The Amazon River

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					                               The Amazon River

 How long is the Amazon River?

 In which continent will you fin the Amazon River ?


 There are catfish that weigh 200 pounds in the Amazon River.
 True or False _____                  click here to listen to a catfish sing.

 Look at the map on the following page to answer the next 3 questions.

 The Amazon River begins high in the Andes Mountains in Peru. Follow the path of the
 river to the Mouth.

 In what direction does the river flow?

 Into what Ocean does the Amazon empty?

 In which country is the majority of the river located?

 The Amazon River is surrounded by a rain forest. True or False

 The temperature in the rain forest never drops below 70 degrees.
 True or false _______

 June through November are wet months. True or False _______

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