Application for Community Mural (DOC) by qingyunliuliu


									       Application for Community Mural
                      Please complete by May 1, 2009
                          and return by email to
                               or by mail to:

                          Prof. Rachel Simmons
                             Rollins College
                     Department of Art and Art History
                           1000 Holt Ave. #2676
                          Winter Park, FL 32789

               For more information about the mural project
      please contact Prof. Rachel Simmons at
                           or visit our website at

Through the support of the Student-Faculty Summer Scholarship Program and
the Office of Community Engagement, Rollins College will be able to serve three
deserving community partners through mural projects to be completed during the
summer of 2008. Prof. Rachel Simmons of the Department of Art and Art History

and three Rollins College studio majors will be creating these community murals
from June 8-July 31, 2009. They hope to provide a valuable service to the
community partners who benefit from the murals while educating the public about
the positive impact that art can make in our daily lives. As they work, the artists
hope to learn more about the communities they engage while expanding their
knowledge of how to build and execute public art projects successfully. This
project aims to enhance the students’ and faculty member’s educational
exchange, supplementing and supporting the Rollins academic curriculum, while
engaging the surrounding community in a lasting and meaningful way.

Applicants will be selected according to the following criteria:

       This mural project should enhance the community partner’s facilities, their
        daily operations or programs and engage the members of that community
        in the activity of collaborating with the mural artists

       Designated mural sites should be a place that members of that community
        regard highly and that serves that community’s needs in some way

       Community partners should be prepared to help the artists create the
        mural either by giving them direction regarding their desired subject
        matter, purpose, and intended message and audience OR if appropriate,
        assist in the actual painting of the mural.

       Community partners should be open to collaboration with the artists, but
        should defer to the artists’ expertise regarding the arrangement of visual
        elements and overall stylistic qualities of the mural.

       The community partner should be otherwise unable to complete the mural
        project without the assistance of the artists and support from Rollins

Project Timeline

May 1                Mural applications due to Rachel Simmons

May 2-               Project coordinators make site visits to interview and
May 30               determine finalists

May 30               Winners notified

June 8-June 14       Artists finalize plans & designs with community partners

June 14-             Murals are completed
July 31

Part I. Applicant Information

Community Site:

Physical Address and Location:

URL (web address):

Site Contact Person:



**Please attach or insert an image of the site and include a brief description
of the proposed surface on which your organization would like the mural
painted (length and height of wall, surface of the wall, outdoor or indoor
location, etc.) **

Part II. Proposal (Please limit your total response to 700 words or less)

1. Please provide us with your organization’s mission statement:

2. Please provide a statement about your history and c urrent role in the

3. What makes your organization a strong candidate for a community mural?
How would it improve your facility, programs, or other community activities?

4. How would your organization work with the artists to create the mural? In other
words, will you mostly provide direction and feedback, or would members of your
community want to be involved in the actual creation of the mural?


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