Amazon by qingyunliuliu


									Amazon                                                             Codes: Crusader, Defender, Fundamentalist, Protector
                                                                   Contacts:        Smuggler, Gu ide, Pilot, Street Surgeon
By Artemis and Hera! I have the power to match any man
who dares enter our sacred land!                                   (Healer), Thug (Bandit)
                                                                   Wealth Level: Low (does not want for food or shelter).

                                                                   Beginning Ability Scores
                                                                   Physique: 60
                                                                   Intellect: 60
                                                                   Discip line: 60
                                                                   Aim Right: 70
                                                                   Aim Left: 30
                                                                   Reflexes: 70
                                                                   Influence: 50
                                                                   Allure: 60

                                                                   Toughness: 1d6+2

                                                                   Starting Skills: Flips, Horsemanship, Swimming,
                                                                   Climb ing, Athletics, 40 points combat skill.

                                                                   Occupational Skills
                                                                   10       Any Language
                                                                   10       Music
                                                                   10       Rope Swings
                                                                   10       Singing
                                                                   10       Vaults
                                                                   20       Giant Swings
                                                                   20       Hand over Hand
Description                                                        20       Sailing
Amazons are a race of wo men who were blessed by the               20       Scouting
Greek gods Here and Artemis with incred ible strength,             20       Stealth
wisdom and long life. They excel in the arts of combat,            20       Tracking
healing and agriculture. A mazons are also well educated and       20       Weapon Making
extremely disciplined.                                             20       Dives
                                                                   20       First Aid
Starting Gear:                                                     30       Relig ion
Armor or Toga
                                                                   30       Survival
Amazon Jewelry                                                     40       Aerials
Water or Wine Skin                                                 40       Archery
                                                                   40       Basic Martial Arts
“Amazon Heritage”                                                  40       Basic Science
This Advantage is a rite of caste for a primit ive tribe. If the   40       Battle Master
proper vows (determined by the GM) are kept, the character         40       Botany
gains +10% to hit male opponents. It also allows                   40       Nerve Strike
participation in A mazon ceremon ies and celebrations.             40       Occult
                                                                   40       Stick Fighting
“Bullets and Bracelets”                                            40       Medical
This advantage allows the Amazon to deflect or redirect
                                                                   Suggested         Powers: Animal Control, Body
missiles using a hand weapon. This allows the character to
                                                                   Control, Co mmand, Foresight, Immortality, Sight
use the weapon bonus against a missile attack in addition to
combat skill. Also the character may attempt a counter             Advantages:
strike, In addition, any missile attack that is not defended       Amazon Heritage (Noir)
against successfully, applies (half) the toughness or armor of     Strong Man
the weapon in question before the damage fro m the attack is       Running
applied to the character. This ability is subject to the           Stuntman
restrictions of the character’s defense class (DC).                Bullets and Bracelets
                                                                   Ambidext rous
This advantage requires the Amazon Heritage Advantage,             Official Po wers
The Athletics Skills and the Possession of a 40 point fighting     Miracles

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