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					  This is the Camden Police Partnership Office report - 1st October to 31st December 2008 


Welcome to the latest edition of The 1829 report.

First of all I wish you all a Happy New Year and all the best to you and your family for 2009.

Another 1829 and another compilation of the excellent work that the portfolio does in the
Borough. It never ceases to amaze me at the level of commitment and activity that police officers
and police staff show on a daily basis. I regularly attend public meeting and partnership meetings
and the praise I receive for the work you all do is second to none so very well done for that.

2008 was a great year - the challenge is to make 2009 even better. Citizen Focus and the Policing
Pledge will become even more prominent. We shouid continue to work together with our response
team and CID team colleagues - we are all part of Team Camden and we should not forget that
we all contribute to the successes that we have had. So please tell your communities about the
unsung heroes of the squads, response teams, the CJU, the forensic team - the list goes on!

Of course, young PS Heasman leaves us having been - quite rightly - recognised for his excellent
skills and experience. A true gentleman and a genuine pleasure to work with I know we will all
miss him. PS Turner has a hard act to follow but I am confident he will do so (no pressure there!).

So, once again thank you so much. Enjoy 2009 and here is to another successful year.

Raj Kohli
Super intendent
Community and Partnership

           This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008   1
      Please note that this report is subject to Protective Marking and FOI procedures         

          The Camden Police Partnership Office comprises the sections
          below and the appropriate Lead Officer provides the update.

         Section                            Team / Unit                              Page
             1        Anti Social Behaviour Unit                                       3
             2        Problem Solving                                                 3-4
             3        Safer Neighbourhoods Teams                                     4-28
             4        Youth and Schools                                             29-32
             5        Licensing Unit                                                32-33
             6        Crime Design Prevention Advisers                              33-34
             7        Crime Prevention Officers                                       34
             8        Partnership Information Unit                                  34-35
             9        Special Constabulary                                          35-36
            10        Diversity Team                                                  36
            11        Hampstead Heath Constabulary                                  36-37
            12        MET Volunteers Programme                                      37-38
            13        Volunteer Police Cadets                                       38-39
            14        Other Partnership matters                                     39-40
            15        Ongoing Partnership initiatives                               40-41

             These are some of the terms that may be used in the report and what
               they refer to. There may be more so please ask if all is not clear!

ASB           Anti Social Behaviour               PND        Penalty Notice for Disorder
ASBO          Anti Social Behaviour Order         PPO        Prolific Priority Offender
ABA           Acceptable Behaviour Agreement      PSP        Problem Solving Process
BTP           British Transport Police            PYO        Persistent Young Offender
CDZ           Controlled Drinking Zone            SatNav     Satellite Navigation
CPDA          Crime Prevention Design Advisor     SNP        Safer Neighbourhood Panel
HVP           High Visibility Patrols             SNT        Safer Neighbourhood Team
LBC           London Borough Of Camden            SPOC       Single Point Of Contact
MSC           Met. Special Constabulary           SPCSO      Station Police Community Support Officer
MVP           Met Volunteer Programme             VPC        Volunteer Police Cadets
NHW           Neighbourhood Watch                 YISP       Youth Inclusion Support Panel
PCSO          Police Communit y Support Officer   YET        Youth Engagement Team

       This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008             2
1    Anti Social Behaviour Unit               Lead – PC Dylan Belt

   We continue to liase and work closely with our partners on anti-soc ial behavioural issues and to
    date we as a partnership in Camden have secured:

           378 ASBOs (10 additional ASBOs since the prev ious report). The orders continue to cover a
            wide range of offending and anti-soc ial behaviour and, where appropriate, all Camden
            ASBOs are designed to run in tandem with quality serv ice provision in order to rehabilitate
           53 Crack House Closure Orders (2 additional Orders since the previous report)
           25 Dispersal Authorisations (1 additional since the previous report)

   The London Borough of Camden currently has 4 dispersal orders in operation to help prevent anti-
    social activity and thereby improve the quality of life for those that live, work or travel through our
    borough. As with all D ispersal Orders, groups of 2 or more people who behave in an anti-soc ial
    manner within the public domain can be banned from the locality for up to 24 hours. This power
    enables police to step-in at an early stage in order to 'nip in the bud' any trouble, and disperse
    those responsible.

   Camden Town has long suffered the effects of drug related anti-social behav iour and a new
    dispersal order has been authorised and is in operation to cover the period 21/11/2008 to
    20/05/2009. Its use is aimed at complementing other interventions in our pursuit of reductions in
    all forms of crime and disorder within this area of Camden.

   A joint Camden and Westminster dispersal order is currently in place and runs from 17/07/2008 to
    16/01/2009. This dispersal area covers the Covent Garden/Bloomsbury/Soho area and is jointly
    policed by both Camden and Westminster officers. An application to renew its use for a further 6
    months, to cover the period 17/01/2009 to 16/07/2009, has been made.

   Youth related anti-social behav iour is being addressed in the Swiss Cottage area with a dispersal,
    which runs until 20/01/2009, and in the Somers Town/Cantelowes area with a dispersal running
    until 15/01/2009. New applications have been made in relation to both these dispersals in order
    that they will still be active for a further 6-month period following on from their current expiry

   The agreed protocol around the use of post convictions ASBOs has seen 37 (1 additional ASBO
    since the previous report) Post Conviction ASBOs that relate to individuals convicted of dealing
    controlled drugs within Camden. Success in this area of work has resulted in several police forces
    from around England and Wales requesting Camden Police‟s assistance to deliver similar results
    themselves. Police are currently working on a further 6 ASBO application in this area.

2       Problem Solving            Lead - Sgt. Julian Evans

   Problem Solv ing is a system to help research, record and deal with persistent problems on the
    Wards. Community concerns currently being worked on using the problem solving process by Safer
    Neighbourhood Teams for this year currently are shown below. There are no new PSPs for this
    particular reporting period.

   Research conducted by the Safer Neighbourhood Review Team shows that public satisfaction and
    confidence in Camden‟s Safer Neighbourhoods Teams is extremely high and this has been
    consistently so throughout this period. We will be working to enhance this during the next period.
    All eighteen wards have been working extremely well towards crime and anti-social behaviour
    reduction and low levels have been recorded across the borough. The teams are proving that

            This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008          3
     engagement with communities and partnership agenc ies is showing signs of success in our efforts
     to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.

        Be lsize Ward                                   Bloomsbury Ward
        Vehicle crime - Chalcot Estate area             Theft of Pedal cycles - University of London
        ASB - Cha lcot Estate area                      ASB/Drugs - Warren Street area
        Burglary - Glenloch Roa d area                  Nuisance Brothels - Warren St/C leveland St
        Camden To wn with Primrose Hill Ward            Cantelo wes Ward
        Drugs ASB - Ca mden Lock                        Burglary - Ca mde n Park Road and environs
        Drugs ASB - Ca mden R oad                       Youth ASB - St. Pancras Way Estate
                                                        Drugs - Ca mde n Square
        Fortune Green Ward                              Frognal & Fitzjohns Ward
        Vehicle crime - Fordwych Roa d area             Burglary - South of the Ward
        Burglary - Fordwych Road a rea                  ASB a nd Public Reassurance - Schools
        ASB - Te mplar House Estate                     Vehicle Crime - Frogna l Area
        Gospel Oak Ward                                 Hampstead Ward
        ASB Mopeds – Gospe l Oa k                       ASB - Ha mpstead High Street
        ASB/Drugs - We llesley Road                     Vehicle Crime - Roa ds adjacent to Ha mpstead Heath
        ASB – Q ueens Crescent                          Burglary - Roads adja cent to Ha mpstead Heath
        Haverstock Ward                                 Highgate Ward
        Vehicle Crime - Crogsla nd R d/Belmont Street   ASB - Chester Road area
        Drug Misuse - Malde n R oad area                Burglary - Dart mout h Park
        ASB - Malden Road j/w Prince of Wa les Road     ASB – Youths Highgate Roa d Schools
                                                        Cycle thefts – all the ward
        Ho lborn & Covent Garden Ward                   Kentish To wn Ward
        Drug Misuse - Endell Street & Shorts Garde ns   Burglary - Torria no Area
        Youth ASB - Millman Street area                 ASB - Highgate R oad/Fortess Road Triangle
        Motor Ve hicle Crime – Parker Street            Youth ASB - Torria no Estate
        Kilburn Ward                                    King’s Cross Ward
        Youth disorder – Rowley Way Estate              Youth Disorder - Calthorpe Project, Grays Inn Roa d
        Youth disorder - Webheath Estate                Street Drinking - Grays Inn Road & Kings Cross Road
        Vehicle crime - Netherwood Road area
        Regents Park Ward                               St Pancras & Somers Town Ward
        Drugs - Three F ields Estate                    Drugs/ASB – Curnock and Colle ge Place Estate
        Youth Disorder - Regents Park Estate            Youth Disorder - Central Somers Town area
        ASB – Mope ds
        Swiss Cottage Ward                              West Hampstead Ward
        Burglary - Ga rdens area                        Vehicle crime - Sumatra Roa d area
        Vehicle Crime - Gardens area                    Burglary - Sumatra R oad area
        Youth ASB – Winchester                          Youth ASB - Lithos Road Estate

 3       Safer Neighbourhoods Teams                     Leads - The SNT Sergeants

Sgt. Ian Gilks

    PCSO Kimberley Michaelides recently join us from the Camden Town Tasking Team bringing Belsize
     SNT up to full strength.

    The team has been working hard on its three PSPs over the last quarter. It has also worked with
     the council, local councillors and all other interested parties inc luding the American Embassy who
     have houses within the ward.

              This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008            4

   In response to complaints of drug misuse and rough sleeping from residents and builders on the
    Chalcots Estate the team has carried out early morning and late night patrols of the estate. During
    which cannabis warnings were issued, 11 cannabis seizures were made and numerous searches
    carried out as well as referrals to street services in regards to rough sleepers. The problems have
    reduced significantly as have complaints.

   Patrols were also carried out to target the pirate radio stations on the tower blocks working with
    OFCOM, Camden Council and the LFB. This has resulted in a substantial drop in complaints from
    residents regarding the “Pirates”

   We continue to patrol with the Camden Youth Engagement Team on a regular basis, stopping and
    speaking with youths across the ward.

   A talk at the Fine Arts College on Lambolle Place with GCSE students was very well received,
    building some good communication links with youths at a key age.

   A new hostel, which caters for youths between the ages of 16-18, has opened on the ward. The
    team have liased with the staff and gained a list of all youths residing. A good working
    arrangement has been established.

   The team has targeted persistent beggars within the ward who beg at cash points that cause
    problems for local businesses. This has seen a marked reduction in complaints of such anti social

   After the closure of two drugs addresses on the ward there has been a noticeable drop in „users‟
    visiting the area to buy drugs. However the team still pro actively target any drugs misuse,
    resulting in the arrest of a known drugs runner in possession of a wrap of heroin.

   It was discovered that three PPOs were residing with their girlfriends at a female only hostel on the
    ward. There was a spike of anti soc ial behaviour in the area but after liaison with the staff the three
    females were moved onto different residenc ies. This has eliminated the problem before it got out of


   The team visits all v ictims of burglaries and it has become c lear that in most cases the victim had
    not secured their property as well as they might. The most common problem is commu nal doors
    not shutting properly and items such as pedal cycles left in communal areas not secured.

   Englands Lane suffered from two similar burglaries over two days, so the team produced a
    newsletter, which made residents aware of the problem and contained crime prevention advice.
    Since the newsletter was distributed the problem has stopped.

   The team has produced a further newsletter, which was distributed to all the partners across the
    ward. After this second news letter Belsize didn‟t suffer a burglary for 10 consecutive days.

   The Marriot Hotel suffered from a spate of burglaries from customers locked rooms. Through liaison
    it was discovered that suspects were able to gain access through the balcony doors and also when
    maids were leaving doors open. An action plan was put together to secure all the balconies and
    further security training was given to the maids. Upgraded CCTV was also installed at the venue.
    This resulted in a dramatic drop in burglaries at the hotel.

   In the run up to Xmas the team have carried out high visibility patrols to disrupt any possible rises
    in Burglary at this crucial period.

            This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008            5
Motor Vehicle

   BMW bumper thefts, which was a problem earlier in the year, has remained low over the last three

   Unfortunately residents and visitors continue to leave valuables on display in their cars. The team
    has attempted to target this problem by visiting the vehicle owners or writing to them when they
    see items on display. As with burglary a newsletter has been distributed highlighting the problem.

   Following complaints from residents of cars speeding along Adelaide Road, traffic officers have
    been requested to carryout speed checks on the ward. This has led to a drop in the number of
    complaints of speeding drivers.

Other News

   The team attended the Fresher Fair at The Central School of Speech and Drama where over 250
    crime prevention packs were distributed to new students most of whom had not lived in London or
    a big city before. The Schools Liaison Officer attended the Central School of Speech and Drama
    two weeks later to inform the students about the benefits of signing up to Immobilise and used
    merchandise along with a PowerPoint Presentation to aid the event.

   The teams School Liaison officer has visited the schools across the ward co nducting safety
    presentations to pupils from the age of 5 up to 15 years old.

   After a robbery of a heavily pregnant lady in Belsize which hit the national press the team have
    stepped up its high visibility Polic ing to reassure the residents. There have be en no further reported
    robberies on the ward.

Sgt. Darren Bone

   Our team consists of 1 Sergeant, 4 PCs and 4 PCSOs, all based in Holborn Police Station. PCSO
    Richard Cook recently joined the Team in December 2008, and has settled in very q uickly.

   The Team is highly motivated and maintains the hard work ethic on the Ward. The last panel
    meeting in 17 th November 2008 agreed to support the previous 3 priorities that concerned their
    community those matters being drugs around Warren Street, bik e thefts around the
    universities/UCH campus and anti social brothels on the north of the ward. A core strength to our
    work ethic is to continue to tackle anti social and quality of life issues on the Ward, thus making
    Bloomsbury a safer and better place to live, work and visit. The next Panel Meeting is schedule for

Drugs PSP

   The team continues to use a range of tactics:

       Use of uniform (on foot/vehic le and bicycle) and plain clothes patrols
       Use of stop and search and the enforcement of the Dispersal Zone and Controlled Drinking
        Zone (CDZ) amounted to 368 during this period. In excess of 400 Sec 44 5090 stops were
        conducted at landmark locations involving pedestrians and vehic les
       Continue to work in close partnership with the hostels to reduce anti-social behaviour in and
        around their premises, staff and management are very engaging and seek out our support
       Pro-active work to target persistent offenders to obtain ASBO‟S is an ongoing process for the
        Team who are very proactive in this area.

            This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008          6
       Regular partnership patrols with Street Serv ices Teams to target the street population (drug
        users and homeless people)

   A recent drugs operation from 29/09/2008 – 27/10/2008, was undertaken in the Warren Street
    area, which involved joint uniform and plain-c lothes patrols with British Transport Police, Transport
    for London and border polic ing units inc luding Westminster and Mary lebone police. The aimed was
    to rid the area of the drug activity. 100 stop and search slips, 38 dispersals, 7 arrest (4) in relation
    to drug offences, 19 formal warnings, 1 Penalty Notice for Disorder. Polic e activity in the area has
    seen a reduction in drug related crime and behaviour comments from the local residents and
    businesses concur this finding, security staff at the Grafton Hotel state that there has been no drug
    use at the rear of the venue for some time. Management and staff at MacDonald‟s Restaurants
    echo a similar success story

Brothels PSP

   Work with the v ice unit to close brothels in the ward is a proven success. Earlier in the year there
    was between 10 - 12 brothels, this number has decrease to 2 known working brothels. 65b Grafton
    Place, WC1 is currently be worked on towards closure. Unfortunately due to the quick and easy
    access of making money with these offences, officers are consistently seeing the opening of new

   Approximately 10,000 prostitute cards were removed from telephone boxes

Pedal cycles PSP

   Recent acquisition of the Tracker bike equipment now adds a readily deployable enforcement tool
    to the Teams ability to tackle bike theft. Bike theft remains priority task and Team are active in this

   8 bicycle workshops have been delivered to over 600 members of the public ranging from the
    university campuses Institute of Education, University of London to the commercial the Brunswick
    Centre, Condor Cycles, Evans Cycles and Cycle Surgery.

   Cycle Education Campaign at Tav istock Place was attended by 320 visitors

   Over 600 leaflet were attached to poorly secured bicycles around the ward

Other news

   MSC Special Constables have proven to be a valuable resource in assisting the Team bike/vehic le
    operation in Tottenham Court Road and Torrington Place specifically. Over 15 FPN (N) and 10 FPN
    (E) road traffic offence tickets were issued over a two hour operation on the 25 & 26 th November.
    The aim of the operation was to target cyclist and motorist who are a danger to themselves and
    others by road users. More operations are being encourage for 2009 in known hotspot area in the

   The launch of the Brunswick Centre Rack Radio scheme went live in 10 units at the recently revamp
    shopping hub in Russell Square. The retail units involved at the launch were enthusiastic and very
    engaging that the radio scheme has been brought to them by hard effort of the Met Police and
    partnerships involved. In 2009, the objective is to increase membership to more units

   The Panel, agreed to three PSP in the Ward, with a change to be conformed at the next meeting,
    Car Theft has become a priority replac ing Brothels, Bike Theft and Drugs remain the same

            This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008          7
Sgt. Roger Smit h and Sgt. Nick Peters

   Our team consists of 2 Sergeants, 8 PCs and 8 PCSOs based in the centre of Camden Town at 12,
    Greenland Road NW1.

   Since the start of the year the team has made over 270 arrests and has issued over 800 dispersal
    notices to groups of drug users and dealers congregating in Camden Town. Additionally we have
    been the first to use sec 27 of the Violent Crime Reduction Act to ban 25 individuals from Camden
    Town likely to cause alcohol related disorder. The team has now achieved a total of 117 ASBOs of
    which some 27 have been gained since January 2008.

   At our recent panel meeting held on 3rd December 2008 the team were thanked for their efforts by
    the panel chair and were asked to continue working on our two long running PSPs detailed below.

Camden Town Lock drug misuse

The team continues to use a range of tactics…

       Pro-active drug search dog.
       Uniform and plain c lothes patrols.
       Enforcement of the CDZ and the Dispersal Area.
       Stop and Search.
       A low wall at this location has been removed; illegal traders and groups offering drugs have
        gone. Additionally a drug dealer who used to loiter at this location has now been given an ASBO
        and banned from Camden Town.
       A pro-active operation on the towpath during August resulted in 4 males being charged with
        drugs supply and post-conviction ASBOs applied for. They are currently prohibited from
        returning to the lock as a condition of their bail. Their „customers‟ were dealt with by way of
        formal warnings. The 4 men still await court hearings, which will take place in 2009.
       British Waterways have assisted us by sealing cracks in wall and holes where drugs were
        concealed and pruned trees to enable CCTV cameras to be more effective. We now have
        regular joint patrols with the newly appointed BW Towpath Ranger.
       13 ASBO applications were made and we successfully obtained 13 full ASBOs in October that
        exclude a group of men who had been active in cannabis dealing, from the centre o f Camden
        Town. This work was driven forward by PC Lee Janes who was praised for his efforts by the
        District Judge and this was this was favourably reported in the Camden New Journal.
       We have developed a new initiative to proactively look at all arrests (no t just our team) of
        individuals who are arrested and await conviction of offering to supply and currently we are
        preparing ASBO applications on some 20 subjects who have been arrested for supply offences
        in the area of the Lock and markets.
       We continue to seize drugs, which are hidden in street furniture by dealers who are wary of
        being stopped and searched by police, and since January over fifteen hundred bags of cannabis
        have been seized and destroyed. At an approximate cost of £10 per bag this values the seizures
        at over £15,000.

Camden Road drug misuse

   The team has used these tactics…

       Pro-active drug search dog.
       Uniform and plain c lothes patrols.
       Enforcement of the CDZ and the Dispersal Area.
       Stop and Search.
       Working with partners to bring about env ironmental change.
       Over the last few months we have gathered evidence of C lass A misuse in BT phone boxes in
        Camden Road, photographing individuals in the act of smoking crack in a phone box. The four

            This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008        8
        most prolific individuals have been convicted of several counts of public nuisance and we have
        obtained post conviction ASBOs to ban them from Camden Town.
       We continue to work with Camden Council to encourage BT to take greater responsibility for
        their phone boxes.
       We are analysing CCTV footage and have identified a number of individuals who have been
        arrested for public nuisance and against whom we intend to obtain post conviction ASBOs.
       We have continued, with the licensing unit, to closely supervise late night refreshment licences;
        ensuring the venues shut on time.

Other news

       The team continues to hold a monthly surgery at supermarkets across the ward and the next is
        to be held at Sainsbury‟s Camden Road on Friday 30th January 11am-3pm.
       The team regularly work with the Safer Streets Team and patrol with them to locate beggars
        and rough sleepers.
       There are currently 21 Neighbourhood Watches on the ward that are maintained by the team
        and receive visits from our PCSOs.
       Operation Blunt 2 patrols have taken place and weapons sweeps have been conducted along
        the canal towpath and on the Clarence Way Estate, Juniper Crescent and other areas.
       £80 PNDs are regularly being issued for s.5 Public Order Act by our PCSOs for peop le found
        urinating in the street; they also issue for cycling on the footway.
       Regular cycle patrols are undertaken by our cycle trained PCs.
       Regular visits to churches and schools by PCSOs.
       PCSO visits to burglary victims and neighbours to warn them of burglaries that occur in the
       The team meet regularly with staff at Arlington House, The Spectrum Centre, Camden House
        Bail Hostel, and Mr Davis, ASB officer of One Housing Group.
       The team has c lose links with schools on the ward, particularly St Michaels in Camden Town,
        Primrose Hill Primary School, and St Marks Square Nursery and Auden Place Nursery in
        Primrose Hill.
       The team worked night duty to cover the Halloween and Bonfire Night period.
       The team assisted with Op Penang, which took place during the summer in Camden Town. As a
        result some 14 individuals were arrested and have been charged with supply ing Class A drugs
        and await trial and sentenc ing.
       Following on from the last operation, the team took part in Op Nardus that was the reassurance
        part of Op Penang. Over a 7-week period there were 137 arrests in Camden Town, 1093 stops
        and searches and 267 Dispersal Notices were issued. A new authority to extend the use of the
        Camden Town dispersal was recently granted and this runs from November to May 2009 .
       On 15th December the team seized a pit bull type dog from a local address under the
        Dangerous Dogs Act following complaints from the local community.
       This Christmas the team is attending a number of functions and helping Father Christmas at
        several schools, play groups and youth centres.

Sgt. Amar Sagger

   Crime overall on the ward for this year compared to last year is lower on comparison with the
    exception of drugs. Burglary in dwellings is down 57%, robbery 34% and theft from motor vehic le
    1.5%. (Jan - Nov 2008 compared to Jan – Nov 2007)

   Cantelowes has 3 priorities: Burglaries, Drugs and Maiden Lane Estate Youth Disorder

            This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008       9

   The initial problem (started 29th June 2007) was rising levels of residential burglaries within the
    Camden Square Area and surrounding streets. Cantelowes SNT has successfully reduced the
    number of burglaries drastically since last year by over 50%.

   One of the main reasons for Cantelowes SNT to be so successful is due to the residents being more
    vigilant and taking on our crime prevention advice and for the increasing setting up of
    Neighbourhood Watch. Since the last report the following Neighbourhood Watch have been set up.

       Durdans House
       Bartholomew Villas
       Lawford Road
       St Augustines
       Patshull Road

   My thanks goes out to the residents who have taken up the role as coordinators

   Cantelowes SNT is looking at c losing this PSP down for January 2009 due to the reduction, however
    work will continue in setting up Neighbourhood Watch and we will continue to vis it those who have
    had the misfortune of being a v ictim of a burglary. Our intention is to have every street in
    Cantelowes Ward as a Neighbourhood Watch; this way residents from across the ward are

Camden Mews
   The Panel agreed for this to be a PSP, which was set at the AGM 24 April. The problem arises due
    to increasing amount of drug dealing and drug taking at the Billiard Table, Camden Road junction
    with Cantelowes Road, and anti soc ial behaviour by youths.

   The flash camera has proven to be a successful tool to deterred offenders; the camera was moved
    away for a short period of time to another area of the ward. Throughout this period the camera
    was away Cantelowes SNT saw an increase in drug activ ity, the camera is back in situ deterring
    criminal activity within the area.

   We continue to work with Camden Council in order to re -design the Billiard Table a meeting was
    held in December 2008 where by residents/councillor/Camden Council were present. It was
    emerged one of the best way for forward was not to remove the Billiard Table of where the main
    problem of drug dealing is occurring, and for CCTV to be operational as the camera would deter
    crime all along Camden Road inc luding the Billiard Table, the Skate Park and the New Gym that
    may be erected over the next few months. Camden Council will be looking into a new design for
    the Billiard Table.

Maiden Lane- ABS Youths

   The Panel agreed for this to be a priority at the November Panel meeting 2008. Over the recent
    months, the police and Maiden Lane Estate Office have received numerous complaints about youth
    related antisoc ial behaviour and nuisance on the estate. The majority of the antisocial behaviour is
    caused by young people who do not live on the estate.

   Maiden Lane is part of the disp ersal zone and numerous young people have been dispersed by the
    police and told not to return for at least 24 hours.

   Since November 2008 Cantelowes SNT have dispersed over a 50 youths from Maiden Lane Estate.
    ASB is being caused mainly by youths who do not reside on the ward however the main antagonist
    are visiting the few that do reside on the ward that are part of the crowd causing ASB in the shop

             This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008         10
    on the estate by damaging, steeling from within the shop and then by walking through the estate
    shouting swearing and being verbally abusive.

Police/Council Intervention

   Cantelowes Safer Neighbourhoods Team have been carrying out patrols on the estate to tackle the
    problem during the hot spot times, which has been after school time between 4pm -6pm. The
    council has arranged surveillance of hotspots on the estate and action is being taken against
    regular perpetrators as those residents who are allegedly attracting them to the estate. In addition
    3 arrests have been made to date and the police and the estat e office have interviewed five young
    people who reside on the estate. Banning letters have also been issued banning the youths from
    entering the shop.

   Due to the significant problem a temporary CCTV overt camera should be operational as from 24 th
    December 2008 on St Paul‟s Crescent, to further deter offenders.

Joint working

       Joint patrols - these are carried out at least once per month with the Youth Engagement
        Disorder Team, Camden Safer Streets and patrols with Kentish Town SNT.
       Visits - These are carried out at least once per month re: Licence Checks, PPOs, PYOs and
       Surgeries - these are carried out every first Wednesday of the month between the hours 6pm -
        7pm at the London Irish Centre, Camden Square NW1.

Sgt. Paul Truckle

Anti Social Behaviour

   Brassey Road has seen another surge in calls relating to youths on mopeds driving around the
    estate and through the Peace Park at speed. Residents are unhappy with this and feel threatened
    whilst they are collecting their young children from the nursery inside the estate. Police have been
    carrying out continuous patrols around this estate and have not, so far, seen any such behaviour.
    Residents have been reassured that, should there be any vehic les found driv ing carelessly or off
    road, they will be issued with Section 59 PRA warnings and/or have their vehic les seized.

   According to one member of our Somali community at Templar House, there have been inc idents
    where the Somali community feel they have been targeted with anti soc ial behaviour by other
    residents on the estate. They feel there may be rac ial undertones to these acts and would like
    Police help. Police actions have been frustrated in the past by a lack of willingness by the Somali
    Community to come forward and report these incidents to the Police. In a joint meeting between
    the Somali Centre, Camden ASB Unit, Police CSU and SNT, there were steps put in place to
    encourage members of the Somali community to come forward and report these inc idents so they
    can be dealt with in a timely and thorough manner. Log sheets, translated into Somali, have been
    supplied to residents and they have been given the SNT contact number as a local first point of

   There were incidents of children fighting outside of Hampstead School before the summer holidays
    and this seemed to continue somewhat at the start of the new term. Although the weather has
    encouraged the children to go home sooner, we have been continuously patrolling outside the
    school with two members of SNT staff changing their hours to suit this.

   A football match between the Sidings Youth Centre and Camden Police Cadets was played in
    November. This was a great success with approximately 40 to 50 youths coming along for the

            This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008     11
    event, which exceeded the expected 10 to 15 that Police were hoping for. This event was greatly
    received and Fortune Green SNT are looking at arranging another similar event in the New Year.


   Burglary crime has maintained an average rate of approximately 14 burglary crimes being recorded
    per month across the whole ward. However, the first part of December has seen a decrease in the
    number of burglaries being recorded. From the beginning to the middle of December there have
    been only 5 recorded burglaries across the ward so far. Fortune Green SNT has been working
    longer hours to tackle the rise in burglaries and this figure reflects the work that has been carried
    out during this period.

   As before, the burglary crimes follow a certain trend. Most of the burglaries are being committed
    on, or nearby, Fordwych Road during the day whilst the occupants are at work. Items that are
    being taken are commonly laptops and digital cameras. Internal or rear doors are being forced to
    gain entry.

   We are aware that a time for "rich pickings" will be dur ing the month of December and, despite a
    low number of recorded burglaries at the beginning of December, we are expecting more activity
    relating to burglaries in the latter part of December. We have produced our own newsletter that is
    designed to ensure our residents take reasonable steps to prevent burglaries from occurring during
    this period. Camden Police Cadets have played a large part in helping Fortune Green SNT
    distribute these newsletters.

Motor Vehicle Crime

   Motor vehicle crime has continued to be hard to target due to the varying times of the day and the
    staggered locations that the offences take place. Of the recorded motor vehicle offences, there has
    been recorded theft from and theft of motor vehicles as well as damage to vehicles. More recently
    we have seen an increase in the number of vehic les being damaged. The motive for these offences
    is hard to know, but it could be a result of drunk and disorderly people leaving the pubs, bars and
    restaurants in the nearby Cricklewood Broadway area and then venting their aggressive behaviour
    towards the parked vehicles.

   It was noted recently that, whilst the team are out on patrol, there were a large number of vehic les
    being found unlocked and insecure by their owners. The Team have started sending letters to the
    registered keepers of these vehic les asking them to ensure their vehic les are locked and secure
    when they leave it. Since we have started issuing these letters, we have seen a significant
    reduction in vehic les being left unlocked.

   Since the Team have provided moped owners with locks and covers for their mopeds, there has
    been a reduction in thefts of moped on the ward. They have also provided disabled residents, with
    access to vehicles, with disabled permit holders that secure the permit in a locked case to the
    steering wheel of the vehic le. These permits have a high street value and have constantly been a
    target for thief's who see only a piece of glass between them and a valuable prize.

Other news

   The Team are working towards getting a post conviction ASBO against a resident on Minster Road
    who has been associating with drug users and prostitutes. He has been a constant nuisance for his
    neighbours and was recently arrested and charged for assaulting his neighbour. The Team are
    using this for leverage.

   PC Jenny Black is due to join the Team in January 2009, replac ing PC Toby Bayliss who is taking a
    career break.

            This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008     12
   The Team have regularly carried out Sec. 44 stop/search points on the busy Finchley Road and
    Cricklewood Broadway.

Sgt. Phil Hewetson

   The Frognal and Fitzjohns SNT have been working hard on the objectives set at the last community
    panel meeting in September. Burglary and motor vehicle crime remain long -term priorities for the
    team. The panel as a short-term objective has also set personal and vehic le safety around the
    school run.

   The Safer Neighbourhoods Team has carried out personal safety talks in local primary and
    secondary schools in conjunction with the schools officer. A local Spec ial Constable attends school
    fairs on behalf the team to give road and personal safety advice. The team patrols outside the
    many schools on the ward at the start and end of the school day giving personal and road safety
    advice to the children and their parents or guardians. A representative from a school on the ward is
    expected to join the community panel at the next meeting in January. The team has carried out
    joint patrols with the local authority -parking wardens.

   The team is aware of the London wide problem of serious youth and knife enabled crimes. We
    carry out targeted stop and searches. The team ensures that young people are informed of police
    powers, their rights and the reason behind the stop and searches. We have carried out weapon
    sweeps in public areas that we believe weapons may be stored. The team has recovered several
    items that could be used as weapons. We also carry out joint patrols with Local Authority‟s Youth
    Engagement Team

   The team continues to forge links with the community by visiting and keeping in contact with
    Resident assoc iations, faith groups, businesses and schools. We team recognise the importance of
    Neighbourhood Watches and regular contact is made with the co -coordinators updating them on
    our priorities and informing them of any relevant crimes. If any resident wants to know if they live
    in a Neighbourhood Watch area or want to establish one, please contact the Safer Neighbourhoods

   Motor vehicle crime increased in the autumn months compared with the same period last year. A
    male was arrested by the team in regard to motor vehicle crime offences towards the end of
    October. He was remanded in custody for several weeks. There was a dramatic fall in the number
    of vehicle crimes during November. A large number of the thefts from motor v ehicles have occurred
    when property has been left on show in cars. Vehic le owners are reminded not to leave property
    on show in their vehic les. In some instances vehic les have been broken into just to steal sunglasses
    or loose change. Victims of motor vehicle crime receive a v isit from the team. We visit residences in
    the priority area and offer vehicle crime prevention advice. Letters have been sent to the registered
    keepers of vehic les that have property on show or have been left insecure.

   Burglary has risen during the autumn months compared with last year. October was a particularly
    poor months for burglaries. The team worked with other police units and the local authority to
    reduce the number of burglaries. Two males were arrested and charged in connec tion with a
    burglary in Arkwright Road. A male, who was arrested in connection with another burglary,
    admitted committing burglaries in Heath Drive, Redington Gardens and Langland Gardens. Another
    male admitted committing a burglary in Fitzjohns Avenue. In the last couple of weeks burglaries
    have started to fall again on the ward. A large number of the burglaries have been committed on
    premises with a communal front door or garages. In the run up to Christmas the team have been
    giving residents crime and home security advice around securing unoccupied premises during the
    holiday period. We have advised residents to have their property marked and not to leave
    packaging from expensive items outside their premises so it does not identify the premises to
    burglars as having brand new electrical items The team in conjunction with the crime prevention
    officer continues to visit all victims of burglary offering reassurance and crime prevention advice.

            This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008     13
    Residents over 60 years old have been referred to the local authority's safer homes scheme, which
    provides free advice and crime prevention products.

   The team has held various drop-in crime prevention events at Camden Arts Centre in Arkwright
    Road, Tesco in Heath Street and Hyelms in Fitzjohns Avenue. Residents and cust omers were able
    to register their property with „‟ and have it marked with their postcode. Personal
    attack alarms have been issued to ward users who have felt vulnerable. In October a crime
    prevention event was held for students at Kings College campus in Kidderpore Avenue. We are
    planning to have more immobilise and crime prevention events during the winter months.

   The next community panel meeting is to be held at Hampstead Police Station on Tuesday 20th
    January 2009.

Sgt. Chr is Downs

                                       Offence Type                       Year to date
                             Burglary                                        - 20%
                             Drugs                                           + 20%
                             Robbery                                         - 63%
                             Theft and Handling Stolen Goods                 - 23%
                             Violence Against the Person                     + 1%
                             Total Crime                                     - 9%

                        Figures produced by MPS Performance Information Bureau as a comparison
                           Between first eight months in financial year 08/09 (April to November).

                          Please note, the increase in drugs offences being detected represents
                                  increased activity by police to address this crime type.

Youth Anti-Social Behaviour

   Working together with CCTV operations room and other Camden Council staff the monitoring of a
    youth crime hotspot was carried out over a month long period. Criminal offences identified were
    investigated and a search warrant under the Misuse of Drugs Act was obtained, supported by the
    information gathered during this time. Once criminal matters were dealt with a program of
    intervention with the local housing office and youth detached engagement workers was

   Fourteen young people and their immediate family were interviewed regarding their behav iour in
    this area. During these meetings the effect of their behaviour on others, police enforcement options
    and consequences of breaching tenancy conditions were explained and explored. These young
    people were then referred to the appropriate Youth Inclusion Serv ices Panel (YISP) for further
    intervention / diversionary activ ities to be arranged.


   During this period officers have been deployed in both overt and covert patrols to address this
    matter. They have also patrolled with the newly implemented Street Wardens and local authority
    engagement workers. As a result the number of arrests made has significantly increased with 6
    arrests made in November 08 compared with one November 07.

   Three drugs search warrants have been executed working together with the Borough Intelligence
    Unit and as a result an emerging crack house has been identified and its effect on residents
    minimised pending closure. Two arrests have been made that await case disposal results.

            This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008     14
   Recently identified issues within a particular housing block are being progressed with the assistance
    of local residents. New procedures to arrange immediate repairs to improve the environment and
    frustrate ease of access have been arranged with the housing authority.

Mopeds and associated Anti-Social Behaviour

   With assistance from the Borough Intelligence Unit and in partnership with Haverstock SNT
    operations have been run where hotspot areas have been observed.

   SNT officers‟ local knowledge has proved invaluable in the recent investigation of a theft of motor
    vehicle. Officers were able to identify all five males from CCTV images and further enquiries are

   Closer liaison with the youth workers dealing with local repeat offenders and improved information
    sharing arrangements have been agreed. This has led to more effective intervention planning and
    ultimately enhanced crime prevention. This has been illustrated by recent successes in gaining full
    time education and employment placements for a number of at risk o f continued offending young

   Additional crime prevention equipment in the form of locks and covers have been secured for
    distribution to potential victims of this crime type.

Sgt. Steve Pepper

   Our Panel Meeting held on 8th October was well attended. Commander Rod Jarman, invited as a
    special guest, gave an overview of Safer Neighbourhood policing and the way forward. He also
    asked those present for feedback on crime mapping and gave a short presentation on youth

   At our Meeting on 8th December Yasmin Allen from Haverstock Ward gave a presentation on a
    youth initiative being planned locally. The current Ward priorities were confirmed. A short AGM
    followed which re-elected the Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary.

   General antisocial behaviour, parking, driv ing offences and litter in the vic inity of Tinseltown in
    Heath Street have been the subject of local residents‟ concerns over the past few months. We have
    conducted overnight patrols using a CCTV van to record evidence of ASB and issued tickets to
    illegally parked vehicles. We have worked with Camden Council and the Management of Tinseltown
    to reduce noise and litter in the area. Camden Wardens regularly visit the New End area at night.
    We are currently working with our colleagues from Traffic D ivision to improve signage in the area
    and we will continue to closely monitor the situation.

   The Team patrolled the Ward over the Halloween and Guy Fawkes period. All went peacefully with
    no reports of antisocial behaviour.

   A successful Crime Prevention day was held on Hampstead Heath in October. A large number of
    visitors attended and advised regarding home security and fireworks safety.

   The Team continues to focus on anti-social behav iour caused by a handful of street drinkers and
    beggars with help from Camden Street Services. We are currently working on obtaining an ASBO
    for a regular offender.

   The Christmas Lights events at both Hampstead High Street and South End Green passed without
    inc ident and were enjoyed by all who attended.

            This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008      15
   We have been working c losely with Gospel Oak Housing regarding residents on the Ward who have
    been causing antisocial behav iour. Our meetings with those responsible have successfully reduced
    such behaviour.

Shoplifting and ASB

   We continue to have an average of 10 shoplifting offences a month being reported on the Ward,
    the vast majority of which occur in Hampstead High Street.

   The Shop Radio Scheme continues to bring good results with a number of crimes being detected by
    the Team. We are currently updating details of well-known local offenders for staff to be aware of.
    We also emphasise the need for continuous maintenance of CCTV and for employees to be able to
    operate systems well.

   We are building a good working relationship with the street c leaners who operate on the Ward who
    often bring lost or stolen property to our notice. We have also recently made contact with the
    Camden Street Wardens who operate in the RFH part of the Ward.

Residential burglary

   Residential burglary figures continue to hold steady. The emphasis remains on giving crime
    prevention advice to local residents and victims of crime. We are currently conducting Operation
    Spotlight, which involves visiting v ictims within 72 hours of an offence being reported.

   Leaflets and posters have been distributed to communal residential buildings on the Ward
    highlighting the need for door security.

   The Team took part in a crime prevention day at the Royal Free Hospital in November in company
    with Terry Weston our Crime Prevention Officer. Advice was given to 70 members of the public and
    40 crime prevention packs distributed.

Motor vehicle crime

   As a result of an increase in theft from vehic les in the Royal Free Hospital car parks in November
    we conducted overnight and weekend operations. Reported crime has since reduced.

   Local residents continue to leave their vehic les insecure with valuable property within reach. They
    are suitably advised regarding crime prevention.

   A DVLA enforcement day was held in November in East Heath Road w ith waste enforcement
    officers from Camden Council. 5 vehicles were seized and 16 drivers reported for tax offences. 15
    vehicles were stopped in relation to waste disposal and 1 driver reported.

Sgt. Danny Hewitt

Good news

       We are finally up to full strength.
       PCSO Anthony Casamento joined December 8 2008
       On 19 th January 2009 PCSO Erica Labade joined the team from our Camden Town Tasking
        Team and this is good experience in a very operational role.
       Wardens continue to patrol Haverstock Ward.

            This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008       16
Motor Vehicle crime PSP

   Report confirms Sustained reduction still c losed very low figures Nov 08.

       Burglary figures down from 2007-2008
       Theft from Motor Vehic le down 2007-2008
       Theft of Motor Vehic le down 2007-2008

   Extra late shifts up to midnight and 0200 hours worked resulting in recent arrest of 2 burglars for
    high value burglary.

   Night duties worked involving arrests for going equipped, cannabis and theft of motor vehicle

   Excellent press coverage in Ham and High re Multicultural Youth Panel launch December 11 th Full
    youth panel now in force. This was a talking point for other SNTs and the MPS and is being
    monitored by out diversity branch


       Highest number of cannabis warnings/ seizures in Camden SNTs for Novembers
       Housing estates patrolled uniform and plain c lothes.
       Arrests made of Youths on18 th November 2008 possession cannabis in housing estates.
       Increased stop search for drugs in plain c lothes around known hotspots.
       HVP and plain c lothes operations in Talacre Park administering Cannabis Warning Detection
       Observing possible drug dealers in Talacre Park.
       Investigations into drug addresses re warrants.
       After school patrols for school children with Schools officer re kids smoking drugs in nearby
        housing blocks.
       Joint council intelligence shared.
       Patrols in Castle Mews
       New gate placed in Castle mews blocking area for persons to drink/take drugs very effective
        little complaints.
       Monitor of flash camera.
       Days off worked on drug operations.
       Cannabis seizures in Talacre Park and Denton Estate.

Motor vehicle

   PSP has been c losed due to lack of offences. This is the 3 rd year of reduction in this crime area.

ASB youths
       27 November 2008 youth club visit. Maitland Park invited youths for pizza and to explain why
        we stop and search and demonstrated offensive weapons and search arches. Explained
        procedures and different powers
       One celebrity on MTV, Jimmy Screech, playing with his band on February 25 to celebrate
        Haverstock‟s Achievement in setting up youth panel and anti knife crime track/performance
        played - 176 Prince Wales Road Art Gallery.
       HVP in Malden Road/Denton
       HVP in Castle Mews
       HVP in Housing blocks
       Increased patrols until midnight to cover ASB and 3 arrests of youths
       1 stealing Moped
       1 Going equipped to steal.
       1 smoking cannabis in Housing block
       Evidence gathering re youths disorder

               This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008        17
       School patrols with school officer PC Simon Gray at school times at Haverstock Hill.
       Increased patrols in and around the Talacre park female youth violence.
       Diversion Tactics

   Attended resident Consultation evening Denton Housing Estate Haverstock on 3 rd December to
    explain the Intergenerational Bike project and drop in police surgery. Residents pleased with the
    scheme. Old and young working together to fix bikes in an area which once had yout h problems
    and divide between young and elder. Qualifications will be gained and respect between different
    ages will improve and reduction of crime. Youths will earn a bike.

   Full multi agency representatives present and also explained that the project just involving youths
    has been very successful in Ealing and Hackney.


       Good behaviour agreements signed and monitored with regards to nuisance behavior between
       Victims of domestic violence visited
       Burglary victims visited
       Joint Patrols with Safer Streets Team
       Continue to monitor CDZ and enforce where necessary. High number of alcohol confiscations
        and increased patrols in Talacre Park.
       On 14th October executed a drugs warrant in Leysdown Housing Block with the press coverage.
        This resulted in 2 arrests and heroin recovered .

Sgt. Jeff Williams

   The Highgate SNT continues to work on its three PSPs

ASB by Youths in Chester Road

   The SNT have worked on this priority since our inaugural public meeting in September 2006 when
    the surveys that we conducted with residents of the local community confirmed our own research
    and observations that this issue caused most concern for residents throughout the ward.

   We had also identified that the socio-economic make up of this part of our ward meant that in
    order to obtain long term sustainable solutions for local residents that we would have to use the full
    range of measures advocated in the SNT problem solving model.

   Our first measure was to identify and proactively target all known youths who either live locally or
    cause ASB to this part of our ward and to ensure that any successes we have via arrest and
    prosecution or obtaining of ASBOs are well advertised to the local community.

   We have also established and maintain c lose links with the Intelligence and all relevant CID
    departments so that both the intelligence we gather on targeted individuals Is correctly circulated
    and disseminated and that as often as possible we will act as the Arrest team for indiv iduals who
    are wanted for offences on our ward by CID officers.

   We try and reinforce this approach by the continued use of the `Community Payback Scheme` in
    having local youths carrying out Public works in the area where they live and we keep the local
    community fully updated on this programme.

            This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008      18
   We also ensure that we have a presence at the monthly YISP Meetings to utilise the services that
    our partners within the Social Serv ices and YET teams offer by making regular referrals of local
    youths who are on the cusp of falling into criminality.

   The second part of our strategy is to look at longer-term measures to sell a positive message of
    SNT style polic ing to the Youths themselves by regular dialogue and contact with `Youth
    Services`. Due to the economic deprivation of this part of the ward it is one of a limited number of
    areas, which receives additional funding for `Community cohesion` directly from central
    government and PS Williams, is part of the local committee, which decides on projects that are
    suitable for funding. These have inc luded numerous ideas of our own inc luding a `Yearly Safe
    Scooter scheme, ` a number of SNT v Youth football matches, yearly intergenerational Art projects,
    and trips to the Pantomime where the local youths escort the elderly members of the populat ion.

   The last minor project involved the `youth` acting as chefs/waiters at an Old Persons Christmas
    Dinner at the Highgate Newtown Community centre.

Burglary in Dartmouth Park Area

   The focus of the SNT still continues to be prevention and education. The police intelligence systems
    are interrogated on a daily basis and all victims of domestic burglary are contacted and offered the
    opportunity of receiving a follow up visit.

   The number of NHW schemes now stands at 24 an increase of 3 since our last upd ate. PCSO
    Larkins has established a database for all the co-ordinators and as well as ensuring that he attends
    all the Watch meetings, he utilises this database for fast time updates if thee have been any spates
    of crime or particular trends within their watch area.

   As these measures have been indoctrinated into our daily practices it had been our intention after
    discussion and approval from both our Panel and the Problem Solving adviser PS Julian Evans to
    close this priority but there has been an increas e in Burglary within our ward and the panel have
    asked for a further breakdown of statistics before carrying out a final vote on whether to close this
    priority or not at our next Panel meeting on the 26/01/09.

ASB o/s Schools in Highgate Road

   The rise in youth related serious violence throughout London and the media exposure that this has
    received has caused our panel to highlight this priority as the one to which they attach the greatest
    importance. To allay residents concerns we have continued our tactic of HVP patrols and having
    officers from our team support the `Safer Schools Officers` at peak times` outside the schools and
    used stop/account/search as a means of gathering intelligence which is fed through to the BIU as
    part of `Operation Blunt II. `

   We have used these preset tactics not only at the schools on our own ward but also in support of
    the `Safer Schools Officer` for Ac land Burghley particularly since a serious firearms inc ident
    occurred outside the school

   In November. Our team were able to positively ID the suspects shown on CCTV coverage due to
    our local knowledge via a daily presence around the schools.

   We are also conscious that to make a long-term impact on these problems that we need the
    support of the schools themselves. PS Williams has built up a good relationship with the `School
    governors` of all the schools through having meetings with them individually and as part of a
    debate at one of our SNT panel meetings when the local community was able to demonstrate their
    strength of feeling about these issues.

   A working group comprising of PS Williams, Avril Castellazzo the Panel chair, the School governors
    from William Ellis & Parliament Hill, PC Davies from Hampstead Heath Constabulary and PC

            This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008      19
    Davenport from TFL are meeting on the 21/01/09 to discuss the implementation of a long term
    strategy around Partnership working.

   A further part of PS Williams strategy has been to look at the best means of gaining the trust and
    confidence pupils in police from as young an age as possible. He has dec ided that the best way of
    achieving this is v ia the implementation of a Primary school liaison programme for the feeder
    schools to William Ellis & Parliament Hill. PCSO Rachel Merrill who has teaching experience has co -
    written a programme with the schools themselves that meets the requirements of PHSE element of
    the National Curriculum. It has been running in two primary schools since Sep 08 and if the
    programme is deemed to be a success then it will be adopted borough wide from Sep 09.

Sgt. Dean Kirby

   Our team consists of 1 Sergeant, 5 PC‟s and 5 PCSOs, all based in Holborn Police Station. During
    November, PC Mick Kerrison left the team to take up a new challenge at the D iplomatic Protection
    Group. Mick was a great asset to the team and will be missed. His replacement is PC Scott Hunter.

   The next Panel Meeting will take place on 29th January 2009 at Holborn Police Station. There will
    be a review of the current priorities, which are currently drugs and Anti Social Behaviour. The latter
    of these is a joint priority with Kings Cross SNT. Below is an overview of the work undertaken by
    the team in the past three months.


       The team continues to use a range of tactics, including uniform and plain-c lothes patrols
       Use of stop and search and the enforcement of the Dispersal Zone and Controlled Drinking
        Zone (CDZ)
       Joint locality patrols with staff from both Endell Street and Parker Street Hostels. We continue
        to work in c lose partnership with the hostels to reduce anti-social behaviour in and around their
       Pro-active targeting of persistent offenders to obtain ASBOs.
       Partnership patrols with Street Services Teams to target the street population (drug users and
        homeless people)
       The team executed a drugs warrant at Parker House Hostel, which resulted in two arrests, a
        large cash seizure and a quantity of stolen goods. One of these males was subsequently evicted
        from the hostel.
       We have been liasing with Camden Council and the Crime Prevention Officer regarding access
        to the back of the hostel. This is with a view to “designing out” an access problem.
       An address in Monmouth Street was raided by officers from the Crime Squad, resulting in a
        number of arrests and a large seizure of both drugs and cash.
       The team had a day of joint patrols with officers from the Charing Cross SNT. This will become
        a regular feature in future.

Anti-Social Behaviour

       The Panel set a new priority for the team. This was to combat Anti Social Behav iour along the
        Gray's Inn Road corridor. This priority is being tackled jointly in conjunction with Kings Cross
       The team continue to conduct visible uniform patrols of the Bourne Estate
       The Dispersal Order for the Bourne Estate has now been withdrawn, as the inc idents of
        disorder on the estate are now at a manageable level.
       The team are continuing to build excellent relationships with the two hostels in Holborn. They
        regularly conduct locality patrols with their staff, in order to detect potential ASB by residents.
       On 25th November, the team executed a drugs warrant in Vesage Court. A Crack House c losure
        notice was obtained from the court, which has had a positive effect for the local community.

            This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008       20
       The team worked together with offic ers from Kings Cross SNT to help c lose a crack house in
        Whidbourne Street, which was causing annoyance to local residents. They also assisted in the
        execution of another drugs warrant at the hostel in Kings Cross Road.
       Officers are seeking ASBOs for a number of indiv iduals who are persistently causing problems in
        the area.

Other news

       The team continue to work c losely with our colleagues from the MSC. They have conducted a
        number of Anti-Terrorism Operations, which involved high visibility patrols in and around Travel
        Hubs on the ward. These patrols helped reassure the commuting public in the run up to
       The team set up a Crime Prevention Operation, aimed towards the customers of car parks
        within the ward. This involved the Volunteer Police Cadets, Street Wardens and our partners at
        Camden Council. Local hotels and businesses were given information packs, to be distributed to
        their customers who may use the car parks. This operation ran for the month of December, in
        the run up to Christmas.
       PC Thompson took part in a „Keep Safe‟ initiative with the model agency in Parker Street.
       The team paid its annual Christmas visit to Great Ormond Street Hospital. PCSO Steve was on
        hand to distribute gifts to the children.
       The team also partic ipated in the Leather Lane Christmas Market. A stall was set up, from
        which members of the team offered crime prevention literature, as well as practical advice
        around issues such as property marking and personal safety.
       The feedback from community members has been extremely positive and the team remain
        committed to making Holborn and Covent Garden a better place to live, work and visit.

Sgt. Peter Ryan

   As is the seasonal custom, we wish all our readers and residents a peaceful and happy New Year
    and reflect on a 2008 of some success, some change and good news for the future.

   Four PCSOs left Kentish Town SNT during the past year meaning that with no PCSO cover we were
    unable to be as visible as a SNT as we would have liked.

   December has seen the arrival of three experienced PCSOs allowing us to enter 2009 at full
    strength again, with the help of the “management” and 2 loans from Camden Town until new
    recruits arrive.

   This will allow us to refocus upon supporting Neighbourhood Watch, renewing old friendships,
    making new friends at street briefings and holding joint surgeries on estat es with our ward

   Other new friends arrived in the form of Council Housing ASB Officers, a new ward councillor Nick
    Russell and Ch Supt Clout and Supt Kohli, all of whom have addressed and listened at the last two
    of our SN Panel Meetings of 2008.

   PCs Paul Hammond and Chris Fenton made 17 arrests in the last three months for offences such as
    burglary, handling stolen goods, drug supply and possession, possession of weapons and disorder

   Together with the new PCSOs, they have also searched over 70 people and made 71 alcohol

            This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008    21
   Our new PCSOs have spent a day with our Crime Prevention Officer and are concentrating on
    revisiting burgled residents and identifying fresh opportunities to improve security of homes and

   Reported burglary, theft and vehic le crime have all reduced by amounts above the MPS targets this
    past year but we will aim to target the new wave of local young offenders the team have noticed
    coming up to replace the older, wiser ones.

   In recent weeks we have helped Camden‟s Robbery Squad with information to help the arrest and
    charge of those responsible for the recent robberies in College Lane off Highgate Road.

   The SNT have also patrolled around Tufnell Park in response to the recent pursuit of a teen ager by
    an armed man near Ac land Burghley School. All the persons now arrested by CID in connection
    with these events are known to us; another example of how the public quietly helps police solve
    crime by sharing knowledge.

   The SNT will increase after school patrols in Tufnell Park for January and February in support of the
    Safer Schools Officers working inside.

   We are also talking to our Islington SNT colleagues about street drug dealing and their plan for a
    Dispersal Zone in the Tufnell Park area.

   The SNT and Det. Supt Jeremy Burton attended the Somali Youth Development Resource Centre
    and met some impressive local young men where we discussed police stop and search powers and
    tactics. We have plans to revisit with other police units such as firearms officers as the evening was
    well received.

   The SNT policed the Council Ward By Election at the end of October and made 2 arrests for
    disorderly conduct at polling stations.

   We have been sharing information with our Camden Housing ASB officers and have made Tenancy
    Warning visits to residents in Monmouth House, Peckwater and other addresses.

   We also met in December with residents and St Pancras Housing to try to solve ASB issues in Maud
    Wilkes C lose, Leighton Road.

   We were pleased with feedback from locals that Halloween and November 5th were the quietest for
    many years as we had made extra joint patrols with Cantelowes SNT that week.

   The SNT are focussing on ways to tackle the recent spate of thefts and burglaries of those privately
    renting on Peckwater Estate. More on this in the next issue.

Sgt. Eddie Odita

Knife Crime Awareness Presentation

   Officers attended Kilburn Youth Centre where they made the following presentation to local youths.

       What is the knife arch, when was the use of it introduced
       What is Operation Blunt 2
       Stop and Search under Section 1 of PACE- how should a stop and search be conducted.
       Where can a search take place
       What is Section 44
       What is Section 60
       What are the Police priorities for the spec ific area

            This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008        22
       Stop and Search rights – where can a strip search take place
       Complaints – details of where and how to make a complaint by persons unhappy with the
        service police have provided.

   The youths were shown numerous knifes and weapons as well as a knife arch and how the arch

   A short video on the dangers and consequences of carrying knifes, which was discussed after with
    many of the youths stating how weapons are carried to make young persons feel safe.

   A Q & A session brought the presentation to an end with the young persons keen to wear officers
    hats, Met vests and pose for pictures.

Weapons sweep

   These are still fruitful on Rowley Way Estate and on recent sweeps 3 asps were recovered on the
    estates main walkway, one lock knife, a hammer and one replica rifle

   There are more weapons sweeps planned for the near future with the hope they are as successful
    as previous sweeps have shown.

Kilburn High Road - Illegal Traders

   Although Kilburn High Road is not a SNT priority it is still a major concern to the Kilburn

   Over the last few months and the run up to the festive season officers have seized 4,493
    counterfeit DVDs. Camden and Brent police teams, along with trading standard officers continue to
    seize and disrupt the sale of these counterfeit goods.

Safer Christmas Shopping Initiative

   20th & 21st December, Kilburn safer neighbourhoods teams handed out crime prevention advice to
    shoppers and local community members on Kilburn High Road alerting them to the increase or
    pickpockets and dipping which does increase time of year.

Mayors At The Winter Glow Event

   On the 3 rd December the Mayors of Camden and Brent led a lantern procession from Kingsgate
    Primary School to switch on the Christmas lights on the Kilburn High road. The crowd then
    proceeded to the Kilburn Grange Park where a Winter Glow celebration took place. Local councillors
    and the rest of the local community flooded the park to celebrate and the Kilburn SNT was in
    attendance to ensure a peaceful evening.

Sgt. Phil Hughes

   Our team consists of 1 Sergeant, 2 PC‟s, and 3 PCSOs, assisted by 2 special constables all based in
    King‟s Cross Police Station, 76 King‟s Cross Road.

   The months of October to New Year have been a very busy time for the team and we have been
    successful in talking areas of concern raised by our panel members.

   Our main area of work has been around reducing anti soc ial behaviour (ASB) caused by youths and
    street population along the main areas of Gray‟s Inn and Euston Roads.

            This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008    23
   Also during this period the team has successfully resolved issues ranging from c losures of nuisance
    premises to target hardening of identified sex working and rough sleeping sites.

   The team has undertaken joint work with both British Transport police and also police officers from
    transport OCU. This has enabled the team to increase the numbers of officers on patrol in the

   The team has also provided local knowledge to other police units investigating crimes across
    Camden and have been able to identify numerous suspects that have subsequent ly been arrested.

   The team have had notable successes and a few are listed below.

   The team worked closely with management from a local hostel after concerns were raised
    regarding drug use on the premises. A drugs warrant was obtained and one male was arrested for
    possession of a C lass A drug. The hostel is now evicting the resident.

   The team successfully used „ crack house c losure‟ legislation after neighbours became concerned
    about anti soc ial behaviour in their block of flats, which was linked to the address of a known drug
    user. This enables us to secure the flat for 3 months while the owner seeks repossession. The
    resident has been rehoused off the borough and the flat let to responsible people in need of
    affordable social housing.

   The team were also the first in Camden to use new legislation that allows police to close premises
    where the occupiers have been causing anti social behaviour to other residents. During the
    operation at Tonbridge House Camden Council secured the flat and the resident arrest ed for an
    unrelated matter.

   The team worked closely with Camden safer streets team to address the issue of rough sleepers on
    the steps of St Pancras Church. Concerns were raised by members of the Church due to the anti
    social behaviour of some of the peop le sleeping there overnight.

   Thanks to a combination of enforcement and diversion in to schemes to help the homeless the
    issue was resolved.

   Over 100 stop and searches have taken place on individuals targeted as known offenders.

   The team also took part in an event with local youths that dispelled myths surrounding stop and
    search and to see how this is a valuable tactic in reduc ing weapon enabled crime.

   During this quarter the team has gained 3 ASBOs against people involved in begging, street
    drinking and other acts of ASB.

   The team are looking to build on this success and look forward to making the ward an even safer
    place to live and visit in 2009.
   Our next panel meeting and AGM in on 10 February and before then we are looking to arrange
    four street briefing across the ward with venues to be announced. Here you will be able to meet
    the team and give us your views.

   We are always keen to hear from people who have problems that their SNT may be able to help
    with and details on how to contact us are available on the Met Police website.

            This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008      24
Sgt. Peter Smit h

   Our team consists of 1 Sergeant, 2 PCs and 3 PCSOs and are based at Albany Street Police Station.
    The team has gone through a period of transition. I took over in September 2008 from PS Graham
    Cross who has been promoted to Inspector. The team wish him the best of luck at Paddington. PC
    Helen Gibson has taken over from PC Kenny McGrath who moved to SO15 at Heathrow. Again we
    wish him good luck in his new role. Recently, PCSO William C han has joined the team and is
    settling into his new role well.

   The team are currently working on 2 Problem Solving Processes based around youth disorder and
    moped abuse on the Regents Park Estate. A third PSP based around Drugs on the Three Fields
    Estate has recently been c losed.
   The next Panel Meeting will take place on 8 January 2009 at Albany Street Police Station. There
    will be a review of the current priorities and the discussion and ratification of a new Ward Panel

Drugs misuse on Three Fields Estate

   This was a long standing PSP that has recently been c losed. Camden Town SNT and the ASB
    department from LB Camden had targeted a number of main ASB offenders, arresting them for
    public nuisance and obtaining post-conviction ASBOs. LB Camden have installed strong fenc ing and
    gates and following a residents education program, the problems of drug misuse on the estate
    have all but ceased

Youth Anti-Social Behaviour and Moped abuse

       The team continue to conduct visible uniform patrols of the Regents Park Estate.
       Joint patrols with the LB Camden Youth Engagement team have produced good take up of
        youth services by a large number of the main offenders.
       A number of Antisoc ial Behav iour Agreements have been drawn up in partnership with the L B
        Camden ASB team and are currently being signed up to by some of the main offenders.
       A Youth Action day is planned for the February half term. This is a joint venture by the LB
        Camden ASB team and other agencies aimed at Youth engagement and education. A number of
        police spec ialist departments inc luding mounted branch, dogs and traffic have been invited and
        agreed to attend.
       A number of key individuals have been identified with a view to developing a youth panel for
        the ward. This work is ongoing.

Other problems

   The team are also dealing with two other community problems. Antisocial behaviour by a number
    of youths involving playing loud music and antisoc ial use of high value hire cars is occurring in
    Coburg Street, NW1. They have also been harassing local lone females. Monitoring equipment has
    been installed and a number of patrols have been planned for the near future. Another problem is
    that of Rough Sleepers. Work continues in partnership with the Street Services team to combat the
    antisoc ial behaviour surrounding this. A number of joint patrols are planned for the near future.

Sgt. Gary McGovern

   The recent priorities for the team have up until now been Anti Social Behavior (ASB) in the Somers
    Town area and Drugs issues in the Curnock Estate. The Curnock Estate priority was mainly in
    relation to the drugs misuse taking place in the underground car park, but this spec ific issue is

            This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008     25
    resolved now as the electronic gates have been installed for some time now and appear have
    halted the problem.

   However the ASB priority in Somers Town is still relevant and needs to be continued. The team
    held a Public Open meeting in November at the Somers Town Community Centre, which was
    attended by around thirty people. The event was very useful to the team in establishing what the
    concerns and thoughts of the local community were. The issues were in relation to drugs and ASB
    on the ward and we obtained further details to present to the Safer Neighbourhood ward panel
    meeting in December.

   As a result of the facts presented to the ward panel, our current Priorities are ASB in the Somers
    Town area, two shorter-term priorities of ASB around the South Camden Community School and
    Drugs matters in the College Place, Curnock and Bayham Place Estates. We are currently in the
    initial stages of preparing to conduct targeted patrols in the school locality using mobile CCTV,
    mounted section and high visibility tactics.


   Camden Police have been engaged in a four-month drugs operation in the Camden Town and Canal
    area, which has resulted in the arrest of fourteen people. This was done prior to Operation Nardus,
    which was a high visibility patrol operation to stop and search, disperse and arrest anyone using or
    partaking in drugs activ ity. Due to the Canal Tow path area around the Elm Village area being part
    of this operation, the SNT took part in Operation Nardus and also complimented the operation
    during our own patrols of the relevant area. The team has carried out daytime and night time
    uniformed and plain-c lothes patrols and have made a good number of arrests recently for
    Possession of Drugs. Using various tactics we will be focusing on particular areas of the ward to
    combat the ongoing Drugs matters on our estates, which blight peoples liv es.


   The Dispersal Zone, which was brought in July 2008 on the ward, has proved to be a very effective
    tool for the team. We have dispersed many youths and adults from the ward for causing ASB by
    their behaviour and for such things as being part of a group who have been smoking Cannabis. PC
    Findley and PS McGovern recently attended the trial of a male they dispersed who failed to comply
    with the instruction to leave the area and this male was found guilty and fined as a result. There
    has recently been a noticeable increase in moped / scooter activity on the ward. The team has
    carried out an operation, which resulted in the arrest of one male for attempting to steal the
    moped. This is something we will be repeating.


   The team continues to look at all information that gets passed to us from the community by what
    ever means and where we can gather the evidence and intelligence, we will look to take action by
    whatever means to bring about a satisfactory solution. We currently have various issues we are
    actively working on and are always happy to receive information with regards to any concerns the
    community raises.

Sgt. Nick Parry

   The team continues to work at the three priorities set by the ward panel of burglary, motor v ehicle
    crime and ASB within the dispersal zone. Although we have been a PC down since August we are
    now up to strength with PCSOs and have managed to keep the number of burglaries and vehic le
    crimes down within the ward.

            This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008     26
   At present we are working with the estate manager for Harben and the drugs desk looking at two
    active drugs addresses.

   Working in partnership with the district housing office, and the Lab‟s Arson Task Force we have
    been dealing with an arsonist who over the last 9 years has set more than 30 fires in Farjeon
    House. As a result of a lot of work by all of us a suspect was arrested for arson with intent to
    endanger life. This person is now on remand with a trial date set for April.


   As part of Op. Spotlight the team visits all burglary victims within 72 hours of reporting an offence.
    A number of neighbours are also visited and crime prevention advice is offered. Together with
    Carmen Jones from the Community Safety Unit we are looking at the type and standard of street
    lighting within the „Gardens‟ area. In particular on Goldhurst terrace and Aberdare Gardens, NW6.

Motor vehicle crime

   Vehicle crime continues to be a problem within the „Gardens‟ area, however there are still a large
    number of car owners leav ing property on display within their vehic les. We continue to contact any
    owners who leave property on display and give them crime prevention advice. All BMW owners
    have been visited within the „Gardens‟ area due to the number of number plate thefts which occur
    across the north of the Borough.

Anti-social Behaviour
                                                        st                              th
   We have had a Dispersal Order in force since 21 of July which run‟s until 20 of January 2009.
    Although the dispersal zone has proved very effective in tackling ASB we have seen an increase in
    „activity‟ over the last month. As a result after further public consultation and the support of local
    residents and Councillors we have applied for an extension to the order for a further 6 months. The
    area covered will also be slightly increased and will now cover the whole of the Hillgrove Estate.
    The team have so far dispersed over a 150 people engaged in ASB, arrested 4 people as a direct
    result of stops within the zone. We are also working with the local housing office who are
    interviewing all the parents and youths who have been dispersed from Dobson Close.

   The team has built up information on the „active‟ youths within the Swiss Cottage area.

Sgt. David Timms

   On 2 nd October 2008, at the AGM of the West Hampstead Panel, Linda Brown was elected as the
    new Chair. Since then she has enthusiastically immersed herself in meetings and training. A Public
    Meeting was held at the end of October and the Team was able to report reductions in both
    burglary and motor vehicle crime over the past two years. Although there have been occasional
    aberrations the average number of crimes per month shows a downward trend. The Team was also
    able to report that problems of anti-soc ial behaviour were much less. In particular in the Lithos
    Road area there were far fewer calls during the summer and early autumn to youths causing a
    disturbance. As a consequence the Panel dec ided to c lose the ASB Priority – this followed a
    favourable response to a questionnaire distributed in September.

   At the beginning of December four new member s attended their first panel meeting. They have
    been warmly welcomed and will undoubtedly instil the Panel with a new vigour and their varied
    local knowledge will be a bonus. At this same meeting the departure of PC Phil Irving was
    confirmed; he has transferred to Warrants at Kentish Town, to be replaced by PC Stuart Johnson.

            This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008       27

   The Team monitors burglaries on the Ward on a daily basis using an informative spreadsheet.
    These records go back to September 2006 and allow the team to identify swiftly any increase in
    offences in a certain area. In September the Team produced crime maps relating to burglary, which
    revealed the North East area of the Ward to be the current „hotspot‟. Since then, working in
    partnership with Camden Council, we have conducted a burglary initiative in this area.

   We have been working extra hours patrolling the area in uniform and occasionally plain clothes.
    The Community Safety Unit has provided posters relating to burglary, which have been placed in
    communal entrances to remind residents to close communal doors after entering or leaving. We
    have also attempted to launch Neighbourhood Watches in Lymington Road and Lithos Road, a
    process that is ongoing.

   Two addresses, identified as „vulnerable‟ by the Team have been visited on a regular basis; during
    these visits we have come across known burglars and have gathered a large amount of intelligence.

   During our focussed patrols the PCSOs attended a burglary call and found an outstanding suspect,
    hiding in a garden. We have also arr ested a current prolific offender for breaching his bail
    conditions, imposed for a residential burglary.

   We are continuing with Home Health checks both with victims of crime and with others we have
    identified during patrols or other contact. We are working closely with Terry Weston, the Crime
    Prevention Officer. The PCSOs have all recently spent a day with her carrying out advisory visits
    and assisting with talks on distraction burglary. This has stood them in good stead with the recent
    launch of Operation Spotlight. PC Weston attended our recent panel meeting and introduced
    members to this Operation and fielded questions on local crime trends.

   The work carried out by the Team appears to have worked and burglaries in the target area have
    reduced significantly. At December‟s panel meeting it was agreed that the Team‟s focus should shift
    to the South of the Ward. This initiative will involve street briefings, target hardening, additional
    patrolling and working with the Council and local businesses over the co ming months.

Motor Vehicle Crime

   The Team monitors motor vehicle crime throughout the ward and contact is made with any victims
    who live locally. As with burglary there had been an increase in the North East part of our Ward.
    The extra patrolling carried out as part of the burglary initiative has also impacted on motor vehicle
    crime. The combination of high visibility and plain-c lothes work has obviously had a deterrent
    effect. A large amount of intelligence about local criminals in the area has also been gathered.

   We continue to contact the owners of vehicles with property on view and highlight the issue to

   The Team, in conjunction with Fortune Green SNT, has recently carried out a moped operation in
    West Hampstead; further such initiatives are likely in the future.

   We actively patrol the O2 Centre car park and encourage their security staff to be vigilant and
    report suspic ious behaviour. During the past three months very few offences have taken place
    there, a marked contrast to a few months ago.

   During a recent vehicle crime patrol the Team arrested a male who was in possession of stolen

            This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008      28
Other actions of note

    Late night patrols by the Team during Halloween and on Bonfire Night proved very effective in
     minimising anti-social behaviour. This followed a lot of preparation work in attending premises,
     providing literature and explaining our wish to deter sales of flour, eggs and fireworks to

    The Team carries out regular „warrants‟ days. Following research we aim to visit the addresses of
     all those wanted on the Ward. One arrest was made on our most recent day, coupled with the
     updating of a number of other wanted files.

    Whilst patrolling the PCSOs spotted a youth, whom they knew was wanted for handling stolen
     goods. They assisted to stop and detain him.

    Recently the Team has assisted other officers and the RSPCA with the execution of a warrant to
     search for dangerous dogs; this resulted in the seizure of two dogs and the arrest of one suspect.

    We have also assisted with the execution of two warrants carried out by the local Robbery Squad;
     this resulted in the arrest of three suspects.

 4      Youth and Schools             Lead - Insp. Clive French

Safer Schools - By Sgt. Deirdre Matthews

    Safer Schools officers are now producing a monthly report for their local SNTs. These reports have
     assisted in improving communication between the schools and the communities in which they live.

    Some Safer Schools officers have been invited to SNT Panel meetings and this has proved to be
     very successful in improving communications between the schools and the local community
     providing a positive platform for raising issues and the welcome opportunity for feedback.

    Under the guidance of APS Aidan Russell regular truancy patrols have been conducted in
     partnership with LBC Education and other partners.

    Safer Schools officers have continued to assist with cadet evenings and with knife and alcohol test
     purchase operations using the cadets.

    The Youth portfolio officers had the opportunity to get together for a training day. Forward the
     group who deliver drug and alcohol services within Camden provided a very useful input regarding
     current trends. Officers greatly valued the opportunity to discuss and exchange best practice within
     schools and the YOS. It is hoped that this will become a regular event.

    PC James Day has co-ordinated the various programmes available to schools regarding gun crime,
     knife crime and “Prison Me No Way”. James also organised and supported the Immobilise days
     where school students were able to register their mobile phones, MP3 players etc. to combat theft.

    As a result of a firearms incident at Ac land Burghley, School Offic ers from the Youth portfolio have
     provided increased high visibility patrols to provide reassurance. These will continue until the end of

    APS Aidan Russell has organised and co-ordinated the end of term operation and the start of term
     operation for January 2009.

             This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008       29
Schools Partnership - PC James Day

   In October Camden Borough hosted another week of the popular and topical anti-Knife play 'It's No
    Joke'. The play is put on by The Comedy School from Regents Park and was first trialled in
    Camden some five years ago and now goes Met-wide.

   The play was with us for one week (10 performances) and performances were staged at all three of
    our secondary pupil referral units and seven of our nine secondary schools. The play is constantly
    evolving and this year boasted some significant changes to content and the roles portrayed. It was
    well received as always.

   In November we hosted the first batch of three Prison Me No Way Crime and Citizenship Days.
    This project is delivered in partnership with The No Way Trust, London Fire Brigade, London
    Ambulance Service, Camden Victim Support, Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Forum,
    Camden Street Wardens, Camden Housing Anti-Social Behaviour Team, Camden Community Safety
    Unit, MPS CO19 Tactical Firearms Unit and ourselves.

   The ASB Team and Community Safety Unit are jointly delivering a new session on Peer Pressure
    and Gangs, which has been well received by the schools, following early work done to pilot this at
    Parliament Hill and Hampstead School.

   The scheme was delivered at La Sainte Union, William Ellis and Parliament Hill Schools and the
    session by CO19 at the latter led directly to the recovery and destruction of a replica weapon.

   Further dates are planned for early February and mid March. Plans are now well advanced for a
    smaller version of Prison Me No Way to be taken into Pupil Referral Units.

   We have also applied for the MPS funded Boyhood to Manhood Foundation to deliver some sessions
    to the PRUs.

   We have been delivering sessions on ASB and Personal Safety to whole year groups on a class-by-
    class basis at University College School, South Hampstead High, Hampstead and Northbridge House
    Schools. We have also continued to deliver sessions on an as required basis at Primary and Infant

   We are currently planning and getting together ev idence for our funding applications for all these
    projects and others to continue in 2009/10 and beyond.

Truancy patrols – By A/Sgt. Aidan Russell

   These are still going strong, in company with our multi agency partners on the borough, and in
    October we had three patrols per week. These were very successful and productive in encouraging
    young people to attend school.

   In October we had Supt Kohli out on the patrols, along with the local press. This resulted in
    excellent coverage of the patrols in the Ham and High paper.

   Also In October we had a BBC film crew out on the patrols, as apparently, our borough takes the
    lead as Best Practise with Truancy Patrols in London, which is smoothing to be pleased with and
    there was featured article on the site to highlight the problem of truancy and the convince children
    not to do so.

            This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008      30
                                         Featured on the CBBC website

   In November history was made on the borough, where it was the first joint patrol with BTP in
    Euston and where we shared our good work practice with them.

   Also in November we carried out patrols with Brent, which were successful in building up good
    relations with both out boroughs and increase of the information sharing of youth issues.

   As part of „Stay Safe‟ we are planning extra truancy patrols on the borough for January and

Youth Engagement Team – By Sgt. Dominic Barnes

   During this reporting period the Youth Engagement Team (YET) continued to support the
    objectives as set by Operation Blunt 2 by working on intelligence led information and engagement
    work with young people across the borough.

   YET officers have been conducting home visits of young people who had been involved in serious
    youth violence over the course year. The purpose of these v isits were to advise the young people
    about their future conduct and offer them additional support by arranging diversion activities for
    them to take part in throughout the year.

   YET officers along with Nakuja Guyan from the YDET delivered master c lass presentations at the
    Guns, Gangs and Weapons annual Seminar on Thursday 16th October 2008 with regards to tackling
    serious youth violence. The event was attended by the London Mayor Boris Johnson and Minister
    for London Tony McNulty.

   The YET have been engag ing with a former peer group leader for the past four months who is now
    no longer involved in any youth violence and is currently writing lyrics for an anti gun/violence song
    which will be made into a music video early next year.

   On Friday 28th November 2008 between 3.40pm and 3.55pm a young male ran into the foyer at
    Acland Burghley School, Burghley Road, Kentish Town, NW5 chased by three males one of which
    was in possession of what appeared to be a sawn off shotgun. No one was injured and this incident
    lasted approximately 30 seconds before the victim and suspects left the school. YET officers
    attended the scene and quickly identified the v ictim and worked with the schools officer PC Jeni
    Corken in identify ing the possible suspects involved in the incident. This matter is now being
    investigation by CID detectives at Holborn Police station.

   The YET has been identified as an exemplar of best practice where Islington Police have created
    their very own version of the YET based on the model implemented on Camden borough

Youth Offending Serv ice – By Sgt. Marco Casco

   Camden is gearing up to launch the Reparation D iversion Scheme following a consultation process
    between police, community safety and the youth offending service. The launch date is set for 7th
    January 2009 and the key aim of the scheme is to reduce first time entrants into the criminal
    justice system, diverting young people at this key earlier stage.

            This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008      31
   The pilot will target first time offenders who commit a low gravity offence. They will be referred to
    the Reparation Diversion Scheme. Young people that successfully complete the scheme will not
    receive a criminal record as they do at the moment. The scheme will require young people to take
    part in direct or indirect reparation. (Face to face reparation involving both the offender and
    victim) or indirect reparation (e.g. removing graffiti). There is a varied programme of reparation
    options available.

   The Team have taken on the responsibility of ensuring the Youth Inclusion Support Panel
    coordinator is supplied with the details of children & young people coming to police notice via
    MERLIN reports. The team have consulted with the Public Protection Desk, Safer Schools and Safer
    Neighbourhood leads in order to adopt a level of consistency of YISP referra ls to ensure that
    Camden M.P.S meets the criteria set out by Every Child Matters.

   The Team ensures that Camden has a zero hit count of outstanding Merlin reports and is
    consistently above standard in this area work. This success rate leads to earlier intervention and
    dissemination of information to partners in Education and Social Services. The Youth Offending
    Team is currently looking at the disparity between Merlin reports and arrests in Camden and will
    progress with this in the New Year.

   The Youth Offending Service were host to visiting Dutch Police Officers who were on a “fact
    finding” mission about Policing issues relating to children & young people. Hendon Training School
    nominated Camden as a beacon of excellence and our visitors went away with a comprehensive
    summary of our practices and procedures, which are considerably different to theirs and directions
    to get to Big Ben, for which they were most grateful.

   The Team continues to support and the Reparation Recycled Bike Project to help a communit y in
    Africa. Young offenders on the re-cycle project scheme at the Silverdale repaired the latest
    consignment of bicycles donated by Camden M.P.S to the project. These bikes were then collected
    by the YOS and taken to a Charity Project who shipped the cycles to Africa.

5       Licensing Unit         Lead, Insp. Clive French

   From 1st October to 31 st December 2008 there were a total of 552 visits to licensed premises by
    officers from the Licensing Enforcement Team. As a result of these visits 85 premises were warned,
    with 43 written warnings issued in the most serious cases, and 23 premises were made to close,
    most for serving after their permitted hours. Inc luded in this period were four more Partnership
    Nights with Police working alongside the Council‟s Enforcement Team & officers from the Fire
    Brigade in an effort to reduce the levels of alcohol-related crime and disorder across the borough.
    Over the four evenings a total of 113 premises were v isited resulting in 19 warnings and 6 c losures.

   The assessment period for the third “Best Bar None” has now ended with members of the Police
    Licensing Team joining up with officers from the Fire Brigade and Camden Council to conduct
    detailed rev iews of all aspects of the premises‟ operations with a v iew to obtaining ac creditation
    under the scheme. As before the scheme aimed to promote and reward the best and safest places
    to drink within Camden Borough. Of the 59 premises that were assessed under the scheme, a total
    of 28 received accreditation and were awarded Best Bar None status and awards were presented to
    the winners & runners up in the following categories:

            This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008         32
                                                         Best Club
                                          Winner – The End, West Central Street
                          Runners Up – Koko, Ca mden High Street & Jongleurs, Ca mden Lock Place
                                                          Best Bar
                                               Winner – NW1 Bar, Parkway
                           Runners Up – AKA, West Ce ntral Street & Lock 17, Ca mde n Lock Place
                                                          Best Pub
                                          Winner - Ne wton Arms, Ne wton Street
                        Runners Up - Lock Tavern, Cha lk Farm Roa d & Knights Te mplar, Chancery La ne
                                                    Overall Best Bar
                                                    NW1 Bar, Pa rkway
                                         Camden Ne w Jour nal Readers Choice
                                           Lockside Lounge, Ca mde n Lock Place

   Over the last three months Officers from the Police Licensing Team have submitted/concluded the
    following premises licence review applications, namely:

       Soho Beach House, 280 Kilburn High Road, NW6 (by PC Rhodri Ev ans) – Licence revoked in full
        on 7 August but currently on appeal with hearing date to be set
       Parkers, 109 Kingsway, WC2 (by Sgt Dear): Hearing 8 th September adjourned with new date to
        be set
       Bar Monsta, 18 Kentish Town Road, NW1 (by Sgt Dear): Conditions added at hearing on 11 th

   With a view to addressing the problem of underage drinking across the borough, Licensing
    Enforcement Officer Gerry McGann, supported by the local Safer Neighbourhood Teams and funded
    by the Primary Care Trust, has over the last three months conducted three further intelligence-led
    Test Purchase Operations using Police Cadets as underage operatives. The aim of these operations
    is to target off-lic ences suspected of selling alcohol to underage persons using information gathered
    from both the Licensing Unit and Safer Neighbourhood Teams. On each failure a Penalty Notice is
    issued and a warning letter sent to the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) informing them of
    the sale and their obligations. The purpose of the letter is to ensure that the DPS is aware of the
    failing, has an opportunity to further educate their staff and understands that any further failure
    will result in prosecution and/or the rev iew of their premises licence. Over the course of the latest
    three operations conducted there were 17 failures recorded out of the 29 premises visited bring the
    running total to 47 failures out of 87 visits (a 54% failure rate) since the operations started in July.

   The 17 premises caught over the last three months are:

        Giocobazzi, 150 Fleet R oad, NW3                      Marks & Spencer, 323/324 High Holborn, WC1
        Jeroboa ms, 29 Heath Street, NW3                      A P Foods, 228 Shaftesbury Avenue, WC2
        Belsize Village, 39 Belsize Lane, NW3                 Central News, 58 St Giles High Street, WC2
        Mansfie ld Supermarket, Ma nsfield Roa d, NW3         Chester Food & Wine, 70/72 C hester Road, N19
        Londis, 134 Kentish Town R oad, NW5                   York Way Off Licence, York Way, N7
        Sainsbury‟s, Fortess Road, NW5                        Buywise, 167/169 Ke ntish Town Road, NW5
        Best of Food & Wine, 72 La mb‟s Conduit Street, WC1   Starlite Mini Market, 17 Ca mden High Street, NW1
        Montana Wines, 19 Great Ormond Street, WC1            Quickstop, 1 Haverstock Hill, NW1
        Wine Bargains of Holborn, 62/64 Leather Lane, EC1

   Since the 1 October there have been a total of 44 premises licence applications with Police making
    representations in relation to 25 of these. New places of interest that have recently opened include
    Gordon Ramsey‟s latest venture, The York & Albany Hotel & Restaurant in Parkway as well as
    Paramount, an exclusive private members club located on the top three floors of Centrepoint Tower
    providing stunning views across London. This month also sees the closure of the Sin Nightclub,
    Charing Cross Road (as well as The Astoria across the road on Westminster Borough) to allow for
    the development of the Cross Rail project.

   Over the next three months the Police lic ensing team will be working in partnership with Camden
    Council Enforcement Officers to target a variety of problems associated with the night -time
    economy. In particular, funding has been received to work around the crime and disorder & anti-

             This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008                 33
    social behaviour issues relating to Hot Dog Sellers, Cycle-Cabs and late night café/takeaway venues
    across the Borough.

   As part of Operation Blunt the licensing team has in recent months begun working closely with a
    number of nightclubs throughout the Borough encouraging them to take a more proactive approach
    to the prevention of knife and weapon enabled crime in and around their venues. One of the new
    tactics is for staff at the c lubs to perform their own regular weapon sweeps outside their venues to
    prevent discarded bottles, glasses, bricks and other debris from being used in assaults. The main
    benefits for the venues is that when they do have to eject someone there is less chance they can
    come back and attack staff with something they have found in the street such as a brick or bottle.

6       Crime Prevention Design Advisers                   Lead - PC Adam Lindsay

   The first building has been completed within the Kings Cross Central development and the
    „Construction Skills Centre‟ has been awarded Secured by Design Commercial Accreditation.

   Discussions have taken place regarding the development of areas B and R within the Kings Cross
    Central Development. These areas will provide housing and commercial buildings.

   Works on Kings Cross Station have progressed and the problematic scaffolding along York Way is
    finally due to be removed during the week commencing 15 th December.

   Many new „Secured By Design‟ applications have been received for new housing pro jects on the

   The „Immobilise project‟ - safer car parking - is being encouraged by drivers being supplied products to promote registration to this database. Currently Police carry out over
    500 checks per month in Camden on this database.

   Planning meetings have taken place where various projects wish to „design in‟ security to a building.
    This includes a proposed 411 student accommodation places, offices, market residential and soc ial

7       Crime Prevention Officers               Lead – PC Terri Weston

   The work of the CPOs continues on a number of fronts and can be summarised as follows:

       Carried out visits to schools on the borough to register mobile phones on Immobilise and will
        continue to do so in the New Year.
       Given various Freshers presentations on the Borough
       Continued work on the Sanctuary project - a victim centred initiative, which aims to make it
        possible for victims of domestic violence and hate crime to remain in their homes and feel safe.
       Visits to vulnerable residents such as the elderly to promote the Safe as Houses Scheme.
       Work on current NHW schemes and supporting the Safer Neighbourhood teams re NHW.
       Work in partnership with the local authority on the new „Wish Plus‟ scheme – a referral scheme
        to improve the health and. well-being of vulnerable Camden residents.
       Instruction on how to give crime prevention advice to PCSOs
       Analyse crime statistics and trends for our respective areas
       Carry out our main core function of visiting and advising victims or potential vic tims of crime
        prevention matters.

            This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008     34
                                                   Camden CPOs

                        PC Steve Hardy - Camden South
                        Holborn Police Stat ion - 1 to 10 La mbs Conduit Street, WC1N 3NR
                        Tel 020 8733 6543 at Holborn - Mon, Wed a nd Fri
                        Tel 020 8733 6291 at Alba ny Street - Tue a nd Thu

                        PC Dave King - Camden Central
                        Kentish Town Police Station - 10a Holmes Roa d, NW5 3AE
                        Tel 020 8733 6070

                        PC Terri Weston - Camden North
                        Ha mpstead Police Station - 26 R osslyn Hill, NW3 1PB
                        Tel 0208 733 6605

8       Partnership Information Unit                    Lead, Anthony Lewis

   The Partnership Information Unit (PIU) is a virtual unit of Police and Council analysts dedicated to
    providing analysis and recommendations to support the deployment of resources by the Strategic
    and Safer Neighbourhood work-streams within the Borough. For analytical requirements please
    contact the PIU Manager Anthony Lewis.

   The PIU and BIU have completed the scanning profiles that constitute the scanning strategic
    assessment product to monitor FYTD performance and review the CDRP priorities for 2009/10.

   On the basis of intelligence available to the partnership and feedback from Camden Talks survey
    and focus groups, the partnership have identified their priorities for 2009/10 through the strategic
    assessment process.

   The PIU and BIU have now begun the process of in-depth strategic analysis to provide
    recommendations that will support partnership activity in 2009/10.

   Phase one of the new Community Safety / ASB database has now been launched, for use by the
    District Housing Offic es. Work has now commenced on developing phase two for the Street Warden
    and Housing patrol services.

   A resolution is still yet to be confirmed regarding the release of MPS data to enable crime mapping
    on the Information Exchange System. A trial launch of the partnership version of the system is
    however planned to take place by mid-January 2009.

   The PIU are continuing with numerous information strategy projects, such as the development and
    acquisition of Holborn ranger data.

   The PIU has also provided regular updates on:
       Monthly IQUANTA performance figures (currently subject to review)
       Kilburn High Road
       The Camden Town spec ial area

              + Please note all reports are available on request subject to Protective Marking a nd FOI procedures +

            This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008                       35
9      MPS Special Constabulary                 Lead - Insp. French + Insp. MSC Nastri

   Camden MSC officers continue to perform regular group duties. These have traditionally been
    Friday Night Public Order reassurance Operations, which includes supporting the Licensing Unit on
    its Partnership Nights and every other Sunday, supporting the Camden Town Team. The MSC have
    now extended their group support to include Saturday patrols in the Holborn and Bloomsbury
    wards. These duties are on top of the support they provide to response teams and the SNTs.

   The Borough's MSC strength has risen to 144 officers and although the requirement is to complete
    a minimum of 16 hours a month, they are averaging 32 hours per officer.

   During the course of 2008 27 MSC officers applied and joined the MPS on a full time basis. Two of
    these officers have now returned to the Borough as Police Constables.

   Our HQ has selected Camden to pilot an MSC scheme to explore new ways to recruit and improve
    the administration process around MSC recruitment. As a result the Borough will benefit from
    additional full time resources and equipment funded by TPHQ. Whilst the pilot is very much in its
    infancy this could see the Borough MSC strengths rise to 300 officers by the end of the year.

   In the first two weekends of an crime operation Camden MSC officers arr ested 10 suspects and
    issued 8 cannabis warnings 7 PNDs and 54 5090's. Working with the Licensing Unit in conjunction
    with two drug dog operations there were 11 arrests, 25 cannabis warnings and 86 5090's
    completed. Supporting the SNTs out of EO has resu lted in 350 section 44 stops, 200 FPNs and 600
    cyclists warned.

   In the first quarter of 2009 we plan to relaunch the Employer Supported Polic ing (EPS) scheme,
    concentrating our efforts on "Shopwatch" with Sainsbury's at Holborn and "Hospital watch" at The
    Royal Free Hospital.

   During early December 49 MSC officers attended the MPS training centre at Gravesend and
    received level 3 Public Order training. This was immediately put to good use when 16 MSC officers
    performed public order duties on the Borough on New Years Eve.

   19 MSC officers are now trained in and are making frequent use of Body Worn Video Cameras.

   During the course of 2008 Camden MSC officers performed 26,000 duty hours and there is
    commitment around 40,000 duty hours in the next 12 months.

   A number of MSC officers have recently taken and passed "basic" and van driving tests. As a result
    the Borough now has 5 basic MSC drivers and 2 MSC van drivers.

10        Diversity Team           Lead - PC Jacqueline Joyce

   During this period a second Diversity Officer has been appointed to the D iversity Unit. PC Charlie
    Sapal will start on 26th January and she will be responsible for the Faith, Religion and Age strands.

   A Camden Borough Diversity Strategy document has been drawn up and is intended to meet our
    strategic aim in the area of diversity, which is "To work in Partnership with the diverse communities
    of Camden, the diverse work force of Camden OCU, key partners and other stakeholders to make
    the Borough of Camden safer for all who live, work and visit here".

   Delivering a service according to need is our primary aim. However, initially we will do this by
    strategically assessing and addressing what is required in relation to the 6 „legally governed‟ strands
    of diversity to this end a senior offic er has been assigned to lead on the 6 strands of Race, Gender,

            This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008       36
    Disability, Age, Faith and Sexual Orientation. The Leads will be responsible for developing an
    action plan to address any issues within their strand.

11        Hampstead Heath Constabulary                     Lead - Support Manager Richard Gentry

   We are now entering the winter period on Hampstead Heath. This is traditionally a much quieter
    time, as weather, lower temperatures and the shortened daylight times keep all but the most die
    hard of customers from coming to the Heath. The Constabulary, however, continue to carry out
    proactive patrols, encouraging visitors to use the Heath responsibly.

   The operational dog handlers together with the constables have been busy over the recent period
    and have assisted the Metropolitan Police on several occasions. Work with other agenc ies, i.e. DVLA
    and The London Borough of Camden has taken place. Vehic le excise licence, waste carrying and
    insurance checks were all targeted during operations using the car park at East Heath as a base.

   Unfortunately, a police dog that was on an initial course failed to attain the required level and was
    re-homed through existing contacts. Another suitable dog has been sourced and is now on an initial
    basic training course. The handler and dog will be licensed during the first week of January,
    together with the other operational dog teams.

   Liaison is taking place between the Camden/Highgate Safer Neighbourhood team and the schools
    located in the Parliament Hill area. There is an attempt to reduce inc idents of juvenile nuisance.
    This includes large groups of school children congregating in and around the Parliament Hill Café at
    lunch times. The summer period also see a convergence of school children in the area known as
    Dukes Field, there tends to be an increase of littering in this area at lunch times.

   A basic constables course saw four new recruits successfully pass, all attendees receiving
    certificates towards an NVQ qualification. Further training for the Constabulary will be taking place
    during January 2009.

   The change in the constabulary roster has seen a continued improvement in the service provided.
    A more effective and effic ient service has been provided during core hours when there are higher
    numbers of visitors on the Heath.

   Previously the Lido and bathing ponds have been patrolled during the busy summer months by
    stewards, this year we utilised the Constabulary. During the coming summer, further proactive
    patrols are being planned.

   The Heath Constables are now authorised agents of Camden Council; this allows us to enforce
    penalty notices under the Dog Control Order. Offences inc lude:

       Failing to remove dog faeces.
       Not putting, and keeping, a dog on a lead when directed to do so by an authorised officer.
       Permitting a dog to enter land from which dogs are excluded.

   This has had a slow beginning as Heath Constabulary officers adopt an educational approach to
    offenders where they can, and, by and large, this has proved effective in this area. The use of
    FPNs, however, is still an option for officers to use if they so wish.

   Representatives from the Heath Constabulary continue to attend the Safer Neighbourhood Panel
    meetings ensuring that we are kept up to date with the panel‟s priorities. The priorities over this
    period have inc luded barbeques on the Heath as well as cycling and dog control.

   An angling society recently set up on Hampstead Heath has seen closer liaison between the
    constabulary and anglers. Training has also been provided for angling bailiffs. These will assist in
    „policing‟ the anglers who use the ponds.

            This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008      37
   Work continues with the LGBT Forum including outreach sessions on West Heath.

   Patrols are also carried out in and around Jacks Straws Castle Car Park and the East Heath Car Park
    to reduce inc idents of vehicle crime. SNT priorities are also considered when moving around
    different parts of the Heath. Areas where vehic le crime has been reported are given attention
    when moving around the Heath.

   Constabulary supervisors liase c losely with various MPS departments. Halloween and firework night
    saw increased coverage from HHC officers. On both occasions however, Heath usage was very low,
    and no offences were reported.

   Meetings continue to be held between the City of London and the London Borough of Cam den with
    regard to dog control, the advisory group involves representatives from the local dog walking
    community, professional dog walkers and the Kennel C lub.

   Work is being carried out on the introduction of a multiple dog-walking scheme on Hampstead
    Heath. The introduction of this will improve issues with large groups of dogs being walked on the

12       MET Volunteers Programme                   Lead - Susanne Wermter

   Reported in last quarter‟s report the Reception Services Volunteer at a Police Box Site in the
    Community has been placed on hold until a suitable site has been identified.

   A „Thank You‟ event was held at New Scotland Yard in November to thank the current volunteers
    for their support. It was a lovely lunch and well attended. A number of the long service volunteers
    were presented with MPS „pins‟ and were photographed with our A/C I Taylor Wilson who thanked
    them all for their valuable contribution to the Borough.

   The Photography Project – the Volunteer team had the opportunity to visit the Public Order training
    Centre at Gravesend in October and a number of photographs were taken of this. It allowed the
    team to understand the very tough and vigorous training undertaken by our officers and they were
    able to take part in some of the activities.

   Camden will undertake its first „on borough‟ Induction Training in February 2009 for newly vetted
    volunteers which will inc lude the training package developed by TPHQ and will ensure that all the
    Volunteer team are adequately trained and supported in their chosen roles. The training will include
    presentations from the C itizen Focus Lead, D iversity Lead and a welcome and introduction to the
    MPS by a member of the SMT.

   Recruitment to the Programme continues through attendance at HR Recruitment events including
    „keep warm‟ volunteer, that is people who are applying for police officer/staff roles whose
    applications to paid roles can take up to one year. By becoming volunteers they will have had an
    introduction to the MPS prior to commencing their paid roles and have a better understanding of its
    workings. We now have 25 active volunteers with 2 still waiting to get through the vetting process.

   Volunteering hours from September to December were in excess of 500 hours

            This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008     38
   Should anyone wish to find out any more information about the MET Volunteer Programme then
    they can contact me - Susanne Wermter - at Camden Borough, Holborn Police Station, 1-11 Lambs
    Conduit Street, London, WC1N 3NR. Tel. 020 8733 4284 Mobile 07780 957808.

13        MPS Volunteer Police Cadets                  Lead – Sgt. Deirdre Matthews

   In September, Camden sent a team of 10 cadets to the annual Thriftwood Challenge camp, where
    they competed in a 2-day competition between 16 boroughs. This is a tough weekend involving
    physical and mental challenges, requiring team and leadership skills. Historically, Camden has not
    scored highly in this competition. Unfortunately, due to a team member being injured they had to
    withdraw from the last 3 exercises on the first day and so on points they came last. However, if the
    results they achieved by then had been repeated, they would have finished much higher in the
    table than previous years, so the group left the camp on a high, but very tired.

   On 28th September, we sent a team to the annual Awards Day. Every VPC unit marched on to the
    parade square at the Peel Centre to be inspected by Commander Jarman. This was followed by an
    award ceremony, where amongst others, EK Cadet Younes Bouhamdi received a Jack Petchey
    Foundation award for his dedication to the VPC.

   The VPC have supported the SNTs and the local authority with operations, particularly on the run
    up to Christmas:

       A perception of anti-social behaviour/crime on the Regents Park Estate - visiting homes on 2
       Linking up with a youth club in Fortune Green to promote the VPC and provide a footb all team
        to play against
       4 days of alcohol test purchases with the lic ensing department
       3 days of firework test purchases with Trading Standards
       2 days of knife test purchases with Trading Standards
       Youth day at Haverstock School
       4 days with Holborn & Bloomsbury SNTs at NCP car parks, offering crime prevention advice to
        drivers/weapon sweeps
       3 days delivering leaflets on Fortune Green and West Hampstead wards

   PC Andy Walden has been visiting schools and youth clubs to promote the VPC and has further
    visits planned next year.

   Having attended the Duke of Edinburgh's Leader's course, we will starting the award in January.

            This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008    39
   SNTs are encouraged to consider using the VPC in initiatives, they can be used in a number of

         Environmental Street Audits
         High Profile Crime Prevention
         Door to door message delivery
         Consultation with the community
         Anti-soc ial behaviour - Test purchases of alcohol, knives and fireworks
         Youth Crime Diversion
         Environmental Projects
         Victim Support
         Neighbourhood Watch initiatives in communities
         Community Safety Unit Initiatives
         Partnership Public Safety Campaigns
         Summary

14            Other Partnership matters

The Prisoners Property Fund

   This is a fund that is financed by unclaimed/untraceable items that are seized from prisoners when
    arrested and sold by police, the proceeds of which are put into this fund to benefit the community.
    Each Borough is allocated an amount each year and this FY Camden‟s allocation is £11,040.

   Four projects have benefited from this fund, which has now been used for this FY. The one that
    received the final allocation funding during this reporting period is as follows:

        No.   Project                 Amount     Brief details
         4    The Kentish Town City   £5,040     The farm is located amidst dense local authority housing and has
              Farm                               many domesticated animals, some rare breeds and they are used
                                                 to being touched by everyone. It also has a classroom, under 5's
                                                 activity room, a training room, fitted kitchen, stables, gardens and
                                                 seating areas and disabled access. Children, young people and
                                                 adults are actively encouraged to participate in all aspects of
                                                 animal care, from mucking out to helping wit h feeds and site
                                                 maintenance. The basis and thinking behind the programme is
                                                 wholly educational. Its primary aim is to address the educational
                                                 and recreational needs of local people with special emphasis being
                                                 placed on children and young people coming from economic or
                                                 socially disadvantaged backgrounds and young people wit h special

The Borough Commander's Fund
   This is a specific fund, currently £50,000, which is provided by the Metropolitan Police Authority
    (MPA) to the Borough Commander, Chief Superintendent C lout, to use in co -ordination with the
    MPA link member on crime prevention projects on the borough. Any officer, member of staff or
    relevant organisation can apply and projects are actively sought that are community based and will
    impact on crime either by reduction, prevention or diversion.

   So far this FY Nineteen projects have benefited from this fund, three of which have been in this
    reporting period and are listed below.

        No.   Project                 Amount     Brief details
        17    Safety awareness        £700       For the local Bloomsbury SNT to carry out personal and property
              campaign for                       safety talks and issue personal alarms, „slap wraps‟ for cyclists and
              international and                  property marking kids at the Fresher Fayres for the new students.
              national students                  These have proved highly successful over the last few years they
              within Camden.                     have taken place and the students‟ feedback has been very

              This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008                   40
        18    Through The Central    £4,000      This initiative aims to benefit the community and support the
              School of Speech and               crime and disorder reduction strategy by developing awareness of
              Drama and Initiative               knife crime. The CSSD w ill use a drama production, taking it into
              to deal with the                   two Camden secondary schools - and a public performance - as a
              awareness of knife                 practical way of enabling discussion amongst the local youth +
              crime.                             communit y and avoid involving themselves in knife crime. It will
                                                 target young people aged 11-19, the demographic in which knife
                                                 crime most severely affects, by raising awareness and methods of
                                                 prevention of this crime.
        19    Solace Women‟s Aid –   £1,500      Research shows the links between domestic violence and
              who provide support                disadvantage. Between 30 to 60% of children on the child
              to families fleeing                protection register have been affected by domestic violence and
              domestic violence                  40% of males in prison and 25% of females grew up with violence
                                                 in the home. This contribution to Solace will be used to provide
                                                 support services for children and young people affected by
                                                 domestic violence by way of helping towards running a holiday
                                                 play scheme for affected children in Camden.

15           Ongoing Partnership involvements

   These are regular partnersh ip schemes and groups that are in are in place and that have been
    mentioned in previous reports. Should any more detail of these items be needed please ask:
        Daily Events and Youth Disorder updates
        Employee Supported Polic ing – „Shop Watch‟ and „Hospital Watch‟
        Partnership „Side By Side‟ working agreement with LBC Parking Attendants
        Business Watch
        The Rapid Response Scheme
        Camden Business Against Crime (CBAC)
        Camden Suicide Prevention Group
        Sensitive Lettings checks
        Community Alert System
        Crime and Disorder Strategy
        The Acquisitive Crime Group
        Adult Protection Committee
        Drugs Operation Group
        Violent Crime Operational Group
        Kings Cross Development
        The Burglary Working Group

                      Report compiled by Sergeant Andrew Heasman, Camden Partnership Office


                                                  7 th January 2009

              This is „The 1829‟ - The Camden Police Partnership Report – October to December 2008               41