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									                                                       OFFICE OF WELD COUNTY COUNCIL
                                                                               915 10TH STREET
                                                                                    P O BOX 758
                                                                   GREELEY, COLORADO 80632
                                                                PHONE: 970-356-4000 EXT. 4780
                                                                              FAX: 970-352-9019

                               WELD COUNTY COUNCIL
                                  2010 – 1st Quarter
                               REPORT TO THE PEOPLE
                                        May 17, 2010

The Weld County Council is mandated in accordance with the Home Rule Charter of Weld
County, Colorado, to report to the people of Weld County on a quarterly basis, those matters
related to the council’s review of Weld County government. This report summarizes the
activities of the Weld County Council during the first quarter of the calendar year 2010.

                    January 18, 2010 – Weld County Centennial Center

                            2010 Election for Council Officers
Councilwoman Perry Buck was elected 2010 Weld County Council President. Councilman Don
Mueller was elected 2010 Weld County Council Vice President.

The Council adopted Resolution 180, suggesting the Weld County Commissioners consider
donating 2010 pay raise to charity.

                          2010 Council Coordinators Assignments
The following Council Coordinator Assignments for 2010 are as follows:
Department of Finance and Administration – Councilwoman Buczek
Department of Health Services – Councilwoman Buck
Department of Planning – Councilman Mueller
Department of Public Works – Councilman Tucker
Department of Human Services – Councilman Kivimaki

                 2010 Weld County Council Meeting Dates – Resolution 181
Resolution 181 was adopted stating the 2010 Weld County Council meetings be held on the
third Monday of each month, except in February 2010 when the meeting will be held on the
second Monday. The meetings will be held at 6:30 p.m.

                             2010 Weld County Council Locations
The council will meet at the Weld County Centennial Center, 915 10 th Street, Greeley, Co for
its monthly meetings.
                                        County Archives
The county wants to be sure all historical items are archived. The Secretary was directed to
keep 6 years plus current year information in office and archive the older
minutes/agendas/council business documents.
Weld County Council
2010 1st Quarter Report to the People
May 17, 2010
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                              February 8, 2010 – Weld County Centennial Center

                                        Review Program
Weld County Treasurer John Lefebvre distributed handouts and discussed the duties of the
Treasurer and the Treasurer’s Office. The duties include collecting all property taxes in Weld
County, distributing money to underlying authorities, investing the difference, chair the
retirement board and chair the Legislative Committee for the Colorado County Treasurer’s

Mr. Lefebvre gave an overview of some of the 2009 accomplishments in his office, which
included new computer software, collections of personal property, new process for scanned
checks and reporting more information to the public.

Weld County has 169,000 tax bills with a cost per bill of $5.14. Weld was number two in the
state for low cost per tax bill and for number of tax bills per employee.

The county had never seized a business until Mr. Lefebvre came to the county. In previous
years, the office has seized about one business per year. They are seized to protect the
asset. This year there have been about 30-40 businesses seized.

Personal property taxes and mobile home taxes are the hardest to collect. This was the first
year that there have been unsold tax liens. There was a record amount of tax liens and it was
the lowest rate that could be paid. Many mobile home and subdivision liens were not sold.

                                March 15, 2010 – Weld County Centennial Center

                                       Review Program
Michael Guthrie, Executive Director of Youth and Family Connections, previously named Weld
Juvenile Assessment Center, distributed and presented information about the center and the
name change.

The center was opened in 2006 and has working relationships with 16 police agencies, 10
schools districts, juvenile court and probation, District Attorney’s Office, and several youth and
family service providers. The purpose is to work with youth and their parents to identify an
easier path for the children to take. Schools, counselors, parents and police can give a referral
to the agency to look into and intervene into the situation. The center invites the family to
participate in the service. There are no fees for services. There is a needs assessment done
with the youth. An interview with the youth and parent to see what is going on in life and help
identify issues. The center comes up with a plan for the youth and parent. The case manager
works with the family for up to five months. The case gets closed and the family moves

The organization works in a collaborative way with other agencies in Weld County to facilitate
services for youth and families and helps coordinate funding, grant ventures and find additional
services available.
Weld County Council
2010 1st Quarter Report to the People
May 17, 2010
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The center also allows law enforcement to drop off youth at this site. When a juvenile is in
police custody and the issue is not serious to go to a detention center, the police have a
responsibility to get the youth to the parent or adult. The officer can drop the youth at the
facility and get back to their job quickly and the center holds the youth until a parent can pick
them up. In 2009, the police agencies used this service 147 times and saved 200 man hours.

There were 1200 needs assessments done in 2009. They suggested over 1300 services to
help the families. North Range Behavioral Health has assigned two counselors and one
substance abuse counselor part-time to the center. Families can be directed to these

Truancy is a big issue for youth today. There is a new program at the center called TRIP
(Truancy Response and Intervention Program). This was developed with DA’s Office, Truancy
Court, school districts and Youth and Family staff. This is a three tiered program. 1st tier is a
direct referral by the school to the family and youth notifying them there is an attendance
problem and they recommend the family to contact the Youth and Family Connections for
direction and support. The 2nd tier is if the family declines the services and or/the attendance
issue is not corrected, the school district can file a petition to take them to truancy court and
the court will order them to Youth and Family Connections services. The 3 rd tier is if the truant
behavior still does not get corrected, the youth and parent can get sanctioned. Weld has taken
a big step implementing the Truancy Resource Intervention Program. There are four other
Juvenile Assessment Centers in the Front Range that are interested in using this model –
Larimer, Adams, Arapahoe and Jefferson Counties

Funding comes from voluntary contribution by municipality police agencies and school districts
which make up about 55% of operating costs. There is also a signature fundraising events
each year, federal, state and foundation grants. The average cost to put a youth through this
program is $500.

A second site opened in south Weld County. The case managers meet with families at the Ft.
Lupton Department of Human Services Office and the Municipal Building in Frederick a couple
times a week. This helps families get connected with services without having to travel to

                                  Off-Site Recording Equipment
The current council off-site equipment is not working. New equipment needs to be borrowed
from another department or new equipment purchased. After discussion, the council will
borrow from another department at this time.

Weld County Council meetings are held on the third Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m.
except in February 2010 when the meeting was held on the second Monday of the month.
Meetings in 2010 will be held at the Weld County Centennial Center located at 915 10 th Street
in Greeley, CO. For meeting locations or other information, please contact the County Council
office or visit the council’s website at
Weld County Council
2010 1st Quarter Report to the People
May 17, 2010
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                                        WELD COUNTY COUNCIL
Date Signed: May 17, 2010


Councilwoman Perry Buck - yes
Councilman Don Mueller - yes
Councilwoman Ginny Buczek – excused
Councilman John Kivimaki - yes
Councilman Charles Tucker - yes


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