equip by niusheng11


									2006 NW Tour
Equipment List
Bike Gear                          Camping                        Clothing                       Personal
Spare tire 26" (1)                 Tent                           Bike Shorts (3)                Blister Patches
Spare tubes 26" self sealing (2)   Tent Pegs                      Bike shirts Tee (4)            Eye Drops
Spare tubes 20" self sealing (1)   Tent Pole fix(2)               Long Sleeve Bike Shirt (R.5)   Tooth Brush
Crank Bros tire tool (2)           Spare Pegs                     Vest Light                     Tooth Paste
Knife                              Groung Cloth                   Long sleeve T-shirt            Reading Light
Tire Boots (4)                     Head Light                     Jacket Light Rain              Body Wash/Shampoo
Tire Patches (24)                  Tent Sponge                    Rain Jacket                    Largre Towel
Bike Maps                          Spare AA Bateries (8)          Rain Pants                     Small Towel
State Maps                         Sleeping Bag                   Tights (2)                     Heel Crème
Map Case                           Camel Back 100                 Off Bike shorts                Road Rash Kit
Electrical Tape                    Thermal Bike Bottle            Off Bike Pants                 Waterless Hand cleaner
Wire Ties (10)                     Tent repair tape               Socks Biking                   Sun Tan Lotion
TopPeak Alien                      Sleeping Pad                   On Bike scandals               After sun crème
Leatherman MultiTool               Pad patch kit                  Off Bike scandals              Ibuprofen
Wire spool                         Matches                        Bathing Suit                   Acetaminophen
Kevlar Spoke Repair (2)            Pocket Light                   Light Cap                      Sun Glasses Dark
Spoke Wrench                       Wine Tool                      Bike Gloves                    Sun Glasses Light
Cassette Tool                      JetBoil                        Light Gloves                   Spare Glasses
Camel Back 100 oz                  JetBiol Cartridge              Compression Pack Bags(2)       Glasses Perscription
Water Bottle                       Cup                            sleep t-shirt                  Digita Camera
GPS/Bicycle Computer               Tea                            Sleeping pants                 Camera Charger
Revolution Bike Pump               Cocaco                                                        Cell Phone
Freezer Bags 1 QT (5)              Fork, Spoon, Knife                                            Cell Phone Charger
Chain Lube & Cloth                 Freeze Fried Food                                             Weather Radio
Jandd Expedition Panniers                                                                        Phone card
Velcro Straps (3)                                                                                Scrubbie
Vulcanizing Tire Repair Kit                                                                      Bag Balm
Tire Pressure Gage                                                                               Carry Wallet
Bungee Net                                                                                       Mailing Labels
                                                                                                 Phone Numbers
                                                                                                 AARP & AAA Cards
                                                                                                 TP Small
                                                                                                 Ear plugs
                                                                                                 Check Books
                                                                                                 Note Book

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