2010-2011 APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS - Undergraduate Admission by ghkgkyyt


									S TA N F O R D         2010-2011
       Thank you for considering Stanford University as one of your college options.
         We hope this guide will be helpful as you begin your application to Stanford.
                  We wish you the best and look forward to learning more about you.
                                                                            We prefer that your counselor, teachers, or instructors also submit
Every application to Stanford receives serious and thoughtful               their documents online. If they are unable to do this, you may download
consideration; our aim is to know more about the person, context,           the appropriate forms from the Common Application website and have
and accomplishments represented by each application.                        them mailed directly to our office, using the Stanford mailing labels.

Please read these instructions very carefully. They contain important
                                                                            Important: When completing your application, please take special note
information regarding deadlines, application procedures, and
                                                                            of the following requirements. Failure to do any of these things will
financial aid. Following these instructions closely will allow our office
                                                                            delay the processing of your application.
to receive, process, and read your application with the time and care
that it deserves.                                                           • Be sure your Common Application ID number appears on all
                                                                              forms you download from the Common Application website.
This guide highlights the most important information needed to apply        • Use the Stanford mailing labels for any document mailed to
to Stanford. For more detailed information about our application              our office. The labels are located at:
process, please visit: admission.stanford.edu/apply                           admission.stanford.edu/applying/forms.
                                                                            • Use your official name on all application documents,
For specific instructions pertaining to the Common Application,
                                                                              including testing, and ensure that you use the same name on
please visit: commonapp.org
                                                                              all materials that you submit.

                                                                               FIRST-YEAR OR TRANSFER APPLICATION FORM & FEE
Freshman applicants to Stanford have two application options:
                                                                               (OR FEE WAIVER)
Restrictive Early Action and Regular Decision. Restrictive Early Action
                                                                            The First-Year and Transfer Application Forms include questions about
is a non-binding early admission option that may be appropriate for
                                                                            your personal background, extracurricular activities, academic honors,
students for whom Stanford is their first-choice school. For more
                                                                            and other experiences; it also requires a personal essay. Freshman
information about these options, please visit:
                                                                            and Transfer applicants must submit the appropriate form online,
                                                                            along with the non-refundable $90 application fee (or fee waiver) by the
Transfer applicants to Stanford have only one application option.           appropriate application deadline.
Detailed information about the transfer application process can be
                                                                            Fee waivers are available to applicants who apply for Financial Aid and
found at: admission.stanford.edu/transfer
                                                                            meet the guidelines established by the College Board. If you meet
                                                                            these guidelines, select the fee waiver option on the application when
                                                                            prompted for payment.
 Type of               Restrictive      Regular
                                                          Transfer              STANFORD SUPPLEMENT TO THE COMMON APPLICATION
 Application           Early Action     Decision
                                                                            The Stanford Supplement asks you to share with us a little more
 General                                                                    information about yourself through a series of additional questions
 Application           November 1       January 1         March 15          and short essays. This is a separate document from the First-Year or
 Deadline                                                                   Transfer Application Form and is available online to registered users
                                                                            of the Common Application website. You must submit the Stanford
                                                                            Supplement at the same time as the First-Year or Transfer Application
 Deadline with Arts    October 15       December 1        March 15
 Student Notified                                                                STANDARDIZED TESTING
 of Admission          December 15      April 1           May 15            SAT Reasoning Test or ACT
 Decision                                                                   Both freshman and transfer applicants are required to submit scores
 Reply to Stanford     May 1            May 1             June 1            from either the SAT (Critical Reading, Math, and Writing) or the ACT
                                                                            Plus Writing to be considered for admission. Applicants must report
Regardless of application type, all materials must be submitted             all SAT scores OR all ACT scores; however, we will focus only on your
by the appropriate deadlines above. All dates are postmark or               highest individual section scores across all sittings for the SAT and
electronic submission deadlines. We encourage students to submit            your highest composite score for the ACT Plus Writing. Your official test
their applications well in advance of the deadlines to avoid last-minute    results must arrive at Stanford by the appropriate application deadline.
technical difficulties.                                                      We cannot accept photocopies or student-reported scores as official
APPLICATION COMPONENTS                                                      SAT Subject Test Scores
The Common Application serves as Stanford’s sole application for            SAT Subject Tests are strongly recommended, but not required, for
both freshman and transfer applicants. Students can access the              admission to Stanford. We recommend taking at least two SAT Subject
First-Year or Transfer Application, including all necessary forms, online   Tests. While this information can assist us in making our evaluations,
at commonapp.org. Stanford requires all applicants to apply online;         applicants who choose not to take SAT Subject Tests will not be
we will not accept paper copies of the Common Application (unless           disadvantaged in our process.
approved in advance by the Director of Admission).
TOEFL                                                                        Transfer: Request an Instructor Evaluation from two – and no more
If English is not your native language, we recommend, but do not             than two – college instructors to be submitted (preferably online) by
require, that you take the Test of English as a Foreign Language             March 15. You should choose instructors who have taught you in an
(TOEFL)                                                                      academic subject area. If you have been out of college for several
                                                                             years, you may substitute one work reference for one instructor
Important: Please use the same name on all application documents,
                                                                             reference. We will not accept high school teacher recommendations in
including your testing. If you have taken any of your tests under a
                                                                             lieu of a college instructor recommendation.
different name, please notify our office immediately at:
credentials@stanford.edu                                                     Important: Please ask your teachers/instructors to submit the
                                                                             Common Application Teacher/Instructor Evaluation form (including your
Stanford’s Test Codes: SAT & TOEFL – 4704; ACT – 0434
                                                                             Common Application ID) with their letters of recommendation. Failure to
                                                                             include the form and your Common Application ID number will delay the
                                                                             processing of your application in our office.
Important: Please use the Stanford mailing labels for any forms mailed
to our office: admission.stanford.edu/applying/forms
                                                                             OPTIONAL EVALUATION
Freshmen: Ask your school counselor to submit the Secondary School           You may submit a maximum of one Optional Evaluation if there is
Report (preferably online) by the appropriate deadline. The Mid-Year         another person – NOT a teacher or counselor – who knows you well
School Report is also required after the first semester or trimester of       and will provide us with different information and new insights about
your senior year.                                                            you. We ask that you instruct your additional recommender to place
Transfer: Ask the counselor or other school official at the high school       your full name (as listed on your application), your birth date, your
from which you graduated to submit the Secondary School Report               current school, and your Common Application ID number at the top
(preferably online) by March 15. If you graduated from high school five       of the letter. Submitting an extra letter is entirely optional and is not
or more years ago and a recommendation is no longer available, you           expected.
must still have the appropriate school official complete and submit
                                                                             SUPPLEMENTARY CREDENTIALS
the form with your final high school transcript. Also give the College
                                                                             Please do not send any additional materials which are not specifically
Official’s Report to an official at your current institution to be submitted
                                                                             requested in the application. This includes school or work resumes,
by March 15.
                                                                             research papers, and writing samples. They will not be considered.
International Applicants/Non-American Grading System: If your
school does not use the American grading system, give both the               RESPONSIBILITY FOR CHECKING YOUR APPLICATION STATUS
International Supplement and the Secondary School Report to your high        You are responsible for verifying that all required forms and documents
school counselor to submit by the appropriate deadline.                      have been received by the appropriate deadlines. It is very important
                                                                             that you check the Common Application website (under “My Colleges”)
   OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS                                                      to ensure that both your First-Year or Transfer Application and Stanford
Freshmen: You must submit an official high school transcript                  Supplement forms have been successfully submitted. Once we have
(preferably with your Secondary School Report) by the appropriate            received the online submission of these two documents, we will send
deadline. If you have attended more than one high school and the             you instructions on how to check the status of your other application
grades from your prior school(s) do not appear on your current               materials. While we will do our best to notify you of any missing
transcript, you must submit transcripts from each school you attended.       documents, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that we have
You should also submit transcripts for any coursework taken at               received all required application materials.
a college or university. We will not accept grade reports in lieu of
                                                                             Correspondence from our office – including your admission decision –
                                                                             will be sent to you via email. You are responsible for providing us with a
Transfer: You must submit official transcripts from all of your high          valid email address, notifying us of any changes to your email address,
school and college/university coursework by March 15. If you have            checking your email regularly, and ensuring that your email account
attended more than one college/university, you must submit a                 will accept email from Stanford. We recommend not using a school or
transcript from each school. If you are attending a school on a quarter      .org email address. Please consult your email provider for instructions
or trimester system, your transcripts must include grades from your          on adding admission@stanford.edu to your address book or safe
fall and winter terms or we will not be able to consider your application.   sender list.
We will not accept grade reports in lieu of transcripts.
                                                                             APPLYING FOR FINANCIAL AID
   TEACHER OR INSTRUCTOR EVALUATIONS                                         Stanford adheres to a need-blind admission policy (except in the cases
Important: Please use the Stanford mailing labels for any forms mailed       of non-U.S. Citizens and non-U.S. Permanent Residents). This means
to our office: admission.stanford.edu/applying/forms                          that your financial status is not a factor in our admission decision. We
Freshmen: Request a Teacher Evaluation from two – and no more than           are committed to providing a comprehensive, need-based financial aid
two – teachers to be submitted (preferably online) by the appropriate        program that makes it financially possible for admitted students to
deadline. Stanford requests that you ask teachers from two different         attend Stanford. To apply for financial aid, submit the CSS PROFILE and
subject areas from among the following: English, mathematics,                the FAFSA by the financial aid deadlines. For more information, please
science, foreign language, and history/social studies. We also               visit: financialaid.stanford.edu
recommend choosing teachers who taught you in grades 11 or 12.
                                                                             Continued on page 4
OPTIONAL ARTS SUPPLEMENT                                                                   IMPORTANT REMINDERS
Applicants with extraordinary talent in the fine or performing arts – art,                  • Refer to admission.stanford.edu/apply for complete application
dance, drama, and music – who intend to participate and/or study                             instructions and more detailed information about Stanford’s
in one of the arts, even if not majoring in the arts, may submit (by                         admission process.
mail) supplementary materials for review by our faculty. Applicants                        • Stanford only accepts applications online through
submitting an Arts Supplement are expected to have demonstrated                              commonapp.org.
artistic talent at a level beyond what is normally exhibited by high                       • Use your official name on all application documents, including
school students.                                                                             testing, and ensure that you use the same name on all materials
                                                                                             that you submit.
While we would like students with a vested interest in the arts to
                                                                                           • Your Common Application ID number must appear on any form
continue their participation at the collegiate level, an arts submission
                                                                                             you download from the Common Application website.
neither guarantees nor commits a student to participate in the arts
                                                                                           • Use the Stanford mailing labels for any document mailed to
at Stanford if admitted, nor does non-submission preclude such
                                                                                             our office. The labels are located at:
A detailed guide explaining how to submit an Arts Supplement can be                        • Your application is not active until you submit the First-Year or
found online at admission.stanford.edu/applying/forms; students                              Transfer Application, Stanford Supplement, and application fee.
should thoroughly review these instructions. Also, in order for your                         Please submit all these at the same time and by the appropriate
Arts Supplement to be considered in the review of your application,                          deadline.
you must submit all of the following credentials by the earlier                            • Notify us immediately of any changes to your home, mailing, or
deadlines indicated in our application deadlines chart.                                      email addresses.
Submit online through the Common Application website:                                      • Add admission@stanford.edu to your email address book or
• First-Year Application or Transfer Application                                             safe senders list.
• Stanford Supplement to the Common Application                                            • Print and save copies of all forms, including those you submit
Mail to the Stanford Office of Undergraduate Admission in hard copy
                                                                                           • It is your responsibility to check that all forms and documents
and in the same envelope:
                                                                                             have been received by Stanford by the appropriate deadlines.
• Common Application Arts Supplement form
                                                                                           • We recommend that applications be submitted well in advance of
• Arts Instructor Letter of Recommendation
                                                                                             deadlines to avoid technical difficulties with the Common
• Arts Resume
                                                                                             Application website.
• Arts Submission. Please review the separate Arts Supplement
                                                                                           • Applicants are expected to adhere to NACAC’s Students’ Rights
  Instructions for the specific guidelines governing each kind of
                                                                                             and Responsibilities, which can be found at:
All other application materials may still be submitted by the usual
deadlines. Please be sure that your Common Application ID number
appears on any form you download from the Common Application
website. Please do not send us any other materials beyond what is

                                                                                                   If you have further questions, please contact us at:
Stanford University admits students of either sex and any race, color, religion, sexual
orientation, or national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs,
and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the University.
Consistent with its obligations under the law, it prohibits discrimination, including
harassment, against students on the basis of sex, race, age, color, disability,
religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national and ethnic origin, and any other
characteristic protected by applicable law in the administration of its educational
policies, admissions policies, scholarships and loan programs, and athletic and other
University-administered programs. The following person has been designated to
handle inquiries regarding this policy: the Director of the Diversity and Access Office,
Mariposa House, 585 Capistrano Way, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305-
8230; (650) 723-0755 (voice), (650) 723-1216 (TTY), (650) 723-1791 (fax), equal.                     Office of Undergraduate Admission
opportunity@stanford.edu (email). The Clery Act: Stanford University complies with                          Montag Hall—355 Galvez Street
the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act. A
                                                                                                              Stanford, CA 94305-6106
copy of Stanford’s policies and statistics under this act are posted on the Department
of Public Safety website at: http://www.stanford.edu/group/SUDPS/safety-report.
                                                                                                               Phone: (650) 723-2091
shtml. A paper copy can be obtained by calling the Stanford Department of Public                                 Fax: (650) 725-2846
Safety at (650) 723-9633.                                                                                   Email: admission@stanford.edu

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