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									Steve Wii            he author of several info
          ideman is th                       ormation pro oducts, including The Fouur Layers of the 
SEO Mode             Blog Optimiz
          el and SEO B          zation. Wiideeman has spent nearly a  a decade studying, teachh, and 
         g advanced s
practicing                      ne optimizat
                     search engin            tion for clien
                                                          nts and while           or several Fo
                                                                       e working fo           ortune 
100 busin                       eve Wiidema
         nesses. Connect with Ste            an anytime o on Twitter on            og 
                                                                       n his SEO Blo 

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     duction ...................................................
Introd                                                                              ...............................................................
                                                               ......................                                                             ....... 3 
Search Marketing is Changing the World ......                    ...............................................................
                                            ......................                                                             ....... 4 
      with a Strateg ......................................
Start w            gy                                                          ...............................................................
                                                          ......................                                                             ....... 5 
                   ur SEO Goals & Search Eng
    Figuring Out You                                     ...............................................................
                                           gine Reach ....                                                             ....... 5 
    The           ords                                ......................
      e Right Keywo ...................................                    ...............................................................
                                                                                                                                         ....... 6 
      havioral Targe
    Beh                                                  ......................
                   eting..................................                    ...............................................................
                                                                                                                                            ....... 7 
      yword Tools ...........................................
    Key                                                                          ...............................................................
                                                            ......................                                                             ....... 8 
      eating a Conte
    Cre                         Sheet ............
                   ent Tracking S                                     ...............................................................
                                                 ......................                                                             ....... 8 
    sing a Domain
Choos                                              ......................
                n Name .............................                    ...............................................................
                                                                                                                                      ..... 11 
      y a Domain Name at Name
    Buy                                     ......................
                   ...........                                                                                  ..... 11 
      oosing a Nam
    Cho                       Branding .......
                 me for SEO & B                                   ...............................................................
                                             ......................                                                             ..... 11 
     ng up Name.c
Settin                      d Blog ...........
                com and Rapid                                     ...............................................................
                                             ......................                                                             ..... 13 
    ng Wordpress
Makin                                           ......................
               s SEO‐Friendly ...................                                                                                  ..... 15 
     ordpress Crash Course ...........................
    Wo                                                                    ...............................................................
                                                     ......................                                                             ..... 16 
       talling SEO & Other Plugin
    Inst                                    ress ...............
                                ns for Wordpr                  ...............................................................
                                                                                                                             ..... 17 
     ordpress and Plugin Optim
    Wo                                        ......................
                             mizations ........                                                                                  ..... 19 
     ordpress Them
    Wo                      tion ...............
                 me Optimizat                                       ...............................................................
                                               ......................                                                             ..... 29 
      ction Review ..........................................
    Sec                                                                          ...............................................................
                                                            ......................                                                             ..... 30 
     age Search En
Off‐Pa                       zation ...........
                 ngine Optimiz                                     ...............................................................
                                              ......................                                                             ..... 31 
      og and Ping .............................................
    Blo                                                                            ...............................................................
                                                              ......................                                                             ..... 31 
      siness and Web Directorie ...................
    Bus                       es                                       ...............................................................
                                                  ......................                                                             ..... 33 
      t Links Where
    Get                      etitors Have T
                  e Your Compe                             ...............................................................
                                          Them .............                                                             ..... 33 
                              g Specialist ....
    Hire an SEO Brand Marketing                                    ...............................................................
                                              ......................                                                             ..... 34 
      k for Product,
    Ask                                     iews ..............
                   , Service and Website Revi                                                                               ..... 34 
      her Link Build
    Oth                        ues               ......................
                   ding Techniqu .................                                                                                  ..... 34 
     ng Note ..................................................
Closin                                                                             ...............................................................
                                                              ......................                                                             ..... 35 
                ommendation ...................
References + Reco         ns                                       ...............................................................
                                              ......................                                                             ..... 36 

                                                           ur              hts           r
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Intr     ion
Welc           EO         y,
    come to SE in a Day the simple guide to r
                                      e                    g         mizing a web
                                                 researching and optim          bsite
     day                              ng        duce you to some fund
in a d or less! In this guide, I’m goin to introd                    damental beest
pract                      leads and s
     tices to getting more l                    m
                                      sales from people se            or
                                                           earching fo your
prodduct or ser            jor
                rvice in maj search e            ch        gle,
                                      engines suc as Goog Yahoo!, Bing, Ask,
and AAOL.

               elieve Searc Engine O
As great as I be          ch                 on         an       n’t      for
                                   Optimizatio (SEO) ca be, I don believe f a
   ond                    ay
seco that it’s the only wa you can generate b           om
                                             business fro the Internet.

     my       at
It’s m hope tha once you u’ve kicked off your SE strategy that you’ll invest just as
                                               EO        y
     h       m           her
much time or more into oth online m marketing cchannels an be thinking about how
     e                   nce
those channels can influen search engine ran   nking.

Work            jor      e
     king for maj Fortune 100 compa anies, I learned that S          e
                                                          SEO can be both an
                rly       d
affordable (near free) and a semi-peermanent in                                e
                                                nvestment, but should only make up
for about 25% or less of yo overall Internet ma
                o         our                              ategy. Just check out this
                                               arketing stra
     pet                          one
snipp of a Campaign Report from o of my cl      lients:

  mple Market
Sam                 paign Repo
            ting Camp        ort

     YTD Campaign
    FY                                               Action
                                                     A                                       Gross                % of
                               Clicks     Actions                   st
                                                                  Cos           CPA                      ROI
     Performance                                       %                                    Revenuee             T
TV Spo (1-2)                 2,016,882    80,675      .00%
                                                     4.          1,800
                                                                     0,000      $22.311    $5,762,520     3.20   32.85%
Radio A (1-5)                1,545,964     7,730      .50%
                                                     0.            120
                                                                     0,000      $15.522     $552,130 0    4.60   2
Organic Search               1,543,612    30,872      .00%
                                                     2.            100
                                                                     0,000           4
                                                                                 $3.24     $2,205,160    22.05   2
Paid Se  earch (1-4)           163,361     6,534      .00%
                                                     4.            400
                                                                     0,000      $61.211     $466,746 6    1.17     2.66%
Ad Site (1-35)                 296,094     4,145      .40%
                                                     1.            250
                                                                     0,000      $60.311     $296,094 4    1.18     4.82%
CPM (1  1-4)                   212,849     2,128      .00%
                                                     1.            220
                                                                     0,000     $103.336     $152,035 5    0.69     3.47%
Social Networks (1-4)          113,820       114      .10%
                                                     0.             15
                                                                     5,000     $131.779      $8,130       0.54     1.85%
Conten Sites CPA (1-1 10)       98,557     1,380      .40%
                                                     1.            100
                                                                     0,000      $72.477      $98,557      0.99     1.61%
Affiliate (1-4)                 64,105     1,282      .00%
                                                     2.             50
                                                                     0,000      $39.000      $91,579      1.83     1.04%
Email C Campaigns (1-9)         45,044     2,252      .00%
                                                     5.             60
                                                                     0,000      $26.644     $160,871      2.68     0.73%
IYP (Ye ellow Pages)            27,866       418      .50%
                                                     1.             35
                                                                     5,000      $83.733      $29,856      0.85     0.45%
Online PR (1-14)                11,059       100      .90%
                                                     0.              4
                                                                     4,000      $40.199       $7,109      1.78     0.18%
Totals/  /Summaries          6,139,213   137,631      .98%
                                                     1.         $3,154
                                                                     4,000      $54.988    $9,830,788     3.46      100%

              d                                         nd
The company did have to pay $100k for SEO resources an placement costs (I’ll
expla later), but as you c see, the Return on Investmen was the h
    ain       b          can        e         n         nt                    any
                                                                   highest of a
    r         g          Look at the gross reve
other marketing channel. L                              ou
                                              enue. Do yo think they cared aboout

    pe        oy                              and     ou         est      ur
I hop you enjo this simple optimization guide a wish yo all the be with you
Internet Marketing strategy

                                                      ur              hts           r
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  arch Ma
Sea                  hanging the W
        arketing is Ch     g     World
     u’re                  et         all
If you new to the Interne as a sma or medium-size bus                   amount of
                                                            siness, the a
     mation and marketing options av
inform          d                                n          verwhelming. The
                                      vailable can be very ov
     tional philos
tradit                                g          e           t         g          ew
                 sophies of advertising remain the same, but marketing as we kne it
     re                                and        r          all
befor the millennium has changed, a in favor of the sma business owner. s

    nks       P
Than to the PhD’s that c                         ow
                          continue to improve ho search r              organized a
                                                           results are o         and
displayed, anyo (yes, an                                              e
                          nyone) can now capture the same audience that only la  arge
comp           ld         o
    panies coul market to a decade ago. As more consum                 te
                                                           mers migrat to the Web,
    more advert
the m          tising budgets will shif as well. C
                                      ft                   epsi’s move to discontinue
                                                 Consider Pe          e
Supe Bowl adv                         cial        in
              vertising to pursue Soc Media i January of 2010.

    e’s          od        ght,           6
Here some foo for thoug in 2006 Search Engine Strat                    S)       nce
                                                             tegies (SES Conferen
    xpo         ver
& Ex drew ov 5,500 at                              st        he        and
                           ttendees . 2010 is jus around th corner a SES
    ndance has not only go through the roof, but the con
atten           s          one            h                            as
                                                            nference ha expandedd
     nationally offering mul
intern          o                       ng        t          erence.
                           ltiple trainin tracks at each confe

Furth hermore, ac           e
                 ccording the Search EEngine Mark            essional Or
                                                  keting Profe          rganization
(SEM                       n
     MPO), North American search ma    arketing spending will increase 9% to $14.7
                 u          3.5                              PO
billion in 2009, up from $13 billion a year ago. And SEMP forecas the   sts
indu             each $26.1 billion in 2
     ustry will re                     2013 !

   nders of SE and othe Search C
Foun          ES         er         Connoisseurs have sta              own niche
                                                           arted their o
    erences wit topics on Local Sea
confe          th        n          arch, Advan nced Search, Paid Sea            nic
                                                                       arch, Organ
Sear          ocial Networking (with SEO as a s
    rch, and So                                            There is no better time to
                                                subtopic). T                     e
jump on the banndwagon and start mo             om         hly
                                    onetizing fro this high profitable marketin  ng

                                            ur              hts           r
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  art          tegy
Sta with a Strat
In St tephen Cov vey’s awardd-winning (a my pers
                                       and        sonal favor            The       ts
                                                             rite) book, T 7 Habit of
Highly Effective People, Covey recom   mmends “thhinking with the end in mind” as a
corne             e                              pired me so much that I wrote my
       erstone to everything you do. The book insp          o            t        y
      eBook with that same philosophy
first e                                y.

As an SEO Con nsultant, it’s my job to first unders
                           s                      stand my client’s goals before having
   m                       eir                    ere       een
them make changes to the website. In fact, the have be clients I                    d
                                                                        I’ve referred to
                          marketing co
peers with other internet m                       es        e           s
                                       ompetencie because the client’s product or
servi simply did not have enough d
    ice        d           e          demand in t terms of people searchhing online.

   uring Out Your SEO G
Figu         Y                 earch Engine Reach
                      Goals & Se

Yes, I understand you wan to “make a lot of mo           ominate the Internet”.
                                               oney and do          e
Don’t get me wr           s          oal                 n          wever, you’r
               rong, that’s a great go (I have the same in fact). How          re
     g         o                      rst
going to have to do some research fir to determ          much dema there is for
                                                mine how m          and
your product or service before you ca create y
                                     an       your milesttones. For SSEO, we’ree
     ng        ally
talkin specifica about h  how much v  volume ex
                                              xists of peo
                                                         ople search           our
                                                                     hing for yo

     u          ck         e          age       re                     g
If you scroll bac up to the table on pa 2, we’r going to be focusing on the
highllighted row: Organic S           ch
                           Search, whic are the n           tings in the search en
                                                 natural list          e         ngine
resul                      enshot below to see what I’m talk
     lts. Refer to the scree                               king about.

                                                                                          Organic Res
                                                                                          O         sults

                                                                                           Local Resu
                                                                                           L        ults

                                                                                           Paid Resu

                                            ur              hts           r
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               EO         s
             SE requires a combination of qua             nt,
                                               ality conten inbound links &
             mentions, beeing chosen more frequently than competitors in search
                                     n                    n                    h
              esults, and k
             re                      e
                          keeping the searcher on your we            away from
                                                          ebsite and a
              eturning to G
             re                      ind       ent
                          Google to fi a differe result. T           the
                                                          Therefore, t “magic
formula” can be be expla  ained as: 

                          vancy + Po
                      Relev        opularity = Higher Ranking

     t            w         rds. Your deliverable in this section of SEO in a Day is to
But it all starts with keywor
   ply            h        ord
simp research and reco the sea                                d
                                      arch terms you would like to ap   ppear for.

Keyw              rch         t
    word resear can get really conf                    u         al                  of
                                          fusing if you are a loca business; because o
                  s          e
how difficult it is dig up the exact keyw words cons  sumers in your area ar punching
                                                                           re       g
     Google. Ad
into G                        you’ll want t show up for keywor that hav and don’t
                 dditionally, y           to                     rds       ve
    e                                    ets
have your location included, which ge a bit tric      cky.

       Example You’re a l
              e:                     Cleveland, O Keywor research tells you th
                           lawyer in C          OH.        rd          h        hat
              mately 91 pe
       approxim                      month are s
                           eople per m                     or          n        d”
                                                searching fo “lawyer in Cleveland
                           46,000 peo
       and that globally, 24                    arching just for “lawyer
                                     ople are sea          t           r”.

                           rm                   one
To optimize for a broad ter such as “lawyer”, o would h                 re
                                                            have acquir a few
hund             and       d        m
    dred thousa inbound links from various relevant web                 even then it
                                                            bsites, and e           t’s
     ikely that th ranking w last, con
not li           he        will                  earchers no in Cleveland will like
                                      nsidering se           ot                     ely
click back to the search en          choose a dif
                           ngine and c                      ult.
                                                 fferent resu The solu              s
                                                                        ution then is to
plan ahead and focus on a specific ge
                 d                               f
                                      eography if you are a local business.

The Right Keyw

Picki up and reading a b            ed         ng                     ain
                         book entitle “The Lon Tail” will help you ga a
comp           vantage with regards to selecting the right ke
    petitive adv                     o                               You’ll learn
                                                            eywords. Y
    ut         es         e
abou what type of people search us              c
                                    sing specific types of kkeywords.

Here an exam  mple: The te “car” is extremely broad and not very targeted.
   king well for a word lik “car” could drive mil
Rank                      ke                                 elevant visit to your
                                                llions of irre           ts
   site, costing you a fortune in host
webs           g                                and          e           n
                                     ting costs a if you’re bidding on Sponsore    ed
Ads, you could be paying u to $119,
                           up        ,000 per daay!

                                             ur              hts           r
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   avioral Tar
Beha         rgeting

Choo osing keywords that ta arget the pe           y
                                         erson ready to make a purchase or to use yo  our
servi is impor  rtant for gettting the mo from your website. To do this, action words
and a           a            to
     adjectives are added t the searc term. Th action wo in mark
                                         ch        he         ord         keting languuage
     ferred to as a “Call-to-
is ref          s           -Action”. Thhese terms are much m             fic
                                                             more specif and will
creat the best possible Conversion Rate (the number of pre-defined actions ta
     te                                                                   d          aken
divided by the number of v
                n                        our       e
                            visitors to yo website over a spe              d
                                                              ecific period of time).

                h                    e,          nd        e
Adjectives, such as color, size, shape model, an price are also impo  ortant for
captu           ght                  er.        aid
    uring the rig search engine use In the pa search e    engine marketing world,
    e                      e          e                    fiers” (and t
these additional descriptive words are referred to as “modif           they make
biddi for keyw             h
               words much more affo  ordable).

Havi          d          on                                     g         ob
    ing a good conversio rate is a sign that the website is doing a good jo
    eting the right audien
targe                              are
                         nce. Here a some e           f
                                           examples of good keyw          ed
                                                                words, base
    he         ar”
on th broad “ca search s shown above:

              ffordable us cars an
              af          sed        naheim ca
              995
              19 toyota c            vertible
                           celica conv
              uy
              bu honda ci           mento
                          ivic sacram
                         enz
              mercedes be dealers              rt
                                     ship newpor beach

                                             ur              hts           r
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   word Tools
Keyw        s

The t         p
     two most popular prog          discovering the right ke
                          grams for d                                argeted and
                                                           eywords (ta         d
with high search volumes) are Keywo ordDiscover            d
                                      and WordTracker. These
tools are subscr
    s                     ed,                                         ols
               ription base and start at under $100/month. Other too include:

           Keyw          m

   e                        hat
Once you have isolated wh you con                e          keywords to target on y
                                      nsider to be the best k         o           your
   site, you’ll want to build a spreads
webs            w                                eep        f
                                      sheet to ke track of them.

     e                       earn how to build the C
In the next section, you’ll le         o           Content Trracking Shheet that will be
your checklist of search terms you will need to w
               o                                  write conten for. Each page of yo
                                                             nt                   our
webs should focus on O                 rd         ord        for
                           ONE keywor or keywo theme f best results.

   ating a Con
Crea                   king Sheet
             ntent Track        t

Cont             g        heets allow you to keep your targe search te
     tent tracking spreadsh                     p          et        erms and
respe            ent
     ective conte organiz zed. If you a in charg of SEO f your com
                                      are       ge         for       mpany, hav ving
     tracking me
this t                    will                                       deliverable that
                 echanism w not only serve as a guide, but also as a d
     be          ed       nd
can b measure at the en of a cam               marketing cy
                                     mpaign or m           ycle.

The benefit of having a Coontent Track                        rovides a wa to organ
                                       king Sheet is that it pr            ay        nize,
     k         age
track and mana web con                 specifically to generate traffic from the searc
                           ntent built s                      e            m         ch
enginnes. Having such a lis provides a simple wa to hand off content writing tasks to
               g          st                       ay
3 pa or inter              ces.
                rnal resourc

    e         d,       y          list
Once completed you may hand this l to your marketing d          t
                                                      department with somee
   ple        ons
simp instructio and rec commendat tions on ho to acquir more inb
                                            ow        re       bound links.
   ween the co
Betw                    the       ou’ve got yo fundam
             ontent and t links, yo          our    mental SEO work

When building a Content T Tracking Sh            al          s           e
                                      heet, severa attributes need to be considere ed,
    h           e
such as website categoriza            mns        O           nts
                           ation, colum for SEO focal poin (title, meta tags,
head            mage nome
    ding tags, im         enclature & ALT attribu            Other fields that can
                                                 utes, etc). O          s
    onally be ad
optio           dded include: keyword density chheck, keywo  ord-tagged videos, andd
subhheadings (h2-h3).

                                             ur              hts           r
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          e          mple of how to organiz a Conten Tracking Sheet, pro
       Here is an exam         w          ze       nt                              nitial
                                                                       ovided the in
          word resear has bee performe
       keyw          rch       en         ed:
                                                                                       HEADING                             IMAGE
 KEYWORD        CATEGORY   PAGE NAME        HTML TITLE          META DESC.                            IMAGE NAME
                                                                                        (H1)                             ALT TEXT
                                            Find Great    See how affoordable SEO                                         Search
   seo                         seo-            SEO        services can be and learn    Our SEO                            Engine
                services                                                                             seo-services.jpg
 services                  services.html     Services      how quickly we can get      Services                         Optimizati
                                               Here         you ranked in Google.                                            on
                                                                                                                          Try Our
                                            We Offer       Call XYX Co ompany for                                           Link
                                            Affordable    inexpensive link building      Link                             Building
link building              link-building-                                                             link-building-
                services                       Link                   help improve
                                                          services to h                Building                          Services
   services                services.html                                                               services.jpg
                                             Building     your website’s ranking in    Services                         to Improve
                                             Services             Google.                                                 Google

         mple Output

                         /www.[whatever].com/
                    http://                  /services/seeo-servicess.html
                         /www.[whatever].com/
                    http://                              nk-building-
                                             /services/lin                     tml

                     et          th
       The spreadshee starts wit only the Keyword, C            and
                                                     Category, a Page Name
          ulated. Typically the co
       popu                                 ers       ones to com
                                 ontent write are the o                    rest of the
                                                                mplete the r
           adsheet. Be practice in terms of characte limitation are:
       sprea          est        es                   er        ns

                                  characters o less
                Title should be 66 c          or
               Meta Descriptions s                    ters or less
                                   should be 160 charact

                                 ng        or        g
       By using a Content Trackin Sheet fo managing web content, an organization c can
                        e,                           word-rich co
       efficiently create implement and track new keyw                     any
                                                                ontent for a given
       webs site.

       Since each keyw word or key
                                 yword phra can be t
                                          ase                 pecific numb of peop
                                                   tied to a sp           ber    ple
       maki queries in Google, Yahoo!, M           nd
                                         MSN, Ask an other se              es,
                                                              earch engine this
       Cont           ng                   eal
           tent Trackin Sheet makes an ide search engine opti             ool.
                                                               imization to

           k          ownload a te
       Click here to do                   ontent Trac
                                 emplate Co         cking Spreadsheet.

                       ou           ave         f
       At this point, yo should ha a list of the top se             s                     k
                                                         earch terms you would like to rank for
       organized into a Content T   Tracking Sh          may        o
                                               heet. You m want to create a benchmark b   by
            g           rter
       using the Repor tool in W               on
                                    WebPositio or Web C             u
                                                         CEO. If you are going to use thesse
       tools I recommend only tra    acking the TOP 30 keywords or l            dering
                                                                     less, consid
       autommated quer  ries violate Google’s te         conditions.
                                                erms and c

                                                       ur              hts           r
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   mple of Mon
Exam         nthly Ranking Report


               h        O
        Establish your SEO goals & se          ne
                                     earch engin reach
               h
        Research the best k          o
                           keywords to use
       Create a Content Tracking Sheeet
                         rk
        Create a benchmar Keyword Ranking R   Report


                                            ur              hts           r
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       g     main Na
Choosing a Dom     ame

If you already have an esta   ablished br rand, hundr           es        ent
                                                     reds of page of conte on your
exist             e,
     ting website or thousa                           om
                             ands of dollars in custo program             ady       d
                                                               mming alrea applied to
                  r           d
your website, I recommend using SEO in a Day on a separ                   n
                                                                rate domain as a
“mar              ative” rather than trying to build a business c
     rketing initia                        g                               tch      ms.
                                                                case to swit platform

    those of you who ready to effectiv
For t           u                                 ver       ur
                                      vely start ov with you website and you’re
   n                       enerate leads, it may b time to lo at using a new
main goal is primarily to ge                      be        ook
doma or trans              ur        domain to N
               sferring you existing d 

Buy a Domain Name at N

   re        ral     s            erred all my domains to includin
Ther are sever reasons I’ve transfe          y                  om,      ng:

              a          rchase (unli GoDadd
        Simple and fast pur          ike

                        pps      dditional ch
        Includes Google Ap at no ad                     covered in this guide)
                                             harge (not c

           o              s
               Google Sites (sites.yourdomain.coom)
           o   Google Email (name@y
           o   Google Calendar (calen 
                                      ndar.yourdo        )
           o   Google Docs (
                          s                     om)

       Extremel easy to u
                 ly                  modify settin that tak effect immediately w
                          use. I can m           ngs      ke                   with
        only a few clicks

                                   ks       r           rally $1.99/
        Rapid Blog is only a few buck more per year (liter          /mo.!)

           o ht
              ttp://                  pid-blog/

   osing a Na
Choo                 EO      ding
            ame for SE & Brand

Disney would probably nev buy a d              h
                                    domain such as Theme andd
Joe’s Plumbing probably s           uy         n
                         shouldn’t bu a domain such as B             m.
                                                More tha  an
half o Disney’s search eng                     y         ectly from se
                          gine-based traffic may come dire                     s
                                                                     earch terms
     contain the brand na
that c         eir      ame (Disney so using a keyword
                                     y),       g                     ain
                                                         d-rich doma may not   t
work for Disneyy.

                                             ur              hts           r
                   © Copyright 2010 Infopreneu Media. All righ reserved. Ver 1.1 2/27/10
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    s                     establishme that mos residents in the area may not
Joe’s Plumbing is a local e         ent        st         s        a
    w                     ose        ts       nk          or       om       n
know about, nor would tho resident ever thin to look fo or even Big
Joe f that mat                      arching for is “plumbin in Anahe
              tter. What they are sea                     ng       eim” and
    mber in Ana
“plum         aheim”.

Beca            h          use        t        nk
    ause search engines u the text within a lin as a met   thod of defining the
conte being lin            d                   stings typic
                nked to and because business lis                      n            he
                                                          cally contain a link to th
    ness website, having a domain name with th keyword included could
busin                                          he         ds
                prove the number of lin pointing to the website that c
significantly imp                     nks      g                     contain the
keyw            nfluence ho the sear engines rank a we
    words that in          ow         rch      s          ebsite.


                             ds          10                    the
          There are thousand of “Top 1 SEO Tips” lists on t web. Ye my domaet        ain,
          www.Top rem                        ery
                                        mains at the top with ve little inbound linking
          effort from myself or my staff.

So w not www          mbingservice
             w.joesplum           Well, besides the
    ous     he                   er        er                   he        f
obvio “way th heck too long to eve remembe in one’s lifetime”, th length of the
    ain     s         an                  wed
doma name is longer tha what would be allow in a Sp             Ad
                                                     ponsored A using a
    ice     s
servi such as Google Ad          Yahoo! Sea
                       dWords or Y        arch Marketing.

Try to choose a domain na            arts
                          ame that sta with the most rele evant search phrase
(exam           ber                  wed
     mple plumb or plumbing), follow by loca               al),
                                              ation (if loca and squ  ueeze in a
brand if there’s room. Alwa try to ge the .com extension first, follow by .net.
                           ays       et      m                       wed
Hyphhens are a last resort.

                in                  e
The best domai in the sample above might be “plumberan             m”,
                                              which m    may
     ence Joe to get a “Doing Busines As” (DBA with his s
influe         o                    ss       A)                     oe’s Plumber of
                                                        state for “Jo
Anah            at        will
     heim” so tha nobody w question his business name/d             me
                                                        domain nam mismatc    ch.

    Keyw                                                    tion
                                          Advertiser Competit                                 ch Volume
                                                                                    Local Searc
       mber anaheim
    plum           m                                          0.6                                  2400
       mbing anaheim
    plum            m                                       0
                                                            0.53                                   1900
       mbers anaheim
    plum            m                                       0.53
                                                            0                                        260
       mbing in anaheim 
    plum                                                    0
                                                            0.33                                     140
       mber in anahe
    plum           eim                                        0.4                                    110
       mbers in anaheim 
    plum                                                      0.4                                     28

Source https://adwords                            olExternal

    businesses that aren’t targeting a specific ge
For b                                                      the       may
                                                 eography, t model m be as
simp as “{servvice/producct}.com” or “          ervice/produ
                                      “{brand}{se          uct}com”.

                                                   ur              hts           r
                         © Copyright 2010 Infopreneu Media. All righ reserved. Ver 1.1 2/27/10
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  tting up Name
Set      p          and Rap Blog
     a     pid
                  m       d       ese        o         re    th        ame
Please take a moment and check the boxes to make sur we’re bot on the sa
still. If not, go ba and ma sure yo didn’t miss anything
                   ack    ake     ou                   g:

              d          eywords from research
        Selected several ke                      h
              ed
        Organize keywords in a Cont              ng
                                      tent Trackin Sheet
              enchmark re
        Ran a be                      eb
                           eport in We Position or Web CEEO
               ed
        Purchase or transf            yword-rich domain nam at
                           ferred a key                   me

This is where we start to get technica I’ll do my best to detail out as m
                 w                   al.         y                      much as
poss              ve      ptional mate
    sible. I’ll hav some op                                 vailable for those who may
                                     erial in video format av
    ggle with the next few pages.
strug             e

If you not alre                       our    com accoun and click on the dom
               eady there, log in to yo Name.c        nt        k          main
name you’ll be using for SEO in a Da ay.

               o          d         ertisement as shown b
Find and click on the Rapid Blog adve                   below:

Choo the pay             on
               yment optio that work best for y (save b selecting annual) an
                                   ks          you       by         g         nd
    hase the Rapid Blog p
purch                                          Account ico at the top of
                         product. Click on the A         on         p
    locate the box below:
and l          b

    k                   quired Step link and t Setup N
Click on the Complete Req         ps         the                on         wing
                                                      Now! link o the follow
    e.         d        e          g         ge.      the
page You’ll end up on the Rapid Blog setup pag Follow t instructtions below to
creat the webs site.

Impo             b         e          s                    sn’t
    ortant: just because the website is build on a blog does mean it has to be u   used
as on We are using this software be   ecause of h                     endly it is.
                                                 how search engine-frie

                                            ur              hts           r
                  © Copyright 2010 Infopreneu Media. All righ reserved. Ver 1.1 2/27/10
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    1.                      t          sy         o         er
         Choose a login that will be eas for you to remembe (write it down)
    2.                     ed           d
         Select a complicate password (write it down)
    3.                                 c         we’ll change it later)
         Your Blog Title can be generic for now (w          e
    4.           ntinue
         Click Con
    5.                                 Submit butto
         Confirm details and click the S          on

Cong           ns,                  d         half       O
     gratulation you’ve completed the first h of SEO in a Day by recordin      ng
    keywords yo want to rank for and by installing Rapid B
the k          ou                                                              hat
                                                         Blog as the platform th is
going to help yo achieve that ranking
    g          ou                   g!

     e                     going to be working wi Rapid Blog to make the new
In the next section, we’re g                     ith                   e
webs search engine-frie              will
                          endly and w later be c            e          o
                                                 creating the content to make
    vidual pages optimized for higher ranking in the search engines.
indiv           s         d

                                              ur              hts           r
                    © Copyright 2010 Infopreneu Media. All righ reserved. Ver 1.1 2/27/10
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 aking Wordpre SEO
Ma     W     ess O-Friendly
Follo the instru  to login to y
                uctions in N                             website, or s
                                                your new w           simply use the
     below (but replace {yo
link b          r                              actual doma name):
                          ourdomain} with your a         ain

www         ain}/wp-adm
  w.{yourdoma         min

    help, refer to the link b
For h           t           below:
https               d-blog/start

              ve        d
You should hav recorded your usern name and
   sword during the setup login to R
pass                    p;                    using
                                   Rapid Blog u
those credentials.

     r          ,           d         r           m
After logging in, you’ll need sync your Rapid
Blog and Wordp  press passw          k             owing
                            word. Look for the follo
     at        o            ss
line a the top of Wordpres after logg ging in.

                        by       ing     me      rd       d
Now sync your password b re-enteri the sam passwor you used to setup
Rapid Blog as shown below:

                                             ur              hts           r
                   © Copyright 2010 Infopreneu Media. All righ reserved. Ver 1.1 2/27/10
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   dpress Cra Course
Word        ash    e

Word         s            created to b a platfor for creat
    dpress was originally c          be        rm                              gs),
                                                         ting weblogs (aka: blog
    what happens when yo get tens of thousan of developers play
but w                     ou                   nds                             e
                                                                   ying with the
    ce        a
sourc code is an unparall leled website-maker pprogram.

    r          everal years companie have been moving their corpo
Over the last se          s,        es                                          mall
                                                                     orate and sm
    ness websites to Word
busin                               ause of how simple it is to use an because of
                          dpress beca          w                     nd         e
    amount of re
the a                     hat                            how the pro
                esources th are available to customizing h           ogram work ks.

                o                0          0          tom website that has a
A decade ago, one would pay $5,000 to $30,000 for a cust         e          all
    same bells and whistle as Wordp
the s           a           es    press now has absolutely FREE. Here’s a q quick
overvview of the interface:

    s           ges         ain        ch            ked
Posts are web pag that conta code whic can be pick up by “RS     SS
    ers”        w           out                      gate to the
reade or other websites witho having to actually navig
webpage itself.

      this link to lea more abou Really Simp Syndicatio (RSS).
Visit t              arn          ut       ple        on
http://                           S

     a                        u                         uch       s,
Media refers to any content you upload to the website, su as images
     s,          d
videos PDF, Word documents, etc.

     s                         n           used to create a list of outb
Links are an optional feature in Wordpress u            e              bound
      to         sites.
links t other webs

      s                        n’t         y
Pages are web pages that aren particularly used for mar rketing or
     cation. These types of pag include “A
syndic             e           ges                      ontact Us”, “T
                                           About Us”, “Co            Thanks
     uying”, “Privac Policy” and so forth.
for Bu             cy          d

   ments, when activated, all
Comm                                      o           ck
                            low visitors to add feedbac to posts.

Appe earance perta                           ll           el,
                  ains to the website’s overal look and fee optional
functio called “WWidgets” and a feature that allows the sit owner to search
     nd           onal website th
for an find additio             hemes.

Plugins are option componen that can be installed to change the w Wordpres works and to
                  nal          nts          e                       way           ss
    additional interaction, such as “Share Th buttons, y
add a                                       his”                    witter updates, contact form
                                                       your latest Tw                          ms,
and m

    s            p                        e            ove       e           ssions.
Users allows the person running the website to add, remo or change user permis

    s           dpress users t import and export conte quickly. Th is used ma
Tools allows Word            to         d            ent         his                       e
                                                                             ainly for those rare
    sions where a website own is moving their website from one dom
occas                       ner                                              her.
                                                                 main to anoth

     ngs                                 h                       and        or
Settin is where all the magic happens with configuring Wordpress a plugins fo SEO.

                                               ur              hts           r
                     © Copyright 2010 Infopreneu Media. All righ reserved. Ver 1.1 2/27/10
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    alling SEO & Other P
Insta                                     ss
                       Plugins for Wordpres

     w          o            we’ll                   O
Below is a list of plugins w be using with SEO in a Day. Installing th           ns
                                                                       hese plugin on
Rapid Blog is sl              rent from in
                 lightly differ                      em
                                         nstalling the at or on a self-
hoste Wordpre website Follow these easy steps to inst a plugin and then
     ed         ess           e.                              tall     n,
    all          ns
insta the plugin listed be    elow.

    1.   Select Pllugins from the Wordp press Menu  u
    2.            dd          d        or           n
         Select Ad New and search fo the plugin you’d like to install
    3.           nstall (as sh
         Select In           hown beloww)
    4.                        w
         When a new window opens, ch                                     ge
                                        hoose Plugin Pag (not Install
    5.            ck                    on                               n”
         Right-clic the Download butto and select “Copy Link Location or “Short      tcut”
    6.            o          ss,        e
         Return to Wordpres close the new wind                oose Install a Plugin
                                                    dow and cho
    7.            e
         Paste the URL (Ctrl                        m                    nstall button
                              l+V) under Install From URL and click the In           n
    8.                       he         nk
         Click the Activate th Plugin lin when do   one

                                              ur              hts           r
                    © Copyright 2010 Infopreneu Media. All righ reserved. Ver 1.1 2/27/10
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    w           t                        Continue wi the guide after thes plugins h
Below is the list of plugins to install. C         ith                  se        have
   n            a           ed.          to        ins       nd
been installed and activate Return t the Plugi page an activate all the e
   gins listed below:
plug            b


       Akismet
       All in One SEO Pacck
               S
        Dagon Sitemap Generator
       Easy Contact
                a                  ss
        Google analytics for Wordpres
               M
        Robots Meta
       KB Robo ots.txt
                X         aps
        Google XML Sitema with qT              upport
                                    Translate Su
                el
        Top Leve Categorie es

     e                      all
Once installed, verify that a the plugins are acti           licking Plug
                                                  ivated by cl                     he
                                                                        gins from th
right navigation and select            gins from th top menu
                           ting All Plug          he         u.

                                            ur              hts           r
                  © Copyright 2010 Infopreneu Media. All righ reserved. Ver 1.1 2/27/10
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   dpress and Plugin O
Word        d        Optimizations


Let’s get those URL’s look
    s                                or       and        rs,
                         king great fo Google a for user by changing the
   malink structure to mak more sen than just somedom
perm                     ke          nse        ?=325.
Navigate to Set           select Perm
               ttings and s                                         to:
                                     malinks and change the setting t

/%ca                 %.html

    ch                 ogle Quality Engineer Matt Cutts on file exte
Watc this video from Goo          y                                ensions:
http:/                 watch?v=dS


    Akismet plu
The A                      most of the spam you might rece
              ugin filters m         e                                people
                                                            eive when p
comm         our
    ment on yo website or blog. Ak              little to do w SEO, b you’ll tha
                                     kismet has l            with     but      ank
me la for inst             one.
              talling this o

To get the spec code (ca
              cial                    PI       gnup for a P
                          alled the AP Key), sig                     y
                                                          Profile Only at
Word          m.                     ur After confirming you email, you’ll find the API Key w           ick
                                                                    when you cli
on Edit Profile at Wordpre                      de                   s
                 Enter the cod on your Wordpress Plugins
Akism Configu             der
               uration (und Plugins  s).

                                            ur              hts           r
                  © Copyright 2010 Infopreneu Media. All righ reserved. Ver 1.1 2/27/10
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     n       O
All in One SEO Pack

                st                            stall is All in One SEO Pack. Onc
One of the mos important SEO plugins you’ll ins             n       O          ce
    alled, naviga to Settin > All in One SEO and follow the instruct
insta            ate      ngs                                                  w.
                                                                     tions below

               tatus: Insur the radio button for Enable is s
    1. Plugin St          re        o                      selected

                          5          s          ribe your pr
    2. Home Title: List 3-5 categories that descr                    d/or    es
                                                           roducts and service
               ude         and
       and inclu your bra name. Here are s      some sample titles:

          a. eB - New & u                          parel, collectib
                         used electronics, cars, app                                      p;
                                                                  bles, sporting goods &amp
              ore         ces
             mo at low pric

          b. Am          Online Shopp
     O                         onics, Appare Computers Books, DVD &
                                    ping for Electro           el,       s,         Ds

          c.    ocal SEO Serv
               Lo                           Search Engine Optimizatio Mobile Search, Online
                               vices, Local S                       on,
                dvertising for Local Businesses | LocalS

     - Com
          d. Bu                        tronics, Digita Cameras, B
                          mputers, Elect             al                                es,
                                                                Books, DVDs, Music, Game
              oftware, Toys, Sports

              hoes at DSW: Shop Thous
          e. Sh          :                     men                 es
                                    sands of Wom & Shoes, Men & Shoe and Boots

    3. Home De                        ypical page-level SEO rules) sum
               escription: (Ignoring ty                                        ur
                                                                     mmarize you
       services and value proposition Here are two examp
                                      n.                  ples:

              uy           ectronics, car clothing, apparel, collec
          a. Bu and sell ele             rs,                                     ng
                                                                  ctibles, sportin goods, digital
              ameras, and e
             ca                         se            he
                           everything els on eBay, th world's onl  line marketpla             and
                                                                                 ace. Sign up a
              egin to buy an sell - auctio or buy it no - almost a
             be            nd            on           ow          anything on eB

          b. Onnline shopping from the ea                             books, magaz
                                          arth's biggest selection of b            zines, music,
             DVVDs, videos, e             computers, so
                             electronics, c                            rel
                                                       oftware, appar & acc    cessories, shooes,
               welry, tools &
             jew                          are,
                            & hardwa housewar                                  ods, beauty &
                                                        res, furniture, sporting goo
             peersonal care, broadband &a              urmet food &a
                                           amp; dsl, gou              amp; just about anything else.

    4. Home Keeywords: RRefer to the Content Tr            readsheet fo the
                                                 racking Spr          or
              s          nt
       keywords you’ll wan to enter into this field (comma-          ).        n
                                                           -separated) Here’s an

    , ES
          a. ES            SPN, ESPN2, ESPNews, E               c,
                                                   ESPN Classic ESPNU, Ins    sider, sports
              cores, sports n
             sc                        cores, NFL sc
                            news, MLB sc            cores, NBA sccores, NHL scores, Colleg  ge
              ootball scores College Bas
             Fo            s,                       es,
                                       sketball score sports vide             nformation,
                                                                 eos, sports in
              antasy sports, Fantasy gam
             Fa             ,          mes, Fantasy football, Fantasy baseball l

                                              ur              hts           r
                    © Copyright 2010 Infopreneu Media. All righ reserved. Ver 1.1 2/27/10
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                 hat        cal        nd
    5. Insure th Canonic URLs an Rewrite Titles are b                   ed.
                                                             both selecte Canonic cal
       URLs red             mount of du
                  duce the am                     ntent served up to Goo
                                       uplicate con          d                    iting
                                                                        ogle. Rewri
                 ows us to cr
       titles allo          reate custom

    6. Remove | %blog_t                                  at         e
                        title% from both Post Title Forma and Page Title Formmat.
               son                   ater    n           s                   word-
       The reas for this is so that la we can utilize this space for more keyw
       rich content.

              verything el as is an click the Update Op
    7. Leave ev          lse      nd                  ptions button

   on      p        or
Dago Sitemap Generato

HTM sitemap pages prov    vide someth           ML       ps
                                     hing that XM sitemap do not: L               the
                                                                     Link text or t
     used on a link to anoth webpag sometim naively left as “clic here”.
text u                     her       ge,        mes      y            ck
     on         p          r
Dago Sitemap Generator uses the p    post and pa titles as the link tex and crea
                                                age      s            xt         ates
     k          p         e
a link to every page on the website.

    re         ch
Ther isn’t muc to custom              s
                          mize on this plugin exc            ng       of
                                                 cept includin the ID o the posts or
    es                     ant        d
page that you do NOT wa indexed by the sea                  es
                                                 arch engine (such as thank-
you.h           iscover the ID of a pag or post, mouse ove the Edit li of the page
     html). To di                     ge                    er         ink
    ost         ate        n
or po and loca the ID in the inform                         wser.
                                      mation bar in your brow

Easy Contact

     esn’t matte which con
It doe          er                     you
                            ntact form y decide to use, pro              orm     gs
                                                             ovided the fo setting
allow you to sen the user to a thank you or con
    w            nd         r                                page. Easy Contact do
                                                  nfirmation p                   oes
                 e,         quires a sim
offer this feature but it req          mple settings hack.

     ommend th you first create the thank you page (Page > Add N
I reco          hat                                         es       New) and se elect
    ndex,nofollo from the right-mar
“noin            ow”        e         rgin menu in the post o page. Mo
                                                 n          or                   asy
                                                                      odify the Ea
Cont             s                    ress and po
     tact settings with your email addr                     nge       ite”
                                                ossibly chan “Websi to “Phone”.

                                             ur              hts           r
                   © Copyright 2010 Infopreneu Media. All righ reserved. Ver 1.1 2/27/10
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Below is a scree
    w                     he
               enshot of th code you’ll need to add to the Success field:

         <script ty          avascript">
         window.location = "http://www. 
                                         .yourdomai         nk-you/"

Google analyti for Wor
             ics     rdpress

Without Google Analytics p             stalled, you would not be able to capture
                            properly ins          u
accu                        s,         s,          orm
    urate reporting of clicks keywords contact fo submis                rovide any data
                                                             ssions or pr
    our        er
to yo employe to justify their marke   eting expennse. Here are the steps for
confi          ogle Analyti
     iguring Goo            ics:

    1.          o
        Log in to Google An                                      if
                            nalytics (or setup a free account i you don’t have one)
    2.                      dd
        Click the link to +Ad new prof   file
    3.          he
        Select th radio but             dicates "Add a Profile f a new d
                            tton that ind            d           for         domain"
    4.            f          th        w            the
        Use the full URL wit the www prefix for t new pro        ofile (leave cost sourcee
        checked)  )
    5. Record the UA-######-# in W     Wordpress (S Settings > G Google Ana  alytics) and
        click Finished
    6. Under Goals, click +  +Add goal
    7. Enter Co            ms           ed
                 ontact Form Submitte next to G     Goal Name
    8. Select URL Destina   ation
    9. Next to Goal URL, e   enter /thank           whatever na
                                         k-you/ (or w            amed it)
    10. Click Sav Goal
                P            ngs
    11. On the Profile Settin page (u   under Analy              gs),
                                                     ytics Setting click C  Check Status
        and verif that Analytics is collecting data a
    12. Click on View Repo  orts
    13. Select Tr           ces
                 raffic Sourc > All Tra              es,
                                         affic Source then change the S     Show dropdown
        option to Medium, c                          d
                            click Add to Dashboard button

                                              ur              hts           r
                    © Copyright 2010 Infopreneu Media. All righ reserved. Ver 1.1 2/27/10
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    14. Select Tr           ces
                 raffic Sourc > AdWo   ords > Adw words Camp               k
                                                               paigns, click Add to
        Dashboa button
    15. Select Tr           ces
                 raffic Sourc > Keyw                se         d
                                      words, choos non-paid next to Sh               s,
                                                                           how options
        click Add to Dashbo oard button
    16. Select Goals > Con            ate,         dd
                            nversion Ra click Ad to Dashb      board button
    17. Select Goals > Tota Conversio
                            al                     Add
                                        ons, click A to Dash   hboard butt ton
    18. Click Das           nd
                 shboard an click the Email butto  on
    19. Click the Schedule tab and ent your em address
                                        ter        mail        s
    20. Use Mon nthly Dashb            e
                            board as the Subject
    21. Leave the format as PDF
    22. Use Mon nthly as the Date Rang ge
    23. Check th Include d
                he          date compa             and                     e
                                       arison box a click the Schedule button
    24. In Wordppress, navig           tings > Goo
                            gate to Sett           ogle Analytiics
    25. Check Show Advan    nced Optionns
    26. Next to Track the fu URL of o
                T           ull       outbound cli             t                    URL
                                                    icks, select Track the complete U
    27. Check Tr rack Extra SSearch Enggines
    28. Click Upd                      s
                 date Google Analytics Settings

This may appea to be a lo of steps, but not doing this wou be like t
               ar          ot                              uld       throwing
               t                      ou        wing. If you prefer N
javelins and not finding out how far yo are throw          u’d                 the
                                                                    NOT to get t
mont                      rts,                  ugh
     thly comparison repor skip steps 12 throu 23.

Robo Meta

              orite, Robots Meta is a plugin that serves mu
A personal favo                                 t          ultiple SEO purposes. A
   or         ny
majo error man online m marketers mmake is allow          earch engine to index
                                                wing the se           es       x
down          c          n                      one
    nload and confirmation pages, allowing anyo with ba                        e
                                                          asic search knowledge to
downnload ebooks and soft           out         o
                         tware witho having to pay for it. .

Exam           /
   mple: http://                           &source=hp
                                 arch?hl=en&                  rl%3Athank
                                                    p&q=allinur        k-
you.h                  Search&aq=
               =Google+S         =f&oq=&aqii=

With Robots Me installed you can t the
             eta        d,         tell
    ch                  r          ex
searc engines whether or not to inde
conte when cr           ew         r
             reating a ne page or post.

     u         nt
If you don’t wan the page/ /post to be
index                      nofollow”.
     xed, select “noindex, n

                                             ur              hts           r
                   © Copyright 2010 Infopreneu Media. All righ reserved. Ver 1.1 2/27/10
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     ots          so
Robo Meta als handles duplicate c                    ues
                                         content issu by allow              o
                                                                wing you to force a traailing
     t           f           t           e
“/” at the end of pages that don’t have a file exte ension. Peo             k
                                                               ople will link to content
     rently, so fo
differ                       railing slash at the end of your do
                 orcing the tr           h          d                        e
                                                               omain name or at the end
of a p            elp       e                        uce
      page will he improve consistency and redu potential duplicate content.e

We c           d         explaining th settings here, but s
     could spend an hour e           he                             e         many
                                                          since we’ve covered m
     ese                  t
of the issues above, just copy the s                      ow:
                                     settings as shown belo

    ots      so
Robo Meta als has ano                time-saving feature tha allows yo to input your
                         other great t         g           at        ou
    ch       v
searc engine verification data for Gooogle Webm           ols,
                                               master Too Yahoo! Site Explor   rer,
    Bing Webm
and B       master Tools.

    courage you to spend some time in these tools periodic
I enc          u                                                     rn        e
                                                         cally to lear about the
     mation they collect ab
inform         y                     ebsite.
                          bout your we

                                              ur              hts           r
                    © Copyright 2010 Infopreneu Media. All righ reserved. Ver 1.1 2/27/10
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This was an imp              d           en
                  portant find for us whe we were searching for a solution to Rapid     d
Blog’s file uploa             tions. Activ
                  ading limitat                      plugin will al
                                         vating this p            llow you to create an
impo              he          xt,                    rch         s           d
    ortant file, th robots.tx which tells the sear engines where and where not to       t
navig                         ite.
     gate within your websi It’s impo                ugh
                                          ortant enou for Goo                ude
                                                                 ogle to inclu an anal  lysis
     e                                   so
of the file in their Webmaster Tools, s it’s defini               the
                                                      itely worth t time to install and
    vate this plu
activ            ugin.

     e        ,                              ots.txt and p
Once activated, navigate to Settings > KB Robo                      ollowing cod
                                                         paste the fo          de
     the      p
into t space provided.

Userr-agent: *
Disallow: /cgi-bi
Disallow: /wp-addmin
Disallow: /wp-in
Disallow: /wp-coontent
Disallow: /tag
Disallow: /authoor
Disallow: /wget//
Disallow: /httpd//
Disallow: /i/
Disallow: /f/
Disallow: /t/
Disallow: /c/
Disallow: /j/

User          ediapartners
    r-agent: Me          s-Google
Allow /

User           sbot-Google
    r-agent: Ads
Allow /

User          ooglebot-Image
    r-agent: Go
Allow /

User          ooglebot-Mo
    r-agent: Go         obile
Allow /

    map: http://w
Sitem                   _domain_h
                www.your_                 ap.xml

                                              ur              hts           r
                    © Copyright 2010 Infopreneu Media. All righ reserved. Ver 1.1 2/27/10
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                    with qTrans
Google XML Sitemaps w                   ort
                              slate Suppo

Different from th Dagon S            ol,                               d
                           Sitemap too this plugin creates a prioritized list of pages
that c be sub              ctly
               bmitted direc to the ssearch engi                       ster
                                                ines: Google Webmas Tools,
Yaho Site Exp   plorer, and Bing Webmmaster Tools.

   y           gs       n                    map
Copy the setting below in Settings > XML Sitem

   e          xt
More on the nex page.

                                            ur              hts           r
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Here is where you will wan to exclude your /thank-you/ or other confir
   e          y          nt                                                    ges.
                                                                     rmation pag
   ply                                sts       es
Simp mouseover the Edit link in Pos or Page to find the ID in the URL that
   ears in the information bar at the bottom of y
appe                                                      rowser.
                                                your web br

                                           ur              hts           r
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    k        O         en
Click Update Options whe done.

                                         ur              h               r
               © Copyright 2010 Infopreneu Media. All rights reserved. Ver 1.1 2/27/10
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Top Level Cate

Why Wordpress adds /cate
             s          egory/ in the default U            gory of pos we may
                                                URL to categ         sts
neve understan Fortuna
   er        nd.                     y          g          l          s,
                        ately, just by activating Top Level Categories this
   eeded parameter in the URL will d
unne                    e            disappear f forever.

Before: your_do                  blog/

After your_dom         log/

   gin               mplete!
Plug Installations Com

     he         w           y
All th plugins we currently have activ vated on ou websites should now be install
                                                  ur        s          w          led
on yo                       Sexy Bookm
     ours. I didn’t mention S          marks beca                     configuratio
                                                  ause there are some c          ons
that h          ed                                ast.
      have cause the loss of “link juice” in the pa This pluugin is awesome way to
creat “link bait”, however every link i a vote, so be carefu anytime y link out
      te                               is         o         ul        you
from your website.

Word        eme Optim
   dpress The       mization

Most Wordpress themes a                         arch engine as well a they could
                         aren’t optimized for sea          es        as
    The       T
be. T theme Thesis is w              ed
                         well-optimize but requ                      of        l
                                               uires a higher degree o technical
know                     mmended fo beginners.
    wledge and isn’t recom           or

You can execut the above and still s great re
             te                    see                  wever, I reco
                                              esults. How           ommend
payin someone familiar w Wordpr
    ng                 with        ress to crea a much higher converting cus
                                              ate                           stom
them which sh          e
             hould range between $  $750 and $ depend
                                              $4k                  w        want
                                                        ding on how pro you w
to go

    preferred vendors can be found h
Our p                   n                      /
                                   here: http://                   eferred-

   ng                 ur           teria for the vendor you choose (t
Goin custom? Here’s you list of crit                      u                      t):
                                                                    they’ll get it
                                              but
        No global h1 in the header.php file, b ONE in single.php & pa     age.php
                n
        Navigation must be text                JavaScript or image-based
                                  t-based, not J                          d
                nd                           uilt
        Archive an other links should be bu for permali                   ge/####/)
                                                             inks (not /pag
                 h
        Validates here:
                 h    
        Validates here: http://jig             css-validator/
                hp               r            nd uses h2 for post titles an h1 for cate   egory title
                k
        h2-h4 look great when u                age
                                  used in the pa editor by the writer
                ntegrate nicely without cust
        Widgets in                y            tomization
       Loads quic               bly           l
                  ckly, preferab with a total file size under 150k

                                                ur              hts           r
                      © Copyright 2010 Infopreneu Media. All righ reserved. Ver 1.1 2/27/10
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                                    e                    uploaded vi zip file w
Rapid Blog does allow for FTP, so the theme will have be u         ia         within

   tion Review
Sect         w

   ck       es       nce     ve       ed                    ction:
Chec the boxe below on you hav complete the steps in this sec

       Modified default Wo  ordpress pa assword
                            gins listed o page 18
        Installed all the plug           on
       Modified the Perma   alinks settings to have /%category    y%/%postn         ml
               A            r
        Got an API number from and activat Akisme    ted       et
       Created a detailed h                            ll
                              homepage title with Al in One SE PackEO
       Created a detailed h                           n
                              homepage description with All in One SEO Pack
                             t                        k
        Modified the default All in One SEO Pack settings
                            gs
        Modified the setting for Dagon Sitemap Generator
       Modified the setting for Easy Contact
                t
        Verified that Easy C Contact redirects to /th                        u
                                                      hank-you/ & sends you an email
       Setup Go oogle Analy ytics & verif             s
                                          fied that it’s collecting data
                            gs           ts
        Modified the setting for Robot Meta
                             t         KB
        Created a robots.txt file with K Robots.tx      xt
                            gs
        Modified the setting for Google XML Site       emaps (exc            nk       e)
                                                                   cluded than you page
               ed
        Submitte sitemap.xml to Goo                   o!
                                         ogle, Yahoo & Bing we     ebmaster pportals
                t
        Verified that Top Le evel Catego ories is activve

                                              ur              hts           r
                    © Copyright 2010 Infopreneu Media. All righ reserved. Ver 1.1 2/27/10
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  f-Page Search Engine Optim
Off      S    h      e            n
                 S                   ve       ed                   ”
At this point in SEO in a Day, you hav complete the “on-page SEO” work and
     re                    r                            tioned on pa 6, SEO
you’r ready to share your website with the world. As ment          age        O
requires both on           O         cy)               mization (popularity).
                 n-page SEO (relevanc and off-page optim

The f                       you       ke         e          the
     first few action items y can tak can all be done on t same day as the ssite
    allation step above. H
insta           ps                    m                     be      dvanced
                           However, I’m also going to describ some ad
technniques to help your we            ain       ous
                            ebsite susta continuo growth in populariity.

Blog and Ping

    you        hat        re
Did y know th there ar hundreds of website that love to consum and disp
                                      s         es         e          me         play
    r          c           s          se        e                      “aggregator
other people’s content? It’s true. Thes sites are often referred to as “         rs”
    there are more of them than I can count (wit my shoe on).
and t         m           m           n         th         es

    e         ss
Since Wordpres comes p  packed with blogging te echnology referred to as Really
Simp Syndica            SS), sharing content with other we
             ation (or RS          g                       ebsites is a breeze. A
popu way to share conte is through FeedBu
   ular                  ent                               ou         e
                                               urner, but yo can use the basic
Word         S
    dpress RSS feed (           as
                                    eed/) just a easily.

    he         ge                    destinations you can “p
On th next pag you’ll find a list of d          s                    matically eac
                                                           ping” autom           ch
                          Wordpress. To add this list to you website, s
time you create a post in W                      s         ur         simply naviigate
to Se         W           paste the lis from page 31.
    ettings > Writing and p           st         e

RSS Feeds Sub    bmit is a proogram that can be use to submit your feed
                                                   ed                       d
    ozens of aggregators t
to do                                              s.
                             that don’t accept pings It costs a few bucks,
but if you’re planning on pr roducing so           content, it’s definitely
                                         ome great c           s
worth the buy.

                                              ur              hts           r
                    © Copyright 2010 Infopreneu Media. All righ reserved. Ver 1.1 2/27/10
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Ping List m/ping  hp   /ping/RPC2
http://blogcast.simplaris                                         cf/
                  /u.php C2
http://m                 kn_apps/blogcha  att   /
                        om/rpc/  /RPC2  pc/
http://rp                m/pinger/
http://rp               m:10080/
http://rp                m/
http://rp               om/
http://rp                 eedburner/RPC2  2
http://rp                m/rpc/ping
http://rp                /RPC2
http://se                                mlrpcping.aspx
http://to               om/RPC2
http://w                oc/bp.a2b
http://w                et/ping.php
http://w                 com/RPC2
http://w                 m/ping/
http://w                  /ping/
http://w                                  ogUpdates
http://w                 om/tb_populi.blogg?id=1
http://w                 com/rpc.php
http://w                 om/ping
http://w                 om/xrbin/xmlrpc. .cgi
http://w                 /ping/
http://w                 com/RPCCloud
http://w                 com/xmlrpctest.p php
http://w                m/addsite.php
http://w                 g/RPC2
http://w                 com/RPC/
http://w                m/xmlrpc/ping.php
http://w                m/rpc/server.php m/ping

                         © Copyright 2010 Infopreneu Media. All righ reserved. Ver 1.1 2/27/10
                                                   ur              hts           r
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   iness and Web Direc
Busi         W       ctories

Businness directories such as online y              es
                                       yellow page (OYP), Y, and are ge                          n         sumers who are doing
                            etting a lot of attention from cons          o
their research and busines
               a                        re          eir       e.
                            sses that ar doing the diligence As they g   grow and
impro their on              rms, the tru they hav with the search eng
                nline platfor           ust         ve                               y
                                                                         gines in only
going to improvve.

               em         s
What makes the great is that most have a ded              file        r
                                              dicated prof page for each
    ness listed with both c
busin                                          mation and user-gene
                          company created inform          d          erated conte ent
    C)                    d
(UGC such as ratings and reviews. A lot of generic “web d                         de
                                                          directories” don’t provid
    ue                              ld
uniqu content and typically don’t hol much we             he
                                              eight with th search e engines.

Busin                      o         t            at        eeing them appear in local
     ness directories are so important in fact, tha we are se
busin                      oogle Maps. Local Spla keeps a current lis of the top
     ness listings within Go                       ash                  st         p
                 d         and       the          st        o
local business directories a offers t quickes solution to get your b    business
                 rly       em       und            ith
included in near all of the for arou $200 wi no contr                  r
                                                            racts. Their website is

Trust web dir             ave                   t.        e
               rectories ha a much shorter list There are about 40 or less left that
have lost their Google P            ™                     d
                          PageRank™ as the has improved over the y              three
                                                                     years. The t
    t                      ories based on our ex
most influential web directo         d                     ave
                                               xperience ha been D,
    oo!         ry
Yaho Director and BOT                reated post in October of 2009 ab
                 I cr                    r          bout Best of the
Web (BOTW.or that prov                          n         ecial discou
                           vides more information and a spe          unt:


SEO            ca      ays              of        web      ry
   OCompany.c has alwa done a great job o posting w director lists that can
    orted by yo choice o criteria.
be so         our      of

   ate                              es                    s          am
Crea your list of business directorie and web directories in a progra such as s
    osoft Excel or a Google Docs spr
Micro                                                     column for S
                                     readsheet; include a c                    and
                                                                     Submitted a
one f Verified.

            ere     ompetitors Have The
Get Links Whe Your Co        s        em

                          e         s                     ble
One of my favorite all-time SEO tools is Linkscape, availab at SEOM               their
                                                              in t
     s         M          an
tools section. Members ca run an Ad  dvanced Re eport and c             op
                                                           collect the to 3,000 pa ages
linkin to any coompetitor you research. You can also use SSEOElite, cr            Brad
                                                                        reated by B
Calle but it runs on your computer w                                   g
                                     which puts you at risk for running automated d
queries on Goo            base. Both p
               ogle’s datab                     redible com
                                     provide incr         mpetitor insi ight.

Colle and prio                        petitor links in a separa tab with your Lin
              oritize your list of comp                       ate      hin      nk
    ding spread
Build         dsheet (I call mine a pu            or
                                      unch card o punch lis  st).

                                             ur              hts           r
                   © Copyright 2010 Infopreneu Media. All righ reserved. Ver 1.1 2/27/10
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Hire an SEO Brand Marketing Spec

     ently wrote a post on o blog de
I rece                     our                                 w
                                       escribing in detail a new role I call “SEO Brand
Mark           cialist” who’s job is not just to be a Link Build but to a
     keting Spec                       t                       der,       also be the
     e         mpany when a relevan keyword or the company name appear in
voice of the com                       nt                                 e
     gle,       !,
Goog Yahoo! Twitter, C                 rg
                          Craigslist.or or any other destina              an
                                                              ation that ca email aleerts
can b created for monitor  ring new infformation.

Here a link to the post: http://seoexp

             ct,     e        site   ws
Ask for Produc Service and Webs Review

Therre’s no easier way to g a link fro a news website or blog than b giving aw
                            get          om                                by       way
a free product or service time in exchange for a review. In m
                o                                                          s
                                                                most cases you won’t be
                t           t                       k           however it c be a
able to control the link text using this type of link building; h          can
powe            o
     erful way to get author             s
                            ritative links within unique conten nt.

    onally, you can use a s
Optio                               ch        com, PayPe
                          service suc as Izea.c           erPost, Rev           m
    r          ebsites. How
other similar we          wever, Goo          atch the frequency of n
                                    ogle may ca                      new, similar
    und        nd                   ou,
inbou links an actually penalize yo so use these servi               aution.
                                                          ices with ca

   er       ilding Tech
Othe Link Bui         hniques

Ther are thous          afe                              ur        over time.
              sands of sa ways to get quality links to you website o
     w        w         s         use
Below are a few resources you can u

               ww.ericward
        http://ww                      es/
               ww.localspla
        http://ww            building.htm
                                                  te-hat-link-b          ml
               ww.viddler.c
        http://ww          com/exploree/localsplassh/videos/27/
               ww..viddler.c
        http://ww           com/explorre/localsplassh/videos/222/
               ww.viddler.c
        http://ww          com/exploree/localsplassh/videos/23/
               ww.viddler.c
        http://ww          com/exploree/localsplassh/videos/24/
        http://ww          com/search h?hl=en&so ource=hp&q                        ding
        +strategiies&btnG=G Google+Se earch&aq=f& &oq=&aqi=

     y,          d           st                     u           e          the
Okay I cheated on that las one, but wanted you to get the point that t answer         rs
     out          ’s                    at          es          u
are o there, it’ how you search tha determine what you find. Had I searched for
                  cks” instead of “white hat link building strate
“link building tric          d                                             nces are I
                                                                egies”, chan
                  d          n
would have lead you down the wrong path.g

Please avoid lin schemes 3-way linking progra
               nk      s,                              uilding softw
                                            ams, link bu           ware or
    hing else th may cre
anyth          hat                ern       vior       e
                       eate a patte of behav Google will disapp    prove of.

                                             ur              hts           r
                   © Copyright 2010 Infopreneu Media. All righ reserved. Ver 1.1 2/27/10
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  osing Note
Clo     N
Something I see to be im             ith         nts         g
                          mproving wi my clien is setting real expec     ctations.
Orgaanic/natural search eng                      ot
                           gine optimization is no pay-per-c            tising, wher
                                                             click advert           re
    can        st          y
you c buy jus about any keyword i                 y.
                                     immediately SEO is a long-term strategy to    o
captu market share for h             ht
                          highly sough after, ext            evant, beha
                                                  tremely rele                      eted
                                                                        avioral targe
    ch         ver
searc terms ov time. It took me 6 m               get
                                     months to g to the first page for “SEO Exp     pert”,
    ar         to         3,         her         hs                    or
a yea to get int the top 3 and anoth 6 month to get to top spot fo “SEM Exp          pert”
               y          domain.
on a completely different d

The more time you spend optimizing and improv
               y                                 ving your co          pled with the
                                                             ontent coup
amou of links that great c
     unt                              racts over t
                           content attr                      gher you will move up in
                                                 time, the hig
    search engine results.
the s

               f          or        e                      arms with th search
Any attempt to fast track o game the system will set off ala          he
    nes. Alarms trigger rev
engin          s                     ch
                           views, whic can lead to being pe           f           start
                                                           enalized. If you don’t s
    ee                               elf
to se results by month 3, ask yourse the followwing questions:
    1.              w
          Does my website offer a similar or be                 nce
                                                 etter experien than my c     competition?
    2.                            action buttons to encourag interaction?
          Do I have clear call-to-a              s              ge             ?
    3.               s
          Do I offer something us                visitors to dow
                                  seful free for v              wnload, even a video or PDDF?
    4.               ges                         ed             n,
          Do my pag offer unique hand-type information images, and video?
    5.              d              d             ere
          Am I listed and/or linked to everywhe my compe         etitors are?
    6.                            n
          Is my business found in all the busin                 ted
                                                ness and trust web direc      ctories?
    7.                            er
          Do I have a blog or offe a way for vi                 ract and return for more?
                                                 isitors to inter
    8.                            f              s
          Is someone on my staff getting alerts when our na                   ce
                                                                 ame or servic appears on  nline?
    9.    Am I learning what keyw  words and co                  e
                                                ontent produce leads from PPC ads?
    10              ng
          Am I gettin frequent su                om              erts
                                  uggestions fro SEO Expe or SEO fo            orums?

Than to our fr  riends at and the am
                                    g                      vid       you
                                                 mazing Dav Mihm, y now als      so
have access to the Top Ra            tors based from two st
                           anking Fact                               e
                                                           tudies (one on local SEO,
    other on org
the o                      ).                    tudy BOTH maybe on ranking
                ganic SEO) Definitely visit and st        H,         ne
    or          any
facto a day. Ma of the industry’s le             erts
                                     eading expe particip            e           o
                                                          pated in the studies, so
                ely        he        p
they are definite worth th read: Top SEO Ran              ors:
                                                nking Facto

Than you for downloading SEO in a Day. Ple
   nk                              n          ease be sure to tell yo friends a
                                                                    our       and
   ociates abou it and pro
asso          ut                    feedback a http://www
                         ovide your f        at         w.seoinada

  eve deman
Ste Wiid

                                                  ur              hts           r
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  ference + Re
Ref     es        endatio
             ecomme     ons
                   trategies draw 5,500 atte
    Search Engine St            ws                       /
                                           endees: http://

      MPO says spe
                 ending will inc           4.7           009: 
                               crease to $14 billion in 20

     ecommended SEO ecomm
Our re        d                      m:
                        merce platform http://www            m/

    feeds you’ll want to add to your iGoogle
RSS f            w                         e:

           Blog
           Loca SEO Video Blog
              LocalS               al         o
                  C              s,          nd
              Matt Cutts: Gadgets Google, an SEO
                  moz
              SEOm Daily SEO Blog O
                   h             tch
              Search Engine Wat Blog
             eMarkketer Articles
                   h                                            rch       g
              Search Engine Land: News About Search Engines & Sear Marketing
                  H
              Blue Hat SEO-Adva   anced SEO T Tactics
                   el
              Michae Gray – Gra   aywolf’s SEO Blog
             Aaron Wall’s SEO B Bloog
                  N
              SEO News
             Steve Wiideman’s D              okmarks
                                  Delicious Boo

                                                 ur              hts           r
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