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									                                          Spring 2009

            We’re 30!

A Journey of Faith and Hope
CNN Reporter Takes Food Stamp Challenge
Planting Season has Arrived!
Sharing Our Memories
Contents                                 A Journey of Faith and Hope
                                                                          Bill Bolling, ACFB Executive Director
Summer 2009
                                            With this issue of Foodsharing we celebrate
Letter from the Director             2   our 30th year. These years are full of great
                                         memories, milestones and accomplishments.
Agency of the Quarter                4   Most importantly, many people’s lives, includ-
                                         ing my own, have been indelibly touched.
Volunteers of the Quarter            5   Givers and receivers alike have been enriched
                                         by their experience with the Food Bank.
The Food Stamp Challenge             6      From where we sit today, one might assume
                                         that the Atlanta Community Food Bank was a
Planting Season has Arrived!         7   great vision - planned and executed according
                                         to a specific set of values and developmental
                                         principles. And there’s a good deal of truth to
Sharing 30 Years of Memories 8
                                         that. But, in hindsight, it’s really been a jour-
                                         ney of faith and hope, believing in the power
What’s Cooking at the
Food Bank?                         10    of people and ideas, of hard work and risk
                                         taking, of courage and creativity – believing,
                                         as we do, that positive change will only come       our new facility, and we’re able to serve our
Upcoming Events                    12
                                         if we are true to our mission and to ourselves.     partner agencies in ways we could have only
                                         Most importantly, it has been meaningful            dreamed of before.
Thank You for Joining
the Fight                          13    work which has come out of a deep calling to          Most often, opportunities just naturally

                                         “...our need to serve, to reach out to our neighbor, to give a
                                         helping hand, will never change, because while we are helping
    Angie Clawson                        others, it fulfills something very meaningful in ourselves.”
    Amy Hudson

                                            When we started, we couldn’t conceive of         fell into place. Food gardens have sprung up
    Bill Bolling, Angie Clawson, Fred
    Conrad, Cedric Davis, Leslie
                                         all the places we would go. Sometimes things        in neighborhoods all over the Atlanta region
    Hamilton, Daphne Hill, Amy           didn’t make sense at first glance. A food            through our Community Gardens project;
    Hudson, John Montgomery,             bank seemed an unlikely place to open a free        thousands of people are being educated about
    Barabara Overton, Carol Richburg,    school supply store. But we now distribute          hunger and poverty through our Hunger
    Sarah Robertson, Suzanne Roush,      brand new school supplies to more than 4,000        101 program; we’ve developed an incredible
    Holly Royston, Judy Stamps and       teachers each year. Other times, a new idea         volunteer force at our Product Rescue Center;
    Naretha Timberlake                   seemed too monumental to take on; but we            excess meals from some of the best dining
                                         were compelled to move on it. Flipping day          establishments in town are served to the
COVER PHOTO                              shifts to night for half of our staff to pick up     hungry through our Atlanta’s Table project;
    Marcus Krause
                                         food during the 1996 Olympics seemed crazy.         thousands of eligible workers are receiving
                                         But it was hugely successful, and we would          free tax preparations, tax credits, food stamps
                                         do it over again in a heartbeat. Conducting         and other key earned benefits through the
    Angie Clawson, CNN, Natasha
                                         our first-ever capital campaign during a tight       Atlanta Prosperity Campaign; the community
    Daniels, Amy Hudson, Marcus
    Krause and Naretha Timberlake
                                         economy seemed risky. But we desperately            comes out in full force for our Hunger Walk
                                         needed a new facility; we had faith that our        each year; and this year – when we were liter-
DESIGN                                   community would come through for us, and            ally stopped in our tracks by snow – people
    Fain & Tripp, Inc.                   they did. Four years later, we’re at home in        rallied and contributed over $400,000 – more

                                                                                                    Board of Directors
   funds than any other year in the history of       There are no shortcuts or magic answers.       2008/2009 OFFICERS
the event.                                           We have been betting our future on a real-       Chair
                                                                                                      Richard LeBer
   As much as we’ve been able to accomplish,         ity that could not be sustained. And yet,        Vice Chair
there are some things that haven’t changed.          many of us who have worked for change            Don Heroman
Society still has waste and excess alongside         and transformation find these times full of       Secretary
                                                                                                      Hilary Wilson
hunger and poverty. Wages are still too low,         opportunity.                                     Treasurer
and the gap between the haves and have-nots             On a very personal note, the great joy        Phil Tague
                                                                                                      Atlanta’s Table Chair
has grown dramatically. In 1970, CEO salary          of this work has been the people. There          Arlene Glaser
and bonus packages were typically about              have been times of frustration, heart break      Kids In Need Chair
                                                                                                      Sally Rhoden
$700,000 – 25 times the average production           and disappointment; of trusts broken and
worker’s salary; by 2000, CEO salaries had           opportunities lost. But even those were        2008/2009 BOARD MEMBERS
                                                                                                      Precious Anderson
jumped to almost $2.2 million on average, 90         instructive and helped me to better know
                                                                                                      Jere Brady
times the average salary of a worker. Toss in        myself. The people I have known – who            David Eidson
stock options and other benefits, and the sal-        patiently taught me how things really work,      Bob Freeman
ary of a CEO was nearly 500 times the average        who inspired me to continue when I was           Mike Kane
worker’s salary. In recent years the gap has         unsure of myself, who graciously gave their      Allegra Lawrence-Hardy
become even wider, with the top 50 hedge             time, talent and resources; who trusted me       David Leeds
                                                                                                      Rose Perry
fund managers making 19,000 times that of            and made me a better person – they were
                                                                                                      Chip Presten
the average worker. We clearly haven’t been          all essential to the Food Bank’s success.        Joseph Sisto
thinking very deeply about the implications             I have particularly enjoyed getting to        Jeff Smith
of such trends. This might also explain why          know other cultures, religious beliefs and       Marjy Stagmeier
nearly 40% of the people needing help with           traditions. I have fulfilled a dream to work    GENERAL COUNSEL
food today already have a full-time job.             across religious lines and create common         David Long-Daniels
   How do we account for the condition               ground and common work. Food has been          EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
of these times? After 30 years, how do we            the connector, the container, the tool that      Bill Bolling
defend so many resources going to emergency          has transformed lives.
subsistence vs. changing the system that al-            The vision and idealism that motivated      Our Mission
                                                                                                    Our mission is to fight hunger by
lows this to happen? If people struggle too          the creation of the Food Bank – and the
                                                                                                    engaging, educating and empowering
long and still can’t get ahead or even get by,       persistence and courage it has taken to suc-   our community.
they lose hope and are not as likely to trust in     ceed – will be needed in the future. This
our collective future. This also can happen          will be our gift to the next generation of
                                                                                                    Who We Serve
                                                                                                    The Food Bank supports a wide range
when people get so wealthy that they become          leaders. We are assured it will change ac-     of people in need, from children to the
isolated from the real rhythm and struggles of       cording to the consciousness and needs of      working poor. Food pantries, commu-
                                                                                                    nity kitchens, childcare centers, night
life. Ultimately, we don’t feel like we are on the   the community. And that is how it should
                                                                                                    shelters and senior centers are among
same team working on the same goal.                  be. But our need to serve, to reach out to     the agencies that receive product from
   And that is where we increasingly find             our neighbor, to give a helping hand, will     the Food Bank and provide food and
ourselves today - more partisan, conflicted,          never change, because while we are helping     other critical resources for low-income
                                                                                                    Georgians who suffer from hunger and
fearful, more entrenched, and less prepared          others, it fulfills something very meaningful
                                                                                                    food insecurity. The Food Bank also
to make the hard decisions, less willing to          in ourselves.                                  operates several community projects to
change.                                                 With challenging times still in front of    aid our agencies in community build-
                                                                                                    ing, technical assistance and advocacy
   As we pick ourselves up and begin the             us, we need now, more than ever, to focus
long process of redefining our priorities, of         on the positive. There are so many things to
                                                                                                        To learn more or get involved in
rebuilding institutions and identifying the          inspire us; we just need to open our eyes,       the fight against hunger, please visit
leaders to move us forward, we need to know          hearts and minds, and the way will be made      
that the work is hard and real progress is slow.     clear.
It has never been any other way. When we
are promised easy, we should know better.

    Agency of the Quarter
    Monastery of the Holy Spirit
    “Our partnership with the Monastery of the Holy Spirit is a terrific example of how we collaborate with our
    agencies to reach more people who are in need of food.”

       If you travel to Conyers, you can visit        needing food assistance in the area                          in need of food,” said Food Bank Agency
    one of the very first groups to partner            grew. Although the monks continued                           Services Director Carol Richburg.
    with the Atlanta Community Food Bank,             to farm and share their additional fresh                       When asked what the Food Bank
    the Monastery of the Holy Spirit. Father          produce, they began looking for outside                      means to them, Ruth said, “We wouldn’t
    Anthony Delisi, who manages the mon-              resources to offer a good nutritional                         be here if it wasn’t for the Food Bank.”
    astery’s food pantry, remembers driving           mix. The Food Bank was just the an-                          She credits the Agency Services staff with
    to the Food Bank’s original location at St.       swer.                                                        helping them organize the food pantry
    Luke’s Episcopal Church each week to                 After years of providing food some-                       and making it possible for them to serve
    pick up grocery products to supplement            what informally, they created an official                      people in five counties. She also noted
    the fresh vegetables they were providing          food pantry with the help of Ruth                            that the improvements the Food Bank has
    for the hungry in the Conyers commu-              Alexander in 1988. 10 years later, Ruth                      made over the years, such as the online
    nity.                                             was joined by her husband Richard in                         online ordering system, makes it easier to
       The monastery has been serving the             operating the pantry, and he manages                         get the items they need and makes pick-
    local poor since it was founded in 1944           all pick-ups at the Food Bank. In the                        up much more efficient.
    by Trappist monks, who originally served          early days, they served approximately 20                       The Monastery’s food pantry is open
    at Our Lady of Gethsemani Monastery               to 25 families a week. The number has                        every Tuesday morning for those who
    in Kentucky. The monks began farming              tripled since then, with the biggest jump                    can pick up their own items. Volunteers
    their land and would share the extra pro-         happening last year when the monas-                          deliver food to those who are unable to
    duce with people who stopped and asked            tery was only one of three food pantries                     come by in person, but still need assis-
    for food. As more and more requests               in a 50 mile radius. Ruth estimates that                     tance.
    came in, they recognized the need to sup-         they now serve on average 75 families                          The Food Bank is grateful to celebrate
    port those in the community who were              a month. “Our partnership with the                           30 years of partnership with the Monas-
    struggling, and they decided to offer fresh        Monastery of the Holy Spirit is a terrific                    tery of the Holy Spirit and looks forward
    produce on a regular basis.                       example of how we collaborate with our                       to working together to serve those in
       Over the years, the number of people           agencies to reach more people who are                        need for many years to come.

                                     (above) Monastery of the Holy Spirit volunteers load up a grocery delivery for local residents in need of food assistance. (l to r)
                                     Raymond Heflin, Clyde Hamrick and Larry Laster. (top right) Father Anthony Delisi was among the very first people to work with the
                                     Atlanta Community Food Bank. (bottom right) Ruth Alexander was instrumental in starting the Monastery’s food pantry.

    To learn more about the Monastery of the Holy Spirit visit
    To learn more about Atlanta Community Food Bank partner agencies, visit
                                                              Volunteers of the Quarter

                                                            What is a volunteer? defines a volunteer
                                                         as a person who performs a service willingly and without pay.
                                                         Here at the Atlanta Community Food Bank we just call them
                                                            Like all nonprofits, ACFB depends a great deal on the
                                                         support of our volunteers, and we have been lucky to host
                                                         hundreds of thousands over the past 30 years. While many
                                                         have been one-time helpers, we have several who keep coming
                                                         back, and there are a special few who take their dedication to a
                                                         whole new level.
                                                            Volunteers of the Quarter Mary Evelyn Gibert, Bob Gra-
                                                         ham, Audrie Kelton, Kent Leslie and Kenneth Wells all share
                                                         this in common. They have given their time and talent to the
                                                         Food Bank for many consecutive years, and each of them has
                                                         accumulated over 1,000 hours of volunteer service with us.
                                                         Some have even surpassed 2,000 hours - the equivalent of 40
                                                         hours a week for a full year!
                                                            Each of them started volunteering at the Food Bank for dif-
                                                         ferent reasons, but all have the same motivation to keep com-
                                                         ing back; they have the time and they know we have the need.

  Clockwise (l to r)   Kenneth Wells, Audrie Kelton, Bob Graham,
                              Mary Evelyn Gibert and Kent Leslie (not pictured)
                                                      ... have given their time and talent to the Food Bank for many
                                                          consecutive years, and each of them has accumulated over
                                                                             1,000 hours of volunteer service with us.

                                                         Mary Evelyn and Audrie agree it’s the people they’ve met
                                                         that make volunteering with us special. Audrie says “it’s the
                                                         wonderful atmosphere and the satisfaction of knowing that
                                                         I’m helping an organization that is doing such good work that
                                                         makes me stay.” Kenneth sites his reason for coming to the
                                                         Food Bank is knowing he is helping save us money by working
                                                         on facility projects that we might otherwise have to pay some-
                                                         one to complete. Kent looks forward to riding on the Atlanta’s
                                                         Table truck every Friday and can’t imagine her life without this
                                                         weekly tradition. Bob is motivated to help just knowing how
                                                         much the team in the warehouse needs him each Tuesday.
                                                           We appreciate the efforts of all of our volunteers and salute
In ACFB’s 2007/2008 fiscal year, volunteers contrib-
                                                         these five giving individuals for their extraordinary service!
uted 75,971 hours of their time – the equivalent of
36 staff members working full-time.

    The Food Stamp Challenge                                                                    Hunger Walk/Run
                                                                                                Breaks All Records
                                                 on CNN’s “American Morning” and
                                                 blogged almost daily. “I had no idea the  e
                                                                                                Despite the Snow
                                                                                                Despite the Snow
                                                 magnitude of the conversation I was
                                                 starting,” said Callebs. “The whole thing g
                                                 was very eye-opening. People emailed
                                                 personal experiences, offered advice and  ndd
                                                 words of encouragement; a few even
                                                 raked me over the coals, but I’d say 90% %
                                                 were appreciative. Pretty soon, I got to
                                                 be known as ‘The Food Stamp Guy.’”
                                                    What stood out the most? “People              Th        all the participants,
                                                                                                  Thanks to all of the participants,
                                                 who haven’t had to worry about secur-          volunteers, and sponsors who came
                                                 ing their next meal thought $176 a
                                                 month would be a tremendous chal-              out to Turner Field for the 25th Annual
                                                 lenge, but those who have had to turn          Hunger Walk/Run on Sunday, March 1.
                                                 to government assistance thought that
                                                                                                Despite cancelling the event for the first
                                                 amount was amazingly high for one
Reporter Sean Callebs lived for one month                                                       time in 25 years due to a snow storm,
                                                 person.” And then there were those who
    on a food stamp budget of $176 – the
 maximum allotment for a single person in        challenged the notion that food stamps         we managed to raise awareness and
Louisiana. He documented his experience          are supposed to supplement their food
                                                                                                hope for the hungry in Metro Atlanta.
           on CNN’s “American Morning.”          supplies. “Many emailed that food
                                                 stamps and food banks were their only          Best of all? This amazing community
       Up until February of this year, CNN       source of food,” he said.                      rallied to raise more funds than ever
    reporter Sean Callebs approached food           How did it affect him personally?
                                                                                                before – over $400,000!
    like many of us do. He was used to grab-     “One of the greatest lessons I’ll take
    bing a quick bite here or there, and often   away from this project has very little to        The Atlanta Community Food Bank
    enjoyed a nice meal out with family or       do with the actual diet. I was amazed          and our five Hunger Walk/Run part-
    friends. If he felt like having a snack,     at how the social aspect of your life is
                                                                                                ners – Episcopal Charities Foundation,
    he didn’t hesitate to reach for one. That    turned upside down when you can’t eat
    came to a halt – at least temporar-          out.” He said he also constantly found         Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta,
    ily – when he decided to embark on an        himself doing math. “How much can I            Lutheran Services of Georgia, Presbyte-
    experiment as part of CNN’s coverage         spend? And if I eat this for dinner, what
    on the economy. He would live for one        will I have tomorrow night?”                   rian Answer to Hunger (PATH), and St.
    month on a food stamp budget of $176            At the end of the month, Callebs had        Vincent De Paul Society – would like to
    – the maximum allotment for a single         $3.24 in his pocket and the freedom to
                                                                                                thank everyone for stepping up to meet
    person in his home state, Louisiana.         eat whatever he wanted, but his per-
    He was determined to make it through         spective had changed. “I’m not sure I          the need.
    the month using only this amount. No         could do this for 6 months or a year,” he
    offers of food from well-meaning col-         said. “But I know millions of Americans        Special Thanks
    leagues would be accepted.                   don’t have that choice. I’m not sure I’ll      to our Hunger Walk/Run
       Callebs documented his experience         ever look at food the same way again.”         Sponsors:

                       Planting Season has Arrived!
                                                         Focus on Community Gardens, a project of the Atlanta Community Food Bank

                Atlanta Food Bank Community Gardens Coordinator Fred Conrad (far right) guides a tour during the Georgia Organics 12th Annual Conference and Trade Show in March.

If you love fresh produce and enjoy the outdoors, but
                                                                                       nect you with more than 150                 Community Gardens coordi-
don’t have space to grow vegetables at home, consider
                                                                                       gardens in the metro area. If               nator, Fred Conrad, can help
participating in a community garden.
                                                                                       there isn’t already a commu-                with all of that. Our primary
     Attention gardeners and               Have extras to donate? Check                nity garden in your neighbor-               interest is
   potential gardeners… plant-             out the Plant a Row for the                 hood, consider starting one.                gardening
   ing season has arrived! The             Hungry program at the bot-                  It’s a great way to get to know             projects that
   season officially began on                tom of this page.                           your neighbors, beautify                    will enhance
   April 15 and lasts until June             If you love fresh produce                 your community, supplement                  the food
   20, so there is still plenty            and enjoy the outdoors, but                 your food supply and save                   supply of
   of time to get your garden              don’t have space to grow                    money at the same time! All                 low-income persons, but we
   started. Plant a variety of             vegetables at home, consider                you need is some gardening                  encourage everyone to join in
   seeds or vegetables now, and            participating in a community                expertise, tools, seeds, volun-             the fun. Contact Fred at
   you’ll begin to see the fruits          garden. Our Community                       teer gardeners and, of course,    
   of your labor this summer.              Gardens project can con-                    a little patch of land. Our

                                        Plant A Row for The Hungry
                                        If you are an individual gardener, member of a garden club or have a farm, you can make a dif-
                                        ference by participating in the Plant a Row for the Hungry campaign. Designate one row of your
                                        garden for donations, or simply bag up your extra harvest, and we’ll help you find a local organiza-
                                        tion that will get it in the hands of those who need it!
                                        Visit and click the Plant a Row link.
                                        Thanks to Farmer D Organics for supporting Plant a Row for the Hungry at their spring event in April!

     Sharing 30 Years of Memories

    Any organization that makes it to                  • “I really enjoyed working on the vol-        him about the Food Bank. Whatever
    the 30-year mark is bound to see                     unteer training video with the Cartoon       he said must have been good because
                                                         Network and Turner Studios. Their            the man ended up writing a really big
    lots of change. Who better to take
                                                         creativity, sense of humor and profes-       check!”
    us on a trip down memory lane
                                                         sionalism made for a great experience       • “The people – Kent Leslie, Mable Jones,
    than some of our long-time staff                     and a video that still has new volunteers     Mr. and Mrs. Major, Mr. and Mrs.
    members?                                             laughing and learning four years later.”      Gaither, Mr. Wadley, Bill Bolling, Rob
    We asked them to share their                       • “I remember opening an envelope and           Johnson, David Smith, Janice Reece,
                                                         finding a rumpled $1.00 bill with a note       Bobby King and Bruce Donnelly.”
    favorite recollections about
                                                         in shaky handwriting that said ‘I am
    working at the Atlanta Community                     sorry this is all I can do right now.’”     What are the biggest changes you’ve
    Food Bank, the changes the Food                                                                  seen? What do you think is the most
                                                       • “One of my favorite memories was            significant impact ACFB has had on
    Bank has seen and the impact                                                                     the community since you’ve been
                                                         having Karen Etheridge, eight months
    we’ve been able to make in our                                                                   here?
                                                         pregnant, teach me how to drive a fork-
    community. We hope you enjoy!                                                                    • “The most significant event was our
                                                         lift; also Rev. Early giving me a hug my
                                                                                                       ability to conduct a successful capital
                                                         first week and thanking me for working
     What is your favorite personal recol-                                                             campaign, construct a beautiful and
                                                         at the Food Bank.”
     lection about working at ACFB?                                                                    efficient facility and move our entire
     • “The adventure and overall success of           • “When I moved from Houston to                 operation during the busiest time of
       our staff and volunteers rescuing food             Atlanta, I immediately inherited an           year, all while completely changing the
       during the 1996 Olympics ranks high               extended family with our staff.”               way we managed our method of han-
       for me. We worked around the clock,             • “We needed to transfer loads of ice           dling food. That move, the building and
       but it’s something I’d do all over again.         for an event, and the entire staff came        our commitment to doing things the
       The excitement of feeling part of a big-          down to the warehouse - everyone was          right way increased our impact on the
       ger whole was tremendous.”                        very willing to stop what they were do-       community overall.”
     • “The grand opening of the new building            ing and help.”                              • “Our response to Hurricane Katrina
       was a day I’ll never forget. It felt like the   • “Charles Weems was picking up food            was phenomenal because of the new
       culmination of years of work and trust-           donations for Operation Isaiah and one        facility.”
       building.”                                        of the members at the synagogue asked       • “The e-Harvest online ordering system
                    (l to r) Nate Copeland, Jim Cheetham, Janice Reece, Erskin Harvey and Naretha Timberlake

                                                                                                               ACFB staff members who partici-
                                                                                                               pated in this interview are listed
                                                                                                               in order of the year they started:

                                                                                                               Bill Bolling
                                                                                                               Founder and Executive Director     1979
                                                                                                               Carl Jaffar
                                                                                                               Reclamation Center Manager         1987
                                                                                                               Rob Johnson
                                                                                                               Chief Operating Officer             1987
                                                                                                               Carol Richburg
                                                                                                               Agency Services Director           1987
                                                                                                               Jim Cheetham
                                                                                                               Network Systems Manager            1989
                                                                                                               Erskin Harvey
                                                                                                               Facilities Manager                 1989
                                                                                                               Dorothy Dabbs
 is the most important thing we’ve done              • “The Kids In Need school supply proj-                   Agency Coordinator                 1990
 in terms of getting food out to the com-              ect now serves over 4,000 teachers in                   Janice Reece
 munity. In the old building, agencies                 eight of Georgia’s largest counties. We                 Marketing and Projects Director    1990
 could spend hours going up and down                   know we’ve impacted overall student                     Charles Weems
 the aisles looking for product. It was                performance in the schools we serve.”                   Transportation Manager             1990
 very time-consuming. With the new
                                                     Anything else you want to add?                            Amy Hudson
 system, they can place their order and                                                                        Communications Manager          1991-97
 the food is ready when they get here.”              • “Working here has been the most re-
                                                                                                                                  (and returned in 2002)
                                                       warding phase of my working career.                     David Smith
• “Our Prosperity Campaign is a major
                                                       It has given me a sense of purpose and                  Associate Director                  1992
  source of help for working families who
  are struggling. We’re providing free                                                                         Rodney Benn
  tax preparation, helping them access               • “I’ve been here over 18 years, so it                    Product Rescue Center Manager      1993

  earned income tax credit funds, food                 must suit me!”                                          Carter Elliott
  stamps and many other benefits.”                    • “I am blessed to be a part of the                       Prosperity Campaign Manager 1993-96
                                                                                                                                 (and returned in 2007)
• “We provide the premier volunteer                    ACFB.”
                                                                                                               Nate Copeland
  environment in the city.”                          • “I think we have an executive director                  Product Rescue Center
                                                       that leads by example rather than the-                  Assistant Manager                  1995
• “Food deliveries have been a huge help,
  especially to agencies outside the metro             ory or concept. His tireless approach                   Nancy Flippin
  area.”                                               has been more than an example for                       Chief Financial Officer             1996
                                                       me.”                                                    Amy Grace
• “We’ve expanded beyond strictly food
                                                     • “I would vote the ACFB as ‘the Best                     Software Specialist                1998
  distribution. Our educational pro-
  grams, like Hunger 101, are going a                  Place to Work in Atlanta!’”                             Sarah Fonder-Kristy
                                                                                                               Development Director               2000
  long way in raising awareness about
  hunger and poverty.”                                                                                         Judy Stamps
                                                                                                               Kids In Need Director              2000
• “We’ve become really effective at
                                                                                                               Naretha Timberlake
  working with leaders in govern-
                                                                                                               Marketing and Promotions
  ment to increase the impact of state                                                                         Manager                            2003
  and federal nutrition programs.”
     What’s Cooking at the Food Bank?

      Monthly Supper Club
      Makes Giving Back Easy
        Gather with friends and family for an excellent meal
      while supporting the Food Bank. Each month, a different
      restaurant hosts Supper Club and donates 20% of the
      evening’s proceeds to benefit Atlanta’s Table, the Food
      Bank’s prepared food rescue project. What a great way
      to try out the best restaurants in town while supporting
      hunger relief!
        Thanks to last quarter’s host restaurants: The Original
      El Taco, JCT. Kitchen & Bar, and Leon’s Full Service,
      as well as our monthly sponsors Ethic, Inc., Jezebel
      Magazine, TrendCRM and 92.9 davefm.
        Sign up to receive the Supper Club
      e-invitation each month so you don’t
      miss out!

                                                                    (above) Former Atlanta Brave Brian Jordan and Jazz Great Francine Reed lend their
                                                                    support at “A Musical Interlude” at Mason Murer Fine Art.

                                                                  Our sincere appreciation to those who helped
                                                                  organize these events held February – April, 2009:
                                                                  ABS Fine Art & Apparel 2009 Fashion Show

                                                                  “A Musical Interlude” at Mason Murer Fine Art

                                                                  Atlanta Parrotheads Club 20th Anniversary Event Food Drive

                                                                  Bank of America Donation and Volunteer Day

                                                                  Department of Labor and WSB-TV Job Fair Food Drive

                                                                  Publix Spring Food Drive

                                                                  Scouting for Food – Atlanta Area Council of the Boy Scouts of

                                                                  Sun Delights at The Sun Dial Restaurant, Bar and View

                                                 What’s Cooking at the Food Bank?
Atlanta’s Table
Full Course Golf                    Sharpen Your Cooking Skills at a
Classic                             Simple Abundance Cooking Class
Thanks to all of the participants   Learn the finer points
and sponsors of our annual tour-    of gourmet cooking with
nament at The Legends Course,       Atlanta’s best chefs and sup-
a private club at Chateau Élan.     port the Food Bank at the
Funds raised will benefit At-        same time! Simple Abun-
lanta’s Table, the prepared food    dance Cooking Class partici-
rescue project of the Food Bank.    pants enjoy demonstrations,
                                    tastings and a chance to win
                                    fabulous door prizes. Each
                                    exciting course is held at
                                    one of three Cook’s Ware-
                                    house locations, and is made
                                    possible by the generous
                                    support of many sponsors.
                                    We are extremely grate-
                                    ful to the incredibly talented chefs and Cook’s Warehouse, who donate 100% of class
                                    proceeds to Atlanta’s Table, the Food Bank’s prepared food rescue project.

                                    LAST QUARTER’S SIMPLE ABUNDANCE CHEFS:
     DESIGN SPONSOR                   Chef Archna Becker of Bhojanic
                                      Executive Chef Andrew Litherland of The Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead
                                      Chef Jesse Perez of Nava
                                      Pastry Chef James Satterwhite of The Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead
                                      Chef William Sigley of Aja
             Alsco                    Chef Phillip Strange of Here to Serve Restaurants
 Atlanta Beverage Company             Chef Ian Winslade of Spice Market
 Benchmark Trophy Center
        Buckhead Beef               MONTHLY SIMPLE ABUNDANCE SPONSORS:
                                     • Atlanta Beverage Company
       Clubhouse Cigar
                                     • Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles
    FreshPoint of Atlanta            • Bella Cucina Artful Foods
   GES Exposition Services           • Cabot Cheese
        Hilton Atlanta               • The Cook’s Warehouse
                                     • Crawford Mikus Design
     Proof of the Pudding
        by MGR, Inc.                 • National Distributors
                                     • Quality Wine & Spirits, Inc.
                                     • Sherlock’s Wine Merchant
         Team Toyota                 • Taylor Letter Service, Inc.
  The ICEBOX – Cool Stuff             • Via Elisa Authentic Fresh Pasta
                                    Don’t miss our exciting line-up of upcoming classes! See our calendar of events on page
                                    12 for the current class schedule, or visit for
                                    more details and recipes from our chefs.

     Upcoming Events
     MAY   The Gathering
           6:00 – 10:00 p.m.                                                                             May 2009
      5    Hosted by the Georgia Association of Meeting Professionals International
           1420 Room - Dunwoody                                                                           S   M    T    W    T    F    S
     MAY   Taste of the Nation
           7:30 – 10:00 p.m.                                                                                                      1    2
      6    Don’t miss the premier epicurean event of the social season! Sample cuisine from the city’s
           top chefs all under one roof!
           The Georgia Aquarium - Downtown                                                                3   4    5    6    7    8    9
     MAY   Simple Abundance Cooking Class
           7:00 – 9:00 p.m.                                                                              10   11   12   13   14   15   16
     11    Chef Doug Turbush of Bluepointe/Sushi and Varieties of Miso
           The Cook’s Warehouse – Brookhaven
     MAY   Supper Club                                                                                   17   18   19   20   21   22   23
           Each month’s host restaurant donates 20% of the evening’s proceeds.
           Bone Garden Cantina – West Midtown
     12                                                                                                  24   25   26   27   28   29   30
     MAY   6th Annual Golf Against Hunger Tournament
           10:00 a.m.                                                                                    31
     14    Presented by Doctors Against Hunger
           Cobblestone Golf Course - Acworth
     MAY   Simple Abundance Cooking Class
           7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
     18    Chef Joe Truex of Repast
           The Cook’s Warehouse – Midtown                                                                June 2009
                                                                                                          S   M    T    W    T    F    S
     JUN   Simple Abundance Cooking Class
           6:30 – 9:30 p.m.                                                                                   1    2    3    4    5    6
      8    Ladies of Les Dames - Shirley Corriher, Nathalie Dupree, Linda Harell, Rebecca
           Lang, Nancy Lutz, Angie Mosier and Virginia Willis
           The Cook’s Warehouse – Midtown                                                                 7   8    9    10   11   12   13
     JUN   Simple Abundance Cooking Class
           7:00 – 9:00 p.m.                                                                              14   15   16   17   18   19   20
     22    Chef Scott Serpas of Serpas True Food/Summertime Entertaining
           The Cook’s Warehouse – Midtown
           Supper Club
                                                                                                         21   22   23   24   25   26   27
           Visit for updates
     TBD                                                                                                 28   29   30

                                                                                                         July 2009
                                                                                                          S   M    T    W    T    F    S
     JUL   HungerFree Night at the Atlanta Dream game
           Visit for updates                                                                                   1    2    3    4
           Simple Abundance Cooking Class                                                                 5   6    7    8    9    10   11
           Visit for updates
     TBD                                                                                                 12   13   14   15   16   17   18
     JUL   Supper Club
           Visit for updates                                                        19   20   21   22   23   24   25
                                                                                                         26   27   28   29   30   31

                            Visit regularly for the most up-to-date info on the many events
12                                       benefiting the Atlanta Community Food Bank.
                                                                                                Thank You for Joining The Fight
GIFTS FROM INDIVDUALS                          Mr. and Mrs. Spurgeon Hays                         Ms. Phyllis Hahn                       HONOR AND MEMORIAL GIFTS
                                               Mr. and Mrs. J. Emmett Herndon                     Ms. Juanette Hall
(January 1 – March 31, 2009)                   Ms. Marie Hoffman-Edwards                           Mr. James S. Hardy                     (January 1 – March 31, 2009)
                                               Ms. Andrea R. Hughes                               Ms. Alicia Harrington
                                               Mr. Timothy W. Hughes and Gail Coutcher Hughes     Mr. George E. Harris, III
We are grateful for every donation. Due to     Mr. and Mrs. J. Gibson Hull                        Ms. Martha S. Hartness
space limitations, we are able to recognize    David Hylton                                       Mrs. Julia H. Harvey                   AS A HOLIDAY GIFT IN HONOR OF:
                                               Senator Johnny Isakson                             Ms. Jean Hatfield                       Sara Jane and Robert Ruby by Mr. Paul N. Chervin, MD
contributors giving $250 or more.              Mr. Douglas E. Jackson                             Ms. Susan Haverstick                   Duncan Gilchrist by Ms. Amy J. Robinson
                                               Mr. Jerrod S. Johnson                              Ms. Laurel E. Henderson
                                               Ms. Sandra G. Johnson                              Mrs. Norene B. Herren
                                               Ms. Karen A. Jones                                 Ms. Judith B. Holt                     IN CELEBRATION OF VALENTINES DAY:
$1,000 AND ABOVE                               Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Jones, III                    Mrs. Tracy Hoover                      by Dr. Lawrence B. Schonberger
Dr. Raymond Allen                              Dr. Arthur L. Kellermann and Ms. Leila Taaffe       Mr. Donald R. Houze
Mr. Alvan Arnall                               Robbie and Boyd King                               Polly and William Hoyt
Michael E. Axelrod                             Mr. William Kline                                  Mr. Ronald J. Hughes Sr.               IN HONOR OF THE BAT MITZVAH OF:
Mike and Kimberly Becker                       Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Knepper                       Mr. and Mrs. William Jackson           Madeline by Ms. Allison A. Dodgen
Mr. Bertram S. Boley Jr.                       Mr. Jonathan Kruse                                 Ms. Dorothy A. Jarrell
Ms. Becky Bracewell                            Mr. George S. Lauderdale                           Ms. Jacqueline Johnson
Mr. John R. Brown                              Melissa Legg and Rick Reeves                       Mr. Craig Jones                        IN HONOR OF THE BIRTHDAY OF:
Ms. Theresa Brunasso                           Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lokey                         Mr. Gregory Kamishlian                 Rob Boger by Mrs. Susan A. Lynskey
Ms. Mary B. Burke                              Mr. MacDonald                                      Ms. Wendy Karhu                        Dylan Boling by Mrs. J. G. Boling
Mr. T. D. Caudill                              Mr. and Ms. Marwitz                                Alex Katz                              David Claussen by Dirk Grinten
Mr. John Cleveland                             Dr. and Mrs. James Maxey                           Mr. Jeffrey Kauffman                     Katherine Cranman by:
Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Covington                   Mr. Richard G. McGee                               Mr. Scott R. Kegler                        Ms. Julie Horowitz
Ms. Catherine Crawford                         T.F. McWhirter                                     Mr. William Keir                           Mr. Michael S. Palgon
Mrs. Charmaigne Cross                          Ms. Carol N. Mirabal                               Ms. Reba B. Keller                         Mr. Horace S.
Mr. J. Wallace Daniel                          Mr. and Mrs. Wade Mitchell                         Mr. John P. Kelly                          Ms. Beryl L. Sara
Mr. Chip Davidson                              Ms. Nafisa Mithaiwala                               Mrs. Ruth A. Kenny                     Sophia Jaye by:
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Davis                     Dr. David B. Montgomery                            Ms. Nancy S. King                          Mr. Michael Greenwald
Dr. and Mrs. Emmett J. Doerr, Jr.              Mr. and Mrs. Brent Morgan                          Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Klamon               Ms. Alane S. Levy
Mr. Jerrold Dubner and Ms. Kathleen Gaboardi   Mr. Ken Morgan                                     Mr. Scott Knight                           Ms. Jennifer Tourial
Mr. William A. Edmundson                       Mr. and Mrs. Michael Morra                         Lt. Col. and Mrs. Charlie Kornegay         Ms. Stephanie Wyatt
Mr. Brent M. Elliott                           Ms. Jean S. Neese                                  Mr. Charlie Krey                       Ann A. Johnson by Dr. Roni S. Funk
Ms. Lindsey Eskridge                           Mr. C.B. H. Nicholson                              Ms. Kelley Krohnert                    Mark Roy by Ms. Kathleen Gaboardi
Mr. and Mrs. James Ethridge                    Mr. and Mrs. Dean Owens                            Mr. David Krugler
Ms. Virginia Eubanks                           Ms. Catherine S. Oxer                              Mrs. Kathryn D. Kuck
Mr. Joseph W. Evans                            Mr. Randall A. Parrish                             Ms. Donna S. Kukarola                  IN HONOR OF THE WEDDING OF:
Mr. John S. Ewing                              Mr. Thomas L. Pennella and Ms. Kathy Anhalt        Mr. William L. Lafferty                 Charlotte and James Alexander by Helen Hughes Sanders
Ms. Ann F. Frazer                              Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Potter                       Ms. Elizabeth L. Land                  Diane Sisto and Victor Paul by Ms. Lisa A. Slotznick
Kathryn and Judson Graves                      Mr. John R. Ragland                                Carol and William Lapidus
Mr. Stan Green, Jr.                            Mr. Henry R. Read                                  Mr. John Leake
Mr. Daniel P. Griffin                            Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Reed                          Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Levin             IN HONOR OF:
Keiko Guest                                    Mr. and Ms. Harold Reheis                          Mr. Brian Lewis                        Mary Anderson by Gail Hayes
Ms. Cindy Guthrie and B. Taylor Trigg          Mr. Bobby Roberts                                  Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lightsey            Leah Bailey by Ms. Wynne Davis
Lynn and Frederick Hanna                       Ms. Marycharles Roberts                            Ethel and Dale Lockett                 Julie Bailey by Mr. Davis M. Bailey
Matthew and Karolyn Hawley                     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Roddy                          Mr. Gregory Logan                      Tom Bell by Henry County Chamber of Commerce
Mike and Linda Hughes                          Laura and Dan Rosen-De Riemer                      Shannon Maher                          Beth Berman by Starr Camp
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Itkin                      Ms. Kathryn Sanders                                Manasa Manapragada                     Bill Bolling by:
Mr. James R. Jenkins                           Jeffrey and Yvonne Sarson                           Mr. Michael K. Marinos                      Ms. Marcia D. Bansley
Ms. Diane E. Johnson                           Rosalind and Robert Sasser                         Ms. Janet K. Marrs                          Rev. Warren Jones
Mr. and Mrs. John Kirksey                      Mr. Richard A. Saxon                               Mr. G.E. Massafra                           Mr. Anand Balachandran
Ms. Deborah S. Krickovich                      Peter C. Sederberg                                 Mr. Scott D. Mauldin                   Maria Brady by:
Mr. Paul Krissman                              Mr. Harold Smith                                   Mr. James McBan                             Ms. Sharon E. Tokanel
Ms. Marion C. Lifsey                           Suzanne and Bryan Smith                            Ms. Judith McDivitt                    Adya Bryant by Ms. Marina Bryant, CMP
Mr. Gerald Lohr                                Nancy and Thomas Snell                             Mr. Lawrence W. McIntosh               Joan Buchanan by Ms. Kathleen Gaboardi
Ms. Ellen B. Macht                             Dr. Joseph E. Sniezek                              Ms. Candice C. McKie                   Samatha H. Cohen by Sarah Gioino
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Manderson                   Ms. Alison R. Solomon                              Mr. Ralph E. Mead                      Bill Cole by Ms. Betty B. Cole
Mr. C. Knox Massey, Jr.                        Mr. David Sprunk                                   Ms. Cristie Meadows                    Mary Contarino by Dr. Dawn V. Cason
Ms. Shauna Matteson                            Ms. Brigitte Stanfill                               Ms. Mary A. Merchant                   Nancy Cook by Ms. Nicky Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Mercer                 Mr. Stanhope and Ms. Latham                        James M. Metcalf, MD                   Dianne Cox by Ms. Melissa M. Stanford
Jimmy and Marriott Miller                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert Summer                         C.R. and Helen Mitchell                Carol Dean Davis by Ms. Wynne Davis
Mr. Lawrence E. Mock, Jr.                      Mr. James Swinson                                  Ms. Shirley Moore                      Leslie Deets by Northern Trust Matching Gift Program
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Mary and Oliver Murray                         Mr. Mark K. Taylor                                 Carter and Hampton Morris              Ms. Sarah du Bignon by Ms. Sydney Simons
Natalie Jane Nordin                            Arwen Tibaldi                                      Mr. and Mrs. Richard Muth              Mark and Charlotte Engel by Ms. Laurel A. Engel
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Patton                       Ms. Alison A. Trimble                              Ms. Camille D. Nelson                  Debbie Fain and Russ Tripp by Ms. Deborah M. Fain
Ms. Dana P. Popoff                              Mr. William Warren                                 Ms. Virginia O’Kelley                  Reese Fierman by Mr. Joseph S. Bluestein
Ms. Natalie Price                              Ms. Dorothy B. Wilder                              Mr. and Mrs. Mark Oldenburg            Laure B. Findlay by Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold
Mr. and Mrs. David Ratcliffe                    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wilgus                           Tracy L. Osborne                            Foundation
Ms. Kim A. Reddy                               Mr. and Mrs. Ted Williams                          Dr. and Mrs. Donald O’Shea             Martha Fletcher by Judy M. Lampert
Mr. Charles Reny                               Mr. C. Dirk Williams                               Mr. and Mrs. J. Pannill                J. Lewis Ford by Mr. John L. Ford
Ms. Mary J. Robertson                          Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Wise                          Niki and Kevin Paris                   Rachell Goad by Mr. John Driscoll
Mr. Richard Russell                            Ms. Pamela Woodley and Mr. Perry Mitchell          Mr. and Mrs. G. Thomas Patton          Rynn Henry Hall by Ms. Karen Adler
Mr. John R. Seydel                                                                                Derrick Peacock                        Pamela Hatcher by Kendall A. Bexley
Bharat and Milan Shah                                                                             Mr. Pearson and Ms. Marshall-Pearson   Debbie Haverstick by Ms. Susan Haverstick
Michelle Simpson                               $250 – $499                                        Sharon and Harry Pettigrew             Deb Hawkins by Jerry & Sandy Mashburn Mashburn
Ms. Clair Sims                                                                                    Patricia and J. Neil Pflum              Charlotte Hollinger by Mr. Stephen A. Parrett
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Smith                       Ms. Maureen Adams
                                               Roya N. Akbar, DMD                                 Mr. Charles M. Plumly, II              Melina and Jennica Holt by Ms. Judith B. Holt
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Tibbetts                                                                         Mr. Anderson Potts                     Gary Jensen by Emily Jensen
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Timblin                    Mrs. Shelia D. Allen
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Ms. Ann Todd                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. James Powers              Chris & Larry Kalski by Gail Hayes
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                                               Ms. Christine Armour                               Mr. David H. Purdum                    Karen by V. K. Satterfield
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Vance                                                                     Ms. Lori Quirk                         John Kessler by Brandeis University National Women’s
Ms. Carla Waits                                Glenn and Sherri Austin
                                               Mr. R. Clay Bailey                                 Ms. Kim Reussow                             Committee-Atlanta
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Walden                                                                        Mr. William Rissler                    Brad Koeneman by Susan Koeneman
Ms. Margaret E. Watkins                        Mr. David C. Ballard, III
                                               Dale Barr and Lori Howard                          Mr. Joseph Roberts                     Mark Kovacevich by Mr. Michael Guhl
Ms. Toni M. Wells                                                                                 Mathew Robins                          Dr. Paul Krissman by Cade Lewis
Mr. Dennis J. Wondra                           Mr. and Mrs. Demetri Bassil
                                               Ms. Catherine L. Beard                             Ms. Kristin Rowles                     Maggie Kulyk by Ms. Pamela M. Hall
Pascale M. Wortley                                                                                Myrtle and Herman Sanders              Virgina Lee by Ms. Elizabeth F. Summerhill
Mrs. Dorothy Yates                             Mr. Dana Blankenhorn
                                               Ms. Silvia Block                                   Ms. Anne C. Sapp                       Kent A. Leslie by Ms. Anne M. Topple
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Mr. Glenn Zimmerman                            Mr. Bob E. Bowersock                               Ms. Jacquelyn Saylor                   Matthew by Ms. Luise S. Stone
                                               Mr. Timothy Bridges                                Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schlemmer           Emily & Alex McBurney by Suzanne Durbin
                                               Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Brinkley                      Mr. Jay Schwartz                       Kevin McCulloch by Ms. Alyssa Isham
$500 - $999                                    Mr. Ray N. Brown                                   Alayne and George Sertl                Penny and Ray McPhee by Ms. Barbara Saunders
Mrs. Edith Alexander                           Ms. Leslie Bryan                                   Ms. Ann Shirra                         The Melendez Family by GE Foundation
Lee P. Allen                                   Carol Burgess                                      Ms. Marsha A. Sikes                    Dr. James Merriman by Dr. Robert A. Finkel
Chris and Patti Arapoglou                      Mr. and Mrs. C.S. Burgess, Jr.                     Mr. Alex Silva                         Berthe Mobasser by Judy M. Lampert
Mr. and Mrs. William Astrop                    Ms. Sue Burman                                     F. Albert and Karen Skellie            Tom Morder, Jr. by Ms. Mary J. Morder
Robert A. Baker, Jr. and Jeanne Sheahan        Mr. Robert S. Burns                                Mr. Benjamin Slinde                    The Rev. Lori Neff by Nicole H. Lock
Mr. Anand Balachandran                         Julianne and Claudio Burtin                        Mr. William R. Smythe                  President Barack Obama by Mr. Jim Adams
Mr. Bayol and Ms. Saunders-Bayol               Ms. Ann W. Butler                                  Mr. Steve Spence                       President Obama and Vice President Biden by Mrs. Zandra Jones
Ms. Lilia R. Bell                              Mr. Warren Scott Butzen                            Colonel and Mrs. James Stapleton       Patt Ormsby by Evan Ormsby
Mr. Cliff O. Bickell                            Ms. Angela M. Caliendo                             Kimberly Steiner                       Kathy Palumbo and Karen Boyles by Ms. Margaret Terry
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Blake                     Laura Callender                                    Ms. Patricia Stevens                   Tonya Parham by Ms. Jamie Gordon
Ms. Silvia K. Block                            Lou and Andrea Cataland                            James Stoker                           Karen Perry by Ms. Dorothy Schleicher
Mr. Eric Boazman                               Ms. Kathleen Chrisman                              Mr. Rodney A. Stooksbury               Sydney and Charles Peskin by:
Dr. Salvatore Butera                           Ms. Katie Clarke                                   Mr. Kevin M. Sullivan                       Ms. Lisa C. Taylor
Ms. Lisa S. Cameron                            Anne and Anthony Cochran                           Mrs. Tally Sweat                            Ms. Valerie Levy
Mr. Howard Campbell                            Mr. Patrick R. Collins                             Mrs. Ann Tamli                         June Phillips by Mrs. Pamela M. Wilson
Ms. Stephanie Caron                            Mr. Robert Coltrin                                 Karen and Wayne Tevis                  Ms. Jimmie Phillips by Patricia Decker
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Ernest and Evelyn Clay                         Mr. Daniel B. Curtis                               Mrs. Helen W. Thompson                 David Propp, MD by Ms. Nilda J. Johnson
Mr. Christopher Cochran                        Dawna and Bruce Daniel                             Mr. Gerald J. Thuesen                  Janice Reece by Mr. Alan Greenfield
Malon W. Courts                                Mrs. Shawn Davis                                   Ms. Celia Till                         Wendy Rich by Mr. Tom Pritchard
Ms. Kristin Davis                              Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Deitz                         Ms. Margaret Tommasini                 Allison and Tommy Richardson by Ms. Sheila Fraser
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Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Decosta                  Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Dillon                         Dr. and Mrs. John Trotter              Hailey & Jordan Roberts by Brad Roberts
Richard and Suzanne Deriso                     Mr. Robert Ditty                                   Mr. and Mrs. Bert Tundidor             Micaela Robinson by Mr. Robert Wiskind
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Dr. Robert A. Finkel                           Mr. and Mrs. Gary Fosse                            Mr. and Mrs. Charles Willoughby        Hannah Stears by Mrs. Lisa Ryan
Mrs. Emily Fournier                            Ms. Charlotte Furrey                               Mr. Jim Wood                           Reverend David Stringer & Penny Nash by Mrs. Nancy A.
Mr. Samual Charles Franklin                    Marsha and Robert Fyan                             Ms. Kimberly R. Woods                       Armstrong
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Mr. Duane Goodwin                              Rebecca Gold                                                                              Lorie Tola by Reverend Patricia D. Stevens
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Cynthia and Brian Hannafey                     Mr. William D. Grizzard                                                                   Marjorie Vaught by Ms. Peggy P. Leonard
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     Sam Freeman by Ms. Karla Smith                                Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta                            Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Foundation Matching         Shelly Fussell
     Maxine Good by Mr. Lee Plotkin                                Feeding America                                                 Gift                                                  Terri Gaudette
     Gwen Gray by Mr. Edward Bagwell                               Fortune Hunters Investment Club                            GE Foundation                                              Gentry Family
     Enna Mabel Green by Mr. Stan Green Jr.                        Gas South - Marketing and Operations                       The Home Depot                                             Kevin Geuithers
     George Griffin by Ms. Deborah L. SchwartzGriffin                  Georgia Associations of Health Underwriters                IDI                                                        Mary Evelyn Gibert
     Mary Hinton by Mrs. Cheryl Hinton                             Georgia Power Foundation                                   IHG Matching Gift Program                                  Jacob Gillespie
     Richard Holifield by Ms. Toni F. Itkin                         Gift4Giving                                                Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies                      Denise Glanville
     Eldon Holt by Elizabeth Goodstein                             Give With Liberty (Liberty Mutual Employee Giving)         Kimberly-Clark Foundation Inc.                             Arlene Glaser
     Richard Houston by Ms. Tanya Thomas                           GivingExpress (American Express)                           Macy’s Foundation                                          Cornelia Glass
     Aaron Hunter Jr. by Sandra Hunter Bibbs                       Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church                     McMaster-Carr Matching Gift Program                        Mark Glazer
     Ruth Johnson by Mr. Jarrett Brunner                           Global Impact                                              Microsoft Matching Gifts Program                           Goldberg Family
     A. Arlene Keevill by Ms. Dawn Keevill-Carey                   Global Pursuits Inc.                                       Mutual of America Matching Gift Program                    Bob Graham
     Mrs. Betty Kienel by Mr. Robert J. Kienel                     GMAC Financial Services                                    Northern Trust Matching Gift Program                       Drew Graham
     Harold Krause by Ms. Amy Simon                                GoodSearch                                                 Pitney Bowes Corporate Matching Contribution Program       Gwendolyn Grant
     Ruth Lescher by Mrs. Colleen Lewis                            HP Company Foundation                                      RLI Insurance Company                                      Joshua Gray
     Lisa by Ms. Joan Johnson                                      HP Employee Giving Program                                 SAP Matching Gift Program                                  Gray Family
     Liese Lorenz Bulman by Ms. Paula Lorenz                       H&R Block Employees                                        Teleflex Foundation                                         Gloria Green
     Debra Lynn by Ms. Beverley M. Lindsey                         Hardin Construction Associatiates Charitable Foundation,   Tull Charitable Foundation, Inc.                           Lauren Green
     K.P. Lyons by Ms. Virginia Fisher                                  Inc                                                   United Technologies                                        Robert Green
     Lenore Machin by Mrs. Valda J. Borud                          Harmony Meadows Apartments                                 Verizon Foundation                                         Patty Gregory
     W. Henry Maddox III by Mr. J. Frederick Menefee               Henry County Chamber of Commerce                           Wachovia Foundation Matching Gifts Program                 Tyler Gresham
     Mary Malone by Mary George                                    Hoffman Family Fund                                                                                                    LaShawn Grice
     John Douglas McDermott by Courtney Huber                      The Home Depot Employees                                                                                              Amanda Groth
     Mom by Mrs. Rose A. McEachern                                 The Home Depot Matching Gift Foundation                                                                               Joan Hagle
     Susan T. Miller by Ms. Sheila A. Henn                         The Home Depot Political Action Committee                  INDIVIDUAL AND                                             Hamilton Family
     Mary Morris by:                                               Huron ConsultingServices, LLC
                                                                                                                              FAMILY VOLUNTEERS                                          Handford Family
          Becky T. Bentley                                         I Do Foundation                                                                                                       Sherri Hardy
          Ms. Kathleen Chrisman                                    IBM Employee Services Center                               (January 1 - March 31, 2009)                               Harper Family
          Renee Rosko                                              ING Employee Giving Campaign                                                                                          Elizabeth Harris
     Phyllis & Aubrey Mumpower by Ms. Susan Mumpower-              ING Foundation                                             David Abes                                                 Harris Family
          Spriggs                                                  Innovative Concept Group                                   Zenobia Adams                                              Debbie Harrison
     Willard Iron Nash by Mrs. Kathleen Kohntopp                   Intercontinental Hotels Group                              Shiba Alfatah                                              Paige Harrison
     Bonnie Norris by Ms. Linda R. Norris                          IntercontinentalExchange (ICE)                             Taiesha Amica                                              Hartz Family
     Emma Kate Patmon by Ms. Dorothy Jenkins                       Ivah A. Kukler, Trust                                      James Anagnostakis                                         Donald Harvey
     Cecil and Peggy Peak by Mrs. Donna K. Jones                   JP Morgan Chase                                            Anderson Family                                            Elizabeth Haskell
     Jeanne Pere by Ms. Carol A. Clark                             J. Robert Summer Jr. and Brenda Summer Fund                Andrews Family                                             Marquise Hatton
     Rose Lee Landry Prevost Memorial Fund by Ms. Alison R.        James & Michele Young Charitable Trust                     Nicole Andrews                                             James Hedrick
          Solomon                                                  James J. and Janet H. Ethridge Fund                        Bobby Asher                                                Benjamin Hein
     Ian Price by Ms. Nancy Price                                  Jan and John Douglas Family Fund                           Marisa Askew                                               Heroman Family
     Irene Rainbow by Ms. Ann R. O’Riley                           Jimmy and Marriott Miller Charitable Gift Account          Valerie Astin                                              Beverly Hill
     James Richards by Mr. Bruce Ribner                            The Joseph Charitable Trust                                Atkinson Family                                            Paul Hinson
     Arnold Rivkin by Mr. Mark Rivkin                              Josh and Jeanne Taylor Fund                                Brandon Attell                                             Bianca Holmes
     George Robbins by Mr. John D. Iconis                          JustGive                                                   Awachie Family                                             Holmes Family
     James Schultz by Mr. James H. Schultz                         Kem Sales Inc.                                             Kadambari Badami                                           Hood Family
     Gary Shetler by Carrie Shetler                                Lantz-Royall Fund                                          Andrea Bailey                                              Julia Webb Hornbeck
     Katherine Shrago by Mr. Charles Y. Thomason                   Large & Gilbert, PC                                        Brandon Bassett                                            Kelly Hornbuckle
     Vera Soviero by Barbara Schreck                               Lee Charitable Fund                                        Daniel Beard                                               Valerie Howington
     Sylvia Sperr by Mr. Felicia W. Sperr                          Lee Hecht Harrison, Inc.                                   Dorothy Beasley                                            Kathleen Hua
     Mary Dell Stephens by Mr. Emil C. Sutton                      Les Dames D’Escoffier                                        Kim Beasley                                                Charma Hudson
     Andrew Stieferman by Mr. Gary C. Kocher Jr.                   Lewis & Faye Manderson Fund                                Monica Beeson                                              David Hughes
     L.V. Thompson by:                                             Lifsey Charitable Gift Account                             Alisa Benjamin                                             Hunley Family
          Nancy Chambers                                           Lubo Fund, Inc.                                            Bennett Family                                             Angela Hunter
          Katheryn Head                                            Lucy and Bill Vance Fund                                   Bent Family                                                Marshall Hyatt
          Jane S. Hill                                             Marketing Resources Inc.                                   Donyale Berry                                              Hyde Family
          Mrs. Gayle Monk                                          MARTA Employees Charity Club                               Gena Berry                                                 Leslie Irvine
          Rockdale County Board of Education                       The Marriott Employees                                     Sarah Bevil                                                Gwendolyn Jackson
          RSC Conyers, LLC                                         Mary Brown Fund of Atlanta, GA                             Katie Bierman                                              Delores James
          Oscar Thompson                                           Mary Coffey Charitable Trust                                Zachary Blalock                                            James Family
     John Thornberry by Mrs. Jacqueline D. Thornberry              McCamish Systems, LLC                                      Ashley Bosland                                             Kristen Jenson
     Uncle Bob by Mr. Larry D. Seitz                               McKesson Employees Community Campaign                      Brady Family                                               Safiya Jetha
     Zak Unterman by Mrs. Jeanne E. Lipsitt                        Melaver, Inc.                                              Jason Brett                                                Eric Johnson
     Eldine Hill Webb by Locke Thomison                            The Merancas Foundation                                    Erin Brinton                                               Megan Johnson
     Joan Welch Wager Wolf by Kathleen W. Ewing                    The Mercer Giving Fund                                     William Bristo                                             Tiffany Johnson
     Francis T. Wilk by Ms. Sharon K. Wilk                         Mitchell Family Fund                                       Reginald Brown                                             Helen Jones
     Zhang by Mr. JiaLe Shi                                        Mock Family 5H Fund                                        Lolita Browning Jackson                                    Maxine Jones
                                                                   Morgan Stanley Annual Appeal                               Marina Bryant                                              Jones Family
                                                                   Morningside Presbyterian Church                            Barbara Buehrer                                            Joycelyn Junious
                                                                   Mountain View Arts Alliance                                Scott Bull                                                 Levi Kafka
     GIFTS FROM ORGANIZATIONS                                      Mountain View United Methodist Church                      Burkard Family                                             Mary Kamus
                                                                   National Association of Women in Construction              Rusty Burns                                                Mike Kane
     (January 1 – March 31, 2009)                                  Network For Good                                           Lexie Bush                                                 David Kasriel
     1 Timothy 6:18-19 Fund                                        North Georgia Urology Group, PC                            Angie Buysse                                               Samuel Katz
     AAAIS Principals                                              Northside Drive Baptist Church                             Tom Caiafa                                                 Huda Kazi
     Ackerman & Company                                            Northside United Methodist Church                          Candiff Family                                              Audrie Kelton
     Adecco Shared Services                                        Oakwood Vista Management                                   Jay Cantrell                                               Khan Family
     AFLAC Cancer Center Employees                                 Oglethorpe Power Corporation                               Joyce Carlisle                                             Minjung Kim
     Aidmatrix                                                     Once For All Trust                                         Horace Carter                                              King Family
     The Alfred & Adele Davis Academy                              Ortho-McNeil Janssen Pharmaceutical Services               Joni Chastain                                              April Kirk
     Allied Architectural Products, Inc.                           Pace Academy                                               Jean Chung                                                 Joy Kirk
     Allstate Giving Campaign                                      Paula & Kusiel Kaplan Philanthropic Fund                   Kathleen Ciaramello                                        Kenya Kirkendoll
     AMB Group                                                     Pediatric Dentistry for Infant Children                    Glen Clanton                                               Lyn Kirkland
     American Express Charitable Fund                              Probate Court of Fulton County                             Leia Clement                                               Karen Kissiah
     American Express Foundation                                   The Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts Program           David Clifton                                              Robert Klufas

14                                                                Join the fight against hunger. Visit to learn more.
                                                                            Thank You for Joining The Fight
Beatrice Knight          Judith Smith                                                Girl Scout Junior Troop 2548                             Core-Mark
Lynn Knight              Lucy Soto                                                   Girl Scout Junior Troop 3557                             Cox Enterprises, Inc.
Heather Knowles-Pugh     Jonathan St. Clair                                          Girl Scout Troop 333                                     Darden Restaurants
Brad Koeneman            Marjy Stagmeier                                             Girl Scout Troop 715                                     Del Monte
Koumandarakis Family     Stanek Family                                               Girl Scout Troop 2814                                    Dester Corporation
Ted Kresge               William Steele                                              Girl Scout Troop 2889                                    The Dial Corporation.
Melissa Krinsky          Terri Steve                                                 Girl Scout Troop 22412                                   Dolce Atlanta-Peachtree
Steven Kruep             Kevin Stewart                                               Girl Scout Troop 22423                                   Dole Food Company
Robby Kukler             William Stewart                                             Girl Scout Troop 23336                                   Emory University
Glenn Kurtz              Shyamala Strack                                             Good Egg Studios                                         Farmland Foods
Sophia Kwan              Doug Strickler                                              Hands On Atlanta - Food for Thought                      FFE Transportation Services, Inc.
Shauna Lamb              Brandon Sutton                                              Hands On Atlanta - Teamworks                             Frito-Lay
Shannon Lang             William Sutton                                              Hands On Network                                         Gate Gourmet
Jared Lange              Sykes Family                                                Haygood Memorial United Methodist Church                 General Mills
William Lathrop          Mary Jean Taboloff                                           Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School                         Georgia Aquarium
Hannah Leatherbury       Tague Family                                                Home Depot - SQL Server Administration                   Greenfield Hebrew Academy of Atlanta
LeBer Family             Traci Taylor                                                Horizons School                                          H.J. Heinz Company
Diamond Lee              Mical Terry                                                 The Howard School                                        The Hershey Company
Sang-Eun Lee             Stephen Thomas                                              IBM Corporation                                          The HoneyBaked Ham Company
Scott Lee                Guy Thomson                                                 IDI - Finance Dept.                                      Hormel Foods Corporation
David Leeds              Melissa Tobin-D’Angelo                                      Institute of Nuclear Power Operations                    Hyatt Hotels
Mark Lerner              Andrew Traub                                                International Community School, Inc.                     Idahoan
Tyia Lewis               T. H. Valentine                                             Ismaeli Golden Club                                      Innovative Concept Group
Dacia Lhormer            Lateefah Varnell                                            Jack and Jill of America - Atlanta Chapter               Kellogg Company
Lily Li                  Mark Vaughan                                                Junior League of Atlanta, Inc.                           KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)/Yum Brands, Inc.
Jenks Lillian            Tamara Voxnaes                                              Katz Media - Eagle TV Sales                              Kmart
Brian Lillis             Beth Wade                                                   Kennesaw State University - Society of Social Workers    Kraft Foods Inc.
Vicki Littlewood         Paul Wagner                                                 Kids Connect, Inc.                                       The Kroger Co.
Amir London              Frederick Walker                                            King & Spalding LLP                                      Levy Restaurants
Brian Loome              Ed Walls                                                    Kittredge Magnet School                                  Longhorn Steakhouse
Lynch Family             Warman Family                                               Kiwanis Club - Galleria/NW Atlanta                       The Lovett School
Kip Lynch                Stephanie Watkins                                           Lakewood United Methodist Church                         Marriott International, Inc.
Gweneth Mack             Judith Weathers                                             Lexis Nexis                                              McKinnon’s Louisiane Restaurant
Sheena Mah               Alison Wehr                                                 Life Church                                              Midstate Mills, Inc.
Malone Family            Chris Weiser                                                Marist School                                            Milton’s Baking Company
John Mann                Kenneth Wells                                               Meeting Professionals Intl. - GA Chapter                 The Minute Maid Company
Marino Family            Jon West                                                    Metro Atlanta Association of Grant Professionals         Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church
Briana Marshall          Kyle Whitlock                                               Morehouse College                                        National Frozen Foods Corporation
Tony Martin              Lindsey Whitlock                                            Morehouse College - Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society        Nestlé FoodServices
Malynta Masby            Brandi Whitney                                              Mt. Pisgah Christian School                              Newman’s Own
George Mathews           Lauren Whittaker                                            Mt. Zion Baptist Church                                  Olive Garden
Maxey Family             Justin Williams                                             Mundy’s Mill High School                                 Omaha Steaks International, Inc.
McCrary Family           Ryan Williams                                               National Charity League                                  Pace Academy
Nancy McKee              Ted Williams                                                National Council of Negro Women - Greater Atlanta        Pan American Logistics
Harold McNaron           Kevin Willis                                                North Atlanta High School                                Panera Bread Company
Melancon Family          Wilson Family                                               Northrop Grumman Information Technology                  Pepsi USA
Natalie Melton           Veronica Wilson                                             Northside Hospital                                       PepsiCo Beverages & Foods
Stanley Merritt          Jada Wingo                                                  Northwoods Montessori School                             PFG Milton’s
Mesadieu Family          James Winkler                                               Oglethorpe University - Alpha Phi Omega                  Piece of Cake
Celestine Mills          John Wolcott                                                Old Dominion University - Baptist Collegiate Ministry    Pizza Hut
Anita Minniefield         Ron Wolf                                                    Oxford Industries, Inc.                                  Popeye’s
Mel Mintern              Robin Wood                                                  Pace Academy                                             P & G (Proctor & Gamble)
Molbash Family           T’ereon Workman                                             Paideia School                                           Proof of the Pudding
Rob Montgomery           Toni Wright                                                 Peachtree Presbyterian Church - Agape                    Publix Super Markets, Inc.
Anna Moore               Robert Yang                                                 Peachtree Presbyterian Church - Outfitters                Quaker
Kendra Moore             Sarah Yates                                                 Peachtree Presbyterian Church - Seekers Class            Quirch Foods
Mary Moore               Yeager Family                                               Peachtree Road United Methodist Church                   Red Lobster
Ashley Morley            J. Young                                                    Platt HMC, Inc.                                          Restaurant Associates at Woodruff Arts Center
Lisa Morrison-Ragland    Nina Yu                                                     Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Church                        The Ritz-Carlton Company, LLC
Mosely Family            John Yung                                                   Prince of Peace Lutheran Church                          Riviana Foods
Jennifer Murphy          Octavia Zackery                                             Research Associates                                      Royal Food Products, LLC
Treina Muse              Judy Zalrosh                                                The Ritz-Carlton Hotel - Downtown Atlanta                SC Johnson
Bhaskar Nair             Zerressen Family                                            RiverWoods Recovery Program                              Sam’s Club
Lauren Neal                                                                          Rotary Club of Atlanta                                   Scott Vandewiele
S. Hillary Neff                                                                       Savannah College of Art & Design                         Six Beans, LLC
Isis Nezbeth                                                                         Sister 2 Sister                                          Smart Balance, Inc.
Nam Phuong Nguyen        GROUP VOLUNTEERS                                            Smith & Howard PC                                        Smithfield Foods
Matthew Nusnbaum                                                                     South Carolina State University - Atlanta Chapter        Sodexho
Kevin O’Leary            (January 1 – March 31, 2009)                                South City Kitchen/ Fifth Group Restaurant               Starbucks Coffee Company
Peter Orapello           Accenture                                                   Spelman College Delta Sigma Theta                        Sugar Foods Corporation
Tamara Orgias            Alston & Bird                                               St. Martin’s Episcopal School                            SUPERVALU
Sherry Oswalt            AT&T Pioneers                                               St. Philip AME Church                                    Suzanna’s Kitchen
Overton Family           AT&T Pioneers - Peachtree Life Members                      St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church                       Sysco Food Services of Atlanta
Ben Pace                 Atlanta Academy                                             State Bar of Georgia - Young Lawyers Division            Tabatchnick Fine Foods, Inc.
Jessica Parker           Atlanta Business Chronicle                                  Sugarloaf United Methodist Church                        Taco Bell/Yum Brands, Inc.
Lisa Parker              Atlanta Chinese Christian Church                            Tongue and Groove Nightclub                              Target
Parkman Family           Atlanta Chinnaya Mission                                    Towson College - Alternative Break Connections           Tom Lange Company, Inc.
Sharon Paskoff            Atlanta International School                                Turner Broadcasting System                               Tree of Life, Inc.
Toni Pastore             Atlanta Speech School                                       Turner Broadcasting System - Finance                     Tropical Nut
Neal Patton              Atlanta Unity Church                                        Tzu Chi Foundation                                       Tropicana Products, Inc.
Kathy Payne              Atlanta Volunteers                               Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta           Turano Baking Company
Peleg Family             Atlanta’s Table Board of Directors                          University of Georgia - Alumni Association               U.S. Foodservice, Inc.
Linette Perkins                                              University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - A.P.P.L.E.S   Uncle Ben’s
Perloe Family            Bank of America                                             Vanderbilt University - Atlanta Alumni                   Unilever
Rebecca Perry            Berean Seventh Day Adventist Church                         Veritas Church                                           United Natural Foods, Inc.
Rose Perry               Boy Scouts - Troop 736                                      Wachovia - Atlanta Volunteers                            Wagner Industries, Inc.
Jeff Pierce               Boy Scouts - Troop 1891                                     Wachovia - Item Processing                               Wal-Mart
Charles Pierre           Boy Scouts of America - Scout Reach Atlanta Area Council    Wachovia - Atlanta Operations Center                     Waverly Pastry Shop
Jennifer Pink            Butler Street CME Church                                    Wells Fargo Auto Finance                                 Welch Foods, Inc.
Ann Pope                 Camp Creek Middle School - Jr. Beta Club                    Wells Fargo Insurance Services                           Westin Hotels & Resorts
Richard Posey            CBeyond Communications                                      West Mitchell CME Church                                 WhiteWave Foods, Inc.
Powell Family            CheckFree Corporation                                       Westminster Presbyterian Church                          Whole Foods Market
Philip Prentice          The Children’s School                                       Westminster Schools
Chip Presten             Church of the Apostles                                      Whitefield Academy
Leslie Price             Church of the Master Presbyterian                           Woodstock High School - Basketball Team
Jamie Prince             Clark Atlanta University                                    Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral                   KIDS IN NEED DONORS
Anne Radford                                                                         Young Adult Ministry
Harry Ramsey
                         Clark Atlanta University - NAACP
                                                                                     Young Harris College                                     (January 1 – March 31, 2009)
Toby Ray                 Columbia Theological Seminary                                                                                        ACCO
Nancy Reeves             Concentrics Hospitality Solutions                                                                                    Barbara Rose, NGP
Paul Richards            Congregation Beth Shalom                                                                                             Bigalow Advertising
Paula Richards           Congregation Gesher T. Torah                                FOOD & PRODUCT DONORS                                    The Coca-Cola Company
Allison Richardson
Anthony Rigby
                         Crossroads                                                  (January 1 – March 31, 2009)                             Corporate Express
                         Davidson College - Bonner Scholars                                                                                   Georgia Federation of Women’s Clubs-4th District
Karen Rivers             Decatur High School                                         ACC Wholesale, Inc.                                      Kids In Need Foundation
Tim Roberson             Decatur High School - Key Club                              Affairs To Remember                                       Norcom
Ursula Roberts           Deloitte                                                    Aqua Star                                                Office Max
Patricia Robinson        Delta Gems                                                  Armour Swift-Eckrich Dsd                                 Quill Corporation
Rodgers Family           Delta Sigma Pi - Atlanta Alumni Chapter                     Atlanta Foods International                              S.P. Richards Company
Stephanie Rogers         DLA Piper US LLP                                            Avalon Catering                                          St. Anne’s Episcopal Church
Harriet Rosenberg        Door Atlanta                                                Bahama Breeze                                            Staples
Carey Rountree           Dunwoody United Methodist Church                            Barilla America, Inc.                                    TVS Design
Matthew Rupert           East Carolina University - Alternative Spring Break         Baskin-Robbins
Todd Rushing             Elsevier - MC Strategies                                    Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters
Sachs Family             Emory University - Circle K                                 Best Foods
Mia Sails                Emory University - Volunteer Emory                          Big Lots
Jassmine Sarratt         Ernst & Young                                               Blue Bell Creameries
KaRen Sarvis             Essential 2 Life                                            Boca Grande Foods
Ryan Sauers              First Baptist Church of Alpharetta                          Brakebush Brothers, Inc.
Julie Sawyer             First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta                        Burris Logistics
Karen Schwaid            Flood                                                       Bush Brothers & Company
Regina Scott             Gas South, LLC                                              Campbell Soup Company
Sealy Family             Georgetown University - Georgia Alumni Group                Cargill
Virginia Seawell         Georgia Master Gardener Association                         Carvel Cinnabon
Sekpeh Family            Georgia Pacific - 133 Peachtree St. NE                       Carvers Grocery
Wes Settle               Georgia Power Company                                       CCF Brands
Matthew Sharrow          Georgia State University - College of Law - Environmental   ChefAdvantage
Gail Shattah             Georgia State University - Delta Sigma Pi                   Chelsea Milling Company
Thom Shelton             Georgia State University - Student Government Association   Chick-fil-A
Bennie Sherwood          Georgia State University - Zeta Tau Alpha                   Chicken of the Sea
Audrey Siegel            Georgia Tech - Arnold Air Society                           Chiquita Brands, L.L.C.
Kathy Siemon             Georgia Tech - Circle K                                     Church’s Chicken
Kathleen Simonet         Georgia Tech - Language Institute                           The Clorox Company
Simons Family            Georgia Transmission Corporation - Procurement Services     CLS & NDS ICO A&P
Joseph Sisto                  Dept.                                                  Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center
Anna Slive               Georgian Bank                                               Cobb Galleria Centre
Butch Smith              Girl Scout Brownie Troop 27424                              The Coca-Cola Company
Frankie Smith            Girl Scout Brownie Troop 27426                              ConAgra Foods

                        Join the fight against hunger. Visit to learn more.                                                                                                              15
                                          Nonprofit Org.
                                          U.S. POSTAGE
                                             Atlanta, GA
                                          Permit No. 3763
 732 Joseph E. Lowery Blvd., NW
 Atlanta, GA 30318-6628
 (404) 892-FEED


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