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									          Dog Wireless

Home of the Prepaid iPhones   .
My name is Calvin Butler.
This business model is for a Wireless Super Center.

Over the past 5 years the cell phone and wireless device industry has experienced tremendous growth.
The cell phone industry alone is currently a $300 billion plus business selling over 2
billion units annually.
This growth is expected to continue despite the economic problems facing our nation.

Reasons for the continued growth over the next five years include the following: Growth in the Use of Defined
Application Platforms as demands for both Smart Phones and platforms increase for feature phones;
Greater Company Involvement in Wireless Devices as needs expand to incorporate these applications due to
the mobility of corporate operations; The Adoption of Wireless Phones as a Mobile Wallet; The use of More
Automated Worldwide Searches of the Worldwide Web using mobile & wireless devices with activated
searches and better input technology; Beefier Security on phones; Advances in Touch Screen Technology
will drive demand for Specialized Phones & Cost Effective GSM Unlocking Technology Will Enable
Individuals To Own Multiple Phones.

Currently most cell phone stores either cater to the 2 year contract market or the prepaid market. Both are very good
markets, but the problem for consumers is; if you have good credit you can get a great price on some nice phones if
you enter into a 2 year contract or if you want to have a phone with no contracts there are places like Boost Mobile,
Track Phone, Virgin Mobile and others. However the consumer’s choice of phones is limited.

Dog Wireless will provide consumers access to the phones & plans they want without compromising.

Customers will be able to shop

And other 2 year contract carriers from one location.

Dog Wireless will also provide phones, service & activations for prepaid carriers such as

                                                   and many others.

Dog Wireless will also tap into a widely overlooked segment of the cell phone industry.
This segment is posed to experience the largest growth in the cell phone industry to

Dog Wireless will offer the largest selection of Unlocked GSM Touch Screen Phones ready for use with any GSM
Network Carrier operating on a "850, 900, 1800 or 1900 MHZ Network " Prepaid or Contract ".

If a customer has a T-Mobile, AT&T, Cingular, Simple Mobile, Air Voice, H20 Unlimited, 02 Wireless, POP Wireless
or any other GSM network carrier phone, they can insert their existing Sim Card into any of these GSM Unlocked
Phones & they're in business. No activation needed.

It's Just That Simple!!

For those who need a phone and a new plan. We will feature

Unlimited Nationwide Talk & Text for only $40 per month!!! [No Credit Check! No Contracts!]

Dog Wireless will make owning the newest & most popular cell phones easy & affordable. We will offer the best
deals on 2yr Contract Plans from all carriers as well as the best prices on Prepaid, Unactivated & Unlocked GSM
Phones, Giving consumers the best of both worlds.
                                      Our feature product will be Unlocked GSM Prepaid iPhones.

We will offer more than 50 version of this phone not sold by Apple and not widely seen here in the United States.

And because we import directly from the manufactures in China; we will be able to offer these high quality touch
screen phones at less than half the cost of the Apple versions and other popular touch screen phones being sold by other

The prepaid iPhones will start at a price of $129.00. This is about a $70 to a $100 mark-up. Our main goal will be
to deal in volume by providing high quality prepaid unlocked touch screen phones at what will be perceived as
wholesale pricing.
We Will Be At The Forefront Of A Huge Market Trend.

Offering consumers their 1st look at these high quality touch screen phones will give us a marketing edge.
In addition to cell phones, Dog Wireless will feature a full line of laptops and notebooks with built-in wifi, mp3, mp4 &
mp5 players, digital cameras, camcorders and other wireless devices.

The objective here is to create a Wireless Super Center atmosphere. Everything wireless in one location.

I’ve acquired Authorized Dealer Agreements from Sprint, Nextel, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile & AT&T. Two full
service eCommerce websites with 24hr toll-free customer service and back office support complete with credit
verification and account setup for 2 year contract agreements are operational.

Wholesale acquisition & distribution of GSM Unlocked Phones, Digital Cameras, Camcorders, MP3, 4 & 5
Players from major manufacturer Yilutong Trading Company Ltd out of Shenzhen “The Peoples Republic of
China” has been established.

I’ve also established Affiliate Partnership Agreements with Dell Computers, Toshiba Computers, Next Day PC
& Discount PC International.

An official store website has been created and is live & operational online.

The key major elements needed to conduct business are in place.
Earning Potential & Projected Earnings

GSM Unlocked Phone Sales

All GSM unlocked phones are imported from the wholesale manufacturer in China and currently reflect a mark-up of
$80 for online sales. In store sales will reflect a $100 to $150 mark-up. Based on current market analysis, combined
sales from online and an in store location should equate to 70 to 100 units per month.

70 units x $100 = $7,000 monthly

Note: Accessories profits not calculated in this illustration.

Laptop & Notebook Computers

All laptop computers currently reflect a $60 mark-up for online sales and a $100 mark-up for in store sales. Current
market analysis suggests 50 to 80 unit sales each month.

50 units x $60 = $3,000 monthly

Note: Accessories profits are not calculated in this illustration.

Digital Cameras, Camcorders, MP3, 4 & 5 Players

These items currently reflect a $25 to $50 mark-up for online sales and a $25 to $80 mark-up for in store sales. Current
market analysis suggests 30 to 75 unit sales each month.

30 units x $25 = $750 monthly

Total Revenue from Wholesale Items

$10,750.00 Monthly

Note: Accessory sales not calculated in this illustration.

Revenue From 2 year Contract Authorized Dealer Affiliate Partnerships

Current compensation plan from Affiliate Agreements with Sprint PCS, Nextel, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile & AT&T
are as follows:

Product Commission Rate for Lets Talk Partner

$50.40 for the final sale of a standard cellular plan

$32.40 for contract extension for a individual plan

$54.00 for the final sale of a family cellular plan

$39.60 for contract extension for a Family Plan
$3.60 for each additional phone ordered with a family plan up to and including 5 phones.

$7.20 for adding an additional phone to an existing plan

Commissions for Wirefly CPO Affiliate Partner

$12.60 for each submitted order of a wireless plan, including additional lines, Contract Extensions, Phone Only and
Hybrid Lines approved or denied. Agent will not be subject to charge backs.

Because Dog Wireless will be a Wireless Super Store representing all major carriers, current market analysis suggests
that 70 to 100 new applications for new service will be completed monthly. 40% will be approved.

70 applications x 40% approved = 28 x 50.40 = $1411.22

Market analysis suggests that 30 to 50 contract extension for a individual plans will be submitted.

30 extensions x $32.40 = $972.00

25 to 40 new family plans will be submitted

25 x $54 = $1,350

15 to 25 contract extension for a Family Plans will be submitted

15 x $39.60 = $594.00

Total Revenue from Affiliate Partners

$4,327.22 Monthly

Note: Commissions for CPO and additional phone submissions are not calculated in
this illustration.

Total Potential Monthly Store Revenue

$15,077.22 Monthly
Note: Additional revenue streams will include processing fees for in store bill payment [$4.00], Sim Card sales [$10.00
mark-up] In Store Activation fees [$25.00] and accessories.

Dish Network $75.00 on each activated Dish Network account

My Phone Company [Unlimited Home & Business Phone Service] 10.80% Residual monthly residual
commission, less taxes and fees

I am seeking either to:

A: Obtain a Micro Loan in the amount of $15,000 to $35,000 @ an interest of 14% to 18% annually for a period
of 5 years or 60 months with a 60 to 90 day grace period at the start.

B: Create a limited silent partnership with an owner of a retail space or a large stand alone office space or two
room office space under the following terms: “For the use of said space, owner of the space would receive 20%
to 30% of all profits generated from the business for a period of 6 months; after which owner of space would
receive 25% of all profits generated or 0.60 to 0.75 cents per square ft which ever is greater. Space must include
utilities and web access at property owner’s expense.”

C: Create a permanent silent partnership with the silent partner providing funding for the cost of retail space or
office space including cost of utilities, web access & phone services for a period of 1 year. Silent partner would
receive 45% of all profits during this period. After which I would assume full responsibility for 100% of all cost
associated with the business and the silent partner would receive 20% of all profits for a term of 3 years.

Contact Info

Dog Wireless

Website: Email:

Calvin Butler

Cell: (850) 339-7828 Voice mail: (850) 297-9242

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