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					Historic Savannah Foundation
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Savannah GA, 31401
P.O. Box 1733, Savannah, GA 31402
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                                        SAVANNAH                                                February / March

F: 912-233-7706

  In This Issue
                                                    Special Events & Fundraising
  Seacrest Race for Preservation
  Savannah Garden Expo
  Savannah Tour of Homes and             4th Annual Seacrest Partners Race for Preservation 10k/5k
  Gardens                                                 Saturday, February 27th
  Preservation Alert: Facade                                      8:00 am
  Preservation Month Lecture
                                                                                          The Seacrest Partners
  Series                                                                                  Race for Preservation is
  2009 Annual Report and Appeal                                                           just around the corner
  Revolving Fund / MASHH                                                                  and is the perfect
  Davenport House Museum
                                                                                          opportunity      to    see
  Winter 2010 Interns
                                                                                          Savannah and the work
  February / March Calendar                                                               of HSF in action. The
                                                                                          10k (6.2 mile) course
                                                                                          winds its way through 5
  Quick Links                                                                             distinct historic districts
                                                                                          and the 5k (3.1 mile)
  Our Website
  Donate Now
                                                                                          course      touches       4
  Email Us                                                                                districts - all under the
                                                                                          shade of moss covered
       HSF on Facebook                                                                    oaks and lined with
                                       Azaleas bursting into bloom. The run has become one of the most
                                       highly anticipated events on our calendar as participants enjoy the still-
                                       cool temperatures and get to experience the colors and smells of spring
  2010 Calendar of Events              in some of our most beautiful neighborhoods. This year an added bonus
                                       will be the use of the newly remodeled fort in Forsyth Park for
  February 2010- Friday and            registration and our ever popular after-race festivities.
  Saturday Evenings at the
  Davenport House
  "Potable Gold:" Savannah's Madeira    We
                                       ― sponsor this race because it creates awareness of HSF‘s mission in
  Tradition                            addition to showcasing a number of the historic districts in our
                                       community,‖ says David Paddison, President of Seacrest Partners,
  February 23, 2010                    ―Historic Savannah Foundation is a critical component in making sure
  Preservation Month Lecture Series    that Savannah retains the character and charm that defines us. The
  Jeanne Cyriaque
  The Men at the Meeting w Gen.        Race for Preservation is a great way to educate people about HSF and
  Sherman                              raise the funds to continue the work we do.‖
                                       Hopefully you are ready to run the 10k or 5k with us - or if you cannot
  First African Baptist Church         run, there is always the 5k walk! And if you just cannot seem to run or
  Reception 6:30pm / Lecture 7:00pm    walk, we hope you will still join us and enthusiastically cheer on the
  Free and Open to the Public
                                       runners and walkers!
  February 27, 2010
  4th Annual Seacrest Race for         Registration is available online at www.active.com but, for current HSF
  Preservation 10K/ 5K                 Members, we are offering a $5 discount from the $25 entry fee! This is
                                       not available through www.active.com, but you can download a
  March 2010- Thursdays at the
  Davenport House
                                       registration form on our website www.historicsavannahfoundation.org or
  Tea at Mrs. Davenport's              you can pick one up at HSF‘s office at 321 East York Street. Just write
                                       ―HSF member‖ on the application!
  March 17, 2010
  Saint Patrick's Day
  Office Closed
   March 25, 2010
   Preservation Month Lecture Series
   Beth Reiter
   100th Anniversary of Ardsley Park

   St. Michael's Episcopal Church
   Reception 6:30pm / Lecture 7:00pm
   Free and Open to the Public

   March 25-28, 2010
   75th Annual Savannah Tour of
   Homes and Gardens

   April 2010- Tuesdays, Fridays, &
   Early Bird Wlaking Tour led by
   Davenport House Director, Jamie

   April 23-24, 2010
   10th Annual Savannah Garden
   Roundhouse Railroad Museum
   Please Join us for a Preview Party
   and Silent Auction on Thursday the
   22nd at 6:30 PM.


President & CEO
Daniel G. Carey

Development Director
Andrea Dove

Paula Cummins

MASHH Field Representative
National Trust Partner
Jessica Pedigo

Preservation Assistant
Stephanie Jordan
                                                                                    The 10th Annual Savannah
Lula Williams
                                                                                    Garden Exposition is Going
lula@historicsavannahfoundation.org                                                 & Growing Green under the
                                                                                    leadership of Mr. Jamie
                                                                                    Chisolm! The committee is
____________________________                                                        working hard to make the
 DAVENPORT HOUSE STAFF                                                              2010 Expo another great
                                                                                    success. The Expo will take
Jamie Credle
                                                                                    place     again     at     the
                                                                                    Roundhouse           Railroad
Museum Associate                                                                    Museum (601 West Harris
Jeffrey Freeman                                                                     Street) on April 23-24, with
                                          the popular Preview Party taking place at 6:30pm on Thursday April
Shop Manager                              22nd. Tickets are available online at www.savannahgardenexpo.com
Ben Head                                  and information on the site is being updated often. All proceeds benefit
                                          HSF and the Davenport House Museum.
Head Docent
Dottie Kraft

Museum Technician
Raleigh Marcel


J.T. Turner

Vice Chairman             We have a new ticket
                          package for 2010!
                          The Evening Events
Aaron Levy
                          Package includes tickets
                          to both the Preview
Past Chairman             Party and the Wine
W. John Mitchell          Tasting & Garden Tour.
                          Members can purchase
Secretary                 tickets to these special
 Jennifer Fana            events for $125 per
                          person, the non-member
                          package rate is $175 per
Treasurer                 person! The Evening Events Package is also available online.
 Ken Gaylord
                          If you are interested in Corporate Sponsorship opportunities, or
Scott Barber              becoming a Preview Party Patron, contact Andrea Dove at
                          adove@historicsavannahfoundation.org or 912-233-7787.
Denis Blackburne
Lorraine Boice
Jamie Chisolm
Pam Clinard
Jeffrey Eley
Brian Felder                                 75th Savannah Tour of Homes and
Vaughnette Goode-Walker                                 Gardens
Susan Hancock                                       March 25-28, 2010
Gloria Harrison
Tommy Hester
Kathleen Horne
Ann Koontz
                                                                     Mark your calendars for the
Randy Kulp                                                           75th Annual Savannah
William Lovett                                                       Tour      of    Homes   and
                                                                     Gardens presented by the
Daniel Mahfet                                                        Women of Christ Church
Chris Morrill                                                        and Historic Savannah
                                                                     Foundation. This year's
Anne Roise                                                           festivities include walking
Ebony Simpson                                                        tours      throughout    the
                                                                     Historic Landmark District
Hue Thomas                                                           and Ardsley Park, an
Julie Wade                evening trolley tour "back in time", lunch at the Lady and
                          Sons, preservation lectures, and other events. For a complete list
Dr. Albert Wall           of events and times, please pick up a copy of the 2010 Tour of Homes
J. Reid Williamson Jr.    Brochure at your local Georgia Visitor Center or contact Katherine
                          Albert, Tour Director, at touradm@savannahtourofhomes.org. Ticket
                          sales     for    tours     and     events      are      limited.  Visit
                          www.savannahtourofhomes.org to order tickets online or call the Tour of
                          Homes office at 912-234-8054.
_______________________                                    TOH Call for Volunteers
                                     The success of the Tour
 When it comes to planned            depends on the generosity of
giving, don't forget about HSF. If   volunteers each year. The
you've created a gift, let us
                                     Tour of Homes committee
know. If you haven't it's not too
late! Please contact Andrea
                                     is already rounding up recruits
Dove for more information.           for the 2010 year. Over 1200
                                     volunteers are needed in the
                                     following areas: hosts, house
____________________________         docents, street guides, ticket
                                     orders, flower arranging and
                                     gift shop sales.Volunteers are
                                     scheduled for one 3-4 hour shift. All volunteers receive a non-trnsferable
                                     complimentary ticket to one Home and Garden Walking Tour. Please
                                     contact Katherine Albert, Tour Director, at 912-234-8054 with your
                                     contact information, area(s) of interest, and availability.

                                                        Become a Friend of the Tour
          AVAILABLE                  In honor of the Savannah Tour of Homes & Garden's 75th anniversary,
                                     there is a special opportunity to support this event as a Friend of the
                                     Tour. For $75 you will become a Friend of the Tour and be recognized in
                                     the Guidebook. This tax deductible donation is for individuals and
                                     families only. If your business is interested in becoming an
                                     advertiser in the Guidebook, please contact the Tour Office, 912-

Historic Savannah Foundation
offers hand-cast bronze house                     Preservation Alert: Facade Easements
plaques for residents whose
homes qualify through historic
documentation. The plaques are       Recently, an article printed in The Appraisal Journal (Fall 2009)
available for all of Savannah's      concluded that historic façade easements negatively impact the value of
Historic Districts.The cost is
                                     condominiums in Savannah‘s National Historic Landmark District
$200 and mounting screws are
provided. Allow 9-12 weeks for       (landmark district). The authors‘ research found a property value
manufacturing. Please call HSF       discount of 57% based on mature easements with an average age of 20
at 233.7787 for more information     years or a 2.85%/per year reduction of values on the subject properties.
on how to apply for a plaque.        The article shows that ―  historic façade easements have a substantial,
                                     negative impact on condominium value due to the loss of property
                                     rights,‖ (p.336).

                                     Initial response to the article and its conclusion—from a variety of
                                     preservation interests—was concern that such findings may have a
                                     ‗chilling effect‘ on the donation of easements. When the subject
                                     easements were put in place decades ago, it was estimated that values
                                     would be reduced between 5% and 15% (consistent with IRS guidelines
                                     at the time). To learn that the reduction could be as large as 57% would,
                                     at first blush, appear to stunt the appeal of donating easements. But
                                     upon closer examination of the narrow sample set and conclusions, such
                                     concerns should be allayed—at least in terms of being able to honestly
                                     promote easements as: 1) effective tools for preservation, 2) a financial
                                     incentive for property owners interested in reducing their property tax
                                     burden, and 3) a reasonable charitable deduction based on the lowering
                                     of property values is clearly appropriate and defensible.
          Preservation Alert: Facade Easements cont. . .
First, the information was drawn from a data set of 14 condominiums in
the landmark district—a relatively small and unusual housing type.
Detached single-family and commercial properties were not considered
and they are, by far, the prevalent property type in the landmark district.
Second, condominium owners understand, up front, that their rights are
diminished with respect to altering the property. That is, the condo
dweller sacrifices certain rights to the whole in favor of certain other
benefits they enjoy (low maintenance, common space, etc.). To say that
historic condo owners are minimizing their rights and, therefore,
diminishing their property values because they own historic condos is
too broad a brushstroke. Maintenance requirements for historic
condominiums with easements cannot be said to more onerously impact
value until a study is performed that compares apples (historic condos)
with other apples (non-historic condos). Third, the donative intent of
property owners to voluntarily give up rights in their buildings—for the
expressed written purpose of protecting those same buildings—was not
a consideration in this article. Property owners know, or should know,
what they are doing when they donate, sell and/or buy historic
buildings…that the duty is upon those involved in the transaction to
disclose or ask or learn about any restrictions and that those same
restrictions can impact property value.

So, while this article may be helpful in re-tooling easement valuations
and calculating reductions (this has been a subject of scrutiny and action
by the U.S. Congress over the last four years), it should not scare or
dissuade those interested in protecting their properties. Easements and
covenants are the strongest and longest-lasting tools for protecting
historic properties, but covenants offer no financial incentive; easements
do. Donors gain a charitable deduction and they have the peace of mind
that their historic property will be protected—even if the property is
already in a locally designated and administered historic district—
because easements rise above and beyond the vicissitudes and politics
of local government. HSF administers a solid easement program, and
we welcome your inquiries into how you can provide in-perpetuity
protection for your historic property.

HSF Preservation Month Lecture Series
The Men at the Meeting with General Sherman
a lecture by

Jeanne Cyriaque
African American Programs Coordinator

Tuesday, February 23, 2010
First African Baptist Church
Reception 6:30pm / Lecture 7:00pm
Free and Open to the Public

Synopsis: On January 12, 1865 a group of ministers representing the
recently freed people requested a meeting with Edwin M. Stanton,
Secretary of War, and General William T. Sherman. The historic
meeting was held at the Green Mansion that served as Sherman's
headquarters. This lecture will explore the discussion at this meeting
and how these religious leaders impacted Reconstruction in Georgia.
The Men at the Meeting with General Sherman cont. . .

Jeanne Cyriaque coordinates African American programs for Georgia‘s
Historic Preservation Division in the Department of Natural Resources.
She is the staff liaison to the Georgia African American Historic
Preservation Network steering committee and is the editor of their
award-winning publication Reflections. Jeanne is a commissioner of the
Gullah/Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor, a National Heritage Area
that includes the barrier islands and coastal regions in Georgia, Florida,
North and South Carolina. She is a member of the selection committees
for the Georgia Historical Society historic marker program and Georgia
Women of Achievement.
Jeanne completed her bachelor‘s degree at Bradley University and holds
a master of arts from the University of Illinois, both in sociology. She is a
founding member of the Rosenwald Schools Initiative of the National
Trust for Historic Preservation. She represents Georgia on the Board of
Advisors for the National Trust.

            The 100th Anniversary of Ardsley Park
                                a lecture by

                               Beth Reiter
                            Preservation Director

                        Thursday, March 25, 2010
                       St. Michael's Episcopal Church
                     Reception 6:30pm / Lecture 7:00pm
                        Free and Open to the Public

Synopsis: The lecture will look at the history of the development of
Ardsley Park – Chatham Crescent, the architectural styles and current
preservation efforts.

Beth Reiter is the Department Head for the Historic Preservation
Division of the Chatham-Savannah Metropolitan Planning Commission
(MPC). Beth is an Honorary member of the Savannah Chapter American
Institute of Architects and recipient of the Leopold Adler II Historic
Preservation Award by the King Tisdell Cottage Foundation. She was
the Membership Chair for the Gordonston Neighborhood Association
from 2006-2008, advisor to the Savannah College of Art and Design
Virtual Savannah Project and the Gordonston Garden Club President
from 2002-2004. Beth holds a Bachelor of Arts in Architectural History
from the University of Pennsylvania. Beth is the grand daughter of Harry
Hays Lattimore who developed Ardsley Park and lived there over 50
                  2009 Annual Report and Appeal

                                We hope you all received and enjoyed
                                HSF‘s Annual Report! We regret that
                                there were omissions from the 1733
                                Society donor listing. We would like to
                                recognize the following individuals and
                                thank them for both their continued
                                support and understanding:

                                           Mr. and Mrs. Scott Boice
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tschetter
                                      Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Tenenbaum

                    We would also like to thank those who
                     contributed to the Annual Appeal:

                                                         Mrs. John O. Paull
Mrs. Elizabeth H. Bangs
                                                       Mr. Norman Ravitch
Mr. and Mrs. Ben S. Barnes
                                        Mr. and Mrs. L. Allan Reynolds, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Barrett
                                              Dr. and Mrs. Sidney P. Smith
Mrs. Frank A. Chisholm
                                                        Mr. Philip Solomons
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Clinard
                                             Mr. and Mrs. Hue Thomas, III
Dr. and Mrs. Branden S. Hunter
                                                  Mr. J. Reid Williamson Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Lester B. Johnson, Jr.
                                         Dr. and Mrs. James W. Wilson Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David Lane
                                               Dr. and Mrs. Michael Zoller

                     Revolving Fund / MASHH
There is big news to report from the Revolving Fund Committee. After a
formal RFP process that compared 8 different proposals, HSF recently
selected Queensborough National Bank and Trust Company to establish
a revolving line of credit to help recapitalize HSF‘s Revolving Fund.
Queensborough had the best terms of all the respondents. HSF is now
in the process of using a portion of its unrestricted endowment
($200,000) to secure a revolving line of credit to ensure that the
Revolving Fund remains a viable tool for the purchase of endangered
historic properties. The new line of credit will be used directly in the
Metropolitan Neighborhood of the Thomas Square Streetcar Historic
District. HSF already owns property in this neighborhood (Bland‘s
Corner Store at Barnard & E. Anderson and 209 W. 33rd St.) and this
area meets the tests of need, significant architecture and likelihood of
success in reselling after purchase. Any proceeds from the sale of
properties purchased with the line of credit will be plowed back into
paying down the balance.

Thanks to Steve Stowers, Alethia Canady and the Savannah Young
Architects Forum, drawings for 209 W. 33rd St. will soon be underway
and the last piece of the puzzle will be in place for our building permit!
J.T. Turner Construction Company was chosen as the contractor for the
stabilization work and they are ready to begin as soon as we can get our
building permit. Stay tuned for pictures of the stabilization progress!
                                                     PROPERTIES FOR SALE
                                   1004 E. Park Avenue                         302 W. 42nd Street

                                                      Davenport House

                               With HSF‘s annual meeting in October the Davenport House Committee
                               (DHC) began a new year of service to the museum as its recommending
                               body. The committee bid farewell to Betty Butler and Allison Rhangos
                               whose places were taken by Helen Johnson and Marilyn Sheridan. In
                               addition to Johnson and Sheridan, the 2009-2010 DHC is comprised of
                               Ann Koontz, president, Debbie Critz, treasurer, Kim Iocovozzi, secretary,
                               Daniel Carey, Gaye Drummond, Kay Gardener, Cornelia Groves, Dirk
                               Hardison, Candy Lowe, Dick Platt, Roger Smith, and J. T. Turner. The
                               DHC meets monthly.

        “Potable Gold”:             Davenport House Programs February and March
Savannah’s Madeira Tradition
 Friday & Saturday evenings
         in February
                                                         Experience the atmosphere of the Davenport
          5:30 PM                                        House while learning about and tasting this
                                                         unique and flavorful wine. Patrons are
                                                         oriented to the long and rich tradition of
     Admission: $20
                                                         Madeira wine as it relates to the history of
 (must be 21 years of age)                               Savannah and then participate in a simulated
                                                         Madeira party. During the experience patrons
        Reservations                                     will sample two types of Madeira and see the
      recommended.                                       historic house at dusk including spaces off-
    Limited attendance                                   limits to tour patrons.
                     Valentine’s Day Weddings
                  in the Davenport House Garden
                            Sunday, February 14
                            5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

                                   Get married in the museum‘s beautiful
                                   courtyard garden and make this a
                                   Valentine‘s     Day     to remember!
                                   Ceremonies will be offered every 10
                                   minutes. Judge Harris Lewis will
                                   officiate.   $100 donation to the
                                   museum. Call 912. 236.8097 for
                                   additional information.

                       Tea at Mrs. Davenport's
                  March (4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19, 24 and 25)
                                  5 p.m.
                               Admission: $18
               Reservations recommended. Limited attendance.

Learn      about     tea    traditions   and
experience an early 19 century tea in
the historic atmosphere of the Isaiah
Davenport House Museum. Patrons will
be oriented to the history of tea and tea
traditions relating to the early 19th century
consumer. They will tour areas of the
home where tea service took place and
will participate in an afternoon tea given
with costumed interpreters.

                     This Old House:
   Director’s Preservation Tour of the Davenport House
                     Tuesday and Saturdays in March
                               4:30 p.m.
                            Admission: $18

                                              Learn         about        the
                                              preservation and care of the
                                              Isaiah Davenport House,
                                              recipient of the Preserve
                                              America            Presidential
                                              Award.      The museum‘s
                                              director will lead a tour in
                                              and around the home
                                              discussing       the    recent
                                              restoration,      maintenance
                                              issues and techniques for
preserving the site for the long term. The tour is limited to twelve people
and areas will be visited that are not regularly on tour. The experience
will end in the garden with light refreshments.
                        Winter 2010 Interns
                      Ms. Danielle Meunier
                      Danielle was born in the US and raised in
                      Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. She
                      came to Savannah in 2006 to pursue a
                      Bachelor‘s degree in Historic Preservation at
                      SCAD. Her interests include city and
                      preservation planning, non-profit management,
                      preservation    advocacy     and     international
                      preservation. In 2009, Danielle had the
                      opportunity to do a study abroad program in
                      Lacoste, France allowing her to experience
                      Historic Preservation on an international level.
                      She hopes to bring all of her knowledge,
experiences and enthusiasm to this opportunity to work with the Historic
Savannah Foundation.

Ms. Sarah Stamper
Sarah was born and raised in
Graham, Texas. She is a student at
SCAD pursuing her BFA in historic
preservation with a minor              in
architecture. She will graduate in May.
She is interested in city planning, non-
profits, affordable housing, downtown
revitalization     and       sustainable
communities. Her       other    interests
include ceramics, photography, golf
and outdoor activities.
The mission of Historic Savannah Foundation is to preserve and protect Savannah's
       heritage through advocacy, education and community involvement.