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These filters use a synthetic and cotton media to create a product that filters well           A clean way to get rid of the “Snortle” on the factory intake ducting and also a
but also flows well over its entire lifespan. It’s pre-oiled and ready to use. These           great part to use on a street rod for mounting an aftermarket air cleaner. Fits all
filters have a lifetime warranty and are 50 State legal. AirAid Air Intake systems             TPI & LT1/4 Throttle Bodies. Includes air temp. sensor.
offer an easy to install alternative for replacing your 99-Current GM truck’s
restrictive air filter and housing.
 APPLICATION                                                        P/N            PRICE
 Air Filter 85-89, 97-04 Corvette, 98-02 Camaro/Firebird         1.AFE004         $55.00
 Air Filter 85-92 Firebird                                       1.AFE006         $49.00
 Air Filter 90-96 Corvette, 98-02 Camaro/Firebird w/ Ram Air     1.AFE007         $65.00
 Air Filter 93-97 Camaro/Firebird                                1.AFE008         $35.00
 Air Filter 94-96 Impala/Caprice/Roadmaster                      1.AFE009         $40.00
 Intake System 99-06 Chevy/GMC Full Size Truck                   1.AFE400        $240.00                                                    APPLICATION       P/N         PRICE
 Intake System 07-09 Chevy/GMC Full Size Truck                   1.AFE405        $250.00                                                    93-97          1.AFE332      $90.00

                                                               BLACKWING AIR FILTER SYSTEMS
                                                               Originally designed and engineered by TPIS and the Donaldson Company, the Blackwing is THE BEST air filter
                                                               system you can buy for your 97-04 Corvette. Utilizing a 100% Synthetic Filter Media, the Blackwing will offer
                                                               excellent filtering characteristics whether it is new or has 100,000 miles on it. During development, we tested a
                                                               very dirty Blackwing against a major aftermarket brand’s new out-of-the-box filter and the Blackwing still filtered
                                                               excellent and almost doubled the flow of the competitor’s new filter.
                                                               By replacing the entire factory air filter assembly, the Blackwing APPLICATION                  P/N        PRICE
                                                               offers a real power increase you can feel. A “Real World” 10-15 RWHP 97-00 Corvette          1.AFE010   $250.00
                                                               increase can be expected. Installation takes about 10-minutes.           01-04 Corvette      1.AFE011   $250.00

The Callaway Honker Air Filter system delivers a 15-18 RWHP gain over the restrictive factory air filter
assembly. Cutting your radiator shroud is required and installation time is about 1 hour.
 APPLICATION                P/N           PRICE
 05-Current Corvette     1.AFE013       $475.00

TPIS THROTTLE BODY I.D. PLATE                                     EGR BLOCK-OFF PLATES
Set yourself apart from the crowd with a TPIS Throttle            TPIS offers Billet Aluminum EGR Block-off plates for
Body I.D. Plate! Anodized Black with machined TPIS                TPI & LT series engines. Plates are anodized
logo. Includes gasket and stainless steel bolts.                  “Cool Grey” and have TPIS machined logo. For
                                                                  use when an EGR system is no longer
 APPLICATION                        P/N           PRICE           being used.
 TPI & LT1 /4 Engines             1.BOP012        $12.00          *For motorsports use only!

                                                                                                                                      APPLICATION             P/N          PRICE
                                                                                                                                      85-97 TPI & LT1      1.BOP020       $12.00
                                                                                                                                      85-92 TPI            1.BOP021       $12.00
                                                                                                                                      92-97 LT1            1.BOP022       $12.00

1                                                                                                     952.448.6021                                                    TPIS.COM
                                                                                                                                                        Please call for current pricing

 As a general rule, a longer intake runner length with create a larger peak                    peak torque number, but doesn’t offer torque in a very wide RPM band. While
 torque number when compared to a shorter one. The LT1 manifold as well                        a shorter runner length will create a smaller peak number, it will deliver a
 as the TPIS Mini-Ram has approximately 3 inch long runners when                               much wider power band when used on the correct engine.
 compared to the 17 inch TPI runners. The TPI design makes a large

An adjustable fuel pressure regulator is an easy way to fine tune your air/fuel
mixture at wide-open-throttle and help fine tune your fuel trim levels. For
fine-tuning only- Not intended to make major changes to your mixture due to
larger injectors, rich idle conditions etc….

 APPLICATION                                                   P/N          PRICE
 Regulator Diaphragm 85-92 TPI                              1.FPR001       $40.00
 Adj. Regulator Kit 85-92 TPI                               1.FPR002       $69.00
 Adj. Fuel Pressure Reg. 93 Camaro/Firebird                 1.FPR015      $140.00
 Adj. Fuel Pressure Reg. 92-96 LT1 Corvette                 1.FPR016      $140.00
 Adj. Fuel Pressure Reg. 94-97 LT1 Camaro/Firebird          1.FPR017      $140.00
 Adj. Fuel Pressure Reg. 97-98 Corvette                     1.FPR022       $90.00

                                                                                                   TPI INTAKE GASKETS
                                                                                                   Runner gasket sets include a 48/52MM throttle body gasket and throttle body
                                                                                                   gasket kits include I.D. plate, throttle body, & IAC housing gasket.

                                                                                                    APPLICATION                                                    P/N         PRICE
                                                                                                    Stock Runner Gasket Set 85-92 TPI                           1.GSK010       $21.00
                                                                                                    TPIS Large Tube Runner Gasket Set 85-92 TPI                 1.GSK011       $25.00
                                                                                                    TPIS 58MM Throttle Body Gasket 85-97 TPI & LT1              1.GSK030        $6.00
                                                                                                    TPIS 52MM Throttle Body Gasket 85-97 TPI & LT1              1.GSK031        $6.00
                                                                                                    TPIS Stock/52MM Throttle Body Gasket Kit 85-97 TPI & LT1    1.GSK032       $15.00
                                                                                                    TPIS 58MM Throttle Body Gasket Kit 85-97 TPI & LT1          1.GSK033       $15.00

TPIS Billet IAC housings are CNC machined in-house and anodized a “Cool Grey” to reduce corrosion and give a dis-
tinctive look. TPIS IAC housings eliminate the engine coolant from running through the throttle body, helping to keep
  APPLICATION                P/N         PRICE
                                                 your engine’s incoming air cooler. Fits stock and TPIS throttle bod-
                                                 ies. Installation on other brands may require modification. Each IAC
  85-92 TPI & 92-93 LT1   1.IAC001      $40.00
  94-97 LT1               1.IAC002      $40.00
                                                 housing comes with a new gasket and stainless steel bolts.

                                  THROTTLE BODY AIRFOIL
                                  The TPIS Airfoil is one of the first parts to start the EFI performance movement in the late 1980’s. This part is why TPIS exists! It is very easy to
                                  install, taking only about 5 minutes. When bolted in place, the Airfoil eliminates turbulence
                                  as air enters your engine’s throttle body allowing it to produce more power. In a typical stock APPLICATION                    P/N            PRICE
                                  or mild engine you’ll notice better throttle response and a 5-10 H.P. gain and is 50 State      85-97 TPI/LT1-4 Engines      1.AF001         $49.00

These kits are made in-house and can help your LT1or LS1 breathe better, by increasing the inside diameter to 3-inches and elim-
inating the large factory divider. These housing will help your MAF sensor flow over 300 CFM more air when compared to a stock
MAF sensor, and are a great addition to engines making over 425 HP. They
                                                                               APPLICATION                   P/N         PRICE
are also anodized “Cool Grey” with a machined TPIS logo.
*Requires minor modification to factory sensor.                                     94-97 LT1 & 97-04 LS1         1.MAH100       $80.00

TPIS.COM                                                             952.448.6021                                                                                                       2
                                                                   TPIS LARGE TUBE RUNNERS
                                                                   TPIS Large Tube Runners are a nice addition to your upgraded TPI engine. Offering a slight increase in RPM potential,
                                                                   you'll see more power everywhere in the RPM band. TPIS large tube runners maintain a stock-look and are hard to
                                                                   identify by the average enthusiast. They will make more power than any
                                                                   cast-aluminum runner on the market, and to prove it, see the dyno test APPLICATION                P/N         PRICE

                                                                   below. Each set includes gaskets and new lower bolts.                     85-88 TPI            1.MAN503     $475.00
                                                                   *Looking for more RPM potential? Check out the TPIS Mini-Ram!             89-92 TPI           1.MAN513      $475.00

There is a need for a much improved intake manifold on TPI engines. The Big Mouth is a simple
bolt-on and uses all of the hardware and fittings that are on a stock TPI manifold. As you can see
from all the test data in our Insider Hints handbook, there are cylinder heads that will flow much
more than the stock manifold can. This manifold makes 15-20 HP on a stock or mild 350 engine.
*Have Vortec Cast Iron Heads or GM Aluminum Fast-Burn Heads? Use the Edelbrock TPI Manifold Listed below.

 APPLICATION                                                       P/N            PRICE
 Big Mouth Intake Manifold 85-92 TPI Engines                   1.MAN520         $425.00
 Edelbrock TPI Intake Manifold, Vortec/Fast Burn Heads         1.MAN521         $440.00
 TPI Plenum Porting Service                                    1.MOD500         $110.00
 TPIS Big Mouth Porting Service                                1.MOD520         $100.00
 LT1 Intake Porting Service                                    1.MOD600         $100.00

After porting, grinding, reshaping, and just about anything we could do to a TPI intake manifold and set of runners,
we were unable to achieve a large gain in RPM. The TPI style- intake works excellent for creating a large
area of torque off-idle to about 5000 RPM, but one big disadvantage is it’s RPM potential. If you’re
looking for a flatter torque curve and more RPM from your modified TPI
engine, the TPIS Mini-Ram is the manifold to use. Perfect for a modified
350 or a larger engine. It is also a very versatile way to convert any Small-
Block Chevy engine to fuel injection. The TPIS Mini-Ram is a snap to work
on, it is a one-piece unit which makes injector changes or any type of work
much easier when compared to a TPI-based manifold set-up. The
Mini-Ram includes Throttle brackets for all TPI-equipped vehi-
cles, a thermostat housing, Stainless throttle body bolts, ARP
Stainless intake manifold bolts, TPIS MAT sensor relocation kit,
and Fel-Pro intake manifold gaskets. The Mini-Ram manifold is
2-inches shorter than the TPI intake assembly, which makes it easy
to install in a variety of vehicles.

1204 165-190CC (use with stock heads)
1205 195-210CC
1206 215-Larger (Custom Port by User)                                                                                              APPLICATION                      P/N          PRICE
Fast-Burn Vortec/GM Fast Burn Alum, ETEC                                                                                           1204 Mini-Ram Manifold        1.MAN550      $895.00
*Cast Iron Vortec & Edelbrock ETEC Heads must be drilled                                                                           1205/6 Mini-Ram Manifold      1.MAN551      $895.00
& tapped for std SBC Intake Bolt Pattern.                                                                                          GM Fast Burn Mini-Ram         1.MAN552      $895.00

                                                           TPIS MINI-RAM EGR KIT
                                                           Need to use EGR? We now have an EGR kit for the Mini-Ram! Installation is easy and all needed parts are included. Using
                                                           your factory EGR vacuum solenoid is required.
                                                           *Not C.A.R.B. or 50 State certified                                      APPLICATION                     P/N          PRICE
                                                                                                                                    Mini-Ram EGR Kit             2.EGR500      $185.00

3                                                                                                                   952.448.6021                                            TPIS.COM
                                                                                                                                                   Please call for current pricing

After working with the LT1 since it’s inception in 1992, we’ve always been
impressed with how well the factory intake manifold works in a
variety of applications from stock to larger 396 C.I. engines, even on
our “King of the Hill“ 409 C.I. LT1s. We’ve found a need for a better
manifold on engines above 500 H.P. The TPIS LT1 Mini-Ram’s larger
plenum, superior port entry design, and longer runner length can deliver
gains everywhere in the RPM range on your modified LT1 engine. The LT1
Mini-Ram shares many of the same dimensions as our original
Mini-Ram used on TPI cars. This means it also has a SBC-
style distributor hole at the rear. This enables you to use an af-
termarket EFI easier and eliminate the need for the GM
Opti-Spark distributor. Accepts any TPI or LT1 style throttle body.
* Will not work with LT1 fuel rails
 APPLICATION                          P/N     PRICE
 LT 1/4 Engines                   1.MAN553   $895.00

                                                                       TPIS MINI-RAM FUEL RAIL KITS
                                                                                 If you’re using a TPIS Mini-Ram, you’ll need one of the fuel rail kits listed below. These kits
                                                                                    make installing a Mini-Ram in your vehicle easy and clean. All fuel rail kits include fuel
                                                                                 rails, -6 AN Inlet & Outlet fittings, Adj. Fuel pressure regulator, Polished Stainless Steel bolts,
                                                                             and crossover tube with o-rings. Kits
                                                                       for TPI Corvette, Camaro/Firebird, & LT1 cars APPLICATION                               P/N          PRICE
                                                                       include all necessary fittings and fuel line to Universal -6 Supply/Return           1.MAN560      $295.00
                                                                       directly hook up to your factory fuel lines. TPI Camaro/Firebird                     1.MAN561      $355.00
                                                                       Fuel Rails are anodized “Cool Grey” to help TPI Corvette                             1.MAN562      $355.00
                                                                       prevent corrosion and offer a distinct look.         LT1 (Specify Year & Car)        1.MAN563      $325.00

Since the birth of the LS family of engines in the 1997 Corvette, we have spent countless hours test-
ing every component possible on the dyno, flow bench, as well as on the track. In the early
years of the LS1 engine we were stuck with modifying the factory throttle body to find more
power. After trying different things with the factory style throttle body, we cut the nose of a LS6
intake manifold and attached an LT1 dual blade 58MM throttle body with a prototype nose. Our
hunch was correct; we immediately saw gains in many different engine combinations. It
was apparent that these engines needed a bigger throttle opening! This led to the development
of our 90MM throttle body for the LS engine family. With our 90MM LS6 intake manifold, you get the best
of both worlds: A bigger throttle opening with an excellent intake manifold design. These generally work the best
on modified 346 C.I. and 383/402 C.I. engines. With our LS6 Manifold you'll make more power everywhere in the RPM
 APPLICATION                                   P/N          PRICE
                                                                      range with no torque loss when compared to a factory intake.
                                                                      For engines above 600 HP, we find the F.A.S.T. intake provides more
 TPIS 90MM LS6 Intake Manifold             1.MAN570       $765.00
 F.A.S.T. 90/92MM Intake Manifold          1.MAN571       $830.00
                                                                      upper RPM breathing capability with a slight drop in torque in the lower RPMS. The TPIS LS6 Intake mani-
 90MM LS6 Manifold Modification Service 1.MOD191          $350.00 folds are available new or if you already have an LS6 intake manifold we can modify it with our 90MM nose.

 Think you have an intake restriction? Install a vacuum gauge on your en-                  Think you may have a vacuum leak? With you engine running, spray brake
 gine. If you have more than 1-2 inches of vacuum at Wide-Open throttle                 cleaner around suspected gasket or seal area. If a change in engine idle
 under load, you have a restriction in the intake worth checking into.                  speed or quality changes, you have found your leak!

TPIS.COM                                                   952.448.6021                                                                                                           4

For highly modified LS series engines used for motorsports, we offer custom sheet metal aluminum intake
manifolds. Designed by TPIS for each customer’s needs, we hand build each manifold. We manufacture all parts
including the plenum, runners, and flanges which gives us the flexibility
to make your manifold the way you need it. Available for all LS engine APPLICATION       P/N        PRICE
cylinder heads (stock and aftermarket) as well as just about any throt- LS 1/6       1.SMI100    $2400.00
tle opening size you can imagine. We can design these manifolds for use L92          1.SMI125    $2400.00
with your fuel rails or check out our billet fuel rail assemblies!        LS7         1.SMI150   $2400.00
*Recommended for racing use only!                                              LS 2/3           1.SMI175     $2400.00

Our LS fuel rail assemblies are machined from extruded aluminum. They are designed to work with our sheet
metal intake manifolds, but can also be bolted onto a stock LS1/6 intake manifold. They are available with -6 or
 APPLICATION                                            P/N          PRICE
                                                                            -8 fittings and can also mount your
                                                                            ignition coils. This allows you to
 LS Fuel Rail Kit w/ Coil Mounts                     1.MAN610      $225.00
 LS Fuel Rail Kit                                    1.MAN620      $225.00
                                                                            use tall valve cover for after–
                                                                            market rockers arms.

We pride ourselves on making dependable parts that work. We have been building                  No sticking, no whistling, no weak springs and no rough castings, they're the finest
throttle bodies since 1988 and know what works! Our throttle bodies are manu-                   available. You simply cannot buy a higher quality throttle body. Install one and see
factured by us, in our U.S.A.-based CNC shop. We take a more technical approach                 what other manufacturers simply can’t deliver!
than some other companies and offer throttle bodies that were designed to perform.

                                              TPIS 52MM THROTTLE BODIES
                                                Our TPI and LT1 52MM throttle bodies start with a GM 48MM housing. We CNC bore the housings after our TPIS Airfoil is
                                                  installed to create a perfect entry. In addition, we install bushings to eliminate the common wear and vacuum leak problems
                                                 with stock throttle bodies, and install our CNC APPLICATION                                                P/N         PRICE
                                                machined throttle blades. TPIS 52MM throttle
                                                                                                       85-88 TPI                                          1.TB149     $280.00
                                                 bodies flow 920 CFM and come with new gas- 89-92 TPI                                                     1.TB151     $280.00
                                                    kets and a TPIS I.D. plate. All 52MM throttle 92-95 LT1 Corvette                                      1.TB153     $280.00
                                                     bodies are sold on an exchange basis.             93 LT1 Camaro/Firebird                             1.TB161     $280.00
                                                      * For use on engines making 325-480 HP.           94-97 Camaro/FB, Caprice/Impala & 96 Corvette        1.TB162       $280.00

Our 58MM and Mono-Blade throttle bodies start as a solid chunk of 6061 T6 heat treated aluminum, no cast-
ings here! They feature re-designed throttle linkage cams for better throttle feel and control. They also
feature ball-bearing supported throttle shafts and CNC machined throttle blades (not stamped
like others) to eliminate sticking problems as well as anodize the housing and throttle blades
to eliminate discoloring and oxidation. A billet IAC housing, TPIS I.D. plate, and gaskets are
included. All parts are manufactured by TPIS in the U.S.A. They flow almost 1100 CFM and are
for use on engines making 480-600 HP. If you have a SBC or LT “Max Effort” powerhouse
engine making more than 600HP, you need our Mono-Blade throttle body, Flows over 1250 CFM.
*Extreme caution should be taken when using with nitrous! Throttle shaft can bend easily from a backfire
                                                                                        and cause throttle to
 APPLICATION                                                   P/N             PRICE stick open.Requires
 Monoblade Throttle Body 92-97 LT1 & RamJet 502              1.TB170         $475.00 port-matching your factory
 58MM Throttle Body 85-92 TPI                                1.TB171         $400.00 intake - TPIS offers this service. Non-anodized finish
 58MM Throttle Body 92-95 Corvette & 93 Camaro/FB            1.TB172         $400.00 available upon request. Part # 1.TB170 can be used on TPI
 58MM Throttle Body 94-97 Camaro/FB/Imp. & 96 Corvette       1.TB173         $400.00 engines with appropriate TPS and IAC wiring adapters.

5                                                                                                      952.448.6021                                                     TPIS.COM
                                                                                                                                                           Please call for current pricing

We reshape the entry, which helps it flow more efficiently, seeing 5-8 RWHP on most stock LS1/6
vehicles. All LS1 throttle bodies are sold on an exchange basis. For head/cam LS1/6 motors, or
stroker LS1/6 motors check out our 90mm LS series throttle bodies.

 APPLICATION                                                    P/N         PRICE
 97-04 Corvette                                               1.TB180      $110.00
 98-99 LS1 Camaro/Firebird                                    1.TB181      $110.00
 00-02 LS1 Camaro/Firebird                                    1.TB182      $110.00
 99-02 LS Truck (Cable)                                       1.TB183      $110.00

                               TPIS 90MM THROTTLE BODIES                                                                          APPLICATION                          P/N         PRICE
                               For the biggest cubic inch motors, our 90mm dark grey anodized billet throttle body flows          Downdraft                        1.TB190        $510.00
                               a whopping 1500 cfm. That’s a 69% increase in CFM over the stock throttle body. They               Corvette, 04-05 CTS-V            1.TB195        $475.00
                               accept the stock air duct and the bolt pattern will fit both the F.A.S.T. LSX and the stock        98-02 Camaro/FB, 04 GTO          1.TB196        $475.00
                               LS2 intakes, along with our 90mm LS6 intake. These throttle bodies do not include, TPS,
                               IAC motor, or Throttle Motor/Idler Gear.

Our direct fit converters contain all necessary flanges and oxygen sensor fittings like the original equipment. Bullet Style
                                                                                    converters which have the same flow
 APPLICATION                                                   P/N       PRICE characteristics as direct fit models and
 Direct Fit Catalytic Converter 4-Bolt 84-85 Corvette       2.CAT002   $230.00 are designed to be welded or clamped
 Direct Fit Catalyitic Converter 86-91 Corvette, Camaro, FB 2.CAT003   $230.00 in place.
 Direct Fit Catalytic Converter 94-95 Camaro/Firefird         2.CAT004     $230.00     * Bullet Style cats work great with our
 Catalytic Converter Bullet Style 3in. In/Out                 2.CAT010     $180.00     LT1/4 Corvette headers

EDELBROCK T.E.S. HEADER SYSTEMS                                                                 TPIS CORVETTE EXHAUST SYSTEMS
We've been using Edelbrock Headers for years because they offer straightforward                 TPIS Corvette Exhaust systems are de-
installation as well as direct replacements for stock exhaust manifolds. They offer             signed to help get the most of your en-
simple installation, using stock crossover pipe and shorty headers are available in             gine and deliver a distinct tone.
2 finishes (Ti-Tech and ceramic coating.) They also have laser-cut flanges to ensure            1984-96 Systems utilize a 3-Chamber
a leak-free seal with no alterations.                                                           muffler that is manufactured by Flow-
*Y-Pipes are included in 86-95 Camaro/Firebird header kits.                                     master to our specifications. Each
                                                                                                muffler has a 3-inch inlet and dual 2
                                                                                                1/2- inch outlets and the y-pipe
                                                                                                measures 3 1/2-inches. Full exhaust
                                                                                                systems include Coated headers, front
                                                                                                y-pipe, Cat. Converter, rear y-pipe and mufflers. All
                                                                                                systems include stainless steel band clamps. Off-
                                                                                                Road systems replace the cat. converter with a
                                                                                                replacement pipe and have no emissions fittings on
 APPLICATION                                                       P/N        PRICE             headers. Hear and feel the difference a properly
 86-90 Camaro/FB                                                2.EDB200     $430.00            designed exhaust system can make! Check out sound
 91-92 Camaro/FB                                                2.EDB201     $450.00            clips at!
 88-92 Camaro/FB Dual Cat                                       2.EDB202     $450.00
 93 Camaro/FB                                                   2.EDB207     $450.00
 94-95 Camaro/FB                                                2.EDB208     $370.00              APPLICATION                                                    P/N           PRICE
 94-96 Impala SS                                                2.EDB210     $475.00              TPIS Cat-Back Exhaust System 84-85 Corvette                 2.EXH001        $600.00
 96-97 Camaro/FB Dual Cat                                       2.EDL212     $475.00              TPIS Cat-Back Exhaust System 86-91 Corvette                 2.EXH002        $600.00
 98-99 Camaro/FB                                                2.EDL213     $475.00              TPIS Full-Exhaust System 84-96 Corvette (Specify Year)      2.EXH003       $1600.00
 00-02 Camaro/FB                                                2.EDL214     $475.00              TPIS Full-Exhaust System 84-96 Corvette (Off-Road)          2.EXH004       $1500.00

TPIS.COM                                                         952.448.6021                                                                                                               6

What we hear from our customers is that they need an exhaust that has a deep throaty idle, yet is barely louder than stock
at cruising speeds, and at full throttle does not draw cops from miles around. So we designed and built a new muffler to
meet those needs. It has an aluminized body, stainless steel sound chamber and four 3 inch polished stainless steel
tips. Unlike others, the over the axle tubing is a full 2 3/4-inch in diameter.
We have tested it against several of the popular aftermarket systems and found that our C-5 system made more
power throughout the entire RPM band, averaging 2 RWHP more than the next best, and 10 more RWHP than the
ZO-6 factory system. The biggest gains were from 5800 RPM to 6500 RPM. The testing was done on a stock 2001
                                                           ZO-6. The back pressure on our C-5 system was .5 lb per sq. in. The
  APPLICATION                      P/N           PRICE factory ZO-6 was 2.7 lb. Per sq. in., all pressure measurements were
  97-2004 Corvette              2.EXH005       $750.00 taken after the cats.

TPIS TPI- LT1/4 CORVETTE HEADERS                                                                  AMERICAN RACING HEADERS
In the late 80's we looked at all the headers on the market and found that nobody                 American Racing Headers offer excellent fit and craftsmanship as well as all stain-
made a header with the right size primary tubes. And the stock header is woe-                     less steel construction. They're made in the U.S.A. and all header kits include
fully inadequate, so we set out to make a header that truly performs. These fit                   converters, gaskets, and all hardware required. Oxygen sensor extensions are
beautiful and utilize all the factory bolts and brackets and are installed from the               included where needed. All ARH headers are available in 1 3/4-inch and 1 7/8-inch
bottom with no cutting or welding required. These headers also make changing                      primaries and feature merge-style collectors.
spark plugs a snap. All of our Corvette headers feature 1 3/4-inch primary tubes
and 3-inch collectors.                                                                                                                      APPLICATION              P/N         PRICE
* THE APPROPRIATE Y PIPE MUST BE ORDERED TO COMPLETE THE SYSTEM. THE Y PIPES                                                                97-00 Corvette        2.HED016    $1750.00
ONLY FIT THESE HEADERS. When ordering the y-pipe please note that the 86 model year can                                                     01-04 Corvette        2.HED017    $1750.00
be either a four bolt or a slip flange. Please look at the front of your catalytic converter to                                             05-09 Corvette        2.HED018    $1750.00
                                                                                                                                            04-06 GTO             2.HED019    $1650.00
see if it has a 4-bolt flange before ordering.
                                                                                                                                            08-Current G8         2.HED020    $1650.00
                                                                                                                                            10-Current Camaro     2.HED021    $1750.00

                                                                                                  TPIS LT1 CAMARO/FIREBIRD HEADERS
                                                                                                  Like many TPIS products, our LT1 Camaro/Firebird headers were bred from racing.
                                                                                                  You will not find a header with better ground clearance and spark plug access. We
                                                                                                  originally developed these headers for use on our Camaro in the 1994 SCCA World
                                                                                                  Challenge series. We had to design a header that offered good ground clearance,
                                                                                                  easy installation and removal and good spark plug access. These headers come with
                                                                                                  oxygen sensor wire extensions, FEL-PRO gaskets, and headers bolt stand-off tubes
                                                                                                  so you can use the factory bolts. There are no emissions fitting on these headers, just
                                                                                                  oxygen sensor fittings.
                                                                                                  *Motorsports Use Only! Y-Pipe has no Cat. Converters. Uncoated shown

    APPLICATION                                                        P/N           PRICE
    TPIS Headers 84-91 Corvette (Painted)                           2.HED001        $600.00
    TPIS Headers 84-91 Corvette (Coated)                            2.HED002        $750.00
    TPIS Headers 84-91 Corvette (Race/Painted)                      2.HED003        $600.00
    TPIS Headers 84-91 Corvette (Race/Coated)                       2.HED004        $750.00
    TPIS Headers 92-96 Corvette (Painted)                           2.HED005        $600.00
    TPIS Headers 92-96 Corvette (Coated)                            2.HED006        $750.00
    TPIS EGR Feed Tube - 85-91 Corvette                             2.EGR050         $75.00                                      APPLICATION                        P/N        PRICE
    Header/Exh. Manifold AIR Tube Plug - LT1 Corvette/Cam/FB        2.EGR080          $6.50                                      93-97 LT1 Camaro/FB          2.HED200        $600.00
    Header Y-Pipe 84-85 Corvette 4-Bolt                             2.HED101        $125.00                                      93-97 LT1 Camaro/FB (coated) 2.HED201        $700.00
    Header Y-Pipe 86-91 Corvette Slip                               2.HED102        $125.00                                      Y-Pipe                       2.HED202        $190.00

7                                                                                                       952.448.6021                                                         TPIS.COM
                                                                                                                                                    Please call for current pricing

TPIS CADILLAC CTSV LONG TUBE HEADERS                                                                                         C5 HEADERS TPIS
We now have our wonderful TPIS CTS-V headers available in stainless steel! Many have wanted them and now                     We were the first on the market with a long tube C5
they are finally available! These are the finest header you can buy for your CTS-V, PERIOD. Installation is very easy        header, and it has been a winner, with terrific reports.
and can be accomplished in under 2 hours with no welding required. Primary tubes are 1 3/4 inch diameter and the             Our own testing has shown 17 ft. lbs. And, 17 HP at
collector outlet size is 3 inch. Collectors are "merge“ style to maximize scavenging and produce more power every-           the rear wheels. Other comments have included "very
where in the RPM range. These headers are constructed of U.S.A. made                                                         easy to install (about 3 1/2 hours to install)", "gor-
304 stainless steel tubing and hand built to ensure excellent                                                                geous", "nice overall power increase". Cutting and
quality standards. Headers come complete with Maxi-                                                                          welding is required, to mount the included H-pipe to
mum-Flow Metal Substrate cat. converters, gaskets,                                                                           the front of the cats.
band clamps, oxygen sensor extensions and instruc-
tions. Your factory style exhaust needs to be cut aprox.
5 inches in front of the resonator and the exhaust slides
into the cat. converters for a VERY easy installation you
can do yourself or by any qualified service facility.

 APPLICATION                                                      P/N           PRICE
 TPIS Long Tube Headers 04-09 CTS-V (Mild Steel/Coated)        2.HED200       $700.00                                         APPLICATION             P/N             PRICE
 Cat. Converter Kit for 2.HED200 TPIS CTS-V Headers            2.HED201       $300.00                                         97-00 Corvette       2.HED300       $895.00
 TPIS S. S. Long Tube Headers/Cat Conv. System 04-09 CTS-V     2.HED202      $1400.00                                         01-04 Corvette       2.HED305       $895.00

LT1 OPTI-SPARK DISTRIBUTORS                                                                 FUEL INJECTORS
We use only AC Delco Opti-Spark distributors as well as Cap/Rotor kits.                     For over 20 years we have been using Bosch and Denso injectors exclusively. These
*All LT1 Caprice,Impala, Roadmaster use the 95-97 style Opti-Spark (Part Number 3.DST325)   are the finest injectors you can buy and deliver superior spray patterns and consis-
                                                                                            tent flow from injector to injector. When it comes to injectors, you get
 APPLICATION                                                         P/N           PRICE
                                                                                            what you pay for. Beware of other brands that say "Bosch Style" or
 Opti-Spark Dist. 92-94 LT1                                       3.DST300       $525.00
 Opti-Spark Dist. 95-97 LT1/4                                     3.DST325       $290.00
                                                                                            "Replacement style". They can't deliver the qual-
 Opti-Spark Cap & Rotor Kit 92-97 LT1/4                           3.DST350       $180.00    ity and performance of a Bosch or Denso
 Opti-Spark Wire Harness 95-97                                    3.HRN200        $35.00    injector. Not sure what in-
                                                                                            jectors you need for your
                                                                                            engine? We can help-
                                                                                            Give us a call and put our
AC DELCO REMANUFACTUED ECM/PCM                                                              20+ years of GM EFI expe-
We use only AC Delco ECMs and PCMs to ensure reliability and proper operation. All
                                                                                            rience to work for you!
are sold on exchange basis.
 APPLICATION                                                         P/N          PRICE      APPLICATION                                                        P/N            PRICE
 86-89 TPI                                                        3.ECM200      $215.00      20 lbs/hr                                                        3.FLS500        $380.00
 90-91 Corvette                                                   3.ECM210      $195.00      24 lbs/hr                                                        3.FLS510        $400.00
 90-92 Camaro/FB                                                  3.ECM220      $215.00      30 lbs/hr                                                        3.FLS520        $400.00
 94-95 Camaro/Firebird/Impala SS                                  3.ECM230      $350.00      36 lbs/hr                                                        3.FLS530        $450.00
 97-98 LS1                                                        3.ECM240      $400.00      42 lbs/hr                                                        3.FLS540        $480.00
 99-03 LS1                                                        3.ECM250      $400.00      Fuel Injector O-Rings (16)                                       3.FLS590         $12.00

FUEL PUMPS                                                                                  FUEL INJECTOR CLEANING SERVICES
We have a fuel pump for whatever your fuel requirements may be. We have been                We offer injector cleaning as well as flowing services. Have a car that sits a lot?
using these same pumps for over 20 years because they have proven themselves                Think you may have some injectors that are dirty? Installing injectors that haven't
to be reliable in a daily driver, high performance, and in racing applications.             been used for awhile? Our cleaning and flowing services can make sure your
                                                                                            injectors are working properly and that you're getting the most from your engine. Both
 APPLICATION                                                         P/N           PRICE    services include a detailed report of injector performance.
 400hp In-Tank                                                    3.FLS400       $120.00
 550hp In-Tank                                                    3.FLS410       $190.00     APPLICATION                                                        P/N            PRICE
 550hp In-Line                                                    3.FLS420       $165.00     Injector Cleaning Service (per injector)                         3.MOD500        $15.00
 850hp In-Tank                                                    3.FLS430       $325.00     Injector Testing/Flowing Service (per injector)                  3.MOD501         $5.00

TPIS.COM                                                        952.448.6021                                                                                                            8

Our wire harnesses are custom made for easy installation. We use the correct connec-              APPLICATION                                                 P/N         PRICE
tors, wire colors and the exact same wire as an O.E. wire harness has. All harnesses are          Harness, Engine TPI                                       3.HRN100     $475.00
covered in rugged and attractive braided sleeving. No plastic zip-ties and no connectors          Harness, Engine LT1                                       3.HRN110     $585.00
you have to finish installing. We make your harness for you as a direct fit. We will need to      Harness, Engine LS Series                                 3.HRN120     $725.00
know the location of your computer, how many electric cooling fans you plan to use, what          Harness, Opti-Spark Extension, 95-97 LT1                  3.HRN200      $35.00
transmission you have etc.... Have questions? Please call us! We can solve your problem!          Harness, O2 Extension, 1-Wire                             3.HRN300       $8.00
* Harness trunk lengths over 5 ft. are an additional $20 per foot.                                Harness, O2 Extension, LT1                                3.HRN400      $18.00
                                                                                                  Harness, O2 Extension, LS1 Camaro/FB                      3.HRN410      $18.00
                                                                                                  Harness, O2 Extension, Front 05-08 Corvette               3.HRN420      $18.00
                                                                                                  Harness, O2 Extensions, Rear 05-08 Corvette/CTS-V         3.HRN430      $18.00
                                                                                                  VSS, 2K Pulse w/ Cable Option, 85-89 TPI                  3.VSS100     $100.00
                                                                                                  VSS, 4K Pulse w/ Cable Option, 90-92 TPI                  3.VSS150     $100.00

CUSTOM EFI PROGRAMMING SERVICES                                                                   ENGINE SENSORS                 AC Delco and Bosch
We have over 20 years of GM EFI programming experience! We have built many                        APPLICATION                                                  P/N         PRICE
TPI,TBI, LT1, and LS series engines since we opened our doors in 1988 and have                    Oxygen Sensor, 1-Wire                                     3.SEN001       $40.00
the experience and knowledge to know what your engine's programming needs are.                    Oxygen Sensor, 3-Wire Heated (Kit)                        3.SEN002       $58.00
 APPLICATION                     P/N         PRICE
                                                     Give us a call if you have                   Oxygen Sensor, LT1/4 & C5 Front                           3.SEN003       $70.00
                                                     questions about program-                     Oxygen Sensor, LS1 Heated                                 3.SEN004       $65.00
 TBI Level 2                  3.PRG050 $2275.00
                                                     ming or even if you're                       O2 Bung, Weld-On                                          3.SEN008        $5.00
 TBI Level 3                  3.PRG060     $375.00
                                                     having problems with pro-                    O2 Plug, Brass                                            3.SEN009        $4.00
 Level 1, 86-93 Chips         3.PRG100     $175.00                                                                                                          3.SEN100       $45.00
                                                                                                  Knock Sensor, 85-89 TPI
 Level 2, 86-93 Chips         3.PRG110     $275.00   gramming you've received
                                                                                                  Knock Sensor, 90-92 TPI                                   3.SEN101       $50.00
 Level 3, 86-93 Chips         3.PRG120     $375.00   from someone else. We                        Knock Sensor, 92-95 LT1                                   3.SEN102       $50.00
 Level 4, 86-93 Chips         3.PRG130     $475.00   can help!                                    Knock Sensor Wiring Harness, LS1/LS6                      3.SEN105       $45.00
 Level 5, 86-93 Chips              3.PRG140       $575.00      *We will need a complete list of   MAT/Coolant Sensor, 85-97 TPI/LT1                         3.SEN110       $30.00
 Level 1, 94-08 ECM                3.PRG200       $175.00                                         MAT Sensor, 85-92 TPI
                                                               modifications on your vehicle.                                                               3.SEN111       $30.00
 Level 2, 94-08 ECM                3.PRG210       $275.00                                         MAT Relocation Kit, 85-92 TPI                             3.SEN115       $35.00
                                                               You can download a program-
 Level 3, 94-08 ECM                3.PRG220       $375.00                                         MAP Sensor, 1 Bar, 90-95 TPI/LT1                          3.SEN118       $50.00
 Level 4, 94-08 ECM                3.PRG230       $475.00      ming sheet from our website
                                                                                                  Relay, 85-87 Burn-off/Fuel Pump                           3.SEN171       $25.00
 Level 5, 94-08 ECM                3.PRG240       $575.00      and email or fax it to us.
                                                                                                  Relay, 85-87 MAF Power                                    3.SEN172       $25.00
                                                                                                  Relay, 87-90 MAF Power/Burn-Off/Fuel Pump                 3.SEN173       $25.00
                                                                                                  ESC Module, LT4                                           3.SEN175       $58.00
 MSD IGNITION COMPONENTS                                                                          IAC Motor, 85-92 TPI                                      3.SEN180       $85.00
 APPLICATION                                                            P/N            PRICE
                                                                                                  IAC Motor, 92-97 LT1                                      3.SEN181       $80.00
 6AL Ignition Control Box                                            3.MSD200        $235.00      IAC Motor, LS Camaro/FB/Truck                             3.SEN182      $110.00
 6 Plus Control Box                                                  3.MSD250        $325.00      Throttle Position Sensor, 85-92 TPI                       3.SEN190       $58.00
 Adapter Harness, Coil in Cap Distributor                            3.MSD300         $43.00      Throttle Position Sensor, 92-97 LT1                       3.SEN191       $60.00
 Adapter Harness, Dual Conn Divorced Coil                            3.MSD310         $36.00      Throttle Position Sensor, 97-04 Corvette                  3.SEN192      $100.00
 Adapter Harness, Single Conn Divorced Coil                          3.MSD320         $36.00      Throttle Position Sensor, 98-02 Camaro/FB                 3.SEN193       $45.00
 Coil, Heavy Duty                                                    3.MSD330         $50.00      Throttle Position Sensor, 98-02 Truck                     3.SEN194       $45.00
 Coil Bracket                                                        3.MSD340         $15.00      MAF, Stock Replacement, 85-92 TPI                         3.SEN205      $570.00
 Pro Billet Distributor, TPI Divorced Coil                           3.MSD400        $305.00      MAF, Modified Replacement, 85-92 TPI                      3.SEN210      $620.00
 Cap & Rotor, 95-97 LT1                                              3.MSD410        $180.00

 BOSCH SPARK PLUGS                                                                                TECH TIP: CRISP THROTTLE
 APPLICATION                                                            P/N            PRICE      Most TPI and LT1 cars have crisper throttle response when the TPS
 FR8DPX                                                              3.SPG200           $2.39     voltage at idle is in the .60-.65 volt range. Raising the TPS voltage into
 FR7DPX                                                              3.SPG201           $2.39     this range can also cure a Code 33 problem on 1985-1989 TPI cars.
 HR9BPX                                                              3.SPG202           $2.39
 HR8BPX                                                              3.SPG203           $2.39
                                                                                                  TECH TIP: MORE COOLING
 HR8DPX                                                              3.SPG206           $2.39     If you have a manual transmission car and you're ordering a radiator,
 +4 LT1/LS Series                                                    3.SPG210           $5.99     order one for an automatic car. You can use the transmission fluid cooler
 +4 87-91 Corvette                                                   3.SPG211           $5.99     as an excellent power steering fluid cooler!
 +4 Cast Iron TPI                                                    3.SPG212           $5.99

9                                                                                                       952.448.6021                                                   TPIS.COM
                                                                                                                                                             Please call for current pricing

TPIS SPARK PLUG WIRES                                                                                                 APPLICATION                                        P/N        PRICE
We use Taylor Spiro-Pro spark plug wires because they deliver excellent spark energy and stand up to                  Coil Wire, 10" SBC (MSD Blaster Coil)          3.SPW001      $15.00
rugged racing conditions as well as the heat and rigors of a street engine. Each wire set is designed for             Coil Wire, 9" LT1 (MSD Blaster Coil)           3.SPW002      $15.00
your particular engine so they are ready to install. Available in Black and Red. Specify color.                       Coil Wire, 24" LT1 (MSD Blaster Coil)          3.SPW003      $15.00
                                                                                                                      Spark Plug Wires, 84-91 Corvette               3.SPW007      $55.00
                                                                                                                      Spark Plug Wires, 92-95 Corvette               3.SPW008      $85.00
                                                                                                                      Spark Plug Wires, 96 Corvette                  3.SPW009      $85.00
                                                                                                                      Spark Plug Wires, 84-87 Camaro/FB              3.SPW017      $55.00
                                                                                                                      Spark Plug Wires, 88-92 Camaro/FB              3.SPW018      $55.00
                                                                                                                      Spark Plug Wires, 93-95 Camaro/FB/Impala       3.SPW019      $85.00
                                                                                                                      Spark Plug Wires, 96-97 Camaro/FB              3.SPW020      $85.00
                                                                                                                      Spark Plug Wires, LS1                          3.SPW030      $50.00
                                                                                                                      Spark Plug Wires, LS1 Truck                    3.SPW030      $50.00

These Pulley Sets are an easy way to unleash more power from your engine. Many engines have accessories that are
over-driven from the factory. While this may work for the average car and average driver, it keeps your modified engine
from reaching its maximum potential. TPIS Underdrive Pulley Sets reduce your engine's accessory drive speed by
approximately 10%. Each kit includes a crankshaft and alternator pulley. The smaller diameter crankshaft pulley slows
the A/C, Power Steering, and water pump speeds.
                                                     APPLICATION                                               P/N                PRICE
The alternator pulley is included so the factory
                                                     84-87 TPI Corvette (2pc)                              4.ACC351             $100.00
alternator speed is maintained to avoid charging
                                                     85-87 TPI Camaro/FB (2pc)                             4.ACC352             $100.00
problems. These kits consistently deliver a solid 88-92 TPI Camaro/FB (2pc)                                4.ACC353             $145.00
5-8 RWHP with no change in driveability.             93-97 LT1 Camaro/FB/Impala SS (2pc)                   4.ACC354             $120.00
*All pulley kits include a new belt where applicable.   88-91 TPI Corvette (3pc)                                 4.ACC355       $190.00

                                                        TPIS A/C & AIR PUMP ELIMINATOR PULLEY KITS
                                                        Trying to shed some of your racecar's weight? Installing a TPI or LT1 engine in an older car? Our A/C Compressor and
                                                        Air Pump eliminator pulley kits offer a simple
                                                        and clean way to get rid of your bulky A/C APPLICATION                                              P/N       PRICE
                                                        compressor or Air Pump while allowing you to A/C Delete Pulley, 88-92 TPI Camaro/FB              4.ACC337    $40.00
                                                        retain your factory belt routing.              A/C Delete Pulley, 93-97 LT1 Camaro/FB            4.ACC338    $38.00
                                                        *Air Pump Delete Kit is for motorsports use only!    A/C Delete Kit, 88-91 TPI Corvette                       4.ACC340     $149.00
                                                                                                             A/C Delete Kit, 92-96 LT1 Corvette                       4.ACC341     $149.00
                                                                                                             A/P Delete Kit, 85-91 TPI Corvette                       4.ACC359     $149.00

CANTON RACING COOLANT RESERVOIRS                                                                                                    TPIS LOW-TEMP THERMOSTATS
If you have a modified or race engine, it's no secret that your cooling system is                                                   Most stock engines are designed to operate at higher
doing more than it was designed to do from the factory. Canton aluminum coolant                                                     temperatures than we like to see in a high-performance
reservoirs are a great                                                                                                              application. Our Low-Temp thermostats are an easy and
                           APPLICATION                        P/N          PRICE
replacement for your                                                                                                                effective way to lower the operating temperature of your
                           82-92 Camaro/FB                4.CAC665       $150.00                                                    engine. With a lower operating temperature, your engine
plastic factory unit and
                           84-96 Corvette                 4.CAC670       $150.00
also add a "race" look. 97-04 Corvette                                                                                              will be less prone to have detonation issues and can
                                                           4.CAC675      $150.00
                                                                                                                                    maintain lower incoming air temperatures. Both are
                                                                                                                                    important factors in maintaining maximum efficiency.
ATI SUPER DAMPERS                                                                                                                   *Not for use in cold-weather climates!
You want engine protection? You got it. All ATI's dampers          APPLICATION                         P/N           PRICE           APPLICATION                         P/N        PRICE
are SFI "Manufacturer Certified" and NASCAR approved.              10% w/ AC, 98-02 Camaro/FB       4.DPR370        $500.00          170º 55-92 SBC/TPI               4.COL349      $15.00
We have been using ATI SuperDampers for many years                 10% w/ AC, 97-04 Corvette        4.DPR375        $500.00          160º 92-97 LT1                   4.COL350      $17.00
because they provide excellent harmonic control. This              93-97 Camaro/FB LT1              4.DPR380        $450.00          160º 97-04 LS1                   4.COL351      $59.00
means better bearing life, less crankshaft twisting and a          92-96 Corvette LT1               4.DPR385        $475.00          160º 05-08 LS                    4.COL352      $19.00
longer lasting engine.                                             6-3/8" SBC                       4.DPR390        $365.00          160º Cooling Fan Switch, TPI     3.SEN200      $39.00

TPIS.COM                                                          952.448.6021                                                                                                          10

OIL COOLER PARTS & SYSTEMS                                                                                         APPLICATION                               P/N         PRICE
                        You will find our Oil Cooler Kits simple and straightforward to install. We                Oil Cooler Kit, 84-91 Corvette          4.OIL100     $425.00
                            proudly use Earl's hose & fittings as well as Earl's radiators. We                     Oil Cooler Kit, 97-04 Corvette          4.OIL110     $499.00
                                 assemble each kit's hoses to ensure they are the correct length and               Oil Cooler Kit, 84-97 Camaro/FB         4.OIL120     $425.00
                                                                                                                   Oil Cooler Kit, 93-97 Camaro/FB         4.OIL130     $450.00
                                   this also allows us to make custom lengths per the customer's
                                                                                                                   Oil Cooler Kit, 98-02 Camaro/FB         4.OIL140     $499.00
                                  request.. Oil cooler adapters are made by TPIS from T-6 billet alu-              Oil Cooler Kit, Universal               4.OIL150     $425.00
                                                      minum and anodized to protect from oxidation                 Oil Cooler Adapter Nut                  4.OIL200      $15.00
                                                      and give a clean look. For those who'd like to put           Oil Cooler Adapter, SBC                 4.OIL201      $85.00
                                                       together their own kit, we have all of the main             Oil Cooler                              4.OIL202     $170.00
                                                       components available separately.                            Oil Cooler Bracket, 97-04 Corvette      4.OIL203      $25.00
                                                         *All kits use -10 AN hose & fittings.                     Oil Cooler Adapter, 97-04 Corvette      4.OIL204     $110.00
                                                                                                                   Oil Cooler Adapter, LS2/3               4.OIL205     $100.00

TPIS LS ENGINE CATCH CAN KIT                                                             APPLICATION                       P/N          PRICE
This is a complete catch can assembly, including mounting bracket, for the LS1 Catch Can, LS Series Engines 4.OIL300                  $175.00
equipped Corvette, Camaro, and Firebird. This oil catch can is the solution for
catching those blow-by gasses that can create carbon and oil sludge build-up in your intake system. Formed from
aluminum with machined end tanks and hose fittings, it is mounted via the included mounting bracket, to the cylinder head.
*98-00 F-Body cars require EGR modification for proper canister mounting.

TPIS STREET & ROAD RACE OIL PANS                                                                  FEL-PRO GASKETS & SEALS
Street: TPIS has two styles of oil pans - one for the Corvette and one for the                    APPLICATION                                                 P/N         PRICE
Camaro and Firebird. They feature improved baffling, built in scraper and a                       Head Gaskets, Fel-Pro .039", SBC                         4.GSK010      $40.00
special baffle that helps separate excess air from the oil so the engine bearings                 Head Gaskets, .029", SBC                                 4.GSK015      $25.00
receive pure oil, not aerated. In tests performed since 1988, the results show                    Head Gaskets, Fel-Pro .039", LT1                         4.GSK020      $45.00
that the oil pressure remains the same under sustained deceleration (180 mph                      Head Gaskets, .039", LT1                                 4.GSK025      $35.00
- 0 mph). Both pans come with oil pump pick-up tube, and will accommodate                         Head Gaskets, LS1/6                                      4.GSK030      $45.00
high volume oil pumps. The stock F and Y body oil pans that come on cars for                      4.GSK030 Head Gaskets, LS3/L92                           4.GSK031      $75.00
                                                                                                  Intake Gaskets, Fel-Pro 1256, SBC                        4.GSK050      $25.00
                  the most part will do a good job in protecting the engine. How-                 Intake Gaskets, Fel-Pro 1205, SBC                        4.GSK055      $21.00
                     ever when the suspension, brakes, and engine are modified                    Intake Gaskets, Fel-Pro 1206, SBC                        4.GSK060      $21.00
                      and the car is driven to its limits, the oil pan is asked to                Intake Gaskets, Fel-Pro, LT1                             4.GSK065      $25.00
                      work out side of its design limits and cannot control the oil               Intake Gaskets, Fel-Pro, Fast Burn                       4.GSK070      $30.00
                       adequately. You need to also look at our oil cooler kits.                  Intake Gaskets, LS1                                      4.GSK075      $70.00
                       Race: The road race pan is designed to our specifications.                 Exhaust Gaskets, Fel-Pro, D-Port                         4.GSK100      $26.00
                                                                                                  Oil Pan Gaskets, Fel-Pro, 87-97 SBC                      4.GSK150      $30.00
                                                             This road race style
                                                                                                  Rear Main Seal, Fel-Pro, 1 Piece                         4.GSK155      $20.00
                                                                   pan will hold                  Valve Cover Gaskets, Fel-Pro, Center Bolt Camaro/FB      4.GSK200      $20.00
                                                                   around two extra               Valve Cover Gaskets, Fel-Pro, Center Bolt Corvette       4.GSK210      $25.00
                                                                  quarts of oil. Great            Timing Cover Gaskets, Fel-Pro, 87-92 SBC                 4.GSK250      $15.00
                                                             for high speed corner-               Timing Cover Gaskets, Fel-Pro, 92-94 LT1                 4.GSK255      $18.00
                                                                ing. If you autocross,            Timing Cover Gaskets, Fel-Pro, 95-97 LT1                 4.GSK260      $15.00
                                                               or road race, this is              Water Pump Gasket, LS1/LS6 (1)                           4.GSK300       $4.00
                                                                                                  Timing Cover Gasket, LS1/LS6                             4.GSK310      $25.00
                                                             the pan to run.
                                                                                                  Oil Pan Gasket, LS1/LS6                                  4.GSK320      $33.00

 APPLICATION                                                         P/N           PRICE
                                                                                                 GRIFFIN RADIATORS
 5qt 2pc seal R, Camaro/FB                                       4.PAN600        $185.00
                                                                                                 Since 1981, Griffin Thermal Products has focused on manufacturing the very best
 5qt 2pc seal L, Camaro/FB                                       4.PAN605        $185.00         high performance aluminum heat exchangers in the industry. Griffin understands
 5qt 1pc seal R, Camaro/FB                                       4.PAN610        $185.00                                                            that a quality cooling system
 7qt Canton Road Race, Camaro/FB                                 4.PAN615        $375.00          APPLICATION                    P/N         PRICE is critical to the consistent
 7qt 2pc seal R, Corvette                                        4.PAN620        $185.00          Manual, 85-92 Camaro/FB     4.RAD650     $510.00 and reliable performance of
 7qt 2pc seal L, Corvette                                        4.PAN625        $185.00          Auto, 85-92 Camaro/FB       4.RAD655     $530.00 your engine.
 7qt 1pc seal R, Corvette                                        4.PAN630        $185.00          Manual, 93-02 Camaro/FB        4.RAD660       $510.00
 7qt Canton Road Race, Corvette                                  4.PAN635        $375.00          Auto, 93-02 Camaro/FB          4.RAD665       $530.00

11                                                                                                      952.448.6021                                                  TPIS.COM
                                                                                                                                               Please call for current pricing

The term "Direct Fit" gets thrown around a lot today. Many companies offer replacement radiators and most of them            APPLICATION                  P/N         PRICE
require some alterations, even when they claim they fit.                                                                     Auto, 85-89 Corvette      4.RAD620     $530.00
                                 These radiators are designed to install into the stock mounting and use the factory         Manual, 85-89 Corvette    4.RAD625     $510.00
                                 connections without any modifications or adapters. Each radiator starts with a U.S.A.       Auto, 90-94 Corvette      4.RAD630     $530.00
                                 made core, furnace brazed in a force nitrogen furnace. Our cores feature two rows           Manual, 90-94 Corvette    4.RAD635     $510.00
                                 cooling tubes, serpentine fin and they are epoxy free. Press formed end tanks are man-      Auto, 95-96 Corvette      4.RAD640     $530.00
                                 ually tig welded by expert craftsmen, providing the ultimate in strength and appearance.    Manual , 95-96 Corvette   4.RAD645     $510.00

                                                           O.E. quality radiators
                                                                     P/N             PRICE
                                                                                              TECH TIP: THERMOSTAT MOD
                                                                                              We have found drilling two 1/16 in. holes in a TPI/SBC thermostat can help
 OE Radiator, 85-92 Camaro/FB W/ tranny cooler                    4.RAD700          $160.00   eliminate air bubbles in your cooling system. LT1 and LS thermostats should
 OE Radiator, 93-02 Camaro/FB w/ tranny cooler                    4.RAD705          $160.00   have a small ball-valve to accomplish the same thing.
 OE Radiator, 97-04 Corvette w/ tranny cooler                     4.RAD710          $170.00
 85-89 Corvette w/trans cooler                                    4.RAD715          $140.00
 90-96 Corvette w/trans cooler                                    4.RAD720          $150.00

Our first brake kit is an easy upgrade! The factory 11 inch rotors and single piston caliper are barely adequate for
daily use! Our "Sleeper" kit uses a 12" Corvette rotor as well as the proven Corvette dual piston caliper. This brake
set-up fits inside a stock 16 inch wheel making them un-detectable by the average tech inspector and enthusiast.
   Our second kit uses a 13" Brake rotor and a PBR late style (LS1 Camaro/Firebird) Dual Piston caliper. 17 inch
wheels are required. These are a great upgrade on all 93-02 Camaros and Firebirds and are a must if your do any
track days or lapping events.
   All kits use O.E. Style Rotors, Pads, & Calipers making replacement parts and many different pad compounds
easy to find. Complete conversion kit includes everything for installation - Calipers, pads, rotors, brake lines, and
Grade 8.8 hardware. Installation takes about 2 hours. We designed this kit for the 93-97 cars, but it can also be
used on the 98-02 cars. Bracket kit includes Hardware as shown in photo.
*Kits shown with optional cross-drilled rotors

 APPLICATION                                                         P/N            PRICE
 12" Brake Conversion Brackets 93-97 Camaro/Firebird              5.BRK100      $180.00
 12" Complete Brake Conversion Kit 93-97 Camaro/Firebird          5.BRK105      $575.00
 13" Brake Conversion Brackets 93-02 Camaro/Firebird              5.BRK110      $180.00
 13" Brake Conversion Kit 93-02 Camaro/Firebird                   5.BRK115      $665.00
 Cross-Drilled/Zinc Rotor upgrade                                 5.BRK150       $55.00

Air Flow Research has one of the best cylinder heads on the market. The heavy duty castings and excellent port designs help get the most of your
engine combinations. These heads have 1 inch thick deck surfaces as well as added material in the rocker stud and spring seat area. We only use
the AFR "Competition Port Package" to ensure an excellent flowing head that will deliver the performance you demand. SBC and LT series heads are
available in 180, 195, and 210 CC port sizes. LS series heads are available in 205 and 225 CC port sizes. Chamber sizes are available from
58-72 CC. These heads are custom built per order to your specifications. All come with titanium retainers, .650 lift valve springs, as well as
premium rocker studs and guide plates. *AFR head orders require 3-5 week delivery times in most cases.

 APPLICATION                                                                                    P/N          PRICE
 SBC (Custom)                                                                                 6.AFR100    $2350.00
 LT1/4 180 (Custom)                                                                           6.AFR200    $2400.00
 LS 205 (Custom)                                                                              6.AFR300    $2400.00

TPIS.COM                                                         952.448.6021                                                                                             12

DART CYLINDER HEADS                                                                             TPIS CNC PORTED CYLINDER HEADS
As one of the oldest & well-known names in cylinder
                                                                                                These are GM castings that are fully CNC ported . LT1 Flow
heads, Dart has always delivered a well-engineered
and powerful product. We have worked closely with                                               numbers in .100 increments for the stock castings are as
Dart to help develop cylinder heads that work well on                                           follows: 58, 115, 177, 214, 214, 214. Our ported LT1 heads
many different engine combinations.                                                             with a 2.00/1.56 valve flows the following 65, 136, 193, 232,
                                                                                                248, 254. Our L98 Heads flow very similar! At $1250/
                                                                                                exchange it's a tough head to beat! They are
                                                                                                assembled with 2.00” and 1.56" Manley
                                                                                                Valves, LT4 retainers, TPIS valve springs,
                                                                                                guide plates and your choice of 3/8 or
                                                                                                7/16 studs. *Exchange basis only
                                                                                                    For the L-98 we only use the D port casting
                                                                                                #10088113. For LT1 heads, check your casting numbers
                                                                                                to make sure they are an acceptable core. If your head casting
                                                                                                numbers are NOT one of the following please call. Good LT1 Head Castings number
                                                                                                10128374, & 10207643. Bad (lightweight) casting number 12551561. The light-
                                                                                                weight LT1 castings seem to be in the later years 96-97, but double check to be sure.
 APPLICATION                                                       P/N           PRICE                                                             LS Series Heads- Our LS series
 200 CC Alum. Heads , 64cc chamber SBC                          6.DRT100      $1350.00           APPLICATION             P/N         PRICE     are fully CNC ported and use REV
 200 CC Cast Iron Heads 64cc chamber SBC (Straight Plug)        6.DRT105      $1150.00           85-92 TPI           6.HDS200 $1250.00         stainless valves, Manley springs &
 200 CC Cast Iron Heads 64cc chamber SBC (Angle Plug)           6.DRT110      $1150.00           92-97 LT1           6.HDS300 $1250.00         titanium retainers.
 180 CC Alum. Heads 58cc chamber LT1                            6.DRT200      $1375.00           97-04 LS1           6.HDS400 $1700.00             Our LS1 heads flow 66, 140, 205,
 200 CC Alum. Heads 58cc chamber LT1                            6.DRT210      $1375.00           L92                 6.HDS425 $1700.00
                                                                                                                                               244, 269, 282 and LS6 is 68, 145,
 205 CC Alum. Heads, LS                                         6.DRT300      $1800.00           LS7                 6.HDS450 $1700.00
 225 CC Alum. Heads, LS                                         6.DRT310      $1800.00           LS2                 6.HDS475 $1700.00
                                                                                                                                               205, 245, 270, 295.

                                 Since we opened our doors in 1988, TPIS has tested hundreds of cams on the Dyno, street and racetracks. We tried many different center-
                                         lines, lifts and durations to develop cams that work in many different applications. You will notice that the lift numbers are modest
                                                      - this will keep the velocity high around the head of the valve, which improves the combustion process. We can also
                                                                  design and manufacture a "true" custom camshaft for your engine. Our Solid Rollers are tight lash roller cams
                                                                  that are very quiet and require very little maintenance. *All TPiS roller cams have a cast iron distributor gear pressed
                                                                  on allowing you to use the stock distributor gear.

 SOLID ROLLER CAMSHAFTS FOR SBC, LT, LS                                                           HYDRAULIC ROLLER CAMS FOR SBC, LT SERIES ENGINES
 APPLICATION                                                       P/N            PRICE           APPLICATION                                                       P/N           PRICE
 242/242i, 55-86 SBC @ .050 .572/.572 Lift 112 LSA              6.CAM020        $395.00           Super L98, 55-86 SBC220/220 @ .050 .420/.420 112 LSA           6.CAM050       $375.00
 242/242i, 87-94 SBC/LT1-242/242 @ .050 .572/.572 Lift 112 LS   6.CAM021        $395.00           Super L98 , 87-94 SBC/LT1220/220 @ .050 .420/.420 112 LSA      6.CAM060       $375.00
 242/242i, 95-97 LT1-242/242 @ .050 .572/.572 Lift 112 LSA      6.CAM022        $395.00           L98 , 95-97 LT1220/220 @ .050 .420/.420 112 LSA                6.CAM070       $375.00
 264/264i, 55-86 SBC-248/248 @ .050 .607/.607 112 LSA           6.CAM030        $395.00           ZZ9 , 55-86 SBC212/226 @ .050 .483/.520 112 LSA                6.CAM100       $375.00
 264/264i, 87-94 SBC/LT1-248/248 @ .050 .607/.607 112 LSA       6.CAM031        $395.00           ZZ9 ,87-94 SBC/LT1212/226 @ .050 .483/.520 112 LSA             6.CAM105       $375.00
 264/264i, 95-97 LT1-248/248 @ .050 .607/.607 112 LSA           6.CAM032        $395.00           ZZ9 ,95-97 LT1212/226 @ .050 .483/.520 112 LSA                 6.CAM110       $375.00
 244/251, 55-86 SBC-244/251 @ .050 .607/.610 112 LSA            6.CAM040        $395.00           ZZ9x , 55-86 SBC226/239 @ .050 .520/.558 112 LSA               6.CAM120       $375.00
 244/251, 87-94 SBC/LT1-244/251 @ .050 .607/.610 112 LSA        6.CAM041        $395.00           ZZ9x, 87-94 SBC/LT1226/239 @ .050 .520/.558 112 LSA            6.CAM125       $375.00
                                                                                                  ZZ9x , 95-97 LT1226/239 @ .050 .520/.558 112 LSA               6.CAM130       $375.00
                                                                                                  ZZ10, 55-86 SBC233/240 @ .050 .538/.560 112 LSA                6.CAM135       $375.00
 TECH TIP: THE RIGHT CAM                                                                          ZZ10, 87-94 SBC/LT1233/240 @ .050 .538/.560 112 LSA
                                                                                                  ZZ10 , 95-97 LT1233/240 @ .050 .538/.560 112 LSA
 As a general rule, the higher the Lobe Separation (LSA) number, the
                                                                                                  ZZ409 , 55-86 SBC226/226 @ .050 .520/.520 112 LSA              6.CAM150       $375.00
 smoother the idle of a camshaft. We can do any of our cams on a custom                           ZZ409, 87-94 SBC/LT1226/226 @ .050 .520/.520 112 LSA           6.CAM155       $375.00
 LSA for your application. With a smaller LSA number, you will have a "chop-                      ZZ409, 95-97 LT1226/226 @ .050 .520/.520 112 LSA               6.CAM160       $375.00
 pier" idle and create more low RPM torque. With a higher LSA number, you                         ZZx, 55-86 SBC239/239 @ .050 .558/.558 112 LSA                 6.CAM170       $375.00
 will smooth the idle quality and move the power band up in the RPM range.                        ZZx, 87-94 SBC/LT1239/239 @ .050 .558/.558 112 LSA             6.CAM175       $375.00
                                                                                                  ZZx, 95-97 LT1239/239 @ .050 .558/.558 112 LSA                 6.CAM180       $375.00

13                                                                                                       952.448.6021                                                        TPIS.COM
                                                                                                                          Please call for current pricing

APPLICATION                                    P/N         PRICE   APPLICATION                                                       P/N          PRICE
55-86 SBC220/230 @ .050 .454/.454 112 LSA    6.CAM190   $185.00    Aluminum 1.5 x 3/8 Stud (8)                                    6.RKA300      $150.00
55-86 SBC224/224 @ .050 .495/.495 112 LSA    6.CAM195   $185.00    Aluminum 1.6 x 3/8 Stud (8)                                    6.RKA301      $150.00
                                                                   Aluminum 1.5 x 7/16 Stud (8)                                   6.RKA302      $150.00
                                                                   Aluminum 1.6 x 7/16 Stud (8)                                   6.RKA303      $150.00
HYDRAULIC ROLLER CAMS FOR LS ENGINES                               Chrome Moly 1.52 x 3/8 Stud (8)                                6.RKA300      $149.00
APPLICATION                                    P/N         PRICE   Chrome Moly 1.6 x 3/8 Stud (8)                                 6.RKA320      $149.00
ZL9 209/223 @ .050 .568/.584 110 LSA         6.CAM200   $425.00    Chrome Moly 1.52 x 7/16 Stud (8)                               6.RKA330      $149.00
ZL10 208/216 @ .050 .525/.525 112 LSA        6.CAM205   $425.00    Chrome Moly 1.6 x 7/16 Stud (8)                                6.RKA340      $195.00
ZL11 215/220 @ .559/.557 112 LSA             6.CAM210   $425.00    Stainless Steel 1.7 x 7/16 Stud (16)                           6.RKA350      $240.00
ZL11x220/224 @ .050 .557/.578 112 LSA        6.CAM215   $425.00    Premium Rocker Studs, 3/8" (16)                                6.RST100       $35.00
ZL12224/228 @ .050.578/.578 112 LSA          6.CAM220   $425.00    Premium Rocker Studs, 7/16" (16)                               6.RST200       $35.00
ZL12X228/231 @ .050 .578/.592 112 LSA        6.CAM225   $425.00
ZL13.231/.237 @ .050 .592/.599 112 LSA       6.CAM230   $425.00
ZL15236/241 @ .050 .600/.566 112 LSA         6.CAM235   $425.00    VALVE SPRINGS SEATS                    *For use on Aluminum Heads
ZL17 251/251 @ .050 .629/.629 112 LSA        6.CAM240   $425.00    APPLICATION                                                       P/N          PRICE
                                                                   Spring Seats for 6.VSP500 (16)                                 6.SPS500       $50.00
                                                                   Spring Seats for 6.VSP505 & 510 (16)                           6.SPS510       $50.00
                                                                   Spring Seats for 6.VSP515 (16)                                 6.SPS515       $50.00
APPLICATION                                    P/N         PRICE
                                                                   VALVE SPRINGS
Lifters, Hyd Flat 55-86 SBC (16)             6.LFT150    $55.00    APPLICATION                                                       P/N          PRICE
Lifters, Solid Roller 55-86 SBC (16)         6.LFT155   $395.00
                                                                   Valve Springs, Dual Spring Solid & Hyd Roller                  6.VSP500      $130.00
Lifters, Solid Roller 87-97 SBC/LT1 (16)     6.LFT160   $395.00
                                                        $450.00    Valve Springs, Hyd Flat Tappet                                 6.VSP505      $120.00
Lifters, Hyd Roller 55-86 SBC (16)           6.LFT165
                                             6.LFT170   $190.00    Valve Springs, Single Spring Hyd Roller                        6.VSP510      $125.00
Lifters, Hyd Roller 87-97 SBC/LT1(16)
                                                                   Valve Spring, Stock Dia Dual Spring Misc. Valvetrain           6.VSP515      $210.00
Lifters, Hyd Roller BBC (16)                 6.LFT200   $450.00
                                                        $380.00    Valve Seals, 11/32"                                            6.VTP050       $16.00
Lifters, Solid Roller LS1                    6.LFT250
                                                                   Guide Plates, SBC/LT1                                          6.VTP075       $25.00
                                                                   Valve Locks, 11/32" Std                                        6.VTP100       $35.00
                                                                   Valve Locks, 11/32" -.05"                                      6.VTP105       $35.00
HARDENED PUSHRODS                                                  Valve Locks, 11/32" +.05"                                      6.VTP110       $35.00
APPLICATION                                    P/N         PRICE
                                                                   Valve Locks, 11/32" Std 10deg Superlocks                       6.VTP115       $35.00
5/16" 7.2"L SBC                              6.PRD100   $130.00    Valve Locks, 11/32" -.05" 10deg Superlocks                     6.VTP120       $35.00
5/16" 7.3"L SBC                              6.PRD110   $130.00    Valve Locks, 11/32" +.05" 10deg Superlocks                     6.VTP125       $35.00
5/16" 7.8"L SBC                              6.PRD120   $130.00    Roller Lifter Spider Kit                                       6.VTP200       $95.00
5/16" 7.4"L LS1                              6.PRD130   $130.00    Cam Lock Plate w/ Bolts, SBC                                   6.VTP210        $4.00
3/8" 7.531"In/8.531"Ex BBC                   6.PRD200   $130.00    Roller Thrust Button, SBC                                      6.VTP220       $14.00
                                                                   Camshaft Degree Bushings                                       6.VTP230       $10.00
                                                                   Comp Cams Reinforced SBC Timing Cover                          6.VTP235      $120.00
VALVE SPRING RETAINERS                                             Timing Chain Set, 55-86 SBC                                    6.VTP300       $90.00
APPLICATION                                    P/N         PRICE   Timing Chain Set, 87-92 SBC                                    6.VTP310       $90.00
Steel for 6.VSP500 (16)                      6.RET500    $50.00    Timing Chain Set, 92-94 LT1 Stock Replacement                  6.VTP320       $90.00
Titanium for 6.VSP500 (16)                   6.RET505   $160.00    Timing Chain Set, 95-97 LT1 Stock Replacement                  6.VTP330       $90.00
Ultra Light Steel for 6.VSP510 (16)          6.RET510    $60.00    Timing Chain Set, 95-97 LT1 Billet Roller                      6.VTP335      $425.00
Titanium for 6.VSP515 (16)                   6.RET515   $160.00    Timing Chain Set, Hex-Adjust LS1/LS2                           6.VTP340      $150.00
Titanium for 6.VSP515 LS (16)                6.RET520   $180.00    Valves, OE Hollow Stem 2.1"in/1.55"ex, LS1                     6.VLS400      $700.00

APPLICATION                                    P/N         PRICE   APPLICATION                                                       P/N          PRICE
Oil Pump Stud, SBC/LT1                       7.ARP100    $16.00    Main Studs, LS1                                                7.ARP210      $185.00
Oil Pump Drive Shaft, SBC/LT1                7.ARP110    $16.00    Head Studs, 97-03 LS1                                          7.ARP220      $265.00
Main Studs, Splayed Cap Kit                  7.ARP120    $98.00    Head Studs, 04-08 LS1/LS2                                      7.ARP230      $290.00
Crank Bolt, SBC/LT1                          7.ARP130    $20.00    Crank Bolt, LS1                                                7.ARP240       $28.00
Head Studs, SBC/LT1                          7.ARP140    $87.00    Flywheel Bolts, LS1                                            7.ARP250       $27.00
Rod Bolts, Pro Series, LS1                   7.ARP200   $100.00

TPIS.COM                                    952.448.6021                                                                                             14

                                               BILLET MAIN CAPS & STRAPS FOR SBC/LT1
                                               APPLICATION                                                                                                       P/N          PRICE
                                               Billet Main Caps, SBC/LT1                                                                                       7.BMC500     $260.00
                                               Billet Rear Strap, 55-85 SBC                                                                                    7.BMC505     $100.00
                                               Billet Rear Strap, 86-99 SBC/LT1                                                                                7.BMC510     $100.00
                                               Billet Front Strap                                                                                              7.BMC515      $23.00

                                                                                                  COMPSTAR CONNECTING RODS BY CALLIES
                                                                                                  4340 Forged Steel – 590-610 gms -ARP 200 series
                                                                                                  – 800 HP @7500 RPM
 FORGED CONNECTING RODS                                                                            APPLICATION                                                    P/N        PRICE
 APPLICATION                                                          P/N           PRICE
                                                                                                   SBC/LT1 Con. Rods Compstar H-Beam, 5.7 in. Floating Pin     7.CRD400     $575.00
SBC/LT1 Con Rods, Manley Sportsman, 5.850 in. Floating Pin       7.CRD200          $650.00         SBC/LT1 Con Rods. Compstar H-Beam, 5.850 in. Floating Pin   7.CRD420     $575.00
SBC/LT1 Con. Rods, Scat Pro Stock, 5.7 in. Floating Pin          7.CRD250         $1350.00         SBC/LT1 Con.Rods Compstar H-Beam 6.0 in. Floating Pin       7.CRD440     $575.00
                                                                                                   LS Series Con. Rods Compstar H-Beam 6.100 Floating Pin      7.CRD460     $575.00

3/8 ARP Capscrews, Stroker Clearanced,                                                                             MANLEY PRO-I LIGHTWEIGHT CONNECTING RODS
500 HP @ 6800 RPM. Great upgrade for                                                                                       I-Beam design – ARP 2000 Series Capscrews, -
stock engine and mild strokers. Good value,                                                                                    600-610 gms, - 900 HP @8500 RPM
straightforward design.
                                                                                                   APPLICATION                                                   P/N         PRICE
 APPLICATION                                                          P/N           PRICE          SBC/LT1 Manley Pro-I Con. Rods, 5.850 in., Floating Pin     7.CRD500    $1350.00
 SBC/LT1 Con. Rods, Scat Pro Stock, 5.7 in. Press Pin           7.CRD300          $510.00          SBC/LT1 Manley Pro-I Con. Rods, 6.0 in., Floating Pin       7.CRD520    $1350.00
 SBC/LT1 Con.Rods, Scat Pro Stock, 6.0 in. Floating Pin         7.CRD320          $530.00          SBC/LT1 Manley Pro-I Con. Rods, 6.125 in. Floating Pin      7.CRD540    $1350.00
 SBC/LT1 Con. Rods, Scat Pro Stock, 6.0 in Press Pin            7.CRD340          $510.00          LS Series Manley Pro-I Con. Rods, 6.125 in. Floating Pin    7.CRD560    $1350.00

 APPLICATION                                                                         P/N        PRICE
 Callies Magnum Forged Crank, 3.75", 1pc Seal                                      7.CRK300   $1300.00
 Callies Magnum Forged Crank, 3.875", 1pc Seal                                     7.CRK325   $1375.00
 Callies Magnum Forged Crank, 4.00", LS Series 24X Reluctor                        7.CRK350   $1700.00
 Callies Magnum Forged Crank, 4.00”, LS Series 58X Reluctor                        7.CRK375   $1700.00
 Compstar Crankshaft, SBC/LT1, 3.75 in. Stroke, One-Piece Seal                     7.CRK400    $725.00
 Compstar Crankshaft, SBC/LT1, 3.875 in. Stroke, One-Piece Seal                    7.CRK420    $725.00
 Compstar Crankshaft, LS Series, 4.0 in. Stroke, 24X Reluctor Wheel                7.CRK440    $845.00
 Compstar Crankshaft, LS Series, 4.0 in. Stroke, 58X Reluctor Wheel                7.CRK460    $845.00

SCAT CAST PRO STOCK SERIES CRANKSHAFTS                                                             OILING
Cast Steel - Perfect for truck engines & Mild Applications under 450 H.P.                           APPLICATION                                                  P/N         PRICE
                                                                                                    Oil Pump, Melling Std                                      7.OIL010      $30.00
 APPLICATION                                                          P/N           PRICE
                                                                                                    Oil Pump, Melling High Volume                              7.OIL020      $40.00
 SBC/LT1, 3.75 in. Stroke, One-Piece Seal                        7.CRK500         $300.00           Oil Pump, LS1                                              7.OIL050      $92.00
 SBC/LT1 Con. Rods, Scat Pro Stock, 5.7 in. Floating Pin         7.CRK520         $300.00           Oil Pump, Blueprinted, LS1                                 7.OIL060     $155.00
                                                                                                    Lifter Valley Stand Off Tubes                              7.OIL100      $35.00
                                                                                                    Oil Galley Restricters                                     7.OIL105      $36.00
                                                                                                    Oil Pump Drive Gear Assembly, 92-97 LT1                    7.OIL110      $70.00

                                                                                                             APPLICATION                                         P/N         PRICE

                                                                                                            Speed Pro Rings, Plasma Moly, 4.030"               7.RNG500     $103.00
                                                                                                            Speed Pro Rings, Plasma Moly, 4.060"               7.RNG525     $103.00

15                                                                                                          952.448.6021                                                  TPIS.COM
                                                                                                                                          Please call for current pricing

These are our most popular rotating assemblies and short block combinations. Please contact us for component choices and pricing.

 APPLICATION                                                           P/N              APPLICATION                                                               P/N
 Rotating Assembly, 383 1pc Rear Main                                7.RTA300           Short Block, 383ci LS6                                                 7.SBA375
 Rotating Assembly, 396 1pc Rear Main                                7.RTA350           Short Block, 427ci LS1/LS6                                             7.SBA400
 Rotating Assembly, 4" Stroke LS1                                    7.RTA500           Short Block, 440ci LS1/LS6                                             7.SBA425
 Short Block, 396ci SBC                                              7.SBA100           Short Block, LS2                                                       7.SBA500
 Short Block, 396ci LT1                                              7.SBA200           Short Block, 402ci LS2                                                 7.SBA525
 Short Block, LS1                                                    7.SBA300           Short Block, 427ci LS2                                                 7.SBA550
 Short Block, 383ci LS1                                              7.SBA325           Short Block, 440ci LS2                                                 7.SBA575
 Short Block, LS6                                                    7.SBA350

 BMR FABRICATION                                                                       ALUMINUM & CARBON FIBER DRIVESHAFTS
 APPLICATION                                                P/N         PRICE          The stock steel driveshaft in the ’82-’00 Camaro and Firebird is 2-1/2" in diame-
                                                          8.BMR400     $80.00
                                                                                       ter and has a critical speed of 7177 RPM. This is as fast as it should turn. While
 BMR LCA Relocation Brackets, 82-02 Camaro/FB (weld-on)
 BMR LCA Relocation Brackets, 82-02 Camaro/FB (bolt-on)   8.BMR401    $120.00          this may seem high, there is another factor to consider. At approximately half of
 BMR Boxed SFC, 93-02 Camaro/FB (hard top)                8.BMR402    $165.00          critical speed - which is 4784 RPM - annoying vibrations can begin to occur. Half
 BMR Reinforced SFC, 93-97 Camaro/FB (convertable)        8.BMR403    $180.00          of critical speed is only 92 MPH with a 3.73 gear.
 BMR Reinforced SFC, 98-02 Camaro/FB (convertable)        8.BMR404    $180.00          Our driveshaft has a half critical speed of 135 MPH, with a safe speed of over 200
 BMR Tubular SFC, Lowered, 93-02 Camaro/FB (hard top)     8.BMR405    $150.00          MPH. (You are in trouble at 135 MPH with the stock shaft.) Ours also has a built in
 BMR Trak Pak Tourque Arm Kit, 82-02 Camaro/FB            8.BMR406    $410.00
                                                                                       noise and vibration dampening system to make it run smoother. It even saves six
 BMR Driveshaft Safety Loop, 93-02 Camaro/FB (hard top)   8.BMR407     $95.00
                                                                                       pounds, which means quicker acceleration. Comes complete with U-joint and yoke.
 BMR Tunnel Brace, 93-02 Camaro/FB (convertable)          8.BMR408                     *All shafts come complete with yoke & U-joints.
 BMR Chassis Steering Brace, 82-92 Camaro/FB              8.BMR409     $60.00
 BMR 32mm Front Swaybar w/ bushings, 82-92 Camaro/FB      8.BMR410    $185.00
 BMR 32mm Front Swaybar w/ Bushings, 93-02 Camaro/FB      8.BMR411    $185.00
 BMR 21mm Rear Swaybar w/ Bushings, 82-02 Camaro/FB       8.BMR412    $185.00
 BMR Tubular Front UCA, 93-02 Camaro/FB                   8.BMR413    $245.00
 BMR Tubular Front LCA, 93-02 Camaro/FB                   8.BMR414    $445.00
 BMR Lower Control Arms Adjustable, 82-02 Camaro/FB       8.BMR415    $245.00
 BMR Tubular K-Member, 93-97 Camaro/FB                    8.BMR416    $490.00
 BMR Tubular K-Member, 98-02 Camaro/FB                    8.BMR417    $490.00
 BMR Adjustable Torque Arm, 82-02 Camaro/FB               8.BMR418    $325.00
 BMR Rear Trailing Arms, 82-02 Camaro/FB                  8.BMR419    $110.00
                                                                                        APPLICATION                                                  P/N          PRICE
 BMR Anti-Wheelhop Kit, Cadillac CTS-V                    8.BMR630    $325.00
 BMR Toe Rod Kit, Cadillac CTS-V                          8.BMR631    $280.00           Driveshaft, Alum 3.5", 82-02 Camaro/FB                     8.DST700      $395.00
 BMR Trailing Arm Kit, Cadillac CTS-V                     8.BMR632    $225.00           Driveshaft, Alum 3.5", Caprice/Impala                      8.DST705      $395.00
 BMR Pinion Housing Support Brace, Cadillac CTS-V         8.BMR633    $140.00           Driveshaft, Carbon Fiber, 82-02 Camaro/FB                  8.DST710      $950.00
 Bay Brace, 93-97 Camaro/FB                               8.CHS100    $159.00
 PanHard Bar, 82-97 Camaro/FB                             8.CHS200     $89.00

                                                                                        APPLICATION                                                  P/N           PRICE
                                                                                        Eibach Pro Spring Kit, 82-92 Camaro/FB                     8.EBH170      $250.00
We carry RAM clutch products for TPI, LT1, and LS series cars.
                                                                                        Eibach Pro Spring Kit, 93-97 Camaro/FB                     8.EBH180      $250.00
                                                                                        Eibach Pro Spring Kit, 98-02 Camaro/FB                     8.EBH190      $250.00
 APPLICATION                                                P/N         PRICE
                                                                                        Eibach Drag Launch Spring Kit, 93-02 Camaro/FB             8.EBH195      $250.00
 Clutch Disc, Dual Friction, 87-97 6spd                   8.CLT100    $230.00                                                                      8.EBH200      $250.00
                                                                                        Eibach Pro Spring Kit, 04-06 GTO
 CTS-V Single Mass Clutch Kit                             8.CLT200    $675.00
                                                                                        Eibach Pro Spring Kit, 04-06 CTS-V                         8.EBH205      $250.00
 CTS-V Spacer for 8.CLT200                                8.CLT210    $100.00
 CTS-V Short Throw Shifter                                8.CLT220    $100.00
 Billet Flywheel, SFI Approved, LS1
 Pressure Plate, High Perf, LS1
                                                                                        TECH TIP: GREASE IT
                                                                                        When assembling suspension parts, always grease bushings and bolts lib-
 Clutch Disc, Performance, LS1                            8.CLT320     $CALL
 Clutch Disc, Heavy Duty, LS1                             8.CLT330     $CALL            erally to keep them from binding. Using anti-seize lubricant on bolts can
 Clutch Disc, Extreme Duty, LS1                           8.CLT340     $CALL            make disassembly eaier in the future.

TPIS.COM                                                  952.448.6021                                                                                                  16

 APPLICATION                                                                   P/N             PRICE
                                                                                                                   TECH TIP: RIGHT DIMENSIONS
                                                                                                                   Always make sure your clutch or torque converter have the correct
 R&P Set, 3.42 Camaro/FB                                                   8.RAP300          $395.00               dimensions for your engine and vehicle. Incorrect "thickness" can cause
 R&P Set, 3.73 Camaro/FB                                                   8.RAP305          $395.00               pre-mature thrust bearing wear, and try to avoid keeping your clutch
 R&P Set, 4.10 Camaro/FB                                                   8.RAP310          $395.00
                                                                                                                   pedal down for long periods of time.

 APPLICATION                                                                   P/N             PRICE               TECH TIP: WHEEL HOP
 Custom Valved Shocks, 84-87 Corvette (4)                                  8.SHK100          $176.00               Have excessive wheel hop when accelerating? Most factory suspension
 Custom Valved Shocks, 88 Corvette (4)                                     8.SHK110          $176.00               parts have soft rubber bushings. This combined with less-than-ideal
 Custom Valved Shocks, 89-96 Corvette (4)                                  8.SHK120          $176.00               stock suspension geometry can wreak havok on your launching technique.
 Custom Valved Struts, Front 82-92 Camaro/FB                               8.SHK200          $150.00
                                                                                                                   Some performance shocks as well as stronger suspension parts with bet-
 Custom Valved Shocks, Rear 82-92 Camaro/FB                                8.SHK210           $80.00
 Custom Valved Struts, 93-02 Camaro/FB                                     8.SHK220          $120.00
                                                                                                                   ter bushings can most often eliminate wheel hop issues.
 Torque Converter, HoleShot 2400                                           8.TQV500          $360.00

0-100 PSI Fuel Pressure Test Gauge for TPI, LT-1 and LS-1 style engines.                               APPLICATION                               P/N         PRICE
Connects to the fuel rail via a Schraeder valve. Comes complete with 18" of                            Fuel Pressure Test Gauge               9.FPG147       $45.00
hose (this allows you to tape the gauge to the windshield while testing),
fittings and instructions. Works on many GM Engines.
*Gauges that are left under the hood do not give you the information you need to determine if your fuel system is providing an adequate supply because you
cannot see it at full throttle under a load. They have also been known to leak and cause a fire.

HAPPY HOOKER LIFT PLATE                                                                                           SPRING COMPRESSOR TOOL, LS SERIES
We originally designed the Happy Hooker to take the                                                               The quickest easiest way to remove valve springs with the heads on the engine. Just
motor out of our 1994 Camaro 406 HP car.                                                                          remove the rocker, put this tool in its place and using a 3/8 drive breaker
The factory procedure is to put the car up on the hoist                                                           bar or ratchet, pull the arm of the tool down onto the retainer and
and remove the entire front suspension, which                                                                     remove the keepers. The low profile works great for getting to
means brake lines as well all the acces-                                                                          the back of the engine on F-Cars. Need to use compressed air
sories. Well, at the races with our                                                                               in the cylinders to keep the valves from dropping.
World Challenge car we don't
                                                                                                                   APPLICATION                                  P/N     PRICE
have time to take the whole front
suspension out of the car.                                                                                         Spring Compressor Tool, LS Series         9.SPC290   $65.00
So we came up with the Happy Hooker.
Now the motor comes out in half the time
-- you don't even have to take APPLICATION                      P/N         PRICE
the hood off the car. Because
                                    Happy Hooker Lift Plate  9.HHK299      $49.00
the Hooker pivots at its base
the motor is much easier to maneuver in the engine compartment.
While we were at it, we drilled the Hooker with some popular patterns -- The Hooker
fits Holly, Q-jet, TPI, and LT-1 manifolds, as well as our Mini-Ram, and now LS1!

This fitting will thread into any TPI, LT1, or LS1 engine to
allow you to put compressed air into the cylinder
when changing valve spring or seals.
                                                                                                                   SPRING COMPRESSOR TOOL, SBC/LT1
 APPLICATION                        P/N            PRICE                                                           APPLICATION                                                     P/N        PRICE
 Cylinder Pressure Tool         9.SPC300            $8.00                                                          Spring Compressor Tool, SBC/LT1                               9.SPC295     $72.00

17                                                                                                                         952.448.6021                                                     TPIS.COM
                                                                                                                                                   Please call for current pricing

CRANK SOCKET, SBC/LT1                                               A/F RATIO METER, INNOVATIVE TECH WIDE BAND
This tool fits on the end of the                                    The LM-1 is the industry's first and best complete wideband tuning system. A single self-contained unit
crank snout and is use to rotate                                    combines a wideband air/fuel ratio sensor controller, a 6-channel data logger, and an easy-to-read
the crank on the engine stand                                       backlit LCD display. This is the unit used by tuners, racers, and engine builders the world over.
when building an engine. The                                           Tuning an engine for maximum power previously required long trial-and-error sessions on a
socket has a threaded                                               dynamometer. With the LM-1, precise AFR measurement allows the user to correctly adjust many
Knurled nut on it to use with                                       variables- including carburetor jetting, fuel injection, turbo fuel curves, etc.- without long and expen-
a degree wheel. Use with                                            sive dyno sessions. The meters digital signal processing technology provides data on exactly how rich
1/2" breaker bar or                                                 or lean an engine is running at any load. The LM-1™s self-calibrating circuitry also compensates for
ratchet. Fits SBC and LT                                            changes in temperature, altitude, and sensor condition.
Series Engines                                                         The instrument can sample and store 6 channels of data- air-fuel-ratio and up to 5 other sensor data
                                                                    channels- internally in operation for later analysis on a personal computer. At a sampling rate of 12
 APPLICATION                          P/N               PRICE       samples/second the instrument can store up to 44 minutes worth of data in non-volatile memory. The
 Crank Socket, SBC/LT1              9.TOL100        $30.00          data can be downloaded to a personal computer using a standard serial port and viewed/analyzed by
                                                                    the included LogWorks software or any standard spreadsheet program.
                                                                       The LM-1 also features two analog outputs to connect to analog gauges, dyno computers, ECUs,
CAMSHAFT DEGREE KIT                                                 piggyback controllers, and other devices with analog inputs. Analog output 1 comes setup from the
This kit is a must if you                                           factory ready for narrowband simulation; analog output 2 is configured as 1 volt = 10 AFR (.6 lambda)
are to accurately degree                                            and 2 volts = 20 AFR (1.3 lambda). With the provided LM Programmer software these analog outputs
in the camshaft. The kit                                            may also be configured by the user.
includes - dial indicator,
mounting hardware,
low tension springs,
positive piston stop,
degree wheel, and in-
struction video.

 APPLICATION                          P/N               PRICE        APPLICATION                                      P/N         PRICE
 Crank Socket, SBC/LT1              9.TOL100        $30.00           A/F Ratio Meter, Innovative Tech Wide Band    9.TOL120      $335.00

                                      BILLET ALUMINUM GAS PEDAL
                                      This pedal is made from billet aluminum, it is machined on both sides for a precision      APPLICATION                  P/N         PRICE
                                      fit. It is designed to match the factory brake and clutch pedals. No tools required and    97-04 Corvette            9.GAS125      $67.00
                                      installs in minutes.

CHEVY TPI SWAPPER'S GUIDE                                                        SMALL BLOCK CHEVY PERFORMANCE BOOK
How to install and modify GM                                                     Small Block Chevy Performance, by noted automotive writer,
Tuned Port Injection systems.                                                    Dave Emanuel, discusses all aspects of modifying a 265-400
Covers 1985-1992 Tpi systems,                                                    cubic inch Chevrolet engine for high performance and racing
Tpi sensor guide, electronic con-                                                applications. This book features the latest in modification tech-
trols, e-proms & calibration, in-                                                nologies and parts (including Tuned Port Injection). There is
jector sizing guide, & high                                                      even a section covering LT1. Dyno tested engine combinations-
performance mods.                                                                blueprints for building a variety of small blocks ranging from 280
                                                                                 to 626 horsepower-are also included. Rather than a rehash of
                                                                                 old information, Small Block Chevy Performance presents entirely
                                                                                 new material, much of which came directly from Chevy engineers,
                                                                                 performance parts manufacturers and the nation's top race engine
                                                                                 builders. Dave's book and our
                                                                                                                     APPLICATION                              P/N         PRICE
 APPLICATION                    P/N            PRICE                             Insider Hints are two "Must
                                                                                                                     Small Block Chevy Performance Book    9.BOK025      $18.00
 Chevy TPI Swapper's Guide   9.BOK023          $18.95                            Haves" for your library.

TPIS.COM                                                        952.448.6021                                                                                                  18

INSIDER HINTS HANDBOOK                                                                                              LT1 HINTS & L98 UPDATE HANDBOOK
Describes Hundreds of tips for Camaro, Firebird and
                                                                                                                    This book gives you many dyno and other test results for
Corvette owners. After driving over 12,000 miles in our
                                                                                                                    LT-1/4 based engines. There are many different dyno tests,
Corvettes at racing speeds, we have come up with a lot of
ideas and hints that will get you racing fast and make your street                                                  engine combinations, head flow comparisions as well as some
driving much more enjoyable.                                                                                                                                 new products for
    Included in this handbook are dyno tests, road tests, air flow                                                                                            the LT-1/4 cars.
studies, cooling and breathing tricks for the engine, and some align-
ment and chassis specs that you can do at home with hand tools.
You will save over $500.00 on the modification of your TPI system.
This is a manual, handbook and data book all rolled into one. It's writ-
ten in layman's terms and contains dozens of photos and simple charts
and graphs. You can instantly see and understand the effects of changing fuel pressure, cams, plug wires,
etc. It even includes reprinted articles written about us in several magazines including the one from Car
Craft, entitled Torque Secrets Revealed-In a Street Engine, Torque is What You Want and This Small-Block
Chevy Delivers.
    Did you know there can be a whopping 88 CFM difference between stock air filter housings? Want
simple tricks to gain 78 CFM here, 26 CFM there? If your answer is yes, then you will want to order a copy
of this 8-1/2 x 11 manual that has over 60 pages jam-packed with Insider Hints!
    Already thousands sold-Insider Hints is in its third printing and is among our most popular products.
                                                         One of the best investments you can make if you
  APPLICATION                      P/N          PRICE                                                                 APPLICATION                             P/N         PRICE
                                                         really want to know about, and understand your TPI
  Insider Hints Handbook        9.BOK024       $20.00    powered vehicle!                                             LT1 Hints & L98 Update Handbook      9.BOK026       $12.00

EFI CONVERSION KITS                                                              EFI CONNECTION - EFI CONVERSION SYSTEMS SBC/LT1
Our Stock system is a completely reconditioned stock TPI system,                 This system is based on the LS1 PCM, a fuel management system running in millions of vehi-
good for mild cam 305-350 SBC engines. Our High Performance sys-                 cles today! With aftermarket support for custom calibrations and custom operating systems,
tem is a modified system that also includes our Big Mouth manifold,              you can even go beyond what GM and many expensive aftermarket controllers are capable of!
a 58mm throttle body, a Level 5 PROM and new Bosch fuel injectors.                  These systems feature- Sequential fire injection, coil per cylinder, compatibility with most GM
This system works great with modified motors 305-383ci. Our Mini-                instrument gauges, 4L60E transmission support, 4L80E transmission support, T56 manual
Ram system is extremely versatile. With a low profile and exceptional            transmission support, electronic throttle support (drive by wire), integrated cruise control (3
performance, the Mini-Ram will work for a wide range of installation             wire hook up), configurable VSS
                                                                                                                                                               P/N            PRICE
configurations and motor options. Includes a Level 5 PROM and new                inputs/outputs, electric fan control, forced APPLICATION
                                                                                                                               EFI Conversion SBC           9.EFI100      $.1500.00
Bosch fuel injectors. (Call for details on our Mini-Ram kit.) Great for          induction support, nitrous control, and
                                                                                                                               EFI Conversion LT1           9.EFI105      $.1500.00
modified motors 350ci or bigger. All systems include fuel pump, cus-             much more!                                    Electric Throttle Upgrade    9.EFI110      $.1000.00
tom wire harness, computer Prom, all relays, injectors (cleaned and
blue printed), new TPS, MAT, knock sensor, Oxygen sensor with bung,
IAC, TPIS adjustable fuel pressure regulator, air foil, coil, distributor
and cap.                                                                         TPIS 50 STATE LEGAL 400 HP KITS
(Does not include air and fuel filter.)                                          How about 400 HP without taking the engine out? We have a 400 HP Kit for the LT1 cars that
                                                                                 is legal in all 50 States! Each kit includes:

                                                                                    - TPIS ZZ-9 Camshaft                            - TPIS Coated Headers
                                                                                    - TPIS 52MM Throttle Body                       - Complete Exhaust System
                                                                                    - TPIS Head Gaskets                             - TPIS Air FIlter
                                                                                    - TPIS/Taylor Spark Plug Wire Set               - TPIS CNC Ported Cylinder Heads
 APPLICATION                                         P/N          PRICE             - TPIS Adjustable Fuel                          - Custom Reprogrammed PCM or PROM
                                                  9.SAS100     $2300.00               Pressure Regulator                            - MSD 6AL Ignition System
 TPI Stand Alone System, Stock
 TPI Stand Alone System, Modified                 9.SAS125     $3700.00
 MiniRam Stand Alone                              9.SAS150     $3700.00           APPLICATION                                                                 P/N          PRICE
 Big Block Stand Alone System, Oval Port          9.SAS300     $3700.00           50 State Legal LT1 Kit, 93-95 Camaro/FB                                  9.FSL100     $4500.00
 Big Block Stand Alone System, Rectangle Port     9.SAS325     $3700.00           50 State Legal LT1 Kit, 92-95 Corvette                                   9.FSL125     $4900.00

19                                                                                                 952.448.6021                                                       TPIS.COM
                                                                                                                                                    Please call for current pricing

At TPIS we design and manufacture our own headers,             with carbureted engines. The long 17 inch runner design      achieve 17 RWHP on a fairly stock C5. We saw very sim-
camshafts, intake manifolds, cylinder heads, suspension        of the TPI manifold and runner configuration didn't allow    ilar results when we designed our Camaro and Firebird
components, championship winning EFI calibrations, and         the engine to make power in the 5000-6500 RPM range.         headers. Our C5 headers use a H-pipe that connects to
have the best tech help in many areas. With over 20 years      After making siamesed runners, porting intake mani-          the header collector. We found that the factory mufflers
of experience, we know what works, and why. You want           folds, larger throttle bodies and the like without much      offered a significant restriction and with the other
a 450 Ft. lb. 350 TPI? Or maybe a 500 + HP LT1 383? Or         gain in RPM a new and drastic approach was needed to         mufflers being offered for the car, it seemed that they
even a 600 + HP LS1!? We can do that. But what we              get more RPM and horsepower from these engines. From         were all loud and some actually made less power than
also offer is unmatched drivability and real-world man-        this, the Mini-Ram intake manifold was created. With it's    the factory units! We developed our own mufflers and
ners. We also build some of the best racing engines avail-     relatively short 3 inch intake runner design, it opened up   saw a 5-10 RWHP gain. Great power and only 2 decibels
able. With recent ASA Championships, SCCA T-2                  a new world of potential by adding 1000-1500 RPM of          louder than a factory system at cruising speeds.
Championships, SCCA World Challenge, GT-1, and A-              operating range over the TPI intake design. We saw gains         The intake system was next. The factory airbox on
Sedan experience. Our engines win and they do it reliably.     of 70-100 HP on a fairly stock 350 engine! This new          C5s is very restrictive and needs attention. We cut the
    It all started in 1985 with the purchase of a C4           intake manifold designed in 1990 also made the torque        lids, replaced the filters and saw limited success. We
Corvette. After learning how the T.P system from GM            curve much flatter instead of the 'peaky' all-or-nothing     knew a new air filter assembly was needed. To do this,
worked, founder Myron Cottrell set out to see what it          type of power band that the TPI design created. The Stock    we designed a totally new air filter element that replaced
was capable of by putting his 20 years of previous             Corvette TPI engine made 240 HP and 330 Lb. Ft. for          the entire factory assembly. To help with the project, we
engine building experience to work. With carburetors on        torque. Great torque number, low HP number. Horse-           worked with Donaldson Company. We were seeing
the way out and EFI becoming the way of the future,            power is calculated with RPM, so if the engine doesn’t       10-15 RWHP with this filter. This filter is now known
embracing EFI performance was becoming a must in               make good torque numbers in the higher RPMs it won't         today as the SLP Blackwing filter. Many hours of testing
the high-performance world.                                    make a good horsepower number. We were able to see           and development went into this product and it is still the
    The TPI intake system posed some unique challenges         about 300 HP and 300 for torque when installing the          best available PERIOD. We were now seeing some very
as well as huge torque output due to it's long intake run-     Mini-Ram due to it's higher RPM potential. Soon after,       respectable gains in performance and we still had not
ner design. With a simple dyno engine wire harness,            GMs new LT1 had a similar manifold design.                   opened the engine up. With the LS1 on the dyno, we
Myron went to work. After tinkering with fuel pressure             In 1992 Chevrolet released the new LT1 engine in the     developed a few camshaft profiles that worked excellent
and base timing, more air and fuel was needed. This led        1992 Corvette and was seen in the Camaro and Firebird        with low emissions. With the cylinder head porting, we
to creation of the famous and very-often-copied Throt-         in 1993. While the LT1 still shared the basic configura-     were able to achieve 470-490 HP out of a stock size
tle Body Airfoil. The Airfoil is a simple but very effective   tion of a small block chevy, it had many different fea-      engine and still get in the mid 20s for mileage! As we
piece that bolts in the inlet side of the throttle body to     tures to set it apart. With experience TPIS had from the     spent more time on the dyno with the LS1, we were
eliminate turbulence as air enters the two bores. After        TPI engines and Mini-Ram development, we were one            seeing the need for a larger throttle body. We started by
lots of flow bench and dyno testing, the correct piece         step ahead of the competition and soon had developed         cutting the nose off of a LS1 intake manifold and created
was perfected. With the Airfoil installed and some port        the now famous ZZ9 camshaft. With a stock LT1 on the         a flange for a TPI/LT1 style 58MM throttle body. With
work in the plenum, some increases in horsepower and           engine dyno, the ZZ9 would produce 40 HP! This cam           more throttle body area, It was off to the dyno we went.
torque were achieved. Next was the lower intake man-           delivers great power from idle to 6000 RPM and has 19        What we found was what we anticipated. A nice
ifold. A stock intake manifold was welded and epoxied          inches of vacuum! As word got out, this became a great       increase in power over the entire RPM range and a de-
so the ports of the intake could be opened up. When the        choice for customers in California. The ZZ9 gets big         crease in manifold vacuum. This led to the development
prototype intake manifold was tested almost a 20 HP            results but isn't that large. In some cases we saw it run    of our Oval and 90mm LS1 throttle body and 90MM LS6
increase was seen! Now we were seeing some gains.              cleaner than a factory cam. This cam was a vital part of     intake manifold. We have them for C5, CTS-V as well as
This intake manifold was the prototype of the now              our 50 state-legal 400 HP kit for the LT1 cars. Another      the F-Bodies and GTO cars. For the larger engines, we
popular TPIS Big Mouth. When the AirFoil, Big Mouth,           first in the industry and we are still the only one with     found the new FAST intake to work well, but there wasn't
Large Tube Runners, and Adjustable Fuel Pressure               this type of package.                                        a good quality 90MM throttle body on the market and
Regulator were released, they were all certified 50-state          During the 1990s we had built everything ( and still     the ones that were available ,were only for the F-Body.
legal. This meant a customer could install these on their      do) when it came to LT1 engines. We had our 400 HP           We then designed a new fly-by-wire throttle body for the
vehicle and not only make more power, but passing              350, 470 HP and 500 HP 383s, 520HP 396s, and our             C5 and one for the F-Bodies as well. We found the
emissions would be no problem. The first of their kind.        King of the hill 555 HP 409 LT1. All of these engines        90MM throttle body and the FAST intake manifold to be
    After these tests, other products were manufactured        have good driveability and power everywhere in the           best suited for larger engines over 415 C.I. We're always
like Siamesed and Large Tube runners, the popular C4           RPM range.                                                   trying new intake manifold combinations, new throttle
headers, TPI application-specific camshaft designs, C4             As the end of the 1990s was coming, GM released          designs as well as cam profiles and port shapes. We've
Rear exhaust systems as well as a few chassis parts.           the all new LS-1 engine in the 1997 Corvette and in          been able to make these engines perform well on the
TPIS had become a leader in TPI performance.                   1998 for the Camaro and Firebird. A totally new design       track and on the street. Our constant breakthroughs
    While the TPI made big torque, it's horsepower num-        presented some totally new challenges. We designed           prove that we are a long-standing leader in GM V-8
bers had always fell short of what people were used to         the first Long-Tube header for the C5 and were able to       engine performance and technology.

TPIS.COM                                                       952.448.6021                                                                                                       20
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