; New Standing High Council Members Set Apart
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New Standing High Council Members Set Apart


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									                                                                     NOVEMBER 2010                         NEWSLETTER

New Standing High Council                                            brought against church members, and the council would
                                                                     consider and rule on the cases. Some early cases:
Members Set Apart                                                           • Praying too loudly, causing a disturbance
By Wim van Klinken,                                                         • Family abandonment
High Priest Quorum Secretary                                                • Breach of contract
                                                                            • Priesthood members singing inappropriate songs
      The 2010 World Conference                                             • Smoking and drinking
approved four high priests—Da-                                              • Falsely accusing Joseph Smith Jr. of having an evil sprit
vid M. Byrn, Valerie K. Brennan,                                            • Women spreading gossip
Matthew J. Frizzell, and Marilee A.                                         • Unlawful matrimony
Martens—as new members of the                                               • Lack of benevolence and charity in terms of sharing
Standing High Council.                                               financial resources
      During the opening worship                                            • Numerous cases of members and priesthood teach-
of a historic retreat of the Standing                                ing heretical doctrines
High Council and the World Church                                           Nearly all members appeared to answer charges and
Leadership Council on September                                      then confessed their willingness to correct their failings. They
18, these new members were set                                       often were disfellowshipped until they demonstrated their
apart.                                                               contrition. Some, failing to correct themselves, were excom-
      At this worship, President Stephen M. Veazey shared the        municated.
following reflections on the origins, evolution, and future of the          According to Church Historian Mark Scherer, to under-
Standing High Council:                                               stand the important role of the council in the early church, it
                                                                     is necessary to understand its “standing” function. Standing
      The preface to Doctrine and Covenants section 99,              ministers or councils retained an authority in established areas
which is the Standing High Council’s chartering scripture,           of the church not given to “traveling” ministers or councils.
begins with a curious sentence: “This is not a revelation            Indeed, early on, apostles had little administrative authority in
although it states that the High Council was ‘appointed by           stakes beyond their basic priesthood functions (See Sections
revelation.’” Section 99 actually is the minutes of the orga-        17 and 104).
nization of the Council at Kirtland, February 17, 1834. We                  In fact, the High Council was created more than a year
have the original manuscript of the minutes in our archives.         before the Quorum of Twelve Apostles.
      In its formative years, as church organization was evolv-             According to Scherer, “Rather than concluding the pos-
ing, the council performed judicial, as well as some adminis-        sibility that this demonstrated a rank of privilege, I consider
trative functions, including approving some priesthood calls.        more of necessity that Joseph Smith Jr. felt the need to create
The council, under the leadership of the Presidency—usually          councils to assist in church administration…[ and this ] sig-
Joseph Smith Jr. presiding—sent missionaries, managed the            naled his willingness to delegate authority to others…”
migration of families, and even told John Johnson to stop sell-             Also, before we quickly move ahead in history, the
ing liquor to members and those with the habit of intoxica-          bifurcation of the church in Kirtland and Independence neces-
tion.                                                                sitated an administrative structure in Missouri that included
      In terms of its judicial functions, various charges were       another “High Council in Zion.”
      We need to fast-forward now. Over the decades, and
tenures of various church presidents, the nature and func-
tions of the Standing High Council evolved. While running
the risk of oversimplification, as the church grew in member-         New Standing High Council Members Set Apart .. 1
ship and geography, and as the Presidency established field            Thread for the Weaver ........................................3
administrative lines through the Council of Twelve Apostles,           Sacrament Brings the Unexpected ......................3
who supervised jurisdictional officers, the Standing High
Council narrowed its scope of activity to judicial functions,         Grace and Generosity ............................... 4
when needed, and to providing guidance regarding moral                Resisting theTemptation to Be Smug
and ethical issues.                                                     by Art Smith ...................................................... 4
      This guidance sometimes took the form of statements             NEW: PAT Giving All-electronic Option ............... 4
adopted by the Presidency and communicated to the church
as an official view or position, such as statements on abor-
                                                                      News Brief .....................................................     5
tion, the death penalty, and the 1982 Statement on Homo-
                                                                      Moving Young Adults Forward
sexuality.…                                                             by Becky Schneider ........................................... 5
      The current Church Administrator’s Handbook: 2005               Recent Ordinations ............................................... 5
Edition states:                                                       Testimony ........................................................ 6
     The Standing High Council meets at the request of                My Testimony as a High Priest
     the First Presidency to consider questions of moral               by Mathilde Chanteau ....................................... 6
     and ethical significance, to provide general advice
     and counsel to the First Presidency, and to consider
                                                                      President’s Participation........................... 8
     appeals from courts of church jurisdictions. The
     Standing High Council may also advise the Presiding
     Bishopric when requested by the First Presidency.

     Today, the Standing High Council is an increasingly
diverse community of high priests who have a broad array of
ministerial experience, professional expertise, and personal
wisdom. On the council, we are blessed with seasoned
ministers, organizational leaders, counselors, judges, medical
professionals, theologians, psychologists, etc.

                                                                      Stephen Veazey and Patricia Trachsel set apart Valerie Brennan.

                                                                           For the first time in our collective memories, we are
                                                                     providing for remote participation through technology. This is
                                                                     part of a continued movement to include more geographical
                                                                     and cultural diversity on the council.
                                                                           The Presidency values the Standing High Council as a
                                                                     World Church leadership advisory body as we continue to
                                                                     be faced with increasingly complex moral, ethical, theological,
                                                                     and sacramental issues. We are grateful for their individual
                                                                     and combined insights as we try to effectively lead the church
      Becky Savage and Kent Bradford set apart David Byrn.           into the future.

High Priests Newsletter                                          2
Thread for the Weaver                                                Sacrament Brings
By Marilee Martens, Standing High Council                            the Unexpected
      The presence of the Holy Spirit filled my experience
                                                                     By Matt Frizzell, Standing High Council
at the combined Standing High Council and World Church
Leadership Council retreat.                                                 The retreat for the Standing High Council and World
      One week                                                       Church Leadership Council began September 18 with an
earlier, I sang a                                                    early worship service.
hymn new to me.                                                             At the
The words cap-                                                       service, I was
tured the image                                                      among the four
of God weaving in                                                    new members
the world, “ever                                                     set apart for the
spinning threads                                                     Standing High
of justice and sha-                                                  Council.
lom.” The hymn                                                              I confess. I
ended with, “You                                                     did not expect
have called us to                                                    anything special
be weavers. Let                                                      from the service
your love guide all                                                  or setting apart. I
we do.”                                                              didn’t know what
      These words       David Schaal and Gwendolyn Hawks-Blue        to expect. Wor-
resonated with                  set apart Marilee Martens.           ship services like
me, and I decided                                                    this often are for-
to share them at the end of my statement of affirmation. As          mal and serene.            Stephen Veazey and Scott Roberson set
I entered the Temple on the morning of the worship service,          But, they just as                   apart Matt Frizzell.
I saw a tapestry of threads from around the world woven to-          easily can feel
gether into a beautiful cloth. I was surprised to be reminded        subdued and suppressed. To me, the setting apart seemed
again of the image of weaving.                                       ceremonial. But, God’s Spirit surprised me. It touched me in
      Immediately after my statement of affirmation, David           a way I neither deserved nor expected.
Schaal and Gwendolyn Hawks-Blue laid their hands on my                      After sharing a statement, I sat in a chair between Scott
head for my setting apart. David began his prayer with the           Roberson and Steve Veazey. With their hands on my head,
image of God being a weaver, weaving the experiences of              humility unexpectedly came over me. The moment held an
my life as a preparation for my call to ministry.                    intimacy I’ve felt before in the presence of God’s Spirit.
      I was impressed at how quickly Dave incorporated the                  The Spirit of intimacy and blessing continued as Presi-
image of God being a weaver, after having just heard me              dent Veazey prayed. I heard it in his words and tone. I let
read the stanzas of the hymn. Following my setting apart, Da-        his words wash over me with their love and sensitivity. The
vid pulled me aside. He said that as he prepared the previous        blessing I was receiving was not from the president of the
week, he felt as if a gap was in his thoughts, that he should        church, but from the God that Steve, Scott, and I worshiped.
share something else with me. That morning as he arose, the                 The ceremony became a sacrament in that moment. I
image of God as a weaver came to him. That image com-                left with another testimony I didn’t expect.
pleted his thoughts.                                                        The testimony of God’s presence in that service an-
      So he was surprised to hear me read the words of this          chored me amid the difficulties, questions, and frustration
hymn just before his prayer. I was blessed by the confirma-          I felt during our retreat that weekend. I later thought how
tion of God’s Spirit that rests within us and moves through us       there couldn’t be a more-worthy testimony. My prayer is that
in ways beyond our understanding.                                    all disciples and ministers are grounded in their testimonies of
      I also was blessed during the weekend by the sincere           our living God as we journey with God.
discussions, prayers, and desires shared as we met in a spirit              A living God is necessarily an unexpected God. Perhaps,
of discernment. I believe that as the church members world-          the community God is calling us to is equally difficult to antici-
wide continue to discern God’s will, blessings will come.            pate or expect. I suspect it is.

                                                                 3                                             High Priests Newsletter
                                                                    Grace and Generosity
Resisting theTemptation                                                 South America, earning a fraction of my salary, yet still well
                                                                        within the top 20 percent of givers. Have I even begun to
to Be Smug                                                              consider what my true capacity might be?
                                                                               Then there’s my ministry as a mentor to other leaders,
By Art Smith,
                                                                        other givers. Paul’s data showed that many active members,
counselor to the                                                        even priesthood, hadn’t made it above that $46 threshold.
Quorum of High Priests                                                  He told of a senior citizen in his congregation years ago, faith-
president                                                               fully contributing $5 each week. Perhaps that’s what she gave
     “There are three kinds of lies:                                    as a young woman when it might have been her true capac-
     lies, damned lies, and statistics.”                                ity. But now?
       Sitting in meetings, listening to                                       It dawns on me that rather than being smug, I need to
Paul Davis of the Presiding Bishopric                                   learn to talk to that dear sister giving $5 a week to World
present data on World Church giving, I thought of the saying            Ministries Mission Tithes. I need to think about what to say
Mark Twain popularized. Oh how tempting it was to accept                from the pulpit and what to say in private with those I men-
Paul’s statistical presentation at face value and to leave having       tor. I need to tactfully—but enthusiastically—invite others to
received a pat on the back for my generosity and for our col-           share generously.
lective generosity as high priests.                                            Obviously, these are tough economic times. Some sim-
       Indeed, we had just learned the Quorum of High                   ply don’t have the capacity to give much. But from the num-
Priests represents a singularly generous group of givers to             bers I’ve seen, I can only deduce the church is in desperate
World Ministries Mission Tithes, second only to the Council             need of mentors to help others become generous disciples.
of Twelve Apostles as a priesthood grouping. Not even the                      I continue to ponder the depths of that challenge to give
Order of Bishops gave more! Good for us!                                according to my true capacity. I’m giving myself an additional
       But there’s more. Looking closer, I learned that accord-         challenge as a high priest to find ways to help others be more
ing to Paul’s numbers I personally was well above average,              realistic in considering their true capacity.
above median, above so many others in my giving to World
Ministries Mission Tithes. Hooray for me! The Facebook
status update could almost have typed itself. Oh so tempting
to smugly update my status with this good news. Who knew                       NEW: PAT Giving
I was such a good guy?
       If only it were so easy.
                                                                               All-electronic Option
                                                                                     Many people enjoy the convenience of
       We leaders of the Quorum of High Priests sat around
                                                                               contributing to Local and World ministries
a little table in Jane Gardner’s office, talking about our next
                                                                               via pre-authorized monthly checking account
newsletter. “We ought to include something on generosity,”
                                                                               transfers (PAT). Many have requested that this
someone said. “Of course, high priests aren’t so much the
                                                                               process be all-electronic—no more printing and
problem,” said someone else. (Did I say that? I know I was
                                                                               mailing in forms and cancelled checks! All-elec-
thinking it.)
                                                                               tronic PAT is now up and running for contribu-
       But my self-congratulatory attitude holds a couple of
                                                                               tors in the USA.
serious problems.
                                                                                     Signing up for an automated giving option
       First are those hauntingly challenging words of Doctrine
                                                                               will help you become a consistently generous
and Covenants Section 163: “Give generously according to
                                                                               financial contributor who helps make mission
your true capacity.”
                                                                               happen all over the world.
       According to Paul, my place of honor in the top 20 per-
                                                                                     To learn more visit www.CofChrist.org/give
cent of givers to World Ministries Mission Tithes was assured
when I passed the threshold of contributing $46 monthly. I
am aware of Community of Christ members in Central and

High Priests Newsletter                                             4
                                                                                             News Briefs
Moving Young Adults Forward                                           forward comforts me as I return to my mission center and
                                                                      work in my field.
By Becky Schneider, Baltimore, Ohio, USA                                   The weekend served as a catalyst for me, motivating
      World Church and young-adult leaders gathered the               me to reach out to other young adults, to be invitational.
weekend of August 20–23 in the Blue Ridge Mountains of                Now my focus not only is on involving young adults in
North Carolina.                                                       ministry, but mentoring and training them to be ministers and
      The event—a review and planning session—marked the              leaders.
halfway point for the Young Adult Vision Project. The project
was born with President Stephen M. Veazey’s April 5, 2009,             Recent Ordinations
address to the church. Since then, Vision Project events have          The following persons have been ordained
happened throughout North America, with international trips            since the last newsletter.
planned.                                                               Name                        Office                 Country
      I previously experienced the blessing of two Vision Proj-        Vivian Beeching             Bishop                 Canada
ect retreats. The first was at the Deer Park Reunion Ground            Gregory Goheen              Bishop                 Canada
                                                                       Daniel Alfred               Evangelist             USA
in Pennsylvania. The second was at Camp Bountiful in Ohio.
                                                                       Donald Chilton              Evangelist             USA
Attending those retreats gave me a unique, well-rounded                Gary Collins                Evangelist             USA
insight to share in North Carolina.                                    Romona Collins              Evangelist             USA
      When our group gathered, we had the charge to dis-               Michael Daugherty           Evangelist             USA
                                                                       Tom De Witt Sr.             Evangelist             USA
cuss the involvement of young adults in the church, as well as
                                                                       Jan Frazier                 Evangelist             USA
direction for our group. As we arrived, we informally started          Heather Fryer               Evangelist             Canada
to share our stories. Doing so was incredibly powerful and             Stan Gladysh                Evangelist             Russia
connected each of us.                                                  Norma Mercurio              Evangelist             USA
      After worship Friday evening, we easily felt the Holy            Ted Navey                   Evangelsit             Canada
                                                                       Erik Nilsen                 Evangelist             USA
Spirit throughout the weekend. Knowing we were doing                   Roy Reynolds                Evangelist             Australia
God’s work was a heavy task, but it powered us through the             John Robertson              Evangelist             USA
long meetings!                                                         Tammie Stettler             Evangelist             USA
      The meetings brought questions about young-adult                 Bob Thomas                  Evangelist             USA
                                                                       Len Young                   Evangelist             USA
involvement in congregations, intergenerational relationships,         Tom Bothwell                High Priest            USA
mentoring, grace and generosity, and spiritual formation.              Jon Brinkmann               High Priest            USA
      Leaders asked each young adult to prepare an individual          Mathilde Chanteau           High Priest            Tahiti
vision for the church. These visions were starting points for          Stazie Church               High Priest            USA
                                                                       Clément Clark Tefau         High Priest            Tahiti
questions, ideas, and discussion. Even after our meeting times         Roger Dodson                High Priest            Canada
ended, the discussions spilled into mealtime conversations.            Wayne Freer                 High Priest            Canada
      These talks made us aware there is no easy solution to           Dwight Fryer                High Priest            Canada
increasing young-adult involvement. But, there is a place for          Twyla Glassford             High Priest            Canada
                                                                       Marilyn Graham              High Priest            Canada
each of us in Community of Christ. There is a need for us in           Dave Griffith               High Priest            USA
Community of Christ.                                                   Cathy Hopkins               High Priest            USA
      The presence of World Church leadership was incred-              Ronald Jones                High Priest            USA
ibly powerful to me. I deeply appreciate the time the leaders          Jim Lloyd                   High Priest            USA
                                                                       Brad Millard                High Priest            USA
took to listen to each of us—to hear the issues and concerns           Lucia Piehi                 High Priest            French
of our hearts.                                                                                                            Polynesia
      Leaving the weekend, I felt a tremendous bond to                 Linda Porter                High Priest            Canada
the others. I value these friendships and spiritual relation-          Noel Sherer                 High Priest            USA
                                                                       Sally Walton                High Priest            USA
ships. Knowing the powerful Spirit that united and moves us

                                                                  5                                              High Priests Newsletter
My Testimony as a High Priest                                                 Before my call and ordination as a high priest, I served
                                                                        as a priest and elder. These two offices helped me grow in
By Mathilde Chanteau, Punaauia, Tahiti                                  my faith as a blessed child and a servant chosen of God. I re-
      As a child, I was raised by parents who gave me a Chris-          main convinced that in every moment of my life as a servant,
tian upbringing filled with discipline and fervor.                      the Trinity has been by my side. I trust this always will be the
      My parents, through their faith, would move mountains             case. I’m so blessed!
so our family could live in love, joy, and other Christian and                When my divine call was presented to me by our field
universal values, even though my father didn’t make much                apostle, Susan Skoor, in the presence of our mission center
money.                                                                  president, Mareva Arnaud, last February, I already knew my
      So, when I was baptized at the age of 8, a pivotal mo-            answer. Four months earlier, I bore witness that I felt the
ment in my life, my faith in God already was strong. I felt             Spirit in the depths of my soul, telling me I was called to be a
the desire to serve our church, and at a young age I started            high priest. I shared this testimony with my husband, Daniel.
offering ministry in worship services and activities for children             While our leaders, Susan and Mareva, shared their
and toddlers. Church leaders asked me to offer ministry to              testimonies, I could not wait to give them my answer! When
the children’s group in my congregation, Heberona. I soon               it was my turn to speak, I told them I didn’t need to take a
became responsible for the Christian-education program for              year to consider the call. I simply accepted God’s call! They
toddlers and children.                                                  thanked me, and Susan offered a prayer.
                                                                              That same evening, I shared my call with my husband.
                                                                        We sat down with our two sons, Terii and Etienne, to share
                                                                        my call and, above all, explain what it meant. I’m so grateful
                                                                        to God for giving me a husband and children who support
                                                                        my ministry!
                                                                              On Friday, July 30, my call, and calls presented to my
                                                                        companions in Christ, Lucia Piehi and Clément Clark, were
                                                                        presented during our mission center conference for approval.
                                                                        We were ordained as high priests on Sunday, August 1.
                                                                              The day of my ordination always will remain a blessing
                                                                        for me. I again received testimony of God’s love through
                                                                        Communion, messages of support from Apostles Rick
                                                                        Maupin and Susan Skoor, and all of my brothers and sisters in
                                                                        Christ from our islands, French Polynesia.
                                                                              That day I saw a flashback of when I was a little girl,
                                                                        loved and surrounded by parents who were fervent and
                                                                        firm believers in God. They taught me the essential values of
                                                                        joy, love, patience, sharing, and more. Through a disciplined
                                                                        Christian upbringing they helped me become a high priest,
                                                                        ready to keep serving God so the kingdom of Zion can be
                                                                        established on Earth.
                                                                              To conclude, this passage from the Bible always encour-
                                                                        ages me in my life and ministry.

                                                                             But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience,
                                                                             kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-
                                                                             control. There is no law against such things.
   Mathilde Chanteau is ordained to the office of High Priest.                                                 —Paul 5:22–23 NRSV

High Priests Newsletter                                             6
Mon Témoignage en tant                                                  que mon appel me soit présenté, je témoigne que l’Esprit de
                                                                        Dieu s’était manifesté au plus profond de mon être, m’in-
que Grand-Prêtre                                                        diquant que j’étais appelée en tant que Grand-Prêtre et j’ai
Mathilde Chanteau, Punaauia, Tahiti                                     porté témoignage de cela à mon époux Daniel.
                                                                              Pendant que nos dirigeantes, Susan et Mareva, m’of-
      Très tôt, au sein de ma                                           fraient leurs témoignages, je n’avais qu’une hâte, c’était de
famille, j’ai grandi avec des                                           leur donner ma réponse ! Aussi, au moment où j’eu la pa-
parents, qui dès mon plus                                               role, je leur répondis que ma réponse ne nécessitait pas que
jeune âge, m’ont apporté une                                            je prenne un an pour réfléchir et que j’acceptai tout simple-
éducation chrétienne remplie                                            ment l’appel de Dieu ! Elles me remercièrent et notre soeur
de rigueur et de ferveur.                                               et apôtre en christ Susan nous offrit une prière.
      En effet, j’ai toujours vu                                              Le soir même, je partageais cet appel de Dieu à mon
mes parents à travers leur foi                                          époux puis nous réunîmes nos deux garçons Terii et Etienne
vis-à-vis de notre Eglise, dépla-                                       afin de leur partager mon appel et surtout leur expliquer tout
cer des montagnes pour que                                              ce que ce nouvel appel de Dieu signifiait. Je remercie énor-
notre famille vive dans l’amour,                                        mément Dieu de m’avoir donné un époux et des enfants qui
la joie et bien d’autres valeurs                                        m’apportent leur soutien au sein de mon ministère !
chrétiennes et universelles                                                   Puis le vendredi 30 juillet, mon appel et celui de mes
et ce, malgré le tout petit               Mathilde Chanteau             compagnons en Christ, à savoir Lucia PIEHI et CKARK Clé-
salaire que mon père avait,            est ordonée à l’office de
                                                                        ment furent présentés devant nos frères et soeurs en Christ
pour subvenir à nos besoins.                 grand prêtre.
                                                                        lors de notre Conférence de Centre de Mission pour appro-
      Aussi, lorsque je fus baptisée à l’âge de 8 ans, qui reste        bation et nous fûmes ordonnés Grand-Prêtre le dimanche 01
un moment crucial dans ma vie, ma foi en Dieu était déjà                aôut.
grande et j’avais déjà ce désir de servir au sein de notre                    Le jour de mon ordination reste pour moi un jour béni
Eglise, ministère que j’offris d’ailleurs dès mon plus jeune âge        car tout simplement Dieu m’a une fois encore porté témoi-
à travers les services d’adorations, les activités des enfants et       gnage de son Amour à travers Sa Sainte-cène, les messages
très jeune, j’ai été sollicitée au sein de la direction du groupe       d’encouragements de nos apôtres Rick MAUPIN, Susan
de jeune de ma congrégation de Heperona pour offrir mon                 SKOOR ainsi que ceux de tous mes frères et soeurs en
ministère auprès des jeunes et même très tôt aussi, j’ai pris           Christ, de notre petite île bénie, qu’est la Polynésie Française.
en charge des groupes d’enfants de maternelle, primaire                       Enfin, ce même jour, je revis cette petite fille que j’étais,
et jeune en tant qu’instructrice au sein de l’Education chré-           aimée, entourée de parents croyants fervents et fermes dans
tienne.                                                                 leur foi en Dieu, qui m’ont inculqué des valeurs sûres telles
      Aussi, avant d’avoir été appelée et ordonnée Grand-               que la joie, l’amour, la patience, le partage et bien d’autres,
Prêtre au sein de notre Eglise, la Communauté du Christ, j’ai           et ayant reçu une éducation chrétienne rigoureuse, devenir
moi-même officié en tant que Prêtre et Ancien. Je confirme              tout simplement, un Grand-Prêtre, prête à continuer à servir
que ces deux offices m’ont beaucoup aidé à grandir dans ma              notre Dieu afin que son royaume, SION, soit établi sur terre.
foi en tant qu’enfant béni et servante choisi par Dieu et je suis             Pour conclure mon témoignage, voici des passages de la
convaincue, au plus profond de mon être, qu’à chaque mo-                Bible qui m’encouragent toujours dans ma vie ainsi que mon
ment de ma vie en tant que servante, la Trinité m’a toujours            ministère. Il est écrit dans l’épître de l’apôtre Paul aux Galates :
accompagné et je reste confiante qu’elle m’accompagnera
toujours. Que de bénédictions ai-je reçu !                                   Gal 5,22 Mais le fruit de l’Esprit, c’est l’amour, la joie,
      Lorsque mon appel divin me fut présenté par notre                      la paix, la patience, la bonté, la bienveillance, la foi, la
Apôtre de champ, Susan Skoor, en présence de notre                           douceur, la maîtrise de soi;
Présidente Mareva Arnaud au mois de Février, je connaissais
déjà ma réponse car tout simplement, quatre mois avant                       Gal 5,23 la loi n’est pas contre ces choses.

                                                                    7                                                High Priests Newsletter
                                                                                                     NONPROFIT ORG.
                                                                                                      U.S. POSTAGE
Quorum of High Priests                                                                                       PAID
International Headquarters                                                                           Independence, MO
1001 West Walnut Street                                                                                PERMIT NO. 96
Independence, MO 64050

                                                          President’s Participation
High Priest Quorum President Jane Gardner has kept a busy           Co-Missioned Pastors Initiative, Canada East Mission Centre,
schedule in recent months. These are among the places she              Toronto, Ontario, Canada
has visited and events she has participated in from April through   Olathe Congregation, Olathe, Kansas, USA
Hymnal Project with First Presidency, the Temple
World Church Finance Board, the Temple
East 39th Street Congregation, Independence, Missouri, USA
Hymn Society Conference, Samford University, Birmingham,
    Alabama, USA
Temple Strategy Team retreat, Lee’s Summit, Missouri, USA
Lee’s Summit Congregation, Lee’s Summit, Missouri, USA
Woods Chapel Congregation, Lee’s Summit, Missouri, USA
World Church Leadership Council and Standing High Council
    Retreat, the Temple
International Leaders Council, the Temple
World Church Leaders Gathering, the Temple
Village Heights Congregation, Independence, Missouri, USA
Northwest Congregation retreat, Guthrie Center, Iowa, USA
Peace Colloquy, the Temple                                               World Church Leaders Gathering worship service

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