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The Tony Robbins 10 Day Health Challenge


									The Tony Robbins 10 Day Health Challenge

A big part of what Tony Robbins proposes is based around health,
nutrition and fitness. At his flagship live event, Unleash the Power Within
he dedicated the whole of the last day to health - and finishes by setting
his Ten Day Challenge.

The premise of the Ten Day Challenge is to heed the following advice:

- Vital Breathing
Learn the breathing techniques that increase your aerobic capacity, boost
your energy and detoxify your lymph system

- Living Waters and Live Food
Ensure that you consume at least three litres of quality, alkaline water per
day and that 70% of food consumed is alkalising and high-water content

- Aerobic Power
Exercise aerobically at least six times over the next ten-days and
experience the massive boost in energy that aerobic power brings

- Maximum Nourishment
Learn how to give your body the gift of total nourishment through
nutrition, planning and rest

- A Directed Mind
Learn how to set goals effectively, plan your time and limit the stress and
worry in your life. Experience the power of questions

- Structural Support
Build sufficient rest, relaxation and sunshine into your life and your daily

- Eliminate Excess (Bad) Fats and Oils
Develop an understanding of the difference between good fats and bad
fats and the huge difference that these oils can play in your life

- Eliminate Animal Flesh
Create effective strategies for limiting the amount of meat that you
consume and understand the role that animal flesh plays in your life

- Eliminate Milk, Cheese, Dairy Products
Experience the increase in health that eliminating dairy can have. Learn
effective strategies for becoming vegan
- Eliminate Acid Addictions
Learn the difference between acid and alkaline foods and develop a plan
to help you to alkalise and energise!

Take the 10-Day Challenge

Recent studies show that 95% of diets fail, yet the U.S. alone spends
more than $33 billion on weight-loss programs and health foods each
year. If you’ve ever tried losing weight, you might agree that the hardest
part of sticking to any diet or fitness plan is staying motivated long
enough to see results.

From his experience working with more than three million people in 80
countries, Tony has identified this pattern among those struggling to lose
weight. He created the 10-Day Challenge to help people make
lasting change in their bodies.

Based on his 10 Fundamentals of Living Health for creating
vitality, health and energy, the Challenge advises vital breathing,
drinking large quantities of water, exercising, eating proper food
combinations, avoiding animal flesh, dairy products and acid-
forming foods, and reducing intake of processed fats—for a
minimum of ten days. Tony believes that the incredible power and
vitality participants experience during this trial phase will inspire
permanent life change.

Cindy Rold, an Anthony Robbins Master Elite Coach, can attest to this.
After attending Unleash the Power Within, she felt empowered to
take on Tony’s Challenge. For the next 10 days, the temptation of
parties and a big camping trip tested her resolve, but Cindy stuck to her
commitment, and her efforts paid off. In addition to jumpstarting a
30-pound weight loss, the Challenge enhanced Cindy’s self-image
and dramatically increased her energy level, inspiring her to adopt
Tony’s 10 Fundamentals permanently.

 “I like the way I look. I like my energy level. And I just am committed to
never gaining that weight again,” said Cindy.

Here are three tips Cindy gives for sticking to your healthy new

1. Get creative and try new

   Cindy’s biggest challenge in
   implementing the 10
   Fundamentals was finding an
   alternative to her traditional
   breakfast of cereal or toast.
   Instead of switching immediately
   to salad, she eased the transition
   by drinking vegetable smoothies
   for breakfast. Now, Cindy eats
   toast occasionally, but she’ll top
   it with tomatoes and avocados
   instead of butter or jelly.

   “I told myself, ‘I can do this. I
   can be resourceful and creative. I
   don’t have to be in the little
   box,’” said Cindy.

2. Choose activities that meet
   multiple needs.

   Cindy has always enjoyed
   walking, so it was easy for her to
   incorporate this type of exercise
   into her daily ritual.

   “A few things motivate me: my
   dog needs a walk, it is nice to be
   outside in the sunshine and fresh
   air, and then there is the
   knowledge that I’m maintaining
   my fitness level and my energy
   level,” said Cindy.

3. Use empowering language.

   One of the biggest differences
   between the Challenge and
   Cindy’s previous health
   resolutions was her use of
   incantations, or empowering
   phrases uttered repeatedly, with
   absolute intensity.

   “For me, this is the crux of it. I
   believe that it was the
   incantations that made the
   difference,” said Cindy. “I know
   that is why I really lost the

   Some of us may use a simple
   phrase like “I will run another
   mile” to get us over that hump.
   Cindy’s primary incantation was
   “I am a vibrant, healthy, sexy
   woman.” As she said the words,
   she would swing her hips, feeling
   vibrant, healthy and sexy. She
   also repeated “I make great
   decisions about my health and
   fitness,” standing squarely, with

For the past two years, Cindy has maintained her weight loss,
owning and building on the life changes she has made since taking
the 10-Day Challenge. If you would like to learn more about the 10-Day
Challenge and how it changed Cindy’s life, considering attending Tony’s
cornerstone event, Unleash the Power Within.

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