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            WET Design

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Who is
•is a Los Angeles based design firm specializing exclusively in water feature
development and implementation

• has office locations in China, London and the Middle East and boasts over 200
projects in 20 countries

• is responsible for some of the most notable and recognizable water features to

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History of
•WET was founded in by Mark Fuller, Alan Robinson and
Melanie Simon in 1983.

•As a civil engineering major at the University of Utah,
Mark Fuller focused his thesis work on the development of
a large-scale laminar nozzle which proved to be the
foundation of Fuller’s Water Entertainment Technology.

•Fuller later went on to become a Disney Imagineer
where he developed Epcot’s Leap Frog fountain using his
laminar nozzle.

•The success of leapfrog prompted Fuller to leave Disney
and focus exclusively on water feature design.

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Technology of
WET is responsible for creating and patenting much of its own technology.

• Laminar Flow nozzles use a specialized filter that reduces fluid turbulence to create a
smooth cylinder of water .

•Oarsmen are computer operated, underwater robotic
nozzles that allow water to be sprayed precisely in any

• Shooters are compressed air pumps that control the
exact height of spraying water.

• VirtualWET is a 3D particle simulating software that
allows WET designers to see how water will look when it
is manipulated. Choreography is created with VirtualWET
software and then uploaded to the water feature’s control system.
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Fountains of
Fountain Place
WET’s first major project was Fountain Place in Dallas, Texas, a collaboration with
landscape architect Dan Kiley. Created in 1986, Fountain Place is a 60 story office tower
with surrounding landscape resembling an oasis of fountains, pools and greenery.

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Fountains of
Crown Casino                   Carlsbad Premium Outlet               Fashion Island Shopping Center
Performance Lake at Wynn Macau Fountains of Bellagio                 Universal City Walk
Burj al Arab                   Waters of Americana at Brand          Navy Pier
                               Somerset South Collection Mall        Bellagio Conservatory
The Dubai Fountain             Branson Town Square                   Crown Center Square
The Grove at Farmers Market    Maryland Plaza                        CityCenter Halo
Branson Landing Lake Fountain  Brooklyn Museum                       Pittsburg Plate Glass Plaza
Mirage Volcano                   Columbus Circle                     Seattle Center International Fountain
                                 Revson Fountain at Lincoln Center   Millenia Walk
Canal City Hakata                                                    The Ritz-Carlton, Singapore
                                 Barney Allis Plaza Park
Lisboa World Expo 1998           Kansas City Union Station           Beverly Hills Reverse Osmosis Water Plant
Jewelry Trade Center             Rockefeller Center                  Detroit Metro Airport
Pinklao Shopping Center          Los Angeles Music Center            John P. McGovern Medical Center
Mall of the Emirates             PSNS Memorial Park                  Harborside Waterfront Staircase
                                 Beijing Finance Street              Crossroads Atrium
CityCenter Las Vegas             U.S. Tennis Association             Downtown Anaheim
California Plaza Watercourt      Fountain Place                      Compuware World Headquarters
PetroChina                       Olympic Cauldron Park               Gas Company Tower
Sampoerna Strategic Square       Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympic       Epcot Center Imagination
                                 Harborside Fountain Park            Seibert Circle
Menara Tun Razak
                                 World Adventure at Leofoo Village   McCormick Convention Center
Fanfare at San Pedro Gateway     Dubai Marina                                                      Page
                                                                     Providence St. Joseph's Medical Center 6
Fountains of

   Bellagio Conservatory, Las Vegas NV   Private Residence, Athens, Greece

                Mirage, Las Vegas NV                          Page 7
                                              Wynn Macau, Macau, China
Fountains of
The Dubai Fountain
The Dubai Fountain is a 218 million dollar choreographed fountain in the center of
downtown Dubai, UAE.
The system…
• resides on Burj Khalifa, a 32 acre man-made lake
• contains 6,600 lights and 25 colored projectors
• is 902 feet long and can shoot water up to 490
  feet into the air
• plays classical to contemporary Arabic and world
• performs every 20 minutes for a few hours
• has the ability to spray 22,000 gallons of water in
  the air at any minute
• displays a beam of light that can be seen from
  over 20 miles away
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Working with
Client Contact
Once contacted, WET designers begin to discuss what kind of feeling the client is trying
to convey as well as size and cost. A physical visit to the site
allows WET to capture the essence of the surrounding

Concept Design
WET develops a number of concepts that can be altered
based on clients needs, cost, form and scale.

Illustration and Animation
Concepts are presented through traditional drawings and
paintings, then advanced to digital drawings and images
using the VirtalWET software.

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Working with
Model Making
At the final conceptual stage, physical models are created to ensure the feature will
communicate the look and feel intended.

Design and Presentation
With finishing touches complete, a presentation of the intended
feature ends the conceptual design phase and begins the
physical implementation phase.

Mock Up
WET creates full scale mock ups that allow engineers and
designers to observe the ways the feature will react under
different conditions and adjust the choreography if needed

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Working with
Schematic Design
Observance of the features surroundings as well as collaboration with the client helps WET
architects choose the materials and design of the features façade.

WET designs and engineers their own robotic devices and oversees the fountain components,
water flow mapping, and electrical and lighting systems.

WET has its own laboratory where researchers test and develop new water technologies and
flow strategies.

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Working with
All of the components that make up WET fountain experiences is manufactured by

WET closely oversees the contractors’ installation of the system.

Using VirtualWET software and equipment,
music and lighting are set to the motion of the
fountain on location.

A range of WETCare maintenance programs can be purchased to care for a WET
feature. This can include a staff member permanently on site .                   Page 12
Open Joint Paving
Equipment is hidden underneath paving and water pops up through the openings which
allows water to seep back in to be recycled.

Hidden Basin
The water basin is stored underground which helps halt evaporation.

Whereas traditional fountain pumps are powered by electricity, WET Shooters are powered
using compressed air.

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