca District
          Visit Historic Sahuaro Ranch soon!!

                                                                              Glendale Arts Commission
 Sahuaro Ranch Foundation                                                     Jackie Markowitz, Chair
 PO Box 1824                                                                  Frank Eager, Vice Chair
 Glendale, Arizona 85311
 Phone: 623-930-4200                                                              Janet Culbertson
                                                                                 Winona Passmore
                                      Brochure designed by                         Kathleen Roe
                                       Carolyn A Harrold                             Enid Spear
                                                                                   Sharon Wixon

Artists Biographies
Kyle W Ashley                         4
Sue Averell                           5
John Bader                            6
Dwight Bennett                        7
Hugh Blanding                         8
Jane Boggs                            9
Scott Bohall                          10
Barbara Burton                        11
Geary Bush                            12
Reno Carolllo                         13
Pamela C. Creamer                     14
Keith A Dagley                        15
Carlos Estevez                        16
Steve Failows                         17
Graydon Foulger                       18
Carol Ruff Franza                     19
John Gleason                          20
Greg Hale                             21
Paul Hawkins & SusanZalindt           22
Cindy Hill                            23
Dan Hill                              24
Feng Jin                              25
Michael Jones                         26
Jacque Keller                         27
Lauren Knode                          28
Mark Leone                            29
Ellen Leibow                          30
Bill Leibow                           31
Sarah McAnerny                        32
Dottie Mitchell                       33
Troy Moody                            34
Jane Nassano                          35
Len Newman                            36
Narciso Piu                           37
Jerry Portelli                        38
Gregory Reade                         39
Stephanie Saint-Thomas                40
Jerry Sieve                           41
Peggy Pettigrew Stewart               42
Charles Taube                         43
G John Vakaleris                      44
John Kimball Westbrook                45
Kevin Whitney                         46
Joe Woodford                          47
SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &                                                SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &
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Kyle W Ashley                                                                                                 Other Sponsors:
  4851 S Atwood Blvd
  Murray, UT 84107           Custom Metal Designs                                     Macayo’s Mexican Kitchen
             Kyle was born in Ohio in 1957 to a father who was a welder and
  a mother who created love.
             Even as a child, he enjoyed watching his father create with
  metal, wood and stone. At the age of nine, his father began teaching him                           Atlantic Bread Company
  the art of creating by welding. The amazing ability to heat, melt, fuse and
  bond metal became a lifetime fascination. Over the years, he developed                                                 Glendale
  an interest in how to be creative, as well as functional, with his metal
             Kyle has lived in several states, as his father was in construction
  and the family moved frequently across the country. He feels this
  exposed him to a life at a
  real level, experiencing
  many influences and
                                                                                                              5802 W Olive Avenue
  cultures. He is currently
  a general contractor and
                                                                                                               Glendale, AZ 85302
  enjoys working one on
  one with the home owner
  to re-create their
  personal living spaces.
  He specializes in
  designing and fabricating
  custom metal art for the
  home and garden, which
  includes furniture, gates,
  arbors, railings, wall art,
  garden sculptures, etc. If
  it can be dreamed,
  drawn or designed, he
  will bring it to reality.
             Kyle has always
  felt an affinity for metal,
  glass and stone. He
  believes his art is not
  created, so much as
  expressed. “Allowing this
  expression to flow
  through me is a truly gratifying experience.”
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                                                                                                              Sue Averell
                                                                                               633 Post St. #136
                                                                                               San Francisco, CA 94109

                                                                              Painting is more than just a creative
                                                                              discipline, it is my vocation. Even as a child I
                                                                              looked at the world with the eyes of an artist,
                                                                              trying to figure out how to capture what I saw
                                                  onto paper. My style has evolved through the years, but it stands today as
                                                  a process of escaping the confines of optical reality and taking expressive
                                                  liberties to create in a manner that is relaxed and enjoyable.
                                                             The structural layout of the cityscape blends fanciful composites
                                                  in with my perceptions of urban life. The idea for such an arrangement
                                                  derives from dreams I have had since childhood of flying over imaginary
                                                  places laced with elements of real locations. These dreams not only serve
                                                  as a source of inspiration, but also allow me to visualize a painting in my
                                                  mind's eye before depicting it on canvas or paper. My intent is to capture
                                                  the sensation of fleeting movement, and is best described as emulating
                                                  the transient perceptions one experiences when driving in a car as the
                                                  landscape passes by the window.
                                                             I strive to communicate and evoke emotion by juxtaposing
                                                  diosyncratic choices of complimentary and dissonant colors, and adorning
                                                  the canvas with paint. splatters alluding to energy, freedom, and action.
                                                  Emotion is further expressed via uneven textures created through the
                                                  thick application of paint. These elements combined assist in achieving
                                                  my ultimate object which to optically draw the viewer into the city scene.
                                                  Equally valuable is providing my viewer with a composition that is
                                                  pregnant with intricate features and meaning so that they are encouraged
                                                  to come back time after time, seeing a different hidden detail each visit.
                                                             So as you look upon my canvases of saturated color fields,
                                                  strategic compositions, and evocative images, it is my hope that you will
                                                  be filled with the sensation of flying, freshly liberated into a sky of
                                                  unlimited, imaginative horizons.
SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &                                               SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &
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John Bader
  7578 North Bel Air Road
  Casa Grande, AZ 85222

              Southwestern Art & Design
             Nebraska born, Missouri raised, now
  based around the Phoenix area; southwestern
  artist, John Bader is nationally recognized for his
  award winning “mixed-media” art work. His unique, hand painted, relief
  sculpture work has made him a featured artist in several local and
  national publications.
             John’s art work is outstanding and in a class of its own. He has a
  Bachelor or Arts degree from the University of Nebraska.
             Over the years, John has developed a unique blend of composite
  materials that gives a three-dimensional effect to his work, allowing the
  viewers the opportunity to feel as though they are “walking right into the
  artwork itself”.
             Each hand crafted original art piece begins with John’s use of
  high-density polyurethane foam and modeling clay. A special blend of
  composite materials, personally developed by John is applied over the
  piece giving it added depth and texture and thus helping create a very
  realistic effect. To add to the three three-dimensional effect, John
  hand-paints each piece with acrylic paints, cleverly using colors and
  shadows to enhance it. He then adds final touches such as ladders or
                                                      doors, to his “pueblo”
                                                      scenes, and saguaro
                                                      cacti orocotillos to his
                                                      desert landscapes.
                                                                John also
                                                      produces a wonderful
                                                      and original line of
                                                      petroglyphs that are
                                                      hand-sculpted and cast
  in his own special blend of composite materials.
             Each petroglyph is hand-painted and uniquely designed. These
  can all be used indoors, and many are weatherproof so as to be hung
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                                                                                                        Dwight Bennett
                                                                                                4340 E Indian School #169
                                                                                                Phoenix, AZ 85018

                                                                             I have been a sculptor and craftsman since
                                                                             1968. Late at night in my Studio on April 20,
                                                                             1981, I was turning an ironwood vessel on my
                                                                             lathe when I saw a shiny spot flickering back at
                                                                             me. I turned off the lathe for a closer inspection
                                                  and found that some one has previously shot the wood with a bullet. The
                                                  shiny silver like bullet had wedged itself into the natural fissures of the
                                                  wood. It looked wonderful: I was amazed to see the unusual patterns that
                                                  I had cut into the lead. At that moment the A.K.A. “Silver Bullet” was
                                                  born, a epiphany involving my relationship with wood was reached,
                                                  impacting how I saw each finished piece. To this day sometimes it seems
                                                  as though when I finish a piece, the silver was always there, growing in
                                                  the wood like in nature, where the silver flows through the veins in white
                                                            As a sculptor I like to think I flow in harmony with nature in my
                                                  work. When wood dries and grows old, Mother Nature’s caricature slowly
                                                  creeps out, I like to take this caricature and create from it. My role is to
                                                  define and shape these areas and thus illuminate, if you will, Mother
                                                  Nature’s birthmarks. By using my inlaid silver technique, I feel I have
                                                  achieved this end. I was the first to develop this method of vein striation
                                                  enhancement, the silver seems to give my work a sense of harmony and
                                                  flow, along with a sense of electricity and life.
                                                            It took two technicians, one metallurgist along with myself, over
                                                  5 years to refine the inlaid silver technique, which you see today. After
                                                  cutting and carving to emulate the patterns that nature has made, I give
                                                  the piece to my technicians who make mold impressions of the wood for
                                                  the casting process. The metallurgist makes the metal work for me, from
                                                  the non-tarnishing of the silver to the flexibility
                                                  aspect. We then inlay the cast pieces into the
                                                  wood. The whole process takes three to six
                                                  weeks depending on the piece. We then grind,
                                                  sand, and polish the inlaid silver to fit. Finally, a
                                                  hand rubbed oil finish is applied over a two to
                                                  three week period, producing what you see
                                                  today. Now, 31 years later, my inlaid silver
                                                  technique, that has dazzled people for years,
                                                  has become my trademark and the reason I’m called “The Silver Bullet”.
SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &                                                SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &
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Hugh Blanding
  33817 N 2nd St
  Phoenix, AZ 85085
            Hugh’s limited edition sculptures embrace
  American’s western heritage, paying tribute to the
  spirit and freedom of the west, especially the
  American cowboy. When viewing his sculptures you immediately
  recognize his ability and sense his passion to capture the action, the
  energy, and the tremendous muscular stress exhibited by his subjects.
  You see his perseverance and unprecedented attention to detail which
  makes his sculptures come to life epitomized by such features as the
  individual hairs on the horses’ bodies, the identifiable bulge of the can of
  snuff in the cowboy’s back pocket, and the intricate tooling on the saddle.
            A self-taught artist, Hugh has been painting since this early
  teens. He started sculpting in the late 1990’s when he retired from the
  computer industry, and has found his forte in the 3-dimension. He has
  spent years studying the bone and muscle structure of his animals,
  particularly the horse, and carries out extensive research before starting
  each piece, so as to ensure realism, authenticity, and quality. His work
  can be found in private and corporate collections across the U.S.
            When asked about his sculpting, Hugh says it was the challenge
  of the 3-dimension that lured him away from painting toward sculpting.
                                       People look at things with two eyes
                                       and the challenge is to create a work
                                       of art that has all of the correct lines,
                                       from all angles, including the top and
                                       the bottom. He say it's as if he no
                                       longer has a choice; he is compelled
                                       to sculpt!

                                       Hugh’s work is currently being shown
                                       at the Gold Nugget Art Gallery in
                                       Wickenburg, Arizona
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                                                                                                              Jane Boggs
     The Following Sponsors                                                                    33488 N 55th Street
                                                                                               Cave Creek, AZ 85331
       Provided the food
         And drinks for                                                               Gourdian Spirits Studio
                                                                                      Although a born native of Bath, Maine,
    “A Night with the Artist”                                                         Jane lived in Colorado for 25 years and
                                                                                      in 1995, she and her husband moved
                                                                                      to Cave Creek, Arizona. When they pur-
                                                  chased their Pueblo style home in the Sonoran desert, Jane said it felt like
                                                  she had finally come home to her roots.
                                                             Art has always been part of Jane’s life, but when she found
                                                  gourds, on a field trip, there was an instant connection. She began
                                                  combining her fascination with the Native American Indian and African
                                                  cultures with this wonderful new art medium. To be able to offer art in
                                                  such a different style was the perfect personal challenge that would
                                                  become a way of life.
                                                             Each new gourd that
                                                  is created has a story that is
                                                  unique and personal. Jane
                                                  feels that if you are receptive,
                                                  that they will actually tell you
                                                  what they (the gourds) want to
                                                  be. To this date, there have
                                                  been over 600 art pieces
                                                  designed and sold in the US
                                                  and abroad. Her studio is
                                                  open most days of the week
                                                  and it is always interesting to
                                                  visit or perhaps even watch
                                                  Jane working on one of her
                                                  new pieces.
                                                             Jane is a juried
                                                  member of the Sonoran Art
                                                  League and The Phoenix Art
                                                  Alliance. She is also a board
                                                  member of the Sonoran Art
                                                  League and helps to promote
                                                  art to youth and adults alike.
SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &                                             SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &
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Scott Bohall                                                                                                                             Joe Woodford
  20221 N 67th Ave., Ste. #-2                                                                                               303 W Myrtle Drive
  Glendale, AZ 85308                                                                                                        Chandler, AZ 85249

                   Treasures Custom Jewelry
                                                                                                                      Joseph Woodford Ceramics
             Since 1991, Scott Bohall, owner of
  Treasures Custom Jewelry in Glendale, Arizona,
                                                                                 1983-1985 Dobson High School, Mesa, AZ
  has been designing masterpieces forged of
                                                                                 1986-1996 Mesa Art Center, Mesa, AZ
  diamonds, gold, platinum and rare gems. Fifteen years later, Scott’s
  artistic talent, attention to detail, and a keen eye for quality has
                                                                                 Word Experience
  transformed Treasures into a West Valley icon for shoppers seeking
                                                                                 1995-1996 Mesa Art Center, Instructor
  timeless designs and superior craftsmanship. As a 22 time award
  winning designer, Mr. Bohall’s pieces have been recognized statewide,
                                                                                 Art Shows and Galleries:
  nationally, and internationally, honors which culminated this year when
                                                                                 1996     Boulder Creek Art Festival            Best in Show
  Treasures was voted “Top Designer in Arizona” for the third year in a row.
                                                                                 1997     Castle Rock Art Festival              Best Fine Craft
  In addition to unique designs, Mr. Bohall also prides himself on educating
                                                                                 1998     Castle Rock Art Festival              First Place Ceramic
  his customers. For the second year in a row, Treasures was recognized
                                                                                 1999     Henderson Art Festival                Best Ceramic
  as the best store in Arizona to buy a diamond by an independent third
                                                                                 1999     Beverly Hills Art Show (spring)       Best in Show
  party based on price, quality and diamond knowledge. Mr. Bohall is also
                                                                                 1999     Beverly Hills Art Show (fall)         Third Place Ceramic
  currently serving his second term as the President of the Arizona Jewelers
                                                                                 1999     Cynthia Wood Gallery                  Solo Exhibition
                                                                                 2000     Castle Rock Art Festival              Honorable Mention
                                                                                 2001     St. George Art Show                   First Place
                                                                                 2001     Beverly Hills Art Show (fall)         Third Place Ceramic
                                                                                 2002     Beverly Hills Art Show (spring)       Honorable Mention
                                                                                 2002     Castle Rock Art Festival              First Place Ceramic
                                                                                 2002     Vail Art Show                         Best Ceramic
                                                                                 2003     Rancho Mirage Art Festival            Best in Show
                                                                                 2003     Golden Art Festival                   First Place Ceramic
                                                                                 2003     Castle Rock Art Festival              Juror’s Award
                                                                                 2003     Vail Art Show                         Best Ceramic
                                                                                 2004     Beverly Hills Art Show (fall)         Second Place Ceramic
                                                                                 2005     Indian Wells Art Festival             Third Place

                                                                                 Public Work:
                                                                                 City of Beverly Hills Public Collection
                                                                                 The Point at Tapatio, Phoenix AZ, resort remodel of over 600 pieces
SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &                                           SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &
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  Kevin Whitney                                                                                                                       Barbara Burton
608 E Westchester                                                                                                             445 W 1st Street
Tempe, AZ 85283                                                                                                               Mesa, AZ 85201                                                                                           

                                          Biography                                                        Printmaker, Painter, and Book Artist

           Kevin Whitney’s work encompasses an array                                                               I was born in Pennsylvania and spent a
of styles and media, ranging from photography, magazine creation and                                      good part of childhood in rolling green hills and
production, to sculpture. Kevin Whitney completed his A.A. in                   forests. Having lived in Arizona for over 20 years now, I’ve developed a
Photography and Graphic Design at M.C.C. in 1998 and a BFA in                   deep appreciation for the desert, it’s ecology, flora and fauna, and it’s
Sculpture through A.S.U. in 2001. In the past seven years, Whitney has          subtleties. For an artist, the desert is an unending source of inspiration.
honed his eye for the unique, creating sculpture work in bronze,                          I’m a printmaker, painter, and book artist. My prints reflect
aluminum, wood, and photography that draw inspiration from futurism,            current events, political drama, and stories. Painting, for me, is typically
constructivism, "low-brow" art, hot-rod culture and the underground             reserved for landscapes; terrestrial or human. Handmade artist books
music scene. At times clean and stylized and at other times tongue-in-          are my opportunity to combine both printmaking and painting with
cheek, Whitney’s creations reflect his drive to capture the essence of          three-dimensional structure.
aesthetics through form. He has spent the last 17 years in the Phoenix
Metro area. Working in various artistic capacities including vocals with
established bands in the valley; conception, design, production, and            Currently Exhibiting at:
distribution of MoiSSt Magazine; sculpture; and photography. Recent             Vision Gallery, Chandler, Arizona
gallery shows have included The Shemer, Thought Crime, The Step,                Recent Exhibits:
Holgas, The IceHouse and The PHiX Gallery in the Phoenix metro area.
Kevin Whitney is also currently being represented through Wade Gallery in       Chandler Center for the Arts, “Urban Life: Prints”
San Miguel, Mexico. Kevin is open for commissioned, one-of-a-kind work.         @Central Gallery, “Night Visions” Burton Barr Library, Phoenix, AZ
Contact Kevin Whitney at MoiSST Studios @ 608 E. Westchester., Tempe,
                                                                                Shemner Art Center, “Prints” and “Home Show”
AZ. 85283 , (602)367-3625, and at Examples of Whitney’s work                                 Herberger Performing Arts Center, Gallery, “Summer Delights”
can be found at                                       Arizona Museum for Youth, “Bow Wow”
Kevin Whitney is currently showing at:
The Wade Gallery
Located At
Cuna De Allende #11
San Miguel Allende, GTO.
Mexico 37700
The PHiX Gallery
1113 Grand Ave.
Phoenix, AZ
SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &                                              SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &
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 Geary Bush                                                                                                                John Kimball Westbrook
19028 N 73rd Drive                                                                                                             910 W Broadway
Glendale, AZ 85308                                                                                                             Mesa, AZ 85210                                                                                                    

                                      Biography                                                               Biography

              Born 1937 in Toledo, Ohio, Geary                                                              John Kimball Westbrook, born May 5th, 1959 in
  studied art and sculpture at The Ohio State University, getting his Doctor’s                              Mesa, Arizona. Kim was raised in the oldest
  degree in 1963. Geary practiced Dentistry in El Paso for thirty years.                                    pioneer settlement in the Arizona Territory. His
  During his early period, he concentrated on oil painting. He later               ancestors came to the west in 1847. With this background, he has
  experimented with acrylics, but in the last several years, has returned to       developed a deep love for the southwest and Native American culture.
  his first love of oil. Geary’s unique styling has been dubbed “GeoDeco” by                Kim earned nine national awards for his work during his high
  his most ardent devotees. His blend of vibrant color with early 20th cen-        school years. He studied two years at Phoenix Union Commercial Art
  tury themes and techno illusions sets his work apart as truly unique and/        School and had a scholarship to study art at the college level.
  imaginary. Geary resides in Glendale and currently enjoys                                 Kim served on the staff of the Mesa Community College in the
  creating special commissions and a Geo Deco calendar to be released in           Art Department and taught art classes for Mesa Parks and Recreation.
  2006.                                                                                     He has worked and studied in Arizona, Oregon, Vancouver,
                                                                                   Canada and Washington, D.C.
                                                                                            Kim is accomplished in figure study, portraits and stone carving.
                                                                                   He currently resides in Mesa with his wife and family.
SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &                                             SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &
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G. John Vakaleris                                                                                                                            Reno Carollo
28543 N Opal Drive                                                                                                              12598 E Bates Circle
Queen Creek, AZ 85243                                                                                                           Aurora, CO 80014

                        Biography                                                                        Artist Statement
                    J. Vak Studio                                                                         Abstract Figurative sculpture is the process of
                                                                                                          working with the human figure, pushing, pulling, and
             John Vakaleris (J. Vak) studied at the Columbus College of Art       redesigning the space the figure occupies; leaving intact, the essence of
  and Design (CCAD) where he graduated in 1986 with a B.F.A. in                   what the figure is!
  Illustration.                                                                              I am also interested in relationships between human beings, as I
             J. Vak is well known for his portrait work, having studied under     believe they are the most challenging processes in which we participate!
  Daniel Greene, one of America’s leading portrait painters as well as Jack       Keeping your “individual self” yet being a part of the “us” in a relationship
  Richards (Portrait and Figure). While in Ohio, J. Vak was maintaining a         and remaining balanced is no small task. In my sculptures I select
  portrait studio at the Athena group of Fine Art and Design in Powell, Ohio.     moments in relationships that depict the “us” and define each individual.
  His portraits of Presidents George Bush (senior) and Bill Clinton were sent     My sculptures revels moments, when each of us individually takes the
  to the White House as gifts and were very well received. He has also            time to give to the needs of the other yet we are each autonomous. I am
  painted portraits of many other prominent figures. In addition he paints        constantly designing and building work that projects these universal
  colorful portraits of children on a commission basis as well as his own 5       experiences.
  children.                                                                                  A client of mine once shared a poem with me that expresses this
             J. Vak was born in 1957 of Greek parents. Since childhood, his       body of work very eloquently, ”We enter this world alone, We leave this
  frequent Greek islands trips have greatly inspired many of his paintings.       world alone, Life here, is meant to be shared!”
             In the summer of 1996, yearning for the sunny Mediterranean                     Sculpture and goldsmith Reno Carollo has spent his entire life
  climate of Greece, J. Vak left the cold depressing winters of Ohio with his     living and creating his art in Colorado. When he was a child, his parents
  family and headed for California where the beautiful water, mountains,          instilled in him a love of learning and adventure that he maintains to this
  and sun inspired him almost as much as his homeland. His work has               day. As a young boy, Reno traveled the world with his family, visiting
  been exhibited throughout California. More recently, J. Vak moved to            Europe, Asia, North Africa, Mexico and Central America.
  Arizona where he has established residence. The slower pace of life as                     While a student at University of Northern Colorado he
  well as the friendliness of the people had much appeal for him, especially      participated in an exchange program that took him to Florence, Italy and
  regarding his art. He currently shows art in Arizona during the winter          the Academy of Fine Arts. It was there that he discovered his passion and
  months and continues to show art during the summer months in                    gift for carving stone.
             In his beautiful paintings, J. Vak brings to us a Mediterranean
  world, very Greek, full of sunlight and deep shadows, clear blue water,
  boats, primitive villages with cobblestone streets, open air cafes, and
  many other simple aspects of everyday life. Light, color, and detail are
  major concerns in most of these works.
SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &                                               SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &
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Pamela S. Creamer                                                                                                                           Charles Taube
924 E Westcott Drive                                                                                                             17641 N 33rd Lane
Phoenix, AZ 85024                                                                                                                Phoenix, AZ 85053

                                 Biography                                                                    Biography
                                                                                                              Envisions by: Taube
              Born in Wichita, Kansas, she began as a small child being
  nurtured by her mother to draw and paint. Living all over the US and
  Canada while her father served in the Army provided Pamela with                              After 28 years as a professional carpenter and owning a
  exposure to many different environments. Pamela spent much time in                successful business building entry doors and gates for custom homes,
  both Wichita on her Grandparents cattle ranch as well as the coast of             Charles’s life took an interesting turn. In 1996 as one of the founding
  Maine with other Grandparents where much of her childhood was spent               members of “Southwest Woodies” (an antique car club dedicated to the
  fishing and camping. The Maine wilderness always provided a wide array            preservation of the “Woodie Automobile”), Charles created his first
  of nature to enjoy. It’s with her collection of memories that she was             hardwood sculpture given as an award to their show winner.
  drawn to paint what seems to come naturally to her, nature and wildlife in                   In August of 1997, Charles suffered a serious accident affecting
  all of it’s beauty.                                                               the use of his left hand and arm. Three operations and hours of physical
              Her studies in college lead her to a BFA in oil painting. A very      therapy left him with the loss of 70% use of his left hand. However, while
  successful career as a mural painter was her next step. From 1994 to              searching for some meaning of the life he had before the accident, with
  the present Pamela’s work can be seen in mostly private residences and            his right hand, Charles created a second sculpture. Many more followed.
  select corporate environments. Taking her journey another step further in                    A negative comment from a loved one also pushed him to
  2003, Pamela traveled to Arizona to work for a client and was truly               pursue his dream. Those who didn’t believe in him now are proud and
  captivated with the desert and its wildlife. Creating images on canvas has        represent him at many of his shows. He now has over 80% of the use
  provided Pamela with an outlet for her passion for nature that she has            back in his left hand simply from forcing himself to use it over and over in
  had all of her life. She expresses her love of nature and her talent in           his sculptures.
  design by painting primarily life-size images in both natural settings and                   Self-taught, Charles’ contemporary free-flowing hardwood
  with colorful backgrounds.                                                        sculptures are uniquely individual in themselves. Each sculpture
              Pamela currently divides her time between Maine and Arizona.          composes distinction in one or more various hardwoods. He carefully
  “After all of these years I feel I have truly found the outlet for my passion     selects kiln-dried hardwood with special grain patterns and color. He
  by painting nature and its inhabitants in all of their beauty.”                   cuts, laminates, and shapes each created form smooth, applies several
                                                                                    layers of clear finish, color-sands the finish, then polishes the sculpture.
                                                                                    He signs, dates, applies felt to the base and the sculpture begins to “sing”
                                                                                    in its completion of movement, form and natural color.
                                                                                               “I envision each sculpture, bring it to life and my spirit is set
SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &                                                 SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &
GLEN D ALE A RTS CO MMISS IO N                                            PAGE 42   GLEN D ALE A RTS CO MMISS IO N                                         PAGE 15

                                                                                                                                                Keith Dagley
Peggy Pettigrew Stewart
                                                                                                                              888 E. 2850 N
                                                                                                                              Odgen, UT
  5830 E Cielo Run South                                                                                                      Http://
  Cave Creek, AZ 85331

        Desert Glasshopper Studio
                                                                                      Keith A. Dagley received a Bachelor of Arts Degree at Utah State
                                                                                      University and taught art for 33 years. He currently produces art work full
            Peggy was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area                   time. Most recently, Keith was featured at the 2005 & 2006 Celebration
  (Pleasanton). In junior high school she began beading, making jewelry               of Fine Arts in Scottsdale, George Phippen Museum’s 31st Annual
  and using looms. In high school she learned Lost Wax jewelry casting,               Western Art Show, Prescott, Logan (Utah) Summerfest 2005, Annual
  lapidary skills, metalsmith skills, and leather tooling. Her first gallery show     Invitational Traces of the West Show, Utah 2005, Invitational Festival of
  was at age 16. The show was held in Mission San Jose, at the Historic               the American West, Utah 2005, and Odgen (Utah) Arts Festival 2005.
  Mission.                                                                                      Keith was presented Best of Show at Roy Utah Heritage
            While still in high school, she found a love of photography and           Foundation Show 2005;
  cinematography. One memorable project was a film documentary about                            A versatile artist working primarily in oil, Keith uses both brush
  an Alternative High School for At Risk teens. Peggy married and moved               and knife techniques. He also works in pastel graphite and prisma pencil,
  with her husband moved to Colorado. There she worked in a commercial                and is often inspired by his own experiences. A love of family, horses and
  cinematography lab. Her next endeavor was photographing motorcycle                  ranch life, wildlife, Native Americans and their culture, both past and
  races throughout Colorado, Kansas, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Texas.                present, provides a wide range in the body of his work.
  After moving to Arizona, she worked as a free lance photographer for                          “Recording life, whether wild, domestic, present or historical,
  Cycle News Magazine (a national publication)                                        through my artwork fulfills a great need that I have. Capturing the
            A few years ago, she enrolled in a glass lampworking class                personality of each animal, person, or event and sharing these
  (hoping to make glass beads). Finding it frustrating, She has routinely said        experiences is the principle behind my painting,” says Keith Dagley.
  that she couldn’t make a glass bead to save her life. Later she took a
  glass fusing class, and fell madly in love with fusing. Local classes were
  rare, so she sought out classes taught by the top glass artists and
  instructors around the country..
            Last summer Peggy studied at Pilchuck International Glass
  School (the facility created by Dale Chihuly) in Washington. Also last
  summer, she traveled to Barcelona Spain, and participated in an
  intensive study program with Philippa Beveridge and Rene Culler.
  She has studied with many of the top glass artists around the globe.
            She has become one of the most “in demand” instructors in the
  world of glass art. She conducts workshops at Desert GlassHopper Studio
  in Carefree & Scottsdale. Currently her work is held in many private and
  public collections around the world. Her glasswork has been published in
  many national and international publications – and has graced the cover
  of several of these. Her work is exhibited in many top galleries in the
  United States. Currently her gallery & workshop studio is located in the
  beautiful Carefree Resort & Villas in Carefree Arizona.
SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &                                                 SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &
GLEN D ALE A RTS CO MMISS IO N                                            PAGE 16   GLEN D ALE A RTS CO MMISS IO N                                      PAGE 41

Carlos Estevez                                                                                                                                 Jerry Sieve
                                                                                                                                 PO Box 5654
  2892 Hwy 71 Bldg 2                                                                                                             Carefree, AZ 85377
  Cedar Creek, TX 78612                                                                                                

                           Sculptor                                                                             Biography
                                                                                                                Visit Galeria Del Valle Escondido
  Carlos Estevez was born in 1947
  in Colombia, South America. He                                                      Born
  moved to America in 1969, arriving in New York, and became an                       October 6, 1949, Cincinnati, Ohio
  American Citizen in 1986. Carlos’ his wife Minerva, and there three                 28 Years Expressing the The Grand Landscape with Oil Paintings and
  children, Uzziel, Carla, and Raquel call Austin Texas home.                         Photography.
             Carlos work in many different jobs at the sane time he                   Professional Experience
  attended school. In 1977 after four years of engineering studies at the             28 years as a landscape artist—Over 2,000 images published worldwide
  Queens College he moved to Texas. In Houston he worked as a draftsman               Collections
  and civil engineering designer, with the same company for 12 years.                 President Bill Clinton, Senator John McCain, Governor Bruce Babbitt, Nu-
             At an early age his natural talents give him the opportunity to          merous other individual and corporate collection
  win many art contests. And always find the time to do paintings and                 Books
  drawings for which he always had buyers. His affection for art led him to           America’s Southwest, 1985, Ohio: Images of Nature, 1990,
  studied, oils and acrylics at the Glassell School of Art in Houston, and clay       Arizona Wilderness, 1998, Along the Arizona Trail, 1999, Arizona Trail
  modeling and mold making in Austin at the Elisabet Ney Museum.                      Guidebook, 2005
             His involvement with art became stronger in 1987 when                    Partial List of Publications
  he co-founded “Creart US” dedicated to the sales of wildlife sculptures. In         Arizona Highways Magazine, National Wildlife Federation, National Geo-
  1997 Carlos and Minerva, establishes “Estevez Creations, Inc” Selling his           graphic and over 20 others
  work exclusively. His focus and passion for horses is appreciated by                Calendars (one man)
  collectors in The USA, England, Germany, Spain, Mexico, South Arabia,               Black and White (Jerry Sieve) 1988, Ohio: Images of Nature, 1990-1996
  Bahrain, Australia, Canada, and Japan.                                              Workshops
             His execution displays the most phenomenal realism                       Over 40 workshops in areas all cross the nation
  imaginable. It is so lifelike that it strikes a certain awe and passion in your     Artist in Resident
  heart just to look at it. You instantly see such fine details as the texture        Fountain Hills High School
  and directions of hair, prominent veins, and the bone, muscle, and                  Shows/Exhibitions
  tendon structure behind the surface. As of today the majority of his work           Glendale Community College, 1978, Mesa Fine Arts Center, 1981, Valley
                                  is cast in polychrome marble, Each piece is         National Bank, 1983, Desert Botanical Gardens, 1985, Cincinnati Nature
                                  hand painted differently in accordance with         Center, 1990, Cave Creek Art Studio, 1990, Cactus Shadows Fine Art
                                  the colors and markings of the breed, making        Center, 1998, Phoenix History Museum, 2005 Galleries—Picture Perfect
                                  each sculpture of the limited edition               Gallery, Main St. Scottsdale 1985-1988, Tate Gallery, Sedona 1991-
                                  one-of-a-kind which offers the collector a          1994, Cincinnati Nature Center 1988-1990, Juniper Sky Gallery, Utah
                                  unique work of art. By collectors request ,         2004-present, Zion Canyon Gallery 2003-present
                                  Carlos has begun casting his most resent            Awards
                                  work in bronze using patinas to add the color.      60 Years of Arizona Highways Award, National Wildlife Federation
                                                                                      Calendar Award
SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &                                             SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &
GLEN D ALE A RTS CO MMISS IO N                                        PAGE 40   GLEN D ALE A RTS CO MMISS IO N                                          PAGE 17

Stephanie Saint-Thomas                                                                                                                     Steve Failows
 3930 S 3030 East                                                                                                       4801 Westland Rd
 Salt Lake City, UT 84124                                                                                               Cave Creek, AZ 85331                                                                                       

                                      Biography                                                                Made in the Shade
  Stephanie was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1961
  to artist parents whose devotion to the arts has                                                              By 1980, after having spent many years in the
  helped her become the accomplished artist she is today. Her early                                             employ of the US Postal Service on Long Island
  childhood was spent in Paris, where visits to the Louvre influenced her                                       New York, I felt I was not manifesting my
  early watercolors. Her adolescence was spent in the idyllic hamlet of           creative abilities in my life (which were inspired and helped along by my
  Valkenbury, Holland, where she was surrounded by music, poetry, and art,        beloved and eccentric Aunt Jeann) so rather than risk “going postal” as
  and there developed her great appreciation of nature.                           was a frequent consequence at the time, I devoted myself in earnest to
             Stephanie and her parents moved to Salt Lake City in 1975.           my artistic pursuits. I experienced some success with my custom stained
  While she attended the University of Utah on a theatre scholarship, the         glass and glass etching and soon realized that I could support myself
  demand for her hand-painted jewelry increased, and she soon devoted             doing something I love to do. There is no greater satisfaction in life (in my
  herself exclusively to creating her whimsical jewelry line that was carried     opinion) than doing what you really enjoy. And soon after I began my ar-
  by Saks Fifty Avenue. She also began receiving commissions from interior        tistic journey, I realized that I had it “made in the shade”, hence the name
  designers for her hand-painted tables and wall-sized mirrors.                   of my business.
             Stephanie is now creating a collection of large-scale acrylic                   In the ensuing years, I owned and operated numerous storefront
  landscapes. Her often mystical and expressionistic renderings of land           studios where I taught my craft to countless students. All are
  and sea reflect the beauty, mystery, and enchantment that she sees in all       enlightening, humbling and educational. I made my first mesmerizing
  of life.                                                                        kaleidoscope in 1984, and after a hundred more, decided I needed a
                                                                                  change in scenery. In 1993, I fed the snow of New York to the sunshine
                                                                                  of Arizona and transitioned my creative efforts into making unique, and I
                                                                                  hope fascinating, kaleidoscopes as my full time profession.
                                                                                  My goal is to make these kaleidoscopes mirrored tubes of magic
                                                                                  irresistible to children and adults alike. If I can come close to my goal and
                                                                                  provide you with some enjoyment from my creations, then I consider
                                                                                  myself to be a lucky man. I enjoy making a broad range of different
                                                                                  kaleidoscopes from small hand held ones (eight inches long) to much
                                                                                  larger floor models (up to 25” long). I use a wide variety of fine materials
                                                                                  for my kaleidoscopes including stained glass wood, brass and ceramics. I
                                                                                  make the pedestals from unique manzanita wood burls, stone, fossils and
                                                                                  crystal formations. I travel to and display my art at shows and exhibits
                                                                                  throughout the country. I hope you have the opportunity to experience
                                                                                  the visual magic of my kaleidoscopes and can find some inspiration in
                                                                                  them for yourselves. Then I will really have it “Made in the Shade”.
SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &                                               SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &
GLEN D ALE A RTS CO MMISS IO N                                          PAGE 18   GLEN D ALE A RTS CO MMISS IO N                                        PAGE 39

Graydon Foulger                                                                                                                           Gregory Reade
  365 Clark Street                                                                                                               5580 LaJolla Blvd. #504
  Murry, UT 84107                                                                                                                LaJolla, CA 92037

                            Painter, Sculptor &
                            Painting Instructor                                                                             Biography
            The artist states, ”I love to paint. I try
  to do so forthrightly in order to make my                                                                                    Gregory Reade has been creating
  response to the subject matter as honest and interesting as possible. My          as an artist and sculptor since 1982. His early work included decorative
  objective is to paint with good design, interesting shapes, good value            masks, special effects makeup and animation models for short films.
  readability and exciting color.”                                                  A brief stint in movie production and special effects spurred his interest
            A native of Salt Lake City, Utah, he studied art at Utah State          in sculpture. Further inspired by travel to Paris, Florence and New
  University, The University of Utah and Brigham Young University and               York, Reade left a computer industry career to devote all of his time to
  concurrently taught classes at Brigham Young University . Graydon was             sculpting.
  also an art student with the European Art Academy in Europe in 1966,                         Extensively self-taught, Reade, a Scottsdale native, started
  studying in the many museums, art galleries and studios throughout                studying figure sculpture close to home in La Jolla and San Diego,
  Europe.                                                                           California. Most recently he has attended workshops at the Scottsdale
            Graydon’s works can be found in many private and public                 Artist’s School in Arizona. The intensive training provided by leading
  collections and have shown in numerous art shows and exhibits, some of            artists at these workshops has quickly enhanced Reade’s skills to higher
  which have given him special recognition. He has also received private            levels of excellence.
  and public commissions including an historical scene for the permanent                       Reade now specializes in contemporary figurative sculpture in
  collection of the City of South Salt Lake, which was used in conjunction          bronze. The permanence and natural beauty of bronze makes it the ideal
  with their 50th year celebration.                                                 medium for his three-dimensional work. Reade's sharp eye and sly humor
            Artists are magicians of a sort, conjuring the essential beauty of      are keenly wrought in this expressive material, as both single and multiple
  a subject then capturing that beauty with pigment and brush through               figure compositions. The more complex pieces allow for the direct
  some painterly sleight of hand.                                                   expression of relationships between the subjects, a result that can only
            Like all good magicians—and artists—Graydon Foulger conjures            be implied by solitary figures.
  magic and beauty from the most ordinary subjects: a simple vase of                The thrill of expressing thoughts and
  flowers, a quiet landscape. And like all true talents, he is able to work his     emotions through the human figure is cen-
  genius regardless of time and place. “I love painting ‘en plein air’,             tral to Reade's sculpture. Reade continues
  choosing my subjects spontaneously,” says Graydon, who moves                      to create his sculpture at an accelerated
  effortlessly from still life to urban material to the continuing delight of       pace, further energized by the successful
  collectors.                                                                       completion of each project, and the growing
            Graydon devotes his time completely to art. The result is truly         recognition of a "G. Reade" work. He looks
  nothing less than wondrous, as this self described traditionalist-                forward to the audience reaction to his
  impressionist grows more adept with his delightful brand of magic each            compositions, and to the ideas they express.
  year. “Art is a progressive path,” he notes. “And you only have a short                      Gregory Reade’s sculpture is regularly shown in juried exhibi-
  time to catch the moment before the light changes.” Graydon, the                  tions throughout the U.S. garnering Best Sculpture awards in Scottsdale,
  magician and the artist, catches those moments for us all.                        Hilton Head and Crested Butte. Private collections of Reade’s sculpture
                                                                                    are located throughout the United States.
SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &                                             SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &
GLEN D ALE A RTS CO MMISS IO N                                        PAGE 38   GLEN D ALE A RTS CO MMISS IO N                                           PAGE 19

Jerry Portelli                                                                                                                    Carol Ruff Franza
  8427 E Chaparral Road                                                                                               
  Scottsdale, AZ 85250

  January 29, 1967, Detroit, Michigan                                                       A bit of the south lingers in the speech of Carol Ruff Franza; she
                                                                                  was born in New Orleans and reared in southern states.
  Education:                                                                                Her art education began at Ringling School of Art in Sarasota,
  Arizona State University, Bachelors of Fine Arts, May 1993                      Florida. Carol continued her studies at The Atlanta School of Art,
                                                                                  Callanwolde and Spruill Center for the Arts.
  Individual Exhibition:                                                                    In adulthood, Carol has lived in New York, Virginia, California,
  Innocence of Youth 197 Grady Gammage Tempe, Arizona                             Georgia, Illinois, Arizona and Washington, before returning to Scottsdale,
                                                                                  AZ. She has been exposed to many forms of art through her travels
  Group Exhibitions:                                                              abroad.
  “Arizona Room” 2003-2004 Mesa Arts Center Mesa, Arizona                                   Early on Carol fell in love with sculpting. She studied sculpture at
  “The Portrait” 2004 ReZurrection Gallery Tempe, Arizona                         the Scottsdale Artist School in Arizona, the Loveland Academy in
  “Benefit for West Memphis Three” 2004 Perihelion Arts & Trunk Space,            Colorado, and Monterey, California. She studied portrait, figure, bas relief,
  Phoenix, Arizona                                                                equine, bird and animal sculpting with many fine masters.
  “Photo Melange” 2004 ReZurrection Gallery Tempe, Arizona                                  Relocation to Bainbridge Island, Washington brought the
  Art Detour 2002-2003-2004 Mystery Gallery Phoenix, Arizona                      opportunity to participate in Bainbridge Island Art Walks. This was a
  2Kaotik Guerilla Art Gallery Jan-Dec 2004 Phoenix, Arizona                      tremendous success for Carol.
                                                                                            In 2004, Carol was commissioned by Desert Mountain High
  “Feed the Body, Feed the Soul” Fitton Center for the Creative Arts
                                                                                  School in Scottsdale, Arizona to sculpt a full-size wolf, the school's
  Hamilton Ohio 2001—Juror’s Choice Gallery, 1999- Honorable Mention              mascot, that will mark the tenth anniversary of the school's opening.
  1998-2nd Place                                                                  The sculptor now resides in Scottsdale where she continues her work,
  “Light Sensitive” 1998 Mesa Arts Center Mesa, Arizona                           creating classical bronze sculptures and terra cotta forms filled with
  “Solarlobotomy”, “Mission to Mars” 1998 M.A.R.S. Artspace Phoenix, AZ           energy, grace, and spirit.
  “Photo-Extreme” 1998 Prescott Fine Arts Assn Prescott, AZ (1st Place)
  M.A.R.S. Annual Blu-Lite Invitational 1997 M.A.R.S. Artspace Phoenix, AZ
  Artlik, Inc.’s 1st Annual Juried Exhibition 1997 Hotel San Carlos Phoenix
  “La Phoeniquera XVII” 1997 M.A.R.S. Artspace Phoenix, AZ
  “Photowork 96” 1996 Barrett House Galleries Poughkeepsie, NY
  Traveling Exhibitions:
  AZ Commission on the Arts 2000-2002 Traveling Exhibitions Program
  “Light Sensitive”
  Mesa Arts Center, Mesa, Arizona
SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &                                                SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &
GLEN D ALE A RTS CO MMISS IO N                                           PAGE 20   GLEN D ALE A RTS CO MMISS IO N                                         PAGE 37

John Gleason                                                                                                                                    Narciso Piu
371 N Carriage Lane                                                                                                               3019 w Walden Drive
Chandler, AZ 85224                                                                                                                Anthem, AZ 85086                                                                                                            623-879-3213

   Copper “A common metallic element that
         is ductile and malleable…”
  John L. Gleason is a nationally known sculptor
  whose vibrant spirit and generous nature extend                                                              A tribute to Native Americans everywhere—people
  into his creative state. He does not shy away from issues in life or in his        vibrant with color, brimming with integrity, and full of character.
  art. John believes the function of art is to encourage thought—from the                       This collection blends color, shape, form, character portrayal,
  artist as well as from the viewer.                                                 soul, personality, and gratitude; with a stylized interpretation of Italian
             As the artist, he feels it is important to search out challenges in     Impressionism.
  creativity and composition. He expects his work to feel fresh and be                          He utilizes more-than-life colors to depict the vibrant Native
  fascinating to its viewer. In our chaotic world, his sculptural works in           American people. In addition, he places color where there’s usually none’
  copper and other metals seem to evoke feelings of comfort.                         to build a third dimension in each painting.
             For the art spectator, John thinks art should describe the                         Narciso began drawing the hills and valleys of the Italian town
  concerns, passions, and intentions of our culture—from pleasure to                 where he grew up. He studied at the “Instituto Statale D’Arte” in Italy, and
  artistic freedoms to social awareness. “I have developed my skills with            later at the school of Visual Arts in Manhattan, New York.
  metals, my intrigue for contemporary composition, and my passion for                          When Narciso was 25, he became a United States citizen and
  changing the Earth’s elements into art. Art is not just something I want to        was quickly discovered by Manhattan-based Metro Graphics; a leading
  do, it is something I MUST do…I have been pulled in art’s direction since I        newspaper advertising firm. He was later named “Feaure Illustrator” and
  was small. Today I find that while my energy for creating is obsessive, it is      was one of the most published newspaper artists in the country. He now
  also centered…my art is fulfilling…I hope you will find it satisfying, too.”       resides in Anthem, Arizona.
  Through the process of heating established metal compounds, John                              Narciso was awarded Ribbon of Excellence at the Anthem
  creates diverse sculptures with 20th century technology such as solder,            Festival of Fine Arts 2006 for his oil on canvas.
  oxygen acetylene torches, and MIG welding. John works in copper as well
  as other tactile materials such as canvas, ceramics and glass.
             John is the owner of Quan’tum Art, Inc.—a Phoenix/Chandler
  based company specializing in fine art and commissioned work. QAI
  ships art worldwide and conducts open studio tours for groups like the
  Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Adventures in Art, various
  design groups, and also various non-profit groups. He has several public
  art commissions in Chandler, Arizona. Among other exhibitions his work
  has been featured in solo and group shows at the Chandler (AZ) Center
  for the Arts and at Western International University. John’s artwork is
  collected by public, corporate, and private art patrons and can be seen in
  collections across the nation. He is represented by Quan’tum Art, Inc.,
  and By Work of Mouth Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ. His work can also be seen
  on the web at
SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &                                               SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &
GLEN D ALE A RTS CO MMISS IO N                                          PAGE 36   GLEN D ALE A RTS CO MMISS IO N                                            PAGE 21

Ken Newman                                                                                                                                      Greg Hale
                                                                                                                                 11368 W Locust Lane
2928 Hwy 71
                                                                                                                                 Avondale, AZ 85323
Cambridge, ID 83610                                                                                     Artist &       
                                                                                                         Greg Hale is both a masterfully accomplished painter
                                          Biography                                                      and an extraordinarily gifted musician and composer.
                                                                                  With a seemingly endless flow of energy and inspiration, he revels in the
                                                                                  creative process, and the images and sounds that emanate from his work
                                                                                  are suffused with both a potent life force and a deeply ingrained spirituality.
             Whether sculpting from a single raw form                                        As meaningful as the fruits of Hale's artistic endeavors - which are
  of wood or with clay, my goal is to create a respect for nature and man.        so elegantly showcased on One Mind-- is the uplifting philosophy that drives
  Using a process that involves technique, craftsmanship and design               his vision, both creatively and in his personal sphere. Hale is deeply
  combined with thought, beauty and emotion, I strive to create unique            committed to putting forth a consistently positive message in tandem with
  sculptures.                                                                     his art, stressing core values of integrity, family, loyalty, forthrightness, and
             Inspired by my travels and varied experiences, my sculptures are     the aim to always "Do what's right. That may not be the easiest thing in the
  a reflection of personal and societal interpretations of nature and man’s       short term," says Greg, "but there's a balance that occurs, metaphysically,
  interaction within the environment. As man becomes distanced from the           when you do the right thing, and ultimately you have to trust the universe
  natural world, I hope to capture a unique view of nature, where personal        for you. I've learned," he continues, "that yesterday ended last night. No
  discovery becomes a focal point.                                                matter what the situation, you need to find a way to move forward and let
             Traveling and researching extensively in remote as well as with      the life force flow through you, or else you can't be true to who you are.
  urban cities, my sculptural ideas are based on a foundation of abstract                    "During meditation," explains Hale, "I often experience my
  designs, complex compositions and story lines. Driven by my pure love           paintings as if they already exist…I gain glimpses of forms, shapes, colors,
  and appreciation for wood and wildlife I suppose is the challenge that          and the 'feeling' of a particular piece. My intention is to raise consciousness
  drives me on the path of a sculptor.                                            through expressing these images."
                                                                                             Hale's new work fluently emerged in a dynamic, modernistic style,
  PERSPECTIVE ON THE ARTIST                                                       incorporating elements of cubism, abstract expressionism and
             More than 40 years of outdoor experience serves as the               surrealism among the tools in its visual vocabulary. Executed with a
  inspiration for wildlife artist Ken Newman. An avid outdoorsman,                luminous palette, magnificently rendered detail and mature painterly
  Newman grew up along California’s Redwood Coast, where at an early              technique, Greg's canvases both shimmer with the pure beauty of their
  age he developed an awareness of nature and a passion for wood.                 surface and resonate with the spiritual and metaphysical messages that
             Although each of Newman’s wood and bronze sculptures                 inspired their creation.
  captures the essence of its subject, they express his reaction to                          "Ever since I was in college," says Hale, "I felt that music and art
  conditions, forces or people in society. In Ken’s sculptures, there is always   can co-exist in the same space, with synchronicity. Then, I couldn't get to a
  more than just a beautiful figure of wildlife—the composition and finish—       point where I could actually conceive it. It's been cooking all this time." The
  all direct the viewer’s eyes and mind to a broader perception of nature.        paintings, he explains, are "Not an exact image of what the songs are about,
                                                                                  but a starting point for people to see, and then go on from there."
                                                                                  In fact, in Hale's creative process, it is unpredictable whether the picture…or
                                                                                  the melody, comes first. synergy and enhanced levels of meaning they will
                                                                                  lend each other. As Hale continues to pursue his multi-sensory life pas-
                                                                                  sions, he will do so always with an aim to elevate and uplift. "I think people
                                                                                  will be receptive," he says. "We need that now."
SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &                                            SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &
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Paul Hawkins & Susan Zalindt                                                                                                              Jane Nassano
  PO Box 531                                                                                                                PO Box 7229
  Camp Verde, AZ 86322                                                                                                      Phoenix, AZ 85011-7229                                                                                               

                         Biography                                                                          Biography
  We are reviving a rare material
  and seldom used gemstone that
  conjures up images of King Tut and Renaissance sculpture. Alabaster.                                      While recognized throughout the western United
  We have trekked over seven states to unearth a full plate,                     States for her vibrant pastel paintings, artist Jane Nassano is the best
  prospecting rare colored stone to create unique and functional forms.          known for her diversity. Her large scale, soft pastel florals, nudes and
            Because Alabaster has been little used in the last hundred           landscapes captivate her viewers and collectors.
  years, traditional tooling was not adequate. New forms require new tools,                 Jane Nassano holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from
  and a system for working the stone had to be engineered. By marrying           Arizona State University, with a specialization in Graphic Design and has
  ancient carving techniques with space age tools a high degree of               completed her Post Graduate work at the Art Center College of Design in
  spontaneity and delicacy with the material has been achieved.                  Pasadena, California.
            The creations reflect nature’s simple elegance—its shapes,                      Nassano’s art and business experience is extensive, having
  flowers, rockscapes, colors, faces and figures. The functional forms-          founded and managed her own design firm in Orange County, California.
  containers, bowls, and lamps invite personal involvement. The work is a        Her background also includes a twenty-four month project in Barbados,
  celebration of the materials of the Earth. We combine Alabasters with          West Indies, developing a neon design-production plant. As both founder
  other gemstones, rare fossils, mineral specimens, crystals and fine            and Senior Designer, Nassano integrated the disciplines of graphic
  woods. The medium and the functional aspect of the work make this a            design, fine art and technical acumen in her role.
  most singular art form.                                                                   With the Arizona desert calling her back, Nassano’s return to
            Transforming raw stone into vessels of beauty is the creative        Arizona in 1992 was accompanied by a shift in her career commitment to
  process that engages most of our time. It is a dialogue between the            fine art, where she continues to be a working artist. Nassano has
  maker and the piece. The stone speaks. When we listen and respond a            exhibited at sites in Canada, California, Colorado, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah
  harmony is created and we sing together. The resulting pieces speak for        and throughout Arizona. Currently she is represented by the Norby Gallery
  themselves—they have a life of their own.                                      in Cave Creek, Arizona where she will be the featured artist for the month
            Selling and promoting the work is the completion of our process.     of February 2006, showing her latest series of nudes. She is also
  Just as we have a dialogue with the stone so too do we have one with our       exhibiting this year at the prestigious Arizona Fine Art Expo in Scottsdale.
  patrons. There happens a trinity between the buyer, the maker, and the                    Nassano accepts commissions for a wide range of subject
  piece. The energy from that exchange is exhilarating and helps to initiate     matter. For more information visit
  new beginnings.
SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &                                              SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &
GLEN D ALE A RTS CO MMISS IO N                                         PAGE 34   GLEN D ALE A RTS CO MMISS IO N                                           PAGE 23

Troy Moody                                                                                                                                    Cindy W. Hill
  1127 W 17th Street
                                                                                                                               1455 Ocean Dr. #1104
  Tempe, AZ 85281
                                                                                                                               Miami Beach, FL 33139

                            Biography                                                                            Profile of a Painter
            Troy Moody is a visual artist
  working in contemporary art glass.                                                                                        Color, texture, narrative integrated
  Although the traditional techniques                                                                             with abstraction and all defining a unique
  he uses to create his art has                                                                                   sense of style and design meet the art of
  changed very little in nearly 900                                                                               Cindy Hill.
  years, his modern appreciation of design and line composition gives his                     Adamar Fine Arts in Miami chose to feature Ms. Hill in its recent
  work a fresh originality. As an artist Troy explores the use of translucent,     Summer Showcase. Adamar is a leading, if not the leading gallery, in the
  transparent and opaque glass to create a subtle interplay of color, texture      culturally diverse and sophisticated South East.
  and visual pulsation. His art glass panels show intuitive color selection                   “Entertainments News and Views” appropriate featured Ms.
  and a confidence in spontaneity.                                                 Hill’s paintings in a recent issue. The painting featured was a
            Troy Moody has been honored to study with some of the leading          silhouette of a mysterious man seated under an umbrella. A powerful
  glass masters working in America today and continues to seek out                 image.
  opportunities to expand his glass repertoire. He has completed                              Cindy is most generous with her work, having made multi-year
  numerous commissioned installations for religious, commercial and                contributions of her art to Victory School, a school for Autistic
  private spaces in Arizona, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine.               Children in Miami.
                                                                                              Ms. Hill, a graduate of the School of Art Institute of Chicago,
                                                                                   now resides and paints in South Beach.
SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &                                              SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &
GLEN D ALE A RTS CO MMISS IO N                                         PAGE 24   GLEN D ALE A RTS CO MMISS IO N                                         PAGE 33

Dan Hill                                                                                                                               Dottie Mitchell
9045 South 1300 East                                                                                                            12725 W Roanoke Avenue
Sandy, Utah 84094                                                                                                               Avondale, AZ 85323                                                                                              

  The Art of People at Play aptly describes
  the bronze sculpture of Utah artist Dan L.                                                                    Abstract Design, Photography,
  Hill. His works capture the charm of                                                                          Water & Mixed Media
  children on their own terms, the drama
  and energy of outdoor action activities, and the exquisite grace and
  beauty of the ballet. Dan’s sculpture specialty is undoubtedly children. He
  attempts to capture, in a realistic way, the fleeting expressions,
  uninhibited playfulness, and sense of wonder that children exhibit on a                    Dottie studied art in college and rekindled her interest by taking
  daily basis. Dan spends a great deal of time unobtrusively observing and         a watercolor class with a friend in 1989.
  photographing children in their natural environments before he begins                      She believes that art is the appreciation of color, value and
  work on a new sculpture. Once he decides on a particular composition, he         balance and how they work together to make an exciting painting or
  works extensively with live models to capture the realism he hopes to
  convey with his sculpture.
                                                                                             Dottie moved to Phoenix, Arizona, from Missouri in 1996. Soon
             Dan’s talent for sculpting emerged accidentally when he created
                                                                                   after moving she started painting with new friends. She has studied with
  a small bust bearing a remarkable likeness of actor Lee Marvin while
                                                                                   Dick Phillips, Annie Wu, Diane Maxey, Tanya and Pat Lambrecht and
  playing around with some children’s play dough. Dan began sculpting on
  a full-time basis in 1995 with remarkable results. His first life-size
                                                                                             She is a member of Art League West, Phoenix Artist Guild,
  sculpture, the expressive little "Cowboys Don't Take Naps," won several
                                                                                   Arizona Art Alliance, and West Valley Arts Council.
  awards and found its’ way into the permanent collections of the
                                                                                             Her work is displayed at the Arizona State Capitol and Palm
  Springville, Utah Art Museum and the City of Loveland, Colorado. Since
                                                                                   Valley Rehab Center. Her most recent sales include the collection of Bob
  that time Dan has created an impressive collection of life-size bronze
                                                                                   Serger. See her latest work at the Litchfield Park Festival of the Arts—
  sculpture of children and he always has several new works in progress.
                                                                                   Spring and Fall Shows.
  His special talent for capturing expression and likenesses also keeps him
                                                                                             Dottie offers custom painting in the form of acrylics, water
  busy with commission work. Dan’s work appears in public and private
                                                                                   media or mixed media on paper or canvas. She also offers murals done in
  collections throughout the country.
                                                                                   your home. She can custom paint in your decorating colors and work
             Dan was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. After
                                                                                   from the pictures you provide.
  graduating from San Diego State College in 1951, he served two years in
  the military. Dan was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for Meritorious
  Achievement in Ground Operations Against the Enemy. Dan married
  Helen Sheppard in 1955. Dan and Helen have three adult children and
  seven grandchildren. Dan's grandchildren are a favorite source of
  inspiration for his sculpture.
             Dan’s sculpture studio is located at the Hill Gallery & Sculpture
  Park, Sandy, Utah. Dan’s entire collection of bronze sculpture is on
  display at the gallery, including numerous outdoor bronzes tastefully
  displayed among the beautiful perennial gardens, stone work, and
                                    waterfall of the Sculpture Park.
SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &                                                SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &
GLEN D ALE A RTS CO MMISS IO N                                           PAGE 32   GLEN D ALE A RTS CO MMISS IO N                                         PAGE 25

Sarah McAnerny                                                                                                                                        Feng Jin
  Tre Sorelle Home Designs, Inc.
  3717 W Fetlock Trail
  Phoenix, AZ 85085

                                         Biography                                                            Biography

  Sarah McAnerny, is a co-owner and artist of Tre                                                             Born in Harbin, China of Korean descent, Jin grew
  Sorelle Home Designs, Inc., a decorative arts firm that specializes in fine                                 up as the son of a machinist. His creativity came
  hand-painted artwork and home accessories for the sophisticated home.              from early childhood. The young Feng Jin often played in his father’s work
  They offer unique hand-painted tile murals, leather tapestries, furniture,         place and fell in love with hand tools, old gears and other bent metals.
  children’s décor, wall hangings, accessories, and giftware.                        After graduating from high school, Jin went to the Central Institute of Fine
            Sarah has studied and worked in the fine studio and decorative           Arts of China, Beijing, putting in five years of studying and creating
  arts for over 12 years, with a degree from Grand Canyon University. Her            sculptures.
  companies have been featured several times in the Arizona Republic and                       Although most of the Art Institutes in China did not cover metal
  Channel 3’s “Good Evening Arizona.” She studied European gardens,                  sculpture at that time, Jin was encouraged by teachers to move forward
  architecture, and décor that surrounded her. She is also inspired by               into metal sculpture’s design and production. Due to the limitation of
  Asian and contemporary themes. Her style is colorful and whimsical,                tools and materials, producing metal sculptures proved to be difficult and
  ranging from the dramatic to the ethereal. His favorite subject matters            challenging for a college student. Jin often needed to lean on his father
  are gardens, and scenes from nature. A native of Phoenix, she loves to             for use of metal welding and fabricating equipment in the government-
  capture the cool and refreshing scenes of beautiful outdoor places and             owned machine shop. The materials he used were mostly scrap metals
  gardens to bring inside, a nice escape from the arid desert she knows so           and parts from some machines. Since then, Jin has self trained in metal
  well.                                                                              work and being more interested in abstract sculpture making.
                                                                                               After graduating from college, Jin became a professor teaching
  Sarah is married to a Phoenix Police Officer, and they just had their first        sculpture and art history in the Fine Arts Department of Xuan Wu Hong Qi
  child, son Robby, in September of 2005. They reside in North Phoenix.              Vocational University, Beijing. Three years later, he decided to come to the
                                                                                     U.S. to continue refining his style and improving production techniques in
                                                                                     metal. Jin works in a variety of metals: bronze, steel, stainless steel and
                                                                                     cast iron. His work represents a variety of styles and subjects, with forms
                                                                                     ranging from realistic bust/figure sculptures to large abstract metal
                                                                                               Creating large sculptures is Jin’s goal. His dream is to have a
                                                                                     sculpture park in which his metal offspring can run free.
SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &                                               SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &
GLEN D ALE A RTS CO MMISS IO N                                          PAGE 26   GLEN D ALE A RTS CO MMISS IO N                                          PAGE 31

Michael Jones                                                                                                                                    Bill Leibow
1059 Halverson Road                                                                                                     5516 N Camelback Canyon Drive
Bigfork, MT 59911                                                                                                       Phoenix, AZ 85018                                                                                 

                                      Biography                                                             Biography
             At seven years old, Michael found
  his first arrowhead. This discovery ignited
  in him a passion for ancient history and                                                     Bill Leibow is a large format, black and white, photographer who
  prehistoric cultures. This passion, combined with his love for the beauty         has turned his passion for photography into beautiful works of art.
  and enduring qualities of fabricated steel, fuels his artistic career.            Ranging from landscapes to still life, Bill’s images provide a unique vision
             Michael was born and raised in Napa Valley in northern                 of the world. His use of the subtle range of tones in black and white ex-
  California. Since 1975, he and his wife Karen, have made their home in            press the emotion of the moment.
  Bigfork, which is in the beautiful Flathead Valley in northwestern                           Throughout his extensive travels, Bill has photographed ancient
  Montana. They own an original log homestead on 65 acres, which they               ruins; breathtaking scenery and intimate close ups of nature, architecture
  have restored and preserved. They have four grown children and 4                  and sculpture. All of his work is printed by hand. Each image displays the
  grandchildren.                                                                    play of light and shadow and a rich range of tones.
             For more than twenty years, Michael has followed his heart and                    A Dentist by profession, Bill has had a life long love of art. He
  created pieces that edify and educate. The joy and excitement of that             discovered large format photography ten years ago. Since that time he
  first discovery have only continued to grow in his life and it is this force      participates in all aspects of creating photographic images; from
  that infuses his work.                                                            photographing in the field, printing in the dark room to matting and
                                                                                    framing the work. He brings the same attention to detain and focus
                                                                                    demanded by dentistry to his art. The results are beautiful, sensitively
                                                                                    printed, images.
                                                                                               Bill’s work can be found in numerous private, corporate and
                                                                                    government, collections throughout the United States. He has presented
                                                                                    a solo exhibition at the Cultural Exchange Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona.
                                                                                    He has participated in photographic exhibitions at the Desert Caballeros
                                                                                    Museum in Wickenburg, Arizona and at the Chandler Center for the Arts in
                                                                                    Chandler, Arizona. He participated in the Scottsdale Museum of
                                                                                    Contemporary Arts’ Studio Tours 04. He received the “Best in Show”
                                                                                    award from Photographic competition sponsored by Robb and Stucky. He
                                                                                    is a juried member of the Sonoran Art League and Imageworks. He
                                                                                    participates in their fall and spring exhibitions.
                                                                                               Bill is currently represented by the Larsen Gallery in Scottsdale,
                                                                                    Arizona. For more information or to view his complete portfolio visit the
                                                                                    website You can visit his darkroom and gallery by
                                                                                    appointment at Camelback Canyon Studios, Leibow Fine Art phone:
SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &                                              SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &
GLEN D ALE A RTS CO MMISS IO N                                         PAGE 30   GLEN D ALE A RTS CO MMISS IO N                                         PAGE 27

Ellen Leibow                                                                                                                                Jacque Keller
5516 N Cambelback Canyon Drive                                                                                                  14025 S 5th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85018                                                                                                               Phoenix, AZ 85048                                                                                                 

                                                                                                                       Passion “A desire or emotion;
                                          Biography                                                                     opposing thought and reason”
  Ellen Leibow loves color. Her paintings regardless of                                       Jacque Lynn Keller has been drawing and painting since she
  the medium reflect her delight in colors and                                     was 8 years old. In the farm country of northwest Ohio, she was
  textures. Ellen has had a life long love for art and                             encouraged by teachers and family to explore this passion. Throughout
  has been painting and drawing for as long as she can remember. Her               her childhood she was a student at the Toledo Museum of Art’s Youth
  serious art study began ten years ago. She has pursued her work through          Studies Program. Jacque began painting professionally in the early
  academic courses, study with guest artists at the Scottsdale Artist School       1980’s after attending the University of Toledo and Arizona State
  and workshops throughout the world. Ellen works in various mediums               University’s School of Art. She began as a muralist and specializes in
  from watercolor, pastel, and acrylic and now oils. She enjoys many forms         trompe l’oeil and commissioned artwork. One of Jacque’s goals is image
  of expression from landscapes to still life to abstract design. Her current      diversity…”Each painting has its own lessons for me. I am an explorer of
  passion is to express the emotion of the moment through painting in the          color and form…you will see everything from portraiture to non-
  Plien Air tradition. Her work reflects the immediacy of the light and            representational work. I need diversity in painting as in life. I want the
  atmosphere in color and shape.                                                   viewer to think, to smile, to enjoy…”
             Ellen and her husband Bill, who is a photographer, travel                        Jacque is a signature member of the International Society of
  extensively throughout the world recording the light and mood of the             Acrylic Painters. “Nature Watch” was exhibited to great reviews in
  places they visit. Her greatest joy is to paint on location, capturing the       England. It is now in the registry at the Royal Academy of Art, London. In
  essence of the time and place. She also explores the changing desert             recent years, she has been in numerous international and national
  landscape from her studio at the foot of Camelback Mountain in Arizona.          exhibitions including those in England, Washington, Louisiana, Florida,
             Ellen has participated in exhibitions from the Arizona Watercolor     Illinois and Arizona including a solo exhibition at the Chandler Center for
  Society to juried shows at the Chandler Center for the Arts. She has had         the Arts, Chandler, Arizona. “Mama”, a realistic portrait of her deceased
  exhibitions of her work at the Norby Gallery, Artismo Gallery, Phoenix           99 year-old grandmother, was included in a national exhibition in Florida
  Chamber of Commerce, and the offices of Banner Health South. As a                honoring the history of women. She was the winning artist in the national
  juried member of the Sonoran Arts League, she exhibits in their fall and         art competition for the 1998 Bashas-Chandler Ostrich Festival, Arizona,
  spring shows in Cave Creek, Arizona. Her work can be found in private            creating the colorful ostriches in “Where’s the Party?” In January 2004
  and corporate collections throughout the United States and Canada.               her work, Hope, was included in a national War Forum Exhibition in
             You can visit her studio in Cambelback Canyon by appointment.         Chicago. In March 2004, her work Red Corners was included in an
  Commission pieces to your specifications are available. For more                 International Exhibition of ISAP in Seattle, WA. The City of Chandler (AZ)
  information contact Leibow Fine Art at 602-840-8441 or visit the website         commissioned Jacque to paint three large paintings of their historic
  at                                                        downtown; they hang in the city’s Planning & Development Office. Silent
                                                                                   Without You and other works by Jacque will be used by the Chandler
                                                                                   Center for the Arts (AZ) as the featured artwork in their 2005-06 yearly
                                                                                   event brochure and playbills.
                                                                                              Jacque’s works on wood and canvas are included in prestigious
                                                                                   private, corporate, and public collections, and are eagerly collected and
                                                                                   commissioned nationwide. Her work is represented by Quan’tum Art, Inc.
                                                                                   and By Word of Mouth Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona.
SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &                                              SAHUA RO RAN C H F O UN D AT IO N &
GLEN D ALE A RTS CO MMISS IO N                                         PAGE 28   GLEN D ALE A RTS CO MMISS IO N                                       PAGE 29

Lauren Knode                                                                                                                                 Marc Leone
3537 E North Lane                                                                                                        1424 West Meseto Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85028                                                                                                        Mesa, AZ 85202                                                                                            

                                  Biography                                                                  Biography

             Born in Portland, Oregon, Lauren                                                                 Marc Leone is a painter who uses the expressive
  Knode left a career in teaching to become                                        components of materials to evoke inward reaching, geologic landscapes,
  a full-time artist.                                                              that express something of the mystery of matter in regards to the
             Knode's themes include flora,                                         spiritual. More specifically, Leone’s work is physical, generally large in
  fruit, landscapes and the Southwest. Her                                         scale, and takes many months to complete a single work. His work
  art bursts forth with color which creates                                        incorporates two dimensional drawing and painting with a strong
  excitement and inspiration. Unique use of light & shadow distinguishes           sculptural presence.
  Lauren's work, which she creates in oil, pastel and acrylic.                                Leone has had solo and group exhibitions in New York, Los
             Lauren is a member of the prestigious Northwest Pastel Society.       Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix (Phoenix Art Museum in May) and
  Her award-winning work has been featured in such publications as Art in          Tucson among others. He holds a B.F.A. from Art Center College of
  the American West, High Sonoran and Southwest Art Magazine. Knode                Design in Pasadena, CA., and a M.F.A. from Arizona State University. He
  originals are in private and corporate collections across the United States.     has taught at ASU, Central Arizona College, and currently teaches
                                                                                   drawing, painting and 2-Dimensional design at Xavier College Preparatory.
                                                                                   Additionally, he is co-director of the Start Gallery.

                                Artist's Statement

  "Simplicity of form, color and light captivate me. Juxtaposed warm and
  cool hues create energy and excitement. The sun radiating through the
  translucent petals of a flower, or casting intriguing shadows and reflec-
  tions, fills me with inspiration."

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